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King Boo, when he appears, will be a Knight of Cerebus
So far in Luigi's Mansion he's yet to appear, but since he was mentioned he appears to be the main antagonist from the beginning and he's so far the only true villain in the SML universe.

The current SML Movies take place entirely in an Alternate Universe from Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.
For instance, Bowser isn't evil and is just an abusive Jerkass who watches Charleyyy all day, Mario himself babysits Jeffy, and Peach is alive, and so is Junior; seeing as Mario is travelling universes in Season 3 he will show up in the SML Movies-verse and be completely confused at everything and all the differences.

Bowser Junior will become an Expy of the video games' Bowser.
Junior has been sent to military school, and was constantly abused and most likely has years of worked up trauma in him. Military school will be the last straw and we will see him become an Evil Overlord like his dad was before his Villain Decay. Heck, we already know he can be sadistic because "Home Alone" had him set booby traps for the burglars and threaten to kill the last one. He also kidnapped Peach "wanting to be like his dad" in Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures so it's obvious he's going down a dark path.

  • Jossed in Part 2 of "Bowser Junior Goes to Military School!", where Junior doesn't become evil, but rather breaks down both physically and mentally. At the end, Junior has his memory and behavior restored thanks to his friends Joseph and Cody forcing him to make messes, ending with him breaking the table with Bowser's Clown Car (the very same act that got him into military school).

Bowser Junior has an invisible Fairy Godmother.
Try this: In "Bowser Junior's Easter Wish!", Bowser Junior wishes for Chef Pee Pee to be the Easter Bunny, and the wish comes true the next morning. This also happens in "Switching Bodies!", when Chef Pee Pee and Junior both tell themselves what if they can see what it's like to be each other before going to sleep, and the next day the wish has already been granted, and both are in each other's bodies. Perhaps this can be the work of...someone?

There are Inexplicably Identical Individuals of the Brooklyn Guy.
He has appeared twice or more in a few recent videos, each appearance as working as a different job. For example: in "The Pizza Delivery!", the Brooklyn Guy appears as an actor on TV, then pops up as a Long John's Pizza mascot, and finally as a pizza delivery guy, without at all either complaining about the pile of jobs he has, or appearing alongside another identical character in the same scene. The same goes with "Bowser Junior's Candy Bar!", where the aforementioned character appears once as a lawyer, and later as a cop. Perhaps there could be loads of Brooklyn Guys each having different individual jobs, similar to the likes of The Usual Guy from Ned's Newt.
  • Here's a good place to start: in "Meet The Cast: Chris", Word of God implies that Chris plays all the "different variations" of the Brooklyn Guy, as well as "Turkey Tyranny!", where Brooklyn T. Guy comes as a police officer with his partner Simmons to look for turkeys, and is later invited by Bowser for Thanksgiving, without Simmons, and has no memory of the last time he searched the house for turkeys.
  • Jossed multiple times; in a few videos such as "Bowser Junior's Candy Bar!", "The Fly Problem!", "Mario the Gangsta" and "Mario's Hobo Problem!", he makes mention of the additional jobs he has.

Mr. Dinkle from "The President's Chef!" is Mr. Winkle's twin brother.
It makes sense, since Mr. Dinkle was recycled from the Mr. Winkle puppet.

Joseph and Cody are puppet children wearing Koopa Troopa and Kamek costumes.
Think about it. They probably had an accident in their childhood that embarrassed them in public, so they put on costumes to prevent being ashamed. Their parents are puppets too.
  • Here's a good place to start: Cody has an infinite amount of hats, as revealed in "Truth Or Dare!".
  • This can also go for Cody's sister Katy, since she is a Magikoopa like Cody himself.
    • Doubt it, Joseph's dad is a turtle and "Truth Or Dare!" confirmed he was adopted.

Bitterman Carlito is Felipe's father.
Both are Hispanic and are illegal immigrants.

Bowser Junior burnt down Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
He may have heard about Chef Pee Pee's dream job at the restaurant between the events of "Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5" and "Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 6", and he wanted to go there. But while at the pizzeria, he accidentally toppled an object that got set on fire. Also, compared to his behavior, he burnt down his old house and his own school, so that counts as well.
  • But just watch the intro of Part 6. Proving that, Junior possibly would've went on a day where Chef Pee Pee still had the job but wasn't supposed to work there. That way, Chef Pee Pee wouldn't have known about it.

Joseph will return in the Pokemon series as the Big Bad.
He hasn't appeared in the Pokemon series since episode 2; I believe he will be the villain in episode 6 or 7.
  • Semi-confirmed, but although he does battle Junior with a Charizard and gains the upper hand, he eventually gets beaten by Jeffy's Cookie Monster.

Mario convinced Shrek and Black Yoshi to go to Summer School.
Since both aren't just as mature as him, he would've decided that they would fit in better if they went there.
  • However, Shrek left in the first Summer School episode thanks to Principal Steinbeck, and he hasn't appeared since in the series. So I'm guessing Mario's plan failed for him.

Charleyyy caused Bowser to undergo Villain Decay.
The former is most likely the reason for this situation, which was shown in "Evil Bowser". Possibly Bowser forgot all about the evil stuff he did while watching the show.

Bowser Junior was resurrected between the events of his debut and his next few appearances.
He was killed by Black Yoshi when he first appeared in a Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 2 episode, but he reappeared alive and well in the Bowser Juice commercial and "Bowser Junior's Macaroni", both released in 2013.
  • However, there are a few reasons for how he could've been brought back to life besides being resurrected, including Negative Continuity and cartoon physics.

The current Chef Pee Pee, Bowser and Junior videos take place in the past.
And vice versa. Evidence for this would be Chef Pee Pee being retarded and unintelligent in his first appearances back in 2011. Looking back, it seemed like Bowser and Junior annoyed Chef Pee Pee to the point where poor Pee Pee snapped and became incredibly crazy and retarded.

"Shrek's Crappy Wish" was just a dream that Shrek had.
Consisting about his obsession with calling everyone "donkey", he would've started wondering, and later dreaming, about what would happen if one of these people was a real donkey. And that person was obviously Mario.

A Know-Nothing Know-It-All character told Junior about the Sun being a planet.
Could be the reason for him trying to prove his theory to his friends. The character could either be Toad or Chris the Cucumber, hence them running on Insane Troll Logic.
  • Though it could more likely be Chris the Cucumber since when he appeared in "Bowser Junior's Homework" and "Chef Pee Pee Gets Sick!", Junior believed his facts as making sense and being correct.

