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Recap / Futurama S 6 E 16 Law And Oracle

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Fed up with his go-nowhere job as a delivery boy (especially after Roberto the Psycho Robot takes everyone hostage), Fry joins the police force.


  • Boobs of Steel: Exaggerated with Chief O'Mannahan, who is easily the toughest feminine testosterone on the show.
  • Call-Back: The call back to the pilot episode in the first minute, where it starts with Fry playing a game similar to Paperboy and losing, with Zoidberg and Leela using the respective lines of the little boy and Mr. Panucci.
    • The house HedonismBot married in The Late Phillip J. Fry makes an appearance
    • URL and Chief O'Mannahan are in an open robosexual relationship.
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  • Dynamite Candle: Played with, where Bender lights a dynamite stick then leaves it in his mouth like a cigar... but he does a double-take and realizes IT'S DYNAMITE and uses it to break open an invisible safe.
  • The Heart: The rest of Planet Express realize that without Fry, their company loses its charms. Bender and Leela have nothing to talk about during delivery missions, Hermes' reports become as dull as reports get, etc. By the end of the episode, the Professor notes that they don't know what Fry does exactly, but they desperately need it.
  • Hidden Depths: Fry turns out to make a pretty good cop. Who knew?
  • Kansas City Shuffle: When Fry is told of a future crime he has to solve; an oracle robot called "Pickles" gives Fry the prediction that one of the following will happen: 1. He will shoot Bender, causing him to destroy the Maltese Liquor and die; 2. He won't shoot Bender, but Bender will share the priceless alcohol with Planet Express, killing everyone due to its lethality. Fry attempts to pick neither, but Pickles appears at the crime and reveals it wasn't a prediction, but a setup. After Fry accidentally shoots Bender, Pickles shoots Fry and drinks the real liquor to kill his human brain, thus removing his psychic abilities; however, it is then revealed that the prediction came true simply because Fry figured out Pickles was the mastermind (due to the inconsistency of Bender sharing) and thus set up Pickles' con, causing Pickles to lose his oracle powers and allowing them to arrest him.
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  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Fry discovers he will shoot Bender in the future, parodying Minority Report
  • Out Giving Birth, Back in Two Minutes: Chief O'Mannahan ducks into the bathroom for a minute and comes out holding a baby, no prior indication that she was even pregnant.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: Fry is able to tell that Pickles is deceiving him when he shows Bender sharing strong malt liquor to the crew of the Planet Express (which, though harmless to robots, is deadly to humans). As Bender is an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, he would not share it with anyone.
  • Self-Deprecation: At the end of the episode, Fry gets his job back at Planet Express with the new title of "Executive Delivery Boy." Hermes says, "It's a meaningless title that helps people feel better about themselves." Roll Executive Producer credits for Matt Groening and David X Cohen.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Played Straight, with most of the Oracle's predictions turning out that as he predicted because the observers of the prophecy made it that way.
    • Double Subverted in a prophecy created turning out the way he predicted, with the observers playing their parts, all because he made it happen that way. His abilities are shown to not only predict the future but to create and change it.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Chief O'Mannahan, due to her invoking every Da Chief stereotype imaginable, congratulates Fry and URL on a major drug bust while in the police locker room while clad only in a towel. Said towel is only covering her waist, thus fully exposing her breasts for all (but the audience) to see. She calls no attention to this at all. Fry does, though.
    O'Mannahan: Congratulations on your big bust.
    Fry: You, too.
  • Shout-Out: To Paperboy, TRON, and MinorityReport
  • Spotting the Thread: Fry realized something was up with Pickles' predictions when it showed Bender sharing the Maltese Liquor with the rest of Planet Express because Bender isn't someone who shares his booze.
  • Take That!
    Pickles: Do you have any idea what a burden it is to know everything that will ever happen?! To never be surprised. To know the punch line of every joke hours in advance?!
    Fry: Like watching Leno!
    • Bender and Leela also go to Pandora, which is a needlessly 3D special effect planet.

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