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Lit Brick is a webcomic about "sequential comedies of literature", written and drawn by Jodie Troutman. The webcomic follows a story-within-a-story pattern: The main characters are a girl named Molly and her friends. Most of the comic's content, however, is a webcomic about public domain literature that Molly draws. These comics are satirical retellings of works such as Shakespeare's plays, ancient mythology, and texts about King Arthur. The characters are also "played" by different members of the main cast, meaning that some roles are slightly tweaked.

Troutman also does adaptations of more modern works of literature, on commission.

After a very short-lived canceling of the webcomic, Troutman now updates on a more or less regular basis, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Not to be confused with other brick-reated tropes, flying or otherwise.

This webcomic provides examples of: