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Unsurprisingly, SMG4's videos are full of opportunities for laughter.

The War of the Fat Italians series now has its own page.

See here for the funny moments from the Guards N Retards series and here for funny scenes from the second channel, TheAwesomeMario.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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Pre-2018 Bloopers:

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    2011- 2012
Some people aren't very lucky with their dreams.
  • The Crazy Fighters is one of the earliest examples of one of the most cleverly written and funniest bloopers of the series. It's full of funny moments:
    • MCG dreaming of poop at the beginning of the blooper.
    • When the Crazy Toilet Guy first appears, SMG4 mistakes him for his grandma.
    Mario: ...oh god! your grandma really needs some tictacs!
    • When Mario turned the Crazy Toilet Guy into a "gangster grandma".
    • X greeting the Crazy Toilet Guy leads to the latter starting to act like the crazy old lady from Drake & Josh. Mario even thinks she has a talking problem.
    • And then, the Crazy Toilet Guy pulls out his toilet and causes everyone except FM and X to panic.
    • After FM exits the castle, he finds Mario with a coffin and four mourners, because Mario thought FM was dead.
    • Toad with a toilet stuck in his head.
    • X's excuse for why he and his friends we're not helping FM fight:
    X: cause every here is an idiot?
    SMG4: hey! it's dumb and idiot!
    • FM recalls Mario having a fight the day before. With a baby.
    • Step 1 to fighting... which FM made up as a joke.
    FM: we all think of turtles!!!
    • And during the aforementioned scene, everyone is thinking of turtles... except for Mario, who prefers to think of burgers instead.
    • FM: Just let your head flop back and forth, your neck is a well-cooked piece of asparagus!
    Mario: I'm not sure I'm doing it right (while his head rotated like a wheel, going inside his body and back out).
    MCG: uhh what does he mean by B button?
    X: I think FM thinks we live in some sort of game world!
    Mario: I'M PRESSING THE B BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!
    SMG4: maybe your not pressing hard enough!
    FM: weird the sm64 manual said the controls was B to punch...
    RM: B B B B B B B
    • The sumowrestler that Mario brings out during Step 2.
    SMG4: dear god a japanese version of mario!
  • Toad's victory dance in President Toad Washington. The guard's o_O face during one of them is just pure laughter.
    • The two Toads playing Rock, Paper, Scissors together, only to find out they don't have hands.
      • This:
    toad: and thats why I think we should all have smaller toilets!
    listener: uhh we were talking about our financial crysis not toilets
    toad: well we still need smaller toilets!!
    • And then, right after:
    toad: uhhh...come again?
  • Party Rock Prisoners. That is all.
  • The entire plot of 99.5% Crazy. Mario eating a mushroom from a salesman, who found the mushroom under the toilet may be gross, but Mario acting crazy is a classic.
  • From part 3 of The Lost Gems: Bowser may be evil, but his childhood friend is... his teddy bear.
    • And the name of the teddy bear? Mr. Teddy.
      • Made hilarious at the end when Luigi receives Mr. Teddy. Bowser is so sad when he finds his "childhood friend" missing.
      • During the part where Mario changes how the castle looks, one of them is a shot of Bowser and Mr. Teddy in a sailor suit, made in plain laughter.
  • From Crystal Funhouse: Supermarioglitchy4 and X are wanting to get out after finding themselves in a black void. But the other 4 members of there team know they're going to die, so they play poker.
    epicyoshi: I'm not santa!!!
    (Cue Santa chasing him with a motorcycle.)
  • Two words: 'Operation G.A.Y.
    • Or maybe instead the weird-looking picture of someone's mom.
  • In Orbicial Adventures, when FM fell into the pipe leading to Bowser's lair, guess what Bowser did? If you answered Bowser mistook FM as a baby, then you're right.
  • How Mario was Born: Baby Mario pooping on Baby Bowser's playground. The result is he and Baby Bowser instantly becoming enemies.
  • Mario abusing the old man in The Swap.
    • Mario & SMG4 fighting over who gets to drive the car while Toad is watching.
    Toad: weeiirrrd...
    • Mario (in SMG4's body)'s Oh, Crap! reaction when he finds that he ran over Peach.
  • Scatman's Revenge. Oh. My. GOD, Scatman's REVENGE.
    • This. Just... this.
    Mario: trees if you hate me disapear
    [the trees disappear]
    Mario: wow
    • The part where the screen quickly slips in quality. Apparently, Mario notices this:
    Mario: oh great now im all grainy
    • When Bowser acts weird:
    Mario: what is bowser a ball
    • The giant Mario demolishing the castle:
    Mario: we got a giant version of me outside and he's trying to wreck the castle!
    Toad: yeah well thats life
    • What ultimately defeats the giant Mario... nerdy numbers.
    • Really, a big reason why this episode is hilarious is due to the Soundtrack Dissonance, courtesy of the titular Scatman John's songs as he causes chaos throughout the episode.
  • How to Make Spaghetti: Step three involved the rules of what to do with Mario disobeying them.
  • The Mushroom Mafia has a few funny moments:
    • The mafia's attempt to get Mario to murder the president using bombs. When the mafia leader detonates it, nothing happens. It's not long after that he realizes the bombs were in his house.
    • The Fire Flower Mafia's boss is good for laughs.
    • "I-a bet you can't do-a this! *spins kart* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
    • Mario misunderstanding what DK is saying.
  • Breaking Walls: Mario startles various children by being naked. And breakdancing with some weird music on.
    • Him changing Supermarioglitchy4's profile.
  • In the Halloween special of 2012, we get some hilarious scenes of Toad scaring the trick-or-treaters.
    • "Here's Johnny..." *trick-or-treater screams and runs away*
  • From Befriend the End:
    Old Man: GUYS HIDE! NOW! I'll fend off the dragon!
    Mario:'re old..and smelly...
    Old Man: JUST HIDE NOW! WHILE I FEND OFF THE DRAGON! *scene change* end NOW!...
    Enderdragon: hai! I brought the whole family!
    Old Man: *stares at the dragon with an Oh, Crap! reaction, then runs* AHHHHHHHHH! EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF! *the old man jumps off the cliff*

  • Two Evil Friends: Bowser not knowing what shampoo is.
    • The bank robbery scene as well, where Bowser gets his shell stuck in the doorway. And SMG3... well... gets beaten up by an old woman.
    • Four words: Insert coin to continue.
    • Both montages of SMG3 and Bowser's failures from previous episodes are pure rapid-fire comedy goodness.
  • The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Welcome Invitation, while being only about 5 minutes long, has its share of hilarious moments:
    • Wario peeing in the lake.
    • Wario hanging from the roof:
    • Wario and Waluigi being shot out of the cannon at the end.
  • "Being a mother really let's you wear uncomfortable undies!"
  • One of Bowser's evil plans was… NOT WASHING HIS HANDS! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Like a Bowser: "BURN A VILLAGE, LIKE A BOWSER", complete with Bowser's Pee-Pee Dance
  • SMG Club is really funny by far. "At least I have my dignity!"
    • Supermarioglitchy1's commercial:
    SMG1: are you too fat?
    Random Pink Guy: umm no?
    SMG1: are you too gay?
    Random Pink Guy: what kind of questions are these!
    Random Pink Guy: what the hell are you doing in my basement anyway?
    SMG1: then try our new organisationszz!
    Random Pink Guy: *now a SMG* AHH WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY CLOTHES?!!?!!?!?
    SMG1: its a new group that has the following perks! cool clothes! toilets! raves! drunk guys! toilets! chairs!!!!!!!!
    SMG4: hey who the hell are you?!
    Toad: get out of my face! im trying to watch tv!!!!
    SMG1: join now! and you get a cool little number next to your smg name! mine is 1 :3
    Starman3: hi mom!!!
    (after the commercial)
    SMG4: ...I still don't get it...
  • Hotel Mario: Every single scene with Bowser. First he makes a living in the dumpster near Mario's house, next he gets in the shower, and then he complains about being stuck in Mario's bed (because it was a bunk bed).
    Starman3: well so much for fending off the dragon!
  • Brother Battles:
    • Mario, Luigi, SMG4, and X playing Mario Bandstand from the first Mario Party with Mario as the composer, who keeps getting hit by hammers and thinks its because the audience loves him. Not to mention the music he's playing is the Can Can theme.
    • Mario and SMG4's team name, "Team Tubby"
    Mario: yes we got the best name!!!!!!
    • Playing Deep Sea Divers from Mario Party 1:
    Mario: I'm going to get the big one!!!!!
    Luigi: not if your fat stops you!
    (Luigi collects the treasure chest)
    Mario: Mamaf**ker!
    • Not to mention that the song playing in the background of the above scene is Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea".
    • Playing Hexagon Heat from Mario Party 2:
    Mario: toad! come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Mario jumps off the edge trying to reach Toad*
    • Playing Parasol Plummet from Mario Party 3:
    Mario: supercalafragalisticexpaladoclous! I'm mary poppins!
    SMG4: you would be if the umbrella supported your weight!
    • Playing Eye Sore from Mario Party 3:
    Mario: *staring at Mr. I* what are you looking at?
  • "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island" has a few memorable moments.
    • Toad singing "Party in the Tub" and Peach questioning why she can't sit down.
    • Laa-Laa's corpse being shown in the background of the plane.
    • The Old Man attacking SMG4.
    • As everyone's panicking, Mario is the only one calm and tries to watch TV. Teletubbies comes on, causing Mario to panic as well.
    • Bowser suddenly being able to fly.
    • SMG3's personal mech is defeated by Luigi, who throws Peach directly onto the windshield, blinding him.
  • Mario flipping out over being unable to open doorknobs as a Minecraft character.
  • The Wacky Wario Bros.: Wario's Treasure Hunting Time:
    • At the beginning of the video, while Waluigi is crying in frustration, he suddenly gets hit by a car. Then it reveals Wario and Daisy inside.
    • When Wario returned to the Wario Bros' Residence (under a bridge),just before Wario shows Waluigi the map, Waluigi was looking at a photo of a shirtless guy.
    • Wario farting on Waluigi's face.
    • When Wario & Waluigi end up in a bathroom, Wario thinks it's their destination, before letting out a single fuck. Then they see Mario naked.
    Wario: Oh my god!
    • Wario's reaction to seeing a single coin:
    Wario: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Wahaha! Wario! Hot stuff, baby!
    Waluigi: Oh, c'mon...
    • When Wario saw five coins:
    Wario: *** yeah!
    (DK suddenly appears - Wario and Waluigi gasp.)
    Wario: Who do you think you are, buster?!
    Waluigi: Eh, this looks too easy!
    (DK appears with a gun and glasses. Wario and Waluigi scream in terror.)
    • After they get shot:
    Wario: Oh ***!
    • At one point in an ancient temple, Wario press a button that says "frea muney". When he presses it, all it releases is a Bob-omb that falls on Waluigi. An unaware Wario keeps pressing the button until there's a pile of Bob-ombs:
    Wario: Oh what the FU- (the Bob-ombs explode)
    • When Wario grabs the key, Waluigi falls off the stone tablet and releases a Chain Chomp. This results in a chase to Indiana Jones music. Eventually, they have "tea time", until Mario comes along:
    Mario: Hey, I'm-a thirsty! You got something to drinky?
    Waluigi: NO!
    Mario: (grunts) Bitch! (takes the tea set)
    • The ending:
    Wario: (opens the hidden money vault) OHHHHHHHH YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Waluigi: Oh yeah!
    (DK appears.)
    DK: It's raping time!
  • The entirety of "A Trip to Teletubbie Land". Hightlights include:
    • When Mario encounters a red Teletubbie:
    Mario: now, we're not going to tell anyone i'm here, are we?
    Teletubbie: Nope!
    {An alarm sounds and a bunch of Teletubbies go after Mario.}
    • This:
    Narrator: One day, in Teletubbyland, Po made a bowl of Tubby Custard.
    Po: Tubby Custard! Tubby Custard! Tubby Custard!
    {Mario runs away from an army of Teletubbies and runs over the custard.}
    • Mario tries to make peace with the Teletubbies. It doesn't work:
    Mario: please! come in peace! i mean you no harm! *to Laa-Laa* what's up man? see i'll hug this guy cause i'm FRIENDLY! *ends up killing her instead* ... Oh, f***!
    Po: Uh-oh!
    Mario: so umm... wanna be my friend?
    Po: *Beat* Get that motherfucker!
    Mario: *screams*
    • When Mario ends up in the Teletubbies' lair:
    Po: who are you? are you an enemy?
    Mario: i am a tubby guy and i mean you no harm :D
    Po: Bullsh*t!
    Po: we'll let the gods be the judge for your fate! Send in, the GOD!
    {The sun baby appears}
    Mario: What the fuck is that?!
    Sun Baby: ...Fuck him up!
    Mario: Oh no! AAAAH! *Mario runs and slides under the security door* OH YEAH! Mario number one!
    Po: I'LL END YOU!
    • The entire scene with the "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" song:
    Mario: this place is quite beautiful when no teletubbies are trying to murder you *Mario walks past Tinky Winky pissing* top of the morning!
    Tinky Winky: *screams*
    Mario: hey! can you direct me to the nearest way out of this stupid dimension?
    Mario: I'll take that as a no! :D see ya! *Mario dances happily until...*
    Mario: Oh no!
    Mario: *runs into a bedroom* they'll never find me here
    ''Po appears near him, Mario screams and gets thrown out of the bedroom*
    Mario: hey wait my nose isn't that big *Tinky Winky sees him* Oh ***!
    • Mario defeating Tinky Winky with a police car:
    Tinky Winky: Son of a bitch!
    Mario: *driving a police car* Watch out! *Tinky Winky is defeated* Oh yeah! I'm-a gonna get ya!
    Po: Fuck him, let's go, let's go, let's go, Ah fuck I'm out of ammo! Fuck fuck fuck fuck!
  • This from SSENMODNAR 5 (wat o_O edition)
    Chain Chomp: Hey!
    Luigi: Koochie koochie!
    {The Chain Chomp stares at Luigi with a menacing face while Dramatic Impact 1 plays}
    Luigi: Waaaah!
    • Moments with Steve.
  • Retard karts 101 (later renamed Idiot karts 101):
    • All the karts in the beginning randomly zooming off.
    • When Mario attempts to quit the "Driving Practice Test" in mid-session when he's at the extra credit question nonetheless, he gets a Jump Scare courtesy of Toad's head, followed by the computer exploding.
    • Mario humping his kart from Mario Kart Wii.
    • Luigi being shot off into the sky after running over a Banana Peel.
    • A fish-eyed Peach failing to board her kart correctly, then kills herself with a Blue Shell.
    • Waluigi's Shirtless Scene.
    • Wario's Mushroom Samba after using a Starman, and later being shot off into space after misuse of a Golden Mushroom.
    • Bowser's kart being able to fit only his right foot, which he drives around slowly while playing a bike's bell.
    • Luigi gets a Pingas item, which summons Dr. Robotnik and drives him to chase Luigi while chanting "PINGAS".
      • Later on, Luigi is completely surrounded by a group of Eggmen.
    • Toast Shy Guy's big debut.
  • Spaghetti Law:
  • youtube mario?:
    • The fact that Toad managed to win at chess against Mario without moving a single piece.
    • Mario's first video: Eating spaghetti naked for three hours. The actual video does exist but it's capped at 15 minutes. The description said it was only because youtube wouldn't let him have that long of a video.
    • His next video is to have a fake charity where he uses it to intentionally butcher Toad's name to Guredo. Toad even complains in the background. Yes, this video is also real.
    • What SMG4 does in Mario's video. Even funnier: He doesn't deny doing those things, meaning SMG4 secretly acts like a girl.
  • 101 Ways for Mario to Die:
    • The intro, where Mario repeatedly asks SMG4 to make a special, and then SMG4 says he gets a special...and punches him.
    • #100: Showing Off.
    • Then #99: Farts. In which Mario comes for Bowser and the latter farts behind Mario.
    • Right after that, #98, #97, #96, #95, #94 and #93, among others.
    • Mario "crapping on the rug".
    • Then he gets hit by an Old Man riding a bathtub, reads Luigi's diary and gets shocked over it, tastes the rainbow, gets punched by a fist coming from a sign, ends up in space, etc.
    • Three of these ways to die, featuring Dr. Robotnik: Shark Food, Fishing, and Reading a Good Book.
    • The methods #19 through #8, which are Call Backs to various bloopers.
    • At the end, SMG4 punches Mario 6 times then kicks him into the sky. A Twinkle In The Sky moment then follows as Mario flies into the sky.
  • Birthday Freakout:
    • Toad asking for Mario's identification.
    Toad: how do i know if you're not a fatass italian guy dressed like mario coming here to eat spaghetti and insult the princess??
    Mario: got a point...
    • At Enzo's post-birthday party, every moment involving Bowser. Steve, too.
    • Steve's reaction to seeing the birthday cake Enzo made.
    • Pin the tail on the Bowser:
    Bowser: i don't see the bowser poster thing
    Enzo: there isn't one! you are the bowser :D
    • Every moment when playing "Good Friends":
    Enzo: where you have say one nice thing about the guy next to you
    Mario: *looking at a crazed Steve* Mama f**ker!
    SMG4: *looking at SMG3* godammit
    Bowser: *about Mario* well my bud mario here is great! he's always naked and loves to hump things and gave me a pain in the ass for 20 years :D
    Mario: shut up bowser *looking at and talking about Steve* well umm... steve here... i like the way he looks
    Mario: ok fine, i like how he's great at running :D
    Bowser: that's even more racist
    Mario: I LIKE HIS EYES?
    Bowser: that's gay?
    Steve: *to SMG4* I love you!
    SMG4: uhh thanks? *to SMG3* your gay for me?
    SMG3 punches SMG4 into a wall
    • Steve doing his absolute best to open the locked basement door.
    Steve: Open sesame!
    • The ending.
  • A Fungus Among Us:
    • The beginning:
    Narrator: Once upon a time...
    Mario: *sings but notices Toad. He rewinds to Toad* Hey stinky!
    Mario goes crazy. Toad doesn't even respond a bit.
    Mario: Will you shut up! People are trying to sleep!
    SMG4: it's not me idiot!
    • When the Toads invade, one puts a virus in SMG4's computer:
    Toad Picture: Hey there sugar tits!
    SMG4 screams
    Mario: Woah!
    Toad #1: i know right. this is the gayest celebration party where's all the hot chicks?
    Everyone cheers.
    Toad #2: Shut up! now let's get this party started
    Toad #1: *in slow motion* maybe we could invite some WOMAN?
    Toad #1 gets thrown out of the castle.
    Mario: Oh no!
    Toad #3: Oh hey red Toad!
    Mario: EEK! *obviously scared* Hello... *Mario's Paper-Thin Disguise falls off. He and Toad #3 scream and Mario makes a run for it*.
    • "This is where the magic happens!"
    "Mama mia..."
    Mario: *punches Bowser* I SAID STEALTH NOT RETARD!
    Bowser: i was trying to communicate!
    • During the search for the mysterious intruder, two Black Toads thinks another is the intruder:
    Black Toad #1: it's you!
    Toad #4: WHAT NO!!!
    Black Toad #1 and #2 rip off his afro. Toad #4 runs away screaming.
    Mario: baby...
    • Everyone when Mario chooses spaghetti over saving his friends.
    • Mario goes all-out:
    • "I HAVE NO IDEA!"
    • “OH SHI-“ *cut to outro*
  • Mario getting threatened with his balls chopped off in part 1 of A SM64 Fairytale.
    • And he and Bowser having a dance-off in the final part.

