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This isn't the climax of the latest Stephen King book or Jason, part 17.

"I'm gonna slice and dice cause murder's my vice. I'll stab you once, twice maybe even thrice. Carve initials in your liver. Make you quiver, deliver. Yeah, that'd be nice. I'll dissect your heart. Rip your entrails apart. Hack off your head. And that's just the start".
L.I.F.E. Long

Horrorcore rap music is essentially Gangsta Rap meets Horror Tropes, with a touch of bloodthirsty metal for good measure. There's dispute over where the genre originated, but it's agreed that the Geto Boys, Ganksta N-I-P, Brotha Lynch Hung and Insane Poetry were the forebears of the genre. Horrorcore is more or less gangsta rap turned up to 11. Expect subject matter to cover cannibalism, rape, torture, infanticide, occultism, necrophilia and other horrible things For the Evulz.

Could be said to be to Hardcore Hip Hop what Death Metal is to Thrash Metal. See also Gangsta Rap.


Artists in the genre include:

Record labels centered around this genre:

  • Psychopathic Records
  • Lyrikal Snuff Productions
  • Serial Killin Records
  • Slaughtercore Entertainment
  • Prone Records
  • Murder House Records

Horrorcore often provides examples of the following tropes: