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Nightmare Fuel / The Cyanide & Happiness Show

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  • The special Halloween animated short "Pregnancy" is just plain freaky, even compared to the others which usually ended in Black Comedy. In it a doctor tells an expecting mother than she is not going to have a baby and is merely suffering from a set of psychosomatic symptoms called phantom pregnancy. While the doctor tries to reassure the disbelieving woman that there is no baby coming, she starts going into labor and the baffled doctor ends up helping her give birth after all. Baffled, yet happy, the doctor announces to the now-mother that the baby is a healthy, bouncing baby boy, only to find that the mother had completely vanished from the operating table. The lights in the room start to flicker, cutting between the ordinary hospital ward and a dilapidated, seemingly long-abandoned room that's completely empty. Horrified, the doctor looks at the baby in his hands, which stares back at him, slowly blinking each eye while ghostly wails can be heard in the background. Then it ends. A Fridge Horror-filled explanation is given by a commenter on Youtube:
    VarsityBeats Gabe Farrell: This video is a flashback to a time in a doctor's life where he serviced the birth of his wife's child, only to be reminded at the end that he had lost everything and was psychotic.
    I'll elaborate. The woman in this video is the doctor's ex-wife. The doctor called this a "phantom pregnancy," which is when a woman thinks she is pregnant but really isn't. But, his wife did feel the baby, because it really was there. The doctor, however, was delusional in the way that he was stuck in the shadows of his past. He used to be a successful doctor and handled lots of pregnancies, as evident in the video. But something happened that changed his life. Drugs, depression, being fired from his job, his wife leaving him, whatever it may be. After his wife gives birth, the empty hospital is now the environment of his life, a run-down building that used to be successful. He becomes aware once again that everything he had is gone. The flashback of his wife giving birth was due to the fact that it was all an imagination, and present day, he is holding his child. We don't know what happened to the wife, but his child is there. But something mentally traumatized the doctor to have a vision like this, because everything about his wife has been erased from his mind. This is why he calls her Miss McCloud during the video. He doesn't refer to her by her first name because he doesn't really know her, and she is "Miss" because she hasn't been married yet. But she left him the baby, a memory of his past and a reminder of his sad present.
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  • Book Report. It has nothing to do with a book report, but rather with the spider that shows up, which the guy writing a book report tries to kill. Before he can, the spider manages to type "Don't hurt me. I was once a man." on the computer. And right after that, the newspaper he was trying to kill the spider with whispers "A man...", and the spider crawls into the guy's mouth. What's even more horrifying is the implication that the newspaper was the one to type it, not the spider...
  • The Beard: When a second beard splits off from the possessed man's main beard and takes over the face of the walker, a sickening crack is heard. Either the aliens beards kill their host before taking over, or keep them alive while they're possessed. Either way, none are appealing.
  • Salt. Starts out innocently enough, with two guys pranking their friend with the "loosen the top of the salt shaker to make all the salt dump onto the food" prank. What makes it terrifying is when the prank victim begins to eat the food (read: salt) anyway, and starts to rather graphically shrivel up. Sure the ending has a bit of Mood Whiplash, as is to be expected with Cyanide and Happiness, but still rather terrifying.
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  • This short because she had her face ripped out and put into a pie.
  • "World War Too" has some pretty graphic depictions of War Is Hell, including a soldier who gets blasted in half by a missile, and a soldier who gets run over by a tank, causing his head to explode.


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