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For guesses on Meggy's Destiny: An SMG4 Movie, click here.

Mario has to pretend to be mentally disabled and is a Barrier Maiden for the entire SMG4 world.
Note: This theory assumes that the SMG4verse in-universe is a really messed up emulation of Super Mario 64 (implied by "Mario in real life?").

Mario isn't quite as dumb as he appears, nor does he take any true pleasure in the more questionable actions he takes, but needs to act like an asshole who doesn't know any better when it comes to his actions. Why is it that he has to act this way?


Because Mario has to follow the script of the videos that SMG4 (the real-life one, not his Mario 64 self who serves as his avatar in the emulation) is recording using their world. If he were to "break the script" and show his true colors, Mario fears that "Real World" SMG4 would hard reset the emulator program and effectively erase the memories and learned knowledge of everyone in the SMG4 world. SMG4 doesn't realize that he's dooming an entire world with this action, nor that the characters within the emulation are sentient. Mario possesses Ripple Effect-Proof Memory for some reason, so loading a previous save state wouldn't affect his memories, but a hard reset of the emulator would wipe him for good.

This state of affairs causes Mario no small deal of stress, and if he were to explain his condition to anyone, they would either refuse to believe him or their memory of the conversation would be gone when it comes time for SMG4 to load a save state for his next video, and Mario has no way of predicting when a new save state will be recorded. Yet, he persists in following the script, because his own heroic nature drives him to keep the people of his world as safe as they can be, barring his own upholding of his personal masquerade... and because he hopes one day to find another way to the "Real World" and show SMG4 that his world is more than a bunch of puppets.

  • Interesting, his Obfuscating Stupidity is somewhat put to light in the 2019 Christmas Special on SMG 4 but it's more like you said. "Mario is merely following the script."

Ssenmodnar 0 is an In-Universe retold Origins Episode for the whole series' retardedness

A future episode will be about the major characters learning who they were in past lives.
And somehow, a previous episode dialogue and/or an important characteristic will be Foreshadowing about their past lives.

All of the evil things done by Waluigi are done to grow The Power Of Rejection
Made possible in "The Mario Cafe" by Waluigi's Leitmotif playing after he gets kicked out of the titular cafe due to the events of "Mario And The T Pose Virus", suggesting he is planning something.
  • Confirmed.

Mario in "The Mario Carnival" isn't really Mario, but Waluigi in a Power Of Rejection-created disguise.
Think about it. Unless Negative Continuity is in play, Mario should have still been in the chair he was strapped to at the end of Mario SAW, due to Waluigi (who would not only be the only one to know how to let him out of the chair, but also where his torture chambers were located) leaving Mario alone by going through a portal created by The Power Of Rejection.

Given he was in his final form, it would make sense that his newfound powers would include shapeshifting, specifically an elaborate form of it which could steal memories from whatever Waluigi shapeshifts into. This allows him to be a nearly perfect doppëlganger for Mario, with a noticeable flaw, which was Mario's uncharacteristic normality during The Mario Carnival.


The next episode, according to this WMG, would begin directly after the events of The Mario Carnival. After returning home, Waluigi!Mario reveals his secret plot to infiltrate Peach's Castle and murder Peach so he can become ruler. SMG4 escapes, while Meggy is shot with The Power Of Rejection. Mario then returns to Meggy in an uncontrollable mess, and the rest... let's wait till next Saturday shall we?

  • Jossed. "Mario The Scam Artist" is a Stealth Prequel AND Stealth Sequel that explains how Mario got out of the chair from "Mario SAW" and ends with Mario about to go to Bob's Carnival, which has just opened, setting up "The Mario Carnival".

Meggy and Tari will be seriously Worfed in a fight with Waluigi.
Meggy is the resident Action Girl and arguably the most badass character in the SMG4 Universe.Meanwhile, give the recent reveal of Tari's cyborg-ness, she could have a Story-Breaker Power or two that we don't know about yet.
  • Semi-confirmed for Meggy. She didn't end up fighting Waluigi, instead Taking the Bullet for Mario and being turned into a T-Pose zombie at the end of The Mario Convention.