Joseph's dad thought of his wife as being nonsensical and started hating her.
In "Truth Or Dare!", Joseph told that his dad beat his mom about 95 times. In "Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem!", he even mentions about his mother being dead. Possibly his dad has a hating for Joseph's mom and considered her unintelligent enough to kill her. When she appeared during the parent-teacher convention, she wanted to be the permanent teacher for a reason that didn't have to do anything with teaching, which could prove her unintelligible personality.
  • This is complete fanfiction compared to "Joseph Moves In!", where it is implied that Joseph killed his mom. Over a sandwich!

The previous people who lived in the apartment were wizards.
In "The Burger!", Junior finds a moldy old cheeseburger capable of granting wishes, probably from the original owners of the apartment.

Cody believing his Ken doll is real is a hallucination of his.
Possibly from a medical disorder or something like that.
  • Jossed. He's playing it, as seen in "Bowser Junior's Sleepover".

Bowser Junior and Rosalina are Flat-Earthers.
Evidence for this is the former believing the Earth is flat in "Cody's Sister!", and the latter answering a question about the Earth being flat incorrectly in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 3".
  • Continuing that theory, this could tie into Bowser Junior and Rosalina both believing that the Sun is a planet. However, Junior's belief that the Earth is flat apparently goes away right after "Cody's Sister!".

Bowser once used to have fairy godparents as a child.
In "Bowser Junior's Clown Car!", he takes out a VHS tape from a box containing his high-school memories inside (including a yearbook, a Barney & Friends doll, a Rubix cube and the namesake Koopa Clown Car), and doesn't figure out what it is. This could prove that he once had fairy godparents as a child, and they appeared on the aforementioned VHS tape. Since when the child grows up and forgets about ever having fairy godparents, Bowser would have forgotten what the tape involved about.

Cody's (real) father lives in Wisconsin.
In "Cody's Sister!", Cody is revealed to have a sister from Wisconsin. This could possibly mean that his dad lives with her.

In "Bowser Junior's Clown Car!", one of Bowser's high-school memories is a Rubix cube that he used to throw at nerds while in the 9th grade. He also refers to maybe having hit Mario with it.

So here goes the explanation: Bowser had thrown Mario into a coma during one day in high-school by hitting him in the head with the Rubix cube, and Mario's coma is still persisting to this day, with him dreaming that he is living with friends (Black Yoshi, Shrek, Woody, Tony the Tiger, Toad and recently Rosalina and Jeffy), who don't have as much common sense and intelligence as him, and they recently moved into an apartment ("Mario's Family Moves Out!"), where Bowser obviously lives now.

Additionally, the SML videos where neither Mario nor his friends appear may count as reality itself if this is actually proven to be true, with Bowser, Chef Pee Pee and Junior living alone. This also means that a cameo from Mario or one of his friends (for example, in "The Purge!" and "Bowser Junior's Nerf War!"), or an appearance from Jeffy (for example, in Game Night 3 and 4, Playtime 4 and 5, "Bowser Junior Kinda Goes Camping!", "1 2 Switch Bodies!", "Pokémon Part 6" or the new school series) may end up making a whole Junior video into part of Mario's dream, no matter how short or bizarre it is.

Jeffy's parents dumped him on Mario's doorstep because they were too annoyed to keep raising him.
Also counts as a Reality Ensues moment.
  • Semi-confirmed in "Jeffy's Parents!", but there is no proof of Jeffy's famous painter father having dumped him, although Jeffy's mom not only doesn't want to raise him, but she is also physically abusive to him, even dumping Jeffy when his dad committed suicide.

"Bowser Junior's Cookies!" is a sequel to "Bowser Junior's All Nighter!".
See how both videos involve cookies. In the former, Junior runs out of cookies and tries to get Chef Pee Pee to buy some, but Chef Pee Pee continuously forgets, and in the latter, Junior and his friends try to stay up late over getting the last cookie.

The result: Following the events of "Bowser Junior's All Nighter!", after sleeping from an energy crash, Junior wakes up in the morning, and eats the cookie, forgetting all about it soon. And while he is playing with Thomas, he realizes there are no cookies left, kicking off the plot of "Bowser Junior's Cookies!". Kind of like a Crossover between two videos rather than two works.

Chef Pee Pee was just dreaming that Junior put sticky notes all over the apartment.
In "Bowser Junior's Cookies!", Chef Pee Pee goes to sleep, and the camera slowly zooms into his head, fading away as it does. The next scene shows sticky notes saying "cookies" all over the apartment, even on Junior's body.

Maybe from that point on it was just a dream that Chef Pee Pee had?

Bowser Junior has an Alternate Dimension counterpart.
In the third season premiere of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Mario travels to an alternate dimension where everyone acts different from their original counterparts. Bowser and Chef Pee Pee essentially have their personalities switched (not to mention that Chef Pee Pee doesn't watch Charleyyy, but rather a related show named Harleyyy and Friends), Toad has a deep voice and sings Country Western songs, Black Yoshi is white and plays Animal Crossing on the Wii, Shrek eats sweet peas, takes pees, and calls everyone "Camel", and Mama Luigi is alive, very intelligent, and the star of his series. While Junior's AD counterpart isn't shown in the video, if he were, his favorite train to play with would be Salty (the ugly red one). He wouldn't let anyone else who plays trains with him to play with it and force them to play with the Beautiful Blue One (Thomas).
  • He could also dislike Happy Meals, Chips Ahoy cookies and other foods that the actual Junior likes, as a matter of fact.

Bowser is an alcoholic.
In "Cody's Sister!", Junior mentions his dad drinking from a champagne bottle (of which Junior uses for playing Spin the Bottle with his friends and Cody's sister Katy) before beating him.
  • This is never mentioned or proven in videos where Bowser actually beats his son, though.

How Joseph's parents should have died.
Joseph mentions his parents being dead in "The Alien!", for unknown reasons. This theory should sum it up:

Since Joseph's dad is an alcoholic, he could have died from drinking too much, and Joseph's mom possibly could have been killed in a car accident.

  • Jossed in "Joseph's House!". It is revealed that Joseph's mom did pass away on Halloween 2015 after all. She died while passing out candy, and it is still unknown how Joseph's dad died.
    • Jossed again in "Joseph's Mom!", where it turns out that Joseph's mom didn't die after all, but she dumped Joseph on Halloween after she won the lottery, leaving Joseph to break down into insanity.

