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"I'm a monster, baby. There's no saving me. You should just stay away...for your own good..."

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Red's Videos

    Journey to the West 


  • The Running Gag of Sun Wukong kicking down the wall of the villains' hideout in order to fight them. And every single time without fail, the villains are caught completely off-guard during their afternoon tea, reacting to the monkey with a Spit Take.
    • Subverted and lampshaded in Part IX when Wukong lures one of the villains out instead. As he explains to a questioning Sandy while knocking on the door, "They'll start anticipating it if I don't mix things up." Then he gets right back into form for the second villain of the episode.
  • The Gold Star of Venus' only role in the story is to intervene and mitigate conflicts between the cast. It gets to the point where Red nicknames him "The Gold Star of Inter-Venus".
  • After pointing out in the first part that, yes, Sun Wukong is best known as Goku, Red does the next time/previously on segments in the style of Dragon Ball Z, complete with music from the series. Then after mentioning that she's going be skipping some of the boring or fillery parts, she dubs the recap, "Journey to the West Kai."

Journey To The West

  • First off, The Monkey King has a midlife crisis and, in Red's words: 'Pulls a Gilgamesh'. Complete with the Monkey King screaming "TO ADVENTURE!" atop a dingy raft.
  • When discussing the shapeshifting abilities of Sun Wukong, one of the shown transformations is Red herself, who proceeds to question "What the heck is this one." Before the real Red pulls a Dynamic Entry while screaming "NOT THIS TIME T-1000!"
  • How do they depict Sun Wukong getting bored? Having him screaming about how the Celestial Bureaucracy needs Netflix while surrounded in flames.
  • Sun ultimately enraging the Jade Emperor so much he declares:
    Emperor: "How dare he resist arrest! Clearly we must execute note  him!"
    • Although mainly for how upset Blue makes him sound.
  • Sun Wukong is apparently not satisfied with just having plain old Complete Immortality and becomes first double immortal by eating heavenly peaches, then triple immortal(and thoroughly drunk) from wine, and finally quadruple immortal (and abruptly sober) from Lao Tzu's alchemical experiments.
    Red: And if you wanna know who this Lao Tzu person is...
    Blue: I'm working on it, goddamn it! [Sudden ninja] Ninjasohgod!
  • Three guesses at to what Sun Wukong will do next:
    A) The Rational thing
    B) The 'I'm not getting involved' thing.
  • This exchange between Sun Wukong and Erlang when they meet.
    Wukong: Ah, hey, if you don't mind, could you send out the devarajas to fight me? 'Cause I'm-I'm kinda getting bored over here.
    Erlang: Not as bored as you're gonna be!
  • By the time the Buddha arrives in heaven, Sun Wukong is fighting "thirty-six thunder deities because why not." You get the feeling that the author would have had the Kitchen Sink Included if such things existed back then.

Journey To The West Part II

  • When Tripitaka recites the spell that'll allow him to keep Sun Wukong from rampaging, this is visually represented by words in a faint blue glow surrounding him... only it's the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Tripitaka asks Sun Wukong why he doesn't just carry everyone on his cloud.
    Tripitaka: Wait, why can't you just fly us there?
    Sun Wukong: My cloud only carries the pure of heart.
    Tripitaka: Really?
    Sun Wukong: No.

Journey To The West Part III

  • Wukong having a background saying "expert at kicking ass" with the word "demon" stuck in-between "kicking" and "ass".
  • Red starting a discussion with Tripitaka's water dragon-horse as to why it didn't carry Tripitaka across the river when it's clearly able to swim.
  • During his fight with Pigsy, Wukong asks the pig demon why he's fighting him with a rake.
    Pigsy: A rake? HA! This is no ordinary rake! One blow from this and your very soul will be rent asunder!
    (Pigsy smacks him over the head with the rake. Wukong is unaffected)
    Wukong: *unimpressed* You were saying?

Journey To The West Part IV

  • The White Bone Demon and her habit of getting instantly killed by Monkey.
  • After all the shit he pulled in this episode, it's hilarious to see Pigsy get chewed out by the horse.
    Pigsy: Oh my god you talk.
  • Sandy glomping Monkey. Doubles as Heartwarming.
  • Tripitaka singing "I'm So Lonely" while in prison. Monkey calls him a drama queen in response.
  • Sun Wukong teaching the other monkeys self-defence.
    Sun Wukong: All right, everyone. the trick to weapons is to hit your enemy!
    Demon monkeys: Oooh
    Sun Wukong: If there's a sharp bit, try hitting them with that sharp bit!
    Demon monkeys: Aaah

Journey To The West Part V

  • When Sandy fights the demon army by himself, Pigsy remembers that he and Monkey never actually defeated him.
  • "Will Monkey ever get to keep anything cool that he finds on this trip? Will Tripitaka learn to stop trusting Pigsy with important tasks?"

Journey To The West Part VI

  • How does the Silver Demon King avoid being carried by Sandy? Saying that his face is way too scary.
    • The Red Boy also does this in the sixth episode and we see Sandy having a sad face.
  • Journey to the West episodes continue being funny; part 6 has Red Boy's facial expression when Kuan Yin's lotus platform turns out to actually be a whole bunch of devaraja's swords, for example.
  • Everyone's reaction to Monkey's logic on why they should just abandon the disguised Red Boy, even if he really was a starving orphan.
  • Red Boy suspects the "Bull Demon King" who's gone on a vegetarian diet is an impostor:
    Red Boy: Hey, uh, Father, you know, it's slipped my mind, but, um, any chance you could tell me the exact hour and date of my birth?
    Disguised Wukong: Oh-ho, well, I'm far too old to remember such a weirdly specific fact about you.
    Red Boy: [attacking] My father never shuts up about my birthday!
    Wukong: Seriously? What a nerd.
  • When Monkey sees Kuan Yin’s method for punishing Red Boy, note  he quietly thanks her for reducing his punishment to simply being stuck under a mountain for 500 years.
  • Wukong's gleeful reaction when he realizes what Quan Yin is up to when she slaps five adornments on Red Boy.

Journey To The West Part VII

  • There's a quick gag about how Pigsy is despairing because it feels like they've been on this journey forever. Cue a cut to Red, who quietly coughs.
  • Tripitaka tries to negotiate with a ferryman who can only take two at a time on his boat. In the picture, Wukong adds, "We also need to bring this chicken, this fox, and a bag of assorted grains."
  • When Tripitaka is kidnapped (again), Sandy goes down to the river bottom to challenge Pigsy and Tripitaka's captor to a fight. After banging on the door:
    Sandy: Release the monk or else!
    Demon: And the pig?
    Sandy: He's negotiable.
    Pigsy: *offended* Hey!
  • This entire exchange after Monkey kills the Daoist guards watching over some imprisoned Buddhist monks, and tells them he's the "Great Sage Equal to Heaven" the gods told them will save them:
    Monk: *with a speech bubble depicting Sun Wukong with flaming eyes and hissing* No you're not, the Gold Star of Venus told us that the Great Sage is all ugly and hairy, with scary fangs and stuff!
    Red: And Monkey is all like—
    Wukong: *quietly and annoyed* That motherffffffmmmmmm. *clears throat a few times* You got me! I'm not the Monkey King, I just work for him, and he's RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
    Red: So all the monks turn around to look, and Monkey changes back and scares them. I'm not even joking, I love this book.
  • Monkey and the gang tricking the Daoist Immortals into drinking their pee.
  • The three Daoist Immortals that effectively control the city enslaving Buddhist monks issue a series of challenges to the group, as a part of a complicated series of escalating events. One of them? Sitting still and meditating for as long as possible on top of a tower. Sun Wukong may be immortal four times over and strong as all get out...but no. This is beyond even him.
    Red: Monkey can do a great many things... but 'sitting still' is not one of them.
    Wukong: BALLS!
    • Contrast his reaction to being told the next contest involves an immortality trial via being beheaded, having hearts removed, and being boiled in oil ...In That Order:
      Wukong: YES! This is hardcore!
  • The king of the city's Squee when he gets to see dragons.
  • Tripitaka letting out an exasperated "UUUUUUGH" after the Sore Loser Immortals propose yet another "final challenge."
  • When Monkey gets his head cut off, Pigsy declares that he can now be the main character, which leads to Tripitaka facepalming and Sandy giving Pigsy a stern glare.
  • Sun Wukong goes a bit Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness when he contacts the Dragon King of the North, after he discovers a pot of oil over a fire is actually quite cold to the touch.
    Wukong: Hey, Ao Ming? We've got a violation of the laws of thermodynamics.
    • For which an errant dragon spirit actually gets arrested, by a fish-shaped spirit no less.

Journey To The West Part VIII

  • Noting the In-Universe Arc Fatigue affecting Tripitaka due to the Journey having taken seven years in-story already, Red silently shows that her first Journey To The West video was five years ago and tells Tripitaka to suck it up and get on her level.
  • Red's description and depiction of a haggard Guanyin. Even funnier if you read the book and know that she's still supposed to be absolutely gorgeous even when haggard.
  • When Red narrates how Guanyin deals with the river demon and ends up with a mere goldfish, cue close up of the nervous goldfish in a basket waving at the audience.
    Red: Everyone say "hello~"!
    • The goldfish turning into a demon is depicted as a Pokémon evolution.
      GOLDFISH learned CRIMES!
    • "Heh, Piggsy got beaten by a goldfish."
  • When Sun Wukong tells the others not to go near the demon castle until he gets back and then draws a circle in the snow around them.
    Wukong: Now when I say "Don't go near the demon castle," I worry that you hear, "Wait 'til Monkey's gone and then go anyway!"
  • Wukong and several deities fight off the Single Horned Rhinoceros King, who uses a magic jade ring to steal their weapons by drawing them toward him. After he pulls this stunt several times:
    Wukong: This guy sucks, right? Heh, get it? [Beat] If I had thought of it earlier I would have said it earlier.
  • The Star of Fiery Virtue, the god of planet Mars and fire, turns the trope of fire=hotheadedness on its head by being a mild-mannered bureaucrat, who is very excited about getting to do some action for once.
  • "So the heavenly host dissolves into arguing, blame-placing and in-fighting, and Monkey finds himself living his worst nightmare by being the voice of reason."
  • In desparation, Wukong decides to fly out to speak to Buddha himself.
    Red: Hoo boy, nobody tell Tripitaka it was that easy!
    • The episode then cuts to the others still tied up in the cave.
    Tripitaka: I feel very frustrated for some reason.
    Pigsy: Starting NOW?!
  • The fact that with the other demon of the episode turning out to be Lao Zi's missing unicorn bull, the episode's theme can be summed up as "divine pets gone bad".

Journey to the West Part IX

  • The start of the episode is so calm and peaceful that Monkey starts getting paranoid of everything from a calm stream to the boatwoman helping them cross it.
  • Tripataka and Pigsy drinking unpurified river water despite Monkey's entirely valid concerns about health, and immediately getting stomach cramps. Funny enough, except, as they soon discover, that particular river has a very important function to the Lady Land country they're in...
    Tripataka: (literal Heroic BSoD)
    • After Monkey asks a nearby village for help, the villagers find the situation utterly hilarious, and come out to spectate. Upon being briefed, Monkey and Sandy are inclined to agree, and proceed to start ribbing the two of them until they get the magical abortion water.
    • Also the fact that the river is called the Child and Mother Stream, and that they get the magical abortion water by going to Male Undoing Mountain, entering the Child Destruction Cave, and drinking the water from the Baby Be Gone Stream (these are mostly accurate translations).
  • After Monkey fails to get water from the Baby Be Gone Stream, Red says he goes back to the group to figure out a plan B.
  • Red’s annoyance when Monkey describes the man who held the entire Lady Land’s access to abortion water hostage for profit as “having done nothing wrong”.
  • Sandy's snark and comments both during and after Tripataka and Pigsy's pregnancies. You can tell he is having the time of his life.
  • Pigsy and Sandy try to do the "Demon Routine" to scare away a band of women who are curious about seeing a man for the first time, which Red comments can't possibly scare away all of the women.
  • When the empress tries to strongarm Tripataka into marriage, Pigsy takes the opportunity to point out that the monk clearly wouldn't agree... so why doesn't she marry Pigsy instead? The next shot involves a royal guard casually strangling him, which does at least make him interested in her instead.
  • When Monkey gets hit by the demoness's trident and is going through extreme pain, Pigsy gets back at him for his earlier ribbing about the pregnancy and asks him how it compares to childbirth. Monkey says that, on a scale from 1 to drinking molten copper while buried under a mountain for 500 years, it's a solid 8.
    • Pigsy later gets hit by the same trident, and when Monkey asks him how much it hurts for some proper comparison, Pigsy is too hurt to respond, since he's not made of rock like Monkey.
  • Tripitaka has evidently been hanging around Monkey too much, since he actually snarks at the demoness, remarking that if he had been looking to get married he would have stayed with the empress, and gives a smug smile when she has him dragged off.
    Monkey: Looks like you had a wild night, loverboy.
    Tripitaka: I'll have you know I was tied up for perfectly kosher reasons.
  • Kuan-yin tells Monkey to retrieve Star Lord Mao, who is apparently the only one able to stop the demoness. He's able to remove the aftereffects of the demoness's scorpion venom from Monkey and Pigsy, and goes to fight her... by turning into a giant chicken. He's able to transform her back into a scorpion by crowing twice, but it's still humorous to see a seven-foot-chicken and how bemused everyone is about it.