  • This video, an ad for SMG4's first merch store, is actually pretty hilarious:
    • A Toad asks his mother, Stacy, if she could buy him some of the shirts on the site, but Stacy sees that the site is called "candy van" and throws the computer out the window, bans all electronics, and forces him to read books.
    • Mario's "serious face".
    • Mario saying the shirts can be used as toilet paper if buyers don't like them.
    • At the end of the video, SMG4 sees that his fans demand a retarded segment, so he plays a clip of the Mario head from Super Mario 64 spinning around calling it "MARIO SPIN SPIN TIME".
  • Mario and the retarded spaghetti factory:
    • Toad randomly falling from the sky and blowing up when the video begins.
    • The couch falling on Luigi.
    • Mario passes by Peach, who's been kidnapped by Bowser. Mario instead shoots her and drives on to the spaghetti factory.
      • Not to mention the book Bowser is reading, "50 Shades of Koopa".
    • Someone is standing near the spaghetti factory near the beginning. Once he sees Tubbie Wonka, he starts running away.
      Person: Oh hell no, I'm outta here.
    • Mario meets the owner of the factory, Tubbie Wonka:
    Mario: Hello! It's-a-me, Mari-
    Tubbie Wonka: CHOCOLAAAAATTTTTEEEE!!!!! *gives an evil face*
    • When the interior of the factory is first shown:
    Mario: *kicks Tubbie Wonka* where's the spaghetti!?
    Tubbie Wonka: You little shit! time to teach you a little lesson.
    • Tubbie Wonka playing his ocarina at an alarming speed to summon three guards.
    Guards: Oompa loompa, doompa dee dee! If you are wise, you'll listen to me!
    Guard #1: GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE!
    Mario: No! *gets kicked out*
    • All of Mario's attempts of getting back into the factory. His attempt to go through a window leads to Tubbie Wonka knocking him off the platform with a shotgun. He then tries to go through one of the factory's exhaust pipe, only to be lit on fire when it falls down with him inside it. He then tries to barge into the factory using a tank. Unfortunately, the guards have a riddle for Mario:
    Guard #1: I've got a perfect puzzle for you!
    Guard #2: What do you get in a club when they close?
    Guard #3: (Holding a rocket launcher) Drunk motherf*ckers and ratchet-ass hoes!
    Mario: (After his tank is blown into the air) Sweet merciful crap!
    • Tubbie Wonka's ringtone and the phone conversation he has with Mario:
    Ringtone: What's that phone call, yippa dee doo! Looks like a retard's calling for you!
    Tubbie Wonka: Hello?
    Mario: Hello! It's a-me, Mario! Woo-hoo! And I'm a-call you, because (jumps through the window) I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU!
    Tubbie Wonka: Come at me, bro! Come at me! C'mon!
    {Mario crashes into the wall}
    • One of the signs says "<— butt slapping room".
    • Mario knocking out a guard by flashing him.
    • "Everybody wants to smell like... titty sprinkles... *explodes*"
    Mario: *sniff* that was beautiful
    • Mario's reaction to learning that spaghetti is made out of Tubby Custard.
    • The video ends with Mario stuffing Tubbie Wonka into the machine, causing it to overload and destroy the factory in a fiery explosion. Mario flies through the sky screaming while this song plays in the background and lands next to Bowser, who is still reading "50 Shades of Koopa".
  • Super Mario Attorney:
    • "That's-a hard for you, but easy for me."
    • SMG4 attempting to make the Bob-omb King fly.
    • SMG4 squishes a Goomba, and a nearby Koopa reacts to it:
    • The prosecution: Waluigi!
    • Mario throwing rocks at Waluigi.
    • "OBJECTION!"
      • "HOLD IT!"
      • "BULLSHIT!"
      • "PINGAS!"
      • "MAMA F!CKER!"
    • "what the hell is a teletubbie doing here??"
      • "teletubbies don't go... "SHOPPING""
    Waluigi: actually i think they do go shopping for drugs.
    Wario: and that's what happened! *gets thrown out of building*
    • The 10 minute "recess time".
    • All of Steve:
    Steve: Hi, Mario!
    Mario: Hi, Steve...
    • "NO ONE CARES!"
    • The ending, of course.
  • Bad Stars:
    • Bowser's attempt to create a Ztar has him breathing fire on a ormal Star. This turns it into a burger.
    Bowser: and that's why i never cook with mario
    • Becomes slightly Hilarious in Hindsight when SMG4 later made two bloopers about Bowser and Mario hosting a cooking show.
    • SMG3 tries to create an evil Star. It works, until...
    Toad: HELLO!
    SMG3: what the- who the... WHAT'RE YOU DOING IN HERE!!!
    Toad: I'm just hanging out.
    SMG3: i-err...whatever just don't go near the big electric orb
    Toad proceeds to do just that and fuses with the evil Star.
    SMG3: ahh shut up!!!
    • The following bit:
    Evil Star: '''I have fully taken over the body of this w-
    Static, the Star's eyes turn into Toad's face
    Toad Star: HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
    Bowser and SMG3 look in horror, and Bowser runs away screaming like a girl
  • The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Winning Ticket:
    Wario: Argh! I get you next time! (proceeds to walk away)
    Waluigi: (quacks once)
    Wario stops and starts shaking violently to the sound of vulcanic eruption as Waluigi scrambles backwards. Cut to the Title.
    • Toad: "What are you doing?! Get away from my house! Oh my gosh!
    • Wario and Waluigi get shot out of the pipe and Wario says "I'll get you next time!"
    • Wario and Waluigi's reaction when Conker threatens them with a flamethrower.
    • The announcer of the lottery numbers is a Teletubbie called "Miss Tubby"
      • When the numbers are shown, Wario is seen reading his lottery ticket upside down and thinks he lost. Then Waluigi corrects him.
    • Waluigi getting annoyed by Wario's victory dance:
    Waluigi: Just shut the f*ck up!
    Wario: Ah, fuck you! *throws Waluigi at a car*
    • Wario flying the car into the sky with Waluigi hanging from the edge.
    • Wario and Waluigi run over Sonic the Hedgehog:
    Sonic: I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgeh- *gets hit by car*
    • Wario and Waluigi are stuck in a three-car line waiting for an old man to cross the street. Unfortunately, the old man walks very slowly, which angers Wario to the point where he throws a rubber ducky at him. And it kills the old man.
      • Also the red car's reaction to now-dead old man.
      • As well as this, after the old man is dead, the stoplight turns red, which angers Wario so much that he drives RIGHT OVER Luigi, who was in front of them at the time. And Luigi trails them from behind.
      • And to top it off, Wario says "screw deh police" right after, and then he and Waluigi crash straight into a police car. When the police threaten to arrest the duo, Wario points out to Luigi who is jaywalking, and the police decides to go after Luigi instead.
    • At the train station, Kirby, who is behind Wario and Waluigi, sees Waluigi's rubber ducky and thinks it's a plate of drumsticks, so he tries to suck it up, and gives Waluigi a Jump Scare:
    Waluigi: What da fuck is that thing?
    Kirby: Huh?
    Waluigi: *notices his rubber ducky is missing* Oh no! *notices Kirby walking while making squeaky noises every time he takes a footstep, and proceeds to attack him*
    • While Wario is walking, we see Sonic in the back, who remembers getting hit by a car earlier in the episode. It proceeds into this:
      Sonic: *to Wario* You just can't get enough, huh?
      Wario: Eh?!
      Sonic: Eggman! You're totally cracked!
      Wario: What da fuck are you talking about?
      Sonic: What's this smell? Smells like trash!
      Wario: Hey! Shut up! *proceeds to attack Sonic*
      Sonic: Aah! This guy's tough!
      Wario: *attacks Sonic some more*
      Sonic: Playtime's over! Now I'm serious! CHAOS CONTROL!
      • And during that scene, when Wario is running from Sonic, he notices Waluigi with Kirby on his head and uses Waluigi as a projectile. Sonic dodges it, and then a train hits him and presumably kills him.
        Sonic: You're too slow- [gets run over by a train]
        Off-screen voice: CHOO-CHOO, MOTHERFUCKER!
    • Kirby sucks up Wario's lottery ticket, and tries to get Kirby to spit it out. The final straw is putting dynamite in Kirby's mouth, however it only makes Kirby spit out a powerful rainbow that blows away Wario and leaves him and Waluigi hanging from a cliff.
      • Then, Wario punches the faucet off of Kirby... and Kirby spits out Waluigi's rubber ducky.
        Waluigi: [accompanied with rubber ducky noises] WAH-HA-HAHA-HA! WAH-HA-HAHA-HA!
        Wario: FU-
    • The ending. When Wario and Waluigi try to present their lottery ticket, Wario decides to confess... by throwing Kirby at the man at the counter.
  • Retarded64: Mario Simulator:
    • The disclaimer at the bottom of the start screen: "copyright. smg4 you die >:("
    • Narrator: "Hello. Welcome to Mario Simulator. You get to do Mario stuff. Hooray."
    • Mario trying to get into the pipe, but he can't.
    • Bowser = Lemon.
    • "Mario got goomba diabeetus"
    • A sexy real-life Wario appearing on the screen.
    • "Say, I'm-a hungry. Have you got any food?"
    Mario: *sub falls down* NO! *basket of vegetables fall down* What the fuck is that?! *with a sad face* FEED ME! FEEEEEEEDDDDD MEEEEE! *a kart appears* Wooooooaaaahhhhhhh! *eats kart* Bleh! That tastes like shit! *continues eating kart*
  • Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2:
    • Bowser making love with a watermelon.
    Mario: No, man, what the f[[Sound-Effect Bleep*]]ck!
    Bowser: What? You don't like melon? I love melon!
    Title card appears.
    Bowser: Uh, don't give me that look!
    • Mario plans on cooking the second-best dish in the world behind spaghetti (Italian Ravioli). He asks Bowser if he's got the ingredients. All Bowser has are Doritos.
      • "Doritos are stupid *gets thrown against the wall*."
    • The spaghetti appearing out of nowhere and saying "I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIALLLLL!"
    Mario: I can explain.
    • The whole process of getting a Yoshi for a "Yoshi omelette". First, Dr. Eggman thumbs up a Birdo, who proceeds to thumbs up Link, who throws a rock at a Bob-omb, causing it to explode and light a Toad on fire. The burning Toad proceeds to hit the fire button causing Heavy to appear with a sandvich attached to a board on his head, who ends up pressing a button causing him to explode. A piece of toast almost hits the rope button, then the Shy Guy cashier (the one obsessed with TOAST) goes after it and hit the rope button that lowers Bowser to catch a Yoshi. He ultimately ends up breaking the table, and the Red Yoshi lays an egg, causing Bowser to do a victory dance.
    • Just the whole damn process of getting an old man for Old Man soup.
    • The old lady teaching the audience how to make RAISINS! We need cottage cheese, medicine, a scroll, a football helmet, a graveyard, and a sexy old man!
    • The Running Gag of SMG4 yelling "Where's my burrito?!"
    • Mario filling in for the missing Shy Guy cashier. Luigi comes and this happens:
    Luigi: Hey, Mario!
    Mario: Hello, sir, welcome to Mario's Ristorante! note  We have a pizza pie, spaghetti, meatballs-
    Luigi: I want to buy a burger!
    Mario: This is Italian food! We don't have that stuff!
    Luigi: I, WANT, A BURGER!!!
    Mario: No, Luigi, I don't sell burgers here!
    Luigi: Then you can go to hell, Mario! *attempts to shoot Mario*
    Mario: Eek! *ducks and dodges the bullet*
    X: Burgers!
    Luigi: I want to buy a pizza pie!
    {X makes a run for it.} note 
    • The special guest cook, Tubbie Chef.
      • Sprinkling magic dust on Luigi, causing him to sneeze.
    • Tubbie Chef's assistant Walter White putting weed in the Tubby Custard.
    • Mario adding a Mushroom to the Tubby Custard. Which causes Shrek to appear.
      • Then Shrek randomly dances to Caramelldansen, trashes the whole restaurant, and jets off into the moonlight.
    SMG4: Where's my burrit- *Shrek crashes into him*
    • Bowser eating his "famous" "chili biscuits", which causes him to poop out a fire that lights the same Toad from the "Yoshi omelette" section to light on fire again. This time, it turns him into a skeleton.
    • In the ending, it's revealed the restaurant belonged to Eggman.
    Mario: Ah, sh*t, he figured it out! *both he and Bowser make a run for it*
    Shy Guy: YEAH, TOAST!
    • Then the sign falls off and reveals the actual name of the restaurant is "Pingas restaurante".
    • And the very end:
    Eggman: Oh, how could I let this happen?!
  • Ssenmodnar 8.
    • Mario attempting to do his Mushroom creations in the beginning.
    • Mario revealing the golden spaghetti to Luigi.
    Mario: THE IRRESISTABLE GOLDEN SPAGHETTI!!! irresistable to any spaghetti lover! {Mario and Luigi hear a shaking noise.}
    • Darth Vader cutting Mario's hand.
    • The "Pete the Piranha" skit.
    Announcer: And now it's time for... Pete the Piranha! And his best friend Jimmy.
    Jimmy: Oh hey Pete, what about we go on an adventure? YIPPEEE! So Pete, what do you want to do tomorrow? I don't know, I wanna go to the Ice Cream Shop, I want to go to the park, go fishing, I don't know. So, I don't know, what do you want to do today?
    Pete: (cries and coughs) GIMME SOME FUCKING WATER!
    • The singing guy getting hit by a snowball.
    • The Peach and Mario skit:
    Narrator (SMG4): Gurl stops meaking out! She said, "Bbz, will you luv me 4ever?", he said, "Nao!", deh gurl cried and ran across deh road, befor grean man came on the sien. Boy was crying, and went tu pick up her body. She was ded. He wispered to her corpse, "I meant to say... I will luv you... 5ever!" dat mean he love her moar dan 4ever! *crying* lik dis if you cry everytim... *crying again*.
    • Moments with Steve's "A trip to the city."
    • The ending.
  • Mario for Hire:
    • Mario's rocket-powered kart. It's impossible to steer.
    • The guy that tries to convince Baby Mario/Luigi not to play in the street from Mario goes Shopping makes a brief appearance before being dragged away by the rocket-powered cart.
    • While attempting to drive his rocket-powered kart, he winds up crashing into Bowser's car. Mario's reaction is to pin the blame on Luigi.
    • The resulting daydream Mario has when he first sees the kart he wants to buy in the shopping mall is about a buffed-up Mario spreading his legs in mid-air and the kart popping out of his crotch. The Oh, Crap! expressions of everyone else express this daydream rather well.
      • Shy Guy's sudden Expressive Mask and Yoshi's drooping nose in the same scene.
    • Mario begins humping the kart in the shop even when there's a warning right next to him.
    • During "Super Mario Business Time", Mario conflicts with the Heavy:
    Mario: *upon seeing the Heavy's Sandvich* Wo-o-ah! Come here, fishy fishy! Hohohoh! Yummy!
    Heavy: *face appears out of nowhere* What the fuck do you want?!
    Mario: Can I have it?
    Heavy: NO!! *throws Mario away*
    Mario: Ohhhhhhh...
    Heavy: *starts typing, but hears an "OM NOM NOM!"* Oh! *notices Sandvich missing* AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *throws hard drive at Shy Guy* Who touched my Sandvich?!
    Mario: Ohhhhhhh... Luigi!
    Luigi: Heh?
    Heavy: INCOMING!!!!
    Luigi: *panics*
    • To pay for the kart (which costs 9001 coins), Mario dumps a safe right onto a person browsing the store, the camera goes inside the safe (the doors of the safe now big enough to fill the screen), the locks are undone, the doors open, and the safe is completely empty.
    • Mario walks outside with all the money he needs and sees the four Teletubbies:
    Narrator: One day, in Teletubbyland, Po, Laa-Laa, Tinky-Winky and Dipsy got arrested for robbing a bank and also damaging a roof.
    Po: I'll *** all you nerve-hurting piece of ***!
    Toad: Oh hell no!
    • The Heavy comes back in the ending:
    Heavy: *in slow motion* Wwwwwwhhhhhooooo tttttoooouuuucccchhheeeedddd mmmmmyyyyyyy gggggguuuuuunnnnnnnn?!?!?!?!?!
    Mario: Ohhhh... bye-bye!
    Luigi: Mario!
    Mario: Say what?!
    Heavy: *stares at Mario*
    Mario: can we be friends?
    Heavy: Friendship is stupid magic! I am going to kill you, and kill you, and-
    Mario: No! *transforms into Duke Nukem Mario. He ends up getting thrown by the Heavy, then his kart lands on him*
  • Who Let the Chomp Out:
    • Mario attempting to communicate to Goombas with a mask because according to him it's "For Science!". Everything gets weird when he tries the mating call, which works a little too well.
    • "This is what I do, I sit on you! Sit on you! Sit on you!"
    • Pictured: To try and prevent Mario from releasing the Chain Chomp, the residential Bomb-Omb Buddies load Gourmet Guy into a cannon and fire. It works, until Mario punches the Gourmet Guy off of him, breaking the pole keeping the Chain Chomp pinned to the ground. Cue the iconic chase scene!
    • Partway through the episode, the Chain Chomp winds up answering the doorbell in Peach's Castle, only to be greeted by a special visitor.
    Chain Chomp: HI, HOW CAN I HELP YOU?
    Sonic: Hey hey hey! I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!
    Chain Chomp: What the fuck is a Sonic?
    Sonic: *Beat*
    Chain Chomp: Wanna be friends? *walks back inside with a Facebook friend request from Sonic appearing in the corner*
    • Mario attempts to eat spaghetti right from the sleeping Chain Chomp's mouth. He doesn't realize he wakes up the Chomp, and as he keeps eating, the Chomp blasts his head off.
  • Sonic the derphog: the Evilness of Eggman(?):
    • Bowser's invention to bring Peach to him. The machine doesn't work, bringing a naked Mario, Wario & Waluigi fighting, and Luigi in a Peach dress instead.
    • Po stepping up to the podium and asks the others if they're ready to witness "real evil". The television on her chest starts playing a video of an old man dressed as Katy Perry singing "California Boys". Everyone watching has surprised Patrick faces, except for Bowser, who is seen with a "me gusta" rage face pleasuring himself. A Pikachu with Egoraptor's voice then uses Thunderbolt.
    • Toadwardo, the "Dorito Bandito".
    • The pingas cereal commercial accompanied by a pingas remix of "You Are a Pirate".
    • Eggman unleashes his new "evil" invention, Omega. All it can do is twerk.
  • The Wacky Wario Bros.: Money Mayhem:
    • The chase scene involving the dump truck in the opening:
    Policeman: Uh... STOP RIGHT THERE!!
    Driver: NO!! *shoots a gun at the policeman*
    Wario and Waluigi run around, panicking*
    Goomba: *hold the briefcase, gives a yes*
    Wario: How did we end up here?
    • How Wario and Waluigi ended up in the dump truck.
    Policeman: Bitch, do I look like I car- *honking sound* SHIT!!
    • Wario and Waluigi's reaction to the money in the briefcase.
    • Wario and Waluigi's Happy Dance when they get the money, sung to the Can-Can music.
    Wario: Ha-ha, I win! Oh-ah, alright!
    Waluigi: Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha!
    Wario: Wa! Wa! Alright!
    Waluigi: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Ah! Ah! Oh yeah!
    Wario: Ha-ha, wa-ha, ha, I'm amazing!
    Wario: I can't lose!
    Waluigi: Wa-ha-ha-ha!
    Waluigi: Woah-oah-oah-oah!
    • With there newly-gained money, Waluigi does some renovations to the Wario Bros. residence.
    Waluigi: *planting some weed* Smoke weed, smoke weed, smoke weed, smoke weed everyday! *Wario punches Waluigi*
    • Wario Mansion. The price was $10,009,000.
    • Wario's reaction to seeing a toilet in his new manor.
    Caption: (wario couldn't afford a toilet before)
    • Wario is getting it on with the ladies!
    Wario: I love boobies!
    • Then Hagrid suddenly appears with Poke Balls for boobs. Wario sees him and runs away screaming.
    • Wario and Waluigi's furniture, strippers, and housing bill, which says they must pay $199,230,203,020,320,302,232,322,323.note 
    • The news report showing Wario and Waluigi acting crazy with the money briefcase.
    • Mario appears at the door:
    Mario: oh hey wario buddy oh pal! long time no see! i just stole this cop's car and i was thinking you can help me do something.
    Wario: *puts a bucket on Mario's head, referencing the game Mario & Wario* Get out of here!
    Mario: *with the bucket on his head* OHMYGOD! OHHHHHH! OHMYGODOHMYGOD!
    • Wario microgame emporium. Enough saidnote .
    • Wario tries to hide the money from the unsuspecting policeman:
    Wario: Hello, all you rotten people out there! And I've-a got-a something important to say, so pay attention! *to the policeman* You're adopted.
    Policeman: *runs off and cries*
    Policeman #1: oh hey there babe, whats a pretty damsel doing in a place like this?
    Wario: Wow, humma-humma, dinga-donga!
    Policeman: doing anything tonight babe? *Wario kicks him* Ow! My children!
    Wario: I got shit to do!
    • Wario spots a jaywalker: Mario.
      • And Mario still has the bucket on his head.
    • One of the policeman struggling to figure out if Waluigi matches the man on the wanted poster, using SpongeBob SquarePants voice clips.
    • A Giant Wario statue landing on one of the policeman.
    • When Wario and Waluigi fly their jet to escape, they end up picking up Mario with the bucket STILL on his head.
    • Bomb: "It's raping time!"
    • Mario spending all the money on a Spaghetti-pay machine.
    • "You cheap bastard!"
    • The ending.
  • Tubbie TV:
    • Mario watching sexy videos on his television before the Teletubbies invade.
    • Po throwing a crowbar at the television.
    • The opening to the Teletubbies, showing just how "normal" Teletubbyland is.
    • Dipsy smoking a cigarette while wearing swag glasses.
    • The Teletubbies' reaction to the narrator:
    Dipsy and Laa-Laa: Eh-oh!
    • "Just waking up from the late-night death..."
    • Tinky Winky slipping from the spilled Tubby Custard.
    • The Teletubbies pronouncing "Tubby Custard" as "pubby cussard", which seems to bother Mario.
    • Tinky Winky entering a portal to the real world.
    • "You're a faggot, Harry!"
    • "Was it Po who spilled the Tubby Custard?"
    Tinky Winky: NOW CLEAN IT UP!!!!
    Po: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Noo-noo. Enough said.
    • Laa-Laa watching the "Sonic Sez" segment about sexual harassment.
    • Tinky Winky as a tank sergeant.
    • Laa-Laa finds out about Dipsy's secret club:
    Narrator: One day, in Teletubbyland, Laa-Laa was out for a walk, when she heard something very unusual.
    Laa-Laa: Oh! Oooooohhh! What's that? Oooohhh! *finds Dipsy's Night Club*
    Narrator: Dipsy's getting it on with the ladies. Laa-Laa wasn't invited. She was very angry.
    Po: *crashes from the roof with a lady* Uh, I can explain.
    Laa-Laa: *babbles, then gains bigger eyes and a hat* WHAT DID YOU SAY, NIGGA?! *starts going crazy*
    Po: *sees what Laa-Laa's up too* Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me! I love you! *Laa-Laa takes Po down*
    {After a while of taking everyone down, the narrator sounds.}
    Narrator: Time for Tubby Toast!
    Laa-Laa: Tubby Toast! Tubby Toast!
    • "One day, in Teletubbyland, all the Teletubbies were being very quiet..."
    • Sun Baby: "I! AM! GOD! YOU SHALL BOW BEFORE ME!"
    • "Ready for a crazy adventure, bitches?!"
    • Steve and Mario... as Teletubbies.
    • The ending.
  • The Visitor:
    • The Policemen beating up Peach.
  • Retarded64: Freddy's Spaghettiria:
    • Freddy imitating Smokey Bear. note 
    • The sudden appearance of Freddy, Chica and Bonnie while Foxy plays the piano.
    • Chica's reaction to the pizza when receiving it. And afterwards, when the pizza delivery boy tries to get her to pay, this happens:
    Chica: (beat) Would you like to see a magic trick? (shoves pizza delivery boy into Freddy Fazbear's mouth)
    • Mario goes absolutely insane and starts chasing the animatronics.
    • This little exchange:
    Restaurant Owner: Hello, sir, would you like to order?
    Mario: Spaghetti!
    Chica: *Hits Mario, then grabs the phone* No! Pizza, pizza! Pizza? Pizza.
    Restaurant Owner: Say whaaaaaaat?
    Chica: Pizza! *Proceeds to get hit by Eggman*
    Eggman: No! Penis, penis, penis, penis!
    Restaurant Owner: We don't serve that stuff!
  • Ssenmodnar 9. Enough said.
    • Professor E. Gadd: I need Luigi for a very important go buy me milk...and well you're too fat to do it Mario.
      "Hey! Shut up!"
    • The title screen.
    • The first skit where Mario crashes into a woman.
      • It doesn't help that the skit references the film Cats & Dogs.
    • "What the f*ck is a Hello Kitty?!"
    • Luigi getting hit by a golf ball after a perfect strike. In the crotch.
    • And shortly after, Wario attempting and failing to make Po learn how to play golf. At first Po is attempting to touch the ball. Then Wario gives her a golf club...and Po just starts trying to repeatedly chop the ball, much to Wario's disappointment.
    • A Koopa Troopa laughing while watching Donkey Kong attempting to take a huge shit. And then SMG4 appears saying it's not funny, causing the Koopa to start screaming.
    • A random guy and Yoshi singing Shuck and Jive's Eat That Watermelon.
      • Then Yoshi gets hurt by an exploding watermelon from humping it.
    • A feminine-looking Mario getting shot by the real Mario in another skit.
    • Also, "Steve has contracted Goomba herpes".
    • The ending is enough to make you spit out your cereal if you're eating any.

