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Jeffy's reaction to his new bedroom from "The New House!".

This webseries can really make you laugh, no matter the circumstances.

Whenever a new SML video is released, please update this article with new examples from that video as soon as possible.

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    Pre- 2013 
  • From "The Bird!":
    • Shrek shooting Black Yoshi in the nose, while trying to save him from Skittles.
    • Skittles eating Shrek's meal while he's not looking.
    • After Black Yoshi and Shrek kill Skittles, Shrek goes to watch TV, as Goodman reports that Skittles the bird is a rare bird that escaped from the zoo and they are offering an reward, much to Shrek's anger.
    • Black Yoshi using the bird's body as a puppet in order to pretend she's alive, so they could get the reward.
  • The entire point of "Replacement Egg". Toad accidentally breaks Tony and Chad's egg, and tries to hide the evidence. He brings out an identical egg, only to break it as well. He tries laying an egg himself, only to take a shit instead. Then we have the ending where Chad and Tony find Toad's shit, believing the egg hatched. Chad assumes that Tony cheated on him because it's black.
  • From "Bowser's Dinner Date":
    • After Koopa brings a piece of paper and a pink pen to Bowser, he gets annoyed, asking Koopa if he think's he's a girl, simply because he got him white paper.
    • When Toad comes to tell Bowser that he's coming for his "apology" dinner, Bowser gets excited about finally getting to kill Mario. Toad is understandibly shocked, only to get distracted by a copy of Monopoly (the board game).
    • Bowser trying to convince Mario to eat the sauce, only for Mario to try and eat something else, dropping his fork when Bowser gives it to him.
    • When Bowser finally admits to Mario that he wanted to poison him with cherries, since Mario is allergic to them, Mario points out that he's not allergic to cherries and Bowser is actually the one who is allergic, only for Bowser to remember that he actually is, annoying Chef Pee Pee.
    • Bowser trying to stop Mario from blowing off the candle (in slow-motion).
    • Bowser and Chef Pee Pee attempt wondering about what to do with the food. Cut to Toad and Luigi sitting on Bowser's table about to eat it.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake", Chef Pee Pee's rendition of Happy Birthday to You that he sings to Junior.
    Chef Pee Pee: Happy birthday to the bastard~
    Happy birthday to the bastard~
    Happy birthday to the bastard~
    Eat your f*cking cake.
  • From "Bowser's Salad Wrap":
    • After Bowser and Junior go on an diet, they begin to cry about the fact that they have to eat healthy, so Chef Pee Pee takes off his shirt to show them what good a healthy diet can do to your body. Cue Junior getting disgusted at seeing Pee Pee shirtless and Bowser telling him to cover his eyes because it's too sexy.
    • Bowser tells Chef Pee Pee that he's so hungry he could eat a whole horse. Chef Pee Pee later uses a horse for his salad wrap.
    • Bowser acting like a dog when he gets hungry, that is all.
    • Also Bowser telling Junior to eat a shoe, since he doesn't want to share his food with him.
      • When Junior tries to ask Chef Pee Pee to make him something to eat, Chef Pee Pee teases him by giving him cat food instead.
    • "Interesting fact: Chef Pee Pee doesn't like Bowser Junior."
      Chef Pee Pee: (screams in anger)
  • From "Baby Shrek":
    • Shrek Junior peeing on Shrek while he tries to change his diaper.
    • The entire sequence where Shrek farts to turn off the lights, only for Shrek Junior to fart back and turn them back on.
  • From "Mario's Wig":
    • Mario rehearsing what he'll say to Peach during their date, with Chef Pee Pee playing as Peach.
  • From "Black Yoshi's Koolaid":
  • From "Bowser Junior's Homework":
    • Toad's song about getting an A.
    • The entire scene with Chris the Cucumber "helping" Junior with his homework by telling him false and ridiculous facts.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt":
    • Chef Pee Pee celebrating getting his first 50 dollar bill.
    • Bowser loses it after he loses his title as the "Easter Egg Hunting Champion", which he gives to Junior.
  • In "Bowser's New Son", after Junior begins to bother him because he wants a brother, Bowser goes to Chef Pee Pee and tells him that he wants him to make a baby. Chef Pee Pee misunderstands him and assumes Bowser is gay.
  • "Bowser's Broken TV":
    • When Bowser tries to play with Junior while the TV is being repaired, Junior shows Bowser his dinosaurs, which has a frog among the bunch. For whatever reason, we hear a horse's neigh when the frog is shown.
  • In Toad's Mistake 3, when Shrek appears, polishing a knife.
