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Webcomic / The Lion King: Kiara's Reign

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The Lion King: Kiara's Reign (also known as just "Kiara's Reign" for short) is a The Lion King sequel comic. It takes place during Kiara's reign as queen and stars her triplets with Kovu: Koda, Leah, and Asha.

The story start with the triplets and some other cubs playing. It starts raining and one of them, Koda, gets lost. The cubs go to look for Koda and find him straggling off a cliff. They try to save him and succeed, but Leah disappears in the chaos. She gets rescued by another lion far from the Priderocks. This lion is unknowingly her uncle Kopa.


This comic provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: The triplet's names stand out amongst the African names of the other characters. "Leah" is Hebrew and "Koda" is Native American. Only Asha's name is Swahili.
  • Animal Gender-Bender: A few OC females (such as Leah) have black ear tips, which are usually reserved for male lions.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: There's some blood in the comics.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Leah is always tripping and falling on her feet.
  • Dead Fic: The comic was cancelled and never finished.
  • Identical Grandson: Leah looks like a female version of Simba as a cub.
  • Next-Gen Fic: The story stars Kiara and Kovu's three cubs.

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