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Nightmare Fuel / The Sun Vanished

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Do NOT walk into the light.

  • The very concept of the story. Imagine waking up one morning to find the sun just gone. Imagine then being hunted by things that absolutely refuse to leave you alone. Imagine your friends being corrupted by these things, eliminating any chance of trust.
  • The protagonist at one point locks up their house for security, only for one of the lights to eventually burst in. When it's all said and done, they go down to check the door, seeing it unlocked and WIDE OPEN. Nothing you do can protect you from them.
  • One of the people the protagonist speaks with is a poster from British Columbia. They're very helpful, explaining not to look into the red lights and just why... eventually, without context, they send the protagonist this.
  • The protagonist's friend Danyon seems trustworthy and sane enough. But as the tweets go on, he encounters several occurences along the way and these end up happening. Imagine having a friend you trust only to find out they've become just as unhinged as everything else.
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  • The sheer fact that the protagonist seems to be going slight insane and growing accusatory towards his friends culminating in refusing to answer a personal question in order to prove that they're still them.
  • We finally get to see what the hell's been causing all that noise whenever it flies over the protagonist's house, which sounds like it'd finally give us some answers. Except... what is that thing?
  • "...the sun is back...the sun is back...the sun IS BACK"
  • It gets worse. Further into the story while the protagonist is outside in a tent waiting for Danyon to return he hears ‘’something’’ circling the tent...
    • He follows "it" into the field and finds this. For scale the vegetation around it is seven feet tall.

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