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Magic happens when two rivals set their differences aside.
In a world like this, you're bound to experience some Crazy Awesome moments.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Anytime a character proves they're either a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Action Girl or Not-So-Harmless Villain.
  • Anytime Toad, who has to put up with standing in one corner and being tormented frequently, goes From Nobody to Nightmare.
    • "President Toad Washington". After he wins the "president for a day" contest that everyone entered, he begins to get back at everyone who tormented him by becoming President. Unfortunately, it turns into a Tear Jerker in the end.
    • Likewise, "Toad Gold" has a similar experience. Toad finds billions of gold and uses only $10 to buy Princess Peach's castle, and kicks Mario and the gang out.
    • "A Fungus Among Us" has an army of Toads take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario fixes it, though.
  • Any of the videos with Mario and SMG4 (and sometimes Starman3) in the Minecraft universe ("World of Craftmine", "Herobrine", "The Nether", "Befriend the End", "Mineswap" and "Legend of Steve").
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  • "Two Evil Friends" is this for giving SMG3, Bowser's (most likely unauthorized) minion, A Day in the Limelight, where he becomes the main villain, whereas Bowser gets downgraded to co-main villain.
  • "Ssenmodnar". You know what we're talking about.
    • Ssenmodnar 2 had an awesome opening with the THX deep note music playing.
  • "Crystal Funhouse", whilst mainly focusing on SMG4, X, FM, RM, EpicYoshi, and MCG, has an epic Mario vs. Luigi battle that's based of Star Wars, even Mario and Luigi naming themselves after characters from the aforementioned movie series. Luigi is "Luke Gaywalker".
  • Luigi has one in the 2013 Halloween special "Luigi's Retarded Mansion", when he charges right through a horde of zombies to save Mario. After dancing to a "We Did It" song, he then says this gem to the episode's villain in a gruff voice:
    Luigi: You're not going anywhere, motherf**ker!
  • In "Cooking with Bowser & Mario 2", Bowser shooting flames at an Old Man to Attack on Titan music. He ignites Mario instead.
  • "Freddy's spaghettiria": Mario manages to pull a Kill 'Em All on all four of the Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics, with Freddy getting a taste of his own medicine.
    Mario: It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum.
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  • "Thwompin' and Whompin'" is this for Thwomp. After a long, arduous murder mission in which Mario ruthlessly kills his friend Whomp, he turns Super Saiyan, flies into space with Mario, puts him under, then PLUMMETS onto him from who knows how high and CRUSHES HIM! All that's left of him is his dangling legs and a massive crater! Truly nothing short of beautiful!
  • "Who Let the Chomp Out", if only for its Signature Scene that caused the popularity of the channel to really boom.
  • The entirety of the soccer match between Giga Koopa Team and All Star team in "Smexy Soccer". Each team gains the advantage state multiple times, leaving the viewer on edge about who could possibly win. Granted, the referee scores for team All Stars after being fed up with how the game was going but still. The fact that the Smash Bros hype train remix is playing in the background throughout the entire game also only adds to this.
    • Almost every character gets their own moment of awesome throughout the game too.
      • Wario spitting the ball out of the field while goalie and being a good human shield for Toadsworth.
      • Toadsworth scaring the Boo and easily taking down the newly grown Petey Piranha.
      • SMG4 dodging the thwomp and helping Mario, Goombs, and Bobby save the game at the last second with his Pingas cannon.
      • Luigi managing to scare the boo as well in order to allow Mario and SMG4 to escape.
      • Mario, Bobby, and Goombs with the aforementioned save.
      • Bowser Junior's switcheroo with the ball was pretty clever as well. Had it not been for Mario's quick thinking, Junior's team probably would've won the game.
  • "Mario 64: Love for Luigi" has Luigi trying to win the heart of Princess Daisy while trying to avoid his anxiety. In the second half it becomes harder as Daisy already has a boyfriend, a Chuckya named Mike.
  • In "Meet the Steve", Steve's ultimate badass moment is when he destroys the entire castle. Using a tank that uses explosive Pingas for ammo.
  • "Spaghetti.exe" has Mario being chased by Mario Drowned, who at one point summons a ton of Creepypastas against him. Cue a Curb-Stomp Battle... in Mario's favor, as said creepypastas get obliterated by Slenderman... at least until Jeff shows up.
    • Even then, Slenderman reappears to help save Mario from the spirit that possessed Mario Drowned, helping him escape the ghost tower from Pokemon's own Lavender Town.
  • Mario refusing to rescue Peach. It may seem out of character for Mario but, considering all the times he saved the princess, it's pretty clear that he doesn't care anymore. One YouTuber even lampshaded this.