    Classics Summarized 

Much Ado About Nothing

  • Red's opening towards the book:
    Red: Much Ado About Nothing is the charming tale of love, betrayal, heaping loads of sarcasm, BRIAN BLESSED, Brian Blessed's beard, and grown men splashing around in fountains.
  • When she gets to him again, she insists that BRIAN BLESSED's name can be said in no other fashion.

Julius Caesar

  • Mark Antony gives a less-than-subtle suggestion that the crowd rise against the conspirators. Nothing seems to be taking, but at the very end:
    Mark Antony: Also, Caesar left you all money.
    IMMEDIATE Smash Cut to the crowd erupting into a riot
  • Whenever something less than desirable happens (a completely random person being lynched by the mob for having the same name as a conspirator, for instance):
    Red: Truly A Victory For The Forces Of Justice!

Paradise Lost

  • The summarization gives us Sexy Satan in all his Daddy Issues glory.
  • The War in Heaven is illustrated by Lucifer leading his host of angels in war against God... And God manifesting a massive fist punching him straight out of heaven.
  • Red compares the two common interpretations of Satan, the first being the classic sexy bad boy and the other being a disgusting evil monster:
    Exhibit A: 200 pounds of angelic beefcake
    Exhibit B: First recorded instance of Dickbutt
  • This priceless exchange after Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge:
    Jesus: See Eve, this is why you don't make decisions without your husband.
    Satan: Oh, please! You think I couldn't have got that guy to do something stupid? I'm the Father of Lies! He's not even wearing pants!
    Adam: Ahhh! I'm not even wearing pants!
    Jesus: *Face Palm* Not helping, Satan!
    Satan: HA! I've never had my existence summarized so succinctly before!
    Jesus: *exasperated sigh*
    Satan: Call me when Dad makes you suffer and die for these losers! I'll just be over here...ruling in Hell! *laughs and disappears*
    Eve: *to Jesus* Daddy issues?
    Satan: *in the background* I heard that!
  • Red explaining that the gates of Hell are guarded by Satan's daughter Sin and his son/grandson - "Really, don't ask, it's gross"
  • This exchange between Satan and the Archangel Gabriel:
    Gabriel: So the Prodigal Asshole returns.
  • Red covering up Adam and Eve's naughty bits with a little sign reading "Nope!".
  • At the end of the video when Lucifer returns to hell, Zeus says that he would have screwed with them better. On the one hand, Zeus could have meant that metaphorically, because he's Zeus. But on the other hand, he could have meant it literally... because he's Zeus.
  • Satan and God's short argument at the beginning:
    Satan: Oh, what? You think you're all that?!
    God: I'm sorry, is the fact that I'm God confusing you?
  • Satan pushes over a vase and breaks it.
    God: Lucifer, get back here and clean that up.

  • The very last shot of the video is Lucifer sitting on his throne and admitting that this may not have been the greatest idea.
    Lucifer: Awesome. This was a terrible idea.

Dante's Inferno/Purgatorio/Paradiso

  • The Running Gag of Dante's constant fainting and fan-squeeing.
    Virgil: Guess who gets to babysit this loser all the way to Purgatory?
  • Paris and Achilles are in the Second Circle of Hell, which is reserved for the lustful. Paris is clearly enjoying himself, but Achilles... not so much.
  • Red turns out to be an Interactive Narrator when she makes an Incredibly Lame Pun about the heretics in flaming coffins and the characters all turn around and glare at her.
  • The Freeze-Frame Bonus jokes abound in this video. You'll likely need to pause and rewind several times just to catch most of them.
  • In "Purgatorio", we have one instance of Black Comedy where Virgil and Dante notice the Terrace of Envy doesn't have any statues or any visual representation of what lack of Envy looks like. And our heroes learn the reason the hard way:
    Red: The reason for this becomes clear when we see that the souls in this terrace have their eyes sewn shut! *"Scream of Horror Incoming", followed by appropriately loud shriek!* Yeah, purgatory isn't all fun and games.
  • In "Paradiso," Red decides to represent Saint Bernard as a Saint Bernard.
  • Upon discovering that God is "A circle full of book and rainbows":
    Red: Wait, wait, wait one sec. Are you telling me God is a Reading Rainbow?!
    *Reading Rainbow title theme plays*
    Red: Oh my god, my childhood just got so much more theologically significant!

The Iliad

  • As Randy Newman's song (you know the one) plays with a reference to a certain Pixar movie series, clips from the movie "Troy" play and stop just short of when a random soldier is about to get javelined through the face.
    Red: Yeah, yeah.
  • Ajax the Lesser is portrayed as a miniature warrior clinging to Ajax the Greater's helmet.
  • Hector's irate expression when Zeus wakes him up, and his bewildered side-eye when Helen interrupts her exposition to scream "ALSO I AM A HUGE SLUT."
  • Red accurately describing Diomedes' and "Only Sneaky Guy in the Entire Greek Army" Odysseus' infiltration of the Trojan camp as a Metal Gear Solid level. Odysseus even has a Solid Snake headband.
    Odysseus: You'll want me as well. I have actual cognitive faculties.
  • Diomedes' solo adventure in Book 5:
    • First, an annoyed Athena viewing the battlefield spots Ares flexing and Aphrodite being a Shipper on Deck.
    • Second, a tiny Athena poofs! in front of Diomedes, giving him the ability to see the incognito gods.
      Athena: And let me be clear about this — do not fight the gods. You will lose. Unless it's Aphrodite, then fight all you want! She's somewhere between a marshmallow fluff and a baby chick in terms of battle prowess!
    • Diomedes then chucks a spear through Aphrodite's wrist, to which she understandably reacts by screaming "OW, F**K!" at the top of her lungs (still with the godly reverb) and dropping the person she was ferrying to safety. As a bonus, the person she was carrying was her son Aeneas.
    • Aeneas gets picked up by Apollo, who Diomedes promptly tries to stab as well. Apollo flares up into full god-mode and gets him to back off.
      Apollo: Step off, kid. Some of us gods are a little sturdier than Aphrodite.
    • After that he's a bit leerier about attacking Ares, but is encouraged by the tiny Athena that reappears on his shoulder.
      Athena: Diomedes! Why aren't you hitting him?
      Diomedes: Be... cause you told me not to?
      Athena: Forget what I said, kid! You're the best! AROUND!
    • He then proceeds to jab a sword into Ares' gut. Red says that according to videogame logic, he should have become the new God of War, but instead Ares runs and complains to an unsympathetic Zeus.
      Zeus: Man up, you gigantic disappointment!
      Red: *on a teary-eyed Ares* So now Ares hurts on the outside and the inside.
  • Odysseus is represented by Solid Snake, complete with a bandana, and he infiltrates the Trojan camp in a cardboard box.

The Odyssey

  • Red's summarizing of Telemachus's attempt to kick out his mother's suitors before leaving to find Odysseus:
    Red: And [the suitors] are like, "Oooh, is widdle baby Telemachus gonna fight us?" And Telemachus is like [whiny voice, image switches to Telemachus running away crying] "Shut up! I'm gonna find my dad and he's gonna beat you up!"

The Aeneid

  • There's a Running Gag about the localization of the Greek Pantheon to their Roman names. This is shown as a character walking in and erasing the Greek name before replacing it with the Roman one... until he gets to Apollo, who promptly disintegrates him with Finger Gun lasers because Apollo is also named Apollo in the Roman Pantheon as well. This is then followed up when we get to Hermes who apparently goes untranslated for no adequate reason, leading to this exchange:
    Hermes: Apollo, did you disintegrate the localization guy?!
    Apollo: ...Maybe.
  • Then near the end the localization guy returns to rename Hephaestus to Vulcan, to which Red chimes in with "no relation" as an entirely different Vulcan is shown together with the formerly named Hephaestus.
    Spock: This joke was deemed illogical, but necessary.
  • Whenever The Prophecy is mentioned, there's a fanfare of music. Either guitar string riffs, trumpets, choir, or otherwise. The Brick Joke has it being briefly being represented by a party favor.
  • Red getting annoyed with the Roman localization of the Greek gods.
    Red: God, this is more confusing than those stupid Percy Jackson books.
  • The illustration of Aeneas fleeing the city with his son in tow and his father slung over his shoulder.
    Ascanius: Dad where are we going?
    Anchises: Aeneas you forgot my meds —
    Aeneas: Dad so help me I will drop you.
  • Venus stops her son from murdering Helen.
    Venus: Nooooo! Aeneas don't kill her she's too pretty!
    Helen: [Face Palm] Gawd.
  • Blue briefly crashes the video to talk about something he brought up in his own video about the Roman Republic, and ends up getting kicked in the face for it.
    Red: NO!
    Blue: Ohgodnottheface!
    Red: My video!
  • Homer pops in whenever Virgil rips off The Odyssey, understandably upset.
    Homer: DUDE!!
    Virgil: Shh, I'm busy.
  • Then near the end, Virgil stops ripping off The Odyssey.. and starts ripping off The Iliad
    Virgil: Well, that was fun!
    Homer: Are you done?
    Virgil: Time for books 7 through 12!
    Homer: *offscreen* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • But before that, Virgil retcons one of his OCs onto Odysseus's crew.
    Achaemenides: Hiya captain!
    Odysseus: Who the hell are you and how did you get on my ship.
  • At the beginning Aeneas is cursed by a harpy to not reach Italy before his crew is so hungry that they eat their tables. Cut to near the end where he is eating proto-pizza, complete with a Little Ceasar's cardboard pizza box next to him. How does this present a loophole to avoid starvation?
    One of Aeneas's men: "Hey, check it out! We got so hungry we ate a bread / table / plate thing!
  • This is then immediately followed up by Aeneas gasping The Prophecy! in realization in front of a background of pixel art pizza slices.
  • Having finally found Italy, Juno (Romanized version of Hera) is having none of it and unleashes the Fury Alecto to cause havoc. How is she depicted doing this?
    Juno: Alecto, I choose you!


  • Red mentions how the defining character trait of vampires has shifted from horrifying and unholy to glamorous and sexy. She describes the change in the most hilarious way possible, which explains why it's the title picture for this page.
    Red: Much like Paradise Lost reimagining Satan into a sexy bad boy, something must have shifted the pop culture perspective on vampires from "inhuman monster" to (suddenly dramatic, with "Total Eclipse of the Heart" playing in the background, somewhere between extreme Mangst and extreme Wangst) "I'm a monster, baby. There's no saving me. You should just stay away, for your own good."
  • As Jonathan tries to escape Dracula's castle while being pursued by the three vampire ladies, we get this scene :
    Vampire 1: Come down here so we can kill you!
    Vampire 2: But in a sexy way!
    Vampire 3: With bosoms!
  • Red describes Lucy Westenra as a "textbook ingenue who is pure and good and has too many boyfriends".
  • The extra context provided on how Victorian novels would often have female characters falling mysteriously ill for the sake of drama, which leads to an illustration of Arthur saying, "John, help, Lucy's sick and not in a hot way."
  • Anytime Van Helsing's "serious face" shows up.
  • At the end, when Red is reading the epilogue, she mentions how Arthur and Seward are both happily married, although not to each other.
    Red: Boy, I misinterpreted that line...
  • "And that's why vampires are sexy now! Thank you and good night!


  • Red sums up the story as a whole at points as an exhaustive Nested Story, with Walton reacting with excitement at what he'll tell his sister and her appropriately confused reaction to the whole thing.
  • The Rule of Three in place with the Fatal Flaw Victor faces throughout his story: Is he easily corruptible to new knowledge and risk becoming naïve or overly close-minded depending which extreme he chooses to follow to avoid becoming overwhelmed and jaded from knowledge about the creation of man? No, not really. Does he face future crippling insecurity at no longer being the smartest person in the classroom? No, not even close. Does his thirst for knowledge spiral out of control when he enrolls in college? Oh yes.
  • As the monster tells his story after being abandoned:
    Red: So the monster explains that after Victor freaked out and abandoned him, he kind of wandered around for a while, barely sentient and incapable of understanding his surroundings, because he was basically a GIANT. NEWBORN. BABY. Victor.
  • The mental image of what would happen if the monster's custom-made "bride" didn't actually want to marry him.
    The Monster: I'm alone and friendzoned!
    The Bride: I'm alone and this creep thinks I owe him sex!



Antony and Cleopatra

  • In her video, Red's mind gets completely blown when she spots a certain actor in the movie version she's using as a reference.
    Red: Also, there's this guy Enobarbus who's Antony's servant and— oh my god! He had hair!?

Oedipus the King


  • Menelaus starts having qualms about the Human Sacrifice of his niece. Agamemnon isn't having it.
    Agamemnon: No! There are no take-backsies on god-solicited murder attempts!
  • Clytemnestra tears a hole in the fake-marriage scheme simply by talking to the "groom."
    Achilles: Wait, what? I can't be getting married! What'll I tell my hetero life-mate Patroclus?

The Oresteia

  • The rendering of Clytemnestra's nightmare about giving birth to a snake.
    Snake (with her eyes): You're a lousy mom.
    Clytemnestra: Outrageous.

    Miscellaneous Myths 
There's so much funny business going around Miscellaneous Myths that it has its own page!

    Fables and Folktales 

The Snow Queen

  • Being struck by the mirror shards turns Kay into a hipster.
  • Red explaining that the Demon demonstrates the mirror's power by having his fellow demons look at things through it, see that the things have flaws and then pat themselves on the back for hating the things for said flaws. This prompts her to compare it to Twitter.
  • This gem from Red:
    Red: But if I wanted to read about an insufferable small child mistaking math skills for having a personality, I'd just read the "early life" section of the Wikipedia page I don't have.
  • Red describes Kay running off with the Snow Queen as "like Santa but backwards... and also a crime".
  • Red is a bit flabbergasted at the Bandit Clan having a castle. Extra funny if you're familiar with Scandinavian, and particularily Swedish, folklore, where bandits having castles was a very common trope.
    Because apparently bandits have castles now.
  • At the end, after Gerda manages to save Kay and he starts recognizing the world around him, Red notes that he finally notices he's been nearly freezing to death for months. This is rendered as him asking "Why can't I feel my butt?"

Prince Lindworm

  • While describing how the king and queen serve as both monarchs and as a tragically childless couple, the music switches abruptly from "Flight of the Silverbird" to tragic operawailing.
  • Red draws the Lindworm wearing a bowtie during the wedding.
  • The unnamed king is remarkably unfazed by his dragon son repeatedly eating his brides.
    Lindworm: Bride!
    King: Oh, is she not with you?

    Lindworm: Bride!
    King: Son, this is becoming a problem.
  • The shepherd girl uses a highly elaborate method to turn the lindworm back into their human form, starting with simultaneously wearing 10 dresses to her wedding night. Red draws this looking exactly how it sounds.
    Lindworm: Did you get rounder?
    Shepherdess: It was a big cake.

    Shepherdess: I'd cross my arms but I can't move my shoulders.
    • The first part of the plan succeeding is followed by the Shepherdess having red eyes and subtitles saying Just as keikaku'd.
    • The second part is to use a whip she had the staff bring her. Red is sure the staff assumed it was for some totally kosher bedtime activity.
    Maid: I'm just saying I understand the whip. What's the milk and lye for?
    Servant: Why do you ask questions you know you don't actually want answered?
  • When the castle staff finds the girl and the now-humanized lindworm the day after.
    Staff: How did this happen?!
    Shepherdess: Uuuh...
    Lindworm: TRUE LOVE'S KISS!
  • With the Lindworm transformed into a prince, he and the peasant girl get happily married for real and everyone lived happily ever after... except the two princesses who got eaten. One of their ghosts is a bit peeved at this.
    Princess #1: Well fuck me, I guess!
    Princess #2: I think it's sweet.
  • The end-credits are Red singing "Bring me to life." Yes, that one.


  • When the titular protagonist asks the locals what happened to his missing house and missing family, the only thing they can tell him is how confused they are that he's so invested in looking for the family of a legendary figure. This prompts them to tell him the legend of the boy Urashima who was mysteriously drowned at sea and never returned. Perhaps the funniest part is how legendary!Urashima is portrayed in a fashion like an actual Japanese painting, driving home how Urashima's disappearance has been glorified.

    Modern Classics Summarized 

Of Mice & Men

  • Red refuses to illustrate her video for Of Mice And Men, instead using the '90s adaptation. Her reasoning? She gets far more emotionally-attached to characters she's had to draw, citing her Big "WHY?!" reaction in The Odyssey as an example.

H. P. Lovecraft

  • Red describing H.P. Lovecraft as less "a man with issues" and more "a bundle of issues shambling around in a roughly bipedal approximation of a man", and how his Trauma Conga Line of a life is almost a Kafka Comedy.
  • When recapping his life, she mentions that he had access to a well-stocked home library, but "had too delicate a constitution for math." This causes her to briefly pause and give an Aside Glance at the audience. note 
    • The initial captions also add a Flat "What" during the pause.
    • When Lovecraft's mom gets comitted, Red notes that it's unknown what was actually wrong with her due to psychology at the time using the blanket diagnosis of hysteria, "aka 'Being-A-Woman' disease".
      Lovecraft's Dad: Probably that pesky uterus.
    • She also theorizes that he may have suffered from an Inferiority Superiority Complex, as evidenced by the image that pops up when she discusses his racism.
      Drawing!Lovecraft: My superior blood sets me above the common man. Because if I'm not inherently exceptional, I'm just another shrinkingly insignificant mote in the cold, pitiless gaze of the unfeeling cosmos. And that'd just be incomprehensibly horrifying!
    • Red imagines his reaction to the concept of the non-visible spectrum.
      Photograph!Lovecraft: You mean there exist colors that man has never seen? [sprouts a gigantic pair of Wiggle Eyes] What might they be capable of?!
    • And once that results in another case of Artistic License – Physics:
  • The Running Gags of H.P. Lovecraft's initials meaning something else (e.g. "Hates Progress Lovecraft"), and, throughout the segment on "The Colour Out of Space," the (creepy music) "mysterious color unlike any seen on Earth."
  • In The Call of Cthulhu, the speech at the archaeology academics' meeting:
    Speaker: And in conclusion, the world must never know that "for ritual purposes" is code for "we have no idea what this is."
    • And indeed, "ritual purposes" is the first suggestion thrown out regarding the Cthulhu statuette. Inspector LeGrasse points out that they already knew that. Duh.
    • "Oh, but don't worry, circa-1920's New England readers, I know you wanna know the exact ethnic backgrounds and skin color of these cultists before you render moral judgement. Well don't you worry, Lovecraft has you covered!"
      Inherent Moral Superiority: VALIDATED
      • "I won't say Lovecraft got subtler about his deep abiding loathing and terror of anyone with a skin tone darker than pantone 727, but this is probably the most all-inclusive it ever gets in his writing."
    • Her description of what happens to the sailors after the first appearance of Cthulhu:
      Red: The island's terrifying geometry notwithstanding, the sailors soldier on until they encounter a very big door. Following (I guess) video game logic, the sailors agree that opening this very big door sounds like a fun idea, and—surprise surprise—Cthulhu comes out. Way to do the cult's job for them, geniuses! So two of the sailors die of fright, one trips on a corner and clips through the map, and three of them get squished. Johansen and one other guy exit pursued by Cthulhu, and once in the boat, Johansen, brave, snow-white Norwegian that he is, turns the boat around and rams the pursuing Cthulhu right in his big jelly face. It smells awful, there's jelly everywhere, but as the boat retreats, Cthulhu is seen pulling himself back together. Because if you could kill an Elder God the same way you kill a rampaging Disney villain, most of Lovecraft's stories would have very different tones.
  • Her exasperated reaction to the oh-so-subtle "Gilman Hotel" in Innsmouth.note 
    • She also calls the narrator Robert "What-Are-Warning-Bells" Olmstead thanks to his dogged insistence on travelling the cheapest way possible.
    • The ticket agent's disclaimer regarding the dark rumors about Innsmouth:
      It's probably just racism, but I'm racist, so...
    • The Freeze-Frame Bonus brochure Olmstead picks up at the information booth:
    • Then, at the end, the sales pitch he gets from his great-grandma:
      We've got a good thing going. Lots of gold, so much fish.
    • Red describes the islanders' fish fuckery as "Shape of Water-shenanigans."
    • She concludes the video with an acoustic rendition of "Under the Sea", partially because she can't help but think how horrified Lovecraft would have been by the modern "hot fish people" trope, with Ariel greeting Robert Olmstead.
  • The professors of Miskatonic University confront The Dunwich Horror with spells, an anti-invisibility potion... "and a really big gun."
    Dr. Morgan: We don't know it won't work! Get off my back!
    • Speaking of Miskatonic University, this is what Wilbur says when he turns up there looking for the Necronomicon:
      Wilbur: Where do you keep the evil books?
      • This is shortly followed by the librarian looking over Wilbur's shoulder, triggering a technicolor background and spooky music to signify the eldritch lore he was gleaning from the convenient page.
    • Red describes mysterious goings-on at the Whateley farm:
      Red: [The Whately family] also start[s] buying a lot of cows, although oddly, they never seem to have a lot of cows.

Don Quixote

  • The Running Gag of the interesting characters not being the subject of the book: "Oh, right, the book's not about these people."
  • Red reacting to Pancho deciding the bright side to being the leader of an African country would be having plenty of slaves to sell.
    Red: (aghast) OKAY!!!
  • Red briefly interjects during the entire Love Dodecahedron adventure as it spirals into absurdity with a combination of marriage betrayals, emotional misunderstandings, and at least one minor character pushed off a cliff as retribution for attempted sexual assault:
    Red: (fondly) What an excellent goddamn soap opera.

A Christmas Carol

  • In A Christmas Carol, Red mentions that she'd like to use clips from her favorite adaptation, but doesn't want to deal with copyright claims from "the multi-limbed Eldritch Abomination that is the House of Mouse", accompanied by a drawing of Red wielding a sword against Nyarlathotep with a pixelated Mickey Mouse head on it.
  • Red describing Jacob Marley shutting down Scrooge:
    Red: Marley responds by ripping off his head wrapping and his jaw falls off. Wow, if I could do that I would never lose an argument again!
  • Red's attempt at describing the Ghost of Christmas Past and shortly thereafter comparing it to a Biblical angel.
  • This delightful bit of Black Comedy:
    Red: Scrooge reads the room and asks the Ghost [of Christmas Present] if Tiny Tim is going to live and the Ghost is all "NOOOPE!"
  • Red making jabs at how long it took Scrooge to figure out that the dead guy in the "Christmas Yet to Come" timeline was him.

Lord of the Flies

  • For Lord Of The Flies, Red dubs the conch shell "Shelley", then this happens.
    Red: So Ralph blows Shelley...(laughs)
    Screen: I'M AN ADULT

All Quiet on the Western Front

Dr. Jekyll And Mister Hyde

  • In the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde video, Jekyll's final note ends with him writing "Should've just gotten a cursed portrait like that Dorian guy down the road."
    • Red also ends the video by declaring Dr. Jekyll a better example of a Mad Scientist than Victor Frankenstein, since Jekyll was an actual doctor who took risks and used himself as a test-subject instead of a college dropout who abandoned their first experiment because it had the wrong eye color.
      Victor: And then my experiment worked but it was really spooky and the eyes were all wrong so I ran away and got sick for three months :c
      Doctor Jekyll, Sc.D.: [In the middle of pouring an unknown chemical into a can of Red Bull and chugging it] Unfortunate.
  • When describing the viewpoint character, Gabriel Utterson, Red illustrates that he has "less personality than a sandwich" by abruptly switching his face to a vastly simplified one with dots for eyes and a tiny mouth. This art style is also used for the faces of Utterson's "equally boring cousin," Hyde's murder victim, and Jekyll playing innocent.
    Enfield: So something happened the other day.
    Utterson: Impossible.
  • Red points out that, due to Victorian social mores, the "unspecified base urges" of Jekyll could have been anything from eating orphans to a liking for drag. This provokes a Brick Joke later when, after Hyde really starts getting into Jekyll's A Darker Me instincts, he laughs maniacally when he realizes he can finally... gamble on Go Fish.
  • When Hyde is no longer available as an outlet for those urges, Jekyll turns to Ashley Madison.
    Jekyll: I sure do love completely reliable anonymity.
  • The title of the newspaper is hilarious when you pause the video to read it.
    The daily exposition
    Mr. Hyde kills dude
    "Super murdered" says key witness

Edgar Allan Poe:

  • Poe wails over The Lost Lenore a little too literally.
    The late Mrs. Poe: My name was Virginia, you ass.
  • "You've saved me just in time, literary convention!"
  • The protagonist of the first story, The Pitandthe Pendulum has an unfortunate tendency to black out randomly while stuck in a dangerous death trap, much to Red’s annoyance.
    Red: So Fred, faced with this terrifying development opts to take another nap. (Cut to red shaking the sleeping Narrator) Focus goddamn it!
  • Red goes off on a slight tangent when discussing The Cask of Amontillado.
    Red: So the POV character in The Cask of Amontillado is Montresor, a... guy? He's a nobleman or something. You don't really need to know that much about him, since his primary defining feature is that he has this friend who he really hates. Why are they still friends, you might ask? Well, you know. It's like the Shakespearean duo, Iago and Othello. [a sketch of the aforementioned duo pops up] When you've known someone for so long and experienced so much together, when they start getting on your nerves a little, you don't just write them off like it's nothing. You work to preserve your friendship, because when all is said and done, [cue demonic music overtop Iago's serenely smiling face] nothing on this Earth is more satisfying than looking into their eyes one day and seeing the hope drain from their face as in one fell swoop you destroy them and all they hold dear. [music suddenly cuts out] Go read Othello. It's great.
  • "And Fortunato's like, 'Dude!' and Montresor's like, 'Dude, indeed.'"
  • In The Tell-Tale Heart, Red taking the narrator's insistence that he's not crazy and running with it.
    Red: But he's not crazy! He's just got crazy good hearing.

