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Fan-Preferred Cut Content

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Ever hear of a phrase called "The Cutting Room Floor"? It's a term in the film industry referring to a scene that was removed from the final product during the editing process, with the editor's room also being called the "cutting room" (going back to when editing literally involved cutting and gluing film strips together). TV Tropes has a more broad term in What Could Have Been, referring to any idea or concept that never got to happen in a creative work, whether it was fleeting or got removed in the final hour. In any case, the reactions to learning what could have been often range from "that could have been neat" to "glad we dodged that bullet"... but there are also a surprising number of times where the reaction is "why didn't they do this!?"


You heard right. Occasionally there's a piece of cut content where a significant amount of fans (and sometimes even haters) actually love what was cut out, whether it be due to how interesting the discarded material was or believing said material would have made for a much better final product. Whatever the case, below are the many instances where some people believe that What Could Have Been should have been.

A subtrope of They Changed It, Now It Sucks! Compare to They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, which is about any potentially interesting plot point that is underdeveloped or not touched upon. Can overlap with Fandom-Specific Plot and Recurring Fanon Character if the scrapped ideas end up seeing a lot of use within fan works. Do not confuse the title for Fan-Preferred Couple (though it could also overlap if the popular scrapped idea was a certain pairing).



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Little Witch Academia (2017): Yoh Yoshinari originally planned to have episodes that would have delved into Sucy, Amanda, Constanze and Jasminka's backstories, which were scrapped due to time constraints and to keep the story focused on Akko. Many fans however, wished these episodes became a reality, as one of the biggest criticisms of the series was how underdeveloped the main supporting cast are. Some of the ideas from those episodes would become realized in Keisuke Satō's manga adaptation.
  • My Hero Academia: Momo's quirk turns her bodyfat into solid objects, such as blankets, radios, and cannons. As a result, her hero outfit needs to be skimpy. In the finished product, this is a costume with Absolute Cleavage. This design has proven controversial, as she's a teenager and the outfit comes off to many as being too sexualized. Many fans find her original sports-bra-and-shorts-like design to be a lot cooler and more appropriate, making people wish it hadn't been changed.

    Comic Books 
  • X-Men:
    • Nightcrawler's mother Mystique was originally planned to be his father (due to her shape-shifting abilities, with her partner Destiny as his birth mother) before Executive Meddling kicked in. Many fans feel this would have been a great twist, dislike who his actual father turned out to be, and are holding out hope for a Retcon.
    • There were plans to have Jean Gray's sister, a well-liked Recurring Character, develop mutant powers and join X-Factor. Instead, she suffered a widely-disliked Dropped a Bridge on Him fate with little real emotional impact.
  • Teen Titans:
    • Dick and Kory were planned to be married with a miniseries planning to focus their time on a honeymoon before Jonathan Peterson's departure as well as a change of management at DC unfortunately nixed those changes. Many fans of the pairing feel like it would've been better than the infamous 100th issue of New Titans, considering that the two haven't had a longterm romantic relationship in years and thanks to the DCAU, many writers tend to see Barbara as Dick's one true love.
    • There were plans to have Epsilon turning out to be a resurrected Danny Chase, which would be a Rescued from the Scrappy Heap moment for him before Executive Meddling scrapped said plans.
  • Spider-Man: Sins Past was originally gonna have Peter Parker be the father of Gwen Stacy's kids, Sarah and Gabriel, which was cut out due to the EIC of Marvel, Joe Quesada, feeling it would age Peter too much. While the idea itself and whatever it was a good idea or not is debatable, it is still widely preferable by fans over the final story's infamous decision to have Norman Osborn be their biological father.

    Films — Animation 
  • Brother Bear: The scene where Kenai confesses to Koda that he was the one who killed his mother was originally going to get rid of the song that plays in the background, so we hear Kenai's whole story. In the movie proper, however, we don't get to hear him and "No Way Out" plays in the background. People tend to consider the original version superior to the finished product because the music doesn't exactly do the emotional impact any favors.
  • Chicken Little: There's a fully-animated Deleted Scene where Mayor Turkey Lurkey gives Buck a pep-talk. A lot of fans found it more emotionally impactful and wished it stayed in the movie. It can be seen here.
  • There was an unused song from the production of Dumbo called "Are You A Man Or A Mouse", which features Timothy encouraging Dumbo to try not to break down while showing some of his own characterization. Many fans of the movie feel that this should have been included in the final product because it gives the most memorable voiced character in the movie a show that isn't half bad. Also, less-screentime characters such as the crows got a song in the final product, while Timothy somehow didn't.
  • For any fan of The Emperor's New Groove, you might know that it was originally going to be a radically different movie called Kingdom of the Sun, which was inspired by the story The Prince and the Pauper where Kuzco (then named Manco) switched places with Pacha (who was Kuzco's age during the development and was voiced by Owen Wilson), Yzma was going to prevent daylight from happening again to keep her from aging anymore, the movie was going to be a musical, etc. This idea was scrapped due to executives not liking the story. When people were made aware of this, they actually took a lot more interest in this idea than the final cut. The closest they got for this idea to be made into a movie was a documentary called The Sweatbox which showed the production of Kingdom of the Sun before it was cut, and Yzma's cut Villain Song — "Snuff Out the Light" — being released.
  • Foodfight!: The film is infamous for being the victim of some "industrial espionage" that resulted in the hard-drives being stolen. As a result, what would've originally been a computer-animated movie was soon redone in motion capture, along with other changes to the character designs and setting. For example, the animation would've originally been Looney Tunes-like "squash and stretch", and the supermarket battle originally had the flying soda bottle hanging from a string to justify the action. Those who have watched the movie seem to prefer the original concepts over the finished product, which is considered So Bad, It's Good at best; while nobody could be certain of how things would've gone, it's generally agreed that the animation would've been less creepy and some aspects of the plot would've made more sense.
  • The Fox and the Hound: Originally, Chief was going to die when he was struck by a train while chasing Tod, but this was changed to him just injuring his leg in the final film. Many fans feel that Chief dying would've given Copper better motivation for him to turn against Tod in the third act and made their final confrontation more emotionally impactful.
  • Frozen: While Queen Elsa is far from unpopular, there's a significant population of fans who'd prefer to see her original concept based more directly on The Snow Queen, where she was the film's flamboyant villain deliberately freezing Arendelle rather than suffering from Power Incontinence. This is largely due to her original concept designs, which are seen as more dynamic and striking than her final outfit.
  • Home on the Range: The original motive of the villain was that he was going to use the cows as an army in a hostile takeover plan to become the next president of the United States. This was changed because Disney higher-ups believed that it was too silly. However, most people who enjoy the film, and even some who don't, would have liked to see this plot remain, given that the final product ended up having a rather ridiculous tone anyway.
