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Nightmare Fuel / SMG4's Mario Bloopers

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Even in a bizarre world like SMG4's, sometimes the odd and bizarre can easily mask, if not add to, the uncanny...

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    The Waluigi Arc 

    The Rapper Bob Arc 
This arc is far Lighter and Softer that any other, but it isn't completely protected from moments like this:

    The Anime Arc 
May we simply call it "SMG4: horror story"? No? ... Ok:
  • "Mario's Illegal Operation" reveals that Peach has illegalized anime following the events of "Mario and the Anime Challenge" when Mario, Boopkins, Bob, and Tari's anime challenges caused major damage. The state of the Mushroom Kingdom is bad, with the Anime Secret Service (A.S.S) setting up anime checkpoints and "yeeting" anyone caught with anime, crime cartels being set up everywhere and anime being publicly burned.
  • Meggy getting kidnapped in "The Splatfest Incident" is decidedly not Played for Laughs. Everyone gets panicked when they can't find her at first, which only worsens once they visit her apartment and find it trashed, with claw marks and squid ink everywhere.
  • Oh, it gets so much worse in "The Inkling Disappearances."
    • The opening scene is just Axol hanging his head and then… staring directly at the camera. It's quite creepy.
    • It's revealed that since Meggy disappeared, almost every other Inkling in Inkopolis has been kidnapped. Inkopolis is now a ghost town and everything is boarded up.
      • It doesn’t help that Mario and his friends come across a replica of Ryuk from Death Note. Which just hammers in how dead the city has become due to the kidnappings. Of course then Ryuk starts to attack and it quickly goes from Nightmare Fuel to Nightmare Retardant.
    • The Inklings that have been kidnapped are held in these weird orange tubes, unmoving, with pained faces. Meggy's expression says it all.
    • The final reveal is of Axol, who has been kidnapped as well! Just... who the hell is doing this? And more importantly, why?!
    • The fact that the enhanced anime replicas are involved in whatever's going on suggests that whoever's behind Axol and the Inklings' kidnapping has taken control of the Ink Weaver for themselves...or that the replicas have become sentient and this is all part of their rebellion against their former master.
      • Or worse it could imply that despite being a victim, Axol's hands aren't exactly clean, it's possible he's was being forced to draw these mooks (being skilled with the Ink Weaver) by the true mastermind.
    • The thumbnail also deserves special mention. Those freaking eyes, man...
  • But Wait, There's More! "Mario and the Experiment" reveals that the Big Bad behind all the kidnappings is Francis, and his intentions aren't any better. Using Axol's pen, Francis plans to use the ink of every Inkling (and possibly Octolings because of Desti) to keep it constantly powerful enough to draw as many waifus as he wants. Such an act would actually kill Inklings! Anyone having Octo Expansion flashbacks yet?
  • The Ink Zuccer 2000 is finally activated in "World War Mario", and it's horrifying. Meggy essentially undergoes Cold-Blooded Torture as the ink is sucked out of her, and she's screaming in pain the entire time. And Desti and Axol are Forced to Watch.
    • The end of "World War Mario", where Desti is stabbed through the chest by Sephiroth in a sneak attack. Everyone goes silent and stares in horror, before Meggy screams a Big "NO!" and Francis lets out a borderline psychotic laugh. Sephiroth pulls his sword out of her, and Desti weakly lets out her last words before collapsing with a straight cut to completely silent credits.
  • Upon being defeated in "Final Hours," Saiko places Francis in one of the zuccer machines and causes him to scream in agonizing pain by activating it. While he deserved it for his actions in the remainder of the episodes' arc, it is still horrifying. Saiko herself even closes her eyes while walking away as though telling herself, "I never wanted this."
    Saiko: Jackass.

    The YouTube Arc 
  • Take a look at SMG4's channel banner as of July 25, 2020. It looks mostly the same as it was, with the crew hanging out in front of a white background... except, the characters sans Mario—and the logo—are slightly covered with blurry pixels, with some flashes of red light. We all know SMG4 likes to change the channel banner in time for the events of an arc/movie, and the banner was slowly changed overtime during the events of the Waluigi Arc. Naturally, this leaves many to speculate what's going to happen with this theoretical arc/movie. Are they slowly disappearing before our very eyes? Is Mario going to be the last man on Earth? Only time will tell...
    • As of August 1st, the characters (once again, excluding Mario, who now looks more unnerved) are glitching out even more, and with Mario Vs. YouTube explaining why, it's shown the Glitchy Gang is slowly shifting into the Snitchy Squad, with subtle features of the villains appearing on their own analogues. It could imply SMG3 doesn't just intend to erase SMG4, but everyone else, and have his team take their place and position as popular YouTubers.
      • That implication? As "Deleted" shows, that's EXACTLY what he had in mind for the Glitchy Gang.
      • Oh and what about the War of the Fat Italians 2020 Trailer! While it starts off normal, shortly after Armonzii/X waves the checkered flag, SMG4 begins to glitch. Tari begins to glitch soon after, and shortly DISAPPEARS. The same goes for all of the others spectating the match. The stadium then goes dark, with Armonzii glitching and vanishing shortly after, and SMG4 is replaced by SMG3. The Snitch Productions cast also takes the places of the Glitch Productions gang in the audience. SMG3 then declares to be the captain as he sits on a throne. He then pushes a button on the YouTube remote, causing Mario and THE ENTIRE VIDEO to glitch, which then goes to the WOTFI 2020 logo.
  • The start of "A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode" is genuinely UNSETTLING. It starts off as normal with the Glitchy Gang, but then everything starts glitching out, slowly turning it into the Snitchy Squad, which leads to glitched dialogue and glitched bodies at one point. Then when Mario discovers SMG3's behind all this, he attempts to attack...only for SMG3 to pause Mario and walk away. He then stops in the middle of the next camera shot and turns to the camera and evilly announces the SMG3 channel and restarts the video with the Snitch Productions logo and everything.
  • War of the Fat Italians 2020:




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