Stranger in a Strange Land

  • The frequent Author Tracts by Heinlein get their own mini-segment, Deep Thoughts With Heinlein, with a photo of his head on Socrates' body as Red gives her irreverent summaries of his speeches.
    "Human society brainwashes us into accepting artificial limitations on our lives and choices. This is wrong. Love should be free, and without limits.
    ... Unless it's gay, of course."
  • Everything do with the fact that Michael can apparently only explain the Martian concept of God through sex. Red takes a few minutes out to explain that yes, this is leading exactly where you think it is, and to remove children in the audience.
  • This episode also continues Red's Running Gag of depicting the sex scenes as card games.
  • Red censors the characters' private parts with pictures of Heinlein's head throughout the video. One of the final shots is Michael's superpowered descendants T-posing through space to confront the Martians, with both the people and Heinlein's heads sporting Glowing Eyes of Doom.
  • Red points out some Fridge Logic when Jill teaches Mike how to not attract gay people... by being as masculine as possible.
    Red: Because if there's one thing gay dudes don't like, it's... dudes...
  • When government agents arrive to re-kidnap Mike, one of them punches Jill and Red draws a sign saying "This violence was brought to you by the government"
  • The music in the Fosterite church is It's Raining Men.
  • At one point, Red brings up a character named Dawn, one of the members of Mike's sex cult who has been using her new powers to look nearly identical to Jill. Red notes that the reason is never explained in the text and ultimately concludes that it's "just something Heinlein is into".
  • When Red finally gets to the sex cult part, she takes a moment to beg the audience to keep children away from the video.
    Red: And if for some ungodly reason you have a kid watching this or are a kid watching this...please don't. I just...I can't have that on my conscience.
  • Red's reactions to 2 of the male characters being forced into sex by Michael's cult, with the second occurrence happening to Heinlein's self-insert character. Both times she sounds more like a mother scolding their child for misbehaving.
    Red: Heinlein, did you just write one of your male leads being assaulted by your sex cult and treat it like it was a good thing?
    [later in the video]
    Red: Heinlein, did you just write your SELF-INSERT character being assaulted by your sex cult and FRAME IT LIKE IT WAS A GOOD THING?!
  • The sex cult's hiding place is a hotel with a "We're wearing pants" sign outside.
  • From the video description:
    This book is:
    10% Mike
    20% stars
    15% concentrated power of mars
    5% water
    50% cult
    and 100% topics that are very adult

    Trope Talks 
  • In the Trope Talk for romantic subplots, Red goes on various slight tangents about controversial ships to expand on her points, which usually prompts clips from Pacific Rim of Kaiju, labelled as shippers of said ships being discussed, attacking Jaegers, who are labelled as the comments section.
  • Before Red starts off her Trope Talk on plot twists, she gives us some backstory on the Game of Thrones show.
    Red: For those of you viewing this in the future, when both Game of Thrones and the polar ice caps are a distant, irrelevant memory...
  • The trope talk on Mentors discusses the fact that mentors have a habit of dying. A lot. Red remarks that "the only deadlier professions in fiction are nightwatchmen in a government facility, street tough in a biker bar, and Mom." The last one is just a head-shot of a smiling woman with "Footage Not Found" in place of where her eyes and nose should be, just to drive the point home.
  • From her Trope Talk on pure evil villains, Red expresses her dislike of Thanos' motivation in Avengers: Infinity War and thinks they should have stuck with his motivation from the comics: trying to bang the thoroughly uninterested personification of Death.
    Red: Anyone who thinks that wouldn't make a scary villain has clearly never dealt with r/incel.
  • The Antihero episode starts with Red describing them as if they were dishes at a restaurant, before admitting the metaphor got away from her.
    Her whiteboard: Now I'm hungry (sad face)
  • The Amnesia episode has Red's little sketches defaulting to the cause of the amnesia being a smack on the head with a pan. Especially funny when she's talking about degrees of fictional amnesia, while the guy getting smacked is casually saying "oh dang there goes March".
  • When discussing the origins of the Five-Man Band trope, Red notes how the cast of Journey to the West has no one who really fills The Smart Guy role, "to the surprise of precisely nobody."
  • When Red talks about the tournament arc in My Hero Academia, she has this wise summation about Bakugou:
    Red: It's rough being the rival when you think you're the protagonist.
    • And she even gets a brief experience of how it feels to mimic his voice:
      Red: [puts on a low, gruff voice] "Why don't you fight ME like that?! Am I not good enough for you, Deku???!!!" [...] [chokes on her normal voice] Oh my god! How does his actor do that?!
  • In the Accents Trope Talk, on Pegasus' Gratuitous English in Yu-Gi-Oh!.
    Red: He was like the inverse of that person who sprinkles random Japanese into their English because they've gotten way into anime and they think that's sufficient to learn a language. To properly localize it, he probably should've been saying stuff like "Konichiwa, everybody! I'd like to welcome you to my simply sugoi tournament!"
  • The Trope Talk for The Hero's Journey, which is made by Blue for a change.
    • The intro is hilarious, especially his attempt to lure Red out by provoking her.
      Blue: Hey, Red, you won't believe the morning I had! I just fought off an entire horde of... *walks into the screen, plucking a shuriken from his hair* ...nin...jas... Red? *Beat* Hey, look! Someone's writing characters based on antiquated stereotypes rather than personal experience! *Beat* Huh. Guess she's not here after all...
    • Later on about the increasing variability of the trope, in contrast to how rigid Joseph Campbell defined it:
      Blue: [...] any number of component parts can and usually are excluded from the final product, which is great, because with this generator we hooked up to Campbell's grave, we can power the entire Eastern Seaboard with how fast he's spinning!
    • And the ending, where Red suddenly bursts into the room via magic portal behind the bookcase, dressed up in adventure gear and with a glowing bottle.
      Blue: Woah!
      Blue: Where have you been?! I just did a whole— Never mind! What is that?
      Red: An elixir, I think. It seemed important that I return with it.
      Blue: Huh.
      Red: Also, did you know this bookcase has been a foot away from the wall the whole time!? ...So, yeah.
  • In her talk on Magic, Red simplifies the use of spells as "wave your hands and something noticably happens that is not typically correlated with the waving of hands." She gives lighting, fire and 1d6 Dire Rats as an example.
  • In her talk on Grimdark, she talks about the general idea that optimism is childish while pessimism is realistic. And concludes that it's a load of hooey.
    Red: Yeah, I said it! What're you gonna do, be sad at me about it?
  • Red doesn't get one sentence into the "Mary Sue" video before Godzilla labelled "HOW DARE U" attacks the comments section.
  • In "Tragedy", after going through the history of tragedy, from the Greeks through Shakespeare and opera to modern tragedies like Death of a Salesman, Red mentions that non-tragic narratives can be read as tragedies from the perspective of a different character, usually the villain, and the example she brings up is Kung Fu Panda 2:
    Red: Ha! I fooled you with all that Shakespeare and opera talk! You forgot I'm not classy at all!
    • Also from "Tragedy", discussing how Romeo and Juliet plays like a standard Elizabethan romance until Mercutio dies:
    Red: In modern Rom Com context, that'd be like if the asshole boss shot the Gay Best Friend halfway through the movie!
    • Still more! Red comes across the, to quote her "frankly ridiculous pseudonym" of Jacopo Peri, considered the father of opera: "Il Zazzerino"
  • In the "Queer-Coded Villain" trope talk, Red briefly discusses queerbaiting, complete with a screenshot of the That Other Wiki page. And a note saying that she was knocked out when she saw the picture they use. A picture of Sherlock's Watson and Sherlock.
    • The same talk features an illustration of a generic-as-hell hero confronting a rainbow colored villain while the audience watches.
    Hero: Once again the power of clean living and racial purity saves the day.
    Villain: Hissss
    Audience: Just kiss already!
  • In the Detail Diatribe on Samurai Jack's Training Montage, at 17 minute mark, Blue describes how Jack tries and fails to fight blindfolded, until he nearly gives up.
    And the monks are like 'Nonono, but like consider this; what if you got good?'


