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Nightmare Fuel / Hazbin Hotel

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"Stay tuned, folks."

  • The trailer has a number of scenes with imagery that firmly establishes that the characters are demons and the setting definitely takes place in Hell. While many of these scenes certainly qualify as scary, some of the really creepy ones are those with Alastor in them. Among these is one particular noteworthy Freeze-Frame Bonus, as pictured, which stands out as being the definition of absolutely pure nightmare fuel.
  • Alastor, pictured here, was a serial killer in life and never loses that wide toothed grin on his face.
  • The reason Alastor smiles all the time; he sees smiling as a show of power and dominance, and sees anyone who lets other emotions show as weak, no matter how objectively strong they might be. It just drives home how much of a sadistic monster he really is, and calls into question his motives for backing the Happy Hotel all the more.
  • Hell, of all places, is suffering from an overpopulation crisis. Just how bad are things on Earth for something like that to happen!?
  • Charlie is by no means the scariest demon in the gallery, but seeing her shift from her happy-go-lucky normal face to a red eyed, horned devil on a whim can get pretty creepy.
    • A Freeze Frame on her face is especially disturbing. Those horns she sprouts don't just poke up. They have burst out of the top of her forehead, and have tattered skin stretching around the base of them.
  • The way Alastor looks at Charlie when she starts singing "Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow." His smile stays, but his eyes narrow in a predatory way, and his shadow moves without him, leering forward as Alastor cocks his head in interest.
    • Even worse, there's a poster behind him warning people about the dangers of his alias, "the Radio Demon" with "BEWARE!" and "Do not fuck with him!" scrawled on it.
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    • There's also the fact that the poster and his shadow show a much more monstrous form than his already frightening appearance, which seems to indicate that what we see is only somekind of glamor or disguise.
  • If that’s not enough, Alastor shows himself to be a surprisingly polite and affable demon when he visits Charlie to offer her his help. The smile quickly turns into a horrifying grin when Vaggie tries to stop him from hurting anybody.
    Alastor: Dear, if I wanted to hurt anyone here... I would have done so already...
  • The various images of Alastor that are shown as Vaggie recounts to Angel Dust Alastor's past feats. Made worse by the deliberately jerky, limited animation making it look like articulated paper dolls.
  • While Vaggie talks about how Alastor toppled multiple demon lords with little to no effort, it doesn't appear that he's maintained any of the territory he would've gained from these conquests, and the news report on the turf wars don't mention him even once. If he didn't care about gaining territory, why did he demolish all of Hell's big players, and why is he now sponsoring a rehab clinic for sinners to get into heaven?
  • The fact that demons can apparently only be killed by an Angel or a weapon that said angels left behind after one of the exterminations must mean that all the demons we see getting brutalized, like the guy who stole Angel's drugs and suddenly got crushed by a random boulder, and the Egg Boi who had a bomb shoved into him and thrown into his boss's face, are still alive despite how much damage has been done to them. Imagine how far torture must be able to go in Hell, if the person being tortured can't die from the experience...
  • While we only see a glimpse of them, we do get a look at the beings enacting the annual genocide in hell. They are silvery skinned angels called Exterminators with horns, notched halos and still holographic faces that sometimes glitch.
  • At the end of "Biggest Blame Fool", we're treated to the image of Katie Killjoy's neck breaking at a 90-degree angle as she sits back down to her spot on the news table- with the fractured bone visible. Sheez...

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