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Sir Pentious isn't trying to shut down the hotel for no reason.
Charlie's mother tried to do the same thing but ended causing Hell's population to grow, leading to the yearly purges.

The Radio Demon (Alastor) is the Big Bad
It's logically possible. I mean, the deep voice, the wide grin, it just makes sense!
  • The official Hazbin twitter has released some character bios. In his bio, Alastor the "Radio Demon" is described as a mysterious dealmaker and an all powerful tyrant with cryptic goals. While not confirming if he's the Big Bad or not, it paints him more as someone to be suspicious of.
    • Alastor's information was also released alongside Katie Killjoy and Sir Pentious, who are both already characterized as villains in the trailer.

This theory may actually be not too far off-base. On the fanmade discord server, one user (Rook#9696) pointed out some interesting facts and tidbits about Alastor's appearances in the media for Hazbin Hotel thus far, and suggested a theory based on their observations.

  • In the trailer, there are multiple times when symbols from Haitian/Louisiana Voodoo, called veves, appear around him. Veves are used to summon spirits in voodoo religion called loa, (or lwa). This is in line with Alastor being described as originating from the American South in his former life.
  • One specific veve is for for Kalfu, a petro aspect of the loa Papa Legba. Papa Legba has a long list of qualities similar to Alastor in the show:
    • Legba is considered the loa of the crossroads, and the master of "The Road to Success" (Alastor is the benefactor of the hotel & is backing Charlie's business venture, therefore allowing her to succeed), he is considered a trickster in nature (Alastor's nature in the trailer and in the storyboards show he is always smiling and seemingly upbeat), and he is considered a patron of musical talent (Alastor is the "Radio Demon", the radio being commonly associated with music).
    • Legba is commonly depicted as a young, handsome man or a demon (YMMV on whether or not Alastor is handsome, but his fans will fight you on that) that carries a walking stick or a cane (Alastor carries his microphone stand with him regularly). The colors most commonly associated with him are red and black, which is Alastor's color palette.
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    • In of itself, the association with Legba isn't indicative of Alastor being the Big Bad, but Kalfu is considered to be an "evil aspect" of Legba.
  • Alastor's motives may hold more than meets the eye: he may be trying to upset the spiritual balance in order to take over heaven. Using his powers to bolster Charlie's success means that he has to do very little work in running the hotel, and he would also be out of the spotlight. Charlie has to deal with the day to day minutiae, as well as the backlash, while Alastor does very little work, which is in line with a trickster personality in folklore.
    • If Charlie's hotel is a success, it would catch heaven off guard since theoretically no soul has ever been rehabilitated out of Hell before. Also consider how this would upset the spiritual economy; if redemption is possible, and your soul is eternal in Hell, why waste a short life span on being "moral" when you can repent for it later & get into heaven?
    • With heaven's position being weakened spiritually from an influx of unexpected souls and a downtick in morality, we could see Alastor trying to use the confusion to his advantage to take over.
  • This theory is strengthened by the fact that, in terms of character interaction, we never see Alastor interact with Angel Dust or Sir Pentious in their "turf wars". Alastor is described in his character bio released by Vivziepop as "an all powerful tyrant" and thus could theoretically wipe the floor with Angel and Pentious but he hasn't. So what if he isn't bothering with acquiring any acclamation in Hell because he has his eyes on a better, more alluring target?

