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  • Just looking at the animation alone is amazing, with most of the characters moving very fluidly, even in small scenes.
    • The character designs should get this too, as even the most minor of background characters have incredibly imaginative designs.
  • What we see of the fight between Sir Pentious and Cherri in the newscast, especially when Cherri throws one of the Egg Bois in her foe's face and it explodes.
  • There are plenty of background scenes that call for a Freeze-Frame Bonus that just show how alive Hell is with these characters.
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  • As genuinely terrifying as he is, Alastor has to be a pretty badass demon to just show up one day and start obliterating Hell's old guard with minimal effort, seemingly because he just felt like it. To put the cherry on it, no one knows his actual motivations, and no one has yet to figure out how he even pulled it off. All they know is not to fuck with him if they know what's good for them.

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