Blue's Videos

    History Summarized 
  • In the start of his video about the history of the Iroquois confederation, Blue says that he managed to get his hands on a rare and very accurate document detailing the history of this nation. Cue a cutscene from Assassin's Creed III.
    • Which leads to a Brick Joke at the end of the video when Blue is talking about how Iroquois history is a great example of the value of peace and cooperation. Cut to Connor murdering a British soldier with a tomahawk.
  • The plethora of alternate nicknames Blue gives to Alexander the Great in his video on the man are absolutely glorious. They all include, but certainly aren't limited to:
    1. Alexander the Soon-to-be-Great
    2. Alexander the Oblique
    3. Alexander the Swell
    4. Alexander the Shiny and New
    5. Alexander the Suddenly Preoccupied
    6. Alexander the Legit
    7. Alexander the Passable
    8. Alexander with the Good Hair
    9. Alexander the Thorough
    10. Alexander the Alright
    11. Alexander the Adaptable
    12. Alexander the Hostage Taker
    13. Alexander the Hamilton
    14. Alexander the Flammable
    15. Alexander the alriiiight, alriiiight, alriiiight
    16. Alexander the Insistent
    17. Alexander the Thoroughly Miffed
    18. Alexander the Persistent
    19. Alexander the Absolutely Flawless
    20. Alexander the Adventuresome
    21. Alexander the Overhyped
    22. Alexander the Regal
    23. Alexander the Feisty
    24. Alexander the Good Boy
    25. Alexander the Is-Coarse-and-Rough-and-Irritating-and-Gets-Everywhere
    26. Alexander the Demigod
    27. Alexander the Underwood
    28. Alexander the Not-Done-Yet
    29. Alexander the Elfheid
    30. Alexander the Ample
    31. Alexander the Tactically Gifted
    32. Alexander the Decent
    33. Alexander the Alexandest
    34. Alexander the A.O.K.
    35. Alexander the Eastbound
    36. Alexander the Blandly-Named
    37. Alexander the Sculpt-Me-Pretty-or-I'll-Kill-You
    38. Alexander the Looking-More-Persian-By-the-Day
    39. Alexander the Still-Basically-Kind-of-a-Teenager
    40. Alexander the Dead
    41. Alexander the Promachos
    42. Alexander the Aristos
    43. Alexander the Conqueror
    44. Alexander the Horseman
    45. Alexander the (ugh, damnit!) Great
    • Which returns in the second Dumb History Tales video released two years later:
      1. Alexander The Rad
      2. Alexander The Alexander
      3. Alexander The Plot Armor
      4. Alexander The Not-Yet-Aware-of-How-Globes-Work
    • And also gets a mention in the History Summarized: The Roman Republic video:
      1. Alexander The Shortsighted
    • And yet again in History Hijinks: Greek Wise Guys:
      1. Alexander The Not-Especially-Studious
      2. Alexander The Big-Deal King Guy
    • The video on Sappho adds yet another:
      1. Alexander the You're-All-Speaking-Greek-Now
    • One more added the pile with History Re-Summarized: Egypt
      1. Alexander The Macedonian Twink
  • Other gems from the Alexander video:
    • The final item on Philip II's list of military innovations: spears longer than the Earth's radius.
    • The newly enthroned Alexander intimidates rebels into submission by conducting military drills.
      Blue: This is the only instance I'm aware of in which an armed revolt was suppressed by a marching band routine.
    • Alexander and Darius are puzzled by Blue's choice of dramatic music for the Battle of Gaugamela.
      Alexander: Dude, what's up with this music?
      Darius: No idea, it's really thematically incongruous.
    • Alexander's possible causes of death: fever, alcohol poisoning, and poison-poisoning.
  • Blue describes the creation of Islam as "Muhammad goes out mountain climbing and just like that, badabing bada-one-true-god,note  we have a shiny new religion."
    • Since Islam has a ban on images of the Prophet, Muhammad is depicted in the video as a M-shaped Pakistani flag with sunglasses.
  • Throughout the "Ptolemies" and "Cleopatra" videos, Blue is continually astounded at how intelligent and cunning Cleopatra VII was, seeing how many generations of inbreeding produced her. Doubles as heartwarming when he also mentions her caring side not only towards people she highly trusted, but also to the Egyptian people and her political allies, considering the fact that she's often been portrayed as a villainous-only ruler in most popular media, and/ or as a mere incidental figure to ancient Roman history (aka the one who brought down Marcus Anthony through seduction).
    • On account of the Cleopatra-wrapped-in-a-rug story:
      Blue: ...likely derived from the queen being stuffed into a much less conspicuous laundry bag instead. And, by the way, when you do put your queen in the laundry, it's machine-wash cold and then tumble-dry low; there's not a tag, so it's hard to figure out sometimes.
    • Another from the Cleopatra video: When Blue is elucidating about how Cleopatra used her royal authority to actually respond to her people's needs, instead of being a party animal like her ancestors, several letters and her responses flash by. All of them are pretty hilarious!
      Letter 1: My Queen, Crocodiles have crowded into the courthouse, causing complete chaos! Send help!
      Cleopatra: Let's see here, a letter from Castor of Memphis. I'll dispatch Stephanos Irwinius immediately.
      Letter 2: Will Siwa ever know peace? -Bayek
      Cleopatra: And a letter from... oh great, Bayek of Siwa. Dear Horus not this nonsense again.
      Cleopatra's reply: Hi Bayek, no it won't. Stop asking and go back to assassinating my enemies for me. XOXO, Isis.
      Letter 3: My Queen, would your grace please release the Pharaoh from the Millennium Puzzle? For real this time?
      Cleopatra: And one more from a priest of Yami Yugi. That's the fourth letter this year. Alright...
      Cleopatra's reply: Tell your Pharaoh that he can have his freedom when he defeats me in Duel Monsters, and not a moment sooner. Git Gud scrub.
  • In the Africa video, Blue explains that Red did a lot of the script, which was easy, since African history is clear cut, with clear right and wrong and no moral gray area. Gilligan Cut to Red screaming in a pile of notes saying stuff like "Slavery vs. Slave-based economy," "Apartheid," "Invention of Tradition" and "Islamic Law regarding Slavery."
  • In "The Fall of Rome," Blue sums up the sack of Rome:
    Blue: The Eastern Empire had politely asked the Visigoths to go bother the West for land instead. In 410 those Visigoths made their quest to Rome instead by rolling up to the city and promptly sacking it. This is what we historians call an "Oh, shit" moment.
    • From the opening seconds alone, you get this gem:
      Blue: No matter when you go, Rome is a great city to visit, because you can see all four seasons: (picture shifts through Rome in different seasons) Winter, spring, summer, fall("Destruction" of "The Course of Empires" painting on-screen)-OHHHH NOOOOO-
      (We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties screen reading "Welcome To My Hell)
    • "Casting" Phil Swift and Flex Tape as Diocletian and his reforms. Later, representing the splitting of the Empire with the boat sawn in two.
  • In "Scotland", Blue proves himself to be very wary of one particular theater superstition:
    Blue: —but beyond outside threats, there were also constant internal fisticuffs over the crown. The quintessential example of the early Scottish king is Macbeth... whom hereafter shall be referred to exclusively as "MacBoy" because that play is HAUNTED and I'm not looking for trouble.
  • Blue's horror at witnessing the number of times England and Scotland have gone to war.
    Blue: So I took a little peruse to see how many times the two actually fought each other and- Sweet MOTHER MARY! THAT IS A LOT OF STABBING! Scotland...who hurt you? Trick question: England!
  • Blue's point about how when England leaves Scotland alone for any length of time Scotland becomes its own antagonist the way God intended.
  • The Vikings video:
    • To get himself hyped for the video, Blue pulls up the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trailer, dubs himself "Bluevakhiin, Chibiborn" and starts singing along to the menu music... until he suddenly sees the audience.
      Blue: (singing along to the music) AH-OH GOD WHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE!? (Coughs) Uh, he-hey, you... caught me getting hyped for my video on the Vikings. ...So, let's just you and I pretend this didn't happen. 'Kay? Cool.
    • Blue summarizing why the histories depicting the Vikings were so brutal.
      Blue: Those records were written by people with an axe to grind with the Vikings, i.e. the English and North European Christians who were on the receiving end of a hefty handful of raids. If someone showed up unannounced, yoiked everything you owned, and killed a non-negligible amount of people on the way, you'd be pretty justified leaving a one-star review about your guests.
  • In "French Empire", Blue notes the stark visual contrast between King George III and Napoleon Bonaparte.
    Blue: King George of England has a powdered wig and all this royal fance, but pretty boy Bonaparte was the most powerful dude in Europe, and he looks like the missing Jonas Brother! Why is the Emperor of France a shōnen protagonist?!
  • The Italian 'translation' of a treaty signed with the Ethiopians, recognizing their rights. "Tutte le tua base sono appartiene a noi." note 
  • In the Thucydides video, as a nod to the fact that his History of the Peloponnesian War ended mid sentence, he decides to end the video in-
  • In the Egypt video, Blue explains that Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered entirely intact by British archeologists... until the British archeologists found it, that is.
  • In the Viking Age video, there's a random "Meow!" during the explanation so we segue to Blue showing footage of his kitty Cleo and him cooing over her.
    Blue: Oh Cleo, what are you meowing about?
    Cleo: Meow!
    Blue: I know, slavery's bad! C'mere, aaah good cat! Good cat. Who's a little floofy boot? It's you. It's you! Mwah!
    • Ludohistory aka "Yellow" comes in the last two minutes for some exposition. Blue notes that since Yellow has 2 degrees in Viking history, then that means that the technically have one degree each. Yellow notes that it's not how math works so Blue replies that he has a degree in classics and it's Red with the Math degree.
    Red: Don't you dare bring me into this.
    • Upon learning he's short on time, there is now a Wall of Text about everything he wanted to cover.
  • In the video on Portugal, while Blue is explaining the economic context pushing Portugal to develop its maritime empire, he shifts over to his favorite topic: Venice.
    Portugal: Hey, back off! This is my video!
    Venice: Aw, that's cute. Every OSP History video is just a video about Venice in disguise.
    Ottoman Empire: Yup, it happens to all of us. Just roll with it, he'll get back on topic sooner or later.
  • The video on Hawai'i sees Blue very uncomfortable when he's describing the sheer size of the Pacific Ocean early on (Blue being thalassaphobic), culminating in a list of his fears popping up when he goes into his "Let's do some history" catchphrase. Said list consists of "Deep Water", "Modern History", and "People who don't stan Venice".
  • The Confucius video features Manchild Emperor Gaozu and a long-suffering advisor (who sneaks an Audible commercial into his speech bubble).
    Gaozu: Courtier, I ask a question... Peeing in hats: yes or no?
  • Blue's attempts to summarize the very convoluted and contentious history of Britain produces some gems:
    • Describing the union of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland as a "geopolitical Megazord".
    • The Call-Back to Blue's video about failed assassinations, in this case a reference Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, involves a picture of Guy Fawkes exploding into a cloud of Minecraft pixels.
    • The English Civil War (where Parliment allied with Scotland to oust Charles I) is depicted as an Among Us crewmate visor on Parliment, and the discussion Charles' execution features the distinctive gory kill sound from the same game.
    • The Boston Tea Party is summarized by Blue as follows:
      Blue: Hey, King George? What's the opposite of tea? YEET. (air horns blare in the background)

    History Hijinks 
  • Renaissance Antics has some humerous moments:
    • Blue considers Filippo Brunelleschi a diva of the highest sort. After losing an art contest, he stormed out of the city and vowed to never sculpt again.
    • "The life, murder and more murder" of Benvenuto Cellini, whom Blue describes as "someone's psychotic Dungeons & Dragons character"
      Cellini: I roll to attack everyone.
    • "It's a lovely day in the Renaissance, and you are a horrible artist"
    • When returning to Rome, he was charged with embezzlement. Not with the large amount of murder he performed regularily.
    • Blue ponders if Cellini gave up his career as a priest because he had to worship someone other than himself.
  • At the start of the Failed Assassinations episode, Blue briefly talks about the benefits of assassinations. The illustration he uses is a painting of Archduke Ferdinand's assassination with the caption "zero negative consequences"
    • Blue kicks off the list with Mithridates, a king by the Black Sea who ruled prosperously for over 50 years, expanded his kingdom's borders, carried massive cultural and political weight, and slapped Rome in the face but was most well known for being Funny Ha-Ha Poison Man, beginning with an origin story where he wandered the wilderness chowing down on various poisons accompanied by Kirby sound effects. Blue even admits that there were probably far more assassination attempts than we know of because none of them worked. Finally, Rome retaliated, and he tried to commit suicide by poison... which didn't work due to aforementioned immunity, and he had to get someone else to stab him to death.
      Blue: [as Mithridates is presented with a line of cocktail swords on a silver platter] It's lucky he didn't supplement his daily poison regimen with doses of tiny knives or else he really would have been screwed.
    • As Blue wraps up his discussion of Mithridates, you can clearly hear him trying not to burst out laughing as he reads his final notes.
      Blue: And so, King Mithridates died as he lived. (audibly cracks up) Not dying from poison!
    • The Epic Fail of the Gunpowder Plot, including Guy Fawkes' Paper-Thin Disguise as John Johnson, esteemed doer of [Job] at [Place].
  • The very beginning of the Plague episode...which is airing months into the COVID-19 Pandemic. Blue's attempt to pretend that the video's topic is most certainly divorced from current events but...
    Blue: So today, we're gonna get 700 years away from all the worries of the modern world and instead talk about plague(he instantly cracks)hohohoh God! What am I doing!?
    (text on blank screen saying "This video was a mistake")
  • In Greek Wise Guys, among other things, Blue imagines Gorgias the Sophist using his rhetorical abilities to skip out on his rent.
  • The fact that Adolf Hitler spared the Vasari Corridor because he liked the view.
  • For History's Best(?) Couples, Blue is obviously uncomfortable with the unnecessarily thorough court records about Louis XVI's genitalia. This leads to a Freeze-Frame Bonus that is just Blue ranting about how obsessed people were and are with Louis and Marie Antoinette's sex lives, considering that's the least interesting thing about them.
    • Blue's checklist includes Feeding Cleo, Contemplating the Duomo, make a video on Sappho and Dunking on Caesar.
    • His explanation of Caesar's political reasons for his extensive love life (which led to antics like reading out a love letter from Cato's half-sister in front of the entire Senate, at Cato's accidental insistence).
      Blue: In Rome, being a man of great manliness could be demonstrated by doing the sex.
    • Speaking of, Romans apparently had the same sexual norms as the Greeks. Namely, bisexual men were the societal norm the same way heterosexual white men are today. Having gay sex was totally okay. However, it was shameful to be a bottom because it meant you were submitting to someone. Blue admits that this is very in-character for the Romans.
    • He starts Corpsing a bit when he reads about Emperor Xuanzong deciding that of all the 3,000+ concubines he could have chosen as consort, he picked his son's wife.
    • When the "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" proceeds from the emperor falling for his daughter-in-law to a fight breaking out between the chancellor's crony and the new Imperial Consort's family, escalating into full-out rebellion:
      Blue: And you thought this was a love story! Ha, You Fool! The real sorrow here is the decline of good governance!
    • Years of war and a "suicide" later, the grieving Emperor Xuanzong then handed off the throne to his son while said rebellion continued to rage, which Blue notes is somehow the second-worst thing he ever did to him.
    • Blue notes that the rampant rumors about Marie Antoinette's infidelity were absurd, seeing as she wasn't Caesar (Caesar's head pops in to replace Marie's, Blue crosses "Dunk on Caesar" off his list).
    • While discussing King Louis XVI, Blue talks about the idea that the king was suffering from "PP too small" were due to the perceived connection between weak political performance and manliness. Cue Caesar's head popping up in the corner saying "Prove them wrong, bang everyone."
      Blue: Researching this video forced me to actually Google search the phrase "Louis XVI penis," and no amount of therapy can make that unhappen!
  • The Best Couples In History—Valentine's Day Special has its moments, too:
    • Cleopatra and Marc Antony divvy the whole Mediterranean up so they can gift pieces of it to their toddler-aged children, and Blue remarks on the utter absurdity of it:
      Blue: I shudder to imagine what the baby shower's gift registry must have looked like. "Ah, yes, so I see here that you're interested in buying the Island of Cyprus for the royal baby, but unfortunately, Senator Lucius has already purchased it. Could I interest you in a subtler and more intimate gift, like the Parthenon?!
    • When discussing how Byzantine empress Theodora was the daughter of a bear trainer, he remarks that he didn't even know that there were professional bear trainers in Constantinople, and now he's disappointed that he'll never get to see a real-life "bear-iot race." This statement is accompanied by a painting of a chariot race with Winnie the Pooh crudely photoshopped over the horses' heads.
    • At the end of the video, Blue delivers an Aesop pertaining to each couple. The historical erasure of Patroclus and Achilles serves as a reminder to never trust Victorian historians; the tragic end to Cleopatra and Marc Antony's "disaster" coupling is a reminder not to use Roman provinces as substitutes for honest affection, and Justinian and Theodora's successful reign and happy marriage proves that good communication will lead to both a healthy relationship and Imperial glory... and then Blue can't think of anything positive to say about Ferdinand and Isabella's incestuous marriage, so he ends the video quickly with an abrupt "LATER!"
      • By the end of the video, Cleopatra and Marc Antony have been dubbed "history's prime disaster couple," Theodora and Justinian "one of history's greatest power couples," and Ferdinand and Isabella "conquistadorable, if slightly deplorable."
  • Blue, as a wedding gift to Cyan.. had her pick a place she'd wanna go to for a video project. And Cyan picked Venice. Crosses over with Heartwarming as Blue is clearly over the moon on his marriage.
    • The idea is represented by Blue's proposal photo, but replacing the ring with "dumbass history memes".
  • In "Antique Antics: The Pantheon", Blue claims that the Roman Empire was fueled by intellectual property theft.

