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Tear Jerker / SMG4's Mario Bloopers

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"Bob, that's not nice!"

Don't be fooled by the goofy exterior, SMG4 bloopers can make you shed a tear when when the time calls for it. Some of the time it overlaps with Heartwarming.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • "Tale of a Bob-omb" is just damn heart-wrenching. What happens is a Bob-omb finds his "father", who is then killed by Mario. Mario then later proceeds to kill the son. The music, effects, and everything else makes it worse considering this IS pre-2018 SMG4. Probably expecting retarded, humorous adventures, huh? Nope.
  • Luigi's death from "Ssenmodnar 9".
  • The Boy and Gurl shorts in the Ssenmodnar series really can be heartbreaking but also hilarious at the same time.
  • "The Plumber Problem" makes this funny at the same time. Seeing how Mario feels about his clogged toilet, and how he got heartbroken due to Luigi hiring a real plumber instead of him, really makes you feel bad for him.
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  • In "SMG3's gauntlet of gloom", The skeleton named Pete sacrifices himself for Mario and SMG4. It gets even sadder when Mario starts crying after Pete waves good bye to them. "MARIO'S CHALLENGE" reveals he's still alive, though!
  • The ending of "BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE." After it turns out that Bendy is actually not evil, Mario tries to activate the Spaghetti Machine, but then breaks it, causing it to massively overproduce spaghetti that will eventually flood the entire factory. Mario and Bendy see the exit, but can't get through it because it's too high to reach. So Bendy throws him through the exit and waves goodbye before being crushed to death.
  • Saiko's breakdown at the end of "Doki Doki Mario Club". The unexpected Downer Ending really hits, and what’s worse is that this was Fishy Boopkins’s first real date. It has some Mood Whiplash at the end though, courtesy of Mario, but it doesn't really help much.
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  • After being put through a Training from Hell montage a la Pre-Hibernation Week courtesy of a overzealous Meggy in “If Mario Was In Splatoon 2”, Mario, understandably scared of the fact Meggy is currently planning on testing a nuke for training, tries to leave claiming he’s hungry. Hurt by Mario not taking this seriously, Meggy tells Mario in a tone mixed with sadness and disappointed to just not bother with her anymore before leaving to train by herself. Mario, the man who commonly doesn’t care about anyone besides himself, tears up and lies that he never wanted to be a part of her team anyway. Considering how Mario and Meggy’s relationship is noticeably nicer than Mario’s other friendships, this comes off as rather shocking and surprisingly realistic. This is lightened a bit by the fact they make up over the end with Mario taking Meggy to lunch.
  • Saiko again, during the events of "Luigi's Lesson"; all she really desires is companionship, but due to going crazy and hurting anyone nearby whenever she gets upset, everyone fears her. Even Fishy Boopkins, the above date, runs away from her, leaving his Hatsune Miku pillow behind in his haste to get away. This leaves Saiko in a sad mood for most of the video, and though Luigi tries to help she walks away in a slump after repeated attempts to be kind to others, only for her attempts to be rebuked. Despite her Yandere tendencies, it's hard not to feel for her. Though by the end of the video, she helps Mario and Luigi out after the former suffers a heart attack, and they part ways as friends.
  • "BOOPKINS!"note 
  • Luigi getting turned by T-posing zombies in Mario and the T-Pose Virus. Mario genuinely cries out in grief over his brother being captured by the zombies and falls to the floor reaching out for him as he watches the zombies brutalize Luigi, and then proceeds to have a breakdown as he mercilessly drops Bob (who obstructed the duo from getting to safety and thus was the cause of Luigi getting turned) from the castle in revenge for Luigi's infection. This is a sequence that is decidedly not Played for Laughs like the status quo of the SMG4 universe and goes to show that despite his greedy and egocentric nature, deep down Mario really does care about his brother a great deal.
  • Luigi sacrificing himself to fall in the lava and die so Mario can live in Mario SAW. Mario is crying and begging him not to, but Luigi still does so, telling his brother he loves him. Mario can only watch in horror as his brother falls to the lava. Thankfully, it was really a test, and Luigi is still alive as the "lava" was really just warm watermelon kool-aid.
    • Speaking of Mario SAW, the mysterious figure offhandedly mentions that he, "wished his brother loved him that much,", after Luigi sacrifices himself for Mario, but turns out to still be ok. Once you figure out who the masked figure is, this statement takes a much sadder tone, as it's obvious that Waluigi was referring to Wario, who constantly ignored and mistreated him. The fact that the music went dead silent during this statement makes it even more worse.
  • The final minutes of Mario The Scam Artist, where Wario has been down in the dumps ever since Waluigi went mad. Mario threatens a fight with Wario just to protect his brother. Wario tries to object but then remembers Waluigi, before angrily walking off. The dialog from Wario in the next scene really stings.
    Wario: Stupid Mario Brothers... I don't need them... I don't need anyone! I've got chicken! (is about to eat chicken) W... waluigi would have wanted this chicken... and I would've told him no, piss off. I don't need him! I don't need him!!!! I DON'T NEED HIM!
    (Wario notices Waluigi's hat behind his bucket of chicken. After Wario picks up the hat, flashbacks from "The Mario Hustle", "Wild Wild Mario", and "Doki Doki Mario Club" play.. Cue Manly Tears from Wario.)
    • And the final line of the episode...
  • The Mario Convention seems like a typical Breather Episode after the past couple of episodes in the Waluigi Arc. Then Hideo Kojima pulls out a T-pose mushroom. Meggy pushes Mario out of the way of said exploding mushroom. Turns out Hideo Kojima was actually Waluigi in disguise, and suddenly Mario, Luigi, SMG4, and Fishy Boopkins are seen running out of the convention as Waluigi turns everyone into T-pose zombies, including poor Luigi.
  • During Mario And The Waluigi Apocalypse all Meggy can do while Tari tries to talk sense into her and possibly un-T-Pose her is shed a single tear. This is also the first time we've seen Tari break down in tears.
  • In War of The Fat Italians 2018 Mario, being controlled against his will by Waluigi, gives SMG4 an absolutely brutal beatdown, even with Tari's timely intervention. Then Waluigi tells him to 'finish the job'. As he's forced to walk over to where SMG4 landed, Mario tears up at the thought that he's on the verge of unwillingly killing his friend in what's supposed to be an event that's for fun.
    Mario: I'm so sorry SMG4...
  • The ending of "The Mario Concert", where the cutie is thoroughly broken. Bob delivers a humongous Motive Rant on how his career is destroyed because of what Fishy Boopkins accidentally did and how he set up events to boost his popularity with the masses, reveals he pushed Boopkins into the well in "Mario And... The Well" and was never his friend, and caps it off by calling him a pushover, leaving him in the alleyway. All while Boopkins is left crying in denial.
  • "The Melancholy Of Fishy Boopkins" has Boopkins rejecting anime. He clearly took Bob's Breaking Speech hard...
    • It gets worse when the cast tries to cheer him up. While most of their failures are strictly comedic, the girls' attempt to cheer him up is definitely not. Meggy, Saiko and Tari decide to cheer up taking him to one of Bob's concerts. And since they weren't in "The Mario Concert" they don't know about what Bob did to Boopkins and are left confused when it doesn't work and Boopkins breaks down in tears at seeing Bob being so successful despite the awful things he admitted to doing.
  • "Mario and the Diss Track" puts Bob in Jerkass Woobie territory. Yes, he did make a diss track about all his friends, and seemed like he did not care one bit about them. But by the end of the episode, he is just alone. He was so desperate to be a rap star that he turned his back on everything important to him. Even his own friends. No one cares when Bob tries to reconcile with them. Not even Boopkins.
    • What makes this moment worse? At the beginning of "The Mario Purge", Fishy Boopkins is the one who opens the door for Bob, saving him from the Teletubbies, and in response Bob calls him "his best friend". At the end of "Mario and The Diss Track", after Bob loses all of his fame, he asks Boopkins if they're still friends. Boopkins shuts the door on him, leaving Bob all alone.
    • Going back to Bob's diss track, Meggy seems to take it the hardest, after Bob insults her voice.
  • The beginning of "SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing" has Bob trying to redeem himself by buying gold statues of himself and all his friends, but after what he did throughout the arc, the others pretend not to notice him and after he pesters them Mario just snaps at him. While being greeted with the words "Nobody cares" set to Beethoven's Fifth,SMG4 tells him the harsh truth why everyone is treating him this way:
    SMG4: Sorry Bob...we just can't trust you anymore...
    • Even with it being deserved, Bob takes this hard: he leaves, goes to the garbage dump, and lays in the garbage bags, believing himself to be nothing more than the trash of the earth.
    Bob: I see how it is. (drops his Santa Hat and beard) You will never hear from me again. Hopefully, that's a good enough Christmas present.
    • For an added layer of sadness, pay attention to the rest of the cast. Some of them clearly don't want to do this; Boopkins looks devastated, Tari's rather upset and even Meggy sounds reluctant to ask him to leave despite taking his diss of her very personally. Bob may have been a terrible friend and they're completely in the right for cutting ties with him...but he was still a friend and cutting ties with even a bad friend can leave you pretty conflicted.
  • While it is mainly Played for Laughs, the death of the clone Mario from "Stupid Mario 3D World" could be this to some. It oddly has more impact than one would expect, and it doesn't help that the auto-tuning on the Take Me Home, Country Roads "cover" makes it sound like Mario is barely holding back tears while singing.