Jeffy wants himself as a Small Name, Big Ego.
Pretty much probably the reason why he cries and repeatedly bumps a wall when someone calls him a "bad boy".

"Cody's Revenge!" is the sequel to "Bowser Junior's Clown Car!".
At the end, Bowser mentions sending Junior to military school after Junior breaks a table with a cannonball. The beginning of "Cody's Revenge!" has Junior being woken up by Bowser and Brooklyn T. Guy to go to military school. This theory could confirm that "Cody's Revenge!" takes place the morning after "Bowser Junior's Clown Car!".

The cat that Bowser bought after the events of "Bowser's Parrot!" was Mittens.
In "Cody's Revenge!", Bowser mentions using to have a late cat named Mittens. Bowser also reveals that he cremated her remains and put the ashes in a jar. At the end of "Bowser's Parrot!", Bowser and Bowser Junior go to buy pets, and Bowser says he wants a kitty.

Joseph's dad is Bowser's brother and Junior's uncle.
In "Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!", Joseph mentions his father resembling Junior, even down to the fake mustache.
  • The theory technically would make Joseph Junior's cousin.

In "Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation!", Cody accidentally got amnesia while going to Toys-'R'-Us and started believing that he was a Hunky God in love with a doll.
Which could possibly explain his instant Flanderization.

Cody really is a Wisconsinite.
He only started appearing since Bowser Junior's Summer School, and hasn't made any other appearances prior to the series. Which could possibly mean that his family isn't from Junior's hometown (Pensacola, FL), but rather from Wisconsin, like his sister Katy and (possible) father. He's only trying to keep the fact as a secret between him and his family, and not reveal it to his friends.

As part of going to military school and Cody blackmailing him, Bowser Junior is starting to become just as miserable as Timmy Turner.
Only without an evil babysitter torturing him.

In "Cody's Revenge!", the Brooklyn Military Sergeant gives him Cool and Unusual Punishments which include listening to Justin Bieber non-stop and watching Big Hero 6, of which Junior describes as "the worst animated movie since Cars 2". Later in the episode, Cody blackmails him as revenge for being treated as a Butt-Monkey, and Junior seemed to hate doing most of his tasks of which include watching Big Hero 6 twice, spanking Ken in the ass, forcing him to say that the Sun is a star, and calling him "the Hunky God". Junior even tried to tell Joseph about this, but Cody hit him just to make sure Junior changed the subject.

Jeffy's appearances following "Mario the Babysitter!" are just a dream that Mario is having.
His debut only turned out to be All Just a Dream, but the ending revealed that Jeffy eventually was real. And almost every other Mario appearance from then has him babysitting Jeffy just like he was in the aforementioned video.

Maybe The Reveal that the video was a dream was probably just fake. Maybe Mario is still dreaming that he is babysitting Jeffy, and Jeffy isn't real after all, just a character made up in Mario's imagination. If he ever was to wake up from the dream, he would obviously be very relieved that everything involving Jeffy (including celebrating Easter with him, homeschooling him, potty-training him, trying to get him to bed, him playing with Junior and his friends) wasn't real, and he never Took a Level in Jerkass because of him after all.

Jeffy is Mario and Peach's first child whom Peach never told Mario about.
Peach, scorned after Mario rejected her for Rosalina, dumped him on Mario's doorstep out of spite. So, yes. Mario truly is Jeffy's father.

In addition, Jeffy is actually pretty smart, but Peach told him to act stupid on purpose to make Mario suffer. Peach also went dark so Mario couldn't find her.

Think about it, in spite of Jeffy's extreme stupidity, Jeffy has shown moments of intelligence, namely drawing Mona Lisa on his egg and saying his ABC's backwards. He even caught Cookie Monster, and somehow taught it Thunderbolt. It's very possible he could actually be a silent murderer whose main objective is to torture Mario until he gives up on his life, whilst brainwashing mathematicians and scientists into accepting his extremely retarded math "theories".

Jeffy is Mama Luigi's reincarnation.
When Mama Luigi's VA moved to Colorado from Logan's hometown, Logan and the VA made one last epic video with Mama Luigi, where he gets killed off. To date, he's only appeared twice after that, and he was smart in one of said appearances. Not only did Logan miss Mama Luigi, but so did his fans, ESPECIALLY his fans, being a favorite amongst many fans. And no one has matched his stupidity perfectly between 2009 and 2016, with the closest case being Chris the Cucumber, or Bowser Junior, however, the former is mostly known for stupid advice and doesn't get much screen time anymore, whilst the latter is a Spoiled Brat. So when Jeffy was finally introduced, it was a return to the incredibly stupid yet amazingly funny character that hasn't truly been seen Mama Luigi. It's possible Craig the Devil himself brought Mama Luigi back to life, but in a different form.
  • Mama Luigi? The WMG entries at the very top of this page say the SML Movies possibly take place in an alternate universe from MaLSaDA's universe.

Notice how in "Joseph's House!", he stole Junior's Clown Car and house painting, as well as Cody's trophy from "Bowser Junior's Go-Kart Race!".

Jeffy's presence has slowly made everybody stupid.
Remember the controversial "Jeffy's Bad Word!"?

In that video, starting from when Jeffy picks up the word "faggot" after Mario calls a homeless guy that, a black guy blames Mario for saying it despite Mario telling it was Jeffy, and Rosalina believes Mario beat him after he spanked him. Following that, Jeffy is completely convinced Mario raped him, and Brooklyn T. Guy accepts it like a theory, getting Mario arrested despite him following his logic in the first place. He is later believed that he ran over the homeless guy from before with his car, and he is accused of vehicular assault and gets his driver's license suspended, despite Mario being confident that he did not run him over; there is even an interview with the homeless man himself, complete with a fake fractured skull and broken arm. Jeffy later winds up on TV explaining the spanking incident to a TV show host. Mario's numerous sentences ("All I did was spank him!") are completely ignored, and he has become an extreme Woobie.

Also, don't forget "No Crust!", where almost everybody has no intellect, including Junior, Joseph, Cody and to a lesser extent, Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn T. Guy, despite Jeffy not appearing in the episode.

This theory could confirm that as he is existing, Jeffy is pushing a supernatural force on the population's IQ, explaining why everybody didn't believe Mario in the former and also explaining why everybody was stupid in the latter.

Bowser presumably got harmed or killed from the bug spray fumes when his apartment got fumigated for termites.
"Joseph's House!" has Bowser mentioning staying inside the house and smelling the fumes. Just another example of being blinded by his addiction to Charleyyy. We don't see him for the rest of the episode after Junior and Cody visit Joseph's house, so he was probably affected by the fumes.

