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Missing Information is a Half-Life 2 Game Mod by the "Gabe's Love Tub" team, that attempts to recreate lost content from the Half-Life 2 development cycle.

They are currently in version 1.6 since 2011. However, they are semi-active as of 2017 with a new Twitter account, getting the game on Steam Greenlight,note  and a sound system update so far.

The mod's goal is recreating the original storyline from the Raising the Bar development book with the 2003 leaked version and some old source material through trailers and screenshots of the time.

Missing Information provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Darker and Edgier: As the mod aims to recreate a lost atmosphere that the retail game lacks.
  • Easter Egg: You can get the Tau Cannon from Half-Life early on under one of Borealis levels.
  • Fan Remake: The mod aims to recreate the original Half-Life 2 storyline from the book Raising the Bar and pre-release material.
  • Ship Level:
    • The Borealis is completely remade from leak version in 1.6 as "Hyperborea" chapternote .
    • Another version of Borealis from pre-1.6 as e3_ship.note 
  • Shown Their Work:
    • Their logo is based on two of original City 17 logos
    • They are trying to recreate the weapons and levels of the 2001-2003/leaked version of the game. However, their version of the shotgun included since 1.5 feels inaccurate from the actual the beta build, but yet again this is a recreation of the gun itself.