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Outdated by Canon

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"Who was the mother of Bob?"

The realm of fanfiction is an interesting place. Where canon may be scant with details, fans of a work can take up the task of filling in perceived holes in a story. This may include creating their own characters to flesh out a character's lineage or coming up with reasons why certain ones behave as they do. After all, what if the story never bothers to tell us who the parents of the protagonist were? Or the deal behind that guy with the cool name who's always mentioned but never shown? If one of these fan works becomes popular enough, it will spread across the community and its ideas become an accepted fact of the show/book/movie's lore. Or mocked, if the fic is lacking in quality. Either way, these questions raised by the canonical work which the fans latched onto haven't been answered and never will be, so fans are free to continue playing with them... right?

Outdated by Canon is when fan works (and the theories backing them) are Jossed by revelations or events in the canonical product; most often in regard to characterization. For example, a fanfic writer might decide that Bob's unseen mother is a Retired Badass who instilled and promoted Bob's own thirst for adventure. This fanfic becomes popular and soon the entire fandom chooses this as their fanon, with other fanfics following suit. Various stories are made about Bob's mom teaching him how to fight, or giving him hero advice, or even coming out of retirement to help Bob and his friends stop the Big Bad. Then several installments later, when the creators of the canonical work finally take us to Bob's childhood home to meet his mom, it turns out she's an overprotective woman who's terrified of even leaving her house. This leaves future fans who find these old fics wondering why the story they just stumbled upon has Bob's mom threatening to punch out an eldritch abomination instead of fainting at the sight of one.

The earlier the fanwork was made in the life of the work that inspired it, the more likely it will be hit by this trope: after all, the beginning of a work is when the audience has the least understanding of the world they've been presented with, increasing the chance of early theories being jossed.

Also a specific form of Canon Foreigner, O.C. Stand-in, and potentially Hilarious in Hindsight. Some fans may invoke Fanon Discontinuity, especially if one specific character interpretation was popular with the community because that version was well-written or served as great eye-candy. Often the result of an Unknown Character finally getting revealed.

This is only a trope applicable to fan works, as any licensed examples fall into the Canon Discontinuity, Canon Marches On or What If? scenarios. Part of Time Marches On. See also Resolved Noodle Incident. Contrast Ascended Fanon or I Knew It!, where the popular fanfic interpretation ends up being part of canon either because of its popularity with fans or because that was always the plan.

Examples Are Not General: This page only covers specific fan works (of any type of medium), not general fanon that aged badly.

Spoilers for the source material may be unmarked, as examples need to explain how the fan works are outdated. Read at your own risk.

Examples: (Sorted by source material)

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the Beastars fanfic Protector, Pina is shown to have some degree of PTSD for being kidnapped at the end of the Murder Incident Solution Arc. Chapter 182, released much after the fic was underway, reveals that Pina feels nothing of the sort, and has actually befriended his former kidnapper while he was in juvie.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: When Misaki Shokuhou was finally introduced after being hinted at, the fanfic Minds, Memories, and Misfortune explored her encountering A Certain Magical Index protagonist Touma Kamijou because she learns that he's been in the company of her rival, Railgun protagonist Mikoto Misaka, and wanted to learn more about him. However later issues of the manga would reveal Misaki was already familiar with Touma and his abilities, and the Index novels would reveal that she met Touma a year before Mikoto ever did, and that Touma's present association with Mikoto was part of the reason why Misaki views Mikoto as a rival.
  • Code Geass: In Of Monsters and Men, Nunnally is blind and keeps her Eyes Always Shut of her own free will. The anime later confirmed that she's only blind because her eyes can't open. Her vision itself is fine.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • The concept of another android was quite popular with some fanworks, with Android 21. In Bringer of Death, Android 21 is an energy-absorbing android Doctor Gero created just in case due to the story events, described as a giant man with it pronouns. Dragon Ball Fighter Z would introduce Android 21, a female bio-android made with the cells of every character lacking the energy absorption powers, including the Eldritch Abomination Majin Buu. As such, she is a scientist that can shapeshift in a Cute Monster Girl form with a love for sweets, and is directly based on the mother of Doctor Gero's son, being a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
    • Dragon Ball Zero (Toyble): Alongside taking elements of the movies and The Father of Goku (Which as of this writing, is in canon limbo), this doujinshi presents Raditz meeting Vegeta and Nappa after the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the death of his squad. Further material released in the 2010s would show Raditz was a member of Vegeta's squad from day one, and they survived because Vegeta ignored Freeza's order. Nappa and Vegeta's reaction to Planet Vegeta's destruction likewise is outdated. In the doujinshi, they laughed about it very sadistically after hearing about it. In Broly? Nappa is visibly horrified while Vegeta is more indifferent about not being able to become the new king.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • The 2004 fangame, Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion, has Hoenhiem as the leader of the Homunculi. This was before it was revealed that Hoenhiem and Father were two separate people. This game also has Edward become Pride, since this was made long before it was revealed that Selim Bradley was Pride.
  • Girls und Panzer
    • In Strange Waters, which was written before the last two episodes of the anime aired, has the final match end differently, with Kuromorimine's flag tank being taken down after being exposed, instead of Miho defeating Maho in a tank duel. The fic also portrays Oarai's tank crews, apart from Anglerfish, as being significantly less competent than they became by the end of the anime.
      • In said final match, we see Duck Team's Type 89 get completely destroyed by Kuromorimine's arsenal in the final match, necessitating a replacement for the now tankless team. While the actual battle did feature the tank be taken down by KMM, the Type 89 was still repairable (much like the rest of the Oarai tanks) and was able to soldier on in to subsequent entries.
    • Boys Und Sensha Do
      • The fic seems to imply that the high school tankers' only way to continue tankery after high school is to enter the Self-Defense force and study under Shiho. Naturally, the film's showing university-level tankery teams and other tankery houses show that the Nishizumi school isn't the only choice.
      • There's also Miho's decision to demote Momo from deputy commander after her poor performance against Dalian while filling in for Miho during the latter's recovery. While reasonable, the decision eventually ends up being at odds with how in Das Finale, Momo is made commander in an attempt to help her get into Yuzu and Anzu's university.
      • The fic has Miho fondly reminisce about her time in her middle school tankery team. Phase Erika shows that her time at the school was unpleasant, from feeling out of her depth in the tankery team to having to treat Maho as a commander first and a sister second.
    • Always Advancing
    • Speedster and Spymaster: An Unlikely Love Story opens with Earl Grey, the former team commander of St. Gloriana, flying back to Japan from England where she was studying abroad after graduating STGGC. While spinoff mangas in this series are more often than not Loose Canon, this depiction is at odds with how Saga of Pravda sent her off by way of having her go into an arranged marriage just before the events of the main series started, thus never going to a university of any sort.
  • Little Witch Academia: Fireworks was written back when the franchise only consisted of the original short film and is one of the first fanfics ever made for the franchise, thus, it unsurprisingly contains several oddities, such as professors Ursula and Nelson being called Hidaka and Kaname respectively (as both were unnamed in the short film) and a different personality for Diana from canon, who is depicted in the fanfic as being far more silly and teasing towards Akko as opposed to the serious and aloof girl shown in the film's sequel, Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade and the later TV series.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • The name of the missing eldest Todoroki sibling was widely speculated, especially after theories emerged that he became the villain Dabi. Karma in Retrograde ended up naming him Ryouta. The Pro Hero arc ended up settling on Toya.
    • One thing many fics tried addressing was Aizawa's past history of expelling students. Fics like Sleeper Hit AU, Coyote and The Gatekeeper would deconstruct the idea, either by taking Aizawa to task for doing so, or by examining the hypothetical fallout behind expelling so many students. Canon would reveal however that the "expulsion" was a glorified scare tactic. That while they would have expulsions on their records, any student Aizawa expelled he'd immediately re-enroll, with the idea it would convince them to improve themselves going forward. The entire class from the prior year is likewise revealed to still be attending UA as Class 2A now, and while some of them understandably don't like Aizawa, others like Mawata Fuwa are grateful to him for doing so.
    • In the DEATH BATTLE! episode "Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki", the way the show's hosts, Wiz and Boomstick, describe the circumstances of Shoto's birth implies that Endeavor viewed his wife Rei as nothing more than a Breeding Slave on whom he exercised a Marital Rape License. Although the purpose of their Arranged Marriage was indeed to produce a child powerful enough to surpass All Might, the idea that Rei was forced into having children against her will originated in Fanon, and later chapters of the manga would contradict this by revealing that Endeavor and Rei did truly love each other for much of their relationship, that Rei herself wanted to have many children so they could support each other, and that Endeavor only became abusive after Shoto, the youngest Todoroki child, was born.
  • Naruto:
    • The Sasuke/Sakura doujinshi Hide and Seek has Sakura's mother looking very much like an older version of Sakura. The non-canonical movie Road to Ninja later revealed Mebuki's design (and Sakura actually gets her pink hair from her dad).
    • Shiruka yo is the oldest Naruto fic on FanFiction.Net, dating back to 2001 (predating even the anime). It depicts Itachi having tried to strangle Sasuke during the Uchiha massacre. Not only is this off because it was later shown that Itachi didn't lay a finger on Sasuke, but it's also completely out-of-character for Itachi.
