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Unsurprisingly, SMG4's videos are full of opportunities for laughter.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • 2019 introduces a new Running Gag of Toadsworth getting run over by Mario when he enters a store.
    • It also merges the SMG4 series with the Guards N Retards series, so naturally, everything Swagmaster does will be hilarious.
  • Mario Goes to the Fridge to Get a Glass of Milk. All of it. Highlights include:
    • The Serial Escalation. First, Mario is fighting Toad at the grocery store. Next, he’s fighting Jeeves at a milk factory. Finally, Jeeves accidentally starts a war between cows and milk.
    • The workers at the factory are literally cartons of milk with arms and legs.
    • The factory battle doesn’t go too well. Luigi gets turned into a package, and Toad tries to set up a hostage situation with a bottle of milk, only to get shot in the face.
    • After the factory fiasco, the gang has to get enough milk to fill a tank in a day (by going to Steve’s farm). It goes even less well - Toad gets arrested by a police cow (presumably for unlicensed milking) and Luigi goes on a date with a cow.
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    • As for Mario, he orders milk from a cow as if it were a drive-thru. When that doesn't work, he then slaps the cow and it produces spaghetti, resulting in him placing his hat on the cow and deeming himself unworthy. He later creates a shrine to worship the spaghetti-producing cow.
    • The cows start an uprising against Jeeves.
  • Mario's Big Chungus Hunt:
    • Mario naked rolling around in spaghetti like he did in the earlier bloopers.
    • The titular hunt. Highlights include:
      • The Bullet Bill getting sucked into Big Chungus's stomach.
      • The Chain Chomp talking about how "thicc" Big Chungus's behind is.
      • Mario's van containing bombs disguised as candy - Chungus doesn't fall for it and strips Mario to the bone.
      • Mario shooting Big Chungus with a BANG Flag Gun that reads "Surprise fatass", causing Chungus to get scared and die of a heart attack.
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    • When the Chungus Gang starts to attack Mario, he wakes up from being KOed and sees a Chungus's van...containing drugs.
      • Mario throwing his hat and mustache onto a Big Chungus, causing two other Big Chunguses to shoot him. He later disguises himself as a Big Chungus, but his disguise isn't successful.
    • Mario dreaming of Peach's ass while unconscious.
    • Grand Chungus.
    • When Judge Chungus declares Mario guilty of hunting their race, Mario asks to speak to his lawyer, at which point Meggy bursts into the courtroom through a wall and into the unfortunate bailiff while Splattack! plays. Even better if you remember which major Meggy took in "Mario University" and saw this coming.
    • The montage of Mario destroying video game companies:
      • Mario throwing Shigeru Miyamoto out the window, to which Master Hand yells at since Miyamoto was the one who created Mario, causing Mario to shoot Master Hand and destroy Nintendo.
      • Mario actually asking to destroy Sony.
      • Mario constantly slapping people, including the Police after a long absence.
      • The mafia level-up titles range from "Italian" to "Paisano".
      • Peach and Daisy crowding Mario when he reaches Level 50.
    • Tari getting shot by a gun that fires Big Chungus games as ammunition.
    • The Chungus Gang immediately fires Mario and takes away all of his money despite him putting them on the map, saying that not dying should be an acceptable reward. As Mario lays crumpled on the ground once again a Level 1 Crook, he flips Meggy the bird after she asks him for gratitude.
  • Mario's Hell Kitchen: This quote from Bowser sums up the entire video.
    Bowser: Is there any one of you who isn't a dumbass mother**ker?
    • SMG4 has a plan to win the show. Boopkins gathers ingredients...
    Boopkins: (holding a bottle of bleach) Oh, I found the milk!
    Boopkins: Uuuh, only sometimes...
    SMG4: I got sh*t to do!
    • The other team isn't doing so well either. Toad says he'll get the chicken, only for Tari to reveal pre-prepared chicken in the fridge. In anger, Toad throws the gun away and it shoots Sans in the next room.
    • Saiko suggests adding sauce to the raw chicken and saying it's done. Considering what the blooper is themed after, Bowser's reaction is entirely expected.
    • Tari tries to chop up a carrot, but can't do it and throws the knife right into Boopkin's waifu figure. Then Shroomy asks Saiko for help because she seems "good with a knife, just like one of them yanderes (he) sees on the internet."
      • It's particularly amusing to see someone like Shroomy making an Aside Glance with a look that practically says "are you serious?".
    • With 5 minutes left, the situation isn't looking good: Team Thicc's kitchen is on fire and Team Spicy is either sulking or fighting off the cake mix. Bob can be seen filming the whole thing.
    • In order to convince Mario to help the team, SMG4 needs to say that Mario's a great chef, much to his frustration:
    SMG4: (Screaming while being thrown around) Mmm-mmm! (continues screaming)
    Meggy: JUST SAY IT!
    (SMG4 gets thrown away ("NOOO!") and Meggy gets grabbed instead)
    Meggy: SMG4!!!!
    SMG4: Ugh...FINE! You're 'OKAY' at cooking, Mario...
    Mario: Beat...UUUUHHHHHHH.....okey-dokey!
    • Following Saiko slaying the cake mix, Mario puts the severed tentacle on his head and pretends to be an Inkling, much to Meggy's displeasure.
    Mario: It's a me! Woomy!
    • The results are in: Team Thicc's chicken tastes like penis, according to Bowser. As for Team Spicy, he only has to take one bite of the cake for his head to fold in on itself and collapse dead.
  • Mario's Valentine Advice:
    • Mario's "date" is a male body pillow with spaghetti for a face.
    • The mere fact that throughout the video Shroomy's "crush" is Po with an anime wig.
    • Shroomy reading Mario's cue cards, which get kinda awkward later on.
    • When Shroomy and Po go on the tunnel of love, Shroomy attempts to hold Po's hand but accidentally ends up severing her arm.
    • When asked for Fishy Boopkins's advice, Boopkins suggests watching a movie from his "collection". Cue large amounts of cabinet files, presumably filled with anime DVDs. He later gets the idea to make his own movie just for them and present it at the local theater.
      • At the theater, Shroomy asks Po what kinds of movies she likes. Po responds with "moist and delicious".
      • The movie that Fishy Boopkins actually show them is a low-budget film entitled "The mushroom and the tubbie", which is basically a staged version of Shroomynote  and Po making love. Shroomy gives a Surprised Patrick face while Po states that the movie is "really interesting". Shroomy then runs out of the theater.
    • The scene where Tari gives advice:
      • Duke Nukem being the carnival game host. When Shroomy asks how the game works, Duke teaches him by reciting his famous "balls of steel" quote.
      • Tari stealing a prize duck after she fawns over it.
      • When Shroomy tries to win the game, he accidentally snaps Duke's neck. The "prize" that he gives Po ends up being Duke's corpse.
    • Bob's scene:
      • Bob explains to Shroomy to show off to girls. He tells him to show off how much money he has. Shroomy breaks out a piggy bank...which only contains three coins.
      • Shroomy then proceeds to show Po his house. The MTV Cribs logo is shown as we enter his room. After Shroomy shows Po his "awesome" room full of badges, cat posters, and a bed where he sleeps, Bob immediately gives up and jumps out the window.
    • Shroomy then sees that a large monster is flirting with Po. He tries to fight for her upon Saiko's suggestion. His first "threat" is to call the monster's parents. Shroomy then proceeds to go Super Saiyan and "kicks his butt" actually kicking his butt, which didn't do much. Cut back to Saiko as Shroomy's severed parts are thrown next to her. He states that it "went well".
    • Shroomy attempts to confess his love to Po...but then immediately breaks up with her. Much to the confusion and exasperation of Mario, Luigi, and Meggy.
    (Shroomy wanders off into the distance as Mario, Luigi and Meggy stand there, Meggy's jaw dropped in shock)
    Luigi: Man...Love is complicated...
    Mario: Love is dumb.
    Meggy: (Face Palm) You guys got that right...
    • The fact that unlike in some of her other appearancesnote , Po only speaks in recycled voice clips, much like Steve.
  • The entirety of "Mario Gets Stuck on an Island", especially to those who are fans of the 2012-16 bloopers. Some highlights:
    • How he got stuck on the island in the first place. Mario attacked the pilot, a Pianta, for not giving him a meal. He throws the pilot out of the cockpit window, causing the plane to crash.
    • Mario trying to find some supplies to help him out. He takes out a walkie-talkie, a map, a raft, and a signal flare, which burns the other supplies. He deems all of them useless.
    • Mario tries to call someone. The pizza delivery guy, voiced by SMG4. He doesn't deliver to the island.
    • Mario's various fruitless attempts to make shelter.
    • The Minecraft book he's reading has a section on how to craft a girlfriend.
    • Mario later tries to make a fire. What he ends up doing is setting himself on fire using the fire from the plane and humping the sticks.
