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Charles Bernard Scaggs (born October 25, 1965) is an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring name 2 Cold Scorpio (sometimes spelled Too Cold Scorpio). He is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation (as Flash Funk) throughout the 1990s, along with his appearances in Japan for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Among his championships include many tag team titles, including the WCW World Tag Team Championship once with Marcus Alexander Bagwell, the ECW World Tag Team Championship once with The Sandman, NOAH's GHC Tag Team Championship twice (once with Vader and once with Doug Williams), in addition to holding the ECW World Television Championship four times.

"2 Cold Tropes":

  • Alliterative Name: His name during his first WWF run, Flash Funk.
  • Animal Motifs: Scorpions, of course, though it didn't come up as much as it did with other animal-themed wrestlers.
  • Belly Flop Crushing: He is credited with introducing to the wrestling world what is now known at the 450º splash (though some credit Rick Steiner), which involves making two rotations before landing on your belly. Paul London and Justin Gabriel would later introduce it to WWE fans.
  • Legacy Character: Brodus Clay's entourage The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi) were originally called the "Funkettes," which was the same name WWE used for Flash Funk's dancers Traci and Nadine before that part of his gimmick was scrapped.
  • Letters 2 Numbers: His name is better-known spelled as "2 Cold Scorpio".
  • One-Steve Limit: He had to use the name Black Wazma in Mexico because another wrestler named Scorpio was already established there at the time.
  • Out of Focus: His run as Flash Funk in WWE. So much so that, when he did win a match, it was almost immediately forgotten as the focus turned to something bigger. Easily the most significant example of this was on the October 11 (taped October 6), 1997 episode of WWF Shotgun Saturday Night. Flash defeated Rockabilly (Billy Gunn in, well, a rockabilly gimmick) after his manager, the Honky Tonk Man, accidentally tripped up Gunn. "The Real Double J" Jesse James walked out and introduced his new name, Road Dogg. He made an offer to Rockabilly to leave HTM and team with him instead. Billy smashed HTM over with the head with his guitar and left with Road Dogg. Later that night, the announcers reported that Billy had changed his name to "Billy Badass." This was later corrected to "Badass" Billy Gunn. Thus, The New Age Outlaws, though not named as such yet, were born, and, despite the win, Flash was no better off than he had been before.
  • Pimp Duds: He had the whole standard attire in WWF as Flash Funk: Wide-brimmed hat, a fur jacket over his singlet, large belt with "FF" on it, about as much bling as his body can support, you name it.
  • Put on a Bus to Hell: He has been in both the giving and receiving ends of a character being written off a promotion (in both cases, ECW) in rather spiteful means. (Although this was not so much because of problems with the performer in question, but rather because of the characters just being Jerkasses on their way out.)
    • ECW's February 3, 1996 show was the last night of Woman (Nancy Sullivan-Benoit) with the company before she returned to WCW. She challenged any man or woman to remove her from the building. Scorpio carried his former manager out of the Lost Battalion Hall in Queens, NY; put her in the back of a limousine and told the driver, "Take that bitch to Atlanta."
    • Scorpio's own last night of his original ECW run was at November to Remember 1996 on November 16, 1996, the night before his WWE debut as Flash Funk at Survivor Series 1996. He went heel on the fans, saying, "I'm not gonna miss none of you motherfuckers," and said he would "do a job for the next motherfucker that comes out," adding he would leave for 15 days if he lost his next match. Devon Storm walks out and Scorpio Squashed him in 53 seconds, exiling Storm for 15 days. He raised it to 30 days. JT Smith walked out, Scorpio squashed him in 32 seconds. Scorpio raised it to 60 days. Hack Meyers walked out, Scorpio squashed him in 1:16. Louie Spicolli walked out and pinned Scorpio clean with the Death Valley Driver in 2:12. After the match, Taz walked in and gave Scorpio the choice to either "get while the getting's good" or have Taz kick his ass. Scorpio walked out, with Taz saying, "Bye-bye, Flash. Get the fuck out of my house, bitch". Could also count as Laser-Guided Karma given Scorpio's previous treatment of the departing Woman.
  • Ring Oldies: He is still wrestling in fifties.
  • The Stoner: Him being a weed-smoker in real life cropped up in ECW. In September 1995, he cut a promo on Taz where he said, "Your ass is grass, and I'm gonna smoke it!" In an example of Older Than They Think, this was 3 ½ years before X-Pac said the exact same phrase to Triple H on the March 29, 1999 episode of Raw.
  • The "The" Title Confusion: After having been temporarily Put on a Bus down to ECW in 1998 after a year-and-a-half of primarily jobbing in WWE as Flash Funk, once referred to the promotion, where had been a regular from 1994-1996, as "the ECW." So, "the Extreme Championship Wrestling"?
  • Too Many Belts: At ECW's October 28, 1995 show, Scorpio, at the time the ECW World Television Champion, defeated "Flyboy" Rocco Rock of The Public Enemy for the ECW World Tag Team Championship. Scorpio then introduced his new name, "2 GOLD Scorpio." This made Scorpio and The Sandman the ECW World Tag Team Champions. Earlier that night, Mikey Whipwreck had defeated The Sandman in a ladder match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. If the Scorpio-Rocco match had happened first, Scorpio and Sandman would have held all three titles.
  • We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties: At ECW's Gangstas Paradise on September 23, 1995, which produced two TV episodes, near the end of the first of these shows, there was a locker room confrontation between The Public Enemy and New Jack and Scorpionote  where various cameraman were getting knocked out, leading to a "Please Stand By" message appearing on the screen.