  • From "Bowser's Depression", Junior recording Chef Pee Pee in the shower, and scrubbing the toilet with Pee Pee's toothbrush. Chef Pee Pee obviously reacts in disgust while watching the video playback.
  • In "Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath", Junior refuses to take a bath out of fear that a shark could eat him. Eventually, Chef Pee Pee manages to get Junior to take his bath, and while he waits for Junior to finish, he turns around only to see a shark in the bathtub with Junior nowhere to be found.
    Chef Pee Pee: IS THAT A DAMN SHARK?! Oh, no, no, no! Hell, no, I'm out.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Pool Party":
  • From "The Call of Duty Blackout":
  • From "Bowser Junior's Summer School":
  • From "Bowser Junior's Breakfast":
    • This exchange when Junior wakes up:
      Junior: Is it morning time? I think it's morning time! (as he removes the covers, revealing his Thomas toy underneath) It's morning time, Thomas!
      Thomas (in a low, creepy voice): I touch you while you sleep.
      Junior: I know!
    • Bowser watching turtle porn.
    • Junior's reaction to Chef Pee Pee opening the sunroof. He remarks that he can see everything, including the Moon and Saturn. What an Idiot!.
    • Junior trying to order a Coke, and then adding it up to two. Chef PeePee tries to tell him he can't order any Cokes at breakfast; however, Junior thinks he could add ''another'' Coke to the list, and guess what he orders? Four Cokes.
    • Junior ordering a pizza, completely dismissing the fact that Waffle House doesn't sell pizzas.
  • From "The Call of Duty Problem":
    • Bowser sees a commercial for Bowser Juice (his own product), and says that he should buy some.
    • Junior's reaction when he finds out he's in the fourth Super Smash Bros game.
    • Junior's troll-talk online, culminating in him saying that he's going to bomb a player's house and cut their mom's head off.
    • Junior's gamertag is "GetRektFgtLOL". Logan later stated this tag was reported to administration.
  • In Black Yoshi's Fried Chicken, Mario getting the 'cock' from Woody — as in borrowing his pet chicken. Since Woody insists on calling it his cock instead of his chicken, it leads to a lot of innuendos. One gem in particular would have to be:
    Mario: I came to compliment your cock.
  • In Bowser Junior Meets Santa Claus!, Bowser Junior decorates the Christmas tree. With pieces of his Lunchable.
  • In "Bowser Loses His Voice!", when Jackie Chu starts beating up Bowser so that he can get his voice back. It apparently turns out Bowser really needed medicine in the first place, but both Junior and Goodman believed he wanted to get punched in the throat.
    • Bowser's badly written note for Chef Pee Pee.
  • From "Black Yoshi's In Trouble!":
  • The entirety of Super Bowl Commercials.
  • "Bowser Junior's Big Mess!" has a few moments that stand out.
    • Junior watching Doofy the Dragon with Bowser, and vice versa.
    • Bowser being tricked by a Charleyyy and Friends skit into thinking he has kidney stones.
    • Toad saying that Mentos in Diet Coke wouldn't make a mess.
    • After being told he would be paid 10 dollars, Screwball the clown agrees to pretend to be Junior... and barely even tries to successfully impersonate him.
    • At the end of the video, Chef Pee Pee throws a pillow at Junior for making a mess, causing Junior to break his arm from falling down.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Easter Wish!":
    • Chef Pee Pee when he's turned into the Easter Bunny.
    • Junior thinking that dyeing eggs means that the eggs are dead. Cue Junior breaking the eggs in order to "kill them".
  • From "Switching Bodies!":
    • Junior and Chef Pee Pee's reactions when they see they are in each other's bodies.
    • Junior in Chef Pee Pee's body trying to tell Bowser that he is Junior.
    • When Bowser wants to have Super Mario Bros. Spaghetti-O's for lunch, he points out that he's on the label.
      Junior: Dad! You're on the cover of Spaghetti-O's!
      Bowser: I know, I'm like a celebrity or something!
    • Chef Pee Pee in Junior's body wondering why he feels like playing with Thomas.
    • Chef Pee Pee being forced to play with Joseph and Cody. He uses this to his advantage to screw up Junior's life.
    • Just 3 words: "Craig, Vol. 666".
  • From "Shrek's Diet!":
  • From "Bowser Junior's Broken Leg!":
  • From "Black Yoshi's Money Problem!":
    • The Loan Dolphin.
    • Bowser getting excited about the idea of robbing a gas station.
    • The entire sequence where Bowser and Mario rob the gas station.
  • From Bowser Goes to the Movies!:
    • The trailer for Applesauce: The Movie.