The causes of deaths and reasons in Hell after for the characters.
  • Angel Dust.
    • Drug overdose or killed by brother. He was born and raised as a gangster and still seems to be an addict in hell, so he was either at the unlucky end of a scuffle or died due to narcotics or otherwise.
  • Vaggie.
    • Car accident. She was a ruthless, controlling hit girl and was whammied by a mole or something she was in relations with.
    • The wiki says she was a prostitute and has knives for protection, maybe one of her clients tried to kill her and gouged out her eye in the process.
  • Crymini.
    • Dog attack. She was a chaotic, wrathful anarchist and participated in illegal activities like dog fights.
  • Cherri.
    • Killed in a turf war. She was a chaotic and bloodthirsty gang leader in a turf war with another gang leader.
  • Katie Killjoy.
    • Prop, had fallen on her, or murdered by a mistreated intern or something after she blamed them for the failing show. She was a ruthless, newscaster who mistreated her employees and would do ANYTHING for a story, no matter if it was true, or ruined someone’s life in the process.
  • Mimzy.
    • Was tortured and killed by competitor song bars, because she stole the spotlight. She was a prideful and over ambitious singer, who did shady things to be the top singer.
  • Nifty.
    • Suicide. She was a 50’s girl, working to be a fashion designer. To cope with abusive parents and struggle to achieve her dreams. She took up sewing. One day she met this cute, handsome guy. She was so smitten. They started dating but he too was a jerk and dumped her for this “hotter” chick. Heartbroken and enraged, she took her anger out on animals. To hide it, she used the leftovers, the fur and skin for her fashion. People liked her new threads, unknowing to where she got her fabric. Realizing this, she continued to kill. Through time not only did she become popular and the boy who dumped her began to show interest, she became insane. As this grew, people too grew, out of her fashion. Desperate to keep her newfound popularity, she looked for new skins. She begun to see how soft, human skin can be, and so from animals, she began to kill humans, to use for her outfits. She decided to kill her parents out of revenge, and used them for her clothes too. After awhile she and the boyfriend got back together, she decided to reveal the truth to him. He did not take it well, and in a grit of panic, she killed him too right on the spot. She cried, realizing what she had done. Soon after that, cops were chasing after her, after they connected the dots to her somehow. In complete despair and guilt, she decided to kill herself, by forcing the cops to shoot her. Three billets shot her leg eye, explaining the patterns on her demon dress, and her one eye showing and that is the twisted and tragic story of Nifty.
  • Tom Trench
    • Judging by the gasmask and the name, he could have been a soldier who died in World War 1. From what little we've seen of him, it can be implied that he was perverted and overall unpleasant, and he was either killed in battle or in secret by a fellow soldier.
  • Baxter
    • Accidental poisoning. According to the wiki he was a chemist and had a split personality, possibly from drinking one of his own concoctions, he could have tried to cure himself only for the other personality to take him with it.
  • Alastor
    • Electric chair. For one, it fits into his status of a radio host, being that power lines and radio towers are electical devices used in the transmission of radio waves. Said power lines also resemble deer antlers in some models, trying into his Animal Motif, and the fact that his assumed One-Winged Angel form has a massive pair of them. Seeing as how Alastor also died in the 1900's it would make sense that had he been caught he would have gotten the death penalty.

Angel Dust will have a surprisingly heartwarming and/or tearjerkish reason for wanting to "go clean".
Even jerks have loved ones, and he won't be an exception. He could also just be secretly tired of the anarchy of the gangster life and wants to redeem himself from it.

If Angel Dust gets successfully redeemed, we'll get to see him as a human before he passes on to Heaven.
His spider form is a hell thing, isn't it?

If Adina is ever included in the Hazbin Canon, she would be the reason that there's overpopulation in Hell in the first place.

For those who don't know her, Adina is a powerful angel who seems so beautiful and pure but actually has the mindset of Disney's Frollo (but without the lust part), believing every creature, be human or demon, is a sinner and must be eliminated. The only creatures that are save from her philosophy are her fellow angels and of course herself.

Now, imagine if someone like her gets the chance of deciding who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.

You were someone who saved many lives out of goodness but were also an atheist? To hell!

You were a loving person who lost your way in life and at the last minute asked for forgiveness? Definetly not to heaven.

You were a good example to others and care for them but you also liked both men and women? Bye bye sinner.

She would simply not have mercy for anybody, and that's pretty ironic considering who is her Master.

It would be absolutetly great if the final Big Bad is not a creepy Stepford Smiler deer shapeshifter, not a demonic victorian snake, not even Satan, but a servant of God.

  • It would explain why certain denizens of hell who appear to genuinely be good people regardless are there (such as Vaggie, who's only crime seems to be being a prostitute and attracted to women)

There will be a Darkest Hour at some point.
Everyone has left Charlie, including Vaggie, Angel Dust has given up on his redemption, Alastor is doing... whatever it is that he's planning, and all hope seems lost. Charlie, however, will push through it, and it will be a Moment of Awesome for her.

Alastor will be a Dr. Facilier type character.
He'll be a suave but suspicious guy that'll give Charlie a bargain she just can't refuse, but hides his real, darker motives related to it. He's also surrounded by voodoo symbols in the trailer and has his own moving shadow.