    • Team 8 started in 2006, so Itachi is intentionally written in the way he was first portrayed, as having killed his own clan merely for power (although Itachi's debut chapter in the fic came out after the manga chapter revealing the truth about him). This also might be a justified instance due to the Alternate Universe nature of the fic.
    • Doujinshi like After the War which were made before the ending but were set in the aftermath of the Fourth Shinobi World War showed Tsunade still being the Hokage, when in Canon she stepped down immediately after it, passing the mantle to Kakashi.
    • Daddy's Little Girl from 2008 is an example, and it also depicts Sasuke's daughter being named "Mikoto" after his mother rather than "Sarada."
  • One Piece:
    • Coby's Choice: One of the more humorous outcomes in the Marineford War is Ivankov accidently using his powers to turn Admiral Kizaru into a woman, with the effects still present after the two year time-skip. Years later, the Egghead Island Arc in the manga would show Law being able to revert a similar transformation (this one caused by Doc Q of the Blackbeard Pirates by using intense haki, which is likely that Kizaru would be able to do.
    • Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, while mostly faithful to canon at the time of its writing, was written before Trafalgar Law's character was explored in the Punk Hazard and Dressrosa arcs, so the writer mainly worked off of his relatively limited screentime in the Sabaody and Marineford arcs. As such, in the fic, Law's goal is to become Pirate King instead of getting revenge on Doflamingo for murdering Corazon, Doflamingo's brother and the person who saved Law's life.
    • Return to the Reverie attempted to give the Five Elders, who at the time of the writing were a bunch of unnamed Non Action Big Bads, a case of Adaptational Badass by having them be expert warriors with potent Haki and Devil Fruit powers as well as giving them names. Eventually they were given official names and decided to get their hands dirty, where it's shown that they're far more powerful than the comic shows them to be, with at least one of them possessing Conqueror's Haki.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • The Story of Silver Ketchum was written between the releases of Red and Blue and Gold and Silver. This leads to elements such as pre-evolutions and evolutions that don't exist, "Pikablu" (Marill) being an Electric/Normal type, and moves that aren't canonical.
    • Sylvia the Sylveon was written after Sylveon was revealed as a new Fairy Type Eevee evolution but before its evolution method was known, meaning the author had to invent a means for Sylvia to evolve into a Sylveon; she had some scientists use an (unnamed) item. It later emerged that Sylveon's canonical evolution method requires an Eevee to have its affection raised to a high level while knowing a Fairy Type move. The author acknowledges this in her notes at the end of the story.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Resonance Days:
      • One of the main characters is the newly-incarnated form of the witch Charlotte as a Cute Monster Girl, whose original human form was never revealed (humanizations of her were very common in the fandom). This became outdated when The Rebellion Story introduced a canon human form Charlotte. Nagisa Momoe, who doesn't match up in the slightest with the version in Resonance Days: the character is described as a tall, pink-haired girl who's somewhat older than Mami, while Nagisa is a short, white-haired Token Mini-Moe, and that's before you get into their personalities.
      • The character of Reibey, an Incubator with a very distinct personality and design from Kyubey, was made when the spinoff Puella Magi Kazumi Magica was still ongoing, which featured a character named Juubey, shown to be quite different from Kyubey. This led to it being widely assumed in the fandom that there were lots of other Incubators running around, possibly being assigned to different cities or worlds. However, it was revealed very late in the manga's run that Juubey was not a normal Incubator, but rather an artificial being created by a magical girl from one of Kyubey's corpses, and Kyubey implicitly suggests that other Incubators having their own personalities is basically unheard-of. Other spinoffs have affirmed this, as even a story taking place in medieval France featured Kyubey, suggesting that his species operates on a Hive Mind.
      • Kirika's witch is named Margot, which was the common theory at the time, as the words "MARGOT GARDEN" appear in her barrier in the manga (the words apparently being an allusion to a Mary Cassatt painting, which the witch resembles). Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story revealed it was actually Latria.
    • Stars Above: As noted in the very last chapter, creators BHS and AshenDream knew that The Rebellion Story, being already in the works, would outdate this. However, there were other things that they could not anticipate:
      • The forms that the Demons took, based on the Nine Circles of Hell, were inspired from what their kind was called in Japanese (translated from "Majuu"). The original anime had yet to be dubbed when this story began, and when it was, they were dubbed Wraithes, a specific type of demon. And even in Japan, it still took a while longer after the fic was completed before Wraith Arc would get published to detail how they'd actually operate.
      • With Kazumi Magica still ongoing at the time, Kazumi herself was declared dead in order not to conflict with any plans still in place for that. As it turned out, she was actually a clone of someone named Michiru Kazusa, created using a Witch's heart along with Michiru's body, dictating that she would still assume the name Michiru in the story's past timeline.
    • Cheesecake was meant to deal with the girls' experiences in the Wraith-verse, two years before the Wraith Arc would be published in Japan and even longer before its chapters would be summarized on Puella Magi Wiki. It was reasonable then to assume that Nagisa would play a role in things, but in fact, she never appears canonically. (Then again, it was her Witch form, who even apologizes upon bearing her true form for deceiving her friends the whole time, that Mami introduced to the others in Homura's reality during The Rebellion Story, and she probably wouldn't have had to if their real selves already knew her.)
    • A History of Magic's first chapter details what likely happened to Joan of Arc as a Puella Magi. Whatever the story uses is no longer true with the release of Puella Magi Tart Magica, which reveals what actually happened to her.
  • Saki:
    • While the version of Teru in Saki: After Story clearly suffers from Ron the Death Eater (not only refusing to admit that Saki is her sister, but beating up Saki after losing to her), it was written long before Chapter 128. In that chapter, which takes place just before the finals, Teru admits to Awai that Saki is her sister, and subsequent chapters imply that while the Miyanaga sisters still aren't on speaking terms, Teru doesn't hate Saki. In fact, Teru's character in the fic largely seems to be based off of her brief appearances in the first anime, which, in turn, was also aired when little was known about Teru.
    • In The Saint Is Coming, which was written in late 2012 (around the time the Side B semifinals were beginning), Rinkai gets humiliated in the finals, ending with only 10,000 points,note  resulting in their coach being fired. Considering that Rinkai consistently held first place for almost the entire Side B semifinals, and as of this writing, is in first place in the finals, it's unlikely that they'll end up being humiliated so badly.
    • Necessary to Win has Hisa come to Oarai in part because of her parents' divorce. In Chapter 241 of canon, it is revealed that Hisa has two moms, that she left the tournament where she'd competed against Mihoko because one of her mothers had been in an accident, and that the accident led to Hisa's mothers divorcing.
  • Tiger & Bunny: In Objective, the last-resort of the heroes to stop a Brainwashed and Crazy Kotetsu is to have Kaede copy Bellisair's power and give a new Objective for Kotetsu, which hits a snag when Sumo Thunder throws a car at Kotetsu and Kaede, leading to Kotetsu to grab and rescue her, unintentionally making Kaede copy his power and forcing her to head back and copy Bellisair again before she could free her father from the brainwashing. Season 2 would reveal that Kaede can only copy a NEXT power once.

