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"I'm a monster, baby. There's no saving me. You should just stay away...for your own good..."

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    Journey to the West 

Journey To The West

  • The entire first part of the Journey to the West summarization is ripe with laughs.
    • First off, The Monkey King has a midlife crisis and, in Red's words: 'Pulls a Gilgamesh'. Complete with the Monkey King screaming "TO ADVENTURE!" atop a dingy raft.
    • When discussing the shapeshifting abilities of Sun Wukong, one of the shown transformations is Red herself, who proceeds to question "What the heck is this one." Before the real Red pulls a Dynamic Entry while screaming "NOT THIS TIME T-1000!"
    • How do they depict Sun Wukong getting bored? Having him screaming about how the Celestial Bureaucracy needs Netflix while surrounded in flames.
    • Sun Wukong is apparently not satisfied with just having plain old Complete Immortality and becomes first double immortal by eating heavenly peaches, then triple immortal (and thoroughly drunk) from wine, and finally quadruple immortal (and sober) from Lao Tzu's alchemical experiments.
    Red: And if you wanna know who this Lao Tzu person is...
    Blue: I'm working on it, goddamn it! [Sudden ninja] Ninjasohgod!
    • Three guesses at to what Sun Wukong will do next:
    A) The Rational thing
    B) The 'I'm not getting involved' thing.
    • By the time the Buddha arrives in heaven, Sun Wukong is fighting "thirty-six thunder deities because why not." You get the feeling that the author would have had the Kitchen Sink Included if such things existed back then.
  • The summarization of the third part of Journey to the West is also full of funny things.
    • Wukong having a background saying "expert at kicking ass" with a "demon" sticked there.
    • Every time Venus appears.
    • Wukong being impulsive.
    • During his fight with Pigsy, Wukong asks the pig demon why he's fighting him with a rake.
    Pigsy: A rake? HA! This is no ordinary rake! One blow from this and your very soul will be rent asunder!
    (Pigsy smacks him over the head with the rake. Wukong is unaffected)
    Wukong: (Unimpressed) You were saying?
    Pigsy: (Appropriately terrified) I think I'd like to surrender now, please.
  • The fourth part of Journey to the West is even funnier.
    • The White Bone Demon in general.
    • Pigsy.
    • Sandy glomping Monkey. Doubles as Heartwarming.
    • Tripitaka being a "drama queen".
  • In the fifth episode, how does the Silver Demon King avoid being carried by Sandy? Saying that his face is way too scary.
    • The Red Boy also does this in the sixth episode and we see Sandy having a sad face.
  • Journey to the West episodes continue being funny; part 6 has Red Boy's facial expression when Kuan Yin's lotus platform turns out to actually be a whole bunch of devaraja's swords, for example.
  • Everyone's reaction to Monkey's logic on why they should just abandon the disguised Red Boy, even if he really was a starving orphan.
  • Red Boy suspects the "Bull Demon King" who's gone on a vegetarian diet is an impostor:
    Red Boy: Hey, uh, Father, you know, it's slipped my mind, but, um, any chance you could tell me the exact hour and date of my birth?
    Disguised Wukong: Oh-ho, well, I'm far too old to remember such a weirdly specific fact about you.
    Red Boy: [attacking] My father never shuts up about my birthday!
    Wukong: Seriously? What a nerd.
  • Wukong's gleeful reaction when he realizes what Quan Yin is up to when she slaps five adornments on Red Boy.