Denizens of heaven will appear...
  • and it turns out they don’t want demons to enter heaven, believing they’re all irredeemable.
  • Or they could be the worst stereotypes of Heaven: a bureaucratic nightmare, lawful to a dangerous (or even annoying) degree, full of the egocentric and Holier Than Thou even if it's not just fundamentalist protestants or Catholics up there. It would be the gated community of nightmares— all that don't fit in with the flock get kicked out. The stress of staying Moral and the ennui that surrounds the dead that live inside it make any sinner who tries to repent both laughed at and inspire jealousy and contempt, because the dull, empty lives they lived to get there will be invalidated. Nothing good awaits you inside...if anything waits for you at all. Which then reveals the true reason why there's been overpopulation— Heaven got so bad over the centuries, everybody started jumping ship.
  • Or they’re so sickenly sweet that they make Charlie, the kindest and overall most good character in the series, look bad. They fully support Charlie’s idea but demons then refuse to redeem themselves out of the reasoning that they might turn into one of them, and continue sinning to spite them.

The more monstrous looking the demon, the worse of a person they were
Charlie is the most human looking character we've seen so far despite her technically being the only character not human to begin with. Vaggie is probably the most human looking after her and shares Charlie's goal of rehabilitating demons so she probably wasn't as bad in her life time as some of the other residents.

Any redeemed demon won’t go to Heaven
  • But rather, they go to Purgatory because their sins aren’t so easily atoned.
    • Building on that, when/if the population ever finds out then the support for the Hotel will just vanish: why try to redeem yourself if all you're going to is a bland existence?

The series’ ending will have Charlie succeeding in fixing Hell’s overpopulation problem
  • Only now Heaven has a overpopulation problem instead.

Heaven has the exact opposite problem: everyone stays too little.
It really is the good place it's said to be- a place to reunite with loved ones, live in paradise, etc. But somebody upstairs (either a corrupt angel or misguided filer) modified the place to function more like a temporary waystation: making it literally "a nice place to visit" before reincarnating them back to Earth or other worlds, factoring in the usual Hell of a Heaven arguments to account for why people wouldn't want to stay forever.

Hell, on the other hand, is "permanent housing", so to speak- it's built for people to stay, so subsequent reincarnations eventually get there (one life may be spent doing some excessive sinning, after all), causing the overpopulation problem.

Ideas on the types of characters we'll see in the series:

We've already seen a crime lord, a prostitute, and a serial killer, as well as a few drug addicts, so imagine the possibilities of other characters who have been sent to Hell for whatever reason. Maybe they'll be clients for the Happy Hotel.

Charlie will experience a Rage Breaking Point
It has been shown in the clips and trailers that her face can shift from a normal looking one to a demonic one with glowing red eyes. So I think eventualy she might snapes, perhaps due to things such as getting fed up with being disrespected and at the demons for not putting in proper effort to redemption and generally just no one taking the whole redemption business seriously. This could all cause her to snap and have her shift into a more demonic form such as a Big Red Devil.

Charlie has a darker side
Charlie is of course an All-Loving Hero who wants to help the people of her home. But I think she may have a darker side, one that she perhaps suppresses. During “Inside of every demon is a rainbow” she at multiple points shifts her face into a Nightmare Face, one thing to note is at these points she is always smiling. While she does of course smile a lot, I feel these smiles seem more akin to a Slasher Smile than her normal ones.

One notable example of this is how her eyes glow red and she dons a Slasher Smile when mentioning both fire and screams. So I think she has a darker/eviler side hidden somewhere. She is the Princess of Hell at the end of the day and according to the wiki her father is apparently Satan.

So perhaps like I said she tries to suppress her darker tendencies but struggles to at times. Perhaps she will eventually snap (which ties into the above theory about her having a Rage Breaking Point, which I also made.)

Charlie and Sir Pentious are really Not So Different

Charlie wants to redeem demons so they can go to Heaven. The creatures of Hell all laughed and called her a loonie. It doesn't help that the (apparently) only news station is going to make fun of her from now on.

Sir Pentious tried to conquer Hell, yet has failed several times.At this point, It wouldn't be a surprise if some if not ALL of the denizens of Hell think of him as the local loser of the realm. And the more the demons see the cobra as a joke, the more he tries to be "hip".

Also Charlie is friends with the less evil demons (Vaggie, Mimzy, Nifty, etc) and Sir Pentious has the company of the Egg Bois, who look (and maybe are) harmless and seem to really love his boss.

