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Nightmare Fuel / Scream of the Shalka

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Doctor Who manages to be damned creepy even in Flash-animated webisode format.

  • We're told how one of the characters' friends died at the hand of villains who already exemplify Paranoia Fuel before we ever see them or know what they do: she was forced to cover her body with lava, screaming and begging the entire time, having no hands by the time it was over, until she finally covered her face with it, at which point she became entirely petrified, becoming the humanoid-ish rock formation seen on the street earlier. How bad are they? It's such a relief to finally see them, to have an image that's inevitably friendlier than the one your mind's conjuring by now. It really has to be watched to be properly understood or appreciated.
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  • Later the aliens physically control an entire village and force them to walk to a location for their own purposes. They come across two innocent men whose only crime is standing in their way. The village tear the two men apart. Not of their own choice, you understand, but imagine being in their place. Being forced to tear someone limb from limb, with two hands you can no longer control, unable to do anything but watch.


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