    Classics Summarized 
  • Red's summary of Much Ado About Nothing.
    Red: Much Ado About Nothing is the charming tale of love, betrayal, heaping loads of sarcasm, BRIAN BLESSED, Brian Blessed's beard, and grown men splashing around in fountains.
    • When she gets to him again, she insists that BRIAN BLESSED's name can be said in no other fashion.
  • The summarization of Paradise Lost gives us Sexy Satan in all his Daddy Issues glory.
    • This priceless exchange after Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge:
      Jesus: See Eve, this is why you don't make decisions without your husband.
      Satan: Oh, please! You think I couldn't have got that guy to do something stupid? I'm the Father of Lies! He's not even wearing pants!
      Adam: Ahhh! I'm not even wearing pants!
      Jesus: (Face Palm) Not helping, Satan!
      Satan: HA! I've never had my existence summarized so succinctly before!
      Jesus: (exasperated sigh)
      Satan: Call me when Dad makes you suffer and die for these losers! I'll just be over here...ruling in Hell! (laughs and disappears)
      Eve: (to Jesus) Daddy issues?
      Satan: (in the background) I heard that!
    • This exchange between Satan and the Archangel Gabriel:
      Gabriel: So the Prodigal Asshole returns.
    • Red covering up Adam and Eve's naughty bits with a little sign reading "Nope!".
    • At the end of the video when Lucifer returns to hell, Zeus says that he would have screwed with them better. On one hand Zeus could have meant that metaphorically, because he's Zeus. But on the other hand, he meant it literally... because he's Zeus.
  • "Dante's Inferno" is full of funny moments.
    • The Running Gag of Dante's constant fainting and fan-squeeing.
      Virgil: Guess who gets to babysit this loser all the way to Purgatory?
    • Paris and Achilles are in the Second Circle of Hell, which is reserved for the lustful. Paris is clearly enjoying himself, but Achilles...not so much.
    • Red turns out to be an Interactive Narrator when she makes an Incredibly Lame Pun about the heretics in flaming coffins and the characters all turn around and glare at her.
    • The Freeze-Frame Bonus jokes abound in this video. You'll likely need to pause and rewind several times just to catch most of them.
  • In "Paradiso," Red decides to represent Saint Bernard as a Saint Bernard.
    • Upon discovering that God is "A circle full of book and rainbows":
      Red: Wait, wait, wait one sec. Are you telling me God is a Reading Rainbow?!
      (Reading Rainbow title theme plays)
      Red: Oh my god, my childhood just got so much more theologically significant!
  • In the summarization of The Iliad:
    • As Randy Newman's song (you know the one) plays with a reference to a certain Pixar movie series, clips from the movie "Troy" play and stop just short of when a random soldier is about to get javelined through the face.
      Red: Yeah, yeah.
    • Ajax the Lesser is portrayed as a miniature warrior clinging to Ajax the Greater's helmet.
    • Hector's irate expression when Zeus wakes him up, and his bewildered side-eye when Helen interrupts her exposition to scream "ALSO I AM A HUGE SLUT."
    • Red accurately describing Diomedes' and "Only Sneaky Guy in the Entire Greek Army" Odysseus' infiltration of the Trojan camp as a Metal Gear Solid level. Odysseus even has a Solid Snake headband.
      Odysseus: You'll want me as well. I have actual cognitive faculties.
    • Diomedes' solo adventure in Book 5:
      • First, an annoyed Athena viewing the battlefield spots Ares flexing and Aphrodite being a Shipper on Deck.
      • Second, a tiny Athena poofs! in front of Diomedes, giving him the ability to see the incognito gods.
        Athena: And let me be clear about this — do not fight the gods. You will lose. Unless it's Aphrodite, then fight all you want! She's somewhere between a marshmallow fluff and a baby chick in terms of battle prowess!
      • Diomedes then chucks a spear through Aphrodite's wrist, to which she understandably reacts by screaming "OW, F**K!" at the top of her lungs (still with the godly reverb) and dropping the person she was ferrying to safety. As a bonus, the person she was carrying was her son Aeneas.
      • Aeneas gets picked up by Apollo, who Diomedes promptly tries to stab as well. Apollo flares up into full god-mode and gets him to back off.
        Apollo: Step off, kid. Some of us gods are a little sturdier than Aphrodite.
      • After that he's a bit more leery about attacking Ares, but is encouraged by the tiny Athena that reappears on his shoulder.
        Athena: Diomedes! Why aren't you hitting him?
        Diomedes: Be... cause you told me not to?
      • He then proceeds to jab a sword into Ares' gut. Red says that according to videogame logic, he should have become the new God of War, but instead Ares runs and complains to an unsympathetic Zeus.
        Zeus: Man up, you gigantic disappointment!
        Red: (on a teary-eyed Ares) So now Ares hurts on the outside and the inside.
  • In the summarization of The Aeneid:
    • There's a running gag about the localization of the Greek Pantheon to their Roman names. This is shown as a character walking in and erasing the Greek name before replacing it with the Roman one... until he gets to Apollo, who promptly disintegrates him with Finger Gun lasers because Apollo is also named Apollo in the Roman Pantheon as well. This is then followed up when we get to Hermes who apparently goes untranslated for no adequate reason, leading to this exchange:
      Hermes: Apollo, did you disintegrate the localization guy?!
      Apollo: ...Maybe.
    • Then near the end the localization guy returns to rename Hephaestus to Vulcan, to which Red chimes in with "no relation" as an entirely different Vulcan is shown together with the formerly named Hephaestus.
      Spock: This joke was deemed illogical, but necessary.
    • Whenever The Prophecy is mentioned, there's a fanfare of music. Either guitar string riffs, trumpets, choir, or otherwise. The Brick Joke has it being briefly being represented by a party favor.
    • Red getting annoyed with the Roman localization of the Greek gods.
      Red: God, this is more confusing than those stupid Percy Jackson books.
    • The illustration of Aeneas fleeing the city with his son in tow and his father slung over his shoulder.
      Ascanius: Dad where are we going?
      Anchises: Aeneas you forgot my meds —
      Aeneas: Dad so help me I will drop you.
    • Venus stops her son from murdering Helen.
      Venus: Nooooo! Aeneas don't kill her she's too pretty!
      Helen: [Face Palm] Gawd.
    • Blue briefly crashes the video to talk about something he brought up in his own video about the Roman Republic, and ends up getting kicked in the face for it.
      Red: NO!
      Blue: Ohgodnottheface!
      Red: My video!
    • Homer pops in whenever Virgil rips off The Odyssey, understandably upset.
      Homer: DUDE!!
      Virgil: Shh, I'm busy.
    • Then near the end, Virgil stops ripping off The Odyssey.. and starts ripping off The Iliad
      Virgil: Well, that was fun!
      Homer: Are you done?
      Virgil: Time for books 7 through 12!
      Homer (offscreen): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    • But before that, Virgil retcons one of his OCs onto Odysseus's crew.
      Achaemenides: Hiya captain!
      Odysseus: Who the hell are you and how did you get on my ship.
    • At the beginning Aeneas is cursed by a harpy to not reach Italy before his crew is so hungry that they eat their tables. Cut to near the end where he is eating proto-pizza, complete with a Little Ceasar's cardboard pizza box next to him. How does this present a loophole to avoid starvation?
      One of Aeneas's men: "Hey, check it out! We got so hungry we ate a bread / table / plate thing!
    • This is then immediately followed up by Aeneas gasping The Prophecy! in realization in front of a background of pixel art pizza slices.
    • Having finally found Italy, Juno (Romanized version of Hera) is having none of it and unleashes the Fury Alecto to cause havoc. How is she depicted doing this?
      Juno: Alecto, I choose you!
  • From the summary of Dracula:
    • Red mentions how the defining character trait of vampires has shifted from horrifying and unholy to glamorous and sexy. She describes the change in the most hilarious way possible, which explains why it's the title picture for this page.
    Red: Much like Paradise Lost reimagining Satan into a sexy bad boy, something must have shifted the pop culture perspective on vampires from "inhuman monster" to (suddenly dramatic, with "Total Eclipse of the Heart" playing in the background, somewhere between extreme Mangst and extreme Wangst) "I'm a monster, baby. There's no saving me. You should just stay away, for your own good."
    Red: Boy, I misinterpreted that line....
  • From the summarization of Frankenstein:
    • Red sums up the story as a whole at points as an exhaustive Nested Story, with Walton reacting with excitement at what he'll tell his sister and her appropriately confused reaction to the whole thing.
    • The Rule of Three in place with the Fatal Flaw Victor faces throughout his story: Is he easily corruptible to new knowledge and risk becoming naïve or overly close-minded depending which extreme he chooses to follow to avoid becoming overwhelmed and jaded from knowledge about the creation of man? No, not really. Does he face future crippling insecurity at no longer being the smartest person in the classroom? No, not even close. Does his thirst for knowledge spiral out of control when he enrolls in college? Oh yes.
    • As the monster tells his story after being abandoned:
      Red: The monster (wandering around in the forest right after Victor ran away from the university) was basically a giant. Newborn. Baby. Victor.
  • From the MacBeth one, we have...this:
    Red: Patrick Stewart may be getting old but he sure knows how to rock a tank top (smacks self) NO! FOCUS!
  • While summarizing Beowulf, Red is initially surprised that it took three murder sprees by Grendel before Hrothgar finally decided to do something about it. But then she remembered that they where Nords and that their deaths was probably just seen as an excuse to party even harder. Her theory is instead that Hrothgar simply grew tired of having to install new doors every night.