    Comic Books 

  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail (Infinity Train, Pokémon: The Series) has Professor Cerise oblivious to his daughter's dislike for Pokémon and how he focuses more on his research and on Ash and Goh. This was written before Episode 31 revealed that he actually was aware of his daughter's insecurities and encouraged her to try something new. In fact, Chloe would eventually begin a character arc about learning to love Pokémon her own way, to the point where Professor Cerise thinks she isn't focusing as much on him any more.
  • Lord of the Castle (Castlevania (2017), Justice Leaguenote ): Because this story was published at the release of Season 2, it became outdated in many ways following Seasons 3 and 4;
    • Alucard elects to sink Castlevania to the bottom of the ocean until Aquaman and his son are sent there by Orm (as per The Enemy Below), and him saving them is what introduces him to the Justice League. In the actual series, Alucard keeps Castlevania where it was teleported by Sypha, above the Belmont Hold.
    • Carmilla and the Styrian Council are all alive and united, whereas in Season 4, Carmilla and Lenore are both dead, and Striga and Morana abandon her.
    • One of the biggest, however, involves Death in his alignment, fate, and characterization.
      • In the fanfic, his characterization is based on his game counterpart, where he is Dracula's loyal right-hand man. While he does pledge his services to Alucard upon Dracula's death, his loyalty to the dhampyr's father is ultimately stronger. When Alucard is turned 100% human by Mr. Mxyzptlk, some of Dracula's servants (including the aforementioned Cornell and Shaft) escape from Hell with Death using Loophole Abuse to keep them on Earth instead of sending them back, and works alongside them in an attempt to revive Dracula. Death currently remains at large and very much alive. Personality-wise, he keeps the polite, soft-spoken demeanor of his game counterpart, and even has fond memories of working alongside Dracula in raising a young Alucard.
      • Compared to that, Death in the animation is the Greater-Scope Villain, and an Omnicidal Maniac who feeds on death itself. While he does want to revive Dracula, it's not out of any kind of loyalty or admiration; he does so with the intent of deliberately botching Dracula's resurrection to drive him insane and kill all life on Earth so he will never go hungry again. He is also killed by Trevor Belmont in the penultimate episode of the series. Finally, in contrast to the fanfic making Death a polite, soft-spoken antagonist, the last season has Death being Sophisticated as Hell, either talking in an upper-class voice or swearing like a sailor with a good amount of F-bombs and looks down on pretty much everybody else like gum stuck to his non-existent shoe.
  • Paradoxus (Winx Club, World of Warcraft): It has been in the works well before the seventh season of Winx Club was even rumored and before the "Shadowlands" expansion of World of Warcraft was released. As a result, there are quite the things Paradoxus doesn't include from its canonical sources.
    • On the Winx Club side:
      • None of the fairy (and witch) transformations above the Bloomix exist in this fanon continuity. Partially in an attempt of preserving the coherence (the Dragon's Flame is the magic that created the universe, therefore it's ludicrous to think the transformation it spawns isn't the most powerful) since the sixth season also introduced the Mythix. Instead, the next transformation in Paradoxus is called Etherix and is the result of training the Bloomix to its peak, a feat that often takes years to achieve.
      • The fairy animals and the time-traveling Memory Stones from season seven are not a thing. This leaves the characters of Paradoxus with only one magical way of getting to the past: asking the bronze dragonflights, which is not an option. That's why Trisha and Tecna invent scientific time travel.
      • Icy's retconned backstory about having a sister and being the Last of Her Kind is not included. Instead, she's the older sister of Darcy and Stormy and her reason for pursuing the Dragon's Flame is first to honor her ancestors and then for vengeance against Bloom.
      • Valtor's return in season eighth. Here he was Killed Off for Real as the third season hinted. He hasn't and will never come back to pester the Winx's daughters.
    • On the World of Warcraft side:
      • The Realm of Death introduced in the "Shadowlands" expansion doesn't exist in this fanfic. Thus, no Eternal Ones, no Elune's sister, no Maw, and definitely no First Ones.
      • Zoval, the Jailer, is not the entity behind all of Azeroth's misfortunes. Instead, the Burning Legion's invasion, the creation of the Scourge, and the Cataclysm are all the consequences of the characters' free will and ambitions. The Jailer did make a deal with Sylvanas Windrunner, but that's it.
      • For that matter, Arthas Menethil is not a Jerkass with a Heart of Gold and, while still the Unwitting Pawn (at the beginning) of the Lich King, his corruption was due to Character Development and not because he was mind-controlled. His actions after fusing with Ner'zhul were very much his own. No one forced him to burn the Sun Well or to ravage his own kingdom.
  • SPBRR Fusion by Nan The Keyblade Master has the Fullmetal Alchemist characters leaving the Galactic Federation in disgust over their corruption with Promised Day being about Samus and her team fighting back against the corruption and Super RWBY 3D Land has Samus revealing a Neo Galactic Federation was created to protect the galaxy.. A month after Fusion was released, It turns out that the Federation in the game was a rogue faction in the Galactic Federation's military and the main Federation itself still holds Samus in high regard, which Metroid Dread confirmed. Likewise, the ending depicts an X Parasite evolving into a new SA-X and heading to ZDR, only for Metroid Dread to reveal that the brief glimpse of the SA-X in the trailer is all there is of it in the game, appearing as a recap of Metroid Fusion. Likewise, RWBY and the Seven Sirens states that Cuphead happened first, followed by The Cuphead Show!. The ending of the series finale of The Cuphead Show has it be the other way around.

