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The Most Amazing Story Ever Told is a collaboration between numerous early-2000s independent animators. Two series were made, each consisting of eight episodes each made by one animator. The first shows the adventure of T-Bone, a redneck stranded floating on an inner tube who is pulled into a weird series of events. The second, variously called "The Most Amazing Story Ever Told 2" or "The Second Most Amazing Story Ever Told", is... less easy to sum up.

The first series is bookended by Goonland and also features Rockschool, Killfrog, Bunnygrenade, Joecartoon (known for the "Frog in a Blender" cartoon), Jay Donaldson (whose characters Kegel and Angus prominently appear in the series), and Camp Chaos (best known for Napster Bad). The second series excludes Bunnygrenade but also features Boneland and Doodie (the latter of whom would kick off the Whack Your... series of games).

The Most Amazing Tropes Ever Told:

  • Bookends: The first and final episodes are made by Goonland, and have T-Bone floating in the water in an inner tube.
  • The Cameo:
    • Christina Aguilera appears in the waiting room of the brain transplant clinic in episodes 4 to 6 of the original series.
    • Watto ("from Star Wars episodes one and two!") collaborates with the Pizza Box Chef in episode 1 of the second series, and appears as an explosive action figure in episode 2.
    • In addition many characters from the individual animators' own series appear in these, including Kev, the Doc, Little Susie and the pigs from Killfrog, Nippleman and Teat-Mutt from Camp Chaos, Kegel and Angus, and so on.
  • Gainax Ending: Doodie's ending for the second series, with two mutated conjoined humans reminiscing over the events of the previous episodes before turning their heads into asses and defecating for some reason.
  • Halfway Plot Switch: Only in the fifth episode of the second series does the central plot about the fate strand crop up.
  • Mushroom Samba: As a result of Psycho Rodney's mushroom pizza, Crispin, Jim and Jon go into a series of hallucinations.
  • Random Events Plot: The second series. To wit:
    • Episode 1 features Nippleman and Teat-Mutt being trapped by an evil Italian chef and Watto from Star Wars, who plan to turn the Earth into a meatball.
    • Episode 2 frames this as the fantasy of a kid playing with action figures, one of which explodes and burns down his house with his babysitter and her boyfriend still inside, while he wanders onto the street and meets a trucker who gives him a firecracker.
    • In episode 3, the firecracker blows up the kid, then there's another segment with the farmer railing against Joezilla, followed by a segment two million years in the future parodying the ape monolith scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • In episode 4, two kids are trying to reach the 13th floor on an elevator without one, and find a portal that spits them out at the aforementioned 2001 parody.
    • In episode 5, God sees this scene and realizes that fate hasn't gone as he planned, and sends an angel to find out what happened to the missing fate strand.
    • Episode 6 has the fate strand in the possession of space bandits who get destroyed by a ship carrying Kegel, Argus and Kook. Kegel and Argus then send the strand to the man whose name is printed on it...
    • ...and in episode 7, Kev receives the strand and is about to put it in the fate-bending machine that the late Doc made before the three piggies try to take hold of it.
    • Finally, episode 8 features mutated conjoined yellow humans two million years in the future who reminisce over the events of the series, and then turn their heads into butts and poop from them.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: According to the eighth and last episode of the first series, T-Bone would become a freshwater tubing champion and spokesman for Duncan Hines; Chris, the co-star of the previous episode would star on Direct to Video movies and on The View; Agnus, the child from episode 4, is still in counseling and her dog Kevin still loves a warm brain to lie on; Crispin, Jim and Jon from episode 2 are on a tour of Japan due to a hit single; Satan and Lord Ratbird still reside in hell having lost interest in world domination; Kegel and Argus continue fighting crime; Christina's brain transplant was successful and she has a new job at a Pringles factory; owing to its species's short lifespan, the penguin is dead; Kook is teaching driver's ed; Killfrog's Doc is in a correctional facility for cloning law violations; and, finally Joezilla and Mick are still in dispute to this day and attempting to reach common ground.