    • The guy sitting next to Bowser who gets his popcorn dumped on him, particularly his remarks about it.note .
    • Charleyyy driving to McDonald's in a Mario Kart ride-on toy.
  • From "The Burger!":
    • Junior and Joseph seeing Cody without his glasses for the first time. Additionally, when Cody looks in the mirror he immediately thinks he's gorgeous.
    • Junior in a grownup body (a.k.a. the torso of his dad).
    • Black Yoshi turning into a White Yoshi, after he takes a bite from the hamburger wishing to be free of all his problems.
    • Junior wishing for Chef Pee Pee to turn into a ballerina.
  • From "Mario's New Girlfriend!":
    • Mario has kept Peach's thong and sleeps with it. For obvious reasons, Peach is disgusted.
    • Mario takes the "there are many fishes in the sea" statement a bit too literal.
    • Mario meeting the people that Black Yoshi brought to be Mario's new potential girlfriends, which consists of a Toadette, who's a pre-teen minor, then a Pac-Man who wants Mario's balls, and finally, Laqeqeqeaqealefanda, a transgender, before eventually meeting Rosalina.
    • Black Yoshi wearing Mario's hat.
    • Rosalina also has her moments.
      • Just like Junior, Rosalina thinks the Sun is a planet.
      • Her obsession with the stars and her constant crying whenever they go out.
    • When Rosalina cries over Luma, Mario offers to be her new star, only for her to point out he can't be a star because he's fat and he has a mustache.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem!":
    • Bowser dressing up as Mario.
    • Ken's Halloween costume is simply him wearing an Iron Man helmet.
    • Craig the Devil dressing like...the devil.
    • After Chef Pee Pee scares Junior into making it appear that he killed his friends, Junior goes to bed and tries to forget the entire thing and think of non-scary things, like YouTube comments. Cue a slew of comments from Junior haters.
    • The Stinger where Mario is dressed like Bowser, while Black Yoshi dresses as SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Toadette and Junior's messy makeouts in "Toad's Girlfriend!".
  • The scene in Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! where Chef Pee Pee and Bowser Junior stumble upon Mickey Mouse doing cocaine.
    • The Doofy-O's commercial at the beginning is also pretty funny.
  • From "Mario's Turtle Problem!":
    • Mario's Imagine Spot where Rosalina beats him up after running over a turtle with his car.
    • Bowser falling in love with Pee-wee the turtle.
    • Black Yoshi pretending to be Pee-wee after Mario unwillingly killed Pee-wee.
      • Also, Bowser's reaction when Black Yoshi blows his cover, thinking that he had a date with Black Yoshi all this time.
    • Mario getting Rosalina a monkey as her new pet after she found out that Mario killed Pee-wee, and crying as a result.
  • While the Tom Thumb clerk (presumably named Donald according to his nametag) is printing Junior's lottery ticket in Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!:
    Donald: One...two...three...four...five...six...What an Idiot!.
  • From "Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem!":
  • From Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!:
    • The "How To Make Apple Pie" video, the one that Junior and his friends watch at the beginning of the video.
    • Cody attempting to film Junior and Joseph insulting a cheerleader. He breathes over the dialogue despite Junior telling him not to, and then turns the camera he's holding towards the ground before getting distracted by a leaf, much to Junior's anger and annoyance.
    • Junior's second attempt at pranking: taking Jackie Chu's phone and running away with Cody right before he hits him. Unfortunately for them, Joseph was unable to film the whole thing because there wasn't enough memory left in the camera.
      Joseph: He had five hours of film of a butterfly!
    • Junior's third attempt at pranking, which involves him trying to pay the Brooklyn Guy for a fake prank. They do nothing to conceal the fact that it was just fake. After uploading the prank, they notice a comment from a certain user saying that the whole prank was indeed fake.
    • Bowser Junior trying to make a real prank after his former attempts have failed by calling a black guy a "nigga". Jump Cut to Junior with a black eye.
      • This is later repeated while Junior attempts to film a gaming video. Right when he says the word, the black guy from earlier in the video appears from the closet behind Junior right before a second Jump Cut to Junior with two black eyes.
      • Done a third time when Chef Pee Pee asks Junior about his eyes. This time he gets a broken arm. And ends up in a wheelchair.
  • Cody kissing Junior in "Cody's Sister!". Not once, but twice.
    • Happens a third time when Junior tries to kiss his sister Katy, but Cody fills up for her place instead.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Cookies!":
    • Junior soles up the ENTIRE apartment with sticky notes saying "Cookies" on them, just so that Chef Pee Pee doesn't forget to get him his cookies from the store. Chef Pee Pee is completely speechless when he sees the mess Junior did.