    • Mario then tries to make shelter from the trees. He tries to lift the tree from the ground but breaks his back a la Mortal Kombat and faints. His next attempt involves him kicking the tree over. The tree gets struck by lightning and rolls over. It destroys another marooned islander's Companion Cube, a volleyball named Wilson. The tree eventually gets set on fire, forcing Mario to use his clothes as shelter, which blow away in the wind. He then spends the rest of the video naked.
    • Mario tries to find shelter again this time using a boulder. The boulder rolls around the island and crushes Mario.
    • A week later, Mario tries to hunt for food. He has created a Companion Cube, being Rocks, this time renamed "Jason". He offers "Jason" a boot and some gasoline to eat.
    • Mario denies that this "food" is making him crazy. He then asks Jesus if he's right, to which the Lord replies correct. Mario drinks the gasoline and passes out.
    • Mario finds a pig walking around and imagines it as a burger saying "EAT ME!!" in Kevin's Fishy Boopkins voice.
    • Mario remembering what his "grandfather" (who is Old Man Hobo in a Mario hat) tells him. That he's adopted.
    • Mario kills the pig with a massive godlike explosion but cannot find the pig's corpse in the burned rubble.
      • For that matter, the chant he says before causing it:
    Mario: I call upon the hoes, and the bitches! All the THOTs and the MILFs on this planet! Please, GIVE ME YOUR NUDES!
    • One month later, Mario has gone so mad that he hallucinates having a beach party with his friends. The Cheep Cheeps announce that watching Mario roll around naked is where they draw the line. "Jason" now has a wife and kids.
    • Mario talks about the things he wished he did before his death, including telling SMG4 to "eat his hot Italian sausage".
    • Mario's attempts to get the Toad plane to notice him:
      • His first attempt is creating the words "send help" out of sticks, but the wind changes the "help" to "nude".
      • His second attempt involves him building a massive stick tower and jumping on it. The Toads are too busy listening to music to notice.
      • Mario notices a Fire Flower that he can use as a signal flare. What he ends up doing is causing a massive fire on the island to which one of the Toad pilots exclaims "GOOD LORD, WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THERE?!?" Mario repeatedly shouts "notice me senpai" which causes Toad to report a "belligerent dumbass" to mission control. They decide to get the hell out of there. Mario gets angered by this and sets the plane on fire, causing it to crash.
    • Mario notices the plane was carrying power-ups, where he uses the Wing Cap to fly in the air to a nearby plane.
    • He plants his face on the window, startling Toadette. He breaks into the plane and takes her seat, still in the nude.
    • Mario demands the pilot, this time a Koopa Troopa, for a meal. The Koopa Troopa pilot gets annoyed by him, causing him to go into another rage.
  • Super Challenge 64:
    • The opening advertisement of Fishy Boopkins confronting Kevin and asking what he's doing there. Kevin responds with "I AM YOU".
    • As SMG4 attempts to "work" on his computer, he keeps hearing screaming and crashing noises in the background. Turns out it's Meggy's fault.
    Mario: I'M GONNA DO IT BRO! I'M GONNA DO IT! (while running backwards and crashes into a wall, Toad screams "MY LEG!" )
    Meggy: ...I told Red it wasnt possible to walk backwards for a whole day
    (Mario screams and crashes again. There is an explosion and a shout of "AHH, THE MEATLOAF!")
    Meggy: and he took up the challenge...
    • Mario's challenge is running backwards for a day, which happens throughout the blooper. While he attempts this, he comes across Shaggy Rogers slapping Goku before Mario runs into them. Then running through Monty Mole, Toast Shy Guy, King Harkinian and Frankie on a swing (stating he has crippling depression).
      • Mario smashes into Frankie and he goes flying into a billboard to which the Super Smash Bros. Melee announcer exclaims "A NEW RECORD!!!"
      • Dr. Mario announces to a patient that he has "lumpy penis syndrome", but then Mario tears off his lower half and the patient announces he's cured.
      • The police chase after Mario. Not for the crime of destroying everything in his path, but for the crime of "JAYWALKING!"
    • Tari's challenge is attempting to play sports. Due to her nature, she thinks she'd be playing Wii Fit, but then discovers she's playing actual sports, starting with American football. She is immediately tackled by the Chargin' Chuck team. She then tries boxing with Doc Louis, but she apologizes to him immediately after giving him a weak punch. Finally, Tari tries soccer. She kicks the ball first into a post which rebounds into Toadsworth's face, then (in an attempt to be more gentle) into the street as a passing car swerves upon contact. Mario (still running backwards) sees the incident and comments in his usual way.
    • Meggy's challenge involving crossing a lake: As everyone knows, Inklings can't swim or touch water, so Meggy dips her hand in the lake and her skin melts off. After that, Splat Tim dives into the water and immediately gets set on fire.
    • Bob attempting not to swear for 10 minutes and constantly failing to do so. Each and every time he swears [FAILED] is stamped across the screen and a buzzer sounds. Every time.
    • The news anchor, Kermit the Frog, interrupts Bob's challenge to announce that Mario is still running backwards and still being chased by the police. And the headline: "A STRANGE ITALIAN MAN RUNNING BACKWARDS YEETED THE COPS".
    mario: No! I want to complete this challenge! I didn't even do anything illegal! (rams into traffic and destroys the vehicles)
    Mario: [Beat] ...SH*T!
    • After that, he loses the cops by throwing Barack Obama, who is on a bike, at them, causing the cop car to explode.
    • Fishy Boopkins's challenge is going an hour without anime. He turns on the TV and sees the news of Mario still running, SMG3 telling Steve that he is Chicken Little's father, and Dr. Eggman announcing his love for anime. He then starts to see hallucinations of anime all around him, including Shaggy (this time with a shotgun!) and Goku, but manages to go the full hour as it was All Just a Dream.
    • Saiko's first attempt at trying to be nice ends up startling Dr. Kleiner, causing him to have a heart attack with a Windows error code reading "Heart.exe has stopped working". Her second attempt at being nice: trying to get a cat down from a tree... with chainsaws. In a final attempt to be nice, Saiko literally stabs a vending machine to get milk for the cat as an apology.
    • Luigi trying to go through the haunted house...and Mario, still running backwards, crashes into him and gets the job done.
    • The big guns are brought out; an Arwing drops a nuke to get rid of the crazy running Mario. It fails.
    • The moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and the screaming sun from Rick and Morty making the transition from night to day. With that, Mario successfully passes the challenge at the expense of the entire kingdom.
  • "Mario's Prison Escape", the first full Crossover with the Guards N Retards series.
    • Mario trying to come up with an escape plan...and the only thing on his mind is a fat kid saying "spaghetti" in the style of Gay Luigi. His next plan: Mario using the "Luigi machine gun" in the style of the Waluigi Launcher.
    • Swagmaster calling Mario & Luigi "thicc juicy moustache boi" and "lesser thicc green boi". Luigi takes a bit of offense to that.
    • Swagmaster's first Groin Attack; from Mario. Followed by a middle finger and a "That's-a so nice!"
    • Swagmaster opens the jail cell and challenges Mario to a fight, threatening that he's gonna "slap him back to Italy". This is followed by Mario ramming into him and both of them fighting offscreen while Chris and Luigi watch in exasperation.
    Chris: god dammit, swagmaster. (turns to Luigi) you have to deal with a dumbass too, huh?
    Luigi: Yeah...
    • John Cena watching a doctor dab and calling it "sugoi".
    • Swagmaster immediately shoots Mario when he tries to escape. Then shoots him again.
    • Mario overreacts to seeing Boopkins when trying to stay quiet.
    • Mario yells at Bob to let them in on the breakout. He’s yelling because Bob’s lifting weights and seemingly ignoring the others. Mario gets so mad he makes the barbell drop on Bob’s neck, choking him.
    • When the Guards notice the Bros., Bob, and Boopkins planning something, Swagmaster wonders if he can spit on them from the tower.
    • The guys need a distraction to get the chefs away from the food. Mario throws a chair at one of the two chefs and pins it on Luigi.
      • Then Mario puts a Poison Mushroom, Chef Boyardee ravioli, and a video of someone entering a door into the soup and mixes it. Everyone who eats the soup immediately starts vomiting. Swagmaster notices this and says it's because they all saw Chris's face.
    • After the Guards spot the prisoners going into the air vent, Chris lets Swagmaster do "the thing", to which he goes "BOIIIIIIIIIIIII" and takes out a giant axe.
    • When the prisoners are crawling in the vent, Mario tells Bob that he doesn't want to stare at his ass all day, to which Bob says his ass is beautiful.
    • "hi ho hi ho off to banish some scrubs i go"
    • Mario eats the vomit-inducing soup and uses his vomit as a rocket to get everyone out of the vent. He is later shown to be drunk after eating it.
    • Everything Swagmaster says during the car chase. From seeing Saiko and saying that there's anime on board so it immediately needs to be destroyed, to asking how he's supposed to fap after getting shot in the crotch, to calling Meggy a thot after she kicks him in the neck, to calling a rocket launcher a "fun stick".
