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All spoilers are unmarked. Read with caution.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Stupid Mario Party", Kermit tells the group to "chill while I try and murder you guys". The winner (Yoshi) was the one which stood perfectly still throughout while everyone else ran around, he was the only one who just chilled.
  • "Stupid Mario Kart" - the karts that everyone uses all make an amount of sense, given how the characters are portrayed.
    • Mario - Standard Kart: Too stupid to process anything more intricate than the basics.
    • Luigi - Super Blooper: No one takes him seriously, and it's kinda deserved.
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    • Waluigi - Offroader: Throughout the entire episode, he plays dirty.
    • Fishy Boopkins - Booster Seat: He's possibly stupider than Mario, and far more infantile.
    • Peach - Classic Dragster: The most sophisticated of the racers (which isn't saying much).
    • Bowser - Jetsetter: Sees himself as bigger than he really is.
    • Wario - Flame Flyer: Arrogant douche.
    • Toad - Cheep Charger: Look at the face he wears when he uses the Golden Mushroom.
    • Even the fact that SMG4 is in Lakitu's cloud is fitting, as he's above this complete nonsense.
  • In "Super Backwards Bros.", the twist that the episode is based on one of Bowser's fanfictions makes the character swaps perfect.
    • Bowser as Peach and Peach as Mario will allow the two to hook up while leaving Mario as Bowser to get beaten and humiliated. Surprisingly well thought out for an SMG4 video.
    • Following that, Bowser's decision to make Toad Luigi makes sense, when "Meet The Toad" showed they sometimes hang out together. However, there's also the rather strong implication that Toad arranges some of the kidnappings of Peach. What does he gain from this? Well, with Peach taken by Bowser, no one bosses or mistreats him and the other Toads (except for Mario himself) for quite a while. Which was also revealed in "Meet the Toad".
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    • Luigi-Toad is, however, shown to be rather reluctant to save Princess Bowser, also insulting Bowser a few times. Bowser and Toad may be part-time buds, but Bowser is still aware of Toad's actual nature.
    • A few other swaps also make sense. Waluigi being the Bullet Bills is because of the Waluigi Launcher. And Toadette for Chain Chomp? Well, she's a bitch. As in, both a female dog, and a horrible person!
  • In "Detective Mario & Pikachu", the twist that Mario stole the statue is excellently foreshadowed.
    • At the beginning, Mario was in the basement. He says he "also couldn't believe there was some spaghetti down there". Note he said "also" - he was hiding the statue as well.
    • Mario following and being stupid around Detective Pikachu throughout the video - the "Pokémon battle", eating the ice cream and stating Pikachu told him to, rifling through the trash; all things Mario does regularly. Except not: he's really doing it to sabotage the detective while pinning the blame on someone else.
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    • Mario playing detective. Both times, he finds evidence that leads to someone else being the perpetrator. The first leads Det. Pikachu to the Wario Bros. The second leads them to Luigi, him having delivered the evidence to the Wario Bros. Mario was trying to frame both parties.
      • The above gets some extra brilliance - both parties have motives. The Wario Bros have committed crimes before and have something to hide, so they are likely to have stolen the statue. Likewise, Luigi mentioned having to pay damages caused by Mario, and what better way than to sell a statue for money?
    • Mario having "solved cases before". Naturally, he pegs SMG4 as the culprit because he beat Mario in Smash. This turns out to be Mario's motive for stealing Bowser's statue.
    • Mario goes to find ice cream in the back of the truck, despite having eaten Luigi's stock. It was so he could call Toad to stop Det. Pikachu from finding out Mario had given the package to Luigi - thus finding out Mario had stolen the statue.
    • Look at Mario in the scene when Toad is caught - he jumps around in surprise, then shakes his head at Toad to stop Toad from ratting him out.
  • Waluigi's Power Of Rejection. Pretty fitting for the literally-translated "Bad Luigi" to have an evil version of Negative Zone.
  • As the T-Pose Virus is analogous to a zombie apocalypse, it makes sense that the “undead” could be cured with extra lives.