    Film — Animated 

  • One Accel World fanfic, which has since been deleted, had Haru encounter Kuroyukihime (aka Black Lotus)'s parent (the one who installed Brain Burst on her, which requires a close real-life relationship), and the person in question is male. It ultimately turns out that Kuroyukihime's canonical parent is White Cosmos, her older sister. It's also worth noting that Haru had correctly suspected that Kuroyukihime's parent was a girl as far back as Volume 2 of the light novel.
  • In a pretty silly and general example of this, The Epic of Gilgamesh mentions an encounter with the giant Humbaba, but as chunks of the poem are lost, historians weren't very clear on the exact details. In 2015, fragmentary remains of a version of the poem were discovered, which filled out Humbaba's personality in greater detail—establishing him as more of a Good Is Not Nice Nature Spirit who is beloved by all beings of the forest, with Gilgamesh being treated as morally ambiguous at best in choosing to fight and kill him. This means that many depictions of Humbaba in fiction that depicted him as nothing more than a violent monster (for instance, Pathfinder's Humbaba) are outdated.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Before Order of the Phoenix came out, almost everyone (particularly in the US) assumed that Ginny Weasley's given name was Virginia (for a notable example, see The Very Secret Diary). Rowling announced in an interview that Ginny's name is actually Ginevra, and this was later written into the final book, but many volumes of Virginia fanfic still lurk in the old corners of the fandom.
    • The first book mentions a "Blaise Zabini" in Slytherin, with no other information. The character became a popular O.C. Stand-in, usually as a Token Good Teammate. Also, since it's a Gender-Blender Name, American fans tended to create girl Blaises (usually with fiery red hair, owing to an Original Cast Precedent of sorts from her appearance as such in the popular Draco Trilogy) while Europeans had boys (often romantic Italians, given his Italian-sounding surname). Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince finally included a canon Blaise, who is male, black and a Fantastic Racist like the other Slytherins. A selection of stories with Zabini written before his characterization was fleshed out appear here, but here is an extract from one of these, His Secret, which doesn't mix with his canon appearance.
      ''He had dark curly hair that he got from his father's side of the family but had been sorted into Slytherin because his mother's side has been there for generations.
  • The long gap between the release of the ninth and tenth Haruhi Suzumiya light novels naturally encouraged this, particularly since the ninth novel ended on a Cliffhanger:
    • For the first nine light novels, the only time anyone's parents are ever mentioned is Kyon making an offhand reference to his mother, who never appears herself. In addition, the long gap between the release of the ninth and tenth novels inspired quite a volume of fanfiction, one of which is Meet The Suzumiyas, in which Kyon winds up living with Haruhi, and has to deal with her parents: her father, Oruki, is an overprotective dad with a Hair-Trigger Temper, and her mother, Naru, is a Cloudcuckoolander and Supreme Chef — essentially, Haruhi's character traits are split between her parents instead of the reverse. This fanfic was quite popular and other authors came to use this interpretation of Haruhi's parents and even their names, and it might have ended there were it not for Haruhi's briefly mentioning her mother in the tenth book. From her description, she is a career woman who can't cook, meaning that Naru, at least, is totally inaccurate.
    • More significantly, novel nine has a scene in which Kyon receives a phone call from a girl he doesn't know, but she calls him "senpai" and talks as though she knows him, before hanging up in frustration. The fanfic Kyon: Big Damn Hero wasted no time in giving her a name (Michikyuu Kanae) and making her a slider with a Dark and Troubled Past who joins the SOS Brigade and interacts normally with the other characters. When book ten was actually released, it turned out that the girl is named Watahashi Yasumi and isn't a slider at all, or even a person. She is nothing more than a creation of Haruhi's subconscious.
  • The Hunger Games: A number of fics for this fandom that date from before 2020 were rendered obsolete following the publication of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which revealed how the early Hunger Games worked and the identity of District 12's previously unnamed first victor.
    • The author of The Hunger Games Prequel Collection had previously written a fic about the First Hunger Games (called simply The First Annual Hunger Games) in which the Games were portrayed as though they were always the spectacle they eventually became. When it was revealed that many elements of the Games were not introduced until the Tenth Games or later, the author embarked on a new story about the First Hunger Games called Phoenix Rising which keeps the same characters but has a different plot to reflect what Ballad revealed about the early Games.
    • According to Quell, Panem was ruled by a President Candlewick for the first thirty years of the Hunger Games, and District 12's first victor was Mandy Marlowe, the victor of the Third Hunger Games. Ballad revealed that Panem's president for at least the first ten Hunger Games was called Ravinstill, and District 12's first victor was Lucy Gray Baird, the victor of the Tenth Games.
    • In The Victors Project, a District 12 tribute called Camden Donner is said to have won the Tenth Hunger Games. However, while Ballad (a prequel to the original trilogy) confirmed that District 12 did win the Tenth Games, the tribute concerned was a girl called Lucy Gray Baird.

    Live-Action Television 
  • One NUMB3RS fanfic, Who Am I?, had Don and Charlie's mother named Rose, as her name wasn't revealed as Margaret until the second season.
  • There are several Stranger Things fanfics such as the Stranger Things: Rebuilding series and the The Life You Deserve Universe that depict Will Byers as being just as girl crazy as the other members of The Party and gaining a female love interest, most often pairing him with minor character Jennifer Hayes. Most of these fics were written before Season 4 would confirm that Will was gay and had romantic feelings for Mike.