  • The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Near the end of the film, Zira meets her end by falling down a cliff after refusing Kiara's offer to help her up. In the original version, rather than losing her grip, Zira crazily whispers "Never..." and lets herself go down, showing that she'd rather die than accept help from a Pridelander. This ending was rejected for being too dark, but some fans have shown a fondness for it, because it's totally something Zira would do and there are plenty of dark moments in this movie.
  • The Lorax: It's more-or-less unanimously agreed that the cut Villain Song "Biggering" is far better than "How Bad Can I Be?", due to the song being darker and less goofy, on top of showing that greed and pride were the real reasons why The Onceler went as far as he did, which is more in line with his character in the original book.
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (2017): Some fans appreciated the original concept of the Storm King as an elemental wolf better than the final version of him as a bipedal yeti.
  • Onward: Some fans actually wanted to see the deleted characters Jenny and the villainous Sirens.
  • Pocahontas originally featured a duet between Pocahontas and John Smith titled "If I Never Knew You", sung the night before his execution. It was cut because the execs felt that the song "Savages" coming so soon after this scene meant there were too many songs. However, the song functions as a way to cap off John Smith's Character Development and adds far more emotion and hopelessness to the third act. It also allows Pocahontas to be vulnerable for a change, giving her decision to stop the execution much more power.
  • The original unused ending for Robin Hood features Robin Hood getting wounded during the climactic escape from Nottingham Castle and dragged to a church by Little John to recover by Maid Marian. After which, Little John leaves to get help, and Prince John arrives while Robin Hood is still knocked out, and is prepared to stab Maid Marian to get to Robin Hood, while she is prepared to stand in front of him to defend him. Of course, both are saved by the timely arrival of good King Richard. Needless to say, fans of the movie prefer this ending over the one that was used since it shows Robin Hood as a more vulnerable hero, gives Maid Marian more to do than just having her be a Neutral Female, and shows Prince John as a more threatening villain.
  • Many Thomas & Friends fans feel Thomas and the Magic Railroad would have probably been better, or at the very least, more cohesive, if the film wasn't subject to having large portions of it changed and outright scrapped (such as the case with P.T. Boomer, the film's original human antagonist) last minute due to complaints from test audiences and Executive Meddling.
  • TMNT: The deleted birthday party scene is viewed as being pretty warm and hilarious, and most fans can't figure out why it got cut. Except maybe to emphasize how much miserable the Turtles are without Leonardo.
  • Although the final film is loved as is, there are a good portion of Zootopia fans who would have loved to see the original Darker and Edgier tone and setting present in early versions of the film.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 2012:
    • The deleted scene where Helmsley punches Annheuser during an argument about whether or not they should be saving more people has no shortage of fans who think it deserved to stay in.
    • Many people prefer the alternate ending to the final one, given how it keeps Gordon from being a Forgotten Fallen Friend and has Harry and Tony survive, which also indirectly implies that more ships at sea may have survived the disaster.
  • After Earth: The original idea for the movie was a normal father and son on normal Earth. The father was injured while they were on a camping trip, so the son had to travel through the woods to get help while communicating with him via walkie-talkie. After the failure of the final product, a fair number of people have commented that they would have preferred this version.
  • Alien:
    • Earlier drafts of Alien contained ideas that didn't make it into the final film. For example, the crew were going to be revealed to largely have open sex with one-another regardless of gender, which some fans bemoan the loss of, because it would have been LGBTQIA representation well ahead of its time. Also, the Alien would have revealed to have several more abilities and bizarre features right up to the end of the film, including a Downer Ending where it bit off Ripley's head and then we later learn that the final narration is the Alien mimicking her voice. But the biggest example is Eggmorphing, a method by which Xenomorphs transform living or dead victims into new eggs. Revealed shortly after the film's release, fans have debated for decades whether or not eggmorphing would have been a far scarier explanation for Xenomorph reproduction than Queens. Some works (such as the novelization for Alien³) even try to work in the idea that the two methods coexist.
    • Aliens: The special edition's subplot of Ripley discovering her daughter died of old age while she was in hypersleep was vastly preferred by Sigourney Weaver herself - as it added more motivation to Ripley's determination to protect Newt (and it explains why Ripley can reach her and get information out of her better than the others).
    • Alien³: The original draft by William Gibson is widely considered to be superior to the final film. In 2019, it was adapted into a comic book by Dark Horse Comics. Fans may also prefer any drafts where Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop survive.
  • Annabelle: Creation: Many of deleted scenes are viewed as canon by most fans. They turn Alpha Bitch Carol into a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, give Sister Charlotte a better backstory and her own haunting subplot, and explain the apparent non-reaction to the death of Mr. Mullins.
  • Back to the Future: It's a small moment overall, but most fans find the extended version of the scene where a cop inquires if Doc has a permit for his "weather experiment" to be hysterical and wish it hadn't been trimmed down.
  • Beneath the Planet of the Apes had a Troubled Production which produced multiple scripted endings which some people feel would have been better than the filmed version, if only because of how they're all less dark than the nihilistically hollow filmed ending.
  • Black Christmas (2006)
    • The original filmed ending has the well-liked Leigh surviving, has some good Family of Choice moments, and only didn't get used because of Executive Meddling. Many fans wish it had been kept.
    • In the original script, Billy has been Dead All Along and Agnes is the killer. This would have been a clever Not His Sled moment, avoided the Ass Pull nature of the siblings working together, and likely made more sense. Additionally, Ensemble Dark Horse Melissa survives.
  • Joss Whedon's original script for Buffy the Vampire Slayer is widely thought to be superior to the final film and served as the actual prequel to the series. It was later adapted into the comic book The Origin, which Whedon approved of.
  • Many fans of The 'Burbs dislike the Subverted Suspicion Aesop ending and wish the original ending where the main characters are wrong about their neighbors being killers had been used.
  • Carrie (2013) was intended to be much more faithful to the book, while also updating things for the 2010s. It would have followed the Scrapbook Story format - now updating Sue's autobiography to a series of video diaries. It also gave more characterization to the popular girls, who in the final film are Flat Characters and yet receive more karmic deaths than the previous adaptations (the Watson twins in particular are singled out for a gruesome death, despite their lack of characterization). The town's destruction was filmed as well, including a scene of Carrie setting a church on fire after she finishes praying inside it; whereas it's just an Anti-Climax in the film after Billy and Chris's deaths. Executive Meddling forced Kimberley Peirce to cut over forty minutes of footage and reshoot some scenes to turn it into a Shot-for-Shot Remake of the 1976 version.
  • Clue: One of the film's Multiple Endings was filmed but has never been shown in theaters or on DVD. While the scripted version of it does sound less funny than the three that were kept, many people still mourn its deletion. This is due to the script describing some interesting twists and it being the only ending where the interesting backstory Wadsworth recounts to the guests is entirely true.
  • Cold Mountain: The deleted scene (adapting a moment from the book) where Inman goes to the farm to meet Ada and finds Georgia there is quite well-liked. Many feel that its presence would have helped better explain how Inman finds Ada and Ruby, as well as giving Georgia a brief moment to shine.
  • Ralph Bakshi originally saw Cool World as an erotic horror film about a cartoonist who has sex with his creation resulting in a half-human hybrid. Sadly, the film was infamously screwed over by the studio, resulting in the film we got and fans enjoyed the Bakshi's original vision better.
  • Constantine removed the scenes involving John's Friends with Benefits succubus Ellie played by Michelle Monaghan in order to make John more of a loner. Hellblazer fans who were disappointed with how little the movie has in common with the comics think they should have kept the character who's from the source material.
  • The Craft has a deleted scene that helped bridge Nancy's Face–Heel Turn; Sarah first asks Bonnie and Rochelle about doing a binding spell, but Nancy ambushes them and gives a "Reason You Suck" Speech. She reminds Bonnie and Rochelle of all she's done for them, also clarifying that they were outright shunned by the school before her. The director cut this, feeling it took power away from the scene in the bathroom where the girls officially turn on Sarah, and thinking it wouldn't make sense for them to remain friends with Nancy after that. The fans have a different attitude however; it explains Rochelle and Bonnie's abrupt Face–Heel Turn (which seems especially surprising for Rochelle, who's an otherwise Nice Girl) by showing they only go along with Nancy out of fear. It also gives a better reason for why Sarah would go on a date with Chris afterwards — in the finished film, she just appears to call him over simple disagreements with the girls. But the deleted scene happens right before this, meaning Sarah was feeling particularly vulnerable. Superficially, the scene shows off some killer acting by Fairuza Balk.
  • Cursed, a werewolf movie made by Wes Craven, was rewritten due to Executive Meddling after most if not all of the original script was filmed, with radically different characters and plot twists. The studio has refused to release the cut content, despite a fan consensus that it could give the movie a chance at real greatness when the theatrical version is generally felt to be So Okay, It's Average or worse.
  • Dances with Wolves: Out of the many scenes only found in the extended edition, the one featuring Fort Sedgwick's abandonment before Dunbar's arrival is constantly cited as a sequence that should have stayed in the theatrical cut. It has some nice acting and dialogue, and the Fort's emptiness comes across as a Plot Hole in the theatrical cut.
  • DC Extended Universe:
    • Justice League (2017) went through many extensive reshoots, modifications and cuts as a result of original director Zack Snyder departing in favor of Joss Whedon, many of which resulted in a rather messy final film that many despised and would lead to fans clamoring and campaigning for the film as originally envisioned by Snyder. Shockingly enough, this reaction would cause Warner Bros. (or their new owners AT&T) to let Snyder re-edit the film to be closer to his original vision, resulting in Zack Snyder's Justice League, which most consider to be a far better film than the theatrical version.
    • SHAZAM! (2019): Most of the scenes which got deleted for pacing are pretty well-liked, but one that almost everyone agrees should have stayed is the scene where Mary and Billy have a conversation about their respective places in the family after she catches him sneaking out. Keeping it could have probably kept Mary's underutilized character arc out of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot territory.
  • Dead Poets Society: People generally agree that the deleted scenes of Chris and her friend Ginny should have been kept to keep Chris from being more than a Satellite Love Interest.
  • Deep Blue Sea provides a less universal example than most but still has some passionate advocates. Most fans still enjoy the theatrical ending, where Susan, the scientist who creates the sharks for Alzheimer's research, is dramatically killed while using herself as bait. However, there is a steadily growing minority that feels that an alternate ending where she survives should have been used instead of or along with the theatrical one. One factor bending this is the lack of real-world progress in treating Alzheimers since the film's release, loaning more sympathy to both Susan's motives and fans' desires to see a character who could potentially cure the disease survive.
    • Several deleted scenes further develop Jim and Janice's relationship and have Susan show a warmer side during her birthday party. Many fans wish they'd remained in the movie for the sake of better Character Development.
  • The Devil Wears Prada: The film has several deleted scenes between Andy and Miranda, some of which fans feel should have been left in. One particular moment is Miranda mouthing "thank you" to Andy for stopping her husband from embarrassing her at the party, which some fans feel added more depth to Miranda that was lacking from the finished product. Another is the small scene of Miranda and Andy awkwardly riding in an elevator to James Holt's office, which many feel was one of the funnier jokes that the writing team came up with.
  • Fans agree that Edtv would have been too long if it had kept all, or even most, of the 45 minutes of deleted scenes. Still, they tend to mourn the deleted subplots that flesh out Ed's family and introduce a rival TV personality.
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: While many of the deleted scenes have their defenders, almost everyone thinks that the scene where Mary listens to the recordings of her erased memories and finds out that Howard pressured her to have an abortion should have stayed. It has some of the character's best acting and makes her actions at the end of the movie a lot more understandable.
  • Final Destination: The Bittersweet Ending that was originally scripted and filmed before a negative test audience reaction has been Vindicated by History following the Too Bleak, Stopped Caring nature of the series as a whole. Many fans prefer that alternate ending where the survivors are Carter, Clear, and Alex's unborn baby and they're safe from future attacks.
  • Final Destination 3: The alternate ending has a nice air of The End... Or Is It? instead of a grim Bolivian Army Ending. Quite a few people like that ending, and many people who don't still feel that the theatrical ending is less enjoyable.
  • Final Destination 4: People aware of the deleted scene where Janet challenges Death by walking across a road with her eyes closed are almost unanimous in agreeing that it should have been kept in. This is due to the movie's short run-time and the emotional nature of the scene in a movie that's criticized for being Denser and Wackier.
  • Fury (2014): The deleted scenes. Some critics believe they should have remained as they added more depth to the film.
  • The Grudge: Many fans of the second movie think that the alternate version of the final attack on Allison and Jake should have been kept in the final cut. The alternate ending's popularity comes from how it provides some hope for Allison to survive rather than having her fall victim to the ghosts onscreen, while at the same time being even scarier than the theatrical version of the scene.
  • Halloween (2007): Quite a few people prefer the alternate ending, as it makes Michael and Loomis more sympathetic and implies that Michael dies (which would avert the events of the base-breaking immediate sequel).