    Miscellaneous Myths 
  • From the Underworld Myths video:
    Red: Unfortunately, Osiris ends up missing a...very important piece. (gags)
    • Horus and Set end up fighting over what Set did to Osiris, and they both lose... important organs.
    Horus: Agh! My eye!
    • Izanagi picks the worst time to start making puns:
    Red: But unfortunately, one of the kidsnote  turns out to be a little...
    Izanami: (weakly) Izanagi, I'm dying...
    Izanagi: What? But I'm just warming up!
    Izanami: (angrily) IZANAGI!
    Red: So the lesson of this particular legend is if you're gender non-binary, you're magic, Ishtar loves you, and even the queen of hell thinks you're hot.
  • The Pygmalion/Galatea video is ripe full of hilarity.
    • Red's exasperation with Pygmalion's... odd expectations of a woman. Namely that they don't do things like speak or have sex.
    Red: I don't know how to tell you this, buddy, but we do have a word for that now. Several words, actually.
    Pygmalion: STOOOP!
    • Red draws comparisons between Pygmalion's adoration of Galatea with the modern obsession of waifus, especially with Japanese body pillows. This later leads to this gem of a line:
      Red: He begs [Aphrodite] to bring his waifu to life-u.
    • Aphrodite gets introduced to the chorus of "Single Ladies".
  • From Amaterasu and the Cave, Red assures the audience that's she's not kidding or exaggerating when she mentions how the gods suggested that Ame-no-Uzume lure Amaterasu out of the cave with a striptease.
  • "Sisyphus Captures Death":
    Athena: Uh, duh, you guys.
    Aphrodite: Well, we can't all have cities with fully developed legal systems.
    • Sisyphus' fraudulously peaceful fate karmically comes full circle doesn't compare to what happens when he finally dies of old age and finds himself face to face with all three death gods he's pissed off, all of whom are giving him a different variety of Death Glare (Thanatos is cracking his knuckles, Persephone is trembling with rage, and Hades is just exasperated).
  • The Poetic Edda has plenty of hilarious moments.
    • Red beforehand tells the audience to set aside their Marvel-based assumptions about the Norse pantheon before the video begins.
    Red: Just to confirm: Odin's not a neglectful father, Loki's not a misunderstood puppy dog, and Thor is not a chick!
    • Red's pronunciation problems seem to be consistent: consider her attempt to pronounce "Völuspá" in the Poetic Edda summarization.
    Red: Before we go any further, I'd like to apologize profusely for my complete inability to pronounce Icelandic words. With that in mind, this is the vURLSHbAa.
    Subtitles: (Not quite, Red.)
    Red: So the V-Vu... ...*dismayed sigh*
    Red, later in the video: Now that's where the creation myth basically ends, and the narrator for the Vuh... Vöurshbuh...
    Subtitles: (Keep trying.)
    Red: Hmmmmph...
    • Red brings up how mythological Loki was "nowhere near as cute as Tom Hiddleston would have you believe", at which moment mythological Loki shows up and insists that he was definitely cute.
    • Thor is none too pleased with having to dress up as Freya to get his hammer Mjölnir back from the king of the frost giants. On the way to Jotunheim accompanied by Loki, who's posing as his maidservant, Thor has a sudden realization:
    Thor: Wait a minute, you're the shapeshifter! Why the Hel couldn't you be Freya?!
    • ”What follows is Seven stanzas of dwarf names, some of which seems... suspiciously... famili— TOLKIEN YOU HACK!”
    • Loki’s "best horse mom" mug - a literal Mythology Gag.
  • In the Miscellaneous Myths episode about Cu Chulainn, to represent the titular hero enduring a lot of cheating from the opposing army, one thing he gets hit with is *TWENTY-NINE SIMULTANEOUS RIGHT HOOKS*, which he takes while barely flinching.
  • In the video for Eros and Psyche's story, Aphrodite tasks Psyche with four tasks to win back Eros's love. Then a title card shows up for about two seconds to tell us that Psyche's sisters fell off a cliff and died.
    • Also from that video, when Eros goes to Zeus to make Psyche immortal, this exchange occurs:
      Eros: Zeus, if you make this work, Aphrodite is going to be a grandmother.
    • The video starts off with her describing Psyche as a Princess ("plot twist?"), who's beautiful ("plot twist?") and lonely ("plot twist?!")
      Red: But she's not just any lonely, beautiful Princess - she's a lonely, beautiful Princess even more beautiful than Aphrodite! Oh, that ain't good.
  • Red's rendition of the story of Arachne, which can be summed up as "Athena Desperately Tries To Choke Back On Her Greek God Reactions When Faced With Someone Too Dumb to Live."
    • Athena scopes out the situation disguised as an old woman.
      "Old Woman": Hello missy. What's this I hear?
      Arachne: Just a little light blasphemy!
    • Arachne's expression after Athena drops her mortal disguise perfectly encapsulates the feeling of Oh, Crap!.
    • After destroying Arachne's distasteful tapestry of Zeus' (read: Athena's father) sexual proclivities, Athena whacks Arachne over the head with a weaving shuttle, and Red guesses she did so while yelling "WHAT. WERE. You. THINKING?!" to emphasize the point.
      Athena: Considering your audience is essential when creating any form of art! [schrippp]
    • Arachne retains her sass even after being turned into a spider.
      Arachne: [woven into a cobweb] WHAT THE HECK
      Athena: Aw, you're fine. You can still make your art!
      Arachne: [begins weaving something else]
      Athena: You better not be drawing dicks.
  • In The "Miscellaneous Myths: Aphrodite" video, Red apparently had a bit of a field day censoring the various pictures depicting the titular goddess. Pixellation wasn't enough; she tossed up various text bits that are worth a good chuckle.
    • Red refers to the Aphrodite backstory where she gets created when Ouranos' severed testicles fall into the sea as the "bath bomb ballsack" version.
    • When discussing how Aphrodite mainly stopping being a war goddess when she got to Greece, you can see bandages covering a wound on her wrist, likely caused by a man named Diomedes.
  • Red discusses the Pegasus:
    Red: Now, most of you probably know what the Pegasus is, but his origins are a little wackier than you might think.
    [cut to a bird seated at a candlelit table, making sexy eyes at a horse]
    Red: Yep, even wackier than that.
  • From the video on Dionysus, we get this exchange:
    Orphic Dionysus: Yeah, I died one time, no big.
    Dionysus: I thought I died once. Turns out that's just what happens when you make daiquiris with Hephaestus's special stash.
    • During the explanation of the Dionysia and how Psistratus imported it to Athens, there's a part where the tyrant is explaining just what Dionysus would do to the junk of those who refused to worship him.. Dionysus himself is hovering over Psistratus' shoulder, first looking confused and then very concerned when the tyrant tells the crowd what he's going to do to them.
    Red: This is not a joke, and is also the reason why the Dionysia would feature a parade with people carrying sculpted junk.
  • "Tam Lin":
    • Bonny Janet getting "caught" in Carterhaugh.
    Tam Lin: What are you doing in my haunted glen at this time of night? Don't you know the stories?
    Janet: Aw, jeez, looks like I left my rings and cloak at home! Well, I'm sure I can think of something to offer you... [Tam Lin stares at her] Look, you're cute and everyone at my dad's castle is like, super old.
    Red: So Janet and Tam Lin do what young attractive singles do —
    [Sexy Discretion Shot of the moon over Carterhaugh]
    Janet: Yahtzee!
    Tam Lin: Aw man.
  • The Theogony:
    • When talking about Zeus and Metis making Kronos vomit up his children, Red visualizes this by drawing Kronos doing a Spit Take after drinking some tea, with said children flying out with the spit.
    • Zeus and Hera birthing Hephaestus and Ares is visualized with a drawing of Hera nonchalantly tossing Hephaestus over her shoulder while tenderly holding Ares. Zeus appears to be doing a Double Take at this.