      • Not only that, he covered their car with tons of sticky notes as well, including the windshield.
        Junior: Make sure you don't forget my cookies.
    • After Junior realizes he didn't write "Chips Ahoy Cookies" on the sticky notes after Pee Pee brought him the wrong cookies, Junior begins to cover the entire apartment again with new sticky notes.
  • From "Cody's Birthday!":
    • Cody explains to Junior and Joseph about his birthday and him turning eight, only to make the biggest mistake of his life: telling them that it's technically his second birthday due to it occurring on February 29. He eventually starts to regret it when Junior and Joseph start constantly teasing Cody about his age for the remainder of the video.
    • Junior ranting about how the top ring of the stacking rings toy he and Joseph bought for Cody's birthday isn't fully red.
      Junior: ...and this toy is BULLSH**, BECAUSE THE TOP ONE ISN'T FULLY RED!
    • The Reveal that Cody's parents also treat him like a baby on his birthday.
  • "The Alien!" has Dr. Finkleshitz explaining about how Mexicans are aliens from outer space; not to mention the UFO he holds is a Mexican hat.
  • In "Bowser Junior's Game Night 3", when Bowser Junior plays The Game of Life with his friends, he asks Chef Pee Pee if he makes $50,000 every year when he has to choose between being a chef or a race car driver. Chef Pee Pee tells him that he barely makes $1,000, then yells at Bowser, telling him he owes him more money.
  • From "Jeffy's Special Easter!":
    • Jeffy painting the Mona Lisa on his egg.
    • To get rid of Jeffy, Mario takes the golden egg, and when Rosalina asks him to hide it far, far way, he tosses it off a bridge. When he gets back home, Jeffy has somehow managed to find it.
  • The entirety of "Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza!"note .
  • From "Jeffy's Homework!":
    • When Rosalina tries to teach Jeffy the alphabet, Jeffy screams whenever he sees an animal card. He keeps doing this even when Rosalina shows him an ice cream card.
    • Jeffy saying the alphabet backwards.
    • When Mario and Rosalina teach Jeffy how to count to ten, they show him flash cards that have the corresponding number of objects. Jeffy then says the object the corresponding number of times on the card, and then the number twice. Some of the highlights include Jeffy saying, "Duck duck duck three three goose", counting the five cats by playing his cat piano, and saying "Stwawberry" 50 times.
    • When Jeffy insists that 8-4=8 because the four is taken away, he goes into a swearing fit, where he suddenly becomes more eloquent and curses his helmet, pencil, diaper, and several scientists while claiming that his answers are right. By the end of the video, Goodman reveals that he believes in his subtraction reasoning, and even names it "Jeffy's Law of Subtraction".
  • From "Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!":
    • Bowser mixing up Junior's punishments.
      Bowser: If you go outside, I'mma wash your mouth out with soap!
    • Junior has hallucinations from getting rabies, resulting in him saying Non Sequitur phrases. One of them is a Mythology Gag referencing "Bowser Junior's Breakfast".
  • From "The Elevator!":
    • Junior throwing Cody's glasses (thus breaking them) and Joseph's ball at the elevator door trying to get it open.
    • Junior gets a signal on his cellphone, and Cody and Joseph suggest to him to call either Chef Pee Pee or 911 for help. Who does Junior call? Long John's Pizza. This results in Cody beating up Junior.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy throwing the pizza at the elevator door trying to get it open.
    • Junior finding out that he didn't press the button to open the elevator door, but the one that closes it. Cue Cody beating up Junior again.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Bad Luck!":
    • Precious the cat talking to Junior, making him scream.
    • Junior and his friends decide to test their luck by flipping a coin, only for it to land on its side.
    • Junior silently trying to put back the severed rabbit leg back into the rabbit.
  • From "Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!":
    • Rosalina reading "The Little Engine That Could Poop" to Jeffy.
    • Jeffy is unable to use the toilet, but at the end of the episode, he is revealed to be able to use the litter box.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Nintendo 3DS":
  • In "The Fishing Trip!", when Mario takes Jeffy fishing on Bowser's boat, Jeffy catches Dory. When Mario sees this, he tells Jeffy to put her back into the water, so that she can go to California to find her family.
  • From "Bowser Junior Goes to the Sun!", Junior's "Junior's Trip to the Sun!" video that he filmed with his LEGO Space Shuttle playset. An angry Cody later gives his own Mystery Science Theater 3000-style commentary on that video, and adds his own footage of said LEGO Space Shuttle burning in a fireplace.