  • Hancock: Many people consider the original script, which is consistently gritty and has Hancock experiencing suicidal tendencies, as superior to the finished film.
  • Harry Potter:
  • Viewers of Home Alone 4 who view Natalie as Unintentionally Sympathetic and a Designated Victim often wish the scripted ending had been used, where Natalie and Peter stay together while Kate starts dating a cop who turns out to be Marv's White Sheep brother.
  • Hot Fuzz: The various deleted scenes following the "hoodies" are well-liked, and most fans agree that there are multiple good reasons they should have been kept. Those scenes set up how they help Nicholas in the climax, provide more Foreshadowing about how there can be a group of identically-dressed miscreants working together and make the NWA seem even more creepy with their willingness to target a member's grandson.
  • I Am Legend: The alternate ending, where Neville realizes that the monsters are sentient and view him as a monster, is much more popular than the rushed and generic theatrical ending, most likely for being more true to the ending of the novel.
  • Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor's original script for I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry was originally a more serious and tasteful black comedy about homophobia with soci-political commentary.
  • It's unanimously agreed that Richard Stanley's version of The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) would have been better than the disaster that was actually made.
  • James Bond:
    • Diamonds Are Forever: It's widely agreed that the deleted material with Plenty O'Toole should have been left in the film, as it not only gives her more screentime, but fills in a Plot Hole regarding how she knew where Tiffany Case lives. Also, the intended climax involving a full on assault on the oil rig culminating in Bond chasing Blofeld to a salt mine where the villain finally meets his end sounds like it would have been way more satisfying than the final film, not to mention Blofeld getting a proper comeuppance.
    • Tomorrow Never Dies: A lot of people wish that k.d. lang's "Surrender", which plays over the closing credits, hadn't been replaced late in production by Sheryl Crow's "Tomorrow Never Dies" as the main title song.
    • Quantum of Solace: "No Good About Goodbye" by Shirley Bassey is widely considered to be a much superior song to the much-maligned "Another Way to Die".
  • Liar Liar: A majority of the fandom thinks that the Deleted Scene where Fletcher defends a mugger in court should have been kept, due to it establishing Fletcher's methods and skills as an Amoral Attorney in a hilarious Crosses the Line Twice way.
  • Lights Out (2016): Some consider the original ending (which takes place after the theatrical ending scene) where the villain makes one final attack on the siblings to be canon, given that it avoids the Unfortunate Implications about suicide being a solution to problems.
  • Major Dundee: The deleted opening featuring an Apache massacre which Ryan narrowly escapes is somewhat legendary among Western fans, who praise the scene's execution in the original script and mourn how the filmed footage has yet to see a home video release.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • The Avengers (2012): Several deleted scenes from the Battle of New York focus on a waitress Cap befriended in an earlier deleted scene, a Badass Normal cop whom Cap gives an alien weapon, and the arrival of military reinforcements. Many fans wish that some or all of those scenes had been included, as they have a powerful The Real Heroes feel and showcase the wider effects of the battle.
    • Thor: The Dark World: The initial pitch by original director Patty Jenkins was going to focus more on Thor and Jane Foster's relationship, akin to Romeo and Juliet. Odin would forbid them to be with each other and his disinterest in Earth would be exploited by Malekith to hide all of the dark energy of the Aether inside the planet, only for Thor and Jane to discover it. Most fans prefer Jenkins' proposal over the final product, which is considered to be mediocre if not one of the least liked installments of the Infinity Saga.
    • Ant-Man: While the film was mostly well-received, there are many people who would have much rather seen Edgar Wright's version.
    • Avengers: Infinity War: During the climactic battle in Wakanda, Bruce was originally going to work out his issues with the Hulk and the two would become one being in order to defeat Cull Obsidian. Although the scene was cut due to concerns it would conflict with the film's Downer Ending, many fans wished it stayed in, citing how it gave proper resolution to Bruce's story arc and was ultimately more satisfying than having the two merge off-screen during the five year Time Skip in Avengers: Endgame.
  • Nim's Island: The deleted scenes with Nim's imaginary friends provide the film with more emotional depth and cute moments, and many fans wish they'd been left in.
  • There are some who would have preferred to have seen the original script to Pretty Woman, which was a darker and more realistic look at prostitution with no happy ending.
  • Out Cold: Many wish the extended version of Papa Muntz's death scene had been used due to the mixture of genuine sadness and Crosses the Line Twice humor, and Eric getting a better Establishing Character Moment.
  • Prometheus was initially titled Alien: Engineers, since the original script was released online, there has been no shortage of fans furiously declaring that it has far better mythology gags, action scenes, and plot developments than anything that made it to screen.
  • James Gunn's original script for Scooby-Doo was much more faithful to the original cartoon. It also served as an origin story for how the gang met, complete with Gunn's trademark offbeat humor. There are also deleted scenes showing Daphne encountering a possessed Velma, and Shaggy witnessing Daphne's soul getting extracted too that explain oddities in the finished film - after the former, Daphne just leaves a locker room looking panicked, and the latter has Shaggy inexplicably knowing to find Daphne's soul in the vat too.
  • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed: Most fans think that cutting the scene showing the second museum robbery was a mistake, given the delicious creepiness of the setting and how it provides a proper introduction to the Ensemble Dark Horse 10,000 Volt Ghost.
  • Michael Piller's original version of Star Trek: Insurrection is was very different from the final film. Inspired by Heart of Darkness, it would have seen Picard tracking down an old academy friend who has allied with the B'aku against the Romulans. His first draft can be found in the unpublished book Fade In and is widely thought to be better than the actual film.
  • Star Wars:
    • The Phantom Menace: The rough draft of the film is considered by many to be superior to the final product: Obi-Wan is the main character rather than Qui-Gon (whose role is much smaller), Anakin has a less irritating and more mystical personality, Padmé and her plight are more interesting, Darth Maul has more dialogue, and Jar Jar Binks is actually tolerable, as he and the other Gungans speak in plain English and actually receives Character Development (becoming a wiser person through his experiences and even being a Badass Normal hero in the end battle rather than bumbling his way into victory).
    • There were two scenes in Revenge of the Sith that many felt should have been retained. The two being "A Stirring in the Senate" and Exiled to Dagobah. Largely due to both scenes being important scenes that tied into the original trilogy, with the former scene planting the first seeds for what would grow into the Rebel Alliance (on top of fleshing out Padmé and Bail's characters) and the latter scene showing Yoda's exile to Dagobah.