    Video Games 
  • Assassin's Creed: "The Hidden One", a one-shot short story about the life of Amunet, was written in 2011, six years before Origins was released. Just like her canonical counterpart, Amunet was a "Hidden One" and she was responsible for the death of Cleopatra; however, the circumstances for how she became an Assassin were completely different in Origins and its sequel comic. She was not her sister, Arsinoe IV, but instead she was a woman named Aya of Alexandria, who was married to Bayek of Siwa; they had a son named Khemu, who would be later killed by the proto-Templar Order of the Ancients. Also, she gave the queen a vial of poison to kill her. Additionally, Amunet and her husband are never called "Assassins" but instead "Hidden Ones" in-universe.
  • The Dark Souls mod Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash claims in its story that Gwyn never actually linked the Fire, but instead sacrificed his daughter Gwynevere to it. Dark Souls III contradicts this plot element both implicitly and explicitly. Implicitly, numerous item descriptions throughout the game hint that Gwynevere was alive long after the first game, and in fact became the queen of Lothric. Explicitly, the final boss, the Soul of Cinder, is said to be the embodiment of every person who ever linked the Fire, and it uses Gwyn's fighting style in its second phase, outright confirming that he sacrificed himself.
  • Doom: Remnant Inferis: DOOM posited that the Doom Slayer was the son of the original Doomguy. The canonical Doom Eternal establishes that they're the same person.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The Savior King, the Master Tactician and the Queen of Liberation gives names to Counts Hevring (Fredrick) and Varley (Maximus) and the Agarthan impersonating Cornelia (Diado). These would be dated when the characters were named Waldemar, Grégoire, and Cleobulus respectively in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.
  • Five Nights At Freddys
    • Mx Bones' now infamous interpretation of the Purple Guy as a young man with a ponytail named "Vincent" was for a long time treated as the representation of the characters. This reached a controversial point where many fans were accused of romanticizing a character that was meant to be a child killer. Then came Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location which established the Purple Guy as a much older British man named William Afton who was a father of multiple children. Needless to say, "Vincent" faded into oblivion since then.
    • The webcomic Springaling began around the time the third and fourth games were released, resulting in the author having to make up information about the identities of several characters that had more details revealed about them in later installments.
      • Springtrap's human self in this comic is essentially BOB from Twin Peaks, down to sharing his name, and he wore a Fredbear suit to lure kids. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location gives his name as William Afton, while Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator confirms that he used a golden Bonnie suit.
      • The Crying Child lacks any connection to the murderer and is named Calvin. Sister Location reveals he's one of William Afton's sons and later supplementary material heavily implies his name is Evan.
      • In life, the Puppet was a teenaged boy named Ian. Pizzeria Simulator reveals that the Puppet is possessed by a young girl named Charlie.
    • Mario in Animatronic Horror came out a few months before the release of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, so the names chosen for the missing children were different than in canonnote , the way how Henry dies is different from canonnote , and most egregiously, Michael Afton is not the one inside Springtrap in canon, but William.
    • In FNAFNG, the Marionette is possessed by the mother of one of the missing children, an idea popularized by the fan song, "It's Been So Long" by The Living Tombstone. The idea was soon outdated by the time Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator was released, when it was revealed that not only was the soul possessing it a child, but also the Cassette Man's daughter. By that point however, the AU had already diverged far enough from the game's canon.
  • Friday Night Funkin': The Rapper GF mod has Girlfriend portrayed as having a human skeleton similar to Boyfriend, since no one knew what Girlfriend's skeleton looked like at the time. However, this became inaccurate after the Week 7 update was released to Newgrounds, where Girlfriend is shown to have a clearly demonic-looking skeleton, complete with devil horns on her forehead.
  • The Half-Life 1 mod Echoes occasionally Flash Forwards to the future of the series' chronology, and one of said Flash Forwards is the climax of Epistle 3, Marc Laidlaw's outline for the unmade Half-Life 2: Episode 3 where the G-Man abandons Gordon aboard the Borealis whilst "hiring" Alyx, leaving him to die on the ship on a crash course to the Combine homeworld. While the mod could probably still neatly fit into canon due to its Elsewhere Fic nature, Half-Life: Alyx would provide a canonical version of Alyx's hiring, but long before the characters get to the Borealis.
  • Halo
    • "The Law of Sin and Death", written two years before the release of the first game, is one of many examples of this in's fic archives. For one, Master Chief is nowhere to be found (his role is taken up by an OC); the Pillar of Autumn had civilians on board and is on the Halo for the long haul as far as anyone knows, and the Covenant seems to consist solely of Elites. Most notably, Cortana (or "the Sword") is depicted as a mysterious AI residing in Installation 04's systems who first appears to the main character as a seraph, and engages in frequent Biblical-flavoured back-and-forth with him. Towards the end, Cortana attempts to mentally merge with him, and is none too happy to be rejected. Cortana in the final game is...not like this.
    • "Before the Storm" (2001) posits that Master Chief is not only a battleroid (a type of combat cyborg from Marathon), but possibly one of the battleroids responsible for the fall of the UESC, which was succeeded by "SolCore" (what the UNSC was called in early pre-release material). And whereas in canon, everyone's glad to have Master Chief around, this crew is wary of even having his stasis pod on board and dreads the day he must be "reactivated".
      Kaplansky looked at Bertram's expressionless face, and back to the mirror-like mask of the cyborg. Contained behind that mask was all the destructive knowledge of mankind. Everything they had fought so hard to forget.
  • KanColle: For Halo crossover fic For Earth And Her Colonies:
    • The fic had a number of (at the time) original shipgirls that were introduced into Kantai Collection proper after the fic was completed. The canon personalities of Saratoga and Warspite wound up being very different from the Saratoga and Warspite depicted in the story.
    • In a more general sense, the fic depicted American aircraft carriers using black-powder muskets of the American Revolution or Civil War eras to launch their aircraft. The American carriers introduced into Kantai Collection proper have all used interwar or World War II-era to launch their planes, namely the M1928 Thompson or the M1903 Springfield rifles.
  • Kingdom Hearts: A popular Sora/Riku artist has several doujinshi where Riku is a Long-Haired Pretty Boy, since he has long hair after joining Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. This was before his Important Haircut in Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance].
  • Metal Gear: The Last Days of FOXHOUND, a webcomic focusing on the Quirky Miniboss Squad from Metal Gear Solid, started a year before Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and was finished less than two weeks before Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots came out; in the words of the author, Guns Of The Patriots came out just in time to contradict most of his ideas. A few examples include Big Boss being a ghost since his death in Zanzibar, him handling Liquid's education himself and his "sons" being born in 1977. Canonically, Big Boss survived Zanzibar but was imprisoned by the Patriots, he wanted nothing to do with his "sons" and his clones were born in 1972. To the author's credit, people being unable to say the name of The Patriots due to a nanomachine mental block and Liquid's tenuous grasp on genetics are canonical.
  • Metroid:
  • Poppy Playtime: The web series Poppy Playtime Logic has an episode titled "HUGGY WUGGY'S SAD ORIGIN STORY..." in which Huggy Wuggy is referred to as Expierment-1006. Chapter 2 of the game revealed that Experiment-1006 is actually a different character, and Huggy's designation is Experiment-1170 instead.
  • Shin Megami Tensei:
    • Continuance, a Persona 4 fanfic, was first published in 2011, before Persona 4: Arena was released. As such, not only is the protagonist called Souji Seta, his name from the manga, but his visit to Inaba for Golden Week is relatively unremarkable, and he doesn't participate in the Midnight Tournament.
    • Averted by retcon in Queen of Hearts, in which the author went back and changed the Persona 5 protagonist's name to Ren Amamiya after he received a canonical name.
    • In The AFR Universe, Futaba Sakura's orange hair is treated as natural and comes from her biological father. An official artbook was later released that reveals Futaba dyed her hair orange on a whim.
  • Splatoon fanfic First Aid Kits and Deep Secrets. It was written prior to the sequel's release, and thus it's outdated on many accords. For example, Inklings know how to identify Octolings, which was something shared by many other fics at the times. In canon, over a century of the species not interacting means that most Inklings during the time period of the first two games saw their sister race as little more than vaguely "exotic" Inklings... at least, in Inkadia.note 
  • Stardew Valley:
    • In the original game, the valley's summit becomes accessible once the player achieves 100% Completion and the Game Mod, Stardew Valley Expanded made the summit accessible much earlier. Patch 1.6 of the original game added a cutscene in which Mr. Qi will punish the player if they access the summit before achieving it.
    • In Fanon, Haley gets a lot of Adaptational Angst Upgrade because of her parents' absence, with Stardew Valley Expanded adding a cutscene event in which she expresses sadness and frustration over it. And mods like "Haley Event Expansion" go as far as showing it being outright traumatic for her. Patch 1.6 of the game added a new line of dialogue for her, in which she mentions that her parents told her and her sister, Emily, that they could join them on their trip anytime. Still, she declined, saying that "no one wants to spend their vacations with their parents."
    • In the mod Ridgeside Village, during the Luau festival, Richard mentions that it's a very old tradition of the town, as "it was present before him and will continue after he's gone." The official prequel comic book Stardew Valley Before the Farmer revealed that the first Luau took place on the year before the Farmer arrived to the valley.
  • Star Trek Online: Due mainly to real-world money problems, STO suffered "The Great Content Drought" from roughly 2011 to 2013, resulting in much fanfic of the game going in a very different direction from what ultimately happened after the Legacy of Romulus expansion. A big one was The War of the Masters, a sprawling Shared Universe that developed on the official forum, which (besides introducing a completely original Story Arc about a group of Federation colonies switching sides to the Klingons) posited a significantly more extensive Undine infiltration of the Federation than ultimately became game-canon. In particular, Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn is a Mole in Charge in the Masterverse (based on a fairly popular fan theory at the time), whereas in the 2014 mission "Surface Tension" he's confirmed to be an ordinary Trill. It's his adjutant Commander E'genn who's the Undine. A Soft Reboot of the Masterverse began around 2018 to bring its storyline closer to the game canon, but petered out after a partial adaptation of the Victory Is Life storyline.
  • In the Japanese Uma Musume fanfic Ogon no Bokun X Eiein no Nibante = Hoshi no Koutei (Boku), the OC protagonist reincarnates into a fictional foal of Verxina before ultimately reincarnating once again in to the Umamusume universe... With Verxina as hernote  mother once again. Any chances of Verxina appearing as a parental figure to even her RL foals have been wiped out as of Season 3, specifically its 7th episode, of the anime as Verxina is properly introduced as an elder sister/fellow student to Cheval Grand.