    Swagmaster: Do you smell that Chris? (sniffs the rocket launcher) Smells like bitches gonna die tonight.
    Chris: You need serious help dude
    Swagmaster: no u
    • After Swagmaster shoots missiles at them, Mario imagines them as the poisonous soup and throws Boopkins at the missiles. And it works. As the missiles head for the Guards. this exchange happens.
    Chris: welp were screwed
    Swagmaster: like ur mom last night lol
    Chris: jesus christ shut up
    Swagmaster: lmao
    • Bob saying that the Guards' voices are annoying.
    • Mario's first words after the Guards get blown away by the missiles.
    Mario: We're...we're free (turns and screams into Meggy's face) WE'RE FREE FROM THE SOUP!!!!
    Mario: It was him! Let's get him fellas!
    [cut to present]
    Mario: I guess we'll never know...
  • All of Stupid Mario 3D World. All of it. Highlights include:
    • In the opening fireworks, Peach lampshades her long absence stating she's just happy to be in a video again and Toad says he wants to use the fireworks to blow up the castle.
    • Mario sees a spaghetti-shaped firework and demands Toad to get him spaghetti. He then demands Peach to make him a sandwich, causing her to slap him and send him flying.
    • When Peach tells Mario to fix the pipe, Mario mocks her saying she's a b*tch, prompting Peach to kick him and send him flying once more.
    • After the pipe is fixed, Furret pops out of the pipe and flies awaynote .
    • Mario sees the Sprixie and catches it in a little bottle thinking she's a leprechaun (which Bowser also thinks). He asks her for three wishes but Toad tells him that leprechauns give gold, not wishes, so Toad demands that the Sprixie gives him money.
    • The clear pipe leading to the most magical place in the Mushroom Kingdom... the ghetto.
      • Some ghetto highlights include the Luigi Dolls mating, Dr. Eggman as a prostitute, Toads with bandannas blasting music and rapping, and Wario bombing a house and shooting someone who's gonna report him.
    • The people affected by the Super Bell, which still makes the "ring ring ring" noise it did in "High School Mario", grow cat ears and shout stereotypical anime dialect. Toad and Mario raise a bible shouting "OUTTA THIS HOUSE!!!" upon seeing the furries.
    • Toad pays Eggman to strip for him but gets caught by Toadette.
    • Mario steals a car and shouts "Wow! MARIO KART! :D". The Yoshi driver sees him and races against him.
    • In the next world, everyone jumps across the water except Mario. He is trying to survive a waterfall but gets rescued by Plessie, who throws him into a large mushroom.
    • The pipe that Mario believes will lead them home leads them to a cloud level, much to Mario's disgust. Mario flies into a fit of rage and sends a red Biddybud off a ledge. Upon seeing this, Hisstocrat emerges from the bottom and Mario "defeats" him by shoving a Banzai Bill cannon into his mouth, killing Hisstocrat and leaving a Double Cherry. Toad states that he likes "angry Mario".
    • Everything with the Cherry Clone Mario. Everything:
      • The clones reenacting the pointing Spider-Man meme.
      • Luigi's reaction to Mario treating the clone like a brother, to which Mario states he never had.
      • After the clone is killed, Mario thinks about all the things they would do together, which includes bathing in a tub of spaghetti, painting, and going on a roller coaster, all while Mario's rendition of Country Roads plays in the background.
    • After Bowser transforms into Meowser, the clones ask him if he's f*cking gay. note 
    • Pictured: Mario transforming into Cat Mario. It's just his head on a comically small body with cat ears. Toad's eyes begin to burn upon the mere sight of it.
    • During the battle with Meowser, Mario uses a Pianta window washer as a shield to protect him from Meowser's attacks. Next, Meowser uses Double Cherries to quadruple himself which causes Mario to gasp like Sr. Pelo. Mario is saved by the others who are in a Clown Car firing a machine gun at Meowser.
    • The ending. After learning that the gang still needs to save the 6 other Sprixies, Mario sells the Green Sprixie to the Happy Mask Salesman for 10 coins, followed by him declaring they saved the world.
  • "Mario And The Anime Challenge", where Mario, Fishy Boopkins, and Bob compete to see who's the most anime.
    • Mario waking up to see Meggy shooting him and Tari. When Meggy says she needs to train for the upcoming Splatfest, we see Mario trying to reattach his head and failing.
    • Tari getting spooked by Bob and accidentally shooting him. Tari panics while Meggy and Mario congratulate her.
    • Bob announces that he and Boopkins are having a contest to see who is "the most anime." and want Meggy to ref. Given her phobia of anime, you can guess Meggy's reaction...
    • Tari really wants to be the judge. Bob and Boopkins ignore Tari at first, even suggesting that Toadsworth is into anime!
    • The first round is a Naruto running race.
      • Boopkins complaining he can't run due to his stubby legs, despite being in first.
      • Bob shouting out "Super Ninja Leg Jutsu!" while tripping Boopkins.
      • Mario dashes into first and executes a perfect Shadow Clone Jutsu. Bob tries it and ends up summoning a squad of Bob The Builder clones. Then as the Mario clones attack, Bob's sole reaction is a "Well, crap..." shortly followed by:
    • Round two: anime love confessions! Boopkins acts like a Tsundere, much to Tari's obvious confusion. Bob's confession leaves Tari looking perturbed by the end of it. The music playing during the whole thing (Godot's theme) makes it even funnier. Mario's confession seems normal, but he reveals he kidnapped Hideo Kojima as a present!
    • During the "yell-off", Bob and Mario fly through the air and cause rocks and Old Man Hobo to levitate in the air. Mario screams so loudly his head explodes and he loses the challenge. Bob wins by growing Super Saiyan hair and states that no one can defeat him... but then Shaggy Rogers shows up, and Bob says he was just kidding.
    • The trio try to speak Japanese to Saiko. Bob and Mario fail utterly.
    Bob: Watashi wah Bob-u desu me love you long time. (SLAP!) She digs me.
    Mario: AHHHHHH! Konichiwa!
    • This is followed by an unintelligible string of Japanese with both fingers raised; Saiko then smashes his face in with her massive hammer.
    • Boopkins then launches into an incredibly long string of perfect Japanese which leaves everyone either gawping or looking on in confusion. Turns out that (in the SMG4 universe) it roughly translates to "how was your day?"
    • The penultimate challenge is an anime debate in which Bob and Boopkins get into an intense debate over who's the ultimate weeb.
      • Boopkins calls out Bob's lack of anime knowledge, which trigger's Bob's trap card, prompting the latter to let out an Ojou laugh.
      • The two then get into a an even more heated debate regarding the individual summaries of every One Piece episode.
      • Throughout that last one, Mario is just sitting in the sidelines. Tari gives the win to Mario.
    • The final challenge is an anime battle - the end comes when Bob fires a very large Kamehame Hadouken and hits Mario. Then a Lakitu, a building, Solid Snake (using the cutscene from World of Light) and finally Peach's Castle.
    • Peach walks out of the castle and notices the utter destruction brought about by Bob. Angrily, she then turns to Tari, Mario (who is dead and on fire), Bob, and Boopkins. Bob just tells her that Goku did it. Leading into...
  • Mario’s Illegal Operation:
    • Steve riding on an elephant calling it "Pikachu" and telling it to use "thunder smash".
    • Princess Peach banned anime, leading people like Fishy Boopkins to look to less savory individuals for their fix.
    • Throughout the blooper, all things anime are handled as if they were illegal drugs.
    Lemmy: You looking for some of that "desu desu", you know what I'm saying?
    • The new division dealing with anime is called the Anime Secret Service. Doesn’t take a genius to guess what the abbreviation is.
      • And yes. It becomes a running gag.
    • Bob and Lemmy are anime dealers. Bob runs from the A.S.S and Lemmy tells Mario he needs a new mule. Mario's response is he doesn't swing that way.
    • Apparently, they're so serious about banning all anime, the border patrol doesn't even give a *** about firearms and explosives anymore. They will, however, arrest any person who own anime on sight and annihilate their vehicle via Kill Sat.
      • Mario manages to get Boopkins past by dressing up as an anime girl and having Boopkins drive by while the guards are distracted.
    SMG4: Come on guys, we don't want to hurt you!
    Swagmaster: Yes we do. We lost our jobs at a prison because of these assholes.
    • Mario decides to take SMG4 hostage with... a doll.
    • Fishy Boopkins manages to get out of the situation by throwing a dakimakura at Swagmaster. Not because it hampered his physical abilities in the slightest, but because the anime causes him to flip out.
    • The fact that there is an anime cartel is so ridiculous that it is laugh worthy. Made even better by the fact that Francis is the head of it.
    • Apparently, due to the new laws, Saiko was forced to leave the kingdom, and Francis wants SMG4 and the others to escort her to the airport. Bob, being himself, tosses in his own two cents.