    • In a bit of Black Comedy, Junior's death.
      Junior: I am gonna be the first person to land on the— BOOM!
      Goodman: (Beat) Oh my God...
      Cody and Joseph: (Beat)
  • "Jeffy's Bad Word!" may be controversial and hated by many fans, but one highlight from this episode is the #BlackLightsMatter joke.
    • This bit of Brutal Honesty:
      Mario: Can I trust you to behave while I'm gone?
      Jeffy: No.
      Mario: (sigh) Way to be honest, Jeffy.
  • Bowser thinking that the balloon Junior left as a dummy in order to sneak out of his house is the real Junior in "Bowser Junior Sneaks Out!", which inadvertently leads to Junior getting arrested after being noticed climbing back into his apartment.
  • From "Jeffy's Mistake!":
    • Jeffy's reaction to dying in Grand Theft Auto, throwing out Black Yoshi's Xbox One during his breakdown.
    • Black Yoshi getting triggered when he finds out Jeffy destroyed his Xbox and Mario getting triggered when Jeffy pooped in his bed.
  • From "Jeffy's Stupid Home Video!":
    • The word "stupid" being used as a Verbal Tic, that is all.
    • Jeffy believes he's stuck in Mario's camera, and breaks it. When he believes it again, he flushes it down the toilet.
    • When Mario uses his iPhone to record Jeffy being stupid, Jeffy becomes incredibly silent and stoic when he knows he's on camera, but the very second Mario puts down the iPhone Jeffy starts spanking his diaper again.
    • At the end of the episode, after Mario loses the America's Stupidest Home Videos contest to a video of a baby playing with a vacuum cleaner, he tells Jeffy he lost 100,000 G's. Feeling bad for Mario, Jeffy gives him pieces of paper with letter G's printed all over them.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Game Night 5":
    • The entire sequence of Junior, Joseph and Cody playing Bubble Talk.
      • Specifically, the entire sequence with the cat picture.
    • When Junior, Joseph, and Cody play "Prove It!", Joseph asks Cody to name 10 animated movies within 20 seconds. Cody starts off naming Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Shrek, and The Polar Express (which Junior believes isn't an animated movie), bringing his score up to 4, but as soon as he mentions Big Hero 6, his score goes down to -999,999, and Junior goes into a swearing fit.
  • From "SuperPowers!":
    • When Cody transforms himself into a roast beef sandwich the trio decide to prank Chef Pee Pee. While cooking Chef Pee Pee finds the transformed Cody and believes it is real food. He tries to take a bite, only for Cody to revert back to his normal self. Chef Pee Pee then goes into a total breakdown due the fact he kissed Cody and runs off to the bathroom to vomit.
    • Later on Cody turns himself into Chef Pee Pee to prank Bowser, only for them to have sex; obviously the real Chef Pee Pee is really confused when Bowser starts to flirt with him.
      • Cody using his sexual act with Bowser to make fun of Junior ultimately results in everyone losing their powers. Even then, he still makes fun of Junior, and ends up getting a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • From "The Tarantula!":
    • Right after Chef Pee Pee kills Junior's pet tarantula (he didn't), the next time we see him, he's sleeping on the couch while holding a spider spray.
  • From "Evil Chef Pee Pee!":
    • Junior makes a deal with Craig the Devil to bring Chef Pee Pee back to life after having killed him with a frozen water balloon. What Craig makes Junior do for him is buy a Hershey's candy bar with pennies.
    • The ending, particularly the SML Quesiton, with Cody reading it over.
    Have you ever thrown a frozen water balloon at your personal chef and accidentally killed him. And then summon the devil to bring him back but he came back evil and killed your dad and a cop?
    • The entirety of the episode, really.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Biggest Fear!":
    • Junior's friends scaring him using cotton balls.
    • After Brooklyn T. Guy nearly chokes to death due to a cotton ball, he immediately gains a fear of cotton balls, with the two hiding under the couch.
    • The Reveal that Bowser gave Junior a fear of cotton balls after taking away his pacifier and almost choking him to death with cotton balls when he was a baby.
      • Junior takes the statement to be afraid of his dad a bit literal.
    • Bowser's fear of cotton balls.
  • From "The Gun!":
    • Junior and his friends using Cody's metal detector.
    • The Reveal that the titular gun actually belonged to Brooklyn T. Guy and not the murderer (who is revealed to be David Winkle), just right after Chef Pee Pee and Junior cut off their hands, so they could not be linked to the murder due to their fingerprints being in the gun. Chef Pee Pee is less than pleased when he finds out they cut their hands for nothing.
