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Drinking Game / SMG4's Mario Bloopers

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Saiko Bichitaru: she always has a bottle of wine ready.

Glasses up, retards! With all the craziness and chaos that unfolds, SMG4's Mario Bloopers can be quite of a drinking game!

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Take a shot when:
    • Mario goes Fish Eyes.
    • Mario's, Luigi's, or SMG4's mustache grows beyond their face. Same for any other mustached characters.
    • "PINGAS!" is heard or referenced. note 
    • Fishy Boopkins is on the receiving end of abuse. If Bob is dishing it out, take two.
    • Someone gets thrown around as a ragdoll.
    • Someone is set on fire.
    • Someone is thrown around as a ragdoll while on fire.
    • Mario and Luigi talk in Italian-esque gibberish.
    • The Blue Screen of Death sound is heard.
    • Teletubbies show up. Take another shot when they mention Tubby Custard (only for those that don't need their liver.)
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    • A meme you recognize shows up. If it involves swearing, take another.
    • Anime is referenced.
    • Somebody tries to cook something. Take a very small sip if Mario, Bowser or Meggy are the cook(s). Down the glass if the aforementioned actually succeed.
    • Someone refers to a character by a nickname, affectionate or otherwise. (Example: Mayro for Mario, Blue Waifu for Tari and Loogee for Luigi). Insults (e.g. "You son of a bitch!") don't count.
  • Take a drink when:

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