    • In the "Mario and the T-Pose Virus" episode, it might seem kind of weird that a 1-Up can explode into a green cloud until you remember that mushrooms reproduce through spores.
  • In "War of the Fat Italians 2018", Wario goes on a long, arduous journey just so he can find a therapist for Waluigi. Why does it take him so long? Well, this is the SMG4 Universe we're talking about. Finding a professional capable of solving Wario's family issues un-ironically is like finding a needle in a massive haystack. That and/or all the good ones were hit with the T-Pose Virus.
  • Boopkins did not actually put on weight in between "The Mario Purge" and "Mario And... The Well". The reason he didn't float was because the water in the fire truck was in fact vodka. Also, the reason the policemen "drowned" was due to alcohol poisoning.
  • After Bob's infamous speech in "the Mario Concert", a few of his actions in "the Bob Mansion" make a bit more sense:
    • He brought a live turkey to the dinner without cooking it. While he's very far from being a genius, he still has enough common sense to know that you have to cook a turkey before bringing it to dinner (such a mistake would make a lot more sense if Mario had done it). On a second viewing, it becomes clear that this "mistake" was just an excuse to get Meggy into the kitchen to start a fire.
      • As to why he got Meggy and not Mario, who's also a lethal chef? Let's swap their position: Mario's in the kitchen and Meggy's trapped in the room with Boopkins and Saiko. When the trio realize they're trapped in the room, Meggy can simply transform into an Inkling and slide underneath the door and unlock it from the outside. Bob knew about her transformation powers and hence why he sent her to the kitchen.
    • He keeps SMG4 and Tari at the table with his bogus story about "Bobsgiving". Initially, this seems like yet another attempt to boost his ego. However, it could also be seen as a way to distract SMG4, definitely the Only Sane Man in this situation, from what Bowser and Meggy were doing. If SMG4 had been in the kitchen with them, he probably could have stopped the fire from happening at all.
    • When everything goes to hell and everyone is trying to put the fire out, Bob's only contribution is to sit around and say "this is fine". While it may be an obvious reference to Gunshow, which isn't exactly out of character for this series, it's also an ingenious example of Exact Words: of course he's fine with it, this is exactly what he wanted to happen!
  • Why did Peach blame the destruction of her castle on anime? Bob said "Goku did it"!
  • It might seem odd that SMG4 chose to release the 3M Collab during the Anime Arc instead of waiting until it's all over, since Meggy has been shown in the thumbnail completely fine when she's supposed to be kidnapped... until you realize that Meggy has been turned into a human, and SMG4 wanted to keep this form a surprise.
  • Why did Meggy slap Axol for whipping out his inkweaver in her karate class in "Mario School Club"? Not only was he obviously cheating, but it was his inkweaver that started Part 2 of the Anime Arc and ruined her life!
  • Baldi taking the parenting course in "Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children" makes a lot of sense considering how he often treats kids...
  • In "Mario Runs out of Toilet Paper," the toilet paper shortage is caused not by the coronavirus, but by the apocalypse brought about by Papa John, and his fast food horsemen. The connection? Fast food is infamous for causing various digestive issues, like constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, etc. Or in the very least, produces more stools than usual when consumed and processed by the digestive tract.
  • In "The Totally Legit Learning Show with SMG4", during the Stranger Danger segment, JubJub Boopkins calls a Guardian Stalker to protect him. Why? Well, it is a guardian...
  • OF COURSE Mr. Hal Monitor sees appliances as people! It's shown multiple times in the video that his head is LITERALLY a monitor (blue screening, smashing a donut against his screen, showing a disturbing video to attack someone), to him, a stack of computers is equal to a stack of people! It could also explain his weird morality, as he sees police can't do anything wrong, but bad guys (probably) do. Binary thinking. Like a computer's 1's and 0's?
  • Why would Shroomy's demon hunter past show up to attack Bowser in The Demon Among Us? In Japan, Bowser (AKA King Koopa) has the title of Great Demon King. Of course, Shroomy would attack him. If you had such a title, you would be hunted by a demon hunter as well. Plus, his Bowsette form has the looks of a demon.