Maybe in a future episode, Charlie would try to convince Sir Pentious to stop trying to conquer Hell and start helping them in the Happy Hotel so he can ascend to Heaven. And of course the snake demon is going to reject the offer because of his arrogance/pride or because such a thing of a demon in Heaven is impossible to him to understand.

Sir Pentious will get a Villain Song

I mean, he's the perfect type of villain for one.

  • Plus, he's voiced by Stamper, who is know for singing songs (albeit silly ones) in video games.

Charlie wants to redeem souls the good way because she saw that happen before

According to some theories, in his final moments, Jesus essentially forsakes God, making him an atheist. Combined with him now atoning for all sin, Jesus is sent to Hell where he proceeds to save the souls of the damned and put Satan in his place.

Charlie, at a young age, saw this "strange" and pure soul taking the majority of her father's subjets to Heaven using kindness and love for the neighbor. And so the young princess followed the example of this man by creating "The Happy Hotel" so the souls of her people could be saved through redemption.

This, in retrospective, would be a double win for Jesus, since not only did he snatch the devil his people, but even his own daugther.

There will be a reference to Doom.

Since Viziepop hearted a comment by Saberspark that involved Doom and there are a ton of jokes and game lore about Doomguy being a brutal demon killer feared by all of Hell, I have a strong feeling that there's going to be an allusion to Doom in the show somewhere. There are multiple ways on how it can be done.


  • A demon watching a horror movie where Doomguy is the monster.
  • One of the demons will bear a heavy resemblance to a Doom enemy.
  • There will be a news report on 666 News that involves the aftermath of a brutal bloodbath single-handedly perpetrated by an unidentified and mysterious being, either as the given topic of the actual interview or as a Freeze-Frame Bonus in one of the news crawls. Granted, the reference at hand would need to be subtle enough to not get the show attacked for copyright infringement, but just WHO the report would be referencing would go without saying.

Alastor is not the Big Bad, but he is out for revenge...

Alastor's name does mean "avenger" and his cryptic goals might be revenge-based. How to take revenge that lasts on someone already in hell? You can kill them, sure, but then it's over. So...send them to Heaven, where they'll hate it, with the risk of coming back and being the first loser to fail redemption and possibly be an easy target or him.

Because of her help reforming demons, Vaggie will eventually get taken to Heaven

Being on board this reform program has got to score her some good points, maybe even unintentionally so. Potentially it would lead to a heartfelt moment of her and Charlie having to say goodbye only for her to be back an hour later after intentionally getting herself thrown out.

Charlie's performance is a big reason of why Alastor wants to help

While he most likely has some ulterior motive, Alastor also seems like the type of person who loves good showmanship, and Charlie's big musical number got his full attention for better or for worse.

Alastor is going to frown at some point.
And it'll either be if/when his darker motives are shut down, or before all hell breaks loose.

God, Jesus, and/or Heaven will appear at some point

Over the course of the show, one or more slightly suspicious characters will appear in the shadows, sometimes providing aid or seeming to "check in" on them. One of them in particular seems very interested and supportive of Charlie's ambition for the Hotel. But given the fact that, well, they're in Hell, Charlie and her friends (especially Vaggie) are suspicious of help so freely given.

The big reveal for this group is that it is in fact Jesus and some Angels. Some of the group possibly think that he's been trying to sabotage their efforts. But it will be revealed that he/they really do want Charlie and her friends to succeed and have provided subtle aid behind the scenes over the course of the show. The major problem with most denizens of Hell is that none of them want to change. If we're going by the Christian idea of God and Jesus here, then he probably really wants to help them with their problems, but they need to take the first step (as a big part of most Christian Philosophy is that sinners need God's grace).

The key thing to this WMG is that there is no ulterior evil motive, nor is Heaven some sort of Crapsaccharine World. They truly do wish to help and gladly accept anyone who is able to move on. This is possibly what helps Charlie during her darkest hour.

Several scenarios for Cerebus Syndrome

The show, so far, seems bleakly hilarious, and will feature Charlie trying (and failing) to redeem demons. But eventually, it could drift into even darker, less hilarious territory. Here are some possibilities:

1. Charlie undergoing a Face–Heel Turn after numerous failures.

Charlie so far seems like an optimistic, upbeat person. However, a lot of people seem to mock her, taking it for granted that she is still the Princess of Hell, and could end taking advantage of her faith. Going on one above suggestion, after one very severe humiliation, Charlie could go Then Let Me Be Evil, and unleash a reign of terror the likes of which hell has never seen.