The conclusion to the Waluigi Saga will be an Infinity War parody.
Notice how the characters in the channel banner are now fading?
  • Jossed. Besides, it's already been done in "The Super Dudes".

Tari is one of Waluigi's troops.
Her name is derived from Atari, which makes her "A Tari". There was also the fact that Waluigi was seen watching Tari while she was in the arcade. Her shy personality may be nothing more than a way to prevent her getting too friendly with the cast and possibly betraying Waluigi while on her espionage mission.
  • Possibly jossed, as Tari is caught in the convention center when Waluigi attacks it and is horrified by what she sees, implying she had no knowledge of what Waluigi was up to. Definitely jossed as of "War of the Fat Italians 2018", as Tari is ultimately the one who frees everyone from the T-Pose Virus.

SMG4 is secretly in cahoots with Nintendo, and the Waluigi Saga is secretly build up to Waluigi's inclusion in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Sure this sounds crazy, but it's definitely possible. Considering their response to fan games, you'd think Nintendo will be on SMG4's ass by now, but they're not. There has to be something someone is hiding.
  • lol Jossed but that would've been amazing if it was.

The Final Chapter of the Waluigi Arc
The "War of the Fat Italians 2018" will be the epic conclusion of the Waluigi Saga.
  • Confirmed. War of the Fat Italians 2018 will be The Grand Finale of the arc.

In the finale of the Arc, Wario will share the role of The Hero with Mario and talk Waluigi down.
Given that Wario left to search for Waluigi, he's probably going to become relevant again later and perhaps even be the force that brings Waluigi down by openly accepting him.
  • Confirmed.

Waluigi will lose because he Failed a Spot Check.
So far, only Meggy, Luigi, Master Hand, and a crowd consisting of various Mushroom Kingdom citizens, Isabelle, Baldi, and an Octoling girlnote  are confirmed as being under Waluigi's control. So there are still plenty of loose ends (i.e. minor and/or one-off characters) that Waluigi isn't aware of. To list a few (feel free to add some more)...
  • The Police
  • Chris and Swagmaster
  • Steve
  • Gary Oak
  • The Villager
  • Kirby
  • Kermit the Frog
  • The Mimikyu that accidentally killed Mario in "Super Mario Guides: HOW TO CATCH POKEMON"
  • Optimus Primenote 
  • Link

  • Confirmed. Since Waluigi didn't take Tari under his control, she is ultimately able to use her controller that was enhanced from the last episode to make SMG4 destroy his scepter, weakening his power greatly and freeing the T-Pose Zombies.

Waluigi might also be defended by means of assist trophy.
  • Jossed.

The reason why SMG3 has a Doctor's certificate (in-universe)
So, why? Well, he HAS been gone for a while... it seems like the perfect time to take up a new hobby, or two... like Psychology. He could've been lying about being one before he went insane, who knows?

Something will happen to her cybernetics, turning her evil and Mario has to go on a quest to find someone to fix her cybernetics and return Tari to normal.

The Tari Arc will have her compete in a sort of tournament.
At the end of Mario and the Bob Mansion we found out that Tari isn’t the only video game cyborg. With this in mind, it is possible that the next arc will have Tari compete in a sort of tournament against other Tari-like gamers with the aid of the main SMG4 cast. Another point to make here is at the end of the Waluigi Arc: She is seen playing a video game of some sort in the end, which may be one of the games involved with said possible tournament.
  • And then there’s, as of this edit, the ending of The Mario Concert, where we saw another video game cyborg’s arm, and the owner playing what sounds like a racing game, which is possibly another game in this tournament.
  • And another one: at the beginning of War On Smash Bros Ultimate, a video game cyborg in White is seen playing what sounds like an Action RPG, yet another possible game in this possible tournament.
  • Semi-confirmed: Tari is competing in a tournament, just not in the SMG4verse. An Alternate Universe version of her will be starring in her own original series titled Meta Runner.

