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Nightmare Fuel / Overly Sarcastic Productions

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"Learning isn't scary?" Yeah right...
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     Miscellaneous Myths 
  • The video on Dionysus makes a good job of emphasising the mysterious and older aspects of the god. Specific credit goes to the Pentheus' myth illustration, where it shows him see through Dionysus' mortal disguise into his horned, dark true appearance. Dionysus' serene grin as the transition occurs only makes it creepier.
  • On a similar note, Red's video about The Oresteia has a pretty scary moment where Orestes is seemingly freaking out over nothing... but then the image slowly changes, as the background darkens, the people become red-tinted, and the Furies fade in.
  • "Cu Chulainn" gives us the Gae Bolg, a spear that extends spiked barbs throughout the veins of whoever it pierces.
  • According to "The Five Suns", the earth and its continents are actually made up of Cipactil. Basically, the very land is made up of a corpse that will wake up and eat people if it's not fed enough blood.
  • "The Journey of Ra" has some frightening illustrations. Much of the soundtrack is pretty eerie as well. Some highlights:
    • Seker's appearance in Hidden, as a dark winged figure covered with a red glow flying ominously through the night.
    • The Realm of Night and Darkness, represented by pitch-black background. There's also a creepy green light in the middle of the realm's first illustration. Even though said light turns out to be Khepri, a divine scarab who is important for Ra's rebirth, it's still pretty spooky for a first-time viewer.
    • When Ra's barque sails through the Abyss of Waters, we get a depiction of the mysterious gods on the banks of the river. Two rows of silhouettes with glowing purple eyes doing... nothing in particular, except watch the barque sail between them. While they don't do anything malicious, they still give off an ominous, foreboding mood.
    • The depiction of Apophis. Red really captured how the Ancient Egyptians perceived him: as a horrifying monster of oblivion feared by even the gods themselves, who only has to be lucky once in order to permanently destroy Ra and end the world. And this happens every night!
    • And let's not forget the Mouth of the Cavern. It's a dark place with some spooky red lighting. Where is this light coming from? Why, the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of Fire and Brimstone Hell!
  • "Pele" has a few scary moments, but perhaps the scariest is when Pele resolves to destroy Mauna Kea. Let's just say the facial expressions of the four local kupua are very appropriate.
  • In the Hyacinthus video, when Zephyr decides to take the If I Can't Have You... course of romance when the titular lad chooses Apollo, Zephyr's expression fades from a mundane, yet still unsettling smile to a hellish, glitchy red mass completely obscuring his face save for his eyes.
  • There is something ever so slightly... off about the depiction of the "Original Pan" or "Pan Hermes" in the Hermes video. Might be due to the combination of a wide grin, his glowy-eyed stare, and said eyes having horizontal slit pupils like a goat's.
  • Red explains exactly why Typhon is the greatest threat to the gods. Sure, primordial entities like the Protogenoi may be more powerful, but they're generally not too big on the interfering thing. Typhon, on the other hand, is a direct child of Gaia and Tartarus who's prepared to wreck shop anytime. Typhon was so terrifying that the gods ran of to Egypt when he showed up.
  • In "Loki's Wager", Odin wonders if the magic golden ring he received (which can create 8 duplicates of itself every 9 days) can also create 8 more duplicates out of each of those duplicates. A furious Brokk strongly implies "no", because this would be very bad. In the background, he takes out a chart that proves such a thing would dangerously overrun the earth with gold rings in only a matter of six months. So thank goodness it doesn't work that way...
  • Tam Lin ends with the Fairy Queen saying that if she'd known the title character would end up in the arms of a mortal woman, she would've started things off by turning his eyeballs to stone.

    Classics Summarized 

     History Summarized 
  • Blue's description of the Battle of Cannae, one of the worst defeats in the history of the Roman empire, and the single most devastating battle of the Punic Wars. The way the Romans are entirely surrounded and slaughtered is nightmarish, and Blue even says that he found a statement saying that the Carthaginians only took prisoners because their arms tired from killing!

     Journey To The West 
  • Part 6 of Journey to the West has the True Fire of Samādhi. It's extremely powerful, can't be put out by water, and even Sun Wukong (who's immune to most other kinds of fire) is not impervious to it. As a matter of fact, it nearly kills him.

     Di-Vine OSP 
  • Lady Macbeth in "DiVine OSP 3 sounds and looks absolutely psychotic, with a Dissonant Serenity face and hands and face covered in blood.

     Modern Classics Summarized 
  • From Stranger in a Strange Land, Michael laughing for the first time (upon witnessing a larger monkey beat on a middling monkey in a zoo, who then hits a smaller monkey) is very creepy, with his pupils shrinking and turning distorted and his laugh only represented by a single huge "HA".
    • Additionally, Michael's recount of how the Old Ones of Mars destroyed a planet (making the Asteroid Belt) is accompanied by a frantic choir, serving to drive home the horror of humanity's situation.
    • While it's not initially addressed, the characters (even Michael) start to realize that his ability to send anything to oblivion at will is very unnerving and a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up.
      • The way Michael keeps vanishing people he doesn't like (and becomes especially blatant in the second half of the story) makes you wonder if he isn't a Villain of Another Story.
      Red: Wow, Mike's really getting cavalier with the murders... are we sure this isn't a horror story??
    • Michael's concept of believing cannibalism is right (even/especially if it's a dead body) just makes the story feel so... wrong.
    • When Red narrates that Mike can only make people understand his concept of God by having sex with them, the look in his eyes looks somewhat demonic.


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