2. We end up learning about the horrible histories of some of Hell's denizens...and its not going to be pretty.

Its established that many of the people in Hell are there because they reject the idea of being a good person. But why do they so reject salvation? Because above ground, their lives were plain awful. Some might have tragic backstories and traumas that they still struggle with, some might have had to do horrible things in life to survive, etc.

It is likely Charlie, while well-meaning, is a cushy, papered royal, and her efforts might be dismissive of this. Charlie will learn that helping a person is a long process with no clear end. You ought to do it, but you can't expect everything will be resolved for the sake of it.

3. Hell being revealed to be a Decadent Court...with Charlie's efforts being a victim of their sabotage.

So far, Charlie, as a Princess of Hell, is a nice, well-meaning person. But the rest of Hell's leadership might not be so nice. It is possible that Charlie has serious competition on the throne-an evil sibling, a corrupt uncle- who might do everything in their power to discredit Charlie. Perhaps they sabotage Charlie's efforts so badly, she ends up losing not the Hotel, but her reputation.

4. Alastor

Alastor could prove to be, underneath his jovial exterior, an insanely cruel, corrupt individual, and his plans will prove equally vile.

5. Charlie might herself cross a serious line in her desire to redeem sinners.

Charlie, after some failures, might try something desperate to redeem people. Perhaps she makes threats, perhaps she tries Brainwashing for the Greater Good, perhaps she tries bribes (which she labels "positive reinforcement"). But in the end, she ends up becoming no better then the worst of hell has to offer. Her reputation falls, apart, her close friends want nothing to do with her, and even some of the less-then-admirable demons might call out Charlie for her behavior.

Charlie went through a Heel–Face Turn sometime before the series
Just an idea I had. Perhaps Charlie used to be evil and cruel and generally just what you'd expect the Princess of Hell to be like. I got this idea for the fact that in some of the family protaits she seemed to be having a fun time with her family while in other ways less so, so perhaps at some point she sure the error of her ways. It could also explain the lack of respect she gets, perhaps the people of Hell feel she's gone soft and as such don't respect her anymore. Her tendency to make her eyes glow red could also just be a trait she has left over from back then as well.

Quick edit: It could also possibly have to do with when she stopped wearing dresses and also starting going by Charlie instead of her full first name.


Angel Dust will end up in Heaven... at the worst possible time.
Either he gets there only for Sir Pentious or Alastor to enact an evil plan agains his friends with him out of the way or it turns out Heaven is full of self righteous assholes who intend to destroy Hell and he's stuck behind enemy lines unable to help defend it. He may even end up an Unwitting Pawn in their plan. They provoke him into acting out to "prove" Charlies Hotel is a front sending an invasion force to Heaven and use it an excuse to commit genocide on the entire population of hell.

The show will end with everyone leaving hell...
Except for Sir Pentious who will be happy to have finally taken it over, only to realize he enjoyed fighting to be ruler of hell, then he realizes he can use his new powerbase to invade Heaven.
Alastor, will be give a second chance and redeem.
The whole show’s about redeeming yourself, and a lot of the art, suggests Alastor to be still quite close with the misfits. After the big finale, and he finally shows weakness, Charlie will forgive him and give him a second chance.

there will be canonically transgender characters
Charlie is bi, Vaggie is a lesbian, Angel Dust is gay, so its not like there aren't any canon LGBTQ+ characters, my best guesses are Baxter(because he's an angler fish) and Sir Pentious( who clearly isn't cut out to be a parent, in that case)

Molly is dead (again)
the death of his only blood relative to actually care about him may be what motivated Angel to try redeeming himself, and we don't know at this point if she'll show up in the series alive

In life, in addition to being a Radio Host, Alastor was an Egomaniac Hunter...of people.

We know that in life, he was a Serial Killer. Now that he's in Hell, he has a deer motif. Perhaps in life, he enjoyed hunting other humans as if they were deer.

Katie Killjoy will become the Big Bad

Katie Killjoy is, well, a killjoy, especially toward poor Charlie and her noble goals, and in this clip, makes it clear how little she thinks of it. Now, this could be seen as disdain for what Killjoy sees a rather childish goal and a desire to push her own ideas. But what if Killjoy has more sinister motives? What if she opposes the hotel because redemption of sinners would hurt her bottom line? I can see her using her reputation to not only badmouth Charlie, but outright sabotage her efforts, going from vain and selfish to downright evil.