    Pope Fights 
  • From the first video:
    Benedict IX: I was told there would be snacks. I've been drinking wine and eating from this gigantic case of Nilla Wafers for three days straight, and for some reason the Cardinals are all mad at me now.
    • Pope Boniface VIII responding to an insult from Philip IV of France with a variation of the Navy Seal Copypasta.
    • Blue's assumption that "at this point, St. Peter's probably thinking: Guys, what the hell?!, but Jesus is just omnisciently snacking on popcorn, loving every single minute of the drama."
  • "Pope Fights 2 — The Reformation":
    • Blue takes some potshots at the House of Habsburg's penchant for Royal Inbreeding. One bit of text refers to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V as "a Habsburg with a jawline only a sister could love", and later quips "I would tell the Habsburgs to go screw themselves, but they beat me to the punch".
    • The Running Gag of Red poking her head in to tell Blue to add more memes to the video.
  • In Pope Fights 3 -The Italian Wars, there are several hilarious visual gags courtesy of Indigo, including the return of the glorious goose censor.
    • Blue's description of Charles V becoming both the King of Spain and the Holy Roman Emperor.
      Blue: And Emperor Charles found himself the most powerful man in Europe by a metric Habsburg jawline.
  • In the video on Frederick II, Blue theorizes that Freddie's Arch-Enemy, pope Gregory IX, died either from fear because Frederick's army was parked outside of Rome, or out of spite to deny Freddie the satisfaction of killing him.
    • It's also kinda hillarious that, after the mop-up duty from his rivalry with the pope, Frederick's next challenge are the Mongols, showing up like a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere. Thankfully, they're not too keen on fighting and leave without fuss.

Miscellaneous Videos

    OS Podcasts 
  • The twelfth episode of their podcast, which is essentially 17 minutes of Blue improvising about how utterly absurd the Ptolemy dynasty of Egypt was (including multiple generations of inbreeding), and slowly losing his mind as he tries to comprehend it. The whole mess caps off with this:
    Blue: "This is the legacy of ancient Greece. Ancient Athens is like 'Yeah, we're gonna be so cool! We're gonna rule over all the Greeks!' and Macedon's like 'LOL, nope! Just kidding! It's gonna be us!' And then Alexander dies drunk at a party, and this sh*t happens! NO!" <beat> "Um, thank you very much for tuning into the, uh, twelfth episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast. I need a drink, and I will see you all later."
  • The first episode of the new podcast incarnation, which includes a lengthy discussion of what historical figures would be on their Caper Crew, with the mission of saving the Library Of Alexandria. Highlights include Da Vinci as their Gadgeteer Genius, Alcibiades as a Honey Trap, Dinadan being the Plucky Comic Relief, and Julius Caesar being the Fall Guy. They also try for Robin Hood but accidentally grab Maid Marion instead. Then, as a Sideplot, they accidentally kidnap Tripitaka, causing Sun Wukong to burn the Library down.
  • In the second episode, they get into a discussion about Theseus and how much he sucks. Among other things, Red points out that apparently, when Heracles rescued Theseus from the underworld (long story, watch Red's Underworld Myths video), he had to sever Theseus' asscheeks to get him of the chair, which is explained as the reason the line of Theseus has extremely flat asses. Also, as Red notes, this means that the only company Pirithous has in the underworld are the Furies and his cousin's severed asscheeks.
    • Also in the second episode, they get to discussing oral histories, and how colonized peoples rarely have written sources, since no one expects to be colonized or repressed. Except the Jewish. By the second or third time it happens, you start to take precautions.
    • Continuing the discussion from last time, the trio suggests funding the movie by extremely gratuitous product placement, including Leonardo da Vinci stopping in the middle of building his helicopter to take a sip of Monster Energy Drink™, or Caesar being defeated by the Duolingo Owl.
    Caesar: You fools, how can you stop me?
    Red: Caesar, we've just been stalling for time. The clock has struck midnight. You missed a day of your japanese lessons.
    Caesar: Nani? What does that mean? If I'd been keeping up with my Japanese lessons, I'd know what that meant.
    • They also mention, that everyone in the film would be played by Nicolas Cage. Except for Caesar…who'd be played by Anne Hathaway.
  • Episode 3 is the podcast's Halloween Episode, and when Blue is asked how he’s doing after the intro, he gives a rather exasperated response.
    Blue: Let me put it this way: My sleep has been a little… on the ‘crap’ side recently, and I owe that in large part to- um, actually, speaking of the ‘Spooky episode’ we have today, um, there are legends of a monster that roams around at night when good boys and girls are asleep, and what this monster does is- she’s extremely hungry, so if she is not fed, she will jump onto high surfaces and knock your LEGO architecture sets onto the fucking floor to try and wake you up, because she knows when the LEGOs start moving and the LEGOs start falling, Blue gets out of bed and gives this dumbass cat her food! The monster’s name is Cleo and she’s making my life hell!
  • In episode 4, Red reveals that if she ever gets a dog, she's naming it Bark Anthony to go with Blue's cat Cleocatra.
  • In episode 5, Blue claims that Red sometimes calls him by his full name when she's mad. His real name is apparently Blue Cerulean. And he has an evil twin brother named Azule, who looks exactly like him except with a mustache and an inexplicable Spanish accent.
    • The return of the time heist movie, this time in the form of a sequel. Red demands that the bad guy be Brutus, so that they can use Caesar as a red herring and eventually team up with him. The movie's tagline? "All roads lead to Rome."
  • The Time Heist now has a design on Redbubble, featuring the whole crew, Red and Blue running away from Sun Wukong with Tripitaka, and Caesar looming in the background.
  • Red is missing for episode 13 of the podcast, having been called in to consult on an Inciting Incident of The Hero's Journey in a small town somewhere. She's also missing in episode 14, since she decided to take the scenic route to do some research down in Egypt, and got stuck in the Suez canal. She may or may not have caused the blockage.
  • In episode 16, one of the questions is what movie the OS crew would make a Muppet-version of, with one human character. The entire section features the trio in a fit of giggles.
    Count von Count Dracula: One! I give you One year before I kill you all, ah ah ah!
    • Blue demands a Muppet production of Gladiator, with Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus. There would be violence and gore, with stuffing flying everywhere and an exposed human hand under the puppet felt. Since the character of Commodus was already insane, him being the only human leaves the implications that he is so insane that he either paid to have an all-Muppet gladiator show or he’s just hallucinating the whole thing.
  • Speaking of Castlevania, Red and Blue bring it up early in a later podcast, causing Indigo to plead for them not to spoil anything, since she's not finished with season 4. The two proceed to bring it up as often as they can (though not actually spoiling anything).
  • Episode 19 features the cast with Daniel Greene in the podcast’s only episode so far to include a content warning, and it is an hour and thirteen minutes of phenomenal chaos! The conversation topics include dissing Irish food, how on earth Poland’s culture survived being invaded by every single one of its neighbors, their favorite foods (which becomes a discussion on who would survive the Zombie Apocalypse, with all possible endings being in the last Thai restaurant), Indigo being hungover during the recording, and a VERY descriptive discussion of Greene’s latest video; How NOT To Write Sex Scenes. Poor Blue just wanted to talk about Greene’s book!
    • "A crossword puzzle that’s just different euphemisms for sex things!”
    Red: How many letters is ‘Throbbing member’ again?
    Blue: No, but ‘Magnum dong’ is eight down, that’s not- that’s not gonna work…
  • For episode 24, Blue is missing. Red and Indigo claim it's because he's on his way to plug the Suez Canal again. We've gotten a bit comfortable this year, he thinks.
  • In the episode 31 lightning round, the cast is asked if they ever played with BIONICLE. Blue says yes, Red claims she was too busy talking to girls. Blue admits that he was bullied about it, only for Indigo to point out that they are still bullying him for it.
    Blue: You just picked four random words!
  • A viewer asks if any of the OSCrew suffer "curses", stuff that always goes wrong for them. After an account of how many times travel has gone wrong for Blue, they theorize that he has done something that pissed off Poseidon.
    Red: You told Poseidon to gargle your nuts one time.
    [Blue, who was sipping tea, does a Spit Take]

    Blue: Hey, Poseidon, would you like to try this tea? It's Su Yen Dis.
  • In episode 41, the first question is what sort of flag Red and Blue would use if they conquered the world. Red is in the process of describing her's as red and black with a spiky emblem when Blue asks how determined she is to reinvent the aesthetics of fascism.

  • The Greek Gods in a collection of Vines. No, seriously.
    • Ares copes with being Hera's son:
      Dionysus: C'mon, shake what your mama gave ya!
      Ares: My mother was the most selfish woman I ever met — SHE NEVER GAVE ME ANYTHING!
      Dionysus: Alright! Jesus.

    • An excellent summary of the relationship between Demeter, Persephone, and Hades:
      Demeter: (slams hand down on table) NOT ON MY WATCH!
      Cut to an unamused Persephone, casually eating a pomegranate, and a confused Hades, both standing behind her
      Demeter: (slams hand down on table again) NOT ON MY WATCH!

  • Now with the Norse Gods.
    • The video itself starts with Red sitting at her desk, before getting crushed by the sheer volume of comments asking for more Di-Vines.
    Loki: Wanna hear a chemistry joke? that a no?
    Odin: Oh, sorry, did you want a — reaction?
    Loki: (curls up to cry, broken-hearted)

    Surtur: So, we still gonna destroy Earth?
    Jormungandr: Nah, they're doing a pretty good job without us.
    Freyr: People ask me how I get the wet look in my hair. Tell them I use "Essence of England" gel. They say, "What's that?" (amidst a raging thunderstorm) I USE THE FUCKING RAIN!

    • "How Tyr lost that hand"
    Tyr: Hey, how 'yall-
    (Suddenly Fenrir appears and growls menacingly)
    Tyr: AEEEEEEEEE!! (struggling with Fenrir) GET YO FUCKIN' DOG BITCH!
    Loki: (nonchalantly reading a newspaper) It don't bite.
    Tyr: (now with his hand in Fenrir's mouth) YES IT DO!

  • And the Egyptian Gods joined the fun too.
    Ra: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! And weasels. Those little bastards'll get ya—

    Osiris: (playing the guitar and singing) Hey~. How ya doin'? Well, I'm doin' just fine. I lied. I'm dying inside.

    • The title for Medjed's skit is just "Medjed is a Real God and I Love Them So Much"

  • And back to the Greeks:
    Artemis: Who's in our bathroom?
    Athena: I hired a drunk girl to compliment us.
    Artemis: Ohhh. (peers into the bathroom to see Dionysus leaning across the toilet lid)
    Dionysus: (extremely drunk) Are you a model?~
    Artemis: Yes.

