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Drinking Game / My Metal

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From the author himself (copy-pasted):

1. For every time a torture or execution method, medieval, ancient, or modern, is mentioned in the story, take a shot. This includes bands that are named after such methods. (Example: Iron Maiden) Take two shots for every direct and indirect references to Scaphism, both as an execution method and as a band. It's highly recommended to drink milk, anything with honey, or any creamy drink, if following this rule.


2. For every time goats are mentioned, take a shot.

3. For every time a place, artwork, or architectural detail is vividly described, take a shot. Take another shot for every added line taken up by the description.

4. For every time Rainblood references how things in My Immortal don't make sense, take a fucking shot! Two shots if I'm (Jimmy) the one who does it.

5. For every time menstrual blood is mentioned, take a shot.

6. For every mention of Satan, take a shot. This includes stuff that is usually associated with him, such as 666 and Baphomet.

7. For every mention of band logos, merchandise, and other memorabilia, take a shot. This includes 'poser' bands.

8. For every mention of a denim vest or anything made of leather, take a shot.

9. For every time Rainblood or the author bashes posers, take a shot.


10. For every umlaut, take a bloody shot! Two shots if there should have been an umlaut where there isn't! (Only do this if you're brave enough!)

11. Take a shot for every time James/Jimmy (me) agrees with Jïmblöød Røtringpën, the imaginary author of My Metal, another one of my alter-egos. (Special hornz to ChrïstïnëÄnnë25 for naming him! You rock!)

12. For every time something or someone is compared to a real-life metalhead, take a shot. Two shots if it's a female metalhead. Three shots if it's Alissa White-Gluz.

13. For every time Rainblood describes Chö's perfect body (any part of it) in purple prose, take a shot. Two shots if it's a body part that guys (usually) don't have. All right, take a shot for any, and I mean any, mention of body parts that guys usually don't have regardless of who the parts belong to. This includes tattoos that depict nudity.


14. Take a shot for every time a malapropism or memorable quote from My Immortal is retained in My Metal. Two shots if there's additional stuff not found in My Immortal written about it in an attempt to make the malapropism logical somehow.

15. Down the whole drink for any unintentional typos, excluding missing umlauts. That's in another rule. I have done my best to proofread each chapter and correct the spellings.

16. Take a shot for every manly tear that Rainblood sheds.

17. Take a shot for every AWWWWWWW YEAH! or variant of that appears anywhere in the fanfic. This excludes the synopsis, but includes the author's notes and Jimmy's notes.

18. Down the whole drink for every canonically correct statement in the fanfic.

19. Take a shot for every time a reference to a historical figure is made. Two shots if the person is known for evil deeds.