Welcome to Woop Woop Kingdom!
  • Castle Royale:
    • The WoopWoop Kingdom in general.
    Cue a Snorlax sleeping and a man acting crazy while doing the Chaccaron Maccaron.
    Man #2: *carrying a cart full of babies* Babies! Get your babies!
    Man #4: *on fire* I AM ON FIRE!
    • Mario pulling off the final phase of his (heavily improvised) master plan - announcing to Bowser that Prince Big Woop will marry Peach. Through the phone.
    Bowser: WHAT?! Not my Peach! I will EAT THEIR SOULS!
    Cue Bowser breaking through several walls of the castle and running over the prince, all the while "Ode to Joy" plays.
    • Mario having to go to prison anyway, due to ruining the marriage.
  • From Bad Star's Back:
  • Retarded64: Return to Freddy's spaghettria
    • It seems that Withered Bonnie has some...issues to work out.
      • Him singing "If You're Happy And You Know It", and then aiming a gun at Mario when he doesn't comply.
    • Mario going through the death minigames. He runs the children over with a tank in "Give cake to children", initiates a dance party in "Give gifts, give life", runs Foxy over with his kart in "Go! Go! Go!", and just plain goofs around in "SAVETHEM."
  • Can the Villager come out to play?:
    • Mario's reaction after finding no spaghetti in his fridge. The Jaw Drop he performs doesn't help, either.
    • Princess Peach not wanting the police to destroy or burn down the castle.
    • Things falling down from Mario's pockets.
    • Mario's drugged state after inhaling emergency toxic inflammable gas.
  • Princess Capturing Simulator:
    • "Swiggity swooty, I'm coming for the booty..." *cue Bowser crashing head-first into the camera*
    • Upon first exiting the castle, Bowser is told by a Bob-Omb that the army is starving and underpaid. What is the Koopa King's reaction?
    • After kidnapping Peach for the second time, Bowser enters a dating sim minigame where he tries to get Peach to like him. He sings her a song, and it goes pretty well until he goes offkey and screws up the rest of the song. He then attempts to set things straight by pressing a button with "In case of Peach-related emergency" written above. Too bad it causes to show Peach a leaked tape of Bowser making out with a Peach doll. Because of this, Peach kicks Bowser in the gonads, and the final options that pops up is the icing on the cake. One of them says SCREAM IN PAIN.
  • Retarded64: the Toad, the Fat and the Ugly.:
    • Mario's reaction to Toad throwing his spaghetti (that he gave to make him help get with Toadette) into a Blubba. Mario's eye twitch before harming Toad doesn't help matters.
    • This moment where Toadette shoots Frog Mario:
    Toad: ...want to see something cool?
    Toadette: ???
    Mario in his Frog suit appears from the water, holding a sign reading "I LOVE YOU! toadette!!" with artwork of Toad on the right.
    Toadette: What is that— (sees Frog Mario) JESUS CHRIST!
    Toad: OH GAD!
    Toadette: (holding a huge gun) Kill It with Fire!
    Mario: OH F*CK!!
    {Toadette shoots him.}
    Toadette: sorry, you were saying?
    (Toad backs away.)
    • In the next scene we see the aftermath with Mario's mangled face. He quietly flips the bird at Toad.
    • The entire scene where Mario's Yoshi-like helicopter gets attacked by a Klepto, thus causing Toadsworth to notice what's following:
    Toadsworth: (GASP) Senpai's noticed me! Yes! Yes!
    Toad pulls out a gun and aims it at his own head.
    • Frankie. 'Nuff said.
    • The moment where Peach appears in the arena:
    Frankie: oh come on! i wanted the ice cream man! not a mom!!!
    Mario: PRINCESS! ...what a surprise... you didn't really need to come-
    Peach: that reminds me, where's the shoes i sent you to buy!...
  • Shoot to the Observatory in the Sky
    • Mario considering living the rest of his life on the Observatory with Rosalina...until she asks what spaghetti is. Then he opts to repeatedly try to commit suicide.
      • Later, we see that Mario was leaving behind corpses of his extra lives on deck, much to the Luma's frustration. When Mario tries to commit suicide for the who-knows-how-many-tieth time after hearing that the observatory won't be fully operational to return back home for 2,000 years, the Luma blocks his jump, shouting "NO!"
    • Bowser saying that he once captured the Princess...for two minutes.
    • Rosalina says that she got her wormhole generator from a secret admirer. Upon recognizing the emblem on the device, Mario is accompanied with an image of Professor E. Gadd making a humping motion.
    • Bowser telling the Lumas a story he often tells Junior: Go the Fuck to Sleep.
    • Kirby imagining the portal generator as a lollipop and eating it.
    • Mario getting revenge on Toadsworth for his actions by stuffing him in the fireplace.
  • Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow. Especially the moments where Mario loses.
    • The fact that nobody watches the show (despite live spectators being there). Tubbiehost forces Lakitu to retrieve everyone nearby - Mario from the dumpster and Frankie who was right outside humping the wall.
    • Mario failing on the first try, thinking Luigi rules the whole kingdom. In a dress. Maybe that's why odds were set against Mario later on.
    Tubbiehost: It's only the first question and he's already cross-eyed...
    • Frankie choosing the box just because "3" looks like boobies.
    • Mario setting Bowser on fire because his prize turned out to be a watermelon. Don't ask where it came from.
    • "Have you ever experienced explosive diarrhea before?"
    • During "Mushroom Feud" segment. Once Tubbiehost reveals the question about Justin Bieber, everyone looks at Toad.
    Toad: What?
    • Toad winning the round by directly exposing Old Man Hobo to a photo of Bieber.
    O.M.H.: *wide-eyed* I just S**t my pants! *Quote appears and points go to Toad due to him being the cause.*
    • SMG4 finding out who's responsible for all the answers. A massive bunch of Teletubbies.
    SMG4: Oh.
  • Luigi Labyrinth:
    Mario: Goddammit Luigi! You're the one being the total Mama F-cker right now!?
    Luigi/Mr. L: Oh come on! How did you figure it out. D:
    Mario: Luigi! Get yo ass down here right now! Don't make me go Spaghetti Mode on you!
    Luigi/Mr. L: Aww... I mean -NO! Im-imma evil now Mario! I can't! I got-a my own evil army now haha!
    SMG4: Having millions of retarded doll versions of you does not count as an army Luigi!
    Mario: Do you think we should add more?
    SMG4: No I think that's enough...
    Luigi/Mr.L: You guys didn't even listen to my backstory!:(
    • SMG3's cameo.
  • Grand Theft Mario:
    • Whenever Mario goes naked, causing people around to panic.
    • At one point, Mario notices a man who is being held at gunpoint by Franklin. He throws a Fire Flower to said man, resulting in him catching fire.
    • Throughout the episode, Mario gains a Wanted Level. Eventually, he tries to scare the police off by getting naked. This only results in his Wanted Level increasing to 21 STARS.
    • And finally, the episode ending with Trevor doing a Caramell Dance, along with accompanying music.
  • Christmas Crazies:
    • The entirety of the Santa's Workshop montage.
    • The expressions of Mario and Co. when Enzo and the Villager start going after them.
    • The whole setup which leads to the aforementioned disaster. Santa Claus is thanking the gang. After Mario asks if he's good enough yet, Santa replies with-
    Santa: You're still getting coal, Mario.
    Mario: Mammaf***er!
    • Later, Santa Claus is bidding his farewell next to giant sack to presents. Bowser goes through the wall in his clown mobile, flattening Santa. He then says...
    Bowser: Haha! Hand over my presents!
    Bowser: Why are you looking at me like that? *Looks behind him.*
    Santa's legs go limp
    Heavy's voice: Ded.
    Bowser: *''Realization dawns''* Oh shhhieeettt...
    Luigi: *noticing something* Wahhhh! Halp, halp!
    Everyone watches in horror as Enzo's and Villager's moods drop dramatically. After another beat, Andrew K's "You better get ready to die" starts playing!
    • Mario searches the cellar and finds Steve... the Reindeer?
    Steve: (in a turtle costume) Hi guys!
    Mario: steve!? Why...WHAT? are you suppose to be a reindeer? you're a turtle stupid!
    Steve: (looks around for a few seconds) DAMMIT!
    • And after that, we get this exchange.
    Mario: well...can you fly at least?
    Steve: No.
    Mario: oh come on! can you at least fight!!
    Steve: No.
    • When SMG4 and Luigi face off against the Villager, the latter pulls out an axe from a present. SMG4 tries to do the same thing, and gets a Barbie doll.
    Villager opens a present and pulls out an axe
    SMG4: OH HELL NO! (He goes to open a present)
    SMG4: YEEAA... (notices the Barbie doll in his hand)
  • Retarded Recap 2015:
    • At the video's start, Mario's doppelganger is just a bad drawing of him on a stick.
    • Mario's reason for time-travelling? To eat the pizza he somehow never ate that expired after the first episode of 2015.
    • The many mayhem Mario goes through as he screws up the timeline.

