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  • What happened to X, Starman3, and SMG4's other Palette Swap friends? They seem to have been Put on a Bus. Why?
    • My only guess is that, as the series gradually became Denser and Wackier, SMG4 realized that he couldn't do a whole lot with his friends, due to the fact that they were almost completely interchangeable from his character. That being said, they still pop up every once in a while, just not as frequently.
    • A few other factors may have contributed as well. SMG4 leaving the YouTube Rangers was probably one of the biggest reasons. There is also the popular theory that SMG4 wanted to focus on the Mario characters more and thus began phasing out the YouTube Rangers. There is also the fact that many of the YouTubers formerly featured have either become obscurenote  or quit being SM64 Machinimists altogethernote . That being said, they still make cameos every now and then and "Seaside Stupidity" featured FightingMario54321 and X heavily.
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    • Starman3's is explained, though. He is no longer a character in SMG4 due to many controversies. Not sure about the other two.
    • Enzo has stated that the reason SMG4 doesn't use the YouTube Rangers anymore is because he wanted to make his own story rather than using other YouTubers. Enzo is fine with this and asks that fans stop bothering Luke about it.
    • X is the judge for WOTFI, so there's that.
  • How come the squirrels from Area 64 didn’t recognize Mario or Bowser? Considering that they know about the Disk Drive and kept the original Super Mario 64 Luigi in lock up, wouldn’t they know who MARIO is?
    • Considering Mario managed to pass as a gun cleaner, the squirrel soldiers are probably too dumb to tell the real deal apart from all the other beta/cut content hidden away. Sarge certainly recognized Mario, but he didn't know Mario was there until he checked the cameras.
  • Where was Bowser during the Anime Arc? isn't he part of the main cast in the SMG4 universe? He was present for some episodes in the Waluigi and Rapper Bob Arcs, so where were was he during the Anime Arc? Sure Bowser was there for the funeral, but where was he for the rest of the arc?
    • It's revealed in "A Day In The Life Of Everyone" that he was kidnapped by SMG3 and held captive for a month.
      • "A Day In The Life Of Everyone" came out a month after the last episode of the Anime Arc. By that logic, he was kidnapped the month following.
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    • On another note, where was Toad?
      • Toad may have had his own troubles to deal with.
  • Why didn't Tari use her robot arm for combat purposes? Is she just as clueless as Rhys?
    • Provided that the robot arm shares the origin with the Metarunner series, the robot arm is likely untested for being a reliable asset in combat. Tari is intended to be a careful person and, as such, resolves not to take the risk even if she's angered or in danger.
    • Also, other characters have to convince her each time she uses a weapon or sports equipment based on a weapon that she has to pretend she's playing a video game. Otherwise she is unable to actually hit the target.
  • SMG4 usually runs on Negative Continuity regarding deaths and grievous injuries. So why is it that Desti is an exception?
    • Maybe because that death was part of a Myth Arc.
    • Perhaps the anime replicas can cause irreversible death.
  • In the Weegee Uprising, New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra is part of a generation 500 years after the start of the episode. Who could Mario (and obviously, all of his descendants) have possibly reproduced with (no, not Meggy)?
    • Mario is shown to be attracted to spaghetti, so probably his and his descendants wives are off-screen background characters which are either good at making spaghetti or have an appearance similar to spaghetti. Lots of SMG4verse characters are bumbling weirdos which would make sense why they would not judge Mario, so that makes it easier for Mario to end up with someone during the overall crisis that is Weegee Uprising. Also Mario is more competent and slightly nicer during actual serious situations, so that would probably make him a bit more attractive to a regular bumbling citizen.
  • How does Bob know about the Ultimate Meme if SMG4 made it just seconds prior?
    • Similar to Lord of the Rings, which the episode is based on, Bob could've looked at some detail on the USB and realized exactly what it was.
  • What's with the inconsistency in voice acting for the SMG4 cast? Some characters have their lines all in text with some sound bytes acting as their "voice" while others have fully voiced lines. Like, why does Mario talk in text and sound bytes, but not Fishy Boopkins? It's even weirder when it comes to purely original characters such as Tari and Axol. Why don't they get fully voiced lines? Lastly, has anyone else noticed that Bob, Boopkins, and Shroomy are the only characters, at least the reoccurring ones, that don't have closed captions when they talk? What's with that?
  • Is Greg Killed Off for Real or is his death temporary and Played for Laughs?
  • Why does SMG3 want to use the YouTube remote to erase SMG4 from existence? Aside from destroying the production set. Didn't they make up in I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4?
  • Given how most of SMG3's reacted to Mario getting sent to the Internet Graveyard. Doesn't that contradict their (especially Rob and Jubjub) actions in Deleted?
    • They might be doing it partially out of fear but they don't show it. With SMG3 being a Reality Warper, it kinda makes sense, knowing they themselves could easily be wiped out of existence. Notice how none of them seem particularly thrilled to attend his meetings or carry out his plans.
  • At the end of [Texture Not Found] revealing that non-texture clones were created by E. Gadd, because SMG3 wanted to have SMG4's Gang clones. But why E. Gadd created SMG3's Gang clones? I don't think that SMG3 wanted them.
  • If the entire plot of the 2020 Christmas Special was all just a story SMG3 was telling the Ugandan Knuckles, then how would he have known about Melony's human transformation?
    • SMG3's gig is stealing SMG4's ideas. Back when SMG3 wasn't stuck in internet graveyard he stole an idea, that would actually be used in a future episode. Information about Melony's transformation turned out to not be anything that was readily useful to SMG3 plan, so he didn't use it later in the plot or even reveal that he knows about that up until the special.
  • "Mario Runs out of Toilet Paper" is based on the COVID-19 Pandemic, but why wasn't the video referencing the pandemic? Just people panicking over toilet paper and attacks by fast food gods. What were the creators (Kevin and Luke) thinking?
    • Because the blooper focuses on the toilet paper purchase craze meme created during the pandemic. During the first part of the blooper the implications of the incoming disaster are not made clear, making it look like its the virus. One of the problems the world faces in the blooper are loose bowels caused by the fast food being forced upon them. It references one of the minor symptoms COVID 19 patients can show in real life - diarrhoea.

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