  • Naturally when the main cast is in a cage, Bob wondered why he was in it, just to be screamed at by Saiko for being the one to cause the whole thing to happen. Considering that Bob caused the Teletubbies to target the castle and nearly ruined the Mushroom Kingdom with anime, it wouldn't be surprising that he would be involved in releasing Shroomy's dark side.
  • In "I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4", the casting makes sense if you see them as members of the main gang's Shadow Archetype.
  • The story arcs, when you thought of it deeply enough, also doubles as a metaphorical Take That! towards the current internet culture. To wit:
    • The Waluigi Arc: Pokes fun at the Super Smash Bros. community for a number of reasons, mainly harassing Masahiro Sakurai for shafting Waluigi as an Assist Trophy and pushing long-requested characters into becoming official fighters, not to mention the toxicity of its fanbase in general.
    • The Rapper Bob Arc: Criticizes online personalities for trying to pushing their popularity by pointlessly waging wars against other celebrities through their "diss tracks". Such example of this was the infamous "PewDiePie vs. T-Series".
    • The Anime Arc: Pokes fun at the entire anime community in every aspect imaginable, such as the over-abundance of "waifus", the shipping wars, over-saturation of some mainstream anime and anime R34.
    • The YouTube Arc: Pokes fun at YouTube's many, many disappointments in recent years, such as demonetization, C&D, the existence of clickbait "kid's channels", over-exposure of certain popular online celebrities, the disappointing recent releases of YouTube Rewind, amongst others. This arc also took the time to address the many issues within the SMG4 community, mainly the Meggy purist, those who complain about the channel's many changes in "quality", the infamous Mario X Meggy shippers, those who hate overarching story arcs, and let's not forget the war between Classic SMG4 elitists, Modern SMG4 defenders and those who equally liked both Classic and Modern SMG4.
  • A minor one, but why was Ernie wearing the cactus suit? Because he was being a prick.
  • Of course SMG3 would survive the Deleted Dimension. He, and by extension, everyone else in the SMG4 universe are practically made of iron. I mean, SMG3 has been known to survive a fall from the top of a skyscraper without a single injury, a feat which would usually turn someone into a thin paste.
  • In 🌽🌽🌽🌽𝓒𝓸𝓻𝓷🌽🌽🌽🌽, Meggy decides to sleep in for the afternoon instead of helping her friends. This looks especially strange for a girl like her... until you remember that she had been suffering from insomnia in Meggy's Destiny: An SMG4 Movie, and is probably trying to recover some sleep. Reality Ensues, indeed.
  • In "The Corn Trip", when the police start chasing Rob and Bob, Bob refers to them as "the fuzz". While "the fuzz" is a common nickname for the cops, it's also important to point out that our cops are also bears, which are naturally fuzzy with their fur. Well played, SMG4...
  • In the SMG4 episode Mario goes to subway and purchases 1 tuna sub with extra mayo, the workers at Subway are fish. Nevermind the fact that their looks are based on the fish seen in Spongebob Squarepants, which live in the ocean near a tropical island, but these guys may be FRESH water fish! After all, Subway's motto is to 'eat fresh.'
  • Anti-Shroomy being friendly to JubJub in "Meggy's Part-Time Job" makes sense when you remember they worked together under SMG3.
  • The one off joke in Bob's Bed and Breakfast near at the end of the episode reveals that Meggy has adopted a cat. When you remember of her depression post-Splatfest, she likely had adopted a comfort pet in one of her attempts to cheer herself up.

Fridge Horror

  • Saiko from Doki Doki Mario Club should consider herself lucky that her relationship with Fishy Boopkins ended the way it did, because it's not very likely his dad would be too pleased with her behavior...
  • Mario himself. He overreacts to the slightest things, as seen in several videos. However, a lot of what he does in response to these shows a huge Jerkass side to him. What else has he done, and how could it have affected others? Worse, what about those he calls friends, such as Meggy? Would he do the same to them?