  • The Spaghettipocalypse:
    • When Mario accidentally creates a rampaging Flying Spaghetti Monster, how does Toadsworth react? He decides to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster and ends up creating a cult. He even wears a cute little FSM hat!
    Toadsworth: Welp, time to worship our new overlord! ALL HAIL THE SPAGHETTI MONSTER! SPARE US!
    • Then, when the gang accidentally creates a giant cupcake monster, a new cult starts worshipping it! Needless to say, the cult of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not pleased.
  • Meet The Bowser:
  • The Great Yoshi Race:
    • The sequence after Yoshi bowls over Yoshdawg while running away from Mario.
    Mario: Sure we are.....uh....see! There's a drunk Mickey Mouse over there!
    Mickey Mouse walks in
    Mickey Mouse: Why won't somebody end my life? I wanna die.
    Mickey Mouse collapses
    • Bowser's Yoshi, which is actually a T-Rex from Jurassic Park!
  • Mariotale:
    Alphys: I can explain.
  • The Plumber Problem:
    • The voice acting.
    • The dead pizza man in the toilet.
    • Mario's "new brother", a banana peel with a sombrero named "Eduardo".
    • Mario bombing his house with a plunger trying to unclog the toiler.
  • Snow Trapped:
    • SMG4 and SMG3 making love. Made even better with the pingasparrot's look of shock.
  • Retarded64: A Theatre Mario:
    • The opening trailer, which features Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, & Pikachu dancing together before Mario kicks Yoshi in the leg, which turns into an all-out brawl.note 
      • And before they start fighting: "This movie is brought to you by...Friendship Candy :D"
    • Toad asks the staff member for "the spiciest, hottest chicken" they have - he gets Old Chica, who is on fire. Then Chica sets Toad on fire with a flamethrower.
    • To escape watching Super Mario Twilight 6 with Peach, Mario runs off into the theater lobby and in his place is the ugly-looking Mario from Casinos, Cards, and Chaos:
    Peach: Ahh Mario... isn't this romantic like always!
    {The camera zooms out to reveal Hobo Mario}
    Hobo Mario: (fast) When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore-
    {Peach screams}
    • Mario's Spaghetti Strip Club membership card:
    Restrictions: must be put in a straight jacket
    Expires 24/5/1985
    • After Mario accidentally breaks the movie projector and Bowser finds another one, the two try to find another slide of Super Mario Twilight 6. The first slide they find shows an old man in a bikini singing a parody of "California Girls."
    • The Running Gag of SMG4 crying, first when Mario vomits in his popcorn, the second when the "California Gurls" parody is playing, and the third and last at the very end.
    • Mario ducking into a theater to avoid a Waluigi Launcher barrage and encountering Steve, who's laughing his head off at the static being shown on the screen.
  • The Explosive Easter Hunt:
  • Ssenmodnar 11:
  • Mario learns to type
    • SMG4's new computer is covered in "DO NOT TOUCH" signs.
    • "SEXY PC STARTING". Complete with a weird-looking Squirtle.
    • Before starting the first lesson, Mario angrily asks his head who it thinks he is. Naturally, it has a perfect answer.
    Giant Mario Head: Mario!
    Mario: Shit!
    • The advanced level. Mario completes it by digesting a Star and going apeshit on the keyboard - the scene even changes to Bruce typing on the keyboard with a Mario head crudely photoshopped on. It's then revealed that he got none of the words, and was diagnosed with Parkinson by the computuer.
  • "SM64: Mario VS Pokémon GO":
    • Mario is playing a knockoff of Flappy Bird in the beginning, which is actually a freeware game with virus ads, one of which is Bowser in his sexy pose. Luigi is unfortunate enough to see the ad, launching him into a fit of rage where he tries to burn his eyes in the oven.
    • Mario's reaction to the game signaling a nearby Zubat. His reaction is to turn dramatically and throw the phone against the tree in his yard, causing it to bounce back.
    • After blindly tossing balls, he finally catches the Zubat... wasting all 25643 Poké Balls on his hands.
    • Mario misinterpreting a Pokémon Gym as an actual fitness Gym.
    • The end where Mario goes insane capturing everybody in Poké Balls before catching the entire world! It's revealed the entire video was him playing Super Mario Go and stating that it's a weird game.
  • The entirety of "Mario the Olympian". All of it.
  • "Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in... Portal"
  • Can Ganondorf Come Out To Play?:
    • Bob's big debut.
    • Mario posing and threatening Ganondorf with Mario-Fu, only for Ganondorf to pull out a shotgun and shoot Mario.
    • Ganondorf and Bob's voices.
    • Ganondorf's reason for kidnapping Peach: To make babies... by using her as fuel for a machine that makes babies.
    • Bowser and Ganondorf failing to revive Peach after her fatal fall.
    • This gem from Ganondorf:
      Ganondorf: (looking at Peach's burning corpse) Well that didn't work........(turns to Bowser) Want to roast some marshmallows?
      • And when Mario, Luigi, and Bob get out of the sewers, Bowser invites Mario to join him and Ganondorf in roasting marshmallows.
    • Bob defeating Ganondorf by singing an incredibly off-key version of "I'm Too Sexy".
    • Bowser brofisting Bob, punching him straight into a wall.
  • Derp TV: Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent is pretty hilarious. Highlights include:
  • Guards n Retards: Da Bomb: See here.
  • The plot of Super Mario Run Run Run is, after failing to steal Kamek's wand to make endless spaghetti, Mario gets hit with a spell that soon makes him run uncontrollably. Needless to say, he pisses a lot of people off trying to reach Kamek to reverse the spell.
    Bowser: Am I really that ugly? ;-;
    • Then, when Mario challenges Kamek, Kamek doesn't care about him... until Mario knocks his happy meal to the floor. This sends Kamek in a fit of rage, knowing that he'll have to clean it up later.
  • SMG3's Gauntlet of Gloom
  • Super Mario Guides: How to Catch Pokémon is essentially a massive montage of Mario failing miserably at catching Pokémon, usually by getting Luigi severely injured in the process.
    • The methods of catching Pokémon vary from "seduce the Pokémon" to "ask Nintendo really, really nicely"
  • The 2016 Christmas special features Mario desperately attempting to redeem himself after being a selfish, greedy bastard all year. He does this by doing good deeds to people that fail spectacularly, ranging from accidentally dropping a penguin's young off of a cliff after using it as a snowboard to setting a guy's house on fire with his "Silent Night remix".
    Mario: I guess my rhymes were... too lit. Sunglasses

