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Literally every single video on SMG4's second channel, TheAwesomeMario, is filled to the brim with content as hilarious as his first channel, if not more.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

A Day in the Life Of

  • "a day in the life of smg4":
    • SMG4 waking up to Mario in bed with him.
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    • The montage of him being a pretty ballerina, playing with dolls, swinging on a flagpole shouting "pingas", throwing a tantrum a la the Angry German Kid when his food is stuck in a vending machine, being upset because Twilight was cancelled, falling in love with himself in the mirror, and riding in a bathtub with the Old Man.
    • The end of the video involves him spinning around and crashing into the camera.


Boopkins and Bob

  • "Casino Night":
    • Bob playing a test-your-luck game hosted by the Old Man. He hides a Pikachu under a cup claiming he's super fast, when in reality he's the opposite and slowly pushes the cup once. Bob still doesn't know where the Pikachu is.

Mario's Extras

  • "If Mario was in...Splatoon":
    • Mario mistakes Crusty Sean for Larry the Lobster.
    • SpongeBob SquarePants himself shows up at the end. Heavy Squid tries to picture SpongeBob in his underwear, and unfortunately SpongeBob is hot.
  • "MarioTube 2":
    • The first video is Toadsworth explaining how to hide a body. It's Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and he says the next video is how to run away from the police.
    • The second video is "SMG4 EXPOSED" by none other than SMG3. He is using this as ammo against SMG4 for foiling his plans, and it's basically a montage of SMG4 doing embarrassing things, similar to the channel's first video.
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    • The third is a video by Professor E. Gadd showing the secret to SMG4's video success. The explanation is solved in one simple equation:
      YouTube equals negative Thomas plus or minus the square root of Snoop Dogg squared minus four Po Tinky Winky over two Mario.
    • The final video is Toad running to Silhouette and dying.
      • The title of the video even says "i die lol".

The Wacky Wario Bros. shorts


  • "theawesomario eats spaghetti" is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. It's Mario eating spaghetti naked for fifteen minutes. It was originally going to be three hours, but YouTube cut it off.
  • The entirety of the third video listed, "the mario Happy face foundation", a false charity for Toads stuck in toilets so Mario can get more money. As Mario is talking, Toad is in the background telling the viewer to call the police. Mario then calls Toad "Eduado" to which he shouts that his name isn't "Eduado" and demanded to be let go.
    • The email address begins with "luigi_is_gay".
  • "CASTLE TOUUUURRRR!!! :D", the first video of the 2017 revival, is Mario giving a tour of Peach's castle. Peach is painting, Luigi is having a rave party, SMG4 is making videos in a weird way, Toads are doing...questionable things, and Bowser is having a weird dream involving Peach tickling him. The disturbing dream kills Mario.
  • "MARIO IS DA BES" starts off with Mario dancing to "Imdabes" until SMG4 stops him and asks that people still watch his videos. Mario proceeds to show SMG4 the previous video on the channel. SMG4 tells Mario the video sucks and pulls up a clip from an early Ssenmodnar to show that his videos are better. Mario tells him that that video sucked and shows him a video of a guy banging his head to the Mii Plaza theme.
  • The whole plot of the 50,000 sub special.
  • "MARIO'S SUPER ANNOUNCEMENT" shows Mario's process of making videos.
    • Mario says only scrubs make videos in Sony Vegas, but "pros" like him use the superior tool...Windows Movie Maker.
    • SMG4 teaches Mario how to use Sony Vegas. The end result is an MLG-style video of a plate of spaghetti spinning around.
    • The outro features the spaghetti spinning to "You Spin Me Right Round".
  • "Mario and the SECRET CLUB" is basically a montage of Mario trying to get into the titular club. Mario successfully gets in by seducing the guard, Donkey Kong, with a banana, and finds out what's inside - a whole meeting dedicated to hating on Mario.
    • The opening shows Mario scavenging through a dumpster and finding Pikachu, Old Man Hobo in a dress, and Bob asking why no one loves him.
  • "Job Hunting": See here.


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