Jeffy and Hansel are really teleportation leaders of the space-time continuum in disguise.
Being that they are able to warp from one place to another instantly, even if they're locked inside or outside or even really far away from Mario's apartment.

Jeffy has been affected with anesthesia once, and the anesthesia's side effects are what is causing his stupidity.
Think about this; Jeffy used to be actually pretty smart, but he needed to have a surgery once, and he got knocked out with anesthesia. After waking up, some of the anesthesia remained in his body for a very long time, reducing his intelligence and possibly explaining the reason why he is so stupid but sometimes turns smart himself.

Something really terrible would happen if Jeffy dies, leaves, gets abandoned or is sent back to his parents.
In "Where's Jeffy?", Mario abandons Jeffy at a park, only to forget that he left Rosalina's necklace with Jeffy and race back to the park. He finds out Jeffy gave the necklace to a squirrel, completely causing him to forget that he left Jeffy at the park in the first place; thus his plan fails, and Status Quo Is God occurs.

"Jeffy's Mistake!" ends with Jeffy getting killed by Black Yoshi, only to be revealed that it was all a dream.

"Bowser Junior's Game Night 3" has Jeffy playing Russian Roulette, somehow surviving despite Cody's warnings, although Cody himself saves Jeffy after the gun is ready to fire a bullet.

In "Jeffy's Special Easter!", in an attempt to get rid of Jeffy, Mario takes the golden egg Rosalina asks him to hide far away and tosses it off a bridge, only to notice that Jeffy has somehow found it.

In "The Fishing Trip!", Jeffy ends up in the ocean with a monkey float and Mario is afraid he would get killed by sharks. He jumps in to save Jeffy only to get killed by a shark, and Jeffy survives.

Oh, and the icing on the cake has got to be "Jeffy's Parents!", where Mario is given the choice to either adopt Jeffy or send him to foster care. Mario eventually decides to adopt Jeffy, thus resulting in Jeffy permanently staying with Mario.

So, it sums up the reason Jeffy can't die or go away is because his absence would trigger a void that would swallow all universes and end all life as we know it.

Each episode has its own Alternate Dimension.
The series makes use of Negative Continuity, but does it even more so than other works. A lot of events that happen in the episodes are ignored. For example, Rosalina believes Mario is cheating on her in "Jeffy's Cellphone!" and presumably dumps him, but she is shown to be still his girlfriend in "Jeffy's Bad Word!". Most of the characters (specifically Bowser Junior and Doofy the Dragon) die at the end of several episodes only to come back in the following ones. "Bowser Junior's Biggest Fear!" has Junior kicking his friends out and dumping them after they repeatedly scare him with cotton balls, but they are still together as of "The Gun!". The same happens in "Bowser Junior's Package!", where Junior enters a state of careless anger due to someone "stealing" his package, accuses his friends of stealing the package, and results in his friends dumping him; that being ignored in "Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!". Not only that, but Junior also kills Bowser in the same episode, yet it's also completely ignored. In "Toad's Girlfriend!", Toad claims to have a girlfriend, but she doesn't appear in other episodes (Junior mentions that the Toadette from "Cool Cody!" isn't the one from "Toad's Girlfriend!"), and so does Joseph's own girlfriend. And of course, Mario has met Junior several times, but "Bowser Junior's Game Night 3", where Jeffy indirectly renders Mario aware of Junior, has Chef Pee Pee claiming he has "never been in a Junior video". Oh, and let's not forget "Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza!", the absolute MOTHER of all this.

To say, after watching several uses of this, it comes to the reader that each episode may be set in their own dimension, influenced by the likes of Season 3 of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, which can be one of the reasons for the show's overused Negative Continuity.

Hop Hop Bunny is part of a cult.
Notice how Jeffy and Rosalina are easily hypnotized upon hearing the song, and the ending where Mario is eaten to death by a nightmarish version of Hop Hop.

Luigi and Peach are Jeffy's parents.
Peach found out Mario got a new girlfriend and decided to date his brother, but then they got wild and she accidentally gave birth to Jeffy. After a long time, no longer wanting to put up with Jeffy's antics, Peach came up with a Revenge plan to drop him off at Mario's door and have the idiot drive him insane. Oh, what a twist this would make!

Jeffy's True Nature.
Jeffy, whose real name is Jeffrey, is actually a grown man who's a midget. He's also a Serial Killer. How does he kill? He uses his size to his advantage and pretends to be a retarded kid supposedly dumped on the target's doorstep by his at-wits-end mother. He then proceeds to act as stupid as possible in ways that are detrimental to the target, until the target kills themselves. He then takes everything in the house, puts it in a lockup, and has his sister Phoebe (not Feebee) fence them on the black market. If a target is resistant, Jeffrey calls in Phoebe to assist.

Thus so far, Mario has been the most resistant. It may get to the point where Jeffrey drops the facade and outright tries to kill Mario himself, only to be shot and killed by Ken. Everyone on-hand will be in shock, except Cody, who will call him a "hunky hero".

Mario's friends have been written out of existence.
So far, the classic group of Mario and his friends (Shrek, Tony the Tiger, Woody, Mr. Pig and later Black Yoshi) has been slowly replaced with the trio of Mario, Rosalina and Jeffy. It may be possible that Logan forgot that Mario's friends even existed as characters, and would be the reason that they are no longer appearing in recent videos.

Firstly, Mr. Pig has undergone a hiatus period since "The Big Thanksgiving" in 2014, and then poor Tony the Tiger became part of it after "Mario's Family Moves Out!" in 2015note . It got to the point where only Shrek and Black Yoshi were left, and unfortunately for them Jeffy has taken over their roles, demoting both to fewer appearances. We don't even see any of Mario's friends moving into Logan's new house in 2016, when there were a TON of them moving into the apartment in 2015.

  • Jossed. In the House Tour video on the SuperLuigiLogan channel, Logan explains that the reason why Mario's friends aren't in "The New House!" is because they didn't have time to put them in.
    • On that note, Shrek, Black Yoshi, and Woody make a comeback in "The Ring", "Black Yoshi The Assistant!", and "Life is Ruff!", respectively.

Jeffy's fear of lollipops, candy and money is thanks to Jeff the Killer.
In "Happy Halloween!", Jeffy and Mario go trick-or-treating, and they end up at Jeff the Killer's house, of whom later takes the duo's candy, traumatizing Jeffy. The following video, "Jeffy's Flu Shot!", has Jeffy screaming because he is scared of lollipops. And not only that, but gumballs, chewing gum, gummy worms and even money.

