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Brendan Blaber, also known as JelloApocalypse, is a notable content creator on YouTube as well as a voice actor.

His official site is here, and his Twitter profile can be found here.

Works by JelloApocalypse:

Visual Novels:

  • Pizza Game: A Stylistic Suck story about a girl, a pizza place, and a serial murderer. Brendan provided the art, while his sister worked on the script.

Web Animation:


  • Cornucopia: A comic about a ninja named Hiccup as he travels across the continent of Cornucopia having adventures.


Notable roles by JelloApocalypse


Video Games

Web Video


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Sonic can breathe in Space

As pointed out by Brendan Blaber, Sonic can't breathe in water...but he can breathe in space, because there's no water.

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