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Nightmare Fuel / SuperMarioLogan

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Spoiler for "The Secret Door" 
Though this series often tries and fails to scare it viewers, these are the occasions when it actually succeeds.
  • Mario and Mama Luigi melting Toad's face on the stovetop in "Toad's Mistake", and its 2017 remake.
  • To put it simple, "Mario's Nightmare". Mario has a nightmare where he is constantly killed by a dream version of Mama Luigi and other characters pop up to add to the effect and mood of the story. And there's a Jump Scare at the end.
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  • The second half of "Bowser Junior's Sleepover". That is when Chica emerges from nowhere, murders Joseph and inflicts fear on Junior and Cody, just because Junior offended the game while he and his friends were playing it. Not to mention that she Jump Scares the viewer at the end.
  • Charleyyy's description of kidney stones.
    Charleyyy: You see, a kidney stone is when you go and take a pee and it's like a rock, it just... comes out of your pee pee and it just RIPS IT IN HALF!
  • "Cody's Sleepover" qualifies as well, since Chica and Bonnie appear in the video, and it doesn't even make anything better. What makes it worse is that at the end, Junior notices his Thomas the Tank Engine toy driving around, and then a scary-looking Thomas Jump Scares the viewer, in the same fashion as "Bowser Junior's Sleepover".
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  • Mario finding Shrek unconscious from a heart attack in "Shrek's Diet!".
  • "The Drone!" has Junior getting his tongue cut off and Chef Pee Pee getting his eye ripped out.
  • The Charleyyy and Friends skit in "Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem!", in where Charleyyy's baby gets turned into a monster, Chef Pee Pee tricks Junior into thinking that he killed his friends, and it ends with the Freddy Fazbear's puppets appearing out of nowhere in Junior's room to attack him.
    • You can still hear then growling in the SML question, over the normal, cheery, "Get Outside" theme.
  • And then there's "The Oujia Board!". This is considered one of the darkest episodes in the series, and for good reason. After Junior and Joseph insult the demons, one to many times, one of the demon possesses Ken. The supernatural horror is played horrifically straight, and the episode ends with the possessed Ken murdering everyone in the house.
  • "The Purge!" is just as scary as the movie, if not more.
  • "The Tarantula!" is terrifying, at least for viewers with arachnophobia.
  • "Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5" is basically SML's take on FNaF. Anyway, Chef Pee Pee becomes the new night guard at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. When Chef Pee Pee walks around the restaurant because he's bored, he gets into the kitchen and finds two severed arms in a pool of blood. In fact, the whole episode is very atmospheric. There is no music, it's dark, and the only sounds that can be heard are Chef Pee Pee's talking and Freddy's music box.
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  • "Joseph's House!", specifically the fact that Joseph has been raising himself for nearly a year in a run-down house since his mom died on October 31, 2015. He has left his mom's corpse in the place she died, he has no electricity or running water due to no one paying the bills, he has to steal money from his mom to pay for food, his pet fish and dognote  are dead, his dad is a zombie (and becomes a ghost not long after), his roommate and only living companion is Screwball the Clown (who also does nothing to pay the bills), and somehow, Social Services is not aware of this.
  • "Evil Chef Pee Pee!". Junior kills Chef Pee Pee by dropping a frozen water balloon on his head, and when Craig the Devil comes to collect his soul, Junior makes a deal with him to bring him back to life. Chef Pee Pee tries to feed Junior poisoned macaroni and cheese, then kills Bowser and Brooklyn T. Guy. It turned out this was a trick by Craig to teach Junior a lesson that his actions do have consequences.
  • "Bowser Junior's Package!" shows how depraved and violent Junior has become, when he ties his dad up and decapitates him with a knife over a package he believed stolen'. Bowser's parenting may have created a monster...
  • The ending to "Jeffy's Favourite Song!"; Hop Hop manifests as a demonic, human-sized rabbit, and eats Mario offscreen.
  • "Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!" is not the type of birthday episode you would expect it to be, compared to "Jeffy's Birthday!". Because Bowser forgot to book a birthday party for Junior at Chuck E. Cheese's thanks to his short attention span, he gets Chef Pee Pee to book one at Freddy Fazbear's. Junior and his friends are served a pizza topped with eyeballs and fingers, the apple bobbing tank has an arm, eyeballs, and a brain inside, and Joseph, Cody, Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn T. Guy get eaten by the animatronics, one of which gives a Jump Scare at the end.
  • In "The New House!", Brooklyn T. Guy reveals that 26 people died in the titular house and the skeleton of the 26th person is at the front door. While also being Played for Laughs, when the group enters and admires the house, the skeleton suddenly tries to get inside, as Brooklyn tries to shut the door.
  • "Happy Halloween!" has a big moment due to the killer clowns phenomenon. After a news report on this comes up on TV, Bowser freaks out and forbids Junior and his friends from trick-or-treating. Junior and his friends sneak out, only to be threatened by killer clowns, one of which kills Joseph.
  • An incredibly Uncanny Valley ill Jeffy's eye falls off after he gets the flu in "Jeffy's Flu Shot!", much to Mario's horror.
  • Jeffy getting his pencil lodged through his brain in "Smart Jeffy".
  • Nancy from "Jeffy's Parents".