    Boopkins: But we want you to stay!
    Bob: No we don't.
  • Mario's Lemonade Stand
    • The advertisement involves a large dragon abducting SMG4 only to find out the dragon was controlled by Mario who was playing the game they're promoting. At the end of the video, SMG4 is dropped into his room.
    • When Tari asks why Mario is running a lemonade stand, he remembers the encounter he had with Francis from the last episode in a thought bubble... but Tari somehow immediately recognizes Francis in said thought bubble.
    • Donkey Kong wailing on the ground after trying some lemonade.
    • Tari bribes the Villager to get the lemons down from the tree. The Villager grabs the tree and shakes it crazy so that all the lemons and Old Man Hobo fall from the tree.
      • Every one of Mario’s attempts at selling lemonade are hilarious. From getting slapped by Toadette to force feeding a poor Goomba.
    • The war between Jeeves’ milk company and Mario’s lemonade includes a price war. The signs Mario and Jeeves put up get more and more ridiculous until the crowd gets won over by Waluigi’s taco stand!
    • Throughout the video, Shroomy is trying to buy a drink, only to be left wildly confused in the end after a battle between milk boxes and weebs.
    • Meggy running Mario over.
    Meggy:I’ve been looking for you for the last two episodes!
    • And then Meggy gets fed up with the insanity and sprays lemonade in everyone’s eyes!
    • Meggy calls Jeeves and Francis out on how immature they’re acting and they go from killing each other to crying while consoling each other in the span of a few seconds.
  • The Japan Trip:
    • In the opening advertisement, Kevin takes out a large Mario plush and has it play the game they're advertising, complete with added sound effects. Then Kevin wonders if live action SMG4 can magically transform into machinima SMG4, to which he states that he sure can.
    • Also in the opening advertisement, as machinima SMG4 is explaining what Raid: Shadow Legends has to offer, Fishy Boopkins grows to a humongous size once the bosses are mentioned and Mario wards him off by throwing Old Man Hobo at him. He continues to chase Mario through the remainder of the advertisement and eventually knocks SMG4 over.
    • Heck, the way the main characters react throughout the episode, to quote a YouTuber:
    Mark Saterapi: These four are essentially the archetypes of people that visit Japan:
    Saiko: Loves the culture, society, and architecture
    SMG4: Interested in what Japan has to offer
    Boopkins: Loves the anime side for its art, culture, and beauty
    Bob: Only wants to see Anime 18+ material
  • Meggy's Bootcamp:
    Meggy: (completely serious) Looks like we'll have to kick some Octoling ass...
    Mario: (dramatic music suddenly stops) Yeah Mario love big ol' ass!!
  • The Mario Showdown:
  • Mario Saves Anime:
    • Axol needs Meggy's Inkling ink in order to power up the Ink Weaver. After she becomes a squid to make paint, while everyone else is impressed, Mario on the other hand...
    • The gang needs an army to infiltrate Peach's castle. They call over the Anime Cartel, who then notice Axol and immediately fanboy all over him.
    • SMG4 pulls up a truck to the surrounding anime patrol, under the pretense that he used to work for them, knowing full well that everyone knows he's a traitor. They have this exchange:
    SMG4: Hey there fellow A.S.S. agents!
    Guard: HEY... Aren't you that guy who was fired for smuggling anime to Japan?
    (unleashes Francis' mafia onto the guards as all hell breaks loose)
    • Francis sends a sentry tumbling off of the roof by tackling it. Naturally, he goes down with it.
    • The implication that Tari was chosen to be their stealth operative solely because she played 10000 hours of Metal Gear Solid.
    • Swagmaster "singing" ''Baby Shark'' in his text-to-speech voice as he's patrolling the halls.
    • Bob taking forever to find the detonation device (which turned out to be in his back pocket the whole time). The blooper jumps between this scene and Mario, Boopkins and Axol fighting off Swagmaster.
    • Mario, Axol and Boopkins convince Peach to un-ban anime by singing a parody of "A Whole New World" about anime.
  • The Splatfest Incident:
    • The Merch advertisement this time starts out with Kevin and Luke strangling their Mario plush. And without missing a beat they turn to the camera and do the advertisement like usual!
    • Bob dressed as Meggy. A Garo with Inkling tentacle-hair and a beanie is just as ridiculously hilarious as Heavy Squid from Meggy's debut video.
      • And Bob is about as helpful during the match as a broken blaster.
    • So who is Team SplatSquad's first opponent? Desti and the Octoposse.
    Luigi: WHAT
    Mario: ooooooooo
    Tari: Already?!
    Bob: Don't worry guys! These Octopussies don't look that tough.
    • A serious scene in its own right, there are still funny bits when the gang and Desti find out Meggy has been kidnapped.
      • When Fishy Boopkins finds a anime DVD, Bob proclaims that Meggy is secretly a weeb and gets hit by a flying box thrown by Saiko.
      • When the evidence is pointing to Axol:
    Luigi: Oh no, what if he kidnapped Meggy because he wants more ink?!
    Bob: That's ridiculous! Would someone who likes waifus resort to kidnapping?
    (Everyone stares at Bob, highlights include Mario and SMG4's faces)
    Bob: ...Why does everyone keep staring at me like that?
    • During the civil war in the apartment, Mario incapacitates SMG4 by pushing a "MEME" button. The resulting "PINGAS" sends SMG4 into hysterics.
    • After The Splatfest Incident came out, Meggy's face in the channel banner is burned by Desti or the unknown kidnapper.
  • The Inkling Disappearances:
    • One of the missing Inklings is the Heavy Squid.
    • When Mario tries to ask the frightened Inklings where Meggy is...
    Mario: (cheerfully) Scusa me. I'm looking for Meggy.
    (a giant cannon emerges from the building, pointed at Mario)
    Mario: (cheerfully) Okie dokey. (turns around and leaves)
    • Naturally, everything Swagmaster does, from getting PTSD from anime to becoming a pirate.
  • The 3 million subscriber celebration featuring Official Fan-Submitted Content, a Breather Episode during all the drama of the Anime Arc, has plenty of moments:
    • The opening and closing wraparounds feature SMG4 on the beach using his "meme detector" to find some memes. He ends up finding a treasure chest underground and unearths it. When Mario opens it up, a blast emerges from the chest and sends Mario flying into the stratosphere.
    • The first submission is a parody of the already memetic Blend-S opening.
    Mario: Spaghetti!
    Luigi: Jump!
    Wario: Blrrr...
    Sonic: Rings!
    Shy Guy: TOAST!!
    Waluigi: WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
    Fishy Boopkins:I love anime!
    • What follows is a bunch of weird content including Ben the Toad singing "Let It Go" and a Chain Chomp with a bow chasing Waluigi, among other things. Then SMG4 announces that it's time to stop and Toad pushes him out asking for nudes.
    • Jeeves hosts a cooking challenge, and Mario is partnered up with Peach. Things...don't really go well. Then Shroomy, who is partnered up with Toad, uses his rocket launcher to cook chicken and ends up burning down the kitchen. It ends with Peach dancing like an idiot to "Chaccaron Maccaron".
    • SMG4's Mario ends up in the world of Super Mario Odyssey and meets Nintendo-canon Mario.
    • Mario saves Luigi from falling off a building...only he doesn't. He instead pushes Luigi off because he ate Mario's spaghetti. Luigi lands on Baldi's scrotum.
    • Kirby copies Tari and does a cute dance.
    • The "Mario Education Channel" segment. That is all.
    • Peach's dream Mario is on a boat serenading his "cover" of Country Roads to Peach. The real Mario drops on the dream Mario on a Thwomp while playing the saxophone.
    • SMG4 buys a pet Furret and Mario shoots it. The moral is to not kill Furret.
    • A Super Smash Bros.-themed reenactment of the "big meaty claws" scene from SpongeBob SquarePants starring King K. Rool and King Dedede.
    • Mario sees Shantae and touches her breasts, resulting in a reenactment of the "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" meme. Then Fishy Boopkins pops out of the water asking Shantae if they can be friends, to which she simply causes him to explode.
    • SMG4 throws Mario's spaghetti into a warp painting and Mario orders Luigi to go after it. Luigi kicks him but misses, sending Mario head-first into the wall.
    • Mario creates a machine that supplies infinite spaghetti. He sits on a couch and has the machine shoot spaghetti into his mouth. Saiko becomes enraged and throws Shy Guy at the machine, causing it to break. She demands that Mario go on a diet, to which Mario asks what a diet is. She responds by shooting a bowl of spaghetti with a gun.
    • Fishy Boopkins dances...and that's it.
      • This happens several times in the video, and the final time Mario peeks from the side gives a confused glare.
    • Mario drops by SMG4's house while he's taking a bath.
    • SMG4 shoots the Waluigi Launcher at some Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics because he doesn't want anything Freddy's-related in this collab. It ends with a "we'll be right back" cue.