Charlie (sad): Why are you doing this?
Katie: Ratings darling. Death and violence are what make the bank, not your silly, gooey talk of love. Whenever some asshole gets blown up, I get more money in my pocket. I want things to... (evil smile) stay that way.

Charlie will only be successful once she learns to grow a spine
Charlie herself seems to be a bit of a pushover, considering the amount of disrespect she endures from everyone else. Perhaps, when she runs the hotel, she'll end up letting others take advantage of her. Only when she gets tough will she start to succeed.

Lucifer allows his daughter to do the hotel just as a joke
Lucifer possibly allowed his daughter to make the hotel so that he could either; A) teach her the harsh reality that not everyone can be redeemed. B) humor her so that she would stop bugging him about it, believing she will have no success. or C) he is allowing her to do this as a practical joke, it could be possible that Lucifer may have planted the idea of a rehabilitation hotel in his daughters head so that he could see her fail (it would certainly fit his persona as the great deceiver and father of lies) and the reason no one respects Charlie is because everyone gets the joke except her.
  • Building on the idea of him doing it just to let her fail for the evulz, Charlie as a whole is one giant joke to him. With the interpretation of Lucifer in this verse being unrepentantly evil, he had Charlie specifically so that he could pervert and destroy their father-daughter relationship (perhaps in a dark way of sticking it to God his father for throwing him out of Heaven). Lucifer probably manipulates Charlie into thinking that he's a loving father, or at least that there's a hope that he'll love her, but he's secretly laughing behind her back about how stupid she is to think this. Under this interpretation, he'll be nonplussed and probably enraged if Charlie's Hotel actually manages to succeed.

When a demon dies in Hell, they get sent to Avichi.

Cordie from Cliffside will make a cameo as one of Angeldusts ancestors.

The ghost of John Milton will make an appearance
Because, why not?

Charlie will be a "Well Done, Daughter!" Girl
Based on how her mother is looking at her in one and two of the family photos, it's safe to say that Lilith may not be a huge fan of Charlie's more siller side.

Charlie's more dangerous than she looks/acts, and the other Demons seem to know it
Well, this one's largely based on drawing parallels between her and Alastor. Namely they're the only two characters so far to have a specific Game Face, and a more normal appearance otherwise. That, and apparently the Royal family is usually something to be feared but Charlie's such a innocent pushover that they don't see her as very threatening. That is, except even in the middle of her honest-to-goodness Disney Princess Musical Number, Charlie going all horned and spiky-mouthed is enough to spook them. That, and as the daughter of the fallen angel Lucifer, she might still be angel enough to count for the killing permanently thing.

The one little problem with Charlie's plan
As soon as she redeems one sinner and gets Heaven to notice what's going on, they're probably going to pull her into Heaven too. And it's not like they're wrong to do it. Which leads Charlie to try and "sin" her way back out....very poorly.

Characters from Zoophobia will show up
Most likely the denizens of Hell from that series. It'll likely only be a cameo role, but it would be an interesting way of connecting the two series. Perhaps at one point, Damian Beelzly will show up to offer some support for Charlie via putting on a performance with his Banjo, who mentions that he's a "cousin" of sorts.

Charlie will demonstrate she is not someone to be taken lightly, in a very serious situation
.So far, almost everyone in hell sees Charlie as a pushover, for being a nice princess in a not-particularly nice world. But when someone pushes her buttons-hurting her friends, destroying her hotel... well, they will greatly regret it.

Charlie: I've always been a good girl (her face twists into a wicked smile)...but you want evil. I'll show it to you!

Alastor will turn out to be a good guy
Or at the very least, a Well-Intentioned Extremist. From what little we know about the series at the moment, Hell seems full up of not just Humans, but Demons and potentially other creatures.

For this WMG: Demons hold the most power overall and make things . . . well . . . hell for the human souls living there. Alastor is noted as being (according to Vaggie) a mortal prior to his arrival in Hell. Upon seeing the horrible conditions faced by most mortals, despite potentially not being a very good person himself, he decided to try and do something about it. He needed to amass power which is how he started off on his path to becoming the Radio Demon, a mysterious warlord who keeps to himself.