Jeffy will eventually get his comeuppance.
Jeffy catching the flu and losing his eye in "Jeffy's Flu Shot!" could be a sign of his karma rising through the cracks, as well as being pushed off the hotel bed in "The New House!", getting his pencil penetrated into his brain thanks to Junior in "Smart Jeffy", and losing all his candy to Jeff the Killer in "Happy Halloween!", among a lot of other examples. After bringing Mario through so much frustration and miserynote , there could be an episode where Mario snaps and torments Jeffy in return, possibly even threatening to kill him.
  • Here's a good place to start. In "Turkey Tyranny!", Mario forces Jeffy to stand in the corner for the whole episode after he throws his plate towards the camera and almost breaks it. On an additional note, Rosalina also talks with her parents about the backlash "Locked Out" received.
  • And in "Shrek The Babysitter!", Shrek locks Junior and Jeffy in the bathroom, with the toilet clogged, as punishment for eating his cheesecake. Sure enough, that ended up being everyone's most favorite part from the video.

"Smart Jeffy" was the original Jeffy.
Jeffy's genius moments have appeared in small doses in episodes like "Jeffy's Special Easter!", and its full form in "Smart Jeffy" reveals just how intelligent he really is...or used to be. That pencil might have (temporarily) knocked something back into place in his brain. Jeffy started out smart, but could have received brain damage in some manner; perhaps from beatings inflicted by Abusive Parents? I mean, they abandoned him at the doorstep of a total stranger. And what if Jeffy only torments Mario to compensate for everything his parents did to him?

The entire show is staged.
If you have noticed the incredible amount of Fourth Wall Running Gags in recent 2016/2017 videos, then you might have come to a conclusion like this. Eventually, the series will end up in a scenario where it will break itself down, similar to the likes of Taz-Mania or the Psycho Series. As part of a reveal, not only will the series be revealed to be staged, but Jeffy himself might be acting stupid as part of his role and the one-time and anthropomorphic animal characters are just actors in costumes.
  • Although as of lately, these gags have died down.

Atso is being set up to replace Jeffy.
Once his parents show up, Jeffy will start appearing less frequently, while Atso takes over his roles in episodes. Pretty much like how Shrek and Black Yoshi made less appearances after Jeffy was first introduced.
  • If Jeffy's real sister is revealed as well, she will most likely take over Jeffy's roles in episodes along with Atso.
  • "Jeffy's Parents!" is out and yet Jeffy is still appearing in a lot of recent Mario videos, with no cameo/mention of his sister or Atso.

Jeffy's father may have shown respect for Jeffy.
In "Jeffy's Parents!", The Reveal shows that Jeffy's father is no other than world-renowned French painter Jacques Pierre François, who previously appeared in "Bowser Junior's Painting!" and has recently committed suicide. On the other hand, Jeffy's mother shows a much bigger more heartbreaking EVEN WORSE role in the episode, in that she is a smoking alcoholic prostitute named Nancy who frequently gets physical with Jeffy. Mario and Brooklyn T. Guy even retrieve and uncover the torn paper note that contains Jeffy's information, which was previously teased in "Jeffy's Birthday!". The paper note reveals that Jeffy is 12 years old, his address is "7 Jeffy Street, Paris, France", and the note contains Jacques Pierre François's full name.

To repeat: the paper note has Jeffy's father's contact information.

Jeffy is allergic to green beans.
He has no idea how to explain it to Mario, which is why every time he is forced to eat green beans, he either hides his meal while Mario's back is turned, or (as we see in "Inside Jeffy") swats the food away. At some point in time, Mario will trick Jeffy into eating green beans and this would lead to him suffering some sort of extreme yet hilarious allergic reaction.
  • Jossed. While Jeffy is shown being forced to eat green beans near the end of "Jeffy And The Beanstalk!", he never gains an allergic reaction from it. It is still unknown how and why his hatred of green beans exists yet.

Jeffy's real sister will return.
Even if Feebee was only a part of Jeffy's imagination, Logan did respond on Twitter that Jeffy indeed has an actual sister, although in "Jeffy's Parents!" he is credited as an only child. It could be revealed that Jeffy and his sister were actually Separated at Birth, and Feebee is what Jeffy imagines his sister to be like now.
  • Alternatively, remember that Jeffy's mom happens to be "a little pregnant"...

Mario will eventually regret adopting Jeffy.
In "Jeffy's Parents!", Jeffy is revealed to have a very abusive mother, and thanks to Mario, she gets arrested. Brooklyn T. Guy then gives Mario two options: either adopt Jeffy, or take him to foster care. Mario then takes the chance to adopt Jeffy, on the condition that Jeffy is going to be a good boy. But despite now being Mario's adopted son, Jeffy continues to annoy Mario just as much as he did over the last several months, and it is implied that Jeffy downright lied in order to permanently stay with Mario!
  • "Inside Jeffy" even pointed this out, at the very end where Mario's three identical emotions are shown.
    Mario's Emotion: So, uh, whose idea was it to adopt him?

Rosalina's house will eventually be revealed.
In "The New House!", Mario asked Rosalina if he and the others could stay at her place, only for Rosalina to laugh hysterically. When we do see her house, it will be just as shocking as Joseph's house, if not more.

There will be an episode where Rosalina must take care of Jeffy on her own.
Jeffy's antics somehow get Mario injured, which leaves Rosalina to do his job. Of course she takes it well at first, but as Jeffy continues his usual shtick, she will come to realize what Mario has been going through.

Wario and Waluigi will eventually be turned into recurring characters.
First of all, they seem to be among the few characters who actually act like their video game counterparts, not to mention that on the SML wiki page the poll on both of their pages that asks if people like them has almost everyone saying yes. Plus, a "Wario and Waluigi's stupid and dumb adventures" is a no-brainer.
  • But we haven't even seen them for over two years at this time of writing, come on.
  • Yes, but I can dreamnote .

Dry Bowser will eventually appear.
In his "Mario Plush Collection" we see that he does have one Dry Bowser plush, sent to him by a fan. It's most likely he will eventually use it in some capacity as either some undead Bowser or an Evil Counterpart.
  • Despite this, it's been over a year and a half since the video was first uploaded.