      • Red attempts to differentiate what Zeus did to Metis... but does relent that it was an ironic, stupid and horrible move on his part.
    Red: Zeus, wanting to remain super-cool-badass-god-of-everything forever, solves the problem (of Gaia's prediction of the two birthing a smarter and stronger daughter and son who would supplant him) by eating Metis, but not in like a murder way, more like a... subsuming-her-essence-into-himself-so-she-can-give-him-wisdom-and-advice way... is that better...? Eh, still a huge dick move.
    Red: Zeus, having successfully dodged the destiny of being supplanted by his own kid by learning the lessons of history his father had failed to internalize, proceeds to flagrantly bang his way across the Mediterranean secure in the knowledge that this could literally never go badly for him.
    Red: Ever. (ominous closing-up on Kratos) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeever.
  • In the "Momotarō" episode, his second companion is a monkey.
    Red: No, not that one.
    Sun Wukong: This isn't China.
  • In "Iphigenia":
    • Menelaus starts having qualms about the Human Sacrifice of his niece. Agamemnon isn't having it.
      Agamemnon: No! There are no take-backsies on god-solicited murder attempts!
    • Clytemnestra tears a hole in the fake-marriage scheme simply by talking to the "groom."
      Achilles: Wait, what? I can't be getting married! What'll I tell my hetero life-mate Patroclus?
  • In the Theseus and Pirithous video (where the latter wants to steal Persephone and marry her), we get this line as they sit down to dinner, invited by 'a slightly livid Hades':
    Red: May as well get to know your future husband-in-law before kidnapping and marrying his wife.
  • From the video about King Arthur:
    Red: So the moral of this complex, century-spanning story is: if Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot had all just been honest about their feelings and entered into a mutually supportive romantic relationship, we could have called it a poly-armoury. Thank you and good night! *cut to credits*
  • The tale of Gawain and the Green Knight also ramps up the "poly-armoury" with Gawain having to kiss the Green Knight three times due to a "I give you whatever I get and you give me whatever you get" deal, as the Green Knight's wife keeps flirting with Gawain and he can't sleep with her nor can he turn her down.
    Green Knight: (after Gawain kisses him on the cheek) Aw! Who'd you get this from? (BIG grin)
    Gawain: Mmmmmnobody.
  • From the Huitzilopochtli video, Coatlicue gets her head cut off by her daughter Coyolxauhqui, but her neck sprouts two huge snakes.
    Coatlicue: YOU ARE SO GROUNDED
  • From the Five Suns video, the way the First Sun bit it was a pissed off Tetzcatlipoca summoning a rain of jaguars...very vocal jaguars.
    Raining Jaguars: MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW
  • At one point in the Bellerophon video, Red skips over an unimportant part by saying, "...but after a confusing incident involving some divine intervention from Poseidon and a whole bunch of naked women..." This never gets followed up on.
  • For the Hermes video, Red having way too much fun with the fact that Hermes starts his trickery "literally the day he was born."
    Baby Hermes: MISCHIEF TIME!
    • Also, Hermes' conception:
    Maia: Zeus, you dick.
    Hera: (on Olympus) What?!
    Zeus: Nothing, Hera dear!
    Maia: I live in a cave to avoid this crap!
    • Even as a baby, Hermes is a snarky little troll.
    Apollo: WHERE ARE MY COWS?!
    Hermes: Now what would I, a mere infant, know of these "cows" you speak of?
    • And as a god-sized cherry on top, Zeus is just laughing his head off at said trickery.
    • There's a brief shot of Heracles while Red is discussing Greek mythos and its fascination with underdogs, with him heroically running and the caption "ALL RIGHTY THEN LET'S GO FIGHT A PIG!"
  • The video on Io sums up Zeus in a single sentence:
    • Heracles and his family tree, which has Red commenting on how much incest keeps popping up in the family line, most of it from Zeus, Zeus 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Zeus 3: This Time It's Personal.
    • The transformed Io explains things to her father by writing with her hoof in the dirt.
  • The ending of the video on Atlantis, in which Red states that the weirdest thing she learned while researching the topic is learning that Timaeus and Critias weren't just random names made up for the Waking the Dragons arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Red: Yu-Gi-Oh! knew more about Atlantis then I did...that one...that one kinda stung.
    • Red explaining how Blue is terrified to watch Aquaman:
    Blue: The deeper you go, the more nightmares there are. There's always a BIGGER FISH!
  • In the Utgard-Loki video, the increasingly silly embarrassments that Thor and Loki face while trying to impress Utgard-Loki, including Thor failing to pick up a cat and then losing a wrestling match to an old lady.
    Red: The drinking horn that Thor failed to empty was actually connected to the ocean, which is clearly undrinkable, but through his valiant efforts to get drunk, he managed to lower the world's water level several feet. This is the first time Utgard-Loki is like "Oh balls, I might be in over my head."
  • In the Animal Brides video, Red is just so done with the self-centered, entitled pricks who manipulate and/or coerce these "animal brides" into marrying them, to the point of playing Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" as bumper music.
    • For the Swan Bride myth, the peasant hunter's Imagine Spot of the beautiful swan-woman he is in love with has a thought cloud of her saying "My diet is mostly bugs."
    • One of Red's guitar strings unexpectedly breaks during the end credits.
  • For the Jorogumo myth, Red talks about how the titular yokai is deviating form the usual creepy spider myth by also shapeshifting into a beautiful woman. Cue Blue showing up to talk about another case of this happening.
    Red: Tolkien's crippling arachnophobia did not die for this.
  • For the legend of El Dorado, the sheer amount of totally deserved misfortune that befalls the Spaniards trying to reach it.
    • First of all, the sacred lake filled with golden artifacts that no one can get to. First in 1545, they try to drain the lake via bucket chain, which does let them extract a modest but nonetheless profitable amount of gold from the lowered shores. Next in 1580, an entrepreneur tries to make a notch to lower the lake further, and the notch collapses, killing most of the workers and bankrupting the company. Finally in 1898, a company manages to drain the entire lake....turning it into four feet of muck that swiftly turned to concrete under the sun and imprisoned the gold within it, leaving them unable to make back their money and bankrupting the company. At that point they gave up trying to extract the gold and made the lake a protected site in 1965.
      Red: Wow, it's almost like this lake is deeply sacred and f*cking with it is just asking for trouble!
    • The natives repeatedly tricking conquistadors into going to dangerous places by spreading rumors that it's the way to El Dorado. And yet, even though the majority of these expeditions result in everyone dying, the conquistadors keep falling for it.
    • And the clincher? The conquistadors don't find as much gold as they like, but it turns out to be the only place in the world where platinum is abundant, which they throw away as scrap, not knowing that a single pile of the stuff would eventually be worth an entire city of gold. It gets so bad that people eventually use platinum to counterfeit gold coins and Spain winds up dumping their entire nation's supply of platinum into the ocean. Red is positively gleeful at the irony.
    Red: It's such an incredibly apt metaphor for the flaws in the colonialist system and how the lust for gold literally blinded them to the true, unique value of the New World that if I read this in a book, I'd call the writer a hack!

