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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Charlie's father is referred to by fans as "Apple Daddy" due to his prominent apple motif. Even after his name was revealed as Lucifer, he's still affectionately referred as such.
    • After a comment by Angel in "A Cautionary Tale"note , some people have taken to calling Alastor "Strawberry Pimp".
  • Meaningful Release Date: Of course a show taking place in Hell is going to debut in October; the final release date is October 28, 2019, just three days before Halloween.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The series was originally titled "People Like Us".
    • Comparing Vivienne's original drawings of Angel Dust to his animated counterpart, he originally had three pairs of arms, but they were cut down to two. Could be a case of Serendipity Writes the Plot, seeing as animating two pairs of arms at once could get taxing, three pairs would be absolute hell.
      • This technically isn't the case, while he first appears to have four arms in the show, it was confirmed that he has a retractable third set of arms. As demonstrated in this tweet, Word of God confirms this actually happens in the show. Though this could be an attempt to lessen the strain of animating three sets of arms at once all the time.
    • The series itself was originally going to be part of the Zoophobia continuity, but eventually evolved into its own thing.
      • Crymini was redesigned, mostly due to the fact that she looked too much like Jay Jay.
      • Some supplementary material implied that Angel Dust and Vaggie were ex-boyfriend and girlfriend. Seeing as how this is never alluded to nowadays, and they're now assumed to both be gay, it's likely been cut.
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  • Word of God: Like the show's creator Vivienne, Vaggie's ethnicity is Salvadoran as first revealed in a stream and reconfirmed in a tweet.

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