    • For one, she is a chillingly realistic example of a child abuser. She is directly responsible for Jeffy's behavior, having beaten and tortured him for an unknown number of years, and deliberately abandoned him. Unlike other antagonists who, while evil and/or abusive have redeeming traits or are Played for Laughs, Nancy is played dead seriously.
    • She's a smoking, alcoholic Gonk prostitute that was willing to spit on Mario for a dollar. Cue Mario screaming to be taken to the hospital when she does so anyway.
  • "Netflix and Kill", where Junior and his friends watch a movie on Netflix named Netflix and Kill; Junior shows affections for the movie, confident that a "girl" shall interact with him, despite Joseph and Cody trying to prove that the movie can kill you. The horrible truth about Netflix and Kill is that it's the SML version of The Ring. Thankfully, there's a loophole: if the TV is paused, the ghost will freeze and cannot attack them. But then Chef Pee Pee, while on break, unpauses the TV.
  • From "Joseph Moves In!", Joseph trying to kill Junior with a knife in his sleep. He writes "I'M SORRY MOM" on the wall in blood, and from his dialogue, it is heavily implied that he killed his mom just because she didn't make his sandwich the right way.
  • Hide And Seek: The Movie from "Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie!". Just by looking at the thumbnail, you think Junior is going to watch a Doofy the Dragon movie, but the actual movie is about a seeker threatening to kill a hider. In fact, Junior and his friends get so scared watching it that they leave the theater.
  • "Jeffy's New Toy!", where Jeffy accidentally watches an 18+ movie entitled Ass Pounders 2 and keeps talking about it. In order to shut him up, Mario tells him that if he stays quiet, he will get him a toy. While at Toys'R'Us, Jeffy finds a creepy doll, forces Mario to buy it for him, and names it "Areola". For some reason, Rosalina thinks that the doll looks cute. After Jeffy goes to bed, the doll causes a power outage. Mario ends up escorting Rosalina to the door and tries to look for Jeffy, and then the doll. While doing so, he finds really suspicious stuff, until it turns out that Rosalina has been playing as the doll all along. And there's another Jump Scare at the end.
  • In the post-credits scene in "Bowser Junior's Big Spill!", we see the door as something is banging and banging on it, and after a hand unlocks it, the screen cuts to black as Brooklyn T. Guy says "I told you not to open that!"
  • "The Secret Door!".
  • Vladimir from "Jeffy's Brain!" might be as bad as Does Bad Things Guy. He's also a serial killer, but he doesn't use weapons because he prefers doing it with his bare hands and "eating their last breath".
  • The killer shrimp from "Attack of the Killer Shrimp!" definitely qualifies. First of all, it's a repainted Film/Alien chestburster puppet, which is creepy enough on its own. Second, over the course of the video, it kills Brooklyn T. Guy's partner, his wife, and his dog, in cold blood. Lastly, it literally backs Mario, Rosalina, and Brooklyn T. Guy into a corner. If not for Woody's Big Damn Heroes moment, all three of them would be dead.
  • In "Spoken", Cody makes a puppet of Ken to prove to Junior and Joseph that Ken can talk. It isn't long before Junior and Joseph aren't fooled, and an upset Cody makes a wish that Puppet Ken would come to life. Cody's magic wand brings Puppet Ken to life...then, as retribution for making fun of him, Puppet Ken kills Joseph in his sleep with a knife and tries to kill Junior. When Cody finds out, Puppet Ken tries to get him to join him, reminding him that Junior and Joseph regularly make fun of him and his mom. When Cody refuses, Puppet Ken tries to kill him and Junior, and in the end, Cody is forced to kill Puppet Ken by lighting him on fire.
  • "Joseph's Mom!" is completely and utterly shocking. It initially starts off as a normal SML Movie, with a few Big Hero 6 and Cody's mom jokes here and there, but then Joseph suddenly shows up, having dressed up as the guy who killed his mom. He then claims that he had murdered his mom with a hammer in his sleep after she grounded him and took his Xbox controller. As if that wasn't enough, Cody calls Officer Brooklyn T. Guy on Joseph, and Brooklyn does an investigation at Joseph's rundown house, only to notice that Joseph's mom's skeleton is fake. He then locates Joseph's mom, and she arrives at the house to tell Joseph the truth: after she had grounded Joseph, she realized that she had won the lottery and faked her death by buying a plastic skeleton, and eventually she abandoned Joseph to start a new life. After this, she disowns her son and leaves him behind. In complete denial, Joseph believes that his mom is just joking and goes home, while Junior can only watch in pity, as Joseph sits on the couch all by himself, waiting for his mom to come home and give him a big hug.
    • Like Nancy, Joseph's mom was shown to abuse her son, although while she was a realistic take on an abusive parent, Nancy was just a grossly-exaggerated Hate Sink.
  • "Jeffy Has Kids!":
    • You would either find Brooklyn T. Guy eating afterbirth funny, or — when compared to real life — disturbing. It's just Cheerios afterbirth, but still.
    • Jeffy Junior. That is all.
  • "Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Loan!:"
    • Brooklyn T. Guy tortures and kills Cookie Monster after he tries to extract information on the whereabouts of his money.
  • "Jeffy's Lunch Money!": Black Yoshi's Brooklyn T. Guy costume, something is just... unsettling and off as if it belongs in a horror movie.
  • "Jeffy's Foster Home!": Brooklyn's other twin, Makes Bad Decisions Guy is a spastic cannibal who lives with a hockey masked chainsaw wielding killer named Tim.


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