    Modern Classics Summarized 
  • Red refuses to illustrate her video for Of Mice & Men, instead using the '90s adaptation. Her reasoning? She gets far more emotionally-attached to characters she's had to draw, citing her Big "WHY?!" reaction in The Odyssey as an example.
  • Red describing H. P. Lovecraft as less "having issues" and more "a bundle of issues shambling around in a roughly bipedal form", and how his Trauma Conga Line of a life is almost a Kafka Comedy.
    • When recapping his life, she mentions that he had access to a well-stocked home library, but "had too delicate a constitution for math." This causes her to briefly pause and give an Aside Glance at the audience.
      • The initial captions also add a Flat "What" during the pause.
      • She also theorizes that he may have suffered from an Inferiority Superiority Complex, as evidenced by the image that pops up when she discusses his racism.
        Drawing!Lovecraft: My superior blood sets me above the common man. Because if I'm not inherently exceptional, I'm just another shrinkingly insignificant mote in the cold, pitiless gaze of the unfeeling cosmos. And that'd just be incomprehensibly horrifying!
      • Red imagines his reaction to the concept of the non-visible spectrum.
        Photograph!Lovecraft: You mean there exist colors that man has never seen? [sprouts a gigantic pair of Wiggle Eyes] What might they be capable of?!
      • And once that results in another case of Artistic License – Physics:
    • The Running Gags of H.P. Lovecraft's initials meaning something else (e.g. "Hates Progress Lovecraft"), as well as "The Colour Out of Space" having a "mysterious color unlike any seen on Earth."
    • Her exasperated reaction to the oh-so-subtle "Gilman Hotel" in Innsmouth.note 
      • She also calls him Robert "What-Are-Warning-Bells" Olmstead at his dogged persistence of travelling the cheapest way possible.
    • She concludes the video with an acoustic rendition of "Under the Sea", partially because she can't help but think how horrified Lovecraft would have been by the modern "hot fish people" trope, with Ariel greeting Robert Olmstead.
    • The professors of Miskatonic University confront The Dunwich Horror with spells, an anti-invisibility potion... "and a really big gun."
      Dr. Morgan: We don't know it won't work! Get off my back!
    • Speaking of Miskatonic University, this is what Wilbur says when he turns up there looking for the Necronomicon:
      Wilbur: Where do you keep the evil books?
      • This is shortly followed by the librarian looking over Wilbur's shoulder, triggering a technicolor background and spooky music to signify the eldritch lore he was gleaning from the convenient page.
    • Red describes mysterious goings-on at the Whateley farm:
      Red: [The Whately family] also start[s] buying a lot of cows, although oddly, they never seem to have a lot of cows.
  • In "A Christmas Carol", Red mentions that she'd like to use clips from her favorite adaptation, but doesn't want to deal with copyright claims from "the multi limbed Eldritch Abomination that is the House of Mouse", accompanied by a drawing of Red wielding a sword against Nyarlathotep with a pixelated Mickey Mouse head on it.
    • Red describing Jacob Marley shutting down Scrooge:
    Red: Marley responds by ripping off his head wrapping and his jaw falls off. Wow, if I could do that I would never lose an argument again!
    • Red's attempt at describing the Ghost of Christmas Past and shortly thereafter comparing it to a Biblical angel.
    • This delightful bit of Black Comedy:
    Red: Scrooge reads the room and asks the Ghost [of Christmas Present] if Tiny Tim is going to live and the Ghost is all "NOOOPE!"
    • Red making jabs at how long it took Scrooge to figure out that the dead guy in the "Christmas Yet to Come" timeline was him.
  • For Lord of the Flies, Red dubs the conch shell "Shelley", then this happens.
    Red: So Ralph blows Shelley...(laughs)
    Screen: I'M AN ADULT
  • Even though All Quiet on the Western Front is incredibly depressing (y'know, because World War One), Red adds kittens to fill in scenes that weren't addressed in its movie adaptation, along with a few confused comments about why... well, because kittens and levity.