  • From "Rosalina's Parents!":
  • From "The Dog Show!":
    • Junior roasting Joseph by insulting him with a mom joke.
    • Cody's dog is simply a naked Ken in a leash.
    • Cody punishing Ken after getting disqualified.
    • Jeffy brings a hot dog to the dog show. Also includes a Call-Back to "Jeffy's Homework!", when Jeffy insists that his hot dog is a real dog.
    • Junior and Joseph do nothing to let go of their own dogs in the final event.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Piggy Bank!":
    • The entire sequence where Cody puts one of the batteries from the TV remote in its correct position and later when he closes the battery compartment, complete with dramatic music.
    • Bowser Breaking the Fourth Wall by mentioning he doesn't feel like voicing Chef Pee Pee. The latter just nods.
    • The Reveal that Bowser's piggy bank had a plug, which results in Junior throwing a fit, due to him and his friends breaking his dad's piggy bank for nothing.
    • After Toad replaces Bowser's piggy bank with a real pig, Bowser assumes that his piggy bank became a pig and calls Brooklyn T. Guy to investigate. The latter decides to call the press about this, causing a media outbreak and panic with stores recalling their piggy banks due to fear of them turning into pigs.
      • Also, Meta example: Logan uses the phrase "real pig" instead of just the word "pig".
    • Dr. Finkleshitznote . 'Nuff said.
    • When Brooklyn T. Guy finds the broken piggy bank, he starts to rehearse how he will react when he tells Bowser about it.
    • When Junior decides to admit the truth of what happened, he instead ends up lying saying that Cody's mother turned into a pig, giving Cody a lot of unwanted attention.
      • The ending where the news is questioning Cody about the apparent transformation of his mother.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Package!":
    • Junior looking at pictures of the Sun on a MacBook.
    • Every What If? scenario Junior brings up when he accuses Chef Pee Pee, Cody, Joseph, Ken and his dad of stealing his package.
    • The Reveal that Brooklyn T. Guy jacked Junior's gak.
  • From "Jeffy's Favorite Song!":
  • From "Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!":
    • Jeffy forgetting to pull down his pants before pooping in the bathroom, with obvious results.
    • The Call-Back reference to "Mario's Turtle Problem!" while Mario and Jeffy are at the first exhibit.
    • In the YouTube description for this episode, Logan reveals that he and the cast got kicked out of the zoo for "talking to the animals with puppets".
    • Donkey Kong's cameo while being interviewed about Harambe's death.
  • From "Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!":
    • Cody giving Junior his 8th birthday spankings.
      • After giving Junior's spankings, Cody then asks Junior to do his next. When questioned, he reminds him that he hadn't got any during his 8th (technically 2nd) birthday.
  • From "No Crust!":
    • Junior's overexaggerated story about how Chef Pee Pee cut off the crust of his sandwich.
    • To put it simple, Joseph and Cody's sheer stupidity in the video, especially the latter.
    • Junior calling Brooklyn T. Guy racist.
    • Junior and his friends get revenge on Chef Pee Pee by leaving him with only the crust of a pizza he ordered, only for Junior to wonder what happened to the rest of the pizza. Cut to a crustless pizza screaming.
  • From "Bowser Junior Stubs His Toe!":
    • After Junior stubs his toe on the table, his foot is put in a cast and he becomes wheelchair-bound, causing Junior to go into depression, then when his friends point out he still has one good leg left, Junior realizes he still can walk, only to step on a LEGO brick.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy pointing out how stubbed toes is the leading cause of death in the United States. Apparently in real life, that goes to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Later on, he also points out that stepping on LEGO bricks is the second cause of death in the United States. That goes to cancer in real life.
  • From "Bowser Junior Gets His Nose Pierced!":
  • From "The Hitman!":
  • From "The Koopalings! Part 2":
    • In an attempt to keep the Koopalings, Junior decides to have them clean up the apartment. How does that go? Well, let's just say Hilarity Ensues. Highlights include:
      • Roy and Larry spraying Raid on an empty area, thinking they're "killing bugs".
      • When Wendy does the dishes, Junior points out a spot she missed. As retribution, a frustrated Wendy smashes the dishes, and later cleans the couch...with a chainsaw. Which she uses to cut the couch in half.
      • Before that, Wendy beating up Junior, because he made her clean the dishes just because she's a woman.
      • Lemmy shooting the table with the Clown Car.
      • Ludwig tricking Junior into moving the lamp so Morton could smash the end table with a sledgehammer.
      • When Junior scolds the Koopalings for destroying their apartment, he asks what else they can break, only for their painting to fall off.
