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Together at last

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     History Summarized 
  • In the "Vikings" video, there's a random meow when Blue is talking. He then stops the video so he can coo and dote on his kitty, Cleo.

     Miscellaneous Myths 
  • The ending of "Eros and Psyche" is one big collective heartwarm. Eros resurrects Psyche and carries her up to Olympus to properly be married. Zeus is completely on board with it, and tells Aphrodite (who'd been harassing Psyche nonstop for most of the story) to back the hell off. Psyche is given ambrosia which makes her into an immortal goddess and she and Eros are married as equals.
    • This is immediately followed up with the birth of their daughter Hedone (which roughly translates to "Joy") and Red's beautiful acoustic rendition of "Ten Minutes Ago" playing over the credits.
      Hedone: I'm symbolic of the union of the soul and love! Yay!
  • The "true end" to "Hou Yi and Chang'E," where neither of them is willing to leave behind the other to return to godhood, so they put away the immortality potion and successfully adjust to their mortal lives.
    Chang'e: [leaning out the window] Hey! I finally figured out how cooking works!
    Hou Yi: [hunting birds] Nice!
    • This version also has it that, rather than living on the Moon because she's still barred from Heaven, Chang'e chooses to live there to be closer to her husband.
  • A small moment in the "Heracles" video, when Hades is (accidentally?) shot by one of Heracles's arrows, Persephone is seen tending to her husband when the titular hero returns with Cerberus.
    • Speaking of Cerberus, when Heracles first arrives at the gates of the Underworld, two out of three of Cerberus's heads are snarling at him, but as soon as Hades shows up, they immediately lapse into adorable puppy dog mode.
  • Red's take on Hades and Persephone's relationship in general. While it doesn't get much focus, the two are often portrayed as being very supportive and loving towards each other.
    • Hades is also shown to be extremely protective of his wife. This is best exemplified when Theseus and Pirithous try to kidnap Persephone so the latter can marry her, Hades responds by fusing them to their chairs with snakes and siccing the Furies on them.
      • When Hercules journeys down there, he's able to save Theseus from the chair - but an ominous rumble keeps him from freeing Pirithous, likely due to Hades holding a far stronger grudge against him than his accomplice.
  • Hades squeeing over baby Zagreus in the Dionysus video.
  • The lumberjack taking a running dive into the spider-yokai woman's waterfall basin at the end of the Jorogumo tale. He was willing to risk having her eat him alive on the off-chance that their friendly relationship wasn't just a ploy to devour him. And because of the ambiguous No Ending, the reader is free to assume the yokai was touched by his devotion, and they did have a Happily Ever After. The ending art shows the yokai in her spider form giving a cuddle-hug to the lumberjack.
  • From the retelling of The Odyssey, Telemachus's reaction to seeing his father finally return home safe and sound: he starts crying and bear-hugs Odysseus, giving an adorably sweet cry of "DAAAAAAAAD!"
    • In the same vein, Odysseus finally, FINALLY, reuniting with Penelope, his beloved wife.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it example from the Perseus video: when Danaë and Perseus' chest is washed up on shore and they get found by a fisherman and his wife (Dictys and Clymene, their names aren't mentioned in the video), the very first thing Danaë says is "prioritize the baby".
  • Pwyll (pronounced Pwush, by the way) turns out to be a great role model when compared to most mythological heroes:
    • While spending an entire year as the fae-king Arawn, he refuses to even look at Arawn's wife naked, because that would be sexual assault at best and straight up rape at worst.
      • Arawn's surprised reaction seals it. One gets the feeling he would expect anyone else to lack restraint, but Pwyll proved to be bigger than that.
    • Rhiannon married him out of her own initiative, not out of obligation or his advances.
    • His marriage to Rhiannon was, as far as we see, mutually supportive. When he's forced to give her up to her asshole former fiancee, they work together to find a way around it, and he (at least in Red's depiction) acknowledges that it was totally his fault.
    • He refuses to leave her, even when she's (falsely) accused of eating their baby.
    • Pwyll doesn't even kill a single named character in the entire story, not even Rhiannon's asshole former fiancee.
    • In another heartwarming moment, the conveniently childless couple that takes in Pwyll and Rhiannon's child (later named Pryderi) realizes that the missing prince might be the mysterious kid they took in, and resolves to reunite him with his real parents. The adoptive dad even calls the reunion between the Pryderi and Pwyll "the cutest thing [he's] ever seen".
  • In the Robin Hood video, Red summarizes the version of the story where Maid Marion dressed as a dude, defeated the also disguised Robin in combat, and recognized his voice as her beloved's when he yielded. The next scene is them patching each other up.
  • Red's telling of Atalanta shows she did like Hippomenes and was trying to dissuade him from trying to race for her hand in marriage because she didn't want to have to kill him. When she tries to return the first golden apple and he tosses a second, she says, "Oh I see where this is going." She realized his ploy and just so happened to go along with it. The last shot of the video is Atalanta introducing her "awesome smart husband" to her family.
    • Atalanta's friendship with Prince Meleager is also really sweet, for as brief as it is. When the hunters refuse to go hunt the Calydonian Boar with Atalanta on account of her gender, Meleager sticks up for her and convinces the others to let her come along. When the two manage to kill the boar, Meleager gives Atalanta the boar's skin as a prize and full credit for the kill. And when his jerk uncles try to bully her into leaving so they can take the credit, Meleager stands up for his friend, killing the uncles in her defense. It's likely the two would have remained close friends had Meleager's life not been cut so tragically short.
  • Typhon falling in love with Echidna and giving her flowers. The latter reciprocates his affection. Typhon is a lot of things, but he is not without romance.
  • Tam Lin has some pretty cute dialogue when the title character and his lover Bonny Janet are planning to get him free:
    Tam Lin: She's going to transform me into an array of dangerous, scary things, but I could never hurt you. You'll just need to keep holding on.
    Bonny Janet: Don't worry, I'm a very determined hugger.
  • At the end of "The Minotaur" we have Ariadne grieving on the shores of the island her boyfriend abandoned her on. But her pain is eased when a sympathetic Dionysus approaches her and kindly offers her a drink. This leads to them getting married!