    Trope Talks 

    History Summarized 
  • In the start of his video about the history of the Iroquois confederation, Blue says that he managed to get his hands on a rare and very accurate document detailing the history of this nation. Cue a cutscene from Assassin's Creed III.
    • Which leads to a Brick Joke at the end of the video when Blue is talking about how Iroquois history is a great example of the value of peace and cooperation. Cut to Connor murdering a British soldier with a tomahawk.
  • From the Pope Fights video:
    Benedict IX: I was told there would be snacks. I've been drinking wine and eating from this gigantic case of Nilla Wafers for three days straight, and for some reason the Cardinals are all mad at me now.
    • Pope Boniface VIII responding to an insult from Philip IV of France with a variation of the Navy Seal Copypasta.
  • The plethora of alternate nicknames Blue gives to Alexander the Great in his video on the man are absolutely glorious. They all include, but certainly aren't limited to:
    • Alexander the Soon-to-be-Great
    • Alexander the Oblique
    • Alexander the Shiny and New
    • Alexander the Suddenly Preoccupied
    • Alexander the Legit
    • Alexander the Passable
    • Alexander with the Good Hair
    • Alexander the Thorough
    • Alexander the Alright
    • Alexander the Adaptable
    • Alexander the Hostage Taker
    • Alexander the Hamilton
    • Alexander the Flammable
    • Alexander the alriiiight, alriiiight, alriiiight
    • Alexander the Thoroughly Miffed
    • Alexander the Persistent
    • Alexander the Absolutely Flawless
    • Alexander the Adventuresome
    • Alexander the Overhyped
    • Alexander the Regal
    • Alexander the Feisty
    • Alexander the Good Boy
    • Alexander the Is Coarse and Rough and Irritating and Gets Everywhere
    • Alexander the Demigod
    • Alexander the Underwood
    • Alexander the Elfheid
    • Alexander the Tactically Gifted
    • Alexander the Ample
    • Alexander the Decent
    • Alexander the Alexandest
    • Alexander the A.O.K
    • Alexander the Eastbound
    • Alexander the Sculpt-Me-Pretty-Or-I'll-Kill-You
    • Alexander the Looking-More-Persian-By-The-Day
    • Alexander the Still-Basically-Kind-Of-A-Teenager
    • Alexander the Dead
    • Alexander the Promachos
    • Alexander the Artistos
    • Alexander The Conquerer
    • Alexander the Horseman
    • Alexander the (ugh, damnit!) Great
  • Throughout the "Cleopatra" video, Blue is continually astounded at how intelligent and cunning Cleopatra VII was, seeing how many generations of inbreeding produced her. Doubles as heartwarming when he also mentions her caring side not only towards people she highly trusted, but also to the Egyptian people and her political allies, considering the fact that she's often been portrayed as a villainous-only ruler in most popular media, and/ or as a mere incidental figure to ancient Roman history (aka the one who brought down Marcus Anthony through seduction).
    • Another from the Cleopatra video: When Blue is elucidating about how Cleopatra used her royal authority to actually respond to her people's needs, instead of being a party animal like her ancestors, several letters and her responses flash by. All of them are pretty hilarious!
    Letter 1: My Queen, Crocodiles have crowded into the courthouse, causing complete chaos! Send help!
    Cleopatra: Let's see here, a letter from Castor of Memphis. I'll dispatch Stephanos Irwinius immediately.
    Letter 2: Will Siwa ever know peace? -Bayek
    Cleopatra: And a letter from... oh great, Bayek of Siwa. Dear Horus not this nonsense again.
    Cleopatra's reply: Hi Bayek, no it won't. Stop asking and go back to assassinating my enemies for me. XOXO, Isis.
    Letter 3: My Queen, would your grace please release the Pharaoh from the Millennium Puzzle? For real this time?
    Cleopatra: And one more from a priest of Yami Yugi. That's the fourth letter this year. Alright...
    Cleopatra's reply: Tell your Pharaoh that he can have his freedom when he defeats me in Duel Monsters, and not a moment sooner. Git Gud scrub.
  • "Pope Fights 2 — The Reformation":
    • Blue takes some potshots at the House of Habsburg's penchant for Royal Inbreeding. One bit of text refers to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V as "a Habsburg with a jawline only a sister could love", and later quips "I would tell the Habsburgs to go screw themselves, but they beat me to the punch".
    • The Running Gag of Red poking her head in to tell Blue to add more memes to the video.
  • In "The Fall of Rome," Blue sums up the sack of Rome:
    Blue: The Eastern Empire had politely asked the Visigoths to go bother the West for land instead. In 410 those Visigoths made their quest to Rome instead by rolling up to the city and promptly sacking it. This is what we historians call an "Oh, shit" moment.
    • From the opening seconds alone, you get this gem:
    Blue: No matter when you go, Rome is a great city to visit, because you can see all four seasons: (picture shifts through Rome in different seasons) Winter, spring, summer, fall("Destruction" of "The Course of Empires" painting on-screen)-OHHHH NOOOOO-
    (We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties screen reading "Welcome To My Hell)
    • "Casting" Phil Swift and Flex Tape as Diocletian and his reforms. Later, representing the splitting of the Empire with the boat sawn in two.
  • In "Scotland", Blue proves himself to be very wary of one particular theater superstition:
    Blue: —but beyond outside threats, there were also constant internal fisticuffs over the crown. The quintessential example of the early Scottish king is Macbeth... whom hereafter shall be referred to exclusively as "MacBoy" because that play is HAUNTED and I'm not looking for trouble.
  • Blue's horror at witnessing the number of times England and Scotland have gone to war.
    Blue: So I took a little peruse to see how many times the two actually fought each other and- Sweet MOTHER MARY! THAT IS A LOT OF STABBING! Scotland...who hurt you? Trick question: England!
  • For the Vikings video, Blue summarizing why the histories depicting the Vikings were so brutal.
    Blue: Those records were written by people with an axe to grind with the Vikings, i.e. the English and North European Christians who were on the receiving end of a hefty handful of raids. If someone showed up unannounced, yoiked everything you owned, and killed a non-negligible amount of people on the way, you'd be pretty justified leaving a one-star review about your guests.
  • In "French Empire", Blue notes the stark visual contrast between King George III and Napoleon Bonaparte.
    Blue: King George of England has a powdered wig and all this royal fance, but pretty boy Bonaparte was the most powerful dude in Europe, and he looks like the missing Jonas Brother! Why is the Emperor of France a shōnen protagonist?!