    • Meggy and Tari are about to have a skateboarding contest against the Squid Sisters until Callie ends up falling and hurting her knee, crying about it.
    • Mario hunts down and eats a sentient mushroom. A large mushroom, presumably the father, comes in and is about to attack. Mario then flies away in terror.
    • In "yet another asdfmovie interpretation", Mario is choking. SMG4 asks for a doctor, and Fishy Boopkins is. SMG4 calls Boopkins a nerd and hi-fives a presumably dead Mario.
    • Mario sits on SMG4. He dies of "dummy thiccness".
      • The way this happens is worth mentioning.
    • While chasing Mario, Bowser trips on a rock and literally falls to pieces. After reassembling himself, his upper body and his legs move in different directions.
    • Bob steals Professor E. Gadd's teleporter, thinking it's a time machine, and lands in the world of Undertale and runs over Papyrus. Sans puts a blue heart on Bob's chest stating that people never learn.
    • Little Mac punches Mario to the ground of his front yard. He sees a pizza on the ground, much to SMG4's fear, and he ends up exploding.
    • Mario lands on Gourmet Guy and eats some spaghetti. A taco with Mario's face on it threatens to kill Mario. It ends with a Teletubby with a shotgun approaching Mario and a plethora of Steves raining down.
      • The background of the taco isn't colored in and has a sign saying that the person who made this entry was too lazy to color it in.
    • SMG4 is on his computer and finds an ad for "free memes". He donates using Peach's money and ends up getting scammed.
    • Saiko tells a nervous Tari to jump off a roof without struggle. She falls off the roof, through the ground, and into Hell.
      Saiko: Her fault.
    • Tari tries to play basketball and ends up throwing the ball out of the court on top of Fishy Boopkins' ice cream. SMG4 yells at Boopkins and causes him to explode. Mario's head appears saying "pingas" for no reason.
    • SMG4 records Mario slamming into a vending machine to get some milk out of it. He succeeds, but the machine ends up falling on him out of revenge.
    • An Inkling Boy throws a basketball and hits various objects with it when it flies out of bounds, including Shy Guy, Shroomy, Steve's chicken, Slenderman, Hatsune Miku, Sans, Tari, Drawcia, Toad, Luigi, and finally a Banzai Bill which hurtles into Bowser's airship.
    • Mario rampages into the castle in his Kart and "kills" Tari's rubber duck. Bowser replaces it with a chicken nugget. Tari announces she wants to die.
    • Fishy Boopkins auditions for something and sings. Everyone gets set on fire.
    • A Rabbid loses to Tari in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match, causing him to scream and go on a rampage. He ends up in jail with Waluigi who screams with him.
    • Mario falls up the stairs a la Peter Griffin and sets the record for the fastest Super Mario 64 speedrun.
    • An animated moment from Hobo Bros involving Luke and Kevin watching Fishy Boopkins pick up Meggy, Saiko, and Tari at an island bar. An hour later, the Bros. watch Bowser and Peach kiss and are immediately disturbed by it.
    • Toad smashes a power box, kills SMG4, and destroys Boopkins' TV which is playing an anime called "Boku no Goofy". Boopkins then gets his revenge on Toad while the moral states to not "get between Boopkins and his trash- I mean anime".
    • Toad and Meggy watch Mario fight an Inkling boy and then SMG4 shoots them with a rocket launcher.
    • Nintendo's Mario and SMG4's Mario have a battle. SMG4's Mario shoots his canon counterpart with a "pingas lazer".
    • Bob steals a potion from Professor E. Gadd and spills it, unleashing some villains from SMG4's past, including SMG3, Enzo, Chain Chomp, Ztar, Admiral S. Swipe, King Pipe, a Minecraft version of Bowser, and Mickey Mouse.
    • SMG3 steals Tari's rubber duck and gets smashed by a Thwomp.
    • Mario is shown feeding an Incineroar raw meat. Incineroar attacks him.
    • SMG4 is surprised to find that everyone has transformed into human anime characters.
    • The entirety of the "Mario Goes Spagoodoo" segment.
    • Mario and Bowser have what appears to be an anime-styled fight but is actually just Mario whacking Bowser while a squeaky sound plays.
    • Mario backwards-long-jumps across the universe.
    • Saiko meets a young Octoling girl who is seemingly like her in every way except she isn't mean. The Octoling and Saiko break out into a fight while Mario and Sans stare in annoyance. Fishy Boopkins announces his love for anime afterward.
    • After SMG4 teases Mario, Mario contemplates on life, states that he should be with his spaghetti at the moment, and wonders if he should fart.
    • Mario announces that he's going to make spaghetti and no one will stop him. SMG4 slaps him in the face mid-sentence.
    • Tari finds an Infinity Gauntlet. Things can only go wrong from there.
    • The entirety of the segment where Mario goes to the spaghet store.
    • Waluigi singing "I Want It That Way".
    • Fishy Boopkins gets his foot stuck in "the toilet"...which is Mario's mouth.
    • Mario's...bizarre attempt at jumping through a painting.
    • Mario sees the spaghetti and approaches it with a Double Boost. SMG4 stops time and places Mario near the wall, however he backwards-long-jumps around the world and eventually crashes into SMG4, destroying the castle.
    • In the end, SMG4 and Mario are floating in space. SMG4 asks Mario if it was great and Mario punches him.
  • Mario And The Experiment:
    Chris: Shut up and fight with anime woman already.
    • Saiko and Swag get the first hit in... Too bad Saiko only gets -1Hp, and Swag doesn't even scratch it.
    Saiko: (Does -1Hp of damage) Oh poop.
    Swagmaster: I am going to kill you Godzilla you big stupid lizard (Godzilla looks down, only just realizing Swag is there) I'm so sick of stupid lizard wizards showing up and ruining everything please die you big butt- (Godzilla roars as he moves his arm to swat Swag) oh balls.
    • Bob's constant commentary is gold.
    Bob: (after breaking SMG4's fall with a waifu pillow) 2D boobies save the day once again.
    Bob: (when Joe Boopkins rises out of the sea) I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going.
    • Joe Boopkins bitchslapping Godzilla. Repeatedly:
    Godzilla: I'll rapture your ***ing anus wi-
    (Joe does aforementioned bitchslap)
    Godzilla: (pissed/drunkenly) Les' go right now! Bring it on!
    • After seemingly beating Joe, Godzilla prematurely celebrates:
    Godzilla: G-Get wreck b*tch! (Joe pops up behind him.) SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT!
    • Knocked down, Godzilla finds Mugman flying in his plane singing the road song from the ninth asdfmovie and throws him at Mr. Boopkins.
    • What ultimately ends up defeating Godzilla is Mario getting shot out of a cannon and startling Godzilla, letting Mr. Boopkins finish the job.
    • After the fight, Boopkins tells his dad that he finished all his homework and he gives him an ice cream as a reward.
    • Mario is still dizzy from that last attack, best shown when he feebly attempts to point out anime island, which he calls "animoo island", in a different direction. Luigi pushes him into the right direction.
  • World War Mario:
    • Luigi's panicking and wants to get of the boat. Mario tries to help him by asking one of the ex-A.S.S agents to console him. The response:
    Ex-A.S.S Agents: You're fucked.
    Mario: See?
    Luigi: (Screams in abject horror)
    Boopkins: War.. War never changes...
    • Mixed with awesome, Swagmaster becomes The Determinator after Chris is injured, dodging every false anime character's attacks and killing them.
    • The false Dawn getting killed in the style of a Pokémon victory:
    DAWN has severe third degree burns!
    Gained 40 EXP. POINTS! And brain damage.
    • During the war, Mario casually asks SMG4 how his Thursday is going. SMG4 responds with "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!"
    • "Its alright! Mario's got 4 IQ."
    • Bob and Swagmaster interact in the anime bunker. It ends with them repeatedly saying "bruh" to each other in their text to speech voices.
    • Steve appears for some reason and admires a false anime character's beauty. Saiko shoots her, causing Steve to become sad while Boopkins' rendition of "Mad World" plays.
    • All of Axol's methods of angering the false Mewtwo:
      • Firstly, he says that Magikarp is a better Pokémon and he would rather train one than train Mewtwo. This makes it mad enough to throw Axol across the room.
      • Secondly, he shows Mewtwo its "Who's That Pokémon"? segment from the anime and responds with "it's a dumbass!" Mewtwo is furious.
    • During the battle against the false Sephiroth, SMG4 fights him by pulling out a computer and tweeting that he sucks. Sepiroth stabs his computer, causing him to freak out.
      • Later, Saiko orders Tari to "use that". "That" turns out to be... a rubber duck that does nothing to harm Francis or Sephiroth, but does serve as a humorous distraction.
  • While "Final Hours" is quite possibly SMG4's saddest video to date, there are some funny moments:
    • The army of false Sephiroths chasing down Mario and friends.