For this theory, Alastor is not particularly nice, arguably not very good even, but he is working towards the ultimate good for the downtrodden of Hell. And when he sees Charlie's pitch for a Hotel that'll allow souls an escape from Hell, he jumps on the chance right away.

He'll have to hide that he's a "good" guy for most of the time, but potentially he'll let his guard down once he gets to personally know Charlie and perhaps the others and will finally tell his story to them and separates the facts from the lies he let circulate to increase his rep.

Alastor is an angel in disguise
Sent to hell relatively recently for a specific purpose, as opposed to being a fallen angel

Alastor plans to take over Hell itself through Charlie

Alastor was a mortal, newcomer demon who managed to climb the political ladder and overthrow ancient demon lords, gaining power and a sinister reputation along the way. Who says his lust for power and glory has not been sated? Perhaps he is seeking to rise to the top of the Hell hegemony. And what better way to do that, then to exploit naïve Daughter of Lies herself. Charlie may not have much respect, but she probably has the ability and the connections needed for such a plan to go forward.

Angel is going to learn about Alastor's power the hard way
So far, Angel has shown little understanding of Alastor, despite being in hell for years. It is possible he might be incredibly condescending of Alastor...until Angel pushes his luck, and Alastor takes the time to remind he not someone to be taken lightly.

Alastor and Satan are working together
Vivziepop has confirmed that the royal family of Hell is only respected and only holds actual sway purely through fear, with a lot of it coming from association. The Devil, being the Devil, probably wants to change that, so when Alastor died, he knowingly bestowed dark powers to him in return for his loyalty, which he agreed to. Alastor would then secretly serve as Satan's top enforcer and assassin, allowing him to perform the feats that made him so feared in "A Cautionary Tale", such as dispatching powerful gangs and hellish warlords that would pose a threat to Lucifer's hold on Hell's throne(let's face it, the only reason why Sir Pentious isn't dead yet is because he's too incompetent to come close to being worthy of Satan's concern). This brings me to Alastor's motives for the Hotel; Charlie's father sent him to pose as a supporter for her Hotel in hopes that Alastor would secretly sabotage her efforts while keeping his own hands clean(well, as clean as the Devil can get, anyway). Given the fact that Satan has always been deceitful, manipulative, and cunning, as well as someone with a serious god-complex and ego, I wouldn't put such a thing behind him, and it would certainly explain Alastor's hand in things as well.

There will be an episode that shows Charlie as her worst possible self.
It will not be pretty. Something will cause Charlie to fully break down and decide that if no one in Hell wants to reform, she'll make them reform. To her friends horror, she becomes a terrifyingly competent borderline Complete Monster, only held back by her weakened desire to actually help people and her barely intact love for her friends. She manipulates enemies of the hotel into working for her, runs several gambits at once that force Hell's inhabitants into the Hotel, and changes her suit into a dress.

Alternatively, Charlie going rogue might save the hotel

Charlie, as we've discussed, has the potential of snapping really badly. It is possible that her snapping might be the scariest thing Hell witnesses. As they say "demons run when a good guy goes on the warpath." But it can also be saddening, watching a decent person lose their equanimity. Seeing this might make the less-then-noble demons who Charlie has tried (and failed) to help to realize how loathsome they really are, that they've crushed the heart of some girl who may be naïve, but just wants what is right. They may alternatively try and run the hotel out of repentence, or even use Charlie's lessons to talk her down.

Redeeming sinners might actually be part of Alastor's plan

At first, Charlie might heed Vaggie's advice and give the Radio Demon a cold shoulder. But, once her efforts go nowhere, Charlie will finally let the Radio Demon in. To everyone's surprise, Alastor actually will be very good at redeeming people. But this might end up furthering Alastor's ambitions. Perhaps by redeeming certain demons, he is clearing competition for himself. Perhaps as a Manipulative Bastard, he can use the hotel to get demons to do his bidding.

What happens if Charlie's hotel starts

So far, Charlie is seen as utterly ineffectual by all of demons of hell. And for the first few episodes, she won't exactly prove them wrong. But what if by some concerted action, Charlie actually gets someone INTO heaven? What if she actually redeems a soul? It isn't too much of a stretch to think there isn't someone in Hell who wants to regain his/her soul. How will hell react to one soul successfully regaining [his=/=her] and rising into heaven, halo and wings.