    OS Podcasts 
  • The twelfth episode of their podcast, which is essentially 17 minutes of Blue improvising about how utterly absurd the Ptolemy dynasty of Egypt was (including multiple generations of inbreeding), and slowly losing his mind as he tries to comprehend it. The whole mess caps off with this:
    Blue: "This is the legacy of ancient Greece. Ancient Athens is like 'Yeah, we're gonna be so cool! We're gonna rule over all the Greeks!' and Macedon's like 'LOL, nope! Just kidding! It's gonna be us!' And then Alexander dies drunk at a party, and this sh*t happens! NO!" <beat> "Um, thank you very much for tuning into the, uh, twelfth episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast. I need a drink, and I will see you all later."


Everything else:

  • The Running Gag that parties (especially Norse parties) are depicted by an Establishing Shot of a structure with flashing neon colors coming out of the windows and a techno-bass thundering through the walls.
  • The College Hell video is probably one of the duo's funniest episodes.
    Red: And we all know the people who belong in this next bol-hey.
    Red: I believe you mean es español!
    (string guitar riff)
    • Red constantly pronounces "bolgia" wrong, which annoys the crap out of Blue. He finally gets fed up and tells her she's not allowed to say it anymore. Cue her finally saying it correctly. Blue's reaction is appropriately hilarious.
    YouTube Commenter: I guess you could say he went... Super Saiyan Blue.
    Red: Just gonna let that one slide...
    • And at the end:
    Blue: Okay Red, say it with me 'cause this is going to bother me to no end. Bolgia.
    Red: Bolgee.
    Blue: Bolgia.
    Red: Bolja.
    Blue: You are pure evil!
  • Their April Fool's Day 2018 video has Red and Blue apologizing for accidentally causing the apocalypse (Red) and various ancient historical events (Blue). Eventually Blue apologizes for stealing the Library of Alexandria and then setting fire to the foundations to cover his tracks. Red immediately leaves to track Blue down in revenge. Blue briefly panics before remembering she lives nowhere near him. Half a second later...
    Red: *breaking into Blue's home* There you are, you BARBARIAN! *kaiju roar*
    Blue: Bye! *briefly waves at camera as he flees*
  • Red singing her version of a Major General Song called "The Philosopher's Song with Blue questioning what she's doing.
    Blue: What the hell are you doing?
    Red: Obviously, I'm singing about philosophers.
    Blue: Yeah, but why?
    (after the next verse)
    Blue: Shouldn't you be working on Journey of the West, Part 3?
    Red: Technically I should be doing my homework.
    (before the second verse ends)
    Blue: Couldn't you have chosen a song you can, you know, sing?
    Red: Shut up!
  • The Greek Gods in a collection of Vines. No, seriously.
    Surtur: So, we still gonna destroy Earth?
    Jormungandr: Nah, they're doing a pretty good job without us.
    Fenrir: I feel lazy, like we don't even have to do anything!

    Freyr: People ask me how I get the wet look in my hair. Tell them I use "Essence of England" gel. They say "What's that?" (amidst a raging thunderstorm) I USE THE FUCKING RAIN!
    Ra: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! And weasels. Those little bastards'll get ya-

    Osiris: (playing the guitar and singing) Hey~. How ya doin'? Well, I'm doin' just fine. I lied. I'm dying inside.

