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Recurring Fanon Character

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A character created by a fan that becomes popular enough with the rest of the community to be used in other fan works. This may be an Original Character who really took off, or a character who emerged from general discussion within the fan community rather than any single fanwork. Some of these characters may receive the occasional Fandom Nod from the higher-ups, or even become actual characters in official works.


How are these characters born?

  • Urban Legend of Zelda or Pop Culture Urban Legends; these characters are created by false rumors; Herobrine originated as a rumor for the game Minecraft as a mob that would covertly follow the player and mess with their world. Even after Herobrine's creator said it was fake, Herobrine is still a popular character within the Minecraft community and is frequently referenced by Mojang.
  • Glitch Entity; due to the enigmatic and uncanny nature of glitches in video games, the glitches may inspire the creations of characters, especially in creepypasta. An example is Missingno from Pokémon Red and Blue, who is nothing but a code error in the game, yet fans treat it as an Eldritch Abomination.
  • A silly observation; what is otherwise a normal-looking picture ends up becoming another thing entirely, and it catches on. In Sonic Mania, a sprite of an upside-down Doctor Eggman in a spider robot looked like a different character, which led to creation of the character Omelette.
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  • A community joke; a fandom In-Joke that led to the character becoming popular for the punchline, or for fuzzy feelings.
  • An Adapted Out reinterpretation; a character from the main work doesn't appear in an adaptation, so someone creates a fanwork involving them. This interpretation of the character becomes popular and is used in subsequent works based off the adaptation. Note that this is for a specific interpretation of the character; if the character appears in multiple fanworks based on the adaptation, but each has their own version of the character, it's not this trope.
  • Dummied and What Could Have Been characters, that fans have taken a liking to. Usually either given their own spin by artists, fanfic writers and etcetera. Although rarely, the entire fandom comes to a certain consensus with the characterization of said characters. Especially if the Dummied Out character had enough material to work with for fans. See also Fan-Preferred Cut Content.
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  • A Fan-Created Offspring for a specific in-universe couple or pair of characters may take off for the characters' shippers.

See also Recursive Fanfiction and Memetic Mutation. Compare Fanon, when canon characters are given recurring interpretations by fandom, and O.C. Stand-in, where a canon character who's a blank slate is given characterization by the fanwork.

If a character or idea becomes part of the official work, it turns into Ascended Fanon.

No porn characters, please. Keep it family friendly.

Examples (sorted by the medium of the original work)

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  • Mr. Rental, an Australian furniture/appliance rental service, has Mr. Own, an Evil Counterpart to Mr Rental featured in videos by SiIvaGunner. Mr. Rental and Own in the videos became so popular that the business is best known for being referenced by the channel.
  • Samsung Sam is a personification of Samsung's virtual assistant designed by the visual arts production group Lightfarm. She became an internet sensation, featured in memes, art, and Rule 34, becoming so popular that many thought that she was an official design.

    Anime and Manga 
  • This anthropomorphic design of Lucifer The End (dubbed "Lucy") was born from mockery within the Beyblade Burst fandom. Created to mock Hasbro’s version of the Beyblade, she quickly took off and became a hit within certain Discord Beyblade communities. Ever since Lucy's success, Sands drew additional artwork of her and the World Beyblade Organization considers Lucy their unofficial server mascot.
  • Death Note: Dark Yagami is the long lost twin brother of Light who first appeared in Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami, a So Bad, It's Good Crack Fic. Dark is depicted as a Marty Stuinvoked, superior to his brother in every way. He has appeared in other fics, fanart, and parodies due to his original fic’s popularity.
  • Dragon Ball has Xicor, a fanmade character based on the rumors of the infamous hoax Dragon Ball AF, that became popular enough that Toyble adapted him for his doujinshi of Dragon Ball AF, and is still used in some fan works to this day. He is usually Goku's third son, or an evil clone of him.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Jouta Kujo is the son of Jotaro and Kakyoin who hatched from an egg laid by Kakyoin. He first appeared in a CLAMP doujin and became widely memed due to the absurdity of his birth and character.
    • Haruno Higashikata is an original character based off of what would have happened if the other half of the Kira/Josefumi exchange survived. He became incredibly prolific, with people claiming that he had always existed, editing him into shots and claiming that if you didn't know him you were faking reading Part 8.
  • Little Witch Academia (2017): Mirror Akko, an alternate version of Akko based on her reflection in episode 12, tends to appear a bit in fan art and fan works. Unsurprisingly, she often serves as an Mirror Self and/or an Evil Counterpart to Akko whenever she appears in fan works. There is also Mirror Diana, who is based on Diana's own reflection in the same episode and provides the same roles to Diana that Mirror Akko does to Akko.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Hisashi Midoriya, Izuku’s father, has never appeared in canon and we know very little about him. He has made many appearances in fanfics despite this, where he is usually fits into a few interpretations, commonly depicted as a Disappeared Dad who left Izuku and Inko because Izuku was Quirkless. Sometimes he is a hero, villain, or vigilante who often uses the name "Dragon" because of his fire-breathing quirk. In many works and theories, he is secretly All For One.
    • Mikumo Atakani was the original design for Izuku. He is a character in many fanfics, sometimes as an alter ego or alias for Izuku, and other times as his brother, clone, or an alternate universe counterpart.
  • Pokémon: Ashley was just Ash Disguised in Drag to get into a gym that he'd been banned from. That hasn't stopped some people from making Ashley a separate character on her own, ranging from an alternate universe counterpart to a Genderbent Ash.
  • "Truck-kun" is an anthropomorphized representation of the Look Both Ways trope as it appears in anime and manga, especially when it comes to how surprisingly sudden it can threaten the lives of or kill main characters. Its most popular incarnation is based on the vehicular accidents memetically known to start Reincarnate in Another World stories. The overuse of the trope has led to stories that either portray Truck-kun as a Memetic Psychopath who kills people for fun, a Psychopomp-like character whose job is to ferry isekai protagonists to their new lives, a Reluctant Monster or tragic figure who keeps running into people no matter how much they try to stop, or some combination of the three. In addition to the typical isekai and drama variants, Truck-kun is also portrayed as an anomaly that inexplicably appears when loved ones or extras step out into the road, specifically so an important character can either save them or die trying.
  • The Corner is treated as Truck-kun's romance-oriented counterpart. Representing the archetypal Crash-Into Hello, the Corner shows up whenever two people (and it can be any two people) happen to be running in intersecting directions so they can have a Meet Cute and fall in love. Unlike Truck-kun, however, the actions of the Corner are never seen, as most images depicting it usually stop before the couple-to-be makes impact.

    Comic Books 
  • The DC Comics fandom has Hope Corgi, an animal sidekick of the Blue Lanterns who wields one of their rings, powered by hope. He is meant to be a Good Counterpart of Dex-Starr, the Earth cat member of the Red Lanterns. He resembles the childhood dog of those he appears before, and inspires a sense of calm in everyone he meets.

    Films — Animation 
  • Inside Out: While many of the Emotion Original Characters tend to grasp concepts that the movie didn't focus on — most commonly romantic relationships — the most popular ones are the ones that were originally meant to be included:
    • Gloom. Most of the depictions of the character tend to lean closely towards the original concept; a large male figure with dark sunglasses and a suit, usually stylized after a black stormcloud. They are Sadness' Evil Counterpart more often than not.
    • Hope is a character that people have latched onto, mostly to fill the lack of an orange emotion. She's Always Female and often stylized after a firefly, usually acting as a Foil and moderator to Joy and Sadness, being more realistic than Joy while more idealistic than Sadness.
    • Pride gets a bit of recognition. His personality is often depicted as someone who acts higher and more important than they actually are, which often leads to being either an Anti-Villain or a Distaff Counterpart to Disgust. His color is most often white and he was originally stylized after a worm.
    • Surprise is less popular the other scrapped emotions, but gets recognition for being Adapted Out from the original Six Basic Emotions. Her color is often pink and she's often made to be the Distaff Counterpart to Fear.
  • The Lion King:
    • The Lion King fandom has Tanabi, the name used for Simba and Nala's son that was popularized in the fanfiction Chronicles Of The Pride Lands, written before the release of the sequel, which showed the cub at the end to be a daughter instead. He went on to be used in many more fan-fictions despite the sequel, due to inconsistencies between the depiction of the cub presented at the end of the first movie and baby Kiara's presentation in the second, often shown to be a lost, killed, or kidnapped son who might later return, but gradually fell out of favor as more people found out about Kopa, the son of Simba and Nala who actually appeared in the Expanded Universe books The Lion King: Six New Adventures, though some people just included them both. This also isn't getting into the much later advent of Kion.
    • The Lion King: Kiara's Reign popularized Koda, Leah, and Asha as Kiara and Kovu's children.
    • Fan-artist Savu0211 is the creator of several popular fan-characters, including Azra, a Scar/Zira fan-child, and Baridi.
    • Kuzimu and Azola are two popular fan-characters meant to be Zira's parents, to the point where they're mistaken for canon by some fans. Azola is a blue-eyed, lighter-furred Zira, while her mate Kuzimu is a dark-furred lion. Azola is a sweet Good Parent and Kuzimu is a cruel Abusive Parent, who is frequently depicted as having killed Azola.
    • Timira is a lioness cub that's supposedly from an early draft of the second film. According to one website, Timira was the Love Interest to Simba's cut son Chaka and was in an Arranged Marriage to him. The quotes have never been properly sourced and are most likely someone's fan ideas passing as official; despite the source likely being fake, Timira has caught on and Chaka/Timira is a semi-common Beta Couple to Kiara/Kovu.
  • Hercules: The Fanfiction community loves introducing Persephone, the Goddess of Spring and the traditional Queen of the Underworld, into what is most often a sequel to the movie. She and Hades always get their mythology canon Happily Married status by the end. The Trope Codifier for most of these was probably Hope Springs Eternal. Given that it is already The Theme Park Version of Greek Mythology, certain parts of the story considered "unsavory" to modern palates (such as Persephone being both Hades' niece, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, and a teenager) are reworked or ignored according to the wishes of the author.
  • Shrek: Brogre memes frequently feature Drek, a blue Evil Knockoff of Shrek, as their equivalent of Satan. Because Lord Farquaad is also an antagonistic figure in Brogre "mythology", his relationship with Drek varies Depending on the Writer, from Drek being a disguise for Farquaad to Farquaad being The Dragon to Drek.
  • The Sword in the Stone: The film is somewhat notable for the scene in which a female squirrel, who had fallen in love with Wart in his squirrel form, becomes heartbroken when she discovers he's really a human. Feeling sorry for her, someone wrote a fanfic in which Wart convinces Merlin to turn her into a human and help her adjust to her new life. The character, often called Hazel, is pretty popular in fan works.
  • It's somewhat well known that there have been a few prototype ideas of Zootopia before they well, stuck with Zootopia. Naturally this lends to a few characters that were formerly just Dummied Out or What Could Have Been cast members being inserted into fanfics, fan comics, and even fan art of their own. Either based on their original characteristics or the artists taking their own spin on said characters. There's also quite a few fan characters that have gotten popular on their own right.
    • Jack Savage and Skye Winters, are one of the most popular of these What Could Have Been characters, coming from the Savage Seas version of early Zootopia. A male jackrabbit spy and a female arctic fox mechanic, usually they act as gender-flipped counterparts for the One True Pairing of Judy and Nick, and thus are shipped together quite frequently as a result. Although that doesn't mean either of them aren't exempt from being shipped with Judy and Nick.note  Some artists go out of their way to go even further and go for an One True Threesome note  or Polygamy thing with all four characters.
    • The Conspiracy Theorist honey badger, Honey Badger, is also quite popular with the fans. A character whom was conceived during the early Zootopia prototype where Shock Collars were given to Predators, but was cut for the full movie. It's not uncommon for her to be shipped with Nick in fanart.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Harry Potter:
    • It's very common in Flash Forward Fics to have a minor character named after Colin Creevey, with the implicit understanding that his father is Colin's brother, Dennis.
    • Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, the protagonist of the infamous So Bad, It's Good Harry Potter fanfic My Immortal, appears in many fan works that parody the original fic. Her popularity has transcended fanfiction, as she has appeared in fan art, comics, web videos, and many other works. She is one of the most well known fanfiction characters in existence.
  • Within the old-school prose Sherlock Holmes fandom, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes have an eldest brother named Sherrinford, never mentioned in Conan Doyle canon because he stays on his country estate. He came about because of implications that Sherlock comes from the landed gentry, which means in Victorian social terms that as well as Sherlock and Mycroft there must be a third eldest brother who inherited the family landholding. The name "Sherrinford" comes from Doyle's reported first name for Sherlock in early drafts. This is well-known enough to get a Meta Twist in the fourth season of Sherlock, in which a "Sherrinford" is mentioned but turns out not to be a third Holmes sibling or a person at all.
  • Twilight:
    • Atlantiana Rebekah Loren is the main character of the famously bad fanfic Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen. She is a badly written, Mary Sue self-insert character shipped with Edward. Similar to Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, she became very popular for the hilarious terrible writing of her fic.
    • Less popular than Atlantiana but still relatively notable is Twila Beatiful Psyco Topaz Cullen, a similar Mary Sue protagonist from Twila The Girl Who Waz In Luv With A Vampyre.
  • Amongst Warrior Cats, the Troll Fic StarKitsProphcy is well-known. Stargleam, the story's notorious Master of All protagonist, appears in many other fan-works.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Fear the Walking Dead: Elyza Lex is the focus of a lot of the fanfiction, fanvids, and fan art for the show. However, she never actually appears in the show, and was in fact a complete creation by this fandom and that of The 100, as a stand-in for Eliza Taylor (or rather her character Clarke from The 100). Most of these are in fact shipping motivated, as Alicia's actress, Alycia Debnam-Carey, played Clarke's main love interest Lexa on The 100. So when Lexa died, a large portion of the "Clexa" shippers invented a character who they thought Taylor would play on FTWD, and from there the character just took on a life on its own.
  • Glee: Jack Harmon is an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist OC popular in the fandom who originated from The Harmon Verse, a series of fan works centered on the character. The Fan Verse includes over 40 stories by various authors.
  • Once Upon a Time has an odd one in the form of Hope Swan-Mills, who is technically based on an actual character in the show, Hope Swan-Jones, but is often reimagined into a Fan-Created Offspring for Emma Swan and Regina Mills. Following the final episode revealing that Emma has a daughter named Hope with Hook, it became the go to that used that name for any child of Emma and Regina in fanfics. Some even go as far as making the canon one into Regina's kid instead of Hook's, but most of the time it's just simply using the name for an OC.
  • After the first season of Sherlock aired, the fandom speculated about who Jim Moriarty's associates might be, and came up with a modernized version of Sebastian Moran, Moriarty's second-in-command in the original Sherlock Holmes stories who appeared in numerous Sherlock fanfics. A minor villain named "Moran" eventually appeared in "The Empty Hearse", but has nothing in common with the Conan Doyle character, and the show's version of Mary Morstan ends up being a Composite Character of Moran, her Conan Doyle original, and the unnamed woman who killed Charles Augustus Milverton. Many fans were disappointed by his appearance in canon and continued writing fics of their own interpretation. He was most commonly shipped with Moriarty.