    GamecubeDude300: I don't think he cares anymore, dude. How many times has he done this?
  • In "Stupid Mario Party", Mario figures out Toad tried to pull a fast one on him, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi with a fake star, then pays him back by hanging him from the top of the castle and burning all of the forcibly-earned money as comeuppance.
  • Stupid Mario Kart: a couple of Crazy Awesome moments mixed in with the general insanity.
    • 1. Waluigi launches a rocket at Luigi, who gives him a death stare (complete with music), followed by catching the rocket and throwing it back at him.
    • 2. Fishy Boopkins summons his dad to help win a game mode. Even SMG4 thought that deserved some respect.
    • 3. Mario, angry at SMG4 for putting them through hell for nothing, rams his car into him.
  • Luigi beating the crap out of Bowser in a high school brawl.
  • Mario vs Sans. That combined with a little funny.
  • During the Bar Brawl in "Wild Wild Mario", when Meggy is cornered by Woody, Mario, in a rare moment of genuine heroism, saves her by ramming his bottle of tomato sauce up Woody's ass.
  • "Mario University":
    • Meggy passing her exam/trial to become a defense attorney with flying colors.
    • Peach - who's studying to become a teacher - threatening her Jerkass students into submission, thus passing(?) as well.
    • Toad randomly shows up with a Gundam, passing the Robotics class.
  • In "Mario Gladiators", Mario apparently Took a Level in Badass, as he manages to win against a slew of characters including Steve, Bowser and even SMG3 despite the latter's gun-toting kart. Taken further in "Mario Battle Royale", where he goes up against the entire SMG4 cast (up to that point) and wins!
    • Extra Awesome points for the final battle in above episode, where Mario and SMG4 use all sorts of weapons in a no-holds-barred showdown. Mario finally takes the victory by pulling a second gun and shooting SMG4 when the latter lets his guard down.
  • Steve and Mario's battle in "Mario VS Steve", taking up the whole episode.
  • Everyone in the final battle of "Final Fantasy Mario" gets this:
    • Mario and Meggy work together to deal with the Cactuar grunts.
    • SMG4 provides defences against Saiko's robot.
    • All three work together to defeat Saiko - SMG4 creates an ice platform for Meggy to slide on, whilst Mario propels her into the air so she can deflect the missile into Saiko's robot, destroying it.
    • One moment for Saiko herself - she actually came close to defeating the three heroes.
  • In "The Smash 5 Trials", Bob manages to take out most of the Fighting Polygon Team with little to no effort on his part, keeping the upper hand for almost the entire battle and getting out of a massive dogpile with ease. He may have lost because he decided to gloat at the last minute, but up until then, Bob was completely dominating the fight.
    Bob: Oh shit! Can't stop the Bob!
  • In "Mario's Dangerous Delivery", Mario is trying to get Toadsworth's grandson Frankie away from the police, while Luigi is keeping Toadsworth distracted by dressing up a dummy and passing it off as Frankie (it's a long story). By sheer coincidence, they all end up riding on a train together. There's this great moment where Mario and Luigi realize that they're sitting right next to each other, and they slowly look up at each other in understanding, then they quickly switch Frankie for the dummy. Mario throws the dummy off the train for the police to catch, and Frankie is finally safe with Toadsworth. Neither the police nor Toadsworth suspects a thing. Pretty clever and impressive considering that the Mario Bros. are usually portrayed as incompetent Butt Monkeys.
  • In "If Mario Was In Baldi's Basics", Mario defeats Playtime by grabbing one end of her jump rope and swinging her directly into Baldi.
  • In "Mario and the T-Pose Virus" after watching Luigi getting turned by the zombies of the virus, Mario has a complete breakdown and immediately after attacks Bob because he obstructed the pathway to the roof, thus causing Luigi to get infected. It's not Played for Laughs, and Mario is dead serious about the whole affair, showing the viewers that deep down, Mario does care about his little bro.
  • "The Mario Carnival" gives us a showdown between Meggy and Tari, where they shoot down several targets in a bit to outdo the other. Meggy seems set to win... then Tari goes More Dakka on the targets and subsequently gets a score of infinity. It's so awesome, Mario's head explodes.
  • "Mario the Scam Artist:" Mario standing up for his brother Luigi after Wario electrocutes him under the pretense of saving his life and then threatens to throw him back into the sewer for not paying him, even being completely ready to fight Wario to protect Luigi. This actually causes Wario to back down and later have a full Heel Realization, and leads to him searching for Waluigi to make amends with his own brother.
