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Drinking Game / SuperMarioLogan

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Drinking Game for SuperMarioLogan. Warning: You will get very drunk.

  • Drink whenever Shrek eats cheesecake.
    • Drink twice if Shrek appears and he is not eating cheesecake, but some sort of other food.
    • Drink three times if it is a different type of cheesecake.
  • Drink whenever Jeffy says "Why?".
  • Drink whenever a spoiler is revealed.
  • Drink whenever Black Yoshi is playing Call of Duty.
    • Drink twice if he appears and he is not playing Call of Duty.
  • Drink whenever a Chuck Cunningham Syndrome character suddenly reappears, such as Woody or Shrek.
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  • Drink whenever Brooklyn T. Guy makes a joke.
  • Drink whenever Cody gets turned on.
  • Drink whenever a character starts acting different.
  • Drink whenever a certain running gag appears during an episode.
  • Drink whenever Jeffy swears.
  • Drink whenever Jeffy causes a plot element, such as breaking a Nintendo Switch or destroying Junior's baby doll.
  • Drink whenever Joseph's dead mom is mentioned.
    • Drink twice if a Junior video goes without mentioning Joseph's mom at all, which — hint — is extremely rare nowadays.
  • Drink whenever Junior and Joseph call Cody's mom a pig.
    • Drink twice if they make fun of Cody's mom but they don't call her a pig.
  • Drink whenever Jeffy does his "unh" noise.
  • Drink whenever Jeffy spanks his diaper.
  • Drink whenever Jeffy gets called a "bad boy".
    • Drink twice if he doesn't bang his head on a wall or a couch.
  • Drink whenever a character's Berserk Button is pressed.
  • Drink whenever a character goes into a Heroic BSoD
  • Drink whenever Jackie Chu fails a student.
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  • Drink whenever a news report comes on.
  • Drink whenever Jeffy "loses" his pencil.

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