  • Saiko having to leave the Mushroom Kingdom after the anime ban in "Mario's Illegal Operation". Whatever you may think of her, it can't be denied that she's genuinely tried to reform her character and will always help out Mario and the gang when the chips are down (though she'd never admit it). It hits harder when you remember her backstory, and how Saiko has been dealing with being rejected all of her life.
    • Saiko being forced out is made even worse by the fact that unlike other times when there's a good reason why she's been ostracized, she didn't even do anything. She's not an otaku — she doesn't even watch anime. Even with her origins as a dating sim character brought to life, Saiko is by all counts just a regular human being who happens to be Japanese.
    • Even SMG4, who had joined the Anime Secret Service and served as an antagonist for a majority of the video, was angry when he finds this out!
    SMG4: I would never have joined the A.S.S. if I knew they were banning actual people...
  • "Meggy's Bootcamp" has Meggy going crazy with Splatfest training as usual with Tari, Mario, and Luigi. It's a fairly comical episode... right up until she gets aggravated by their incompetence and yells at them for not trying. One Heel Realization later leads to Mario finding her on a rooftop in the midst of a Heroic BSoD.
    Mario: Hey Meggy...
    Meggy: Go away, Mario...
    Mario: Come on Meggy... Why don't you tell Mario what's wrong?
    Meggy: You remember when we first trained all those years ago Red? We sat right here on this rooftop that very day... I told you I was an "upcoming star" and we were going to own the splatfest... But it has been two years since then and I still haven't won a single Splatfest. [as she starts shedding tears] I'm...I'm just a big disappointment.
    Mario: You can't disappoint Mario. I have no expectations of anything.
    Meggy: The worst thing is... I've been so mean to you and the others... I feel like I'm losing sight of who I am. (starts sobbing hysterically)
  • Overlapping with Guards N Retards, "Mario Saves Anime" features a scene where Chris nervously runs up to a badly damaged Swagmaster following an explosion created by Luigi and Bob. Swagmaster tells Chris that he doesn't feel so good, however the only damage done is that the A.S.S. button is removed. Afterwards Chris tells Swagmaster that they're jobless once again. Sure a lot of it is pretty humorous, but for those who worry about the two guards, it could be quite heart-wrenching for what would happen next now that they have no jobs. Thankfully, they're revealed to be fine and team up with Mario & co. in "The Inkling Disappearances"!
  • The thumbnail for "The Splatfest Incident". Mario is cradling Meggy's weapon in his arms, he's covered in her ink, and there is nothing but darkness surrounding him. The message it shows is...upsetting, making it look like she died. Look closely and you can even see that Mario's crying. Of course, what actually happened isn't much better...
    • One of the lockers at Splatfest has a picture dedicated to Satoru Iwata.
  • The opening to "The Inkling Disappearances" is frankly just distressing, in this way and another. It's Callie, doing an Emergency Broadcast, clearly terrified of the state of Inkopolis and urging all remaining Inklings to stay indoors at all costs. Quite upsetting to see Callie this scared, especially if you're a fan of her... and then it ends with her on her knees, crying and pining for Marie. Yep, that's right, whoever got Meggy and half of Inkopolis kidnapped Marie too. Bear in mind that this is very likely taking place after Splatoon 2, so now Callie is going through the same Adult Fear that Marie did when Callie got kidnapped herself.
  • The revelation in "Mario and the Experiment" that Francis was behind the Inklings' and Axol's kidnappings is bad enough, but he's also revealed to be an Ungrateful Bastard that now sees Axol as a fool. Axol fought tooth and nail to get anime unbanned, and succeeded, only to get kidnapped, mocked, and called a disappointment by someone who once idolized him, to the point of said idolizer even saying that Axol doesn't deserve his power, making this a cruel inversion of the Broken Pedestal.
  • "World War Mario" has a number of these:
    Desti: (smiles) You better win Splatfest for me, okay?
    • And to cap it off, the ending card is gray instead of the usual blue and there's no cheery music, only dead silence.
  • "Final Hours", perhaps SMG4's saddest video:
  • Meggy having trouble adjusting to her human form in "Mario Does the Chores", as well as her mind wandering to Splatfest and the promise she made to Desti.
  • The ending of "Stupid Mario Maker 2" features an In Memoriam to Etika, who committed suicide on June 19, 2019.
  • Meggy's breakdown in "There's Something Up With Meggy". It has been a month since the events of the Anime Arc and Meggy has started acting crazier and crazier from bottling up her grief over what happened to Desti. When Mario, Luigi, and Tari finally get her to open up, she runs back to her apartment in depression. Thankfully her friends cheer her up.


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