  • The Waluigi Arc as a whole so far can be seen as this for the channel. With an overreaching continuity, an actual sense of seriousness in danger in the normally silly world of SMG4, and establishing Waluigi as a serious, competent, threatening villain, as well as some genuine Heartwarming and Tear Jerker moments, this new era convinced many fans, old and new, that Luke and Kevin have what it takes to make a genuinely compelling story.
  • The climax of War of the Fat Italians 2018. Set to a gorgeous remix of Picture Perfect, Waluigi, Mario, and SMG4 throw down in a rap battle to close off the Waluigi Arc, with everyone involved in the rap having vastly improved since last year's WotFI rap battle and the lyrics being extremely catchy, and quickly delves into Heartwarming territory when Wario shows up near the end. Overall, it's a beautiful way to cap off the Waluigi Arc.
  • The trailer for the first season of Meta Runner. It's essentially RWBY with video games, and the animation quality is superb.
  • "Mario and The Diss Track" brings a high-quality diss track towards Bob, courtesy of the main cast. "Darkest Hour" has catchy lyrics sung by Saiko and an awesome theme. After all Bob has done in pursuit of fame, seeing him get epically dissed, followed by losing all his ill-gotten fame and fans is catharsis at its finest.
  • If Mario was in... Deltarune has Mario tricking Jevil into dropping lethal weapons. Remember, this is Mario of all people! The final scene of Jevil shows him surrounded by the team pointing lethal weapons at him, and he knows he lost.
  • At the end of Meggy's Bootcamp, when Desti steals Meggy's weapons, Mario has none of it and leaps from a building towards Desti's helicopter. And if it wasn't for Desti pulling a BFG on him, he might have actually gotten the weapons back right then and there.
    • Earlier, during Splatfest training, Mario beats Meggy in a duel for the first time in the entire series. He's come a long way from the bumbling idiot who couldn't even hit a stationary target with a Splatling.
  • The anime fight scene from "Mario and the Anime Challenge". It's a glorious three-way brawl that references just about every anime under the sun.
  • SMG4 gets one in "Mario Saves Anime" where he rolls straight up to the surrounding anime patrol at Peach's Castle, despite the fact that they know he's fired and unleashes the Anime Cartel on them.
    SMG4: Hey there fellow A.S.S. agents!
    Guard: HEY... Aren't you that guy who was fired for smuggling anime to Japan?
    (unleashes Francis' mafia onto the guards as all hell breaks loose)
  • Mario And The Experiment is chock full of hilariously awesome moments:
    • First up is Mario and gang vs Godzilla: Swag and Saiko get points for getting the first hits in. Then, Boopkins pushes Tari out of the way to save her from Godzilla. While at first it seems that he's been flung far away... cue Fishy's dad rising up from the sea, ready to kick some ass.
    • On the other side, there's Desti and Meggy vs Anime Island: Desti pulls a Big Damn Heroes to save Meggy from the Ink Zuccer, then the two manage to flee from their anime pursuers and free themselves from their handcuffs. After that, they manage to beat up Axol's guards and free him, then battle together against 16 Anime Cartel members and curbstomp the lot.
    • A darkly awesome moment for Francis of all people. He manages to kidnap half a city's residents, as well as two of their star battlers and the most popular manga artist in the SMG4 world, and no one is any the wiser as to who kidnapped them. His Godzilla creation, thanks to the powered-up Inkweaver, was tough enough to shrug off cannon fire and strong enough to fight Joe Boopkins to a standstill. And after Meggy and Desti curbstomp his cartel, as mentioned above? His summoned Super Saiyan Goku stomps them in one attack. In one episode, he went from a simple Otaku and Loony Fan to a serious and dangerous villain with the power of gods at his fingertips.
  • World War Mario gets a fair share of awesome moments as well:
    • The heroes go to war with the Ink Weaver creations on the islands. Some standout moments from this sequence include: Mario breaking the barrier through self-propulsion via grenade, Swagmaster's Roaring Rampage of Revenge once Chris is shot, and the main cast surviving the whole ordeal.
    • The way Axol defeats Mewtwo is just as much funny as it is clever, mocking the Genetic Pokemon about his inferiority to the point that it destroys the ink-draining process of the Ink Zuccer in its rage, saving Meggy.
    • The main SMG4 cast being able to go toe to toe with, and eventually defeat, an Ink-Weaver creation of Sephiroth. Special shout-out to their team finish on him too, with each character playing a notable role.
  • "Final Hours" has a battle between Super Saiyan God Goku... and Ultra. Instinct. Shaggy. The battle lasts for about one and a half minutes. UI Shaggy gets another for rescuing everyone from the Anime Island before it self-destructs, including all the captured Inklings.