  • The Godzilla franchise has Red, a shapeshifting monster who debuted in NES Godzilla Creepypasta and has appeared in several fanworks since. To a lesser extent, his mortal enemy, Solomon, sometimes appears as well.
  • This is the essence of Jenny Everywhere, an "open source fictional character" who primarily appears in Internet media. Depending on the Writer, she either exists in every possible universe or is able to freely travel between universes. She's shown up in everything from Atop the Fourth Wall to The Infinite Loops to nudist webcomics.
  • The Slender Man Mythos: Splendorman is Slender Man's friendlier brother, who wants to spread happiness rather than suffering. He is part of the genre "Happypasta", a parody of Creepypasta that contains Lighter and Softer versions of Creepypasta characters. He gained a lot of popularity due to his friendly design and contrast with his brother. His popularity led to the creation of other parody relatives of Slender Man, including Trenderman and Sexual Offenderman.

  • Avril Lavigne has one in Melissa Vandella. According to a popular conspiracy theory, Avril died in 2003 and was replaced by a Melissa, a body double.
  • The Beatles have a rare example of this for a real life group. Conspiracy theories sprung up claiming that Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced by a look-alike. The look-alike is usually claimed to be named "William Campbell" or "Billy Shears." He supposedly won a Paul look-alike contest and was chosen to replace him to spare the public from the grief of his death and allow the Beatles to continue performing.

  • The Adventure Zone: Graduation: A reddit post cataloging every character introduced into the campaign added a very Mary-Sueish hairless cat character named Bingus during one of the later episodes as a personal joke to the reader, and the fanbase decided to adopt this character as though they were an actual NPC in Graduation, complete with fanfiction and art for them.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000 has several popular characters and even sub-factions (usually Astartes Chapters) created on the /tg/ board:
    • Cultist-chan is a character created by gender-flipping a Dawn of War Chaos Cultist into a Moe girl, keeping the weird voice but otherwise making her adorable.
    • The Angry Marines are an entire semi-parodic Chapter of Imperium of Man Space Marines themed on Unstoppable Rage (their motto is "ALWAYS ANGRY, ALL THE TIME"), who even had fanrules made for the tabletop game.
    • The Reasonable Marines, probably the complete antithesis of the Angry Marines or even the Imperium as whole. Due to the fact that they fully drop the xenophobia that's rampant throughout the Imperium of Man and especially the Adeptus Astartes. Willing to negotiate first with their enemies (Chaos-worshipping heretics and Vile Xenos alike) then going guns blazing, and if negotiations fail well, sometimes Power Armor-wearing Super Soldiers that employ actual and practical military tactics in combat is definitely a lot more scarier than it sounds in a setting like 40k.
    • Several characters birthed from the /tg/ boards were later immortalized via a single reference in canon books, such as Adept Grendel, a non-combat character from a group of fans' Dark Heresy game who nevertheless managed to pull off some ridiculously lucky rolls to slay several giant monsters, LIIVII, a Vindicare sniper from a fanfic who fell in love with an Eldar, and Commissar Sterne, a commissar who uses Car Fu against all enemies regardless of how appropriate the vehicle is to ramming.


  • BIONICLE has Voriki, the Toa of Energy. Originally created as part of a fan contest, Voriki was never actually accepted into canon, unlike numerous other characters. Despite this, Voriki is still remembered by the fanbase, and often finds his way into fanfics.