    • The funniest scene is Bob and Swagmaster reciting their own version of the Team Rocket motto. Promptly followed by Chris telling them to knock it off and just start the Sephiroth-slaughtering already.
    • When the gang is surrounded by an army of Sephiroths, Mario decides to dress up like Cloud Strife in an attempt to scare them off.
    • The ink-weaver has just, allowing the gang to pummel Francis. It's Tari's turn to get in on the action, and she throws a rubber duck at Francis. It does nothing.
    • How does Tari distract the Super Saiyan Blue Goku replica? Why, with video games of course!
    Goku replica: Oh it's on, asshole!
    • Mixed with awesome, who can take on the fearsome Super Saiyan Blue Goku replica? Why, an Ultra Instinct Shaggy replica, of course!
    • Everyone's reaction to Human Meggy:
      • Mario: Has a stretched, wide face.
      • Fishy Boopkins: Has shrunken pupils and an open mouth.
      • Luigi: Worriedly looks over Mario's stretched face.
      • SMG4: Has a perplexed look on his face, with his mustache stretching over his mouth.
      • Saiko and Axol: Stunned Silence and shrunken pupils.
      • Tari: Has hands over mouth.
      • Bob: Has huge "eyes."
      • Chris and Swagmaster: ...Well, you can't really tell with their models.
      • Finally, Meggy herself.
    • The best part is that if you can hear it, Meggy passes out just as the scene cuts to black.
    • Leave it to Bob to make us laugh during Desti's funeral.
    Tari: What's wrong...Meggy?
    Meggy: I don't know what to do.
    Bob: I think you're meant to push the boat.
    (Saiko elbows him)
    • Twice, no less. Saiko is quickly learning how to deal with him.
    SMG4: We know you've been knocked down a lot lately, Meggy.
    Tari: But you always have to get back up again!
    Luigi: And if you can't right now, that's okay!
    Boopkins: Cause we'll be right here to pick you up!
    Bob: Yeah! I'm great at picking up chicks!
    Saiko: You know what he means...
  • Mario Does The Chores:
    • Mario and Peach's interactions:
    Mario: (mockingly) Oh, look at me, Princess BITCH.
    Peach: (angrily) What the hell you just say!?
    Mario: (Screams)
    • Luigi watering the Piranha Plant:
    (About to pounce on Luigi) I'm going to lick ya.
    (Eating Luigi's head) BRING ME YOUR DICKS!
    Mario: All done! (Goes to sleep on a bed that came from nowhere)
    • It gets worse when he tries to vacuum with the Poltergust, only to accidentally flood the room with ghosts, then ditches her saying that he "saved the world."
    • Bob's reaction when he sees the rabbit in the basement is to re-enect the "Oh shit, a rat" video. Complete with the camera zooming in and tracking his head movements while he jumps around. And then of course the Shout-Out to the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    • When Meggy says she wishes she had her old form back to mop the floor, Mario has an Imagine Spot of her jumping as an Inkling into a mop bucket full of water—and subsequently catching on fire.
      • Also, the episode gets around Meggy being unable to refill her ink showing her filling up her Splattershot with orange juice.
    • The whole scene with Boopkins and the window. Mario gets a bucket stuck on his head, and Boopkins tries to guide Mario to do everything. He doesn't listen, and instead does it his way - he puts out a coin to cause Wario to go after it and launch Mario off the scaffolding and freeing his head from the bucket.
    • SMG4 asks Mario to help take out a whole lot of trash, which he explains are memes that have died due to a volatile meme economy. Mario agrees to help... but falls asleep upon landing on the trash bags. Mario goes nuts throwing the dead memes everywhere when SMG4 says he’ll buy him lunch if he helps out.
    SMG4: I’ll buy you lunch...
    Mario flips over to the Wii Menu Theme
    Mario You have entered Power Drive!
  • "Mario Works At McDonald's" is another blooper that feels like the classic bloopers.
    • It starts off with Swagmaster and Chris working for McDonald's after the events of the anime arc. Swagmaster is being his usual lazy, idiotic self and Chris swaps between being the Only Sane Man and a Death Seeker. Oh, and Ronald McDonald lurking in the background threatening to murder his employees...
    Ronald McDonald: Gonna eat ya ass, boy...
    • Mario comes in and orders 40 cheeseburgers... and a Coke, causing Chris to collapse on the floor.
    Chris: I want to die. In conclusion, kill me.
    Mario: Hey... can you die after you've served Mario...
    Chris's soul: I guess it's onto the next life for me. I wonder what awaits-
    Swag: NO! Oh no you don't Mr Chris. You aint dying until we get through these orders.
    Chris: ow my ass. God dammit, maybe next time
    Swag: Where's my thank you, bitch.
    • Mario goes into the freezer to get some frozen patties, throwing Steve and Professor E. Gadd across the room before finding the patties.
      • After Swagmaster tells him to turn the stove on, Mario does and instantly sets the room on fire, to which Swagmaster smacks him with a crowbar.
      • Mario flips a patty through the roof and hits a nearby bird. The bird lands on the grill and turns into a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is a rival to McDonald's. Mario eats the KFC, and Ronald peers into the room suspiciously to which Swagmaster assures there's no KFC.
    • Pumkin comes to the counter and has Mario take his order. Of course, Mario is too busy playing tic-tac-toe until Ronald shows up with Buster Sword in hand. Then the computer blue screens. Even though Mario manages to boot it up, he wastes time ordering for himself and Pumkin dies of hunger.
    • Mario takes a bath in fry oil and ends up frying his lower body. He then starts to eat himself and Swagmaster looks around in confusion before asking for a piece.
    • The entirety of the car chase. In short, Mario kills Big Smoke because he didn't pay for the foodnote . And then it's revealed that he was only after the food.
    • A disgruntled Axol can't enjoy his food due to Ronald beating the shit out of Mario, so he uses Ink Weaver to create Colonel Sanders... with a tutu. The Colonel and Ronald have an anime-styled fight, but all that happens is the Colonel giving Ronald a Groin Attack. The video ends with Ronald writhing in pain on the ground and crying, the Colonel dancing before suddenly vanishing, Mario and Axol happily eating their McDonald's meals in peace and Swagmaster asking Chris if they could go work at KFC, to which Chris responds by collapsing on the ground.
  • Stupid Mario Maker 2, another laugh-fest with classic feel:
    • Mario's excuse for trying to hide the Switch to Peach? He's playing with his "salami".
    • Mario has a fun time making Spaghetti with the Mario Maker Switch, but in the midst of it, erases the entire castle on accident! Cue Mario falling to the ground afterwards.
    • Luigi mentions how they used to play with LEGO as kids. Mario has a flashback with Arthur's fantasy sound effect playing during the transition showing him and Luigi as babies playing with a sentient LEGO Yoda.
    • Luigi thinks Mario is helping build the castle, but in reality, he spawns a Thwomp to crush Luigi.
    • Mario slides from a deep slope into Hell and casually says hello to Satan.
    • The weird pictures Mario draws of Luigi are hilarious too. The last of which shows Luigi pointing a gun to a Toad. Cue two Toads coming and seeing the image, so they proceed to put Luigi under a steamroller.
    • Mario downloads a lot of courses from the Switch while Luigi's gone, and the courses he finds are pretty funny, ranging from a lava level with the Angry Sun yelling YOU EAT ALL MY BEANS-?! to MaxMoeFoe to a video of the memetic Dr. Mario bootleg, Dr. Amigo.
    • Literally the whole idea of the "monster" being a hodge podge of Toad and various items and power-ups.
    • The chase scene. It's played out similar to the map in the original Super Mario Maker's story mode, and features the Mario Bros. going through various levels to catch the Toad monster.
    • Shrek and the Demoman emerging from the question blocks. Other hazards include Beeg Beeg Yoshi, a tower of Bowsers, and Ridley in a Clown Car with maracas.
    • The Angry Sun appearing as the sun baby from Teletubbies in standby mode.
    • The clear condition is to bring Toad to the end of the level. Mario is carrying Toad...who is severely injured.
    • To defeat the monster, Mario has to imagine it as something he hates. What does he imagine? Lots of Toad puns!
    • What follows is Mario as The Determinator getting through the level, also featuring Waluigi's grand return and Mario riding a Yoshi through lava.
    • In the end, Peach just downloads her castle back, and sic the Angry Sun on Mario and Luigi
  • There's Something Up With Meggy...:
    • The episode starts with Luigi getting kicked out of a treehouse by Meggy.
    • Then he brings Mario, who just brings the entire tree down, pissing Meggy off.
    • Just about anything Meggy does in the episode.
    • Tari's idea of a relaxing day? Fighting Slave Knight Gael from Dark Souls 3.
      • Tari even declares the day "Duck Appreciation Day".
    • Meggy demanding that Tari give her her rubber duck. She proceeds to blast out a slew of coins and splat weapons as well as Wario, Hermoine Granger, and a few other things.