    Apollo: Why do we even need Coming-Out Day? Everyone's a little gay!
    Achilles: (wearing an "If Found, Return To Patroclus" shirt) Well, I'm a big gay, and I'm coming out today as the World's Biggest Gay.note 

    Demeter: You get one on your knee from "tripping", and now this?
    Persephone: (pointing to a bandage on her arm) Mom, for the last time, this is not a hickey!

    Hades: In the winter I like to dress in a cozy black jacket, shirt, and jeans. In the summer I wear— the same thing, because I look good in black and I'm willing to suffer!

    Ares:Hey, so I think you're pretty cute... So I was wondering if you wanted to go out, or-
    Aphrodite: *Silences Ares* Pretty cute?! I'M A GODDESS!

  • And now a crossover with Journey to the West.
    Tripitaka: Do you have any shaving cream?
    Sun Wukong: Nah, I don't like the way that it tastes.
    Tripitaka: Wait, you eat shaving cream?
    Wukong: No, why would I eat it when I don't like the taste?

    • These two from ProZD
      Buddha: I sentence him to ten years in prison.
      Sun Wukong: (in a seductive tone) Well, your honor. Maybe I can... change your mind...
      Buddha: Twenty years!

      Sha Wujing/Sandy: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Great knock-knock joke, Tim!
      Zhu Wuneng/Pigsy: ...thank you...

    • Also this:
      Sha Wujing/Sandy: The building's on fire!
      Sun Wukong: (in bed, sleepy) Like, how big is the fucking fire?
      Sha Wujing/Sandy: Big.
      Sun Wukong: (getting up, grumpy) Okay...

  • Another one, mixing some mythologies and literature together:
    • Hamlet Act 1 Scene V is Shia LeBouf's "JUST DO IT!" shouting intermixed with Michael Scott screaming "NO!"
    • "Loki still isn't sure if that was hyperbole"
      Loki: (stares in horrified confusion)
    • "Apollo, the god of music"
      Apollo: Hey, betcha I can hit this note!
      Artemis: Nonono, please don't!
      Apollo: (unholy shrieks of terror)

    • "Sekhmet: the cat that mauls your belongings. Bast: The cat that you never actually see move."
      Horus: Hey, bro, what do you want to eat?
      Sekhmet: The souls of the innocent!
      Bast: A bagel.
      Sekhmet: No!
      Bast: Two bagels.

    • "In Dionysus's defense, leopard skin is dry-clean only"
      Dionysus: Dude, just wear your pajama pants with me outside; that way we're matching!
      Hermes: How about you just do your fucking laundry?
      Dionysus: Nooooooo!

    • "Proud father of an Odinson"
      Odin: Son?
      Thor: Yes, papa?
      Odin: How old are you, boy?
      Thor: I am three, papa.
      Odin: Take this knife. Go hunt bear.
      Thor: (looks at the knife, smiles) ...just one?
      Odin: (chuckles)

    • "Romeo and Juliet, Act III, scene one"
      Tybalt: How does it feel to be worst cop ever, huh?
      Mercutio: Shut up, your mother buys you Mega Blocks instead of Legos.
      Tybalt: You fucking take that back, you—

    • "The best thing about Antony and Cleopatra is Antony quite literally fails at EVERYTHING"
      Antony: Every time I go out there, I do my best, and they don't!
      Cleopatranote , completely unimpressed: Lemme ask you a very fair question: What do you do successfully?
      (Antony looks stumped, with a Thousand-Yard Stare)
      Cleopatra: Quickly.
      (dramatic zoom on Antony's stumped face)

  • And a sequel, prompted by going from 1 million subscribers to... 1.05 million, complete with confetti and noise-makers:
    • "Hamlet (act I scene II)"
      Gertrude: Your father and I want to talk. Have you been doing drugs or having sex?
      Hamlet: No?
      Gertrude: (crying, to Claudius) I told you we were raising a pussy!

    • "Zeus c'mon, you're embarrassing the pantheon"
      Horus: Earthling, take me to your leader!
      Mortal: (sighs) This is him. (points to Zeus in swan form, harassing Leda)
      Horus: Oh my God, I'm so sorry...
      Mortal: I'M SORRY FOR US!

    • Loki and his daughter, Hela.
      Loki: Hey there, little guy! I'm your dad!
      Hela: I gotta be ugly.
      Loki: What.
      Hela: Get me a mirror. (Loki pulls out a mirror, showing Hela with one half of her face being a rotten corpse) Now take it away. God damn.

    • Tyr needs to keep Thor updated about these things
      Thor: Bro!
      Tyr: (missing a hand) Yo!
      Thor: What the fuck?!

    • "It's A Lovely Day In Ancient Greece and You're A Horrible Zeus":
      Zeus: You have the right to remain sexy! Anything you say can and will make me bust a nut!
      • The title of this one is especially funny when you recall that at least one myth featured Zeus turning into a goose or a swan to have sex with a woman.

  • From part three:

    • "It took a while for Anubis's mummification process to catch on"
      Isis: We, uh, don't know what killed him.
      Anubis: (holding a jar and knife) May I make a suggestion?
      Isis: We're not gonna cut him open, Phil!
      Anubis: You guys are boring!

    • "Frankenstein, chapter 24"
      Walton: (somberly looking at Victor's body) He's dead!
      (The monster appears from the shadows, staring in silence)
      Monster: (mockingly) Not the dickhead! — What do you want me to say?

    • "That's it, that's the Odyssey"
      Odysseus: (clinging to a plank of wood in the ocean) Please God, just let me have one good day!
      Poseidon: Oh my God, you again? Give it a rest, buddy!

    • "Paradise may be lost, but that blue check is worth the fall"
      Gabriel: [to Lucifer] Sure, you may be verified on twitter, but are you verified... (sprouts eyes all over his wings and halo) the eyes of God?

  • From part 4:

    • "Goddess priorities"
    Aphrodite: My diamond earring came off in the ocean and it's gone!
    Athena: (standing on a battlefield) Ma'am, there's people that are dying.

    • "Macbeth Act V, scene VIII"
    Macduff: You ready to fucking die?!
    Macbeth: No! I'm a bad bitch, you can't kill me!

    • "Oedipus breaks the news"
    Oedipus: (reading a scroll) I thought you were bae. (shows Jocasta the scroll, which reads "Jocasta is your mom") Turns out you're just fam.
    Jocasta: BRUH...

    • "At least both Hera and Zeus are honest about it"
    Hera: Did you hang out with Beth last night?
    Zeus: No, yeah I did...
    Hera: Oh, I-I... I love Beth.
    Zeus: You hate Beth.
    Hera: (whirls around brandishing an axe) YEAH NO SHIT, HONEY!
  • Then came another Journey to the West crossover, where we learn that Tripitaka's patience is wearing just a little bit thin.
    Tripitaka: (while the rest of the party fights in the background) Every time you yell at your kids, put a quarter in your no yelling sock and soon you'll have a weapon to beat-

     City Reviews 
  • Red's take on Boston:
    • Regarding Boston drivers:
      Red: I nearly got hit by a car outside of a Dunkin' Donuts, and that is not allowed to be how I die.
      Red: Everyone knows New York traffic is a nightmare, but New Yorkers know to fear Boston drivers. If New York is Mad Max then Boston is The Purge. No one is safe, traffic laws are meaningless, and the only goal is to survive as long as you can. When I told a Boston friend I'd heard the drivers are nuts, she told me in total seriousness that using your blinker is a sign of weakness. I laughed. She didn't.
  • Blue's take on Copenhagen:
    • It starts out great with him discussing transit options.
      Blue: 10/10 Guys, please cut it out, you're making the rest of the world look bad.
    • Even going so far as to imply modern Danish architecture is achieved through magic.
      Blue: Why does this power plant have a ski slope on top of it?! I usually hate modern art but Copenhagen consistently nails it, so I just kinda hope their design-sorcerers is being fairly compensated. I don't say this lightly, but I am fairly sure Copenhagen has all the bases covered. Guys! Cut it out! 0/10, this isn't fair anymore!
    • Boston has drivers that make you fear for your life. Copenhagen is far more insidious apparently
      Food in Copenhagen is amazing if you know where to look for it, and a literal death trap if you don't. For instance, the first time I visited I ate at a tourist trap in Nyhavn that was overpriced and terrible. The second time I went to Copenhagen I went to Nyhavn again and got food poisoning. Lesson learned: Do not eat at Nyhavn. [...] 6/10, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Nyhavn.
      • Nyhavn is rather infamous as a tourist trap for those familiar with Denmark.
    • On the danish people as a whole quickly devolves into riffing on the danish language.
      The biggest downside to Denmark is that the danish language is an absolute nightmare, I've heard that the best way to learn danish is to learn swedish and then get drunk, and I believe it, but don't say that to a dane because they will knife you for comparing them to Sweden. [...] 7/10, What did you monsters to do those poor consonants?! [...] Stay clear [of Copenhagen] if you're allergic to new languages, or are swedish.
  • Blue's take on London
    • The city layout gets an 8/10 for having a beautiful layout but also making Blue feel that it was built by the systematic exploitation of colonialism.
      • He later describes London architecture as crazy because it was built with EMPIRE MONEY!!!
    • Londoners are apparently hiding something dark and sinister..
      Blue: Londoners are great when they open up and all laugh at the abyss together, but their coziness with primordial fear makes me worry there's a L̵ovećr͟af͢ti͡an Eld͡er̡ G͞od ͠ch̕i̷ll͢in̶g ̡so͏mew͏h̡er̸e ųnderńe҉a͝th͡ the҉ t͘ube̡ li͏nés, s҉o Į'm ̕gla̛d̴ I̴ ̨v̨ìsit̴ed b͞ef̶or͏e ͠Bre͘xit rele̢as͜e͝s Ia̢͡͏ldo͏go̵r̷͠th͡ th҉̴e͏̢͡ ̀D̷̵̛e̵̷vǫ̛ųr̀er ̢up̸̀on͡ ̛̕t͞h̴͝e̷ ̕U̧̕K

