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Left to Right: Lavi, Luna, Jade, and Scarlet

Run by The Loading Crew, this particularPokémon Tabletop Adventures campaign mainly follows Team Fresh Floof, a team of Pokémon Trainers journeying through the Utopus region, a custom region that focuses on team battles. The team includes:

  • Lavi - martial artist, aura guardian, black belt, massage therapist
  • Jade - capture specialist, engineer, snagger, collector
  • Luna - ranger, coach, commander, signer
  • Scarlet - mystic, god speaker, spirit healer, touched

There are currently two Seasons. Watch the first here, and the second here.


[Pokemon Tabletop Utopus Region] contains examples of:

"I go to sleep and the cool *Pika* happens!"
Scarlet, Several Episodes


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