    • Mario showing up in a wheelchair and claims that Meggy ate a Poison Mushroom. Then he gets blasted by coins.
  • Nearly every segment in "A Day In The Life Of Everyone" is some kind of hilarious:
    • This one brings back a lot of old friends, such as SMG3, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Old Man Hobo, and Wario and Waluigi, who haven't had a major role since 2018.
    • The opening scene features Mario eating spaghetti and burning laundry.
    • The skit with Meggy, Saiko, and Tari pretending to be cops, especially Tari's role at the end.
    Tari: Stoooop, he's already dead!
    • SMG4 watches a Russian version of SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • SMG3's talk show returns, and his guest for the day is Bowser, who he's been holding hostage for a month. He talks about his son Bowser Jr., who he is incredibly abusive to. Because of the content featuring the Bowsers, the show is cancelled and SMG3 goes back to being evil.
    • Bob and Fishy Boopkins interesting twist of Monopoly, taking stuff from Yu-Gi-Oh!, chess and Twister to spice things up.
    • Wario and Waluigi finally make a reappearance, selling tacos at Waluigi's Taco Stand. In their latest money scheme, Wario puts hot sauce in the tacos so he can sell milk to cool down the sauce for $99.
      • Waluigi summons everyone by growing his head to a massive size and shouting "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!".
      • Shy Guy and Steve return as well.
      • A Koopa Troopa eats the hot sauce and starts to burn. Unfortunately, Wario made the milk overpriced, and the Koopa Troopa gives him all the money. He gave the money too late, and he is reduced to a Dry Bones skeleton.
    • The entire segment with Axol trying to find a place to live. He finds a house full of Team Fortress 2 characters but gets rejected from living there since he spawns too many anime replicas, who cause the house to catch on fire. As Axol sets off to find a home who will accept him, we see every other house in the neighborhood in flames too.
    • During the recap near the end of the episode, SMG3 can be seen next to a chalkboard with a couple of his old ideas scratched out. There is one more idea he seems to consider: kick SMG4 in the balls.
    • At the end of the video, it's revealed that Old Man Hobo was narrating the video from space, who then decides he needs to use the restroom.
  • The Tari Abnormality:
    Mario: Coooooooooool!
    Tari: No! Not cool!
    • The doppelgangers, especially with their ridiculous names.
    • Mario refuses to attack his game self because he's "too sexy".
    • Mario finally manages to drive his game self away with incoherent Italian babbling. What did he tell him, you may wonder?
    Mario: I told him that there's a naked spaghetti party in the castle!
    • Mario destroys game Luigi. Tari notes that it must have been hard to do that. Mario reveals that it was nothing, since does it all the time at home.
    • Mario manages to drive away Bingus and Dingus by calling Bob's mother on Tari's arm. She notes that it's been 80 years since she's last seen him... and then asks if Bob cleaned his room yet. Bingus and Dingus flip out and run off into the horizon through the castle wall.
    • Kek and Cringe.
    • When they meet Bowser's knockoff, Tari tells Mario to "do the thing". She was talking about how Mario defeated Bowser in Super Mario 64, by swinging him around by his tail. However, this Mario interprets her instructions... differently.
    • When the gang meet up with Mango again, Tari asks why they have to fight. Mango stops attacking them and reveals a heartbreaking backstory about how he is constantly forced to fight, has been turned into a psychopath because of it, and has been constantly getting nerfed. Mario shoots him on the spot for "posting cringe". Tari's horrified reaction while a crossed-eyed Mario states that he won sells it.
  • "Mario Raids Area 51" features Mario trying to rescue an alien:
    • It starts with Luigi being set ablaze though a volleyball game.
      Luigi: I am on fire!!
    • The UFO lands and an alien shows up. Mario first mistakes the alien for Santa Claus, then names the alien "Greg" and takes him to buy ice cream and relax at the beach...then Area 51 takes him in.
    • The reason Greg is taken away? Because he's an illegal alien.
    • Area 51's "memory eraser" is just a crowbar to the head.
    • Mario revisits Area 64, which shows Geno getting taken away by Master Hand.
    • Mario's various failed attempts to enter Area 51. One of them involves digging a tunnel and meeting SMG3, who tells him to get his own tunnel.
    • Shroomy finally comes back after four months, and he and his boy scout troop are taking a trip to the area. Mario disguises himself as a scout to rescue Greg.
    • The "aliens" held captive are all Garry's Mod ragdolls of different animal-esque characters from various franchises.
    • Mario tries to avoid capture by claiming that he's the janitor. It somehow works. Until he immediately refuses to clean their bathroom on the grounds that he's not a janitor.
    • Literally everything with the live-action Garfield. For bonus points, he's an orange, apparently alien cat named "Goose".
    • Mario and Shroomy nuke Area 51 and slowly Naruto-run while escaping.
    • Instead of the usual outro, Mario and Greg have a relaxing day at the beach.
    • Greg can be seen as a parody of the Damsel in Distress. He doesn't do anything, say any lines, or even ever move on his own, making him a glorified object (that Mario even throws as a weapon at some point) that only serves to advance the plot via being kidnapped. Hilariously, Greg is anything BUT a damsel, being an ugly alien thing that Mario's known for all of five minutes.
  • "If Mario Was In...Minecraft" places Mario back in the familiar blocky world with Steve:
    • How Mario got into Minecraft in the first place. SMG4 was watching... questionable content on the internet, and he told Mario that he could find diamonds if he digs a hole. Even Mario is skeptical, but he keeps digging anyways until he breaks through the Minecraft sky.
    • After witnessing the Minecraft logo, several villager going-ons and finally, Steve, Mario deduces that he's in Roblox.
    • Steve tries getting Mario back through the hole by riding a chicken. It doesn't work.
    • Then, Mario tries making a stack of blocks so high that he could just build his way to the hole. How does he gather materials? loads a villager's house with an unnecessary amount of TNT before blowing it all to kingdom come.
    • Mario's next idea is to use a minecart ramp to fly through the hole. At this exact moment, SMG4 decides to dump some trash in the hole. Mario didn't exactly make it through.
    • Then Mario decides to go to the Nether and ride a ghast out. Too bad the ghast would rather drown in lava and take Mario with it.
    • At nightfall, Steve offers Mario a place to stay. After telling Steve that he doesn't need his help, he makes a terrible shelter from dirt and cobblestone that's so shoddily built, it's falling apart. and dirt and cobblestone doesn't fall in Minecraft.
      • Mario tries to sleep... except there are monsters nearby. And by nearby, we mean a creeper found its way inside.
    • After Mario finally accepts Steve's invitation, he immediately eats all of the food. To make up for it, Mario tries to bake a cake. Key word: tries.
    • A witch invades, so Mario and Steve have to defend themselves! Steve arms himself and tosses Mario a sword, prompting Mario to catch it. By the blade. Pain ensues.
    • The witch spawns a horde of zombies, so Mario needs to make something! He brings a bunch of crap out of his pockets, hoping that they'll make something useful... it makes a rocket launcher.
    • Mario fights an Enderman. Need more be said?
      • During the fight, the Enderman goes to Mario's house to get some spaghetti, where we see Luigi awkwardly trying to talk to Greg.
    • They find the witch bathing in Gamer Girl Bath Water.
    • The witch hides behind an army of Endermen, so Mario rips his head off so he can't look at them. Steve just puts a box on his head.
    • Mario and the witch wrestle over the laptop and spawn all sorts of nonsense as they teleport everywhere.
    • Steve destroys the Witch's laptop to success. But she brings out a twist:
      • The captions for this video say that the 70 alternative accounts are "Like SuperMarioLogan lol".
    • It seems that the witch is right about to defeat our heroes... and a baby witch comes, saying that mom said it's his turn to play the Xbox.
    • Mario leaves by enabling creative mode and flying out of the hole. When SMG4 checks on he hole, he sees Mario slowly float out of the hole, both fingers raised.
    • SMG4 asks Mario if he wants to play Minecraft. Mario just punches him into the hole.
  • Treasure Hunt With The Bois:
    • The episode starts with Mario and Bob fishing...with mixed results. Mario catches Shrek and Bob catches a Cheep Cheep that gets away thanks to Boopkins.
    • The Teletubbies finally return after several months. This time they're an angry island tribe chasing Mario and the others. Boopkins tackles one to the sound of Roblox, and busts out his "Naughty Stick," literally a wooden stick. Bob disposes of them by uses of his "Ancient Secret Ninja Technique" (taking out a gun and shooting them all). Mario summons Shrek through fishing with Shrek going "What?" as he attacks.
    • Bob's reaction to the city made of gold.
    • Mario seems hesitant on going on a quest for gold, until he realizes that the money can be used to buy food at a convince store owned by Fox. Mario's reaction sells it.
    Mario: OHHHHHHHHHH H E R E W E G O O O O O!!