  • "Stupid Smash Bros." features a scene where Ganondorf starts singing "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" accompanied by Mr. Game & Watch, Olimar, and his Pikmin.
  • There’s a hidden scene at the very end of "If Mario Was In...The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that shows Bob complaining about how despite him being a Zelda character, he wasn't in the video. Go ahead, watch in all the way to the end; we dare you.
  • Mario Goes To DIDNEY WORL
    • Bob's reaction to being thrown into a holding cell for impersonating a Didney Worl employee:
    Bob: Yay, I finally have a home!
    • Mario and pals riding a centrifuge-esque ride at warp speed, with Solid Snake at the controls.
    Snake: I'm giving her all she's got, captain! She can't take anymore!
    • Mickey Mouse's failed attempts to apprehend Mario and company for entering the park without paying admission.
      • When Mario and friends are at the bumper cars, he gets beat around by other patrons and then summons a tank.
    Mickey: Bumper cars, BITCH!!!
    • When on a Tower of Terror ripoff, when Mickey gets on the ride, Mario and SMG4 bail and replace themselves with Bob-ombs, and Mickey pulls a knife on them.
    • Mario tells Donald Duck that the game he was operating sucked ass. Donald's reaction? Pull a chainsaw on him & say "SHUT THE FUCK UP, MOTHERFUCKER!!!"
    • Eventually, the gang is lured into a haunted house ride that diverts them to "The Hall Of Your Worst Nightmares". What's SMG4's worst nightmare?
    • Mario finds out a way to pay for admittance into Didney Worl: a dunk tank with Bob as the dunkee. The people that line up to play however decide to just bombard Bob with cinder blocks.
  • "Welcome to the Kushroom Mingdom"
    • The beginning of the video has Luigi searching for Mario in a dark, dank cave... before revealing that he was actually searching under Peach's skirt. Take that as you will.
    • "Look, I'm Peachy! Howdy howdy howdy!"
    • Grand Dad reappearing as the "ghost of shitty games".
  • The entirety of The Ultimate Smash Bros. A parody of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, but this time, with Super Smash Bros.! Yes, every Nintendo character is duking it out- Wait, Trevor? Heavy? AND IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?
Even better is the lyrics, which perfectly capture the ridiculousness of the entire spectacle.


