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Nightmare Fuel / Mystery Skulls Animated

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.
I've been Hellbent, baby...


  • The fact that Arthur's arm is missing and replaced by a robotic one (à la Edward Elric).
  • It's implied that Arthur became possessed and pushed Lewis to his death, while being aware that he did so! But before the entity could invade his entire body, Mystery (or another spiritual being) removed Arthur's arm to save him.
  • In the establishing shot of Lewis looking over the precipice, take a gander at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Do you see a certain girl standing down there? You should, because Vivi was looking at the stalagmites, which means she watched Lewis's death. Imagine watching your significant other die horribly right in front of you.

Freaking Out

  • We get a much better look at Mystery. When Lewis starts to fade out of his wallpaper, Mystery mutates into a much larger, wolf looking monster - a yokai, and not a nice looking one, either. Arthur is justifiably terrified by this.
    • If you look at Arthur's arm, it seems to be sparking when Mystery gets bigger.
    • Upon closer inspection, there seems to be more going on than that. When Lewis appears to be disappearing from Arthur's picture (it's not the wallpaper), Vivi's eyes are glowing pink. Arthur's not editing the picture; she is. It's also strongly hinted that Arthur hallucinated Mystery growing bigger, due to lack of sleep or over guilt from Lewis's death.
  • If Ghost!Lewis does not give you the heart locket, under no circumstances should you try to take it from him. When Shiromori does so in order to see where Mystery went, he responds by punching her so hard her head rips off her neck.
  • Shiromori's Slasher Smile when she detects Mystery's presence. Whatever she's planning to do to him, it's not good.
    • On the character profile page, the animated banner above her picture that would normally display her name reads, "YOU CAN'T RUN FOREVER, MUTT."
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  • It's hinted that whatever happened in the cave that seemed to give Vivi Laser-Guided Amnesia seems to have affected Arthur too. When Arthur is first seen in the shot of the van, he's looking at a map on his computer. There are icons of Lewis's head all over the screen, and most of them are crossed out, except for one in the corner and one of Ghost Lewis, which instead has question marks by it. This could mean that not only did Arthur not recognize the ghost as Lewis, he doesn't even think Lewis is dead.
  • Not only is Shiromori now hot on Mystery's trail (for as of yet unknown reasons), but Lewis now has a lead on the trio, and is likely still pissed off about Arthur killing him.


  • The amount of Nightmare Face Shiromori makes is just plain creepy.
  • Unlike in Ghost, blood is shown on-screen when Shiromori cuts Mystery's cheek - and the moment she sees his blood she goes absolutely berzerk with bloodlust.
  • Both Lewis and Shiromori look incredibly frightening as they approach the target they intend to kill. Having a pissed off skeleton ghost and an Ax-Crazy plant monster coming after you is not the best situation to be in.
  • In the last scene showing all of the characters, Vivi is about to be impaled by a very bloodthirsty Shiromori, and Mystery is in the process of shedding his disguse. And he's really, really pissed off. He's through running, and somebody is about to have a very bad day.
    • Pay attention to where Shiromori places her shears when she is fighting Vivi. Its very possible that the reason why Mystery got so pissed and dropped his disguise is because Shiromori just chopped off Vivi's hand.
  • As Arthur is falling into the abyss, he looks up at Lewis (whose body is mostly covered in a black silhouette) staring back at him with his creepy pink eyes.
  • Arthur is thrown from the exact same cliff he pushed Lewis off of, presumably to his death.
  • Immediately afterwards, Lewis' heart locket shatters, which can have multiple interpretations (remember, it was repaired with the flower that represents Vivi, who's about to be killed).
  • The last few seconds, showcasing the mystery skulls logo before it gains a massive hole in it and greys out.

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