Bob has a Dark and Troubled Past that explains his attitude, behavior and general outlook on life
  • Technically not my own theory, but one I saw in a comment on "The Mario Concert", but I believe it has merit. According to Word Of God, Bob is 500 years old, and when he was first introduced he was a hobo living in the sewers underneath Ganondorf's castle. Most notably, however, he was nowhere near the manipulative, self-obsessed Jerkass he is now. It is quite possible that, once upon a time, Bob was in fact a lot like Boopkins; a naive but friendly Nice Guy who just wanted friends and was generally a much happier person. Given how old he is, its quite possible that Bob was put into many, many situations where he himself was used, abused, manipulated and lied to by people he genuinely thought were his friends, and those false friends then went on to fame and fortune while he was left to rot in his sewer. Not only would this explain his belief about how the only two people in the world are "assholes and pushovers", but it also could explain why he hates Boopkins so much: Boopkins reminds him of how he used to be before literal centuries of betrayal and cynicism turned him into what he is today, and he can't stand being reminded of that.

In-Universe, SMG4 has some connections to, or is at least aware of, the Meta Runner universe.
  • Besides the obvious fact that SMG4 is the Author Avatar of the creator of both shows, there is one small tidbit that piqued my interest. The video description for the Meta Runner trailer says, and I quote, that Tari "has the uncanny ability to warp into video games". Now look at SMG4, who, like Tari, is an original character walking around the Mushroom Kingdom as if he was in the Super Mario Bros. canon. If we also take into his account of being an avid computer expert, it's not unlikely that SMG4 is able to develop technology similar to the Meta Runner universe. And then there's the "Mario in Real Life" videos, where the SMG4's in both the real world and Mario universe are treated as the same character. In short, I think I found out how SMG4 got into the Mushroom Kingdom.

There will be an arc where Master Hand starts a reality show.
And it will be a parody of Survivor.

Third arc series?
SMG4 has created another arc starting with Mario and the Anime Challenge.

Peach will become a Hitler expy in the Anime Arc.
According to Saiko, anime characters are considered illegal. What's the logical conclusion of this? Peach sets up concentration camps to systematically exterminate anime characters, leading to Mario and Peach coming to blows, because even Mario wouldn't condone institutionalized racism or anything remotely resembling Nazism.
  • The ban indeed makes Peach A Nazi by Any Other Name, but she doesn't do much beyond that, and she even lifts the ban of her own volition.

Peach's next move in her quest to destroy anime.
We all know that Peach has become a villain in this new arc, banning anime and deporting anime characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Since we all know that she can have an angry temperament like in SM64 Valentine's Day: GET THE GIRL!, I believe that she will be so absorbed in her quest to be rid of all anime that she will declare war on Japan, where Bob, Fishy Boopkins, Saiko and SMG4 are in right now!
  • Jossed. Peach doesn't do anything about Japan and probably won't, since she unbanned anime.

Meggy will be the Big Damn Hero of the banned anime arc
Even though she's terrified of anime, it's still the life of one of her friendsnote , while another one of her friendsnote  is being deported because of the ban. It would be a great ironic twist if she could save the very thing she's afraid of. And since she studied law, she could negotiate to get the ban lifted, or otherwise find a loophole.
  • Semi-confirmed? Meggy is the Big Damn Hero in the way of donating her own ink to Axol so he is able to put his plan of convincing Peach to unban anime into action.
  • Confirmed again when in the second half, Meggy nearly dies pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to power up Axol's Inkweaver back again.

Peach will be Killed Off for Real at the end of the Anime Arc.
She's been Out of Focus as of late thanks to Meggy, Saiko, and Tari. Towards the end, she has Mario, Boopkins, SMG4, and Bob arrested for aiding and abetting Saiko's escape, charging them with high treason and planning a public execution, also revealing she has sent all anime characters in the Mushroom Kingdom to concentration camps to be processed and exterminated. The execution is interrupted when Meggy, Tari, Wario, Waluigi, SMG3, and Bowser burst in, and start an uprising against the Mushroom Kingdom government.

Any chances of Peach being redeemed are lost when she launches nukes at Japan, causing Mario to go berserk. The two engage in a fistfight that is played dead-serious, ending with Mario at Peach's mercy, who is about to finish Mario off, going as far as to say she always hated him, and merely used his stupidity to justify committing increasing the Mushroom Kingdom's military budget, before revealing her ultimate goal: the extermination of all races she deems undesirable (including anime, any race serving under Bowser, all races in Inkopolis, and cyborgs like Tari). But before the final blow is struck, a sword pierces through Peach, and Fishy Boopkins reveals himself, saying "Omae wa mo shinderu", to which Peach responds "Nani?!", before doubling over. Near-death, Peach begs for mercy, but Mario says "You, who are without mercy, now plead for it?! I thought you were made of sterner stuff!" And he takes a Fire Flower, and burns Peach to death (it isn't shown onscreen, but Boopkins' reaction implies Mario killed her in the slowest, most excrutiating way possible).