    Video Games 
  • Animal Crossing:
    • Brutus is a character originating from an Urban Legend of Zelda. He is allegedly a black version of one of the dog townspeople with red eyes. He is claimed to move in if you neglect your game for too long, speaks and sends letters in binary, and has a house full of nothing but fish that crashes after entering it. He apparently leaves the town after just one day. While the rumors of his existence are fake, he became a popular character in the fandom for a while.
    • Bill Wibbly is a bear villager originating from a Tumblr post that parodies the fandom’s strange hatred of certain villagers. After the meme became popular, artworks, memes, and fan edits of Bill Wibbly appeared in the fandom.
    • Aika is a creepy little girl from Aika Village, a fan made horror-themed village accessed through the Dream Suite. She is a female human villager who dresses like the red doll item and whose only line is "This is inside of my dream." The disturbing story told by the village led to Aika receiving fanart and fanfics which interpret the story.
    • Shaki, nicknamed Blazel or Chestnut before her actual name was discovered, is a Dummied Out squirrel villager who can only be found in the files of the first game. She became rather popular among fans for her mysteriousness and cute design.
  • Animal Jam: fman122 was a supposed player originating from an Urban Legend of Zelda who hacked naive players by sending "gifts" by Jam-a-grams to random victims. He was said to have a dark red wolf avatar. While he probably never existed, he became popular due to fear of these rumors.
  • A Hat in Time:
    • "Hat Adult", the Overnight Age-Up of Hat Kid seen in some early builds has a lot of fanart dedicated to her, for obvious reasons. To a lesser extent, "Bow Adult" and "Mustache/Beard Woman", the adult versions of Bow Kid and Mustache Girl respectively, are also occasionally seen.
    • "Timmy/Band-Aid Kid", the original Player Two of the game, before being officially replaced by Bow Kid. Even though he was replaced because the crew disliked him, fans latched onto him and had him continue appearing in fanwork, usually as Hat Kid's sweetheart.
    • Moonjumper, an initial part of the Big Bad Duumvirate in Subcon Forest, before being removed in favor of having the Snatcher as the only Arc Villain. He is generally considered to have once been the same entity as the Snatcher back when he was The Prince, before being separated.
  • Club Penguin:
    • On DeviantArt, there's Daina Sam DJ, a yellow penguin with red hair who is the daughter of Cadence and Franky. Whenever the two are drawn as a family with their child, chances are that child is Daina. In rarer cases, they may have another daughter named Cadencita, who just looks like a smaller version of her mother with wings and is the older sister of Daina.
    • Also on Deviantart, Bubbles. She's a light blue penguin with long brown hair who is used as G Billy's love interest. After Petey K, she's the most popular love interest for him.
  • Don't Starve: Winnie, a Dummied Out character who was alleged to have a vegetarian, animal-centric playstyle. Due to her resemblance to Wigfrid, fans have pegged the two as sisters who are opposites in every way.
  • Doom: John Stalvern is a space marine and the protagonist of the Troll Fic DOOM: Repercussions of Evil. While the fic is extremely short, John became well known because of its hilariously bad writing.
  • Fate/Grand Order: Shimatsu-ken, a super-deformed dog version of Koha-Ace's Okada Izou. Lack, Izou's artist for the game, originally drew a sketch of it as a gag,note  but the fandom quickly embraced it and made it a recurring Canine Companion of the GUDAGUDA gang.
  • Friday Night Funkin' has a large and incredibly talented modding community whom have created a multitude of mods that are high-polished enough or filled with lore that they naturally become a hit with a fandom.
    • Whitty, a humanoid bomb, is a very popular fanon characternote  due to his incredibly well-done fan week, to the point where it could easily be mistaken as official. As such, he often appears in fanart and memes, and the developers of the base game occasionally retweet art featuring him. Interestingly enough, he was an already existing OC that was around before Friday Night Funkin' was a thing.
    • Hex the basketball robot is the star of another "good enough to be official" fan week with a whopping five songs. Mostly, Hex is liked because of how friendly he is compared to most other opponents, both in canon and in other mods.
    • Carol is one of the first fan characters to really gain a hold in the fandom, beginning as a simple sprite swap of Girlfriend before getting her own week, and is frequently seen across fan works due to her mods being well-made, in addition to being just plain adorable. Some fans have gone as far as to ship her with another popular fan character, Whitty, be it as a Crack Pairing or a genuine Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl relationship. The two were eventually made canon by Carol's creator with the release of the Date Week mod.
    • Sarvente and Ruv from Mid-Fight Masses have been steadily gaining a foothold in other fan-content outside their fan week. While the character dynamics between them and the Boyfriend/Girlfriend couple provide fun enough potential material and the week songs are enjoyable, the thing most people like focusing on is the utterly badass Russian hard-bass style of Ruv's "singing", which fans like pairing up with other fan characters such as Whitty through song remixes, just to hear that bass comboed with other "singing" styles. Even Phantom Arcade mentioned how much he enjoyed "Zavodila", the song featuring Ruv in the actual mod. Alongside that, their children from another universe, Selever and Razasy, are also rather popular.
    • Garcello from Smoke 'Em Out Struggle; on top of the mod being well-made in general, Garcello himself became incredibly popular for being a surprisingly whose songs are incredibly fun to play without being ridiculously hard to beat. What endeared him the most to the fanbase, however, is how his smoking habit had gotten him killed in the middle of the mod, and how his final goodbyes at the end made him a very likable and tragic character, to the point where fans want him to be an official character in the game itself.
    • The titular Sky of Vs Sky remains to be a hit within the FNF fandom getting a steadily increasing amount of recursive mods and other fan-content that include her, with most of her popularity starting after her original mod was deleted, mainly because when people heard it was deleted everybody wanted to check out the hubbub through mirrors and videos and ended up enjoying it, allowing her to be a mainstay in the fandom roster of fan characters, especially those who can separate the character and art from the artist and their inspiration.
    • Tabi is a rather popular fan character, thanks to not only the mod he came from being enjoyable and having amazing songs, but also because of his interesting backstory that gives an interesting case of Adaptational Villainy to Girlfriend and delves into how villainous Daddy Dearest is.
    • A Guy on the Internet, or A.G.O.T.I., from Friday Night Funkin': ENTITY is a popular character due to his well-made mod and absolute bangers of songs. Yet another point is his voice, which not only sounds nice, but also fits really well with songs from other mods. Even the controversy regarding his namesake didn't deter people from liking him.
    • Bob from Literally Every FNF Mod Ever; the popularity stems from the mod being a parody of the "Character turns mad at third song" trend, while being both hilarious and completely terrifying, something that isn't common for mods of the type.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Originally a hoax regarding a "secret character", Sparky the Dog became a popular "secret" character among fans. He even received something akin to Ascended Fanon when series creator Scott Cawthon included a dog animatronic named Fetch in the tie-in book series Fazbear Frights.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach:
    • Glamrock Foxy is easily the most popular fan animatronic to see in stories and fanart, mostly owing to Foxy's Ensemble Dark Horse status and the fact he's the only member of the original four to not appear in any form in this game (as images of Glamrock Bonnie can still be seen). As for his design, he is often depicted as having fully embraced his pirate theme, wearing a pirate's coat and hat along with his classic eye patch and hook hand (although certain depictions add in a Glamrock flair). If he was replaced in the past, Roxanne is almost always who took his role and unlike Monty and Bonnie, the duo had a good relationship and Roxanne is normally crushed by him getting decommissioned.
    • Glamrock Ballora is also popular, albeit not to the extent of Glamrock Foxy. More often than not, she loses all of her Uncanny Valley traits, becoming a straight up fanservice style Robot Girl, right down to losing her Eyes Always Shut trait. As for her role in stories, she is always a heroic character who serves as the Team Mom, helping Gregory and Glamrock Freddy defeat Vanny. If she was brainwashed, expect her to somehow be snapped out of it unlike the other animatronics.
  • Half-Life: John Freeman, Gordon Freeman’s brother and the protagonist of the So Bad, It's Good Troll Fic Half-Life: Full Life Consequences, became famous in the fandom because of the hilariousness and ridiculousness of the story.
  • In the webcomics for Helltaker, ever since she was revealed to exist, Baphomet the goat-fetishist demon became a very popular O.C. Stand-in for fan-content. But what really solidified her fandom status was when Pixiv artist Grizz made a series of comics that were so close to Vanripper's comics in artstyle and writing that their version of the character became the permanent unofficial design for all fanart of her going forwards.
  • It’s common in Kantai Collection fanfiction for the Japanese Admiral to be named Goto (sometimes as a pun on Togo), and the American Admiral (or at least one of them) to be named Richardson, with both being Reasonable Authority Figures. It’s also somewhat popular in comic fics to make one of the Abyssal leaders Abyssal Admiral Suwabe, a Beleaguered Boss and (sometimes) Friendly Enemy introduced in a popular series of fan comics.
