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Nightmare Fuel / Overly Sarcastic Productions

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"Learning isn't scary?" Yeah right...
  • The video on Dionysus makes a good job of emphasising the mysterious and older aspects of the god. Specific credit goes to the Pentheus' myth illustration, where it shows him see through Dionysus' mortal disguise into his horned, dark true appearance.
  • On a similar note, Red's video about The Oresteia has a pretty scary moment where Orestes is seemingly freaking out over nothing... but then the image slowly changes, as the background darkens, the people become red-tinted, and the Furies fade in.
  • In the Edgar Allan Poe video, when the protagonist of The Pit and the Pendulum sees the titular pendulum, it can be faintly seen that the Grim Reaper is holding it.
  • "Pele" has a few scary moments, but perhaps the scariest is when Pele resolves to destroy Mauna Kea. Let's just say the facial expressions of the four local kupua are very appropriate.
  • "The Journey of Ra" has some frightening illustrations. Much of the soundtrack is pretty eerie as well. Some highlights:
    • Seker's appearance in Hidden, as a dark winged figure covered with a red glow flying ominously through the night.
    • The Realm of Night and Darkness, represented by pitch-black background. There's also a creepy green light in the middle of the realm's first illustration. Even though said light turns out to be Khepri, a divine scarab who is important for Ra's rebirth, it's still pretty spooky for a first-time viewer.
    • When Ra's barque sails through the Abyss of Waters, we get a depiction of the mysterious gods on the banks of the river. Two rows of silhouettes with glowing purple eyes doing... nothing in particular, except watch the barque sail between them. While they don't do anything malicious, they still give off an ominous, foreboding mood.
    • The depiction of Apophis. Red really captured how the Ancient Egyptians perceived him: as a horrifying monster of oblivion feared by even the gods themselves, who only has to be lucky once in order to permanently destroy Ra and end the world.
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    • And let's not forget the Mouth of the Cavern. It's a dark place with some spooky red lighting. Where is this light coming from? Why, the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of Fire and Brimstone Hell!
  • The Dracula episode has some pretty creepy images, such as vampire Lucy preying on a child while she's giving one hell of a Nightmare Face.
  • Tam Lin ends with the Fairy Queen saying that if she'd known the title character would end up in the arms of a mortal woman, she would've started things off by turning his eyeballs to stone.
  • The Lovecraft video has what's probably some of the creepiest imagery in any of the videos OSP has made as of late. The creepiest of all coming from the retelling of The Colour Out of Space, which depicts in exquisite, cheerful detail how Mrs. Gardner succumbed to the Colour's effects (as pictured above).
  • Part 6 of Journey to the West has the True Fire of Samādhi. It's extremely powerful, can't be put out by water, and even Sun Wukong (who's immune to most other kinds of fire) is not impervious to it. As a matter of fact, it nearly kills him.
  • In the Hyacinthus video, when Zephyr decides to take the If I Can't Have You... course of romance when the titular lad chooses Apollo, Zephyr's expression fades from a mundane, yet still unsettling smile to a hellish, glitchy red mass completely obscuring his face save for his eyes.
  • Their appearance in the Extra Credits video. The Extra Credits artstyle make Red and Blue look like, as one commenter put it, "Vampire Genasi"
  • The channel has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and cyberstalking. Red has been dealing with a cyberstalker for many years and she was genuinely afraid for her life. Her stalker didn't respect her asexuality, felt entitled to her and objectified her. Red tried hiding her fear through jokes but she eventually broke and looked for support from her friends and family. Thankfully, the situation has been handled appropriately and there are no other reported incidents since then.
  • There is something ever so slightly... off about the depiction of the "Original Pan" or "Pan Hermes" in the Hermes video.

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