Well...shit could start going down after that.

I mean, if one soul gets into heaven, perhaps other souls can also be redeemed. Soon, more people start lining up at the Hotel, trying to get redeemed. Suddenly Charlie isn't a joke anymore, and starts getting a bit more respect.

But this could also attract Charlie some unwanted attention. Hell apparently has been overcrowded for a while, and which Charlie is trying to fix. But what if Charlie's actions don't just help people, but challenge Hell's very power structure? There could be several groups determined to stop Charlie.

The demon lords, whose power depends on a permanent harvest of wicked souls. If Charlie were to redeem even a few of them, they might attack the Hotel, seeing it as a threat to power. And, being Hell demons, they certainly won't have any qualms hurting some Nice Girl. What if Big Daddy Lucifer himself feels threatened by Charlie's actions?

Alastor doesn't really have a plan, he just wants to laugh
Alastor, despite apparently being a mortal soul, has the ability to topple demon overlords, and a nasty reputation to boot. So why he is bothering to assist Charlie? He just wants to amuse himself.

Husk and Nifty are recruited for Charlie's hotel by Alastor
It's been implied that Husk and Nifty either actively work with Alastor or have associated with him in the past. When Alastor is shown among the greatest villains in all of hell, their silhouettes can be seen behind him, making this seem more likely. Not to mention in a Vice City like hell, there would be no shortage of bars for Husk to have found work elsewhere.

Charlie might end up praying to God help out of desperation

The daughter of Lucifer praying to the Big G? When Charlie hits a low point in her life, she might say a prayer to Lord Almighty for help. There are several things that could happen.

1. She does get help from God instantly.

2. She is ignored outright.

3. She doesn't get help immediately...

She says a prayer, but when no help arrives, she just walks away in frustration. However, subtle clues point her to the things she needs to do, strangers provide her the tools, and eventually Charlie gets what she needs.

Alastor is NOT the Big Bad of the series
Think about it: over the years of cartoons, they don’t usually come out until the season finale. If Alastor was the big bad, why was he first seen in the first episode? They would have waited until the season finale.

2. Alastor may be one of the most powerful demons in Hell, but he’s not stupid. He wouldn’t just go and just kill Charlie and her friends just because he felt like it. Plus Charlie is a princess, Alastor don’t look like the type that would do something that reckless.

3. In a recent stream, Viv reveal that in order to be Alastor’s friend, he would need to find you funny and entertainment. It’s clear that he found Charlie funny and entertainment so he choose to help and be friend her.

4. If he really was the big bad of the series, wouldn’t he rule or at least try to rule Hell by now? He does have strong powers to “erase” demons but it clear that he’s not interested in getting land or anything. He just cares about entertainment.

Lucifer was the one who gave Alastor the powers
According to “A Cautionary Tale” Vaggie said “that kind of raw power have never been harness by a mortal soul before.” It wouldn’t make sense for Alastor to automatically gain powers like that once he died. Only Lucifer have that power and it most likely he gave the powers to Alastor to see if he can handle it and help him get of the overlords. So basically Lucifer just needed a bodyguard and choose Alastor.

Alastor is secretly sent by Lucifer to keep an eye on Charlie
Lucifer and Lilith clearly have faith in their daughter but worried about her well being. They decide to sent one of their most powerful demons which is Alastor, to be their eyes and ears and tell them what’s going on so they can know their daughter is okay.

Charlie’s reason to help reform demons
Even though she was born in Hell, Charlie usually don’t mind the drugs, turf wars, porno, etc. It was like she most likely heard from her parents how some people was sent to Hell due to being abused and corrupted by society. Even the laws was changed over the years and it made Charlie feel bad for those people. It could be possible that she just want to help those who been in Hell longer than a decade for that reason.

Deep down, Katie is just jealous of Charlie
Katie is just a news reporter and Charlie is the Princess of Hell. Katie most likely felt like her status was being threaten want to proof to everybody she’s more popular and better than Charlie.

Lucifer and Lilith secretly hate the yearly extermination too
It could be possible they hate the extermination and losing their people as well. But felt like they had no other choice because they didn’t know what else to do and feel like the purges are the quickest way to fix overpopulation in Hell. Once Charlie told them her hotel idea, they agree with it not only because it’s peaceful, it would help give their daughter independence and look it as baby steps on ruling Hell someday.

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