  • One in the episode "Mario waits for pizza". Meggy is Forced to Watch anime with Boopkins and Bob, having to be dragged into the room with a scared look on her face. There's a good reason for that: they're going to watch tentacle anime (Bob specifically mentions Boku no Pico before cutting himself off). Keep in mind that Meggy is a squid girl... Thankfully, they don't seem to watch it in the episode (and Meggy just seems bored with watching anime more than anything else).
    • That being said, she does have a minor breakdown in The Mario Convention once reminded of the above incident, and Fishy asking her to watch anime scares her, as proven in War of the Fat Italians 2018. What else did they watch offscreen?
  • From "The Super Dudes", Wario, in a Shout-Out to Avengers: Infinity War, nearly disintegrates Mario, Fishy, Bowser and Steve. Had Luigi/Trash Bag not saved them, would they have been Killed Off for Real?
  • It's mentioned by Bob in "The Mario Carnival" that Wario mysteriously vanished after the events of "Waluigi's Time". This gets very creepy once you realize that "Waluigi's Time" is where Waluigi gains extraordinary powers. Did Wario get killed by The Power Of Rejection?
    • Thankfully proven false once the episode of Mario the Scam Artist came out.
  • Look at Saiko's behaviour in Final Fantasy Mario. Isn't it similar to Waluigi's behaviour once he finds The Power of Rejection? How close did Saiko come to finding and using it? Heck, anyone that exhibited similar behaviour in past bloopers could gain it and restart the Waluigi Arc.
  • If Mario hadn't heard Boopkins' call for help, or Bob not returned when he did, how long would Fishy have been stuck down the well?
  • The lack of internet (thanks to SMG3 stealing it) has caused characters such as Meggy and Tari, usually nice people, to become closed off and hostile. What about Mario's other friends, such as Bowser and Fishy Boopkins? Or characters such as the Villager and Swagmaster?
  • Meggy says in "Meggy's Bootcamp" that she's afraid of driving her friends away with her obsession of winning Splatfest. Is that why we don't see Meggy's team from "If Mario Was In...Splatoon"? Has Meggy driven them away?
  • In Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children, Peach failed Mario in her parenting class because that would be what you'd expect from a Ditz trying to take care of a kid (even commenting that she hopes he never has any), yet in The Weegee Uprising, there's New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, his direct descendant. The horror comes into the Weegee Uprising: Have the Weegees killed/transformed all suitable male parents except for Mario?
  • More like Fridge Sadness but it's horrifying enough too so let me get this straight. This whole time, Susan Wojcicki had a remote that can pretty much break the universe? So how much death and suffering could have been avoided? How many people who died like Desti and Francis could have been saved by this remote? Think of all the potential abuse, which isn't too far, seeing what Mario did when he had the remote.
    • Also, how much chaos occurred when time was unstuck? Think of all the injuries that was inflicted on everyone.
  • "Deleted" is already a terrifying video, considering it has the entire main cast sans Mario, Shroomy (Who's stuck in his Superpowered Evil Side), Axol (who's left effectively helpless due to the Inkweaver being broken), and Bowser have been erased from existence, but it gets worse when you realize that JubJub replaced his big brother. Assuming he even remembers his first son, how is their dad going to react, or will he just forget Boopkins? Neither of these possibilities are particularly happy.
  • Speaking of that video, it kind of shows how frighteningly sociopathic some of SMG3's gang is. JubJub at least gets off with the excuse that he didn't do much and he's a baby, but as for the others...
    • For starters, Belle doesn't bat an eye over wiping Tari from existence, and even cheats to ensure she wins.
    • Whimpu, despite usually being a nice guy, actually takes it a step further from the others. He stops Boopkins from bringing Saiko into the real world, which the equivalent of preventing someone from being born. All with his usual cheery attitude no less...
    • Remember how Bob considered Rob a friend? Amazingly, despite Bob being...well, Bob, it's ROB who winds up wiping out his friend. Ouch.