    • Chef Pee Pee's reaction to the destroyed apartment.
    • Bowser ends up mailing the Koopalings to North Korea.
    • Goodman's swearing fit.
  • From "The New House!":
    • Rosalina bursting out laughing when Mario asks if they could move to her house for a while.
    • After Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that they are homeless now, Junior asks if this means they will eat trash, which Chef Pee Pee says is a possibility. Junior then asks what will be better than what Chef Pee Pee cooks, which results in Pee Pee beating up Junior and rightfully blaming him for their situation.
    • Mario knocking Jeffy off the bed. Some well-deserved karma in the eyes of many fans.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy was at a funeral...for his dignity.
    • Brooklyn reveals that he has multiple siblings.
    • Brooklyn confesses that they didn't even try to rebuild Bowser's old house, after promising him a year and a half ago.
    • A Funny Background Event in where Brooklyn tries to close the door of the new house as a skeleton tries to get in.
    • Mario asks Brooklyn if the house is a two-story house, as Brooklyn wonders how Mario missed the second floor when they first entered.
    • Bowser punching Mario unconscious, when he claims the red bedroom upon seeing the TV.
    • Junior's reaction to the new house.
    • Jeffy's reaction to his new crib.
  • From "Broken":
  • From "The Ring":
  • From "Happy Halloween!":
    • Junior not knowing who Deadpool is, and arguing with his friends about how Deadpool can die.
    • Junior in a pig costume, stating that he's dressed as Cody's mom.
    • When Mario reveals to Jeffy that he's dressed as the Joker, Jeffy thinks he's supposed to tell jokes.
    • Jeffy in a chicken costume, despite stating he doesn't know what a chicken is and how they sound like, assuming his chicken costume is a raccoon and passing off elephant noises as raccoon sounds.
    • Rosalina dressed as Harley Quinn from the comics, much to Mario's dismay, hoping for her to be dressed as her DC Extended Universe counterpart.
    • Junior's puns.
    • Jeffy and Jeff the Killer screaming, who then mimics Jeffy whenever he does his sounds and smacks his diaper.
    • Jeff the Killer taking Mario's and Jeffy's candy. When Mario and Jeffy only have one lollipop left, Jeff comes back to steal it, upsetting Jeffy.
  • From "Jeffy's Flu Shot!":
    • Mario mimicking Jeffy's sound and smacking his pants. Jeffy simply responds by asking Mario, "Why you do that?".
    • Rosalina passing off Jeffy, trying to watch his poop come out of his pants, as "creative" and "very focused", much to Mario's dismay.
    • Jeffy eating the TV remote, forcing Mario and Rosalina to try and get him to spit it out. Once he does, the news station is completely dubbed in Spanish, complete with Goodman in a Mexican outfit.
    • Mario tells Jeffy that he will be stabbed with a needle by a doctor and will be given a lollipop. Jeffy screams in terror for a good five seconds, not because of the needle, but because of the lollipop. And his constant screaming when Mario suggest other candies or even money.
    • When Brooklyn T. Guy appears at Mario's house to give Mario, Rosalina and Jeffy their shot, he first appears in his police officer outfit with a gun, only to make a pun about getting a shot.
    • Brooklyn poking Mario's nose with the needle.
    • Bowser having the flu.
      • Bowser giving Jeffy the flu.
    • It turns out that the injection that Brooklyn gave Mario and Rosalina only had water and not the antidote for the flu. Jeffy then gives Mario the flu.
    • While also being terrifying at the same time, Jeffy losing his eye from sneezing, causing Mario to freak out.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Pillow Fort!":
    • After Junior makes up a new rule saying there's "no dolls allowed", Cody tells him that if Ken goes, he goes too. As a result, both Junior and Joseph force Cody to get out.
    • Junior and Joseph making fun of Cody trying to build his pillow fort.
    • Somehow the inside of Cody's pillow fort may be bigger than how it looks like, as Cody is somehow able to throw a party inside the fort.
    • When Junior orders Joseph to destroy Cody's pillow fort by playing pretend, Joseph arrives at Cody's fort, and Cody informs him there is a pinata and a buffet inside. Hearing this, Joseph immediately forgets about destroying Cody's pillow fort and runs inside. When Junior finds out what happened, Joseph comes out wearing a Mexican hat and holding maracas.
    • Cody destroying Junior's pillow fort (with help from Joseph) using stock footage of a nuclear bombing.
    • When Chef Pee Pee comes and blames Junior for the resulting mess from Cody's and Junior's destroyed forts, Joseph and Cody immediately leave, leaving Junior to clean up the mess by himself.