  • Kid Icarus: Cloud Angle, the Marty Stu invoked protagonist of the Troll Fic Kid Icarus Uprising 2: Hades Revenge, is an angel with blonde hair and green wings who works alongside Pit. While he isn’t as popular as other badfic OCs, he has made some appearances in other fanfics like The Hot Topic Krew and Tingles Raveng The Tingling.
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • Roxel, a fan child of both Roxas and Axel (who are both male), has a surprising amount of fanart from multiple artists. No one's quite sure where he came from or who created him, though.
    • Soranort, basically Sora as one of Xehanort's vessels, exploded after 3D released. While initially mainly being an AU to the end of that game, he grew in popularity until many fans became convinced that he would become canon at one point in Kingdom Hearts III. However, after that game debunked the idea, he dropped in popularity.
  • Left 4 Dead: It's fairly common among fans to treat the Director as a genuine character, when it is really a program responsible for populating the game's levels with zombies and items without having any basis in-universe. When the Director is interpreted this way, "he" is usually seen as the Big Bad, actively commanding the infected hordes in an attempt to kill the survivors. Physical depictions vary, from a Special Infected who always remains out-of-sight from the survivors, to a Jerkass God out for the survivors’ blood, to an actual movie director (with the survivors and infected just being actors).
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • BEN, a creepy, supernatural doppelganger of Link that originated from the Ben Drowned Creepypasta, has become a recurring supernatural villain in The Legend of Zelda fanworks, even having its own video games and legends.
    • The Patchwork Fic fan-comic A Tale of Two Rulers spawned various popular Zelda/Ganondorf children, including Covarog, Ralnor, and Orana. Sometimes their half-sister Rinku is included, though that depends on if the work has it's own version of Link or not.
    • Jenna Silverblade is a Mary Sue invoked self-insert love interest of Link from the famously So Bad, It's Good fanfic My Inner Life. The story and Jenna’s character are widely mocked, making Jenna one of the most popular OCs in the fandom.
    • A female pink-haired Link was depicted in an obscure 1986 Japanese magazine that would have been forgotten had Twitter user Kazzycom not taken photos of the design in 2019 and HistoryofHyrule not uploaded high-def scans of the female Link on Twitter in 2022. This pink-haired female Link became a popular subject for fan art on social media, and want her to be in a future Zelda game, seeing this as proof that a female Link can work.
    • Born out of a meme, "Rehydrated Ganon". In the teaser trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's sequel, Zelda and Link find a corpse-like character which fans assumed to be some version of Ganondorf. This prompted a memetic trend that he'd come back to life were he to be rehydrated, which prompted this version of the character. "Rehydrated Ganon" is depicted as a handsome Mr. Fanservice that wears little in the way of clothing (usually only a waist down robe or the "Desert Voe" set of the game) and is often portrayed as a heroic version of Ganondorf, teaming up with Zelda and Link.
  • Metroid: Solomon Aran is the noncanonical younger brother of Samus who was only mentioned once in a Nintendo Power article about the collaborative fanfic Blood of the Chozo, in which he was apparently an unused concept. Despite (or because of) his obscurity, Solomon gets a fair amount of attention by the Metroid fandom. There have been quite a few Epileptic Trees as fans attempt to deduce how he could fit into the current canon, with one common theory being that he's Sylux's true identity.
  • Mii Series:
    • The character creator of Miis allows for the creation of specific avatars that are popular in the community. One of the most commonly created Miis is one named Hamburger, which has its face edited to look like a hamburger. It has rectangular eyebrows to represent the patty, red lips to represent the ketchup, green eyes to represent pickles, and the rest of its head makes up the buns.
    • Another popular Mii usually named Dino, Dinosaur, or T-Rex looks like a dinosaur because of its dark skin and light hair and beard that gives the appearance of a large mouth.
    • Two Faced is a popular Mii that originated in the Tomodachi Life playthrough of Vinny from Vinesauce. She is designed to look like she has two faces, as her eyes and mouth look like three eyes shared between the faces, two eyebrows look like the noses, and wrinkles look like mouths. She is treated as an antagonist in the series and has received a lot of fanart.
    • Lonk from Pennsylvania, a caricature of Link with a vacant stare and an open mouth. He first appeared as a random Mii someone created on StreetPass Mii Plaza, and he soon became the focus of many memes. Similar Miis also became popular, such as Petch from Texas, a caricature of Peach.
  • Minecraft:
    • Herobrine began as a Creepypasta fan character, but soon rose in popularity to become one of the most recognizable villainous icons of the game, despite never actually being in it. Countless fanfictions, mods, music videos, parodies, fan books, and the like have featured Herobrine as a recurring villain. Additionally, Herobrine became something akin to Ascended Fanon when Mojang included references to the character in the game, such as adding "Removed Herobrine" to patch notes, referencing him in the console edition trivia facts, and even sneaking him into some promotional material for Minecon 2011.
    • Entity 303, also referred to as "The New Herobrine", was another popular Creepypasta fan villain that was meant to be regarded as even more powerful and evil than its predecessor. While Entity 303 never reached the same popularity as Herobrine, it was still featured prominently in fanfictions, videos, and mods.
    • Humanized versions of the Minecraft mobs, usually portrayed as scantily clad Animesque girls, have become quite popular in fanart, music videos, and mods, especially the Creeper, who is portrayed as a small, cute blonde girl in a green hoodie and leggings.
  • Neko Atsume: Hobo and Glunkus, a dirty brown cat and a black cat whose whole face is teeth, respectively, originated from a single Tumblr user's dream and were subsequently illustrated by another Tumblr user. Their designs appear in more fanworks than some of the canon cats.
  • After players realized that the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in a comfort grip look like a dog’s head, artists began drawing a dog with the controller as a head. The Switch Dog received a lot of fanart, some innocent but some NSFW.
  • Back in the really early days of the Pikmin series, the fanbase on the IGN board had several characters that originated from fanfics that would not only appear in others fics, but also in several Play-by-Post game threads. The most notable of these was "Blacknight", a villain character originating from this Script Fic who quickly became the go-to villain for most stories on the board; and an Anti-Hero in some others.
  • Pokémon:
    • MissingNo. and M were a pair of glitches that occurred in Pokemon Red and Blue when data was mixed or corrupted, causing a sprite of jumbled pixels and Normal attack moves. This gave rise to the popularity of the fan-nicknamed "Glitch Type" Pokemon, with MissingNo. and M becoming the most popular of these and appearing in several Pokemon fanfictions and Creepypasta, codifying the Glitch Entity archetype.
    • Many unused Pokémon are popular among fans, such as Kotora, a cute round tiger.
    • The fangame Pokémon Uranium contains many Fakemon that are popular in the fandom. One of the most memorable is Dunseraph. Reasons for its popularity include being a much-needed evolution to the otherwise mediocre Dunsparce, changing types from Normal to Dragon/Flying, good stats and movepool, and a beautiful design that is both majestic while at the same time retaining Dunsparce's dopey charm.
    • The Kaskade Region has many popular Fakemon designs, but the most beloved is Tofrug, a Poison/Fairy type that combines a frog and a tofu block. It is loved for its adorable and creative design, receiving a lot of fanart and even its own plush.
    • Platypet was originally a platypus Fakemon created for a fake leak that claimed it was a starter for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Even after the leak turned out to be a hoax, the design remained popular. Eventually, the artist sold the design to the developers of Temtem, where it was put into the game as a Water/Toxic type temtem.
    • Tentaquil is a Fakemon created when a 4chan user was asked to draw their fan favourite Pokémon without a reference, and the user replied with "tentaquil" when asked what it was. It became very popular in memes, with people pretending it was a real Pokémon.
    • Mewthree is a hypothetical second clone of Mew that is popular as an Urban Legend of Zelda. Many fans have theorized about its existence and it has appeared in various fanworks.
  • While it's a meme in Sonic the Hedgehog series to make fun of the abundance of OCs and Fan Characters, there's a few that manage to stand out enough that they become quite memorable to the fandom.
    • From Sonic the Hedgehog 2, there is an infamous glitch that would turn the titular hedgehog green with a black mark on his face. The character, nicknamed Ashura by fans, would become popular enough to receive some fan works with him acting as an Evil Counterpart of Sonic; this eventually inspired Ian Flynn to turn Anti-Sonic into a green hedgehog named Scourge in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics), along with the later creation of Surge the Tenrec in the Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) comics.
    • Omelette, also known as Eggette or Eggatha, was created after the artist AlphaGamboa noticed an upside down sprite of Eggman during the Flying Battery boss fight in Sonic Mania looked like a different character. The character became popular with the fanbase and is commonly regarded as Eggman's niece or daughter, and is used in notable fanworks such as Sonic Legacy and the eighth season of Sonic for Hire, and even has a cameo in Sonic X Reanimated.