Old Mario was jumping around,
final destination like a battleground.
Then suddenly, Kirby flew from the sky.
And smacked mario right there in the eye.
Mario got pissed and smash attacked
But then accidentally hit ol’ Little Mac.
Little mac turned around and strucked them with fear
When Snake came out and yelled "Metal Gear!".

Snake jumped from his box and threw a grenade
But then Eggman squashed him on a bot he made
While eggman and his bot were blasting everyone
Trevor came in with a giant ass gun
He unloaded on everybody at the scene
When Hagrid ran him over on his flying machine.
But that came to a halt as he saw a giant flash
As Samus came down and unleashed her final smash.

This is the ultimate smashbros...the weirdest in history
Good mods, Bad mods and god who knows? the spiciest memes you’ll see
Is anyone still alive? These fighters are too OP.
This is the ultimate smashbros, the weirdest in history.

Mario took a lightsaber out of his hat
And fought Eggman who had a home-run bat.
Genji and Hanzo then formed a team
But got blasted by Mega Man’s beam.
Mario was hurt and tried to eat some spaghetti
When suddenly he got rekt by Mr. Resetti.
Amongst the chaos, Luigi began to cry.
But to his rescue came Heavy Weapons Guy.

Heavy got pissed and revved his weapon
But he had to stop when his sandvich was threatened.
By Crash who was gonna devour it all
Luigi stepped in and threw a pokeball.
Out came Jigglypuff, who sung a jiggly song.
Everyone fell asleep, even Donkey Kong.
Captain Falcon saw his chance and went in for the blow.
This is the ultimate smashbros...the weirdest in history
Good mods, Bad mods and god who knows? the spiciest memes you’ll see
Is anyone still alive? These fighters are too OP.
This is the ultimate smashbros, the weirdest in history...

Then angels sang out...praying “please, help us senpai”
And down from Nintendo, descended Sakurai.
He looked upon these mods and yelled “Oh dear Lord!”
Quickly unsheathing his samurai sword.
He went on a rampage, chopping people down
To contest him Link, rode into town.
He took out his sword, looking all grim.
Sakurai got his keyboard and simply nerfed him.

And are you ready? Let's do this LEEEROY
And SpongeBob SquarePants and Chosen One Sora.
Gordon Freeman and the dragon Spyro.
All spawned out of nowhere lightning fast
It was the craziest match in smash history
Why it all began? It's still a mystery.
The carnage dragged on for years on end
The roster diminished till finally then
All fighters out but remained one man, the single...
The sexy, middled aged, mister Tingle.

This is the ultimate smashbros...the weirdest in history
Good mods, Bad mods and god who knows? the spiciest memes you’ll see
Is anyone still alive? These fighters are too OP.
This is the ultimate smashbros…(this is the ultimate smashbros)
This is the ultimate smashbros…(this is the ultimate smashbros)
This is the ultimate smashbros, the weirdest in history.


  • Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers
    • The Great Shigeru Lord taking the role of Zordon.
    • Reggie Fils-Aime taking the role of Alpha.......who promptly gets shot by a freaked-out Mario. And then right after everyone leaves to stop Dr. Pootis, the Great Shigeru Lord says...
      Shigeru Lord: I can't believe I left Nintendo for this!
    • The Morphing Call from the gang:
      Mario: RETARD!
      Peach: BITCH!
      SMG4: Umumumgida......BLUE! BLUEYEAH.......Shit!
    • After Dr. Pootis beats the gang down, Mario gets a call from Shigeru Lord.
      Shigeru Lord: Holy crap! I didn't think you guys were this bad! You remind me of the Virtual Boy!
    • The Mushroom Mechs. Words cannot do justice to just how ridiculous and hilarious the Mechs are.
  • Retarded64: Mario's Boat Trip
    • SMG4 puking throughout the beginning of the boat trip, especially when Toad accidentally swallows a piece of candy and starts driving out of control.
      SpongeBob: Steppin' on the beach, doo-doo-doo-doo! Steppin' on the-(gets run over by Toad)
    • Mario, SMG4, and Toad's Sissy Fight shortly before being captured by the pirates, set to Super Smash Bros. Brawl music.
    • Mario's attempt at talking the pirates down ends with the captain waving a sword at him. Mario's head shrinks into nothingness.
    • When Fishy Boopkins asks his father to help him save the boys from the Shy Guy Pirates, Mr. Boopkins straight-up smashes the ship to pieces and flings them all the way to DidneySea.
      Shy Guy Captain: How u doing?
      (Mr Boopkins destroys the ship)
    • The Boopkinsmobile, which shows up again in "Stupid Mario Sunshine."
  • "Super BACKWARDS Bros":
    • The concept is a Swapped Roles plot with Bowser as Princess Peach, the Magikoopas as Toads, Peach as Mario, Toad as Luigi, Mario as Bowser, and Luigi as Kamek. And that's just the beginning of the hilarity.
  • SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon
  • Stupid Paper Mario
    • The residents of Koopa Village lock up Kooper after he had turned into paper from SMG4 losing all his money. Because only the residents of the castle know what's going on, they accuse him of being a witch before Dr. Mario gives a false diagnosis of Aids... as a musical.
  • Mario vs. Sonic: Prank Battle
    • One of the challenges given to the two pranksters is to get Toad in trouble. Sonic does this by convincing Toad to stand next to a dead body while holding multiple weapons... for seven hours. How does Mario top this? By making Toadette think that Toad is cheating on her using a Toad puppet and Hatsune Miku body pillow.
    • Even while rocketing into space due to sabotaging each other's go-karts, Mario and Sonic still have time to flip each other off.
  • The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE
    • Waluigi's elimination during The Slope. He gets hit by multiple objects including a grand piano before finally falling down dead.
    • Toad accidentally shooting Bowser during The Bullseye. Especially the latter's reaction, which ends in a Gilligan Cut to Toad's now-burning body being tossed onto the firing range. “That's a spicy meat-a-ball!”
    • The Dance Off between Fishy Boopkins and Bowser. They dance so fast that they ignite themselves while this song plays in the background.
    • Shroomy's debut... as the winner of Mario's Challenge. Especially when he pulls out a hand-made rocket launcher to waste Mario. He shows up in the end credits, too.
  • SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout
    • Bob peeping at a Sexy Silhouette...until it's revealed to be Tinky Winky.
    • Mario sees Ho-Oh through his binoculars. He then proceeds to shoot the bird down, causing Ho-Oh to ragdoll straight to the ground. Shroomy then scolds Mario for shooting the bird down, only to get carried away by a vulture and yelling for Mario to shoot the bird down.
    • The legendary bird Pokemon appears again during the climax - in a wheelchair. When it spots Mario, who shot it down earlier?
    • Bob is hurt and maybe dying. Mario offers to give CPR. Bob isn't having any of it.
  • Stupid Mario Rabbids
    • Everyone is panicking because they're about to go through Wario's machine... and Rabbid Peach is still taking selfies. Made even funnier by the fact that this is in character for her.
  • High School Mario: The whole thing.
    • The video begins with SMG4 sending the cast to school because of how stupid they are. Mario's reply?
      Mario: Pingas.
    • Boopkins's first reaction to going to high school:
      Boopkins: Wow, this is just like the school anime!
    • Mace Windu is the English teacher. Mario is asleep in class and snoring loudly, which promptly causes Windu to throw Mario out the window. When Mario comes back in, Peach tells Mario to do something to stop Fishy Boopkins from being bullied by Bowser and Wario. Mario just joins in, causing Peach to throw Mario out another window.
    • Wario sniffing baking soda and suddenly starting to hallucinate Rainbow Road.
    • Peach kicking Bowser in the nuts.
    • Luigi's reaction to getting a difficult math problem:
    Luigi: WHAT?!
    • The entire dodgeball sequence, culminating in Boopkins diving to save Luigi from getting hitting only to seriously miss.
    Boopkins: I did it! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    • The Italian sequence, where the teacher gives Mario and Luigi an A-plus for speaking in their gibberish Italian from the game series. There's also Bowser doing the stereotypical Italian hand motions and expecting to pass.
  • Ssenmodnar 12
    • This is your brain. This is your brain on SMG4. (cut to a brain dancing and singing off-key while smoking a blunt and wearing "DEAL WITH IT" sunglasses) Don't do SMG4, kids.
    • Bob and Fishy Boopkins's musical piece, which is a parody of Jake Paul's "It's Everyday Bro". Fishy can't even get past his first line, and it goes downhill from there.
    • Ohhhh, my English teabags!
    • "The po-po can't stop Po".
    • The Heavy spreading a dancing fever to the notes of "Take On Me" by A Ha.
  • SMG4: The Movie Audition
    • SMG4 is holding movie auditions! What could go wrong? Well, everyone has to reenact a scene from a famous movie if they want to get the role, so...
    • Wario and Waluigi are on the Titanic. Right in the middle of the iconic "I'm flying" scene, Old Man Hobo sees the Wario Bros. and asks if they're gay. Then the Titanic hits the iceberg. Waluigi's reaction is...
    • Bob and Fishy Boopkins are in The Lion King. What does Bob (as Rafiki) do when raising Fishy Boopkins (Simba) above the cliff? He throws him off when Circle of Life begins.
      Fishy Boopkins: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
      Bob: Goddamn! I deserve an Oscar for this!
    • Mario (as Bruce) calming down after getting a sandwich. The Heavy (without his head) reacts appropriately, calling the shark an asshole.
      • You can get a little chuckle from the Close captions when Mario (as the Shark) first shows up. (Also serves as a Call-Back to SSENMODNAR 12)
      Caption: As we can see here, Heavy and Luigi have stumbled upon the rare marioshapedheadsandvicheatingwatisthisabominationthing, which has a life span of about 4 days. As they are so fat and lazy, this is the last of it's kind, as when they mate, they run away from each other due to their hideous faces. Scientists have labeled this and the Fishyous Boopkinious as 2 pathetic pieces of aquatic sh!t.
    • Toadsworth (as Carl), flies his house away- Wait, only the roof flew away.
    • Chris and Swagmaster in the carpet ride scene from Aladdin, featuring Swagmaster singing a new rendition of "A Whole New World" in his text-to-speech voice:
      Swagmaster: I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD
      Chris: shit...
      Swagmaster: Shining Shittering SWAGNESS
      Swagmaster: Tell me chris when was the last time you let your heart decide
    • Inevitably, Chris jumps off.
      Swagmaster: Asshole.
    • Mario is Woody in Toy Story. It seems like that's all he knows about the film. "Look, I'm Woody! Howdy howdy howdy."
    • King Kong predictably has good 'ol Donkey Kong as the iconic ape, while the lady is... Kamek? And flying the planes are Cuphead, Mugman, and apparently SpongeBob and Patrick. Turns out this isn't even Donkey Kong's final form!
      Donkey Kong: Expand Dong. (On his crotch area, he gets a cannon, and shoots down Mugman. All the while, Megalovania plays in the background for some reason.)
    • The Matrix parody has Mario trying to pull off the Matrix dodge - and getting blasted away.
    • Steve as Forrest Gump. When Steve opens his signature box of chocolates, a Xenomorph pops out and attacks the Koopa Troopa he's talking to. He then says that the Koopa has comfortable shoes and wishes he had shoes like that.
    • Oddly enough, Back to the Future has the most applicable roles, with Luigi as Marty and E.Gadd as Doc. E.Gadd just throws Luigi into the DeLorean, and fast-paced music plays as they go fast, running over a Goomba in the process. They then crash into the future! ...Right near a (not handsome) naked guy using the bathroom.
      E.Gadd: Great scott! We're in the future!
      Luigi: ...Oh boy the future looks sexy. :D
    • The Teletubbies starring in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Tubbie Wonka showing the disturbing process of how Tubby Custard is made.
    • The Fast and the Furious is just Toad driving around, singing "Riding Dirty", making everyone annoyed.
      Guy: Uhh... Do you hear that? Sounds like someone having a stroke...
      Policeman: Nah, it's probably nothin'!
    • Frankie is Harry Potter! Except Hagrid won't stop telling him about the wizard thing. Oh, and then there's Frankie learning the levitation spell. He accidentally sent Dumbledore into space!
    • Finally, there's Mario, Luigi and Bowser as... Mario, Luigi and Bowser. They're performing in the Super Mario Bros. Movie! SMG4 is instantly moved by Mario's outstanding performance, and is accepted into the film. ...It turns out, in the end, Mario was just an extra. He appears to be just fine with it, though.
  • SMG4: Mario's Train Trip
    • Bob begging to tag along with Mario to Uniderpal Studios,note  latching to Mario's head and causing him to run wild on the train.
      • And on that note, SMG4 trying to hit Bob off of Mario, only for Bob to leap off at the last moment and put Mario in the way. His confusion afterwards is what sells it.
    • While searching for Toad, who boarded the train before SMG4 or Mario, they come across a couple of look-alikes.note  Then Mario finds the real Toad, only to mistake him for an imposter. And how does he deal with this? By dangling him out the window while asking where the real Toad is. SMG4, who's practically unfazed by this display of idiocy, boots them both off the train, forcing them to climb back on.
    • The fact that Bob tried to hijack the train because he wanted to play his mix-tapes, and subsequently accidentally detaching the caboose while boasting, "This isn't even my final form, bitches!".
    • Toad vs Bob, the Battle of the Butt Monkeys. Doubly counts as awesome.
    • Bob's Darth Vader laugh being interrupted by an overhead thing knocking him off the train.
  • SMG4: New Year, New Mario


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