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Left to Right: Lavi, Luna, Jade, and Scarlet

TheLoadingCrew is a husband and wife team made up of 2 independent artists. The husband, Stuart, is in charge of the YouTube channel and producing video content, while the wife, Alaina, produces the webcomics Momma CQ and Jelly Realms Adventures.

On the channel, they play Pokémon Tabletop Adventures, Pathfinder, and a few other games with some of their friends: Xthedarkone, Lady_nanaki, megami33, hbi2k, and Masako X of Team Four Star. They also have been creating crossover content with creators such as Linkara, Suede Blade, The Dom, and Calluna from Channel Awesome.Com, Jelloapocalypse, and the team from The Third Wheel.

This particular adventure follows Team Fresh Floof, a team of Pokémon Trainers journeying through the Utopus region, a custom region that focuses on team battles.

The team:

  • Lavi - martial artist, aura guardian, black belt, massage therapist
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  • Jade - capture specialist, engineer, snagger, collector
  • Luna - ranger, coach, commander, signer
  • Scarlet - mystic, god speaker, spirit healer, touched

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"I go to sleep and the cool *Pika* happens!"
Scarlet, Several Episodes


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