    • Return of the Jedi: Early plans for the film originally featured the heroes arriving on the planet Kashyyyk and teaming up with a tribe of Wookiees to help overthrow the Empire. However, George Lucas created the Ewoks to take their place, wanting a more primitive race to contrast the technologically-advanced Imperial forces. Many fans prefer the original idea with the Wookiees, as they found the teddy bear-like Ewoks to be too childish by comparison.
    • The Last Jedi: The deleted scene of Luke mourning over the death of Han Solo is unanimously agreed by many (including Mark Hamill) that it should have stayed in the film, especially since it would have mitigated the complaint about how little of an impact and focus Han's death had, in spite of him being one of the most important characters in the original trilogy.
    • The Rise of Skywalker: Colin Trevorrow's original Episode IX script, Duel of the Fates, is liked more than the finished film because Palpatine doesn't come Back from the Dead in Duel, Finn led a team of defected Stormtroopers against the First Order in the climax, Rey had a new double-bladed lightsaber, the final battle would have been set in Coruscant, and many more reasons.
    • There are several fans who would have preferred to see the original plans for episodes VII, VIII and IX by George Lucas over the final episodes.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Many Mario fans tend to prefer the original 1991 draft and the more straight forward fantasy approach it had over the infamous final film. Largely due to the script being more faithful to the games.
  • Sweet Home Alabama: Fans tend to like most (although not all) of the deleted scenes that introduce Erin (a character who plays a notable role in the ending montage) and show Melanie interacting with Jake's mother and expressing more regret for her Alcohol-Induced Idiocy. The consensus is that they aren't quite great, but could have added a little to the movie.
  • Terminator: After years of Sequelitis, fans began looking far more favorably on the cut alternate ending of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which showed a grown up and middle-aged John Connor working happily as a U.S. Senator to prevent futures like the Robot War from coming about, while he and an elderly Sarah enjoy time with her grandchildren. Come the release of Terminator: Dark Fate in 2019 (very close to the same date of the alternate ending), where John Connor is unceremoniously killed as a child, only for a new evil AI and new Resistance to replace him and Skynet, and many fans argue that even following the timeline of the alternate ending would have been more interesting than what they got in Dark Fate.
  • Many people would have rather seen the Richard Donner/Shane Black version of Wild Wild West rather than the disaster that was actually made.
  • The original script for X-Men: The Last Stand that Bryan Singer was going to direct would have been a more faithful adaptation of "The Dark Phoenix Saga" focusing on Cyclops and Jean Grey, with a three-way struggle between the X-Men, the Brotherhood of Mutants and the Hellfire Club over Jean's Phoenix powers. It would have even kept the original story's ending where Cyclops is forced to kill Jean. It also would have introduced Gambit, Emma Frost and Dazzler.
  • Yesterday (2019): Many of the deleted scenes (Jack appearing on The Late Show, a humorous race to get to an interview on time, one of the songs being used in an ice cream commercial etc.) have their fans. The one that probably has the most defenders is the original twist of Ellie being the one to remember Harry Potter in the ending while no one else does."

  • The Harry Potter series has some cut content the author has discussed and that fans would have enjoyed seeing kept.
    • Draco Malfoy having a conversation with another Death Eater's kid whom he considers an equal, while also describing how Harry is Shrouded in Myth from the perspective of Voldemort's Death Eaters.
    • The first draft of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire featured a muggleborn distant Weasley cousin named Mafalda who is sorted into Slytherin based on her intelligence and ambition, in spite of her blood status, and serves as a source of gossip about Slytherin goings-on and would have also acted as a rival figure to Hermione. Rowling abandoned the character due to considering her subplot implausible due to her young age and she was replaced by Rita Skeeter (and the name "Mafalda" being repurposed for a Ministry employee that Hermione impersonates in Deathly Hallows), but many fans wish she'd been preserved in some capacity.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel: Early season four plans had the comatose Cordelia wake up to kill off Jasmine, instead of having a bridge dropped on her later on. To say that the entirety of the fanbase would have preferred that storyline to what they ended up getting is an understatement. Later accusations that Joss Whedon made the change to punish Charisma Carpenter for getting pregnant during filming have only added to that sentiment.
  • Breaking Bad: Vince Gilligan has described an unfilmed scene from the finale where Walt has an encounter with a former student. Many people wish the scene had remained and think it could have been one of the better Heartwarming Moments in a fairly grim episode.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Professor Maggie Walsh was supposed to have been the big bad of season four. This could have created an interesting dynamic - someone who serves as a rival for Giles as Buffy's new teacher and Riley's surrogate mother figure, a contrasting sequel antagonist to the Mayor (affable and cheery public figure replaced with a calculating and cold figre who operates in the dark) and with military technology and resources on her side, thus giving Buffy a more human foe. Given that even Joss Whedon felt that Adam was the show's most boring villain, many feel that this would have made the season better.
    • "Conversations with Dead People" had a scene planned where the First Evil would impersonate Jesse from the first two episodes to torment Xander. It would have solved many complaints about Jesse being a Forgotten Fallen Friend, and also served as a nice Call-Back to the first season. Sadly, Eric Balfour wasn't available.
    • A planned episode would have Buffy bringing Tara back to life with one wish. Needless to say, a lot of fans would have liked that over Willow's relationship with Kennedy.
  • A lot of Charmed (1998) fans would have preferred the original storyline for Season 5 - Cole falling in love with Paige instead - rather than the odd arc of him going through the Face–Heel Revolving Door.
  • Firefly: The deleted scene from "Serenity" where Zoe tells Mal about the Battle of Serenity Valley is considered to be a good character moment that fleshes out some aspects of the characters which are never said out loud. While it was deleted due to its tie-in with the original (also deleted) opening, many feel it would have worked fine as a follow-up to the revised opening.
  • Heroes: Before Kristen Bell's filming schedule got too busy, Elle was originally intended to survive the events of season three and be the mother of Sylar's son in the Bad Future. Most fans would have been happier with that than with the final version of season three.
  • Lost: Ilana's originally-planned role as Jacob's daughter and a more prominent figure in the plot of Season 6 is something that fans feel was unwisely cut.
  • Powerless: Many people who've seen the original unaired pilot (where there's still some decent comedy, but the characters work at an insurance company and have a The Real Heroes vibe) feel that scrapping that format badly hurt the show's quality.
  • Tremors: The short-lived Syfy series might have been better if it had adapted more than one of the scripts from an un-produced earlier series (a vampire mountain man, an octopus creature in the trees, a winged monster the heroes pursue with sky-fishing methods etc.).

    Theme Parks 
  • Disney Theme Parks:
    • Although Epcot is well loved by many, there are a portion of fans who wish Epcot became the city of tomorrow that Walt Disney envisioned back when he was alive.