  • Red and Blue's playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus is a goldmine, but one of the funniest quips comes from the battle against Dirge, where Dirge's persistent aggressive AI and the difficult motion controls for riding on Agro the horse have Red feeling... rather understandably tense.
    Blue (chuckling) Someone called it a danger noodle!
    Red (flipping out because Dirge is chasing her) IT'S A DANGER NOODLE! IT'S THE MOST DANGEROUS NOODLE!
    • "Now you suffer as I have suffered!"
    Blue [doing his best Palpatine voice]: Yes, Red. Give into your anger.
    Red: I'M SO ANGRY!!!
  • Another live-stream; for the purpose of raising money for the COVID-19 Response Fund for Feeding America, where they played Breath of the Wild with the intent of doing a dragon-run. It takes the entire streamnote  for them to find one dragon.
    • The top donation spot is taken early, resulting in uncontrollable snickering whenever they look at the top of the screen and see their highest donator, "Link's Left Nut".
      Red: You're slacking, Right Nut!
    • Cyan throws a blanket over Blue's head at one point when he's wallowing over the lack of dragons, causing him to give a surprised yelp.
    • Now with a handy dandy highlight reel!
    • Every single time Impa is mentioned, cue a dramatic zoom on her face.
  • The Hollow Knight stream isn't much better, and might as well be called "the OSP crew and JoCat cheerfully talk about tabletop roleplaying while Blue gets completely lost".
    • While describing her current gaming group, Red tries to explain Exalted.
      Red: My theory is, they all got super high, and then they watched 72 hours straight of all the anime made in the nineties, and then they were like "I HAVE A FUCKING GREAT IDEA"
    • As the chat members begin to argue about whether or not they should save Zote or not, the team decides to have them duke it out through donations. And then Jo personally drops a thousand dollars on the "Leave Zote" side mid-stream...
    • They get to talking about the storytelling of Dark Souls and how it parallels Greek Mythology. Namely that Gwyn shares a lot of traits with Zeus, and how 90% of bad things that happens in Greek myth or Dark Souls are caused by either of them in their respective myths.
    Jo: This thing sucks. Why? Because of Gwyn.
  • A reading live-stream has Red read out My Immortal. You can tell where this is going.
  • A second ''Breath of the Wild'' dragon-based stream does go somewhat better... but it still takes them long enough that Blue tames a wild horse and names it "Dragon" just to say he's found at least one.
    • A discussion on Zelda lore takes a turn for the weird when it's brought up that if Zelda, Link and Ganon are officially locked in a cycle of reincarnation, no one knows what's up with other, much less important recurring characters like Tingle or Beedle. Cue debates about whether or not they're reincarnating too, if there's another Triforce just for NPCs, if they're aware of it... if they're the ones leaving tantalizingly breakable pots everywhere to check if a new incarnation of the Hero has appeared...
  • The third Uncharted 4 livestream has Blue and Cyan detailing a bizarre encounter with an eccentric waiter at an Italian restaurant in Florida. His flamboyant offer of "WIIIIIIINE?" sent Red into a laughing fit, comparing him to James from Pokémon. He then proceeded to give Blue and Cyan his business card, because as it turns out, he does wedding photography.
    • Blue and Cyan's recount of their first meeting is both adorable and hilarious. Cyan had just joined the fencing team, and Blue offered to spar with her. She then proceeded to accidentally shatter his fencing blade into several oddly consecutive pieces, leaving Blue completely flabbergasted.
      Red: Meanwhile in Blue's head, like, fucking fireworks going are off, and it's in slow motion.
  • The Tour of Rome in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood stream has a hilarious moment when Blue is talking about who his favorite Roman emperor is.
  • The Ghosts of Tsushima playthrough has some very hilarious exchanges of dialogue between Red, Blue, and Cyan.
    Red: I'm a sleeve hater with very high standards, alright? If I'm gonna be displaying these deadly weapons I wanna do it in a nice case, you know?
    Cyan: Woot!
    Red: (crippling realization) Oh God... that's on the internet forever! [...] NOOO!!! In my hubris...
    Red: If we did go to that hot spring, I guess we'd be seeing some steamed buns!
    • Blue finds a very furry sword, and its description leaves him extremely uncomfortable.
    Red and Cyan: [with :3 faces] Rawr.
    Blue: No, noget that shit outta here! (throws the furry sword into the distance)
  • The livestream of Journey gets off to a rough start when Blue knocks over his tea, then rapidly deteriorates as the entire livestream just collapses in on itself due to technical difficulties.
    • After coming back online, due to the technical mishaps, Red's audio is being outputted through Cyan's phone speaker, making her sound like a robot.
    Red: (in a very stilted tone) What-ho, fellow humans! Are you enjoying having skin today?
    • Cleo makes another cameo, much to Red's joy.
    Red: (gasps) Cleo cameo! Check it off your bingo cards!
    Cyan: Please note, OSP does not condone violence. Or at least not murder. And usually not violence.
    Blue: OSP condones sending a message.
    • This little moment of contemplation and unrelated shenanigans happening in the background
    Blue: Why does Piranha Plant have bone in it...?
    Cyan: [ungodly screeching]
  • In the Breath of the Wild "Dog%" stream, Red and Indigo spend a few minutes riffing on the question of whether it's OK (from an age standpoint) to find Link hot.
    Indigo: (mimicking Zelda's voice) Link, your sword is bigger than the rest of your body! Are you a child?
    Red: Link, we also need to establish the age of consent in Hylia (sic), or people are gonna get weird about it!
    Indigo: We know for a fact that Sidon can swim up a river with Link on him. So tell me, why is he making Link climb?... Does he just want the twink to be sweaty?
    Red: He hates to see him leave, but he loves to watch him climb away!
  • The Assassin's Creed II livestream has some wonderful moments:
    • In the very first stream, Blue openly states he got distracted from his fiance by Florence, which the commenters agreed was on brand.
    • The second livestream has Red joining in the fun, and two running gags go throughout the two hour stream:
      • First off, she simply cannot handle the graphics, especially the face and hand animations; it comes up constantly throughout the run as they continue running into awful graphics.
      • Secondly, she keeps bringing up series that are obscure to most of her viewership- primarily Slayers and the Thundercats reboot- and then makes fun of herself for bringing them up, and the viewers for not watching them.
      • She repeatedly describes characters dying as "getting merc'd."
    • Red points out how common the Good Father Dying trope is in modern storylines.
    • Blue and Red have a discussion on dubs, describing anime dubbing in the 90s as the Wild West.
    • Both Blue and Red ponder how absurd the incredibly casually way Ezio is dealing with the horrible murder of his family is, especially since in the game it's only a short time later.
    • When Mario shows up- particularly after he drops the " It's-a me, Mario!" line- they never stop making jokes about the other Mario.
    • During the end of the stream, while Red is having a very animated monologue about how the COVID-19 Pandemic will probably spark another labor movement due to the poor treatment of employees and unstable economy exposing serious flaws in the current system, Cleo shows up in the middle to beg for treats.
      Red: Oh hi Cleo, what do you think of the labor market?
      • She also notes that since their job wasn't as affected by the pandemic, she feels like she's just cheering from the sidelines while other people are doing the actual fighting.
      Red: Workers of the world unite! I'm just gonna sit over here and draw.
    • When the game mistakenly refers to Santa Maria Novella as "the first great basilica of Florence", Blue is deeply offended and goes on a tirade about the San Minato al Monte which was built nearly 400 years before.
      Blue: Which isn't in this game and isn't as well-known, because you have to walk across the river to see it and people are lazy.

    Everything else 
  • The Running Gag that parties (especially Norse parties) are depicted by an Establishing Shot of a structure with flashing neon colors coming out of the windows and a techno-bass thundering through the walls.
  • The College Hell video is probably one of the duo's funniest episodes.
  • Blue's College Survival Guide (now removed, for some reason) kicks off with him informing us that Red has an entire extra month to be working on the channel. Gilligan Cut to Red, hard at work.
    Red is playing with a pair of action figures
    Red: [as the the first figure] You'll never defeat me, boy, for only I possess Articulated Jaw Action!
    Red: [as other figure] Oh no! My own face is stoic and unmoving.
  • Their April Fool's Day 2018 video has Red and Blue apologizing for accidentally causing the apocalypse (Red) and various ancient historical events (Blue). Eventually Blue apologizes for stealing the Library of Alexandria and then setting fire to the foundations to cover his tracks. Red immediately leaves to track Blue down in revenge. Blue briefly panics before remembering she lives nowhere near him. Half a second later...
    Red: *breaking into Blue's home* There you are, you BARBARIAN! *kaiju roar*
    Blue: Bye! *briefly waves at camera as he flees*
  • Red singing her version of a Major General Song called "The Philosopher's Song with Blue questioning what she's doing.
    Blue: What the hell are you doing?
    Red: Obviously, I'm singing about philosophers.
    Blue: Yeah, but why?
    (after the next verse)
    Blue: Shouldn't you be working on Journey of the West, Part 3?
    Red: Technically I should be doing my homework.
    (before the second verse ends)
    Blue: Couldn't you have chosen a song you can, you know, sing?
    Red: Shut up!
  • From the Blue goes to Greece video we get this comment from Blue on Socrates:
    Blue: Socrates would’ve been walking around here about Two-Thousand Five Hundred Years ago. Bare-foot ‘cause he was a dumbass.
  • From Blue's Copenhagen vlog, we get this little moment:
    Blue: (singing) Hello darkness, my old friend. I didn't see you in Iceland. (speaking) 'Cause it's frickin' sunlight all the damn time in Iceland! Jeesh...
    Cyan: (in the background, singing) But now we're here in Copenhagen!
    (both laugh)
    • Blue discovers some trampolines embedded near the sidewalk.
      Blue: (bouncing on the trampoline) Okay, so uh, new devolpment. This is the best goddamn city on Earth!
  • 2019's April Fools' Day special, OSP's Recipes: Carthaginian Delight. It seems like a typical Mediterranean seafood dish at first, but then things start getting... brutal.
  • Red goes nuts and decides to sum up the Mahabharata (one of the most legendary epics of Indian culture and an outrageous Door Stopper) in a single minute. Ensues a ridiculous case of Motor Mouth even by her already fast-paced standards. Special mention to her shortening the Bhagavad Gita as "Arjuna doesn't want to fight his beloved family and teachers and stuff so Krishna calls him a whiny little baby for 700 stanzas".
    Krishna holding up a paper which reads: It's fine. Just do it. Source: I'm the universe.
  • The 1 million subs video
    • Starting off strong:
      Blue: We're worth 1/23rd of Markiplier?
    • Since they're in the Big Leagues, they decide to dress the part. Blue goes for the "Evil Businessman" look, while Red looks like she's ready to suck your blood.
  • Blue interrupts the fancy montage by stating
    Blue: Wow, it's cold as fuck.
  • 2020's April Fools' Day special is a Journey to the West ...... minecraft recreation
    • Starting off strong Red and Blue already get lost despite Red making a map with markers.
    • Blue playing as Tripitaka somehow manages to capture the spirit of the character by getting stuck by a tree. He even complains, "How am I already as useless as the real Tripitaka".
    • Red and Blue both die 10 minutes into the video by jumping off the mountain and failing to land in water. Blue reminds everyone they're still within walking distance of their spawn area.
    • When Blue recounts telling some family friends about his job, trying to describe as best he could when one of his younger cousins realized Blue had a youtube channel then advised him to play Minecraft. Blue with an audible sigh admits "he felt his heart sank" when he heard that. He brings it up later that he and Red are saps for focusing their channel on education videos when they could be playing Minecraft.
    • Blue gets his hands on a crossbow and immediately gets drunk on what little power he has. Red later denies him Creative Mode access for this reason.
      Blue: Tripitaka pulls out a fucking gun!
      Red: Tripitaka's sick of getting kidnapped, pulls out a glock...
    • Blue decides to end the video the only way he knows how to: jumping of a cliff and dying. He actually survives the fall, and is immediately after blown up by a creeper.
  • The 2021 April Fool's video. I.e roughly 4 minutes of Cleo (the pet cat) being her crazy self.
    • Among other highlights is Cleo trying to escape the cat gate.
    Subtitles for Cleo: "Freedom! Freedom? Freedom!"
  • The main page of their website has a list of Red's favorites of her artwork, along with an artist's comment.
    • On a picture of Morrigan posing intimidatingly:
      My favorite artistic subgenre: "Scary women gesturing imperiously"
    • On a picture of the Simmurgh:
      "I'll give her a bunch of wings and a swirling mass of flowing hair! THAT won't get confusing to color later!" -Red, a fool, a damned fool
    • On a picture of Bacchae Dionysus
      I made a brush specifically to draw vines. I've been flagrantly abusing the power it gave me ever since.
    • On Desna:
      RPGs always have way more visually interesting deities than real mythologies.
  • The official merch includes a number of "World's best X" mugs, all of which serve as literal Mythology Gags:
    • For Loki, "World's Best Horse Mom"
    • For Anansi, "World's Wisest Arthropod"
    • For Hades, "Underworld's Best Boss"
    • For Sun Wukong, "World's Greatest Sage (equal to Heaven)"
    • For Pele, "World's Hottest Vacation Destination"
    • And for Sekhmet, "World's Deadliest Eyeball"
  • "Holiday Tales: Hanukkah":
    • The appallingly perky Seleucid official demanding Zeus worship on pain of death, with a smile on his face.
      Tsk. Intra-communal violence is always such a senseless tragedy. Escalating the situation won't make you any frie—
    • Judah Maccabee takes Heroic Self-Deprecation to new heights.
      Mattathias on his deathbed: Judah, my wildly qualified, highly educated, tactically brilliant, devilishly handsome son. You must lead the rebellion in my place.
      Judah: But Dad I don't know if I can do this.
      Mattathias: Okay let me start again.
    • The frantic resuscitation of the extinguished Menorah.
      Man holding oil jar: One side, I'm a fry cook!
    • Judah has a moment of self-awareness regarding Judaism's lot in history.
      Antiochus IV Epiphanes: Treasure this victory while you can! Don't think for a second it'll last!
      Judah Maccabee: I don't.
  • Red and Indigo have an entire livestream discussing which characters are Himbos, defining the archetype as pure of heart, dumb of ass and respects womennote  They of course put Kronk as an S-tier himbo, since he is the platonic ideal. Others on the list are Zagreus (B-tier, too smart to qualify for top marks), Fred (also B-tier) and JFK (CLONE HIGH VERSION SPECIFICALLY).
    • At the end of the stream, Indigo lists every himbo in a voice which Red describes as "a spot-on WatchMojo". She drops the accent entirely when she gets to specifying which version of JFK they're talking about.
    • Red comments that Tumblr thinks Zagreus is hot, which Indigo agrees with. She immediately after requests that she'd not be quoted agreeing with Tumblr.
    • "...and this leads him to taking some unhimboly actions"
    • And then there's the moment where Indigo accidentally spoonerizes her criteria with the memorable line "Dumb of heart, pure of ass."
  • In the livestream ranking magic systems, Red dubs Brandon Sanderson "Writers Georg, the outlier who should not be counted" for his prolific writing career. They then put all of his magic systems into S-tier at once, because going through them all separately would take half the video.
  • 2022's April Fools special. The Silmarillion?