    • The title for Medjed's skit is just "Medjed is a Real God and I Love Them So Much"
    • And back to the Greeks:
      Apollo: Why do we even need Coming Out Day? Everyone's a little gay!
      Achilles: (wearing an "If Found, Return To Patroclus" shirt) Well, I'm a big gay, and I'm coming out today as the World's Biggest Gaynote 

      Demeter: You get one on your knee from "tripping", and now this?
      Persephone: (pointing to a bandage on her arm) Mom, for the last time, this is not a hickey!

      Hades: In the winter I like to dress in a cozy black jacket, shirt, and jeans. In the summer I wear.....the same thing, because I look good in black and I'm willing to suffer!
    • And now a crossover with Journey to the West.
      Tripitaka: Do you have any shaving cream?
      Sun Wukong: Nah, I don't like the way that it tastes.
      Tripitaka: Wait, you eat shaving cream?
      Wukong: No, why would I eat it when I don't like the taste?

    • Another one, mixing some mythologies and literature together:
      • Hamlet Act 1 Scene V is Shia LeBouf's "JUST DO IT!" shouting intermixed with Michael Scott screaming "NO!"
      • "Loki still isn't sure if that was hyperbole"
      Loki: (Stares in horrified confusion)
      • "Sekhmet: the cat that mauls your belongings. Bast: The cat that you never actually see move."
      Horus: Hey, bro, what do you want to eat?
      Sekhmet: The souls of the innocent!
      Bast: A bagel.
      Sekhmet: No!
      Bast: Two bagels.

  • From the Blue goes to Greece video we get this comment from Blue on Socrates:
    Blue: Socrates would’ve been walking around here about Two-Thousand Five Hundred Years ago. Bare-foot ‘cause he was a dumbass.
  • From Blue's Copenhagen vlog, we get this little moment:
    Blue: (singing) Hello darkness, my old friend. I didn't see you in Iceland. (speaking) 'Cause it's frickin' sunlight all the damn time in Iceland! Jeesh...
    Cyan: (in the background, singing) But now we're here in Copenhagen!
    (both laugh)
  • 2019's April Fools' Day special, OSP's Recipes: Carthaginian Delight. It seems like a typical Mediterranean seafood dish at first, but then things start getting... brutal.
  • For their City Reviews series:
    • Red's take on Boston:
      Red: I nearly got hit by a car outside of a Dunkin' Donuts, and that is not allowed to be how I die.
      Red: Everyone knows New York traffic is a nightmare, but New Yorkers know to fear Boston drivers. If New York is Mad Max then Boston is The Purge. No one is safe, traffic laws are meaningless, and the only goal is to survive as long as you can. When I told a Boston friend I'd heard the drivers are nuts, she told me in total seriousness that using your blinker is a sign of weakness. I laughed. She didn't.
    • Blue's take on Copenhagen:
      • It starts out great with him discussing transit options.
      Blue: 10/10 Guys, please cut it out, you're making the rest of the world look bad.
      • Even going so far as to imply modern Danish architecture is achieved through magic.
      Blue: Why does this power plant have a ski slope on top of it?! I usually hate modern art but Copenhagen consistently nails it, so I just kinda hope their design-sorcerers is being fairly compensated. I don't say this lightly, but I am fairly sure Copenhagen has all the bases covered. Guys! Cut it out! 0/10, this isn't fair anymore!
      • Boston has drivers that make you fear for your life. Copenhagen is far more insidious apparently
      Food in Copenhagen is amazing if you know where to look for it, and a literal death trap if you don't. For instance, the first time I visited I ate at a tourist trap in Nyhavn that was overpriced and terrible. The second time I went to Copenhagen I went to Nyhavn again and got food poisoning. Lesson learned: Do not eat at Nyhavn. [...] 6/10, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Nyhavn.
      • On the danish people as a whole quickly devolves into riffing on the danish language.
      The biggest downside to Denmark is that the danish language is an absolute nightmare, I've heard that the best way to learn danish is to learn swedish and then get drunk, and I believe it, but don't say that to a dane because they will knife you for comparing them to Sweden. [...] 7/10, What did you monsters to do those poor consonants?! [...] Stay clear [of Copenhagen] if you're allergic to new languages, or are swedish.
    • Blue's take on London
      • Londoners are apparently hiding something dark and sinister..
      Blue: Londoners are great when they open up and all laugh at the abyss together, but their coziness with primordial fear makes me worry there's a L̵ovećr͟af͢ti͡an Eld͡er̡ G͞od ͠ch̕i̷ll͢in̶g ̡so͏mew͏h̡er̸e ųnderńe҉a͝th͡ the҉ t͘ube̡ li͏nés, s҉o Į'm ̕gla̛d̴ I̴ ̨v̨ìsit̴ed b͞ef̶or͏e ͠Bre͘xit rele̢as͜e͝s Ia̢͡͏ldo͏go̵r̷͠th͡ th҉̴e͏̢͡ ̀D̷̵̛e̵̷vǫ̛ųr̀er ̢up̸̀on͡ ̛̕t͞h̴͝e̷ ̕U̧̕K
  • Red goes nuts and decides to sum up the Mahabharata (one of the most legendary epics of Indian culture and an outrageous Door Stopper) in a single minute. Ensues a ridiculous case of Motor Mouth even by her already fast-paced standards. Special mention to her shortening the Bhagavad Gita as "Arjuna doesn't want to fight his beloved family and teachers and stuff so Krishna calls him a whiny little baby for 700 stanzas".
  • The 1 million subs video
    • Starting of strong:
    Blue: We're worth 1/23rd of Markiplier?
    • Since they're in the Big Leagues, they decide to dress the part. As one commenter noted, Blue goes for the evil businessman look, while Red looks straight out of Bloodborne.
    • Blue interrupts the fancy montage by stating
    Blue: It's cold as fuck.
  • Red and Blue's playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus is a goldmine, but one of the funniest quips comes from the battle against Dirge, where Dirge's persistent aggressive AI and the difficult motion controls for riding on Agro the horse have Red feeling... rather understandably tense.
    Blue (chuckling) Someone called it a danger noodle!
    Red (flipping out because Dirge is chasing her) IT'S A DANGER NOODLE! IT'S THE MOST DANGEROUS NOODLE!

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