They will poke fun at Big Hero 6: The Series.
Not only has Big Hero 6 been greenlit for an animated TV series on Disney XD, but it has already been renewed for a second season ahead of its fall premiere. No doubt Junior is going to be so pissed about this.
  • Junior hasn't mentioned Big Hero 6 since he came back from military school, though.
  • Big Hero 6 has been referenced in "Bowser Junior's Game Night 5!", "SuperPowers" and "Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!", all of which are videos starring Junior, and all of which take place after the "Military School!" duology.

Craig lives behind the secret door.
  • Jossed. In "The Secret Door!", it is revealed that a slaughterhouse is behind the secret door, owned by Brooklyn T. Guy's identical twin brother, DoesBadThings Guy, wherein he killed the 26 previous owners.

The events of "Locked Out!" were all a plan by DoesBadThings Guy
  • In "The Secret Door!", Brooklyn T. Guy reveals that he has an identical twin brother called DoesBadThings Guy, who had been substituting for him for the past seven months. One of his jobs was selling Mario and Bowser the titular house in "The New House!". In "Locked Out!", Jeffy locks Mario out of his house, and Brooklyn doesn't recognize Mario, despite the two having met many times before, and thinks the house belongs to Jeffy, also threatening to arrest Mario if he set foot inside his own house. Since DoesBadThings was substituting for Brooklyn around that time, it's possible that he somehow knew Jeffy would lock Mario out of his house someday, so he pretended not to recognize Mario as part of his plan to get him arrested.

Nancy was killed off by Does Bad Things Guy.
So why wasn't Nancy's body seen among the others in "The Secret Door!"? Well, she didn't open the door, so her death was different. After her arrest in "Jeffy's Parents!", Does Bad Things mentioned that he forgot to turn the AC on in his car and it must be getting hot for her. In fact, he actually trapped her inside her stolen vehicle and had her suffocate to death from the exhaust fumes. Then he probably drove the car into a river to hide the evidence.

Junior didn't actually die in "Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun!"
It's apparently canon with the series as it was referenced briefly in "Mistaken". But how could this be? Well, in "The Alien!", the titular alien mentions that his parents live on the sun. Junior either somehow survived being burnt to a crisp or was revived through alien technology by the residents of the sun, who then brought him back to Earth.

Toad's Mistake will be given a fourth episode.
The series will involve Toad doing wrong to Junior and Jeffy.

Rosalina is homeless.
At least she can look towards the stars at night.

Mr. Goodman is obfuscating disabilities to get his way.
In "The Bet!", after losing to Chef Pee Pee in the Golden Spoon Competition, Mr. Goodman loses his fortune by betting on himself. He gets hired as Bowser's new chef, and Bowser puts him through the same torture he puts Chef Pee Pee through on a regular basis. When Bowser sends him to Wal-Mart to get him Cheetos, Goodman deliberately slips on a puddle with no Wet Floor sign near it to obfuscate an injury and sue Wal-Mart to get his fortune back, acquiring the rights to it in the process. Then, in "The Fender Bender!", Mario merely taps Goodman's car twice, and Goodman acts as if he is paralyzed from the neck down. Mario points out that Goodman can move just fine, but Goodman claims that one of his arms is a robotic arm the second time Mario hits his car. Also during the second time, Goodman sues Domino's, since Mario was working for it at the time, and acquires the rights to it in the process. It's very possible that Goodman will continue doing this in future episodes.

There will be take thats to Cars 3 in future SML episodes.
On Chilly's YouTube channel, Chilly uploaded a video where Logan expresses why he hates Cars 3, even going as far as to say that the movie dethroned Big Hero 6 as the worst animated movie he's ever seen. Because Logan hates Big Hero 6, the characters he plays (namely Junior and Mario) hate that movie as well. They will likely do the same with Cars 3 in future SML episodes.

Cody's mom is secretly a whale disguised as a human.
Both "Sunken" and "Chef Pee Pee The Octopus!" end with Cody's mom jokes, with her jumping from the ocean in the former, and Junior turning into Cody's mom in the latter. Earlier in both videos, Junior and Joseph also made fun of Cody's mom and called her a whale. Could it be that Cody's mom is really a whale and not a pig?

Junior sent Does Bad Things Guy to the Moon as payback for shooting him.
In "Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!", Does Bad Things Guy became so annoyed from getting repeatedly pinched by Junior that he accidentally shot him, resulting in him not only getting worldwide attention, but also getting fired from the police forces. In "Mistaken", which came out not too long after, Junior tried to get him to rescue Ken by going to the Moon. Does Bad Things Guy at first thought he was saving a human life, only to find out (much to his anger) that Junior sent a doll to the Moon and not a human.

In conclusion, this could probably suggest that Junior most likely recovered from his wounds, then sought vengeance and revenge on Does Bad Things Guy for almost killing him and planned to send him to the Moon on purpose, leaving him to suffer to death.

Cody's real father is Kamek.
It's obvious that Cody uses a Magikoopa Plush to represent him, at first it seemed like he was just a normal (If incredibly smart and perverse) kid, but then we see in Spoken that he has magical powers that he's unaware of. It's possible that these powers along with his wand and clothes were passed down from his real father, who is actually Kamek. It is stated that Tyrone is his stepdad, after all.

The real Chef Pee Pee was still on vacation during the events of "The Bet!".
Notice how Chef Pee Pee cooks really bad ravioli for a chef competition. When Chef Pee Pee left for a Christmas vacation, he bought an identical robot to fill in his place while he was gone. The robot's cooking is obviously worse yet it is fully unaware of it. Only almost two months before "The Bet!" was released, Junior and his friends destroyed the robot, thinking that it could destroy the human race.

Again, you should really have to note how bad Chef Pee Pee's cooking is in this episode. The most probable explanation for this was that "The Bet!" took place before "Chef Pee Pee The Robot", and the real Chef Pee Pee was still on Christmas vacation. Either that, or Chef Pee Pee went on another vacation and bought another robot to fill his place.

Junior and his friends learnt their swearing words from Jeffy.
Can be justified since Jeffy swears a lot.
  • Haven't they been swearing before Jeffy's arrival?

Does Bad Things Guy has been spying on Mario, Junior and their friends and families.
This could explain how he already knows certain characters' names, relationships and ages, for instance Chef Pee Pee in "The Bake Sale!", as well as Junior and Joseph in "Mistaken".

Chef Poo Poo
was the killer in "Friday the 13th!".The only other explanation is that Chef Pee Pee narrowly missed the killer's attack offscreen, slayed him, and then decided to dress up as him to prank Junior and Cody.

