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  • Big Name Fan: Internet personality Josh Scorcher has stated that he's a fan of their videos.
  • Fan Nickname: Blue's girlfriend has been given the nickname "Cyan" by fans, thanks to her appearance as the camera person in Blue's Iceland trip vlog.
    • Red's brother has been dubbed "Magenta" by fans after his appearance in the "OSPlays Holiday Edition" video.
  • Old Shame: Red admitted in the God of War 3 live stream that her video on The Inferno wasn't done well enough due to the amount of work she had to do with her art skills. Blue also described his Armchair History: The Borgia video as unfit for his standards of historical research and presentation.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Subverted. While both Red and Blue are only referred to as such in modern videos, both of their real names used to be visible.
    • Blue has been referred to as Gregory on several occasions (notably here). If you go looking for his book "Philosophical Phridays", his last name is listed as Kerr.
    • Red was credited with her real name in an early animation she made titled "Firebug". This video was left unlisted for several years, but could still be accessed via an annotation in this video and others. However, the animation has since been taken down, leaving her true name a mystery.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: The series uses real songs in certain sequences and Red usually sings a song in the end credits of her videos.
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  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Played with. While Red's eye color doesn't exactly say anything about her alignment, the original name for her YouTube channel was "Red Eyes, Take Warning".
  • She Also Did: After some time of rumination and preparation, Red officially launched her personal webcomic Aurora which can be found here.
  • What Could Have Been: Sometimes factoids that were going to be brought up are either brought up in the video itself or during the credits, often having to be cut for time.
    • Red brings up that she was going to do Dracula in the same atmospheric style as the book, but that it went on for around thirty minutes, and thus did it in her usual style.


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