    • X, also known as Sonic.EXE, is a vile, Ax-Crazy demon that takes on the appearance of/possesses Sonic. This character, originating from its own story, has since had multiple fan video game adaptations, and has frequently been pitted against Sonic himself in fanfictions and videos.
    • Maria the Hedgehog was created by fans and is often mistaken for canon. Though she's usually depicted as Maria reborn as a hedgehog, some depict her as a clone.
    • Nazo, a mysterious white-furred hedgehog who bears a passing resemblance to Super Sonic from an unused Sonic X screenshot. Although Word of God has since confirmed he was merely an alternate design for Super Sonic, fans treat him as his own character to the point where he was the main antagonist of Nazo Unleashed.
    • The most common depiction of the Player Character of Sonic Forces is a bespectacled wolf with rust red fur, usually named Gadget and equally often shown to favor the Burst Wispon, directly based off the character used for the Custom Hero reveal trailer. Also helping the popularity is the fan-preferred Angel/Devil couple dynamic between Gadget and Infinite.
    • Sonichu is a character from a widely hated webcomic of the same name and is a fusion between Pikachu and Sonic. He appears in a lot of memes, fanfics, and fanart due to the ridiculousness of his character and story.
    • Aurora is a Fan-Created Offspring of the Sonic Boom versions of Sonic and Amy, created by E-vay. She's popular among Sonamy fans and gets many fanworks in turn based on her, including fan games.
  • Splatoon: Verna Rassica is an original inkling created by Rassicas. He is a stubborn and alcoholic Grizzco manager. He’s one of the most popular fanmade Inklings, receiving a lot of fanart.
  • Street Fighter: In Street Fighter II, one of Ryu's winquotes states "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!". Players immediately began to speculate who Sheng Long was, and it eventually became rumored that Sheng Long was the name of Ryu and Ken's unseen master. Electronic Gaming Monthly seized on this idea and launched an April Fools' issue in which they gave a detailed (and false) description of the absurdly difficult and convoluted way to unlock Sheng Long as a boss. But there was no Sheng Long; Ryu was telling his opponent that to stand a chance, they had to overcome "Sheng Long", which is a translation error for his "Dragon Punch". But Capcom liked the idea so much that they later introduced Akuma for Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This did not end fan rumors or fanon about Sheng Long, however, and EGM again posted another April Fools' prank for Street Fighter III. Years later, for Street Fighter IV, Capcom finally introduced Ryu and Ken's real master, Akuma's brother Gouken, who had almost all of the abilities that EGM had once claimed Sheng Long had, stated "You must defeat ME to stand a chance!", and had "aka Sheng Long" as one of his equippable titles just to put the issue to bed. Despite all of that, though, Sheng Long is still a popular fanon character and occasionally reappears as an alter ego of Gouken, a third brother to himself and Akuma, or a forgotten student who trained alongside them, amongst others.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Bowsette came about as a result of fans speculating what the Big Bad Bowser would look like under the effects of the Super Crown from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, which in canon turns Toadette, and only her, into a human resembling Princess Peach, granting her the ability to double jump and glide. The trend started in 2018 when fanartist Ayyk92 put out this fancomic based on the ending of Super Mario Odyssey. Ever since, fans of the idea have been pumping out artwork and even cosplays of their own take on the Peachified koopa king with varying degrees of human and koopa traits as well as her hair color varying from blonde (to better resemble Peach) to red (to stay truer to Bowser). Bowsette inspired countless fan works, including Bowsette Saga and numerous NSFW works. She became incredibly popular, to the point Nintendo had to offer a "no comment" about it, but made clear the character could never happen.
    • The popularity of Bowsette has led to the creation of other Super Crown versions of Mario characters. The next most popular is Booette, a female, humanoid version of King Boo.
    • Clawdia Koopa is Bowser's ex-wife and Bowser Jr's (and sometimes the Koopalings') mother. She originates from false rumors that a British issue of Nintendo Power once mentioned her; in reality, the magazine wasn't even released in the UK, and the rumors were based on an Original Character of the same name from the fansite Lemmy's Land.
    • Sponge is a depressed third Mario brother created by Vinny from Vinesauce. The popularity of Vinesauce made him probably the most well known depiction of a third Mario brother.
    • Shy Gal is a female human version of a Shy Guy. She became popular in fanart because of her attractive figure.
    • Grand Dad is a color-swapped version of Mario who originates from 7 GRAND DAD, a Mario-themed bootleg version of The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy. He became well known after the game was streamed by Joel from Vinesauce. He later became best known as the mascot of the YouTube parody music channel SiIvaGunner. Grand Dad has received many memes, fanart, and even fangames.
    • SMG4 is a character from Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers. He is the creator’s Author Avatar and a blue and white recolor or Mario who has received a lot of fanart and fanworks because of his videos’ popularity.
    • Scripulous Fingore comes from an Urban Legend of Zelda and was supposedly an unused ghost enemy in New Super Mario Bros. that was removed from the game for unknown reasons. The hoax became popular with fans, as Scripulous received many memes, fanart, and edits.
  • Super Smash Bros.:
    • Sara Osborne is a homophobic, ultra-conservative fundamentalist Christian who originates from the infamous Troll Fic Supper Smash Bros: Mishonh From God. Due to the popularity of the original fic, she has become popular among the Crack Fic community, appearing in fanfics such as The Hot Topic Krew and Tingles Raveng The Tingling.
    • Bigley is a badly-drawn stick figure with a beak and wings that became very popular on the Super Smash Bros. Series Community on Miiverse. He parodies Ridley, who at the time was a popular request for the game but was claimed to be too big for inclusion. He was one of the most popular reoccurring memes on Miiverse, where he was treated like a god.
  • Touhou Project:
    • "Sendai Hakurei no Miko" is the hypothetical predecessor to Reimu created as a character for M.U.G.E.N who is typically depicted as being way more physical in her incident solving attempts than Reimu. Her relation with Reimu varies per artist, though she is usually depicted as being her mother or a mother figure.
    • Mitori Kawashiro is a fan-created Phantasm stage boss for Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism who is an older sister to Nitori, being a half-kappa born in Hell who has the power to prohibit anything. Even though she is merely a modded character, she still has a cult following.
  • Undertale: Red, an additional humanoid member of the Royal Guard from the fangame Undertale Red, is perhaps one of the most well known OCs in the entire fandom. She frequently appears in fancomics, and the development team of another well-known fangame, Undertale Yellow, hinted she'll have a cameo in the complete version of the game.
    • W.D. Gaster exists in the grey area between this trope and an official character. He is mentioned by some NPCs but never actually appears in the game, other than a sprite in the files which most fans believe is him. Despite not appearing, he is one of the most popular Undertale characters due to his cool backstory, mysteriousness, and possible relation to Sans and Papyrus.
    • Doge is an unused dog enemy that would have been part of the Royal Guard. She has appeared in multiple fan works, including Inverted Fate. RG 03 and RG 04, two members of the Royal Guard similar to RG 01 and RG 02, are other cut enemies that appear in Inverted Fate and other fan works.
    • Clover is the protagonist of fangame Undertale Yellow and is the owner of the yellow soul. They are one of the most popular interpretations of the other fallen humans in the fandom.
    • Chisk is a fusion between Frisk and Chara that is the subject of many memes and artworks. They are often paired with the quote “fills you with discomfort” because of the uncomfortable expression on their face.
    • Prunsel is a fan character originating from this tumblr post. The poster had a dream where Papyrus was replaced by a giant realistic Faceless Eye staring directly at the viewer, who "spoke" with an ominous red glow that caused the music to cut out. The fandom quickly became enamored with Prunsel due to how creepy yet absurd it was, and began making fanart and shitposts about it. It was an especially big hit on the "r/Undertale" subreddit, with the users treating it as if it were an official character.
  • Mike is a character that the Deltarune fandom created in response to some of Spamton's dialogue. He is typically depicted as a TV Head Robot, commonly also being the host of a Sadistic Game Show as a call-back to Mettaton and speaking in some form of Leet Lingo.
    • The Queen of Spades is a character from fanart and fics following the release of Chapter 1 and is portrayed as the King’s wife and Lancer’s mother. However, her popularity faded once Chapter 2 released and revealed a similar character named Queen who has become something of a very popular Fountain of Memes character and is rather beloved by the fandom.
    • SHOW_RUNNER, a character created from an Urban Legend of Zelda about an unused shop that can be found in the game files that sells only one item: a Disk Fragment (or DiskFrgmnt). He, like Spamton, lost everything, and it's implied it was because of Spamton. He became popular with the fans thanks to his so-far pretty unknown backstory, his Ugly Cute design, and interesting 'unused' storyline, being aware of the fact that he's not supposed to exist.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney: While depictions of him differ, in many fan-works involving the Gavin siblings Klavier and Kristoph, their father is invariably named "Kurtis".

