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Despite it being set literally in hell, Hazbin Hotel has a lot of humor going for it.

  • According to a sign, it says "Welcome to hell, population a fuckton".
  • During their news section, when it shows a video of Sir Pentious and Cherry Bomb going at each other, Cherry Bomb grabs the Egg Boi Sir Pentious threw at her, cracked it open, put a bomb in and tossed it back at him. His face is full of deep regret as the bomb explodes when it hits.
  • Katie pouring piping hot coffee on Tom's lap after he makes a sexual crack about Cherri. What makes it even funnier is Tom's pained "not again" and Katie being annoyed and telling him to "suck it up, you little bitch" after they cut to commercial.
    • Also, the scrolling text below the newscast, which start by recapping the news story but then gets off topic with the writer bitching about his personal problems like his wife and being insulted by an orangutan he saw at the zoo.
    • The picture of Sir Pentious they use during the broadcast was apparently taken during one of his attempts to be "hip". He's badly dressed to look like a teenager in a similar way Steve Buscemi's character from 30 Rock dressed as while undercover.
  • Katie telling off Charlie that she wasn't here because they wanted her, but because Jeffery couldn't make it for his cannibal cooking segment. A post-it underneath a poster says, "Who approved this shit?"
    • Also Tom shaking his head in the back (clearly having heard all of this before) when Katie boasts about how she's too rich and influential to give a flying fuck about some demon princess.
  • When someone announces they're live, Katie literally runs back to her seat a break-neck speed.
  • At one point during the broadcast with Charlie, Katie Killjoy dozes off, only to be shaken awake again when Charlie pounds her fist on the table.
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  • Thinking no one understood what her plan was, Charlie prepares to start her musical number, to Vaggie's dismay.
    Vaggie: (Face Palm) Oh no...
  • A sign behind the small goat demons munching on donuts is a smoking sign that has a checkmark next to it.
  • At the beginning of Charlie's song, a glowing sign in the background reads, "Musical Logic" with an arrow pointing to the right.
  • After Charlie's whole song number, only one demon (played by Maxwell Atoms, creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) pops up and initially sounds impressed but quickly proves otherwise.
    Demon: Wow... That was shit.
  • Angel Dust watching a thief run away with his drugs, and then they're immediately killed by a falling piece of rock.
    • Even funnier, Angel Dust is more concerned about his ruined drugs than the ass-hole who was killed.
    Angel Dust: (gasp) Oh my God! (beat) My drugs! Dammit!
    • In the background a sign says, "We couldn't think of a pun for our shop but we sell hard drugs!"
  • Angel Dust trying to explain his way out of starting a turf war that ended in a territorial genocide.
    Angel Dust: You win some, you lose a few hundred. (laughs)
    • Him also adding how he didn't make them look like a joke, he just made them look sad.
    Angel Dust: No, no, no, babe. Jokes are funny. I made you look... uh... Sad, and pathetic! Like an orphan. With no arms. Or legs. Uh... oh, with Progeria!
    • Charlie throughout this whole description is grasping her hair in front of her face in terror. Her eyes widening with each of Angel Dust's words until she just hides behind her locks.
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  • Angel Dust telling Vaggie not to get her "taco in a twist", and when she angrily asks if he was trying to be sexist or racist, he sighs and replies "whatever pisses you off more".
  • Alastor visiting Hazbin, to Charlie's shock as she opens the door. However, she closes the door on him twice, the first time being from surprise at seeing Alastor, and the second just to check to see if he was really there.
    Alastor: Hel-! (Charlie slams the door in his face, only to turn back after a split second and open it again) -Lo! (slams the door in his face again)
    Alastor: (Charlie opens the door again after talking to Vaggie) May I speak now?
    • Angel Dust, looking unimpressed, casually poking his head in as Vaggie warns Alastor not to try anything funny.
  • Alastor claiming he hasn't been that entertained by something as he was by Charlie's performance since the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and gleefully notes, "so many orphans".
  • The fact that, for all the creepy, cryptic buildup we got from his appearance during Charlie's musical number, he not only has a much higher-pitched voice than one would've thought, but he's surprisingly perky and affable despite Charlie slamming the door on him twice, the second time politely asking if she'll let him speak. And then he gently reminds Charlie and Vaggie just who they're dealing with. Brought back to Funny again with how he shakes off his Game Face and goes right back to perfect gentleman on a dime (although that might just make it creepier).
  • Angel Dust having absolutely no idea who Alastor is refers to him as "Smiles". Vaggie asks how he couldn't know who the Radio-Demon was when he had been in hell longer than herself. Angel Dust gives a non-pulsed shrug.
    Angel Dust: Eh, not big on politics.
    Vaggie: ...Ugh.
  • When Vaggie tells the story of Alastor's infamy, she gets to the reason why most of Hell refers to him as the Radio-demon was due to the fact he broadcast his kills on the air just to let others know how powerful he was... but, she does admit that the nickname itself is incredibly lazy.
    • Angel Dust of course doesn't care for her story and after she finishes up on why they shouldn't get involved with Alastor, Angel Dust asks if she was done.
    Angel Dust: (gesturing to Alastor) He looks like a strawberry pimp!
  • One of the Egg Bois wishing that Sir Pentious would shoot him with his ray gun.
  • Sir Pentious is just so over-the-top and delightfully hammy that it's impossible not to at least chuckle at most of his dialogue.
    • This little exchange:
      Sir Pentious: Hell will be mine, and everyone will know the name of Sir P-
      Cherri Bomb: EDGELORD!!
    • He at first thinks his Egg Bois called him an "edgelord", and refers to them as "fried chicken fetuses".
  • Sir Pentious’ face when he sees Cherri’s bomb.
  • The Fight between Cherri Bomb and Sir Pentious gives us this gem:
  • Sir Pentious's response is to give her a short Bring It speech while using Air Quotes, talking out of the corner of his mouth and putting his hands on his hips while swaying his head and hips side to side like a Sassy Black Woman.
  • One of the credits title cards for "Something Rotten" has Angel Dust storm onto the set and call out Sir Pentious's overly-specifically thematic decor.
    Angel Dust: Okay, No! This is bullshit!! What kind of store sells snake-shaped pipe organs!?!
    Sir Pentious: IT WAS FROM A CATALOGUE!!
  • Some of the faces Charlie makes during the song are hilarious.
  • After being called a slut by his customer Angel Dust responds with a string of alliterative insults, as the customer is driving away you can hear him slowly, awkwardly trying to repeat them, as if he's trying to figure out what Angel Dust said.


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