    • Also, do you think it'll even hit JubJub that he lead his big brother to his own death? Boopkins may have screwed up by meeting himself, but he went in there after JubJub, so it IS still partially on the infant. Let that, and the thoughts of what JubJub might think of it, sink in... Welp, as of the next video, IT DID SINK IN!
    • Sure, Melony's new persona being a Lazy Bum makes sense, but that makes you wonder about her wiping Meggy from existance. She was awake to react to Franky's death, but Whimpu threw her into Meggy's debut episode. Was she aware and willing to pretty much wipe an innocent person from existance like the others, or did Whimpu just toss a sleeping girl into an evil plan she had no interest in? Neither of these are very comforting.
    • While the others may not be on the same level, imagine what the SMG4 arcs would truly be like with someone like SMG3 the helm, especially the Anime Arc! Belle was right to say he wasn't SMG4, considering the only arc he could probably get away with is the Waluigi Arc...
    • Also consider the fact that the Weegee Doll, despite turning against SMG3, isn't seen hanging out with the Glitch Gang like the others. He's the only one that's legitimately evil, so you have to wonder where he went...
  • Francis' ultimate plan is creating an island of waifus. Sounds silly, right? Well, yeah, but take a good look at that sentence: creating an island of waifus. Sounds a lot like sex slavery...
  • The amount of franchises that the world of SMG4 has in it(Specifically in the "If Mario Was In..." videos), gets quite horrifying if you happen to know about these franchises...
  • [TEXTURES NOT FOUND] shows that SMG3 wanted clones of the Glitch Gang, but...he also had clones of his own crew. Why would he want that? The answer is simple, the Snitch Gang wasn't meeting his expectations, so wanted the clones to kill and replace them! He's indeed the worst boss in entire SMG4verse.
  • "Mario's Mask Of Madness" makes it clear that the Coronavirus exists in the SMG4verse, meaning your favorite characters could get sick or die if they don't take the necessary steps to prevent catching it.
    • Here's another bit of horror from that episode, why did the Happy Mask Salesman have a Mario mask in the first place? Yeah, it was always part of his mask collection in the games, but masks in Ocarina of Time are often left behind by people when they die, a Zora leaves behind a Zora mask for example. Consider that we've seen alternate Mario's in droves, and their last appearance showed them to be just as, if not more batshit crazy than the main Mario we've been following. Then consider that with all those crazy Mario's, at least one of them has to be Too Dumb to Live, even by this world's standards...
  • Remember that "The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe" video? Long story short, SMG3 threatened to upload cringe to numerous channels, costing them their subscribers. SMG4 seemed like he was overreacting by calling it the most evil thing anyone has ever done, but now that we know dead memes and irrelevant YouTubers go to their own afterlife in this universe, it feels like SMG4 and the other YouTubers were right to be concerned, SMG3 wasn't just threatening their channels, but their very existence...
    • Speaking of which, in "Nintendo Gets Deleted", when Nintendo's stonks disappear, Miyamoto vanishes until they get new stonks. Meaning even losing your stocks can cost you your existence. Rule of Funny aside, the fact that losing your income can cost you your existence makes SMG4's world feel like a borderline Death World...
  • Meggy's lucky she took her vacation RIGHT before the events of "Nintendo Gets Deleted", considering Splatoon, where she originates from, is owned by Nintendo.

Fridge Logic

  • If the Mario Purge (Halloween 2018) indicates that the Purge for Teletubbies takes place annually in the Mushroom Kingdom, shouldn't it be at least referenced in the 2019 Halloween video, Mario VS It? I understand if it was isolated from the Purge but there could have easily been a background event of it when the four went down the sewers to rescue Luigi.
  • Wait, if everything was frozen except for Mario, then how was he able to even have a game of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the girls?
  • Why in the world does Bowser use a flamethrower to make Bowser Jr. "dance" in "I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4"? He's Bowser, for gods sake.
  • You know with the Account Loss being changed, shouldn't the entire universe be wiped out? Or did the flashback in Mario's Spicy Day actually happened before Account Loss?

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