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Nightmare Fuel / Harry Partridge

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  • The Justin Bieber Show. "No matter how much you scrub, you'll never be clean, Justin! NEVER BE CLEAN, JUSTIN!!"
  • Chuck's unpleasant demise at the end of Chuck's New Tux..
  • His 2016 announcement video, while funny in most cases, has a slightly disturbing part when Harry utters the phrase "paying the bills," causing an image to pop up of Cartoon!Harry nervously handing money to a group of Bill Cosby clones. While humorous, some may find the shadowy lighting and expressions of the Bills' faces a bit unnerving.
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  • The third episode of Starbarians establish how Hogstrong himself is the force keeping, even slightly, the Starbarians on the side of good. Go figure how much a bunch of jerks and evil screw-ups they would be if left on Killgar's devices.

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