With Peach dead, the Mushroom Kingdom falls into anarchy until Meggy introduces democracy to them. This sets up the next video, "Mario's Election Day!".

  • Absolutely jossed. Thanks to Fishy Boopkins and new character Axol, Peach is enlightened to the awesomeness of anime and unbans it. Someone else gets Killed Off for Real though, Desti.

The Splatfest will be interrupted, tying it into the Anime Arc somehow.
Meggy's been going on about the Splatfest since "The Anime Challenge", and it seems like the event is going to be important. Especially since Mario and Tari have been dragged into it with her, leaving almost none of the core cast within the Mushroom Kingdom itself.

How will it tie in? Maybe the tournament could be interrupted - by the A.S.S (or just Chris and Swagmaster) to get at Mario for smuggling anime, or to capture/destroy all the Inklings and Octolings as they're mistaken for anime; by Francis and the cartel to retrieve Mario and get him to pay back his debt - heck, even Saiko and the gang could return to drag Mario over to Japan.

Or maybe Mario, after seeing the kingdom in ruins, his friends and brother forced to leave, and Meggy putting the comp over putting everything right snaps and heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom, dragging Tari with him after stomping Meggy, Desti and their teams into the ground.

  • Splatfest did get interrupted in a way that ties in with the anime arc, but it happened after the ban was lifted when an unknown individual kidnapped Meggy.

How the 3M Collab will tie into the Anime Arc
The ban has been lifted, but Meggy still has unfinished business at Splatfest. "War of the Fat Italians 2018" concluded the Waluigi Arc, so perhaps this collab will do the same for the Anime Arc. It will be shown on a giant screen as Meggy's and Desti's teams duke it out, acting as a "halftime show". Unless the 3M Collab is supposed to be its own video...
  • Jossed. The collab has no connection with the Anime Arc.

Axol didn't really kidnap Meggy.
In the video "The Splatfest Incident", we discovered that Meggy was kidnapped, and the claw marks and Inkling ink spread around Meggy's room had signs pointing to Axol, causing a divide between the SMG4 Crew. However, I believe there's another candidate of her captor: Francis, the guy who ran the Anime Cartel during the last 6 episodes. It would make sense considering how rabid he and the Anime Cartel can be considering "Mario's Lemonade Stand" and "Mario Saves Anime". Francis orders Meggy and Axol to be kidnapped after discovering that the latter's Ink Weaver is discovered to have more power to its ability to bring anime characters to life from the former's quality of ink. Axol, who's last seen flying off on Inkweaver!Goku, gets blasted from the sky by the Cartel and kidnapped offscreen, then they head to Inkopolis to kidnap Meggy before the Splatfest begins.
  • Confirmed. He was seen captured at the beginning and end of "The Inkling Disappearances", by the same person who kidnapped Meggy, Desti and the other Inklings.
    • I believe you mean partially confirmed. We still don’t know who the culprit is.
    • Yes, we do. It's Francis. 100% confirmed.