    Web Animation 
  • Happy Tree Friends: Ale is a grey wolf character created by AleEvilSoldier on DeviantArt. She became so popular that some fans mistook her for a canon character.
  • Helluva Boss has Ackerhells' Francesco, a parrot demon and boyfriend/future husband to Octavia. The fandom latched onto him for being an unproblematic love interest for her (the lone teenager in a cast of adults) and for being a genuinely nice guy. His popularity only grew as Acker's later art would start fleshing out his own family and their relationship with the Goetias, to the point of being seen as secondary canon by some fans.
  • Within the RWBY fandom, there's Tsune, a sadistic fox faunus who serves as the head of medical staff at Beacon Academy in many Coeur Al'Aran stories, first originating in Professor Arc. She would go on to be popular enough to appear in other fan works within the community, even those that share little overlap in plot or tone with the aforementioned fanfic.

    Web Original 
  • Jeff the Killer: Jeff the Hugger is the Happypasta version of Jeff the Killer, similar to Splendorman. He is Jeff the Killer’s cousin who loves giving hugs and spreading joy. He has rainbow eyes and a pet named Frown Cat, a parody of Smile Dog.
  • The Pico series, which runs on fan-made movies and games, has few recurring characters not made by its creator, Tom Fulp:
    • Piconjo, originally created as an Author Avatar for the Newgrounds user of the same name, who is Pico's tall and pale Evil Counterpart. Despite varying quality of the flashes he originally starred in, many liked him for his Evil Is Cool personality and a being a huge source of Fanfic Fuel, in form of his relashionship to Pico. While neither Piconjo the user or Tom Fulp think of him as a canon to main Pico series, the latter considers him to be an interesting part of the Newgrounds history, which was the reason why the character was included in Newgrounds Rumble. In that game, Piconjo was given a redesign by Jose "MindChamber" Ortiz, without the involvement of his creator, and while the user Piconjo disowned said design in favour of his classic depictions, it was well-recieved by the fans. If this character shows up in a fan work, he is likely going to be based on his Newgrounds Rumble appearance.
    • While not to the same degree as Piconjo, Pico's cousin Otis of Pico's Cousin has been widely accepted as family to Pico and has also appeared in fan art and flashes, including as a cameo in Pico vs Convict as a form Convict takes on to throw Pico off his game.

