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Ain't got no time to waste on bullshit!

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • When Arthur pulls Vivi away from him, Lewis becomes so furious he creates an inferno that consumes the mansion, which the Mystery Skulls are just barely able to escape from.

Freaking Out

  • After Shiromori "wakes" him up, Lewis gives her a Death Glare before wordlessly rearing up a punch, decking her so hard her head goes flying!



  • Uncle Lance, upon seeing the supernatural disaster unfolding on his doorstep, grabs his shotgun and, one Dramatic Gun Cock later, charges out to do some ghostbusting.
  • Vivi attacks Shiromori with a baseball bat, hitting her hard enough that her head spins around - and the sight of Vivi protecting Mystery causes Shiromori to flash back to her own past, momentarily confuse Vivi with her long-dead ancestor, and in a fit of fury, grow her shears to the size of a large sword and attempt to gut her.
  • As Vivi lies dazed, Shinomori prepares to core her out with her garden shears. Mystery's finally had enough - his Berserk Button is well and truly pushed. The last sight we have of him is his dropping the dog disguise completely — and he is one pissed off yokai.


The Future

  • Lewis gets shot in the chest, dispelling his illusion and saving Arthur. The camera then cuts to reveal the shooter is, of course, Lance, readying to fire another shot.
  • Right before Shiromori fatally impales Vivi with her shears... Mystery bites into his leg hard enough to draw blood. The scent of it makes Shiromori pause, and then stride on over to him, completely forgetting about the girl she was trying to kill just a moment ago. It gives Vivi enough time to grab the bat on the ground and strike at Shiromori! Though the yokai does avoid getting struck, she gets introduced to ice forming on the bat, indicating that Vivi is now in tune with her ancestor Mushi's abilities to fight on even footing with her alongside Mystery.
  • Shiromori throws Vivi and Mystery into the air with her vines, which Vivi simply uses to come down swinging, sending a surge of ice magic through the roots and severing Shiromori's arms from the shoulder down.