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Awesome moments in the MCU Rewrites:

Age of Ultron: Redux

New Avengers

  • The Action Prologue featuring the New Avengers team.
  • Vision standing up to the guy who called Wanda a "freak" is this and Heartwarming Moment.
  • The team getting their act together, showing they can kick ass without Steve's leadership.

Black Widow

Captain America: Ghosts Of HYDRA

Avengers: Civil War

  • The airport fight between the Anti- and Pro- registration sides.
  • Sharon and Maria breaking Clint, Sam and Scott out of the Raft Prison and blowing it up.
  • The Avengers arriving to confront Zemo.
  • Wanda containing the explosion that Zemo planned to use to kill the Avengers and subsequently frame Bucky and Wanda for the crime.
  • T'Challa apprehending Zemo.
  • The final scene has Thor and Heimdall observing these events and Thor declares that the Avengers will not be apart for long.

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