    Visual Novels 
  • Angels with Scaly Wings: One of the police officers, Naomi, is mentioned a couple times in the game, but does not make an onscreen appearance. There is a mod for the game called "A Solitary Mind" where you can date Naomi. Here, she is blue, quadrupedal, and has wings and lots of fins. Come the prequel comic, Angels with Broken Hearts, and it is revealed that she is actually lavender, bipedal, wingless, and the only fin to be seen is at the base of her tail.
  • The Katawa Shoujo fanfic From Shizune's Perspective, portrayed Shizune as a lesbian (or at least bisexual), while Misha was heterosexual with unrequited feelings for Misha — in canon, the opposite is true. Interestingly enough, while the fic's Shizune is more or less fine with it, canonical Misha is not, and is troubled by Hisao getting together with Shizune.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • Belladonna Lilies: Adam, though cold and cynical, is far kinder than how he'd be revealed to be in Volume 3.
    • Momoxtoshiro has written several fanfics, including The Champion And The Singer and Camellias, that depict Weiss' father as far nicer and more loving than he is in canon.
    • Fixing RWBY created its own backstory for Roman Torchwick tying him to Brunswick Farm and the Apathy and how he met Neo. This was before Rooster Teeth released RWBY: Roman Holiday, which is the origin story of both Roman and Neo's partnership.
    • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, a fic written and completed before Volume 2 came out, depicts Cinder as a Well-Intentioned Extremist rather than the self-serving power-hungry monster she is in canon.
    • The 2014 oneshot Ivory Bones revolves around Weiss' abusive home life. It depicts her father as more hands-on abusive, while in canon Jacques' abuse is primarily emotional. Weiss also lacks her older sister Winter or her younger brother Whitley. On a more subtle note, it's implied that Blake has a Dark and Troubled Past involving her parents. In canon, Blake's parents are just fine, and her issues mainly start after she ran off to join the White Fang.
    • The Makings of Team CRME: Up to about Chapter 9 of Volume 6, there was nothing in these stories that would contradict the show. Once that came out, cracks started to form when Emerald explicitly stated she didn't have anyone who loved her. In An Emerald Unearthed, she knew her father and mother before going onto the streets. Also in that chapter, it revealed that Mercury's Semblance was stolen by his father. While nothing else in The Black Hearts is contradictory, the fact that this is never mentioned would be odd considering the importance of such an event. There is also the fact that Volume 7 revealed that Watts was presumed dead by Atlas, meaning he couldn't work in a hospital during CRME. Once Volume 8 finally gave Cinder's backstory, it was completely different from the one described in My Name Is Cinder.
    • In My Huntsman Academia, the author said that Salem would be an Eldritch Abomination whose visage has driven men to madness (specifically mentioning Tyrian Callows) and that the Grimm are her eyes and ears. That she is something from beyond time and space, something incomprehensible. This was outdated by Volume 6 of canonical RWBY, which reveals her backstory to be far different. The author has confirmed that it doesn't matter, though, as he's sticking with his interpretation for consistency's sake.
    • React Watch Believe Yikes started alongside Volume 1, so lots of it clashed with the show would present, such as Ruby and Yang being orphans with Yang being adopted (their shared father is alive, and so is Yang's mother), or Ruby only having a pet rock (her dog enters the show at some point). And given it is the cast riffing on Red vs. Blue, takes a long while to make the girls realize main character Church has the same voice as their father.
    • Recovery is a take on Volume 4 written that started a few days before the first episode. It contains various differences, such as a lack of Whitley in early chapters (due to the fact he wasn't referenced in the previous volumes) and Yang's prosthetic requiring surgery.
    • Relic Of The Future: The whole premise of the story deals with the canon story coming to a conclusion, only for one of the protagonists to go back in time because the ending was so bleak he wanted to try for a better one. As such there are a lot of assumptions made about how the show might continue after Volume 5, the latest season when the fic premiered, which proved pretty quickly to be off-base when Volume 6 started airing a few months later. Some of the new info is retconned into later chapters, but as the show continued further it became impossible to reconcile the setup of the fic as compatible with canon.
    • RWBY: Destiny of Remnant: Raven may be aloof and pragmatic to a fault, but she's still depicted in a more positive light than her canonical counterpart, who was revealed to be selfish and cowardly.
    • Service with a Smile:
      • Adam Taurus is an Adaptational Nice Guy, which was an intentional change, but it was done before Adam went completely psycho in Volume 6. The author admits he probably wouldn't have bothered making him nice if he had known. Adam is also able to take off his mask and blend in, while in canon he has a brand over his left eye.
      • Adam tells Blake that no one in the White Fang really noticed when she disappeared; she wasn't particularly high-ranking, and those who remembered her just assumed she died on a mission. Canon soon revealed that not only was she a high-ranking member of Adam's White Fang, but she was the daughter of the original founder. Everyone noticed when she disappeared.
    • Being a fic run mostly on comedy, Weiss Reacts naturally has this, especially with the Schnee family (Winter being more... mild-mannered than canonical, Papa Schnee being a nice father, and Grandpa Schnee being the villainous one when it's actually inverted in canon).
    • White Noise was written before Volume 4 revealed that Weiss' father was abusive. Its version of Jacques is much kinder than in canon.
    • White Sheep (RWBY) has Salem surprised that she's able to have children. However, Volume 6 would reveal that she did have kids thousands of years prior. The author would retroactively incorporate this into later chapters.
  • SMG4: The fanfic Saiko Rocks has Saiko depicted as living in a two-story house in close proximity to a quicksand pit which plays a significant role in the story. "SMG4: She's Back!" would show her canonical living conditions as being an apartment.