     Journey to the West 
  • Mixed with Tearjerker, Sun Wukong's reaction to failing to rescue Tripitaka in Part 6 of Journey to the West. He cares more about getting to his monk friend than the fact that he was nearly killed. The same monkey who left to spite Tripitaka near the beginning. He really does care about his new human buddy.
    • In Part 5, Sandy reminds everyone of how much of a badass he actually is when he holds off an entire demon army so his friends can focus on fighting the larger threat. Sun Wukong is suitably moved.
    Sandy: Don't worry, guys! I'll handle this! You just concentrate on the big guys!
    Sun Wukong: We don't deserve him.*
  • In Journey to the West Part VII, Red notes that, as a monkey, Sun doesn't really like cooked food. So when he, Sandy, and Pigsy go to mess with the Daoists by eating all their offerings, and most of said offerings are cooked, Sun just eats what little fruit there is and has fun just hanging out with his friends. Pigsy also finds Sun's prank of peeing in a jar and claiming it's holy water to be hilarious.
    • As well as the fact that suicidally impulsive Sun Wukong, who earlier in the pilgrimage would have wrecked the entire city by himself, decided to get Pigsy and Sandy with him to play a prank on the Daoists, really goes to show how much he's grown to appreciate his friends. He probably would've invited Tripitaka and the dragon too, if Tripitaka hadn't been so by-the-book and the dragon hadn't been... a horse.

    Di-Vine Deities 
  • The De-Vine Egyptian Gods video has a surprisingly adorable moment between Set and Anubis:
    Set: (Intimidating and gravelly) We have ways of making you talk...(Anubis tugs on his sleeve to show him a picture) Timmy, Timmy, Daddy's working right now— Oh my gosh, did you draw this? That is so good!

     Classics Summarized 
  • In Frankenstein, when the titular character has an Imagine Spot about the worst case scenario of making the monster's bride, the latter is (in a twisted way) wholesome. It depicts the monster and his bride not only happy together, but beaming upon their offspring of monsters so proudly. As twisted as the scenario may be, it's nice to see the monster happily enjoy wife, home and family.

     Modern Classics Summarized 
  • Surprisingly, Red's Lovecraft Horror" video has one such adorable moment where we see Wilbur and his twin as innocent, adorable babies!
    • Red's commentary that if there was such a thing, she would gladly buy a plush toy of Wilbur's brother, claiming he's a "potato with eyes".

     Trope Talks 

     OS Plays 
  • During Red and Blue's playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus charity stream, a donator from Hong Kong leaves a message to remind them to stay hydrated (what with all the talking and yelling and fictional deserts) along with their donation. Blue takes a moment to express his admiration and support for Hong Kong's months-long protests at the time of 2019 (while Red, in control of the player character, freaks out in the background at the colossi she was fighting.)
  • Cyan said yes!
    • When the Part 2 of the Breath of the Wild charity stream went live, the chat immediately exploded with congratulations for Blue and Cyan on their engagement.
    • Blue goes into further detail about the proposal, and mentions how Cyan surprised him with a ring of her own while he was mid-proposal. At this revelation, Red and Indigo immediately start squeeing.
  • From the third Uncharted 4 livestream, a commentor makes note of Blue's charming appearance and says that Cyan is a lucky lady, to which she instantly agrees.
    • Blue and Cyan detailing their first meeting is a mixture of this and funny. The two first met while practicing fencing drills, and Cyan accidentally shattered Blue's fencing blade in his hand. While Cyan was incredibly apologetic, Blue was actually impressed with her skill, if mildly confused. And he still has that same blade from the day they met. Awww!

In Blue's "Finals Survival Guide", at one point Blue is curled up on the floor surrounded by notes, clearly stressing out. Then one of his friends comes into frame and proceeds to wrap him in a blanket and give him a cup of hot cocoa. She leaves frame for a quick minute, then returns to give him a hug. Aww!

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