Meggy's kidnapper isn't Axol or anyone from the Anime Cartel
.Judging by Meggy's reaction to her kidnapper, she doesn't exhibit the surprise she would have if it was Axol or Francis. There are several possibilities in this case:
  • Dr. Eggman giving himself a few levels in evil badass by kidnapping Meggy to experiment on her after seeing the effects Inkling ink had on Axol's Inkweaver so he can create his own army of super-robots using similar means, presumably to either Take Over the World or win Peach's hand in marriage now that she enjoys anime like he does. Or he'll just make a cyborg out of the one-woman army that is Meggy and call it a day.
  • SMG3 getting tired of his new talk show job and deciding to make a grand return to the villainy circuit by spoiling Splatfest for one of his archenemies and his friends, with potential similar goals to the above stated character.
  • Jeeves, after the ruination of both his milk farm and cafe, deciding to resort to underhanded means and kidnapping Inklings like Meggy so he can open a new business: bottling and selling Inkling ink, much like Mr. Krabs did with jellyfish, planting anime there to frame Axol. The Anime Cartel look up to Axol now, so it makes sense that Jeeves would want to frame someone associated with his rivals. He's also probably still angry at Meggy for hurting his feelings, in contrast with the Cartel working with her to save anime regardless. Can come with a nice dose of My God, What Have I Done? if Mario recognizes his actions technically resulted in this.
  • Peach, whose Arc Villain status is not over yet. Mario and Co.'s plan to make her unban anime has worked too well, and now she loves anime so much that she's willing to kidnap Meggy and Axol, since it's established that both are needed to create anime characters, in order to spread the awesomeness of anime for everyone to enjoy. Another idea is that she faked her Heel–Face Turn (not unlike Bob faking his kindness in the Rapper Bob arc), and now wants all forms of anime executed—starting with the one whose ink makes its creation possible.
    • Not only does she want all forms of anime executed, she wants world domination and all races she deems undesirable wiped out, starting with the races serving under Bowser. This is why Bowser has been absent as of late: the Koopa Kingdom has been under siege by Mushroom Kingdom military forces, soon to be bolstered by conscripted anime characters created by Axol's brush.
  • Hideo Kojima, needing a last-minute playtester for Death Stranding and not caring much for ethics. If this is the case, he may have originally meant to kidnap Tari, but decided that Meggy was perfectly fine for his purposes.
  • The anime replicas themselves. Thanks to the enhancements due to being created by Inkling Ink, they have, for whatever reason, chosen to rebel against Axol. They took control of his Ink Weaver and are now kidnapping Inklings in order to use their ink to create more of their kind.
    • All of these are jossed. The Anime Cartel is behind the kidnapping of Meggy and the Inklings, harvesting their ink to power up the Inkweaver to create more anime replicas.
The reason Meggy looked radically different after Anime Island was demolished
  • She had all the ink drained out of her, and ink, in this universe, is a magical substance that differentiates Inklings from humans, rather than being entirely different species. And thus, upon losing her ink, she reverted back to a normal human.
    • Alternatively, Shaggy, upon rescuing Meggy's unconscious body from the ruins, fused her and Desti's dead body, which may explain the battle scar on her eye.
The fourth arc will be all about Tari.
SMG4 has been pushing for Tari a lot lately. Not only is she getting her own show in a month (as of this being written), but she was one of the Big Damn Heroes who stopped Waluigi's reign of terror, she's one of the few people Mario's not a jerk to on a regular basis, and most recently, her suspicions of the Anime Cartel turn out to be 100% true. The next big step is to give Tari her own arc around the time her show is ready to be released, or even during the show, for promotional reasons. And yes, I'm aware of the earlier entries on this page about what Tari's arc would be about, but I have good feelings about this one. Feel free to post your own ideas here if you wish. Either way, it's time we got some Tari love.

Meggy will be unable to follow through on her promise to Desti.
In that she won't win the Splatfest.

The reason is simple: Meggy will be disqualified, seeing as how she's no longer an Inkling, and Splatfest rules state that at least one team member has to be an Inkling or Octoling. Therefore, Meggy's team will not only be disqualified, but Meggy will be banned from entering any competitions in Inkopolis.

Not only that, she'll be run out of Inkopolis by violent xenophobes who have gained a lot of power thanks to Francis' mass kidnappings, wanting Inkopolis to become an isolationist city-state completely independent of Mushroom Kingdom politics.

Now homeless, Meggy will move in with the Mario Bros.

  • Jossed. As the movie reveals, non-Inklings can compete and Meggy wins the competition. However, she does move out of Inkopolis later on.