  • The first issue of Sonichu was written during the third generation of the Pokémon games, meaning Rosechu ended up having the pointed tail of a male Raichu rather than the blunted one female Raichu had in Gen 4 and onwards. This led to a joking Trans Audience Interpretation among the comic's detractors.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: For a large chunk of the show's original run, Marceline's mother was such a Missing Mom that the only in-series proof she ever existed was a single mention in the first season, leading to much speculation as to who she was and what happened to her. Several fanart interpretations, like jackie-lyn's "Marceline's Mommy" and TiaBlackRaven's "AT Marceline's mum", made her look like much like her daughter, with pale skin, long black hair, a taste for gothic fashion, and/or the same pointy ears, often making her some flavor of paranormal entity as well. When Marceline's mom finally did show up in Season 7's "Everything Stays" during the Stakes miniseries, she turned out to look nothing like these portrayals, with her being a normal human with brown skin, short hair, and a mundane outfit.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • The fan-comic Alternate History depicts the Fire Lord as a male-only position. Azula needs to produce a male heir but keeps having daughters. It was later revealed that the position of "Fire Lord" is unisex.
    • In the final chapter of The Children of War, Ursa discovers that she is secretly the descendant of Avatar Roku, and is warned to not let the Fire Nation Royal court know. In Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Search Ursa is fully aware of her heritage, as is the Fire Nation government, as it is the reason Ozai marries her.
  • The Fairly OddParents!:
    • The "Fairly Future Series" by KwazyKandyPie, written in 2004, depicts Cosmo and Wanda as having a daughter named Venus. "Fairly Odd Baby" would later give them a son named Poof.
      • The third and final entry in the series, Secrets, Secrets, depicts Wanda as a princess with a mother, father and brother. Canon would later reveal that she has a father who runs the Fairyland garbage collection like it was the Mafia, as well as a twin sister, but no mother.
    • In the fanfiction Love, Marriage, and Ulterior Motives, Timmy says that Da Rules forbid him for wishing up a child for Cosmo and Wanda, while Coming Full Circle (by the same author) has Wanda explain that she and Cosmo never had children because she is unable to bear children. Come "Fairly Odd Baby", Timmy DOES wish up a child for Cosmo and Wanda without being forbidden to do so by Da Rules, and it's revealed that MALE fairies carry and give birth.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • For most of the show's run, there were multiple fanworks under the collective "The Mystery Trio" banner, going off the theory that the Author of the Journals was Grunkle Stan's twin brother Stanley, and they alongside Fiddleford McGucket studied the various supernatural occurrences in Gravity Falls. While Stan's having a long-lost twin brother who was the Author turned out to be I Knew It!, as well as Fiddleford being an assistant to him, the Season 2 episode "A Tale of Two Stans" would reveal that Grunkle Stan wasn't part of the research team. Not only that, but Grunkle Stan wasn't Stanford, but Stanley; he faked his death and took on his brother's identity.
    • The Return to Gravity Falls takes place three years after the end of the show. However, the author also began writing it a mere month after the show's second season began. He attempted to avert this trope by being deliberately vague about what might have happened after the events of Gideon Rises, but quite a few of the specifics he did have were jossed, such as Stan still being the owner of the Mystery Shack post-series and the aforementioned Mystery Trio theory. Any minor details that didn't greatly affect any of the fic's own plots would be rewritten as the fic went on, before the writer decided it wasn't worth the hassle and proclaimed that (for the most part) only the events up to "Not What He Seems" happened in this story's timeline.
  • Hazbin Hotel: The four year gap between the Pilot and the show made this inevitable. A prominent example is the Youtuber Paranoid DJ, who produced songs from the point of view of various characters. Notably, he made both Lucifer and Pentious Card-Carrying Villains. The former is established in the very first scene as having sympathetic motivations, while the latter has a Heel–Face Turn in episode 2.
  • The Infinity Train fanfic appropriately titled Infinity Train FANFIC was written based solely on the 2016 pilot and ended months before the series debuted, so this was bound to happen (though it also gets a surprising amount right):
    • The train in this fic was created to literally travel outside the bounds of creation to explore infinity. Meanwhile, the show's train is revealed at the end of the first season to be an Epiphanic Prison that has improving the mental health and behavior of its passengers as its only goal.
    • The fic depicts numbers as being grafted on any part of the body. In canon, the train always defaults to a passenger's hand, with Word of God stating it goes to the next available patch of skin if the person is an amputee.
  • The Loud House:
    • The fanfic What is a Person Worth? has Mr. Santiago (Bobby and Ronnie Anne's father) as a character. The fic began before episodes like "Shell Shock" and "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" made it clear that he is no longer around in the show itself. In the final chapter, the author tried to correct this error by having the character die in a car crash, going with the assumption that he was dead in the show. And then this in turn became outdated when the spin-off confirmed that Mr. Santiago is in fact alive and well in the show, but just living and working in Peru, and divorced from their mother. The fic also gives his name as Marcus, when the show establishes it to be Arturo.
    • The fic "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" has the Santiago's still living in Royal Woods rather than move to another city like they did in the aforementioned episode.
    • A similar situation can be found in Requiem for a Loud, in which Bobby and Ronnie Anne's mother has passed away two years before the story, and their father is now their sole parent. This part of the story was written before it became clear that in the show itself, Mrs. Santiago is alive and raising the two kids alone while her husband is away.
    • The A Loud To Stay uses the popular fan theory of Lincoln being adopted. Over a year later, the episode "Not A Loud" aired and debunked this theory.
    • In the fanfic Syngenesophobia, the author has stated in a note in chapter 39 that several aspects of this fic have not aged well with later official episodes of the show.
      • The story shows Lincoln, Lynn, and Luan going to the same school (a K-8 school), when later seasons prove that they go to separate schools (elementary, middle and high school).
      • Benny no longer speaks to Luan for her role in beating up Lincoln. In the actual show, Benny becomes Luan's boyfriend at the end of "Stage Plight".
      • One of the girls' punishments is being forced to visit Aunt Ruth every weekend, but combined with Early-Installment Weirdness, the later episode "Ruthless People" shows Lana being the only one who enjoys visiting Ruth.
      • The story claims Lucy was born with blonde hair. In canon, while she has been depicted as blonde before in "Back in Black," she's been later established as having had black hair at a younger age, and it's unknown what her natural hair color is.
    • Lucy's Secret: The story states that none of Lucy's friends are in her class. It was written before the show revealed that her friend group actually is all in her class.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Bee-Nevolent was written and completed before the second season, and thus its take on the Bee Miraculous is quite different from canon. In the fic, the bee kwami is named Hanii, she has brown eyes and a motherly personality, and she gives the power to heal a single person/object; canon would later reveal that the bee kwami's name is Pollen, she has blue eyes and a more subservient personality, and she gives the power to paralyze a single person.
    • Moving On: As the fanfic was written before their official debut on the show, the Dragon and Snake Miraculouses grant Playing with Fire and Mind-Control Music powers, respectively, rather than Elemental Shapeshifter and Save Scumming powers.
    • Powers of Invisibility was written before season 2 aired, and said season ended up contradicting several things:
      • Juleka in the fic is an only child who has incredibly neglectful parents who are content to leave their underage daughter alone while they live halfway across the world from her. "Captain Hardrock" revealed that Juleka actually has an incredibly loving (if anti-authoritarian) mother and an older brother.
      • The Turtle Miraculous is given the power to restore someone who's been affected by an akuma's powers. Canon would later reveal that it actually grants Barrier Warrior abilities.
  • The release of Octonauts: Above & Beyond, which features non-anthropomorphic deer and tigers, caused this trope to happen to the fanfic Junior Officers, which features anthropomorphic deernote  and tigersnote .
  • The OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes fanfic series simply known as the Perfect AU was subject to this multiple times. Before said fanfic series gained its name, it referred to Perfect KO as Kaio, since his name had not yet been confirmed in the show and the author considered it to be a good compromise - the author later went back and corrected this. His portrayal is also slightly different from the show's in general. Later on, this came up again due to the show having not yet clarified the connection between Laserblast, Shadowy Figure and Professor Venomous; in the fic, Shadowy Figure is Laserblast's Superpowered Evil Side (and Laserblast lacked the energy-draining ability he has in canon; Shadowy is his non-laser "power") who pulled a Split-Personality Takeover when the donut shop exploded, and Laserblast did, in a sense, die in that explosion (since only Shadowy remains). Venomous, meanwhile, is an entirely separate person. In the show, Laserblast was physically unaffected by the explosion, and merely chose to become a villain around that time, Professor Venomous is Laserblast after his Face–Heel Turn, and Shadowy Figure is his alter ego he sometimes turns into, who eventually tries to permanently seize control of his body much later. Additionally, in the fic Carol actually more-or-less knows what happened to Laserblast.
  • The Owl House: A key part of Outsiders (The Owl House), which began publication during Season 1 of canon, is that Edric and Emira get disowned by their parents for being gay. By Season 2, however, it would be made clear that the Boiling Isles are a Non-Heteronormative Society, where such a thing wouldn't even be notable, much less lead to such drama.
  • Samurai Jack: The webcomic Grim Tales from Down Below, a crossover series between many cartoons, had the original character Chi — the daughter of Aku. Born from him thanks to Voluntary Shapeshifting, she's a Cute Monster Girl with lesbian undertones (due to Author Appeal) that can be described as Aku as a cute girl, bringing the best out of him. In 2017, Samurai Jack returned for one more season, featuring Ashi, the actual daughter of Aku: a Dark Action Girl born as a member of the Daughters of Aku, a team of assassins who served an Aku-worshiping cult and Jack's eventual Love Interest. While she is revealed to be Aku's literal daughter, she is not a Daddy's Little Villain, as he wasn't even aware she existed and both see each other as enemies. Also Aku didn't give birth to anyone.
  • The She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fanfic Cat-Ra has its Lotus-Eater Machine chapters depict Beast Island as the origin of Catra and her kind, being an untamed wilderness that was later ravaged by the Horde, which was a popular theory prior to season four. While those chapters were written after that season released, the author had not yet watched it, meaning they weren't privy to the reveal that Beast Island is a man-made island made mostly of discarded, ancient technology and host to very little natural life.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • Much of Queens of Mewni had been created before Seasons 3 and 4 aired, and before The Magic Book of Spells was published, so the author decided to make it a full blown AU. Most notably, there are way more queens than canon, Crescenta became a Decomposite Character (her character design became Solena the Smitten and her name was attached to a new character), Comet is Moon's adoptive mother (biological aunt) and served as Moon's regent, and Star is a legitimate descendant of the Butterfly family instead of being from an impostor line.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Magna Clades: The fic was made during the middle of the show's first season. It features significant divergences from canon, like the Gems being from an alternate universe named Mineralis and having males of their kind.
    • New Feelings: Much like Magna Clades above, the fanfic was written during the show's first season. It also features the Gems having males and females when they're a feminine-presenting One-Gender Race in canon.
    • Crystal Gem Academy portrays "Pink Diamond" as simply being the title of Rose Quartz. Later events in the show's canon make it clear that it's the other way around, with "Rose Quartz" being an alias that Pink Diamond used.
    • In That Which Surrounds, there is no acknowledgement of Rose being Pink Diamond. More blatantly, when Steven dies, Rose reforms — a far cry from the canonical "SHE'S GONE!" scene, which confirmed that even when separated from Steven, his mother's gem is still his and only manifests a Hard Light version of Steven rather than her.
    • The humorous fan blog Texts Between Gems encountered this in various ways; most notably, its initial depiction of Yellow Diamond turned out to be very different from her canonical counterpart... and since the blog was already essentially Crack Fic (and made many jokes involving gems referring to each other as being family members despite them technically not having relatives), it explained her blatantly out of character behavior away by revealing that those texts were actually from her very non-canonical twin sister "Mellow Diamond."
  • The Voltron: Legendary Defender fanfic series Voltron: Duality gave Pidge and Matt's mother the name Karen, before Word of God revealed that her name was Colleen.