    Web Video 
  • Sanders Sides: "King Creativity/Romulus" (Roman and Remus before the split) appear in some fanworks, either in a flashback or in a fanmade ending showing the twins putting their differences aside for good and becoming one Side again. Note that "The Split" is never really elaborated upon, being only used as an explanation as to why Thomas has two different types of Creativity, as explained by Logan. In Human AUs, the King is often portrayed as Roman's and Remus' father.

  • Wikipe-tan is a Moe Anthropomorphism version of Wikipedia who became extremely popular among users of the wiki. She is seen as an unofficial mascot of the website.

    Western Animation 
  • The Danny Phantom fandom has Wes Weston, an OC made from a lanky background character that looked a lot like Danny and whose name was taken from Sam misreading a ring inscription (she read it upside-down and thought "Sam" was "Wes"). In fanon, the whole of Amity Park is convinced that Weston is the true identity of Danny Phantom, the thought of which drives Weston nuts—not helped sometimes by Fenton making fun of Weston's inability to show everyone the truth.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • Many of the characters in the Fan Verse Reverse Falls AU, a particularly popular Alternate Timeline setting for the series in which many characters swap roles and personalities, appear in several fanfics and stories; the most notable are the swaps for the show's protagonists, Dipper and Mabel Gleeful, who are used in most Alternate Universe stories even when the Reverse Falls representation is otherwise pretty minor.
    • While Bill Cipher is a canon character, two versions of him are commonly used in fanwork, sometimes even overshadowing the original: There's Bipper, a.k.a. Bill after pulling a Grand Theft Me on Dipper, who in canon is just that, with his name being a simple one-off joke made by Mabel. The fandom frequently uses this character as a separate entity from Dipper, usually one of Bill's forms, or seperate him from Bill outright. The other is Human!Bill, and while humanization and Self-Fanservice is something that happens frequently in other fandoms, it happens to Bill often enough that his human form could be considered a seperate character outright, with a deliberately more sympathetic portrayal for the fangirls.
    • Another character who was quite popular to use in fanfic is "Lebam", Mabel's "secret second twin", who came from a surprisingly popular theory after someone noticed an animation error in the episode "The Deep End", where Mabel's name was written backwards for whatever reason. With a show that's practically a plantation for Epileptic Trees, many took this simple error to be a hidden clue about a doppelganger of Mabel. What makes this especially egregious is that it actually makes sense, given that "Double Dipper" introduced a copier that can create imperfect duplicates of human beings, so it isn't too farfetched to think that someone like Mabel would duplicate herself out of boredom. Most stories surrounding her also feature Dipper's clone "Tyrone" and Sev'ral Timez, as well as other original clone characters, to give An Aesop about why Clones Are People, Too.
    • Another character who took off in an unusual way is Tad Strange, after a character with that name was said to be voiced by Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale fame. Due to his unusual name and comments by Teasing Creator Alex Hirsch note , plenty of people immediately built a connection between this character and Bill, portraying him as a square-shaped, purple Dream Demon, with a bowler hat, a tie, an umbrella and a goat pupil, directly contrasting Bill (or, as described in Hirsch's words, "as much as Doctor Who and Jack Skellington as possible"). He's usually portrayed as Bill's brother, though the depiction varies if they are Cain and Abel or a Sibling Team, and if "Tad" is more sympathetic or not. However, the character became less used after it was cleared up that the character with that name was simply an extreme case of The Generic Guy. Some still use the character under the name "Dot Matrix" or outright combine him with the canon Tad Strange, by saying that "Tad" is actually his disguise or puppet.
  • In the Kim Possible fic A Small Possibility, Shego and Kim have twins named Sheki and Kasy. Following the fic's publication, the two are the go-to kids used in many Kid Fics and Spin-Offspring involving the paring.
  • Looney Tunes: Big Chungus originated from an image of an obese Bugs Bunny (mocking a similarly-obese Elmer Fudd) from the short Wabbit Twouble and has become quite the Memetic Badass. While originally just Bugs, many fans act as if Big Chungus is his own unique character, which was obliged in Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem.
  • In The Loud House, there is a popular community with a wide variety of fanart and fanfiction involving the "Sin Kids", children Lincoln had with his sisters. While they have set names, designs, and some personality traits, everything else varies from person to person, as the creators of the AU encourage everyone to roll with their own ideas for them.
  • In the earliest days of the Sonic internet fanbase, the characters Bookshire Draftwood, a raccoon doctor, and Packbell, a humanoid robot, showed up in quite a few fanfictions from different writers; one would be forgiven for thinking they were canon characters somehow linked to Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). In actuality they were both the creations of uber-fan David Pistone.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Button Mash's mother Cream Heart from Button's Adventures is so popular and recognized among the fanbase that she's used as the tag icon for "original character" on Derpibooru.
    • The protagonist of Fallout: Equestria, Littlepip, is a well known fan character in the Friendship is Magic fandom, in part due to the copious amount of Recursive Fanfiction Fallout Equestria spawned.
    • Flufflepuff, a character that first appeared in the crossover ask blog, Dan Vs. FIM, before becoming the comics Breakout Character and getting her own series called Ask Fluffle Puff. She has since turned up in all manner of fan works.
    • Nyx, the filly clone of Nightmare Moon from Past Sins has gained a lot of popularity and fanart.
    • Apogee and her family are original ponies from the fancomic "Delta Vee's Junkyard". They are popular enough to receive a lot of fanart.
  • Phineas and Ferb: The go-to Fan-Created Offspring are Marie Flynn-Garcia-Shapiro, the daughter of Phineas and Isabella, and Thomas Fletcher, the son of Ferb and Vanessa. The two are frequently shipped with each other since their parents aren't blood siblings, and even have the ship Portmanteau Couple Name "Thomarie".
  • The Daria fandom has a few, aside from its many O.C. Stand-ins:
    • Danielle Todds is an attractive girl used as a Love Interest for Quinn, assuming you want her to like girls but not wind up with a canon character. She's also the cousin of Trent's bandmate Nick.
    • Veronica Morgendorffer was created for a mini-fic with the premise that Daria wakes up to find a third Morgendorffer sister, who looks like Quinn but has Daria's glasses and personality. Everyone acts like she's always been there, leaving Daria confused if she's being pranked or has gone crazy. Some stories use her seriously, others just make a Running Gag that Daria can't remember having another sister.
    • "Judith" and "NegaJane" are evil versions of Daria and Jane who go to multiple universes and kill their local counterparts.
    • Jim Vitale is a senior partner at Helen's firm, an Amoral Attorney and often a Magnificent Bastard villain. Sometimes he has a Villainous Crush on Helen.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • In the original pilot short, Cat Noir was a boy named Félix; he was scrapped and replaced with Adrien when the show began actual production, as the creator decided Félix was too cliché and unpleasant. Fans still loved him either way, and in fanfic, Félix often appears as Adrien's older/twin brother, who may have been his predecessor as Cat Noir or is even sharing the role with him. Félix's continual popularity eventually got him an appearance in the show, in which he's Adrien's cousin but in no way a Cat Noir.
    • To go with Félix, fans created Bridgitte, who is supposedly Marinette's counterpart from the pilot short. In reality "Bridgitte" is just Marinette with a slightly different design, but as with Félix, fanfic often makes her and Marinette siblings.
    • At one point in the show's development, Ladybug and Cat Noir were going to fight alongside at least three other heroes: Mercury, Melodie, and Kid Mime. Fans have given them civilian names (Alan/Allan, Allegra, and Claude, respectively) and generally use them as Félix and Bridgitte's circle of friends.
    • In one of her Imagine Spots in the first season, Marinette names her three hypothetical children with Adrien Emma, Louis, and Hugo. Ever since, almost all stories that have those two getting together and having kids have those three names for the first three.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
  • The Simpsons: Gumbly is a fanmade character that many people photoshopped into images and scenes from the show, claiming that he was always there.
  • The Owl House: Many fanworks tend to feature two characters known as Lucia Noceda and Amelia Blight, who are both based off of early concept designs for Luz and Amity, known in the fandom as the Beta versions, from back when they were meant to be older, and are usually portrayed as the two's older sisters in fanworks. Funny enough, there is an canon Amelia in the show, but she is just a random Hexside student whose only relation to Amity is being a member of her initial Girl Posse.

  • Dartmouth College has no official mascot, but the college humor magazine the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern created Keggy the Keg, an anthropormorphic beer keg, as a possible mascot. While unofficial, he is popular and beloved within the college and an "ingrained part of Dartmouth culture."
  • Chiitan is an unofficial, self-declared otter mascot of Suzaki, Japan, famous for its strange and even violent antics. It became one of the most popular mascots in Japan and is well-known, albiet controversial, in its hometown.
  • Green Dam Girl is a Moe Anthropomorphism of China's controversial content-control software Green Dam Youth Escort.
  • Shiitake-chan is a Moe Anthropomorphism of Internet Explorer's Stop button, as its creator thought it looked like a shiitake mushroom.
  • Microsoft Windows operating systems have OS-tan, Moe Anthropomorphic personifications of various operating systems, web browsers, antivirus software, and other applications.