    Mario can't feel his face
    • After Stops 2 (Gonna eat your ass) and 3 (YOU EAT ALL MY BEANS?!), they final come across stop 4; The Solved Rubik Cube. What happens next is comedy gold.
    Mario: Don't worry guys, I played alot of cool math games. I got this.
    (Cue Mario destroying the cube with a crowbar and hammer)
    Bob: Hey! Hey! What are you doing?! What are you doing?!
    Mario: What?
    Bob: Doing some cool ass-s**t that's what you're doing.
    Mario: Well then help me out!
    (Cue Mario and Bob destroying what's left of the cube as the door opens)
  • Mario and The Lost City...:
    • The Teletubbies using gold in ridiculous ways such as fishing and snowball fights.
    • Bob immediately causes the Teletubbies to suspect the gang, even though they're wearing garbage.
    Bob: Tubby custard, Tubby custard, Tubby custard I'm a piece of colored crap.
    • How does Mario convince the Teletubbies (and then some) that they're one of them? Speak in Filthy Frank voice, which they call the "Language of the Gods" and also doing Jesus's Art Metrano dance from Family Guy as an example of a "divine miracle."
  • The entirety of "The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe", which again has the feel of the 2012-2016 bloopers:
    • During the opening advertisement, when the characters' favorite things in anime are shown, Mario's is "detailed food shots" and Bob's is simply a Lenny face.
      • Additionally, when Boopkins is listing the different genres, he gets all seductive when he lists romance, causing SMG4 to punch him.
    • The Running Gag with ass.
    • SMG4 accidentally uploads a cringe meme. It's so bad that he loses subscribers (yo), and can't delete it because he's been locked out of his own account.
    • SMG4's YouTube password is "iloveass69".
    • When the receptionist tells SMG4 that he needs an appointment, this is his response;
  • The Minecraft Plague:
    • Pretty much anything Steve does.
    • How does Mario mine out his part of the materials? By turning a mine some Villagers are using into a Creeper hotel, and then throwing a spider in there to scare the Villagers into getting close to the Creepers. This comes immediately after completely burning through a diamond pickaxe without mining anything.
    • The idea that crafting a Tool Gun requires a human soul.
    • In the end, Mario and Steve cure everything... Except for Fishy, who's still stuck. And a Creeper walks next to him.
  • Sans's First Day in Smash Bros
    Sans: This isn't the bathroom.
    • The running gag with Sans and his lame puns.
    • Pretty much anything Banjo & Kazooie do. At first they fight The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link, complete with Link using Dio's voice and Banjo being a disturbing creep.
      • After Sans causes Mario to lose the fight, Banjo says "I did it!" in a ridiculous manner. He and Toad later sing "Country Roads" together.
    • The Villager stealing a very wounded Link's fairy.
    • Sans and Mario have a lazy-off. It ends with them spazzing on the floor, and once again Mario saying that Sans is like the brother he never had. Cue Luigi's heartbroken reaction.
    • Master Hand going on the warpath to find new competitors for the next match.
      • Lucina "[doesn't] want to go." Master Hand response with "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK."
      • Snake using Hank Hill's voice clips, and Master Hand pretends to be a game claw as he forces Snake to play.
    M. Hand Would you like some drugs?
    Snake: NOOOOOOO!!!
    • Banjo and K. Rool start a fight over the former saying big meaty claws. After the latter calls him a bitch, cue everyone chanting for a fight, complete with Japanese sounds.
    • King K. Rool's response to him knocking out Banjo (and Isabelle);
    K. Rool: YO HOLY SH*T HE DEAD!
    • Cue Sudden Death, where Villager and a Toad wearing a cowboy hat beating K. Rool, while Mario makes the mistake of fighting the Ice Climbers. His reaction sales it.
    Mario: Mario's pingas is not so happy.
    Sans: Its only a game. Why do you hafta be mad?
  • "Smart Mario":
    • The fact that Mario had to think using complex equations only highlights his Take That! moment.
    • Everything with Robo-Mario.
    Robo-Mario: (Sees a burning Toad) Oh look at that, a flaming baby. Fetus-deletus (Throws Toad out of the castle and into the poll outside)
    • SMG3 locks SMG4 out of his account, again. Cue Mario hacking SMG3's account, unlocking SMG4's and banning SMG3's forever.
    • If you look very closely in the scene where Tari fights Bubble Bass, in the background there is what appears to be Handsome Squidward with four arms.
    • When Mario builds a Spaghetti-Sucker to steal the world's spaghetti, Bob decides to have Italian. When he goes up to the restaurant, it floats up, and flies away.
    Bob: Screw you then.
    • Even better, Bob probably thought that the restaurant itself wants nothing to do with him, and floated away just to get away from him.
    • Smart Bob having Kamina glasses and the narrator's voice from "The Mario Parable".
      • The fact that Bob is actually so dumb that his Smart form can rival Smart Mario.
    • The mere idea of "Tubbie Tinder". Enhanced by Smart Bob claiming it to be intellectual programming.
  • "Mario Waits in Line for Spaghetti" is more like the 2012-2016 bloopers.
    • Mario doing everything he can to get spaghetti.
    • Slowpoke as the bank teller.
    • Mario's watch: "Might as well die."
    • One of Mario's attempts at cutting the line is to BLJnote  to the front.
    • Mario's The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius-inspired "brain blast" moment when trying to look for a friend he can cut in front of. The visions in his mind include Le Monke, Superintendent Chalmers discussing the Aurora Borealis, and Scott The Woz until finally settling on Boopkins.
    • Pretty much everything Swagmaster does to keep the line intact.
    • Jeeves returns after several months and hands Mario a Rubik's cube after being Enraged by Idiocy. Mario eats the Rubik's cube, much to Jeeves' dismay.
    • Swagmaster sacrifices himself to save Chris from Waluigi and seemingly dies... until he realizes that the bullets are gummy bears. Cue Oh, Crap! from Wario.
      • Before the above, the fact that SAIKO is one of the people in line who is terrified by Wario’s gun.
  • "The Big Bad Bully":
    • The cover of the Smash title features Theo T-posing.
    • Tari accidentally bumps Wario into the traffic. He doesn't even get to finish "OH MY GOD!" before he's thrown into a dumpster.
    • Tari's has Cartman's whining.
      • And at the end of the video, Wario whines like him as well.
    • While looking for Smash Bros, Mario finds a bootleg called "Bungus's Grand Adventure: Curse of the Uncool Bananas." SMG4 slaps it out of his hands, and Mario reacts accordingly.
    • An angry Mario with boxing gloves;
    Looks like its time to go commit homicide.
    • When Saiko want to join the boys on their quest to kick some ass, they say no, and when they're seemingly about to fight each other, cue Mario flipping the bird.
    • Mario really wants to make Wario pay.
    SMG4: Because he bullied Tari and took her smash game.
    Mario: (Stroking a bazooka) Yeah! And now we're gonna bully him and take his life!
    • The Call-Back to the Waluigi Arc is strong, but can be kinda funny.
    • One of the dummy's modes is being a masochist, much to the disturbed Meggy and Saiko.
    • The session ends up making Tari deciding to go kill Wario herself, and Saiko comments that she likes this version her, much to Meggy's annoyance.
    • At the end of the video, Waluigi slaps and then picks up a wining Wario and walks to the store and buys the game for once.
  • "Untitled Mario Video" is downright hilarious:
    • It starts with Mario trying to get spaghetti back from the Goose. His attempts fail which results in a "GAME OVER, YEAAAAHHHHH!!!"
    • After a brief Angrish rage, Mario demands to know why the Goose ruined his meal. Its response?
    • Mario must get a carrot that Luigi planted. Not only is it revealed that Mario is a goose, but he also bites on Luigi's fingers, causing him to crash into a rake. When Luigi's about to take the carrot back, cue the Goose;
    Goose: Begone, THOT!
    • The montage of goose Mario causing mischief, starting with switching the mens' and ladies' bathroom signs, causing Bob to go in the girls' bathroom, destroying SMG4's computer, stealing Tari's cybernetic arm, setting Toadsworth on fire, putting an axe in Steve's head, and banning SMG3 from Club Penguin as a reference to "Smart Mario" a couple weeks ago.
    • Fishy Boopkins asks Peach why she's holding a garage sale despite being a princess, which gives her flashbacks of Mario.
    • Mario's attempt at pulling the Boopkins prank without being caught by Peach. What he ends up doing is throwing a rubber duck to distract her.
    • The Call-Back to the "AAH THE MEATLOAF!" gag from "Who let the chomp out?”.
    • Peach captures goose Mario in a cage and everyone wants to do bad things to him. Bob wants to cook him, but Peach wants to keep him as a pet, which Mario imagines is the worst thing possible.
    • Solid Snake randomly appearing with the cast in the multi-shot.
    • The Goose shouts that he's going to use a tactical nuke. It lays an egg...which hatches a tactical nuke.
    • At the end of the video Mario sees the Goose only for Bob to kill it and shout that it's peking duck time.


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