Joseph was abused by his father.
He constantly wishes his mother was alive but rarely ever mentions his father. It could be his father was extremely abusive towards him, not just physically, but psychologically. This eventually drove Joseph to murder his father, but this change of behavior would turn him into a psychopath and led to the alleged killing of his mother as well.
  • Jossed HARD. Turns out Joseph's MOM is the abusive one, having disowned him for money and faking her death by making it look like Joseph killed her. She's just as bad as Nancy, if not worse because she's a more realistic version of an abusive parent, while Nancy is a grossly-exaggerated Hate Sink.

Joseph's Mother actually did die prior to "The Past Machine!".
It turns out she faked her death in "Joseph's Mom!", but that seems to contradict Joseph wishing her back to life in "The Past Machine!". This would sound like the most logical explanation to justify all that.

The focus will shift to Joseph's Dad.
The recent news of "Joseph's Mom!" aside, Joseph's dad is still confirmed to be dead (or rather, a walking skeleton/ghost). There could be an episode where Joseph and his friends attempt to resurrect his dad.

Jeffy's Dog...
Going by the ending of "Jeffy's Dog!", it appears that Shitass will be a regular character. If that's the case, they could (and should) give him Character Development in future episodes so that he isn't a carbon Jeffy clone (similar to what Feebie was seen as). Eventually we could even delve into his backstory; who his original owners were and how he became paralyzed note .

Jeffy Junior isn't really dead.
All we saw in "Jeffy Has Kids!" is Jeffy Jr. being flushed down the toilet and Jeffy assuming the worst. What actually happened is that Jeffy Jr. ended up in the sewers and subsequently mutated. He will eventually return as a deformed, hulking freak with an agenda of killing his abusive father.

Joseph will eventually become a serial killer.
By what we've seen in "Joseph Moves In!", he very well displays all the makings of one. He (albeit unknowingly) threatens to slit Junior's throat, and even owns a scary mask. Plus there's the fact that his mother left him after winning the lottery, driving him to guilt and insanity over believing he murdered her. Oh, and this happened on Halloween - I can see Joseph becoming the show's variant of Michael Myers; upon accepting the truth about his mother he'll snap and go off to kill her for real (at least until Junior and Cody somehow stop him).

The movie will be about Jeffy turning 18.
Recalling "Jeffy's Parents!", Jeffy was stated to be 12 and would receive his father's huge sum of money at age 18. Nancy was prominent here and, going by the trailer, will return in the movie. Why jump to this conclusion? In "The Remote", the series skips over 5 years into the future (granted time also stood still for five years, thanks to Cody). This would make Jeffy 17. It kinda makes sense; obviously they wouldn't spend five years on this arc.

The eventual outcome of Jeffy's dog.
Considering the recent news about YouTube demonetizing and age-restricting hundreds of SML videos — to the point where Logan has once dreaded having his channel shut down — and the fact that SML's future videos are more family-friendly now, it is possible that Jeffy's dog, named "Shitass", would end up getting Put on a Bus. If he does reappear, he would most likely get his name changed to something more appropriate like "Poopbutt".
  • Confirmed in "Jeffy's Pokemon Card!", where he calls his dog "Poopy Butt".

There's a way Craig can return...
YouTube is probably demonetizing/age-restricting his episodes because he's the ruler of Hell. Now that SML is becoming more child-friendly, he could be demoted to being a devil on the shoulder. He would appear on a character's left shoulder to tell them evil things, while an angel character on the right shoulder tells them the opposite. Instead of saying the H word, Craig could say he was simply banished from the underworld "for not being evil enough" or something like that.

Does Bad Things Guy most likely killed Mr. Pig.
Remember Mario saying in "Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!" that Mr. Pig was dead? And the fact that Does Bad Things Guy has a thing for killing people? I mean, he did use to have a slaughterhouse behind the secret door, and he killed 26 people, so... Yeah, perhaps Mario deep down knows the truth.

SML unwittingly predicted the future of 20th Century Fox
The series has had to drop most of its vulgarity and obscenity due to YouTube's meddling. In the same year, Disney acquired a large portion of Fox. Could this mean shows owned by the company such as The Simpsons and Family Guy might eventually be forced to become more family-friendly to suit Disney's requirements?
  • Jossed. The Fox networks are staying independent.

Mario killed the original Koopa Troopa.
Koopa hasn't been seen since "Bowser's Dinner Date". Also, keep in mind Mario has a creepy thing for turtles...
  • This Koopa Troopa is not to be confused with Joseph, another Koopa who is Junior's friend.

SML will crossover with Titototter.
Sonic's house originally belonged to Bowser, Junior, and Chef Pee Pee after all.
  • Further cementing this theory is the fact that Rosalina's parents appear in the TT Short "Stitch", retaining their voices and personalities.
    • Cemented even further in "Jet's Cheesy Problem", wherein The Rat appears to steal Jet's cheese.

Junior's Mom.
Unlike Jeffy, Cody, or Joseph, Junior's mom is never revealed or even explained at all. He is also implied to be adopted in "SuperPowers 2". Alternatively, it is revealed in "Jeffy's Parents!" and "Joseph's Mom!" respectively that Jeffy and Joseph's moms have rubbed on them the wrong way, although Jeffy's is more grossly-exaggerated while Joseph's is shown to be a more realistic example.

Similarly to the "Joseph's abusive father" theory above, this evidence could likely suggest that Junior's real biological mom was extremely abusive towards him, having inflicted enough physical and mental trauma on Junior before abandoning him on the streets, where he was found and eventually adopted by Bowser. When it comes to Junior talking about his mom, he could be lying.

  • However, Junior is still visibly shown to be upset when Cody calls his mother "fat" in "Loch Ness Monster!".

Rosalina was kidnapped by Peach after the latter found out about the former's relationship with Mario, her former boyfriend.
This could explain Rosalina's abnormally long 5-month absence.
  • Yet, Mario isn't seen to be aware of this. Shouldn't he care that Rosalina's gone?
  • Jossed. She returned in "Jeffy's Switcheroo!" and said the line at the Chinese restaurant was extremely long, plus she hit every red light on the way home.
    • She probably went all the way to China for that food, a detail she forgets to include in the explanation of her absence. The fact that she learned Chinese supports this theory.
    • Or she was lying, and was actually cheating on Mario with other men all that time. She actually got the Chinese food pretty quickly and used that as an excuse, as she knew Mario would outright kill her for infidelity.

