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Either Anansi or Loki will have a cameo in the next Journey to the West video
Wukong had a cameo in the Literature/Momotaro video when Red mentioned the monkey, so why not?

Red: So they continue island-ward, whereupon they encounter a monkey no not that one.
Wukong: This isn’t China.
  • Likely Jossed; Not Anansi nor Loki made cameos in Part VI or Part VII.

Red will mention the 1986 Tv adaptation in the Blue Wave Lake video (Journey to the West)
And the Horse will have a human form.Explanation: The 1986 Tv adaptation makes the Princess from the Blue Wave Lake the non-married wife of the Third Prince of the West Sea (AKA the White Dragon Horse).

Blue's girlfriend Cyan isn't human.
He's dating the immortal spirit of Venice.

Red is actually a vampire.
Think about it; Red said she sunburns cartoonishly easily, is always wearing an Ankh necklace whenever shown in-person, and her speed of speaking is clearly supernatural!


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