    • Many fans adore the idea of Beastly Kingdom (a fantasy themed land planned for Animal Kingdom that was scrapped due to time constraints) and wish Disney realized the idea instead of using its space for Pandora - The World of Avatar.
    • The original scrapped idea for Disneyland's second park, WestCOT (which would have been Disneyland's version of Epcot), is widely preferred by fans over the second park that did get built, Disney California Adventure.

    Video Games 
  • There's footage of Capcom Fighting All-Stars, a Crisis Crossover between Capcom properties such as Street Fighter, Final Fight and Rival Schools with a few Original Generation characters thrown in that was scrapped. Instead of that game, Capcom released Capcom Fighting Evolution, whose reception was quite negative, to say the least. Needless to say, despite the cancellation, there were quite a lot of people who wished to play CFAS more than the game they eventually got in its place. This sentiment only magnified in The New '10s thanks to more extensive looks at the game via the official Street Fighter V website as well as a 2017 interview which revealed that the 3D assets used in All-Stars might have been meant for a Capcom vs. SNK 3, complete with a guest appearance from K' of The King of Fighters fame.
  • Crash Twinsanity has an absurd amount of cut content due to the tight deadline put on the developers by Vivendi, to the point where it is lampshaded by the game itself. Over the years, more and more of this content has been uncovered, with two of the developers, Keith Webb and Paul Gardner, releasing a great deal of information on these removed items, with many fans of the game wishing it would get a remake to add all of it back in.
  • Dinosaur Planet has TONS of interesting content that never made it into the final game of Star Fox Adventures, along with Krystal having a much more prominent role in the game as a Deuteragonist, a darker atmosphere and tone, a much more complex and in-depth story with plenty of lore and worldbuilding, and a more interesting main villain who is actually foreshadowed. Many people wish that the game would have been finished in the original scope and vision of Dinosaur Planet, instead of being heavily cut and dumbed down like the final game was.
  • Epic Mickey has become notorious for this, as many found the game's dark and twisted concept art and the scrapped ideas contained within them to be far cooler and more well, "epic", compared to the game proper, which many have found to be a disappointment due to the final game not living up to what was initially promised by its concept art.
  • Final Fantasy XV was originally titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII and was meant to be a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy subseries that shares the same mythology and themes with the main Final Fantasy XIII series. When it was rebranded into XV by Executive Meddling, so much of the story, mythos, and even characters were changed to the point that the original director said that it's not the same game anymore. Unsurprisingly, many fans who had been interested in the initial concept were unhappy with these changes. In particular, people had expressed disappointment at the removal of Stella and her subsequent replacement by Lunafreya, since Stella was presented as an Anti-Villain in the trailers, and her character's concept was seen as more interesting than Lunafreya's role as a more standard Love Interest for Noctis.
  • Friday Night Funkin': While Senpai's final design isn't hated, when one of the game's artists posted old concepts for his design — which had two-toned hair, blue and green eyes, and ear piercings — it garnered just as much love as Senpai himself due to being charmingly drenched in anime clichés. In fan works, fans either make the design a separate character or incorporate elements of the old design into Senpai's final, in particular his heterochromia.
  • Gran Turismo 5's Special Stage Route X had a Dummied Out infield ribbon commonly nicknamed "The Unicorn" that many fans hoped would be implemented as DLC or in a sequel, but to date, it has not surfaced in playable form. Likewise, quite a few fans have clamored for the return of Special Stage Route 11, which hasn't been seen since GT 3.
  • Katawa Shoujo: Shizune's alpha route is often considered superior to the final product, though it has been criticized for trying too hard to be a Tear Jerker (this is due to the same alpha containing the infamous Hanako arc full of nothing but Bad Ends).
  • Kirby: There are a number of fans who wish the three cancelled mainline Nintendo GameCube games became a reality, with some preferring how they look over the game that did eventually get made, Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  • Link's Crossbow Training: When it was discovered that the game began life as a gaiden game to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, fans were less than happy, as the final version was little more than an a tech demo for the Wii Zapper accessory with no story whatsoever. Shigeru Miyamoto forced the team to scrap this in favor of making a rail shooter after deeming that their current direction would have resulted in another full-sized Zelda adventure rather than a smaller-scale game with a quick turnaround time.
  • A considered ending for Mass Effect 3 was revealing the dark energy caused by Mass Effect technology was hastening the end of the universe and the Reaper's harvesting civilizations was to delay this until a solution could be found. This was presumably meant to be foreshadowed by the Haestrom subplot in 2, where the planet's star was prematurely aging due to dark energy, which was ultimately ignored. While the author cautions there's no way to know if the idea would have worked out well, given how unpopular the Reaper's in-game motives were and the resulting infamous ending many fans saw this as preferable if for nothing else having better buildup and cohesion with the rest of the trilogy.
  • Overwatch's Robot Girl hero Echo, upon her unveiling, became widely mocked for the design of her face, which depicted her as having a holographic human face that read as unsettlingly realistic to a lot of fans, as well as an attempt to make her more conventionally attractive ("Overwatch face" being a very common meme for the generic conventionally-attractive face shared by a lot of female characters) that didn't quite work out due to the lack of bangs giving her a Forehead of Doom. Part of the backlash came from the fact that Echo had a number of early designs, including a Cyber Cyclops look or a face-concealing visor, which found themselves circulating the internet due to her making brief appearances in other artwork, and many fans found those designs preferable, due to matching better with other Omnics, looking more distinctive, and providing a fun contrast with her personality. Notably, a version of the one-eyed design was recycled into two of her legendary skins.
  • Persona 4 has a few scrapped moments that some wish made it into the final game:
    • Yosuke Hanamura was going to be a Gay Option, a decision that was reversed far enough into development that dialogue for it, dubbed in English, remains in the game's data. Fans aware of this believe this would heavily have elevated much of the subtext of the bond between him and the player character, as well as heavily recontextualized his downright terrified homophobic outbursts into someone terrified to embrace this part of himself and projecting that onto others, tying into the game's primary themes of finding the truths in one's life. For that matter, it's something that the series' second installment had already had precedent for allowing!
    • Originally, the Killer was going to be Dojima instead of Adachi. While Adachi was well-received as a villain, some people thing Dojima would have been a better choice for two reasons. The first one being that the player got to know him more, which would have made for a pretty tragic reveal. The second reason was that some of his rather idiotic decisions near the end of the story ( taking the protagonist to the police station and leaving his seven-year-old daughter home alone after recieving a threatening letter, leading to the latter getting kidnapped) would have made a lot more sense if he were the killer ( he could have been trying to get the protagonist away from the murder investigation without harming him, he left Nanako home alone because he assumed she was in no danger since he sent the letter, and he failed to take Namatame into consideration).
