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  • Atalanta gets an awesome line when the king of Calydon suggests that she hang out with his daughters in the garden.
    Atalanta: Um, I'm sorry, I must've misheard you. I was told there was murdering to be done around here, not arts and crafts!
  • When Circe turns Odysseus' crew into pigs, Odysseus is having none of that and pulls a sword on her.
    Circe: Wait wait, I'm a mage! I have like two hit points!
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  • Cu Chulainn's death is treated with appropriate awesomeness. When he gets attacked in an ambush that kills his charioteer and horse, and severely wounds him, he ties himself to a pillar so that he cannot fall to the ground and is always facing his enemy. He held his sword up for several hours, with no one daring to approach him, until they see a raven land on his shoulder without Cu Chulainn reacting. The leader of the ambush goes to cut off his head, at which point Cu Chulainn explodes with holy light and his arms drop, cutting off the man's hands. Even in death he would ruin your day. Metal.
  • Fionn Mac Cumhaill had to stay awake to defeat a fae named Aillen mac Midna. Unfortunately, Aillen had Magic Music that could put people to sleep. So what does Fionn do? Take out a magical red-hot spear and couch it in his arms, so that when he started to nod off the flaming spear STABBED HIM IN THE FACE. Aillen reacts with appropriate shock, and loses the fight.
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  • The fact that Zeus was the one to tell Aphrodite to back off when Eros and Psyche came to him to be properly married. Given the way Zeus behaves normally in these myths, this is quite a rarity!
  • The Dionysus video as a whole. Living up to the statements in the Quetzalcoatl video that historical religions were not static, it goes into the history of the god from his roots as a rebirth and madness deity to his modern presentation, accompanied by spectacular visuals and soundtrack.
  • On a similar note, the Aphrodite video. It goes into great detail about Aphrodite's roots as the Mesopotamian goddess Ashtarte/Ishtar, how she was brought to Greece, and the long and complex history of her characterization, all accompanied by excellent visuals and very appropriate choices of music.

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