Possible outcomes for the Inkfest episode
  • Meggy will return to her Inkling form at the end of the episode. If losing her ink made her human, then coming into contact with it could be what will turn her back. But judging by the care, planning and attention the creators have put to her new human design and new scenarios dealing with it, chances are it will stick for a good long while.
  • One of the other main characters will somehow be turned into an Inkling. Since each team needs at least one Inkling or Octoling, the only other solution around this rule would be to add a new Inkling/Octoling character, which kinda defeats the purpose of Meggy's Character Development. An episode beforehand could have Meggy seeking help from a magician to be turned back, only for said magician to mess up the spell and one of her friends to be transformed instead. That character will then be forced to deal with being an Inkling the same way Meggy is with being human (for instance, Fishy Boopkins' aquatic lifestyle will be ruined because water would now kill him, or Bob would use his ink to commit graffiti crimes).
  • Worst case/least likely scenario: A calamity befalls Inkopolis that turns all of the Inklings and Octolings into humans, driving their race into extinction and leaving them having to deal with their new bodies.
  • Slightly-less-but-still-terrible scenario: Meggy is disqualified from the Splatfest due to now being human, and none of her team are Inklings or Octolings. She's then run out of Inkopolis by Inklings who want to lynch her for becoming the very thing they hate: anime.
  • Another bad scenario: the human Meggy is allowed to compete in the Splatfest, but something major happens during the competition and it gets canceled before she can win it (as with the Anime Arc; the mass kidnapping took place during that Splatfest).
  • Meggy finally wins the competition and keeps the promise she made... but suffers an existential crisis as the idea of winning the Splatfest was the only thing keeping her going and now she's lost her purpose. Mario and friends remind her that they are there for her and she decides to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom permanently to be with them.
    • The last theory seems closest to confirmed. Meggy has won the competition and moved into the Mushroom Kingdom. An identity crisis seems possible down the road.

There will be a video where Peach gets fed up with Mario and the gang's (mostly Mario) tendency to screw up.
Which will cause her to say "CAN'T YOU MORONS DO ANYTHING RIGHT".
  • Peach sort of did that to Mario in “SM64: Mario Joins the Circus”, so it’s probably not too outlandish.
  • Maybe. But this time it isn't caused by the castle being set on fire. And Peach could probably give each of the gang a "Reason You Suck" Speech. Like Tari for being terrible at everything except games. And telling Bob that ladies don't dig him.

The next arc will be Lighter and Softer in comparison to the Anime Arc
Waluigi Arc (the first one) was the most notable turn for Darker and Edgier in SMG4's videos. Meanwhile, Rapper Bob Arc is considerably more tame, even if it also involves serious matters about betrayal.

Perhaps, it could be a pattern, with the odd number arcs being the most serious, while the even number arcs are softer in comparison.

Every major/once-major character will eventually have an Arc based around them or the events of an Arc affecting them somehow
Yes. Even characters that don't take an expressive role in the bloopers since a while.

One of the next big Arcs will be a Space Opera-esque adventure.
Considering outer space has already been shown in SMG4's universe, maybe it wouldn't be that otherworldy to guess there's going to be a comically serious, wide adventure crossing the stars.

Possibilities for this arc (feel free to add your ideas):

  • Some of the elements presented in the previous bloopers involving space can come back and be vital for the plot's arc. (for example, the fact memes are the planet's Cosmic Keystone).
  • The Team will be forced to make a crusade through outer space since their planet will be at risk from an intergalactic empire, either because they'll drain their planet's memes or they'll make an actual invasion. The main goal will stop it no matter what.
  • The villain (whenever it's an original character or a character with heavy Adaptation Personality Change) will be a Galactic Conqueror, leader of said empire. They can be either as irredeemably evil as the last arc's main villain, or a Knight Templar.
  • The Teletubby planet from "Where the Wild Teletubbies are" will come back, maybe as a gag or even as a major role. Same for Starfox/Starlink Battle For Atlas.

The Splatfest Arc will lead to one of the characters accidentally getting turned into an Inkling while Meggy attempts to do the same, but only temporarily.

Let's say Mario gets Inklinged. After getting converted, he partakes in the Splatfest and somehow wins Meggy's team, but begins to lose sanity due to a new consciousness arising in the Meggy portion of his DNA, (as Meggy gave an orange ink sample as a DNA source for her Inkling form to the wizard) so he returns to the wizard and gets turned back into a human. However, the Inkling DNA separated into a clone of Meggy, which could turn evil...

  • Jossed.

K-Pop will become the next acceptable target of the series.
The bloopers from 17-19 (and probably even earlier) made it clear that the series doesn't shy away from mocking a cultural aspect coming from a country of Asia. It could just be a matter of time for when they start to mock South Korea's variation of pop music, it's fans and it's singers.

Francis is either still alive or will be brought back to life
Either one of these will tie in with the Splatfest arc.

A) It will be revealed that Meggy's ink combined with the explosion had transformed Francis into an Inkling in the same way Meggy was turned human. Now Francis uses his ink powers to pursue his anime fantasies - and is seeking out Inkopolis for an infinite ink supply. Once he arrives there, he will take over the city and convince the other Inklings to turn against humans, starting with Meggy.

B) Surviving members of the anime mafia will plot to resurrect Francis through a cult-like ritual in which they must sacrifice an Inkling. Whoever gets turned into an Inkling will be kidnapped for the scheme. Towards the end of the story, Desti will be summoned from the dead and reincarnated in a new form (possibly ending up like Meggy).

War of the Fat Italians 2019 will be the beginning of a new arc.
Last year's WOTFI concluded the Waluigi arc, so what if this year's WOTFI starts one?
  • Jossed this WOTFI but a possibility in future WOTF Is (2020-Beyond).

In addition to her hypothetical banishment from Inkopolis, Meggy will also be kicked out of Smash
Because the game needs an Inkling and Meggy is no longer one. However, she later regains acceptance by dressing up as and filling in for Arle Nadja (assuming Arle becomes a fighter in the future).

Based on all the events listed above...
Meggy could be on her way to becoming the series' biggest Woobie. She may even be consumed by her grief/frustration and become the Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds (not unlike Waluigi in his arc), only to be horrified of what she has become, ultimately running away so that none of her friends are harmed by her actions. Deeply concerned, the gang searches for Meggy and eventually finds her living among nature. They beg her to come home but she is unsure of who she is anymore - until Desti shows up as her Spirit Advisor. Her confidence restored, Meggy agrees to rejoin her friends.

The penguin murderer from Little Lost Penguin will reappear at some point.
He escapes from prison and takes revenge on the cast, possibly starting an arc.

There'll be an antagonist with abandonment issues ala Spinel.
  • Kinda already happened with Waluigi and his power of rejection.

Wherever it plays a major role, things get pretty dark. Maybe he'll be Season 10's new Big Bad...

What's in the mystery box?

Bowser will hire a babysitter
So he can go on adventures without the risk of losing custody of his children again.

The Ultimate Meme will return...
Maybe SMG3 will make one and become all-powerful.

The next arc won't focus on any characters, but be an Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame-style all-out war.
The leader of Team Killer Ink from Meggy's Destiny, furious that she lost the last Splatfest to a team of humans, rallies her team to usurp whoever is in charge of Inkopolis, and she names herself the new leader. Using propaganda, she inflames the anti-human sentiment in Inkopolis, and has all remaining humans in the city killed. Striking an alliance with DJ Octavio, Leader assembles an army of Inklings and Octarians, leading them in cheers of "SIEG HEIL!", and her plan is revealed: invade the Mushroom Kingdom and destroy all humans, for they created anime, allowed Francis and the Anime Cartel to kidnap Inklings, and are inferior to Inklings in general.

The invasion is played completely serious, giving a War Is Hell vibe. Multiple recurring characters such as Jeeves, Old Man Hobo, Swagmaster, all of the recolored Marios, and many other background characters are Killed Off for Real. Eventually, Peach goes into hiding, and the arc reaches its darkest point when Leader kills Axol, destroys Inkweaver, sends humans and anime to death camps, reforms the A.S.S., and turns her sight to Japan, the source of all anime. Making it worse is Leader backstabbing Octavio, revealing that she intends to destroy all non-Inkling races.

Mario and friends fall in with an Inkling resistance group made up of Inksonas from YouTube, who oppose Leader's genocidal machinations.