  • Since Persona 5, has a lot of Dummied Out content, some of it naturally ends up getting this reaction.
    • Some unused events showed the Phantom Thieves having more hangout events in the late fall or winter. Some fans appreciate how the Slice of Life scenes help show the Phantom Thieves as True Companions, and like how they give more screentime to characters like Haru and Kasumi.
    • Originally, Royal would have had flashbacks in the Will Seed chambers showing a part of the Palace ruler's Start of Darkness, such as a scandal Kamoshida was involved in as an Olympian, or when Madarame let Yusuke's mother die. Some fans like these cut scenes for showing the Palace rulers' backstories in more depth.
    • The game originally had a "Distrust" mechanic for Confidants that's similar to the possibility of reversing Social Links in previous games, thereby rendering them unavailable until the player reconciles with the person in question. Some people like the possibility of losing your Confidants' trust and think it would make your decisions with regards to Confidants matter more. However, since Reversed Social Links is a Scrappy Mechanic in many circles, other players were glad that it's completely gone from 5 after being much rarer in 4 (where there were only three instances in which it was possible), and/or believe that it wouldn't make sense for Confidants, which are business relationships as well as friendships.
  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones was announced as Prince of Persia 3: Kindred Blades. It was intended to be darker and more dramatic with Kaileena sacrificing herself to save the Prince who was about to be executed, instead of being killed by the Vizier. It was heavily reworked to be Lighter and Softer possibly because of the mixed reception toward the Darker and Edgier direction of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. While The Two Thrones was well received, still as you can see in the comments in the trailer, many fans wished Kindred Blades was made especially since Warrior Within has been mostly Vindicated by History.
  • Rayman:
    • Rayman Raving Rabbids, as shown in early trailers, was meant to be an action platformer like the previous games before it was reworked as a party game. To say that fans were disappointed would be an understatement.
    • Although Rayman Origins is widely regarded to be a fantastic game, there are aspects of the game that many fans wished the game kept.
      • Many fans wish the game kept the intial Origins Episode premise the game showcased in the early trailers, as many found the idea to be more interesting and fitting of the Origins namesake (which ended up becoming an Artifact Title as a result of it getting scrapped) than the final game's plot, which is largely an Excuse Plot.
      • According to a script and cut dialogue in the files of the demo. The Magician was intended to be a fan of the villain Mr. Dark and the one that engeneered the conflict between Rayman and the Land O Livid Dead, much of which was ultimately scrapped from the game. It is unanimously agreed by fans that this should have been kept in the game to some extent, as it gave him more characterization and would have added further context to the Magician's betrayal, which ends up coming out of nowhere as a result of his original motivation and role in the plot getting scrapped.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • There were originally two zones planned for the 2011 remaster of Sonic CD. Those two being Desert Dazzle (which would have been a desert zone in between Palmtree Panic and Collision Chaos) and Final Fever (a new True Final Boss only unlocked upon collecting all the time stones). Both were scrapped due to Sonic Team not wanting to deviate too heavily from the original game. Many fans however, wished the two zones made it in. Especially Final Fever, since many felt it would have given Sonic CD a "proper" final boss fight, as the pre-existing final boss in Metallic Madness has been criticized for being an easy Anti-Climax Boss. Fortunately for Desert Dazzle, it would later be realized as Mirage Saloon in Sonic Mania.
    • Many fans became surprised in November 2019 when a leaked prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 revealed that the alternate tracks once thought to be replacements exclusive to Sonic & Knuckles Collection (a PC port of the game) are actually the original tracks, with the final Genesis tracks being last minute replacements. Not only do many fans find them to be vastly superior to the midi-based rearrangements in the PC port, but some have gone on to prefer them over the tracks in the final Genesis release.
    • While Windy Valley from Sonic Adventure is by no means hated, many fans tend to prefer the zone's first incarnation (which was discovered via a leaked demo in 2013 after years of speculation and was then promptly restored by the modding community not too long after) over its final incarnation, due to it being far larger and more open-ended in the vein of the 16-bit Genesis games compared to the more linear final zone. Some have even called it the ideal 3D Sonic stage for that reason alone.
    • During the promotion of Sonic Forces, Sonic Channel (the Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog website) shared this concept art of Green Hill, which depicts the iconic zone as an abandoned, dark and stormy prison, as opposed to the deserted wasteland seen in the final game. Most fans agree that the unused concept art is a far more interesting and creative take on Green Hill compared to how the zone is depicted in the final game, on top of being more appropriate for the game's darker, more dystopian setting.
    • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric originally started out as Sonic Synergy and had tons of interesting ideas early on that were ultimately thrown aside due to Executive Meddling from Sega and attempts to tie it in with the cartoon. Many fans have gone on to vastly prefer the original Sonic Synergy concept over the game it would become later on.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Super Mario Bros. 2: The prototype version of the game features a remix of the classic Underground theme from the original Super Mario Bros. that was later replaced with a revised version of the Underground theme from Doki Doki Panic for the final version. Many people who listened to the prototype's version wish it had appeared in the game proper, though it already appears in a modified form in Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • Super Mario Odyssey: Concept art shown in The Art of Super Mario Odyssey book features a very different concept of what would become New Donk City called Marihattan, which was much more stylized and would have featured more cartoony humans in the style of Mario, Peach and Pauline compared to New Donk City's more realistic setting. Unsurprisingly, those who are against the idea of New Donk City tend to prefer Marihattan instead for being more in line with the franchise's usually stylistic and cartoony aesthetic compared to New Donk City.
    • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: The Starbeans Café was intended to house a number of cameos from other Nintendo characters that ended up being replaced for unknown reasons. Unused dialogue and sprites exist depicting Samus, Link, Fox McCloud, Olimar, an Excitebike racer, and even Wario arriving to sample the drinks you made and give you exclusive gear in return. Ultimately, these were all removed in favor of just using Professor E. Gadd for each scene instead, which many consider a letdown compared to the crossovers and especially Wario, who fans have wanted to see in a Mario RPG for some time. The gear each character would've given is still handed out by E. Gadd, but most of it has been renamed to make the references to other franchises less obvious.
  • The revelation of Ultima IX that The Guardian originated from the evil purged from the Avatar in Ultima IV was disliked by fans for giving the idea it would have been better for one not to become the Avatar. In contrast, the original idea that The Guardian came from the fusion of the Shadowlords is more warmly received as not only gets rid of the issue linked to the canon reveal but also ties with Mondain, who had served the role as Greater-Scope Villain in previous Ultima games.