    • Saiko gets an awesome moment of her own. She's been exiled from the Mushroom Kingdom, fought to lift said ban, had one of her friends kidnapped, forced to come to terms with the fact the person who lifted the anime ban and the kidnapper could be the same person (they aren't), witnessed another friend being kidnapped, then watches said friend die in front of her and the first friend seemingly sacrifice herself. So locking Francis, the one responsible for the abduction of an entire civilization and Desti's death, in his own Zuccer machine and leaving him to die (via the machine or SSG Goku's self-destruct) is catharsis at its finest.
  • Stupid Mario Maker 2 has three moments, depending on whom you're ultimately rooting for.
  • "Treasure Hunt With The Bois" has Bob pull a Big Damn Heroes moment to save Axol by completely curbstomping a group of Teletubbies with his "ancient secret ninja technique".
  • "Sans's First Day In Smash Bros" has Sans going up against Master Hand, due to the former wanting to leave. Not only does Sans effortlessly No-Sell everything the latter does to him, he casually pisses Master Hand. Then, once Papyrus comes to pick his little brother up, cue Megalovania and the utter curbstomping of Master Hand. Considering that Mario won the fight in Undertale, Mario got off easy.
  • "Smart Mario" has an epic robot fight of Smart Mario vs Smart Bob.
  • "The Weegeee Uprising" has New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, a descendent of Mario, Hold the Line so that Luigi, Boopkins, and Shroomy can travel back in time and undo the Bad Future. While he dies, it works out in the end.
  • Credit must be given to Mario in "Christmas 2019: Mario Alone"; after overhearing Wario and Waluigi's plan to loot the castle while everyone else is gone, he manages to use what limited brainpower he has to successfully build several complex traps to stop them in only the span of a few hours. Bonus points for incorporating the inanimate versions of his friends that he made earlier in ways that make sense for their characters. Extra bonus points for how genuinely clever some of the traps were for Mario, such as employing the help of his various enemies (including the fan favorite chomp!), taking advantage of Waluigi's obsession with getting into Smash Bros, and successfully learning how to use Minecraft pressure plates.
  • Credit must be given to Bowser in "Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children" for ditching his usual stupidity to care for his simulation baby well enough to get an A in Peach's parenting class so he can regain custody of his kids.
  • In "Lord Of The Memes;"
    • Bob of all people plays the role of Gandalf the Grey, performing a Heroic Sacrifice, and then coming back in the nick of time to save the Mario Bros from the Meme Raid.
    • Luigi shoots a corrupted Boopkins into the Dashcon Ball-pit to destroy the Ultimate Meme.
    Luigi: Sorry Boopkins. No one messes with my brother.
  • The time has come. Meggy's Destiny is upon us...
  • ...and it arrived. And as you can expect, Meggy’s Destiny is full of these:
    • E.Gadd inventing special boards that allow anyone to dive into ink just like an inkling.
    • Mario figuring out that the Ink Brigade cheated on round 2 of the Splatfest.
      • Really, the entire special shows how far Mario has come. Certainly a far cry from the lazy idiot who’d rather lie around naked eating than helping his friends.
    • The final round. Not only does her entire team perform amazingly but we see Meggy and Mario perform a team manoeuvrer that has the entire crowd cheering!
    • Meggy finally overcoming her insecurities and using her Inkboard, winning in spectacular fashion. She may not be an inkling anymore but she’s still got what it takes to win!
  • In "Mario Commits Tax Fraud", Mr Hall Monitor pulls a Big Damn Heroes to save Mario, fling a massive Yoshi away before unleashing hell on the Grand Council of Tax Fraud.
  • In "Mario Runs out of Toilet Paper", Mario kicks the asses of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, Wendy and the Burger King.
  • The last part of "Wario Tries To Stop Himself From Dying" has Wario do everything in his power to survive the day, kicking away Xenomorphs, Bob-Ombs, airplanes, and even a zombie horde to make it.
  • The final battle in "Mario the Supreme Leader" is a kickass fight in which the entire main cast (sans Boopkins) get to kick some Toad ass. Props to Axol in particular using his Inkweaver for combat, been some time since he last did that.
    • Surprisingly, before the power goes to Mario's head, he is shown to actually be competent in solving the Kingdom's problems! Sure he gets a bit ruthless and his method of dealing with the outbreak is more of a band-aid over a burn wound, but he does genuinely improve the condition of the Kingdom before he turns nasty. The Toads even thank him for it! Which is exactly what causes him to go mad with power.
  • Officer Meggy is all about this
    • Meggy does a good job following Mr Hall Monitor, and at the climax, helps him take down a Shy Guy Mafia trafficking monitors.
    • Hall Monitor jumping to the top of a moving van.


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