In the climax of the arc, all seems lost, when portals start appearing. Tari's Meta Runner counterpart is first, followed by the rest of MD-5. Soon, characters from other popular web cartoons start coming through the portals, including Homestar Runner, RWBY, Red Vs Blue, Kizuna AI, among many others I probably don't know of. In the ensuing battle, Leader personally faces off with Meggy, and has her at her mercy, only to get curbstomped when Ruby's Silver Eyes randomly activate. Meggy gets off the last shot on Leader as she pitifully begs for mercy.

After a funeral for Axol, the arc ends with Inkopolis A World Half Full since roughly 60% of the Inkling population blindly devoted themselves to Leader's cause. Peach comes out of hiding and takes the opportunity to annex Inkopolis under a brutal military dictatorship to ensure nothing like this ever happens again, until Fishy Boopkins reminds her she's doing to Inkopolis what Leader did to the Mushroom Kingdom. She relents, and instead decides to hold open elections, setting up a Breather Episode where three candidates are running for president of Inkopolis: Marie (who seeks to repair relations with the international community), a self-righteous Moral Guardian Inkling (who wants to put an end to the Turf Wars and send all of the Inklings to school), and Bob (who has no actual platform; he just wants free stuff). Said episode involves all three sides engaging in typical election antics, such as mud-slinging, blackmail, and attempting to rig the vote by adding fake ballots to the box (Bob gets caught doing the latter by Mr. Monitor, and, uh, nothing good happens).

  • Sounds like bad fanfiction.

Meggy's family will appear at some point

Meggy finds out that her family will be coming over for a visit, which is bad because they despise humans and are unaware of her transformation from the anime arc. Her plan will be for Mario to disguise himself as her and act likewise in order fool her family. Unfortunately, Mario keeps screwing up the plan. Meggy is eventually forced to reveal her new form to her family, and in a heartwarming, wholesome moment, they accept her the way she is because they too were hiding secrets about themselves (secrets even more shocking than Meggy's). And then comes the hilarious ending twist - they take their hatred on humans out on Mario because of his idiocy.

A new arc with Susan Wojcicki as the villain is coming soon

It seems that SMG4 has been starting a bit of a storyline with Susan constantly bullying Mario, and the episode “The Internet Graveyard” explaining what happened to Axol after the events of “Mario Gets Woke”. It is also worth noting that after “The Internet Graveyard” was released, SMG4 updated the channel banner to have all of the characters except for Mario look corrupted, with Mario having a confused look on his face.

  • Jossed: SMG 3 is the villain

This supposed "YouTube Arc" will end up with some actual real-life announcements.
Considering how YouTube has been getting more...controlling and limiting with their copyrighting policies and demonetizations and how a majority of recent episodes are taking potshots at the website, it wouldn't feel too out of place for Glitch Productions to announce their very own streaming platform a la Rooster Teeth and make a big transfer from YouTube to there. That, or something else

SMG3's gang (excluding Demon Hunter Shroomy will turn on their leader.
As an example of Everyone Has Standards.

The YouTube remote will get destroyed at the end of the YouTube Arc.
So nobody will use it to hurt anyone (like Greg) again.

How the YouTube Arc will end.
Given that SMG3 is too dangerous to leave to his own devices, I devised at least three scenarios:
  • He will be Killed Off for Real. How, I cannot say, but it will have to do with a severe case of Hoist by His Own Petard. SMG3 could potentially use the remote to wipe out his Arch-Enemy, but it would do a uno reversal on him and he would be the one deleted and likely erased from existence. As such, the remote would either go back to Susan's control, or the remote could also be destroyed thereby making SMG3's return even less likely. He would be continuing the trend of an Arc Villain dying at the end of their arc started by Francis.
  • He would be sentenced to the Land of Dead Memes. It would be the ultimate punch in the face to be stranded in a place where he is essentially forgotten.
  • Like the above, SMG3 compels his team to deflect, and he has a slight realization that his lust for revenge had gone too far. He then hands the remote back to Susan and leaves to atone. Alternatively, he could intentionally delete himself feeling that he is beyond redemption.

After revealing that he stole the remote for SMG3 and his gang, Shroomy says that he "didn't do it for [them]". While he also says that he did it to mess up Susan's plans, the quote implies that he doesn't care much about SMG3 and Co. I guess that, during a final confrontation between the gangs, Shroomy will steal the remote from SMG3, planning to use it to kill every demon.

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