  • The Walking Dead: Season Three: Early concept art, promotional images and animations left in the code of the game tell the story of a completely different start of the game that would in turn almost completely change the whole story of the season: Javier would get captured by The New Frontier, split from his family, branded on the neck against his will and thrown into a cell in an abandoned slaughterhouse that the group has repurposed into a prison (which also kept zombies). Javier's cellmate was Clementine, with The New Frontier taking away the boy she was looking after, AJ. Clementine and Javier decide to work together to escape the slaughterhouse and find their kidnapped loved ones. During the escape, they would be chased by Badger, one of The New Frontier members, who would get stuck in a turnstile with zombies getting closer and closer, with Javier having an option to Mercy Kill him or leave him to be devoured alive. After Clem and Javi manage to escape, they would stay together to find a way to get their families out of The New Frontier camp. This intro and storyline were cut, with Word of God stating that it "Didn't feel like an authentic The Walking Dead story", but some fans think that the high-adrenaline slaughterhouse escape was a much better setup for the plot than the much more generic "group goes out to scavenge gas in the junkyard and gets ambushed by bandits" scene present in the final game. This story draft also implied that the fan-favorite Clementine will be a proper Deuteragonist who will spend a majority of the game with Javier, unlike in the final product, where she is still an important character, but is frequently absent or has to take the back seat for the new characters (which majority of the fans found boring at best or annoying and downright detrimental to the group at worst, not really helping the case).
  • Among the myriad of cut content in YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG is the mostly-complete remains of the original ending, changed during the game's Troubled Production despite being fully voiced. Some players greatly prefer this ending to the two from the final game for a variety of reasons:
    • The Essentia's motivations are confusing and unreliable in the original story, but the cut ending directly explains that she's been tricking Alexes from other dimensions into going on suicide missions to defeat Proto-Alex, or abandoning them if they chicken out. Alex's decision to fight Proto-Alex of his own free will after learning this expresses Character Development that many felt the final game rushed out.
    • This version's incarnation of Proto-Alex is much more imposing, looking like a gigantic armored demon instead of the shirtless creep from the final game. It was also planned to be a proper final boss rather than a Hopeless Boss Fight, complete with exclusive dodging minigames that were underutilized in the release version.
    • The ending is more optimistic, with Essentia and Alex parting ways, the latter leaving to find a new reality where he can become a better person, along with a final moment of Addressing the Player to cap things off.

    Web Original 
  • Epic Rap Battles of History: Some fans would have preferred to see the original version of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton over the final product due to it being significantly less one-sided in Hillary’s favor and the additions of Ronald Reagan and Bernie Sanders bringing a lot more into the battle.

    Western Animation 
  • Beast Wars: "Dark Glass" was a cut episode with quite the potential for the overall plot, explaining how Dinobot II ended up gaining Dinobot's sense of honor at the end of "Nemesis, Part 2". It was cut for, supposedly, being "too dark", and replaced instead with "Go With The Flow", a filler episode centered around protohumans Chak and Una with few relevances to the overall plot. Needless to say, fans were more intrigued about the cut episode than the final one they got as the Plot Hole "Dark Glass" left after being cut was pretty big.
  • Bob's Burgers: Though it's unknown if it would have saved the episode's reputation outright and no footage of said ending exists, many fans prefer the original conceptualized ending for the hated "Family Fracas" (which would have involved the Belchers dumping silly foam on Jimmy Pesto's ill-won minivan) for at least granting Jimmy Pesto some form of karma compared to the final ending where he gets away scot-free with cheating and the Belchers force Bob to fix a puncture in Jimmy's minivan.
  • Futurama: The episode "Law and Oracle" is a Minority Report spoof that isn't particularly hated or loved by the fandom. The original concept for the episode is more interesting to several fans, as it would have focused on Fry and Leela's Kid from the Future. This was cut both to avoid giving a definitive answer to Fry and Leela's relationship, and because they failed to make that version of the plot all that funny, but Fry and Leela having kids is a common enough Fandom-Specific Plot for fans to wish it happened in canon.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • One of the final episodes had a scene where Dippy Fresh died from Dipper snapping his neck all the way around. For obvious reasons, the scene was rejected, but a lot of fans who know about it wish that burst of dark comedy was left in.
    • The show's head writer revealed that a scrapped idea for Season 2’s Myth Arc was an older Dipper coming from the future to warn the present Dipper about Mabel’s death during their time in Gravity Falls. While he and creator Alex Hirsch loved the idea, it was quickly abandoned because they couldn't figure out what the plot beats for such a story arc would be (and presumably how to make it mesh with "The Author" storyline they were also planning), but many fans like it for the higher personal stakes it would have given the second half of the series.
    • An alternative ending to "Blendin’s Game" was Dipper and Mabel using their time wish to show Soos visions from the future where he’s a Good Parent to his future son. While the final ending is still heartwarming, some fans liked the original idea.
    • A scrapped episode that was replaced with The Last Mabelcorn was going to be A Day in the Limelight episode for Wendy where she gets weather controlling powers, and it would have delved deeper into her personal life. Some fans wished that episode got made since it would have given Wendy some much-needed Character Development, while The Last Mabelcorn was one of the less warmly received episodes due to feeling like a massive Take That! towards Mabel's detractors.
  • When Miraculous Ladybug was first pitched, it was to be a 2D animesque/superhero comic book cartoon aimed at older kids and teens. Broadcasters didn't care for this pitch and as a result the show became a Merchandise-Driven All-CGI Cartoon aimed at a younger audience. Some fans who discovered the anime preview bemoan that the show did not follow the original pitch due to the darker tone, fluid 2D animation, Marinette's stand-in "Bridgette" having a cuter look, Hawk Moth's more intimidating design, and Adrien's stand-in Felix showing a greater personality contrast between his two identities, being reserved and aloof as a civilian while being an energetic Jerk with a Heart of Gold as Cat Noir.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The original ending of "Wonderbolt Academy" where Lightning Dust pulls a Heel–Face Turn has gained more popularity than the ending where she is thrown out of the academy.
    • A couple of fans have said that they wish the writers of "Spike at Your Service" would've left the original idea of Rarity being the one who saved Spike's life in because it would've made Spike's inept actions more justified due to his Precocious Crush on her.
  • Planet Sheen, the Spin-Off of the Jimmy Neutron franchise centering on the Comic Relief character, Sheen Estevez, was met with lackluster reception and lasted only 26 episodes. Many believe had the show went with its darker original plot in which Sheen was a double agent working for both sides of a planetary war (this was changed because it was too close to the James Cameron film Avatar), the show would have stood a better chance.
  • Some fans of The Simpsons would have preferred the original idea of Krusty and Homer being the same character, particularly in light of its later seasons due to its interesting concept of Bart's relationship with Homer.


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