Nancy favored Feebee over Jeffy
First clue is that she asked to borrow Feebee's helmet - not Jeffy's - to use as an ashtray. She probably blamed Jeffy for Feebee's death and this was the incident that lead her to abandon him.

The Goodman seen in recent years isn't the real Goodman.
It's actually his evil twin, Badman, who has kidnapped and imprisoned the real Goodman so he can use his fortune to become the criminal kingpin of Pensacola.

An episode will involve Bowser turning into Bowsette
It starts the typical way with Bowser watching Charlie & Friends in his bed. Suddenly a commercial pops up for a product that allows its user to embrace their feminine side, the super crown. Being the Ambiguously Gay turtle man he is, Bowser orders the product and transforms into a woman without even knowing it. He'll think he wasted his money and act his casual self as everyone else becomes smitten with him. Then Hilarity Ensues when his crown falls off and he turns back to normal while someone attempts to kiss him, Bowser then calling out that person as a rapist.

An episode will be named "Cody's Ultimate Smash!"
Bowser Jr. brings home Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and invites his friends to play with him. After Junior selects himself, Cody gets upset that Nintendo has once again ignored him. Joseph decides to leave like he usually does. Cody will then try to make his own Smash game and Jeffy gets involved because he also wants to be in it. Waluigi casually shows up to challenge Jeffy in a face-to-face combat that consists of Jeffy shouting "Uh" while smacking his diaper and Waluigi shouting "Wah" while crotch chopping. The game turns out to be horrible, so Cody goes back to play with Junior...quickly discovering that Ken is a playable character and decides to play as Ken, saying he wants to "smash him".

Mario and Rosalina will file a divorce, or already did
Since the latter barely appears anymore.

Alternatively, Rosalina will move into Mario's house
Assuming Bowser's wife Shelby will be a regular character, Mario will see the turtle and attempt to kill her before being stopped by Bowser, who questions the whereabouts of Mario's wife. Realizing they haven't kept in touch in a while, Mario will invite Rosalina for dinner with Bowser and his wife - cue a brief reference to "Mario's Turtle Problem!" where Rosalina addresses Shelby as Peewee. Feeling like her family is falling apart, Rosalina will decide to move in.

Rosalina has a job.
The reason she's absent lately because she's actually working a day job so Mario can pay his bills and avoid incurring Goodman's wrath. So far, it's been working, as Goodman rarely brings up house payments anymore (the gag pretty much died in "The Movie Date!" when Brooklyn Guy revealed he was stealing Mario's house payments to support himself, and has only come back up once in "Jeffy's Drone!"), meaning Goodman hasn't been coming to Mario's house threatening Disproportionate Retribution.

What will be done with Rosalina.
At this point, it's extremely unlikely Rosalina will ever return. So, this is what could happen:

Rosalina will be Killed Offscreen, possibly by Goodman to punish Mario for not paying his non-existent house payment. This vide will set up a redemption arc for Peach, who has gotten help for her horrible personality and had a Heel–Face Turn. But Mario won't forgive her for divorcing him over his non-existent baldness, and even goes as far as to implicate her in convincing Nancy to dump Jeffy on him to make his life miserable. Thus begins a new series where Peach goes through all kinds of hell (usually the same things Mario has had to experience) just to get back on his good side. Does she succeed? Make your own conclusion.

The real reason Rosalina is missing
She is being held captive at Area 51 along with her alien parents. In response to the recent memes, an episode will involve Mario and Jeffy discovering her whereabouts and planning to break her out. Brooklyn Guy, who happens to have a job there, will be bribed into sneaking them in and assisting in their plan.
  • Jossed. It is revealed in "Doctor Jeffy!" that Rosalina got stuck at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green.

Goodman can't follow through on his threats.
In "Mr. Goodman's Son!", it took him 12 attempts to knock Richard's AirPods off using a weak swiping motion. Therefore, Goodman is just blowing hot air when he threatens to mutilate Mario. The "balls" and "nipples" seen in Lance's Q&A videos are actually jawbreakers and marshmallows he passes off as the real deal, because in truth, he's rather weak.

There will come a video where Mario dares Goodman to hit him, at which point Mario finds out Goodman's blows don't hurt one bit, and Goodman breaks down in tears, confessing that he's all talk. The rest of the video is spent looking at people bullying Goodman once they realize he can't actually hurt them, ending with Goodman resolving to turn over a new leaf. And future videos show that he does.

Other copyrighted characters will be replaced with puppets in the near future
As what was done with Bowser Jr., Cody, Joseph and Bowser. Given that a puppet version of Mario has been revealed note , it's very possible the same will happen to him. But what about other characters like Shrek, Black Yoshi, Rosalina, Woody, anyone who isn't an original character?

Junior, Joseph and Cody drink the human potion in-between episodes
Given that they can apparently switch between Koopa and human forms, the potion's effects are temporary. So they must drink new batches of the potion whenever they have to go to school. Whatever the explanation, it will be lampshaded in a future episode.
  • The Turtle Potion: Jeffy wants to be a turtle in order to avoid going to school. But Mario's hatred of turtles causes trouble to ensue.

Rosalina disappearing and returning after a year will be a Running Gag
The next time Rosalina has to leave, Mario and Jeffy will stalk her to see where she really goes. They discover she is Living a Double Life (possibly as a Secret Agent or more likely cheating on Mario with multiple suitors).

Mario is pretty damaged at this point and suffers PTSD
Mario had an abusive father which is why he can't parent Jeffy properly. Logan will one day make a "Mario's Parents" video which will explain why Mario is the way he is and will be darker than "Jeffy's Parents".

Jeffy's Bad Word was really Mario suffering a PTSD flashback and never really happened in reality.

Mario suffers abandonment by now and will explode on Rosalina the next time she appears and will possibly temporarily go to the dark side. This will cause Rosalina to apologize and have a redemption arc which will be her re-introduction to the main cast.

Luigi, Rosalina, Shrek, Woody and Toad are secretly planning an attempt to defeat current Goodman who will be revealed to be the original Goodman's twin brother, Badman explaining their absences.

Tony was possibly brainwashed and turned to the dark side by Peach for revenge on Mario. Shoutouts don't count as canon. Peach is also Badman's wife.

Peach was Does Bad Things Guy in disguise
Does Bad Things Guy survived the gun shot but was actually Peach in disguise this whole time plotting to kill Mario and Rosalina. The reason why he bribed Mario into adopting Jeffy was because Peach wants to rip Mario's relationship with Rosalina apart and she knows Jeffy is the tool to do it.

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