  • From "Black Yoshi The Assistant!":
    • Black Yoshi sitting right next to Mario's lap as soon as the commercial for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare ends.
    • Black Yoshi makes a deal with Mario, that if he gives him the $100 to buy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, he won't ask for the game next year. Mario, of course, finds this a horrible deal.
    • Black Yoshi's Big "NO!" after he finds out that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has sold out and the last copy was given to Junior.
    • In exchange for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Junior asks Black Yoshi to be his slave for 24 hours. The Director then whispers to Junior that he can't say it, despite it being in the script, and that it shouldn't have even been in the script in the first place. Junior then tells Black Yoshi that he has to be his personal assistant for 24 hours, which the Director agrees to let him say. Coincidental when you compare this to Taz-Mania's Fourth Wall Running Gags.
    • When Junior makes Black Yoshi pour the milk for his Frosted Flakes, he pulls the bowl away as Black Yoshi pours the milk. Junior then tells Black Yoshi that he wanted to do to him what Lucy does to Charlie Brown whenever he tries to kick the football.
    • Junior makes Black Yoshi answer the front door at 4 A.M. twice. The first time, Junior is the one at the door.
    • Junior makes Black Yoshi organize all the gumballs in his gumball machine by color. When Black Yoshi finally does so, Junior, Joseph, and Cody all have a gumball fight and scramble the gumballs together.
    • When Junior asks Black Yoshi to wipe his bottom, Black Yoshi has had enough and kills Junior with his gun.
    • In The Stinger, Mario asks Black Yoshi if he ever spent the $100 he gave him. Upon hearing this, Black Yoshi leaves, taking his controller and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game with him.
  • From "Forsaken":
    • The episode of The Powerpuff Girls that Junior, Joseph, and Cody watch.
    • Cody catching Junior and Ken in the worst moments possible, almost always thanks to Joseph.
      • First, he finds Junior on top of Ken and accuses him of having sex with Ken, when Junior was actually trying to pick him up.
      • Later on, after Junior accidentally drops his soda and it spills on the table, Joseph tells him to take off Ken's clothes to clean the table, only for Cody to catch Junior as he takes off Ken's clothes.
      • When Joseph tries to hide Ken so Cody can't catch Junior and Ken anymore, Junior tries to stop him. Joseph then puts Ken in Junior's Thomas bed and covers the blankets as Junior tries to take them off and get Ken off the bed, just as Cody catches Junior and Ken in bed. This results in Cody saying, "Junior, that's the last straw!" Cut to Junior drinking apple juice from a box, and Cody telling him that his juice box doesn't have a straw. He then gets mad at Junior for believing Ken is falling for him.
    • Chef Pee Pee is naked when he serves Junior, Joseph, and Cody their cereal. When Junior asks him why he's naked, Chef Pee Pee tells him he doesn't feel like explaining. At the end of the video, Bowser is revealed to be wearing Chef Pee Pee's shirt because the AC is turned on, and his nips are hard as diamonds.
    • Junior and Joseph playing with Stretch Armstrong, after Cody's emotional breakdown.
    • When Junior tries to give back Ken to a sobbing Cody, he's carrying him on his back like Cody does, Cody notices this and resumes sobbing.
    • When Cody thinks Ken is breaking up with him, he makes a Call-Back to "Broken", only for Junior to end the video and tell the audience they're not doing that bit again.
  • From "Locked Out":
    • When Mario gives Jeffy his peas and Coke, Jeffy immediately throws his Coke away.
    • Mario tries to get inside the house through the air vent, but when he gets inside the house, he falls from a great height and is knocked out. When Jeffy sees what happened, he silently picks up Mario's body and throws him away.
    • Mario tries to get inside the house by disguising as chocolate cake. When Mario emerges from the cake, Jeffy thinks he's a chocolate cake monster and runs away. Mario chases after Jeffy, only to get locked out of the house yet again; it doesn't last long before he gets arrested by Brooklyn T. Guy.
    • While Jeffy is watching the news about Mario's arrest for "trying to break inside someone's house", he simply responds by saying:
  • From "The Past Machine!":
    • In a bit of Black Comedy, Cody brings back Abraham Lincoln, only for him and his friends to find out that he was already assassinated.
      • Cody, Junior and Joseph throwing Lincoln's body in the bathtub.
    • Cody summons Harambe, the reason being so that "everybody can shut up about him all the time", just as Harambe starts going crazy and runs off. Cody then tries to chase him, leaving Junior to summon a T-Rex with the Past Machine.
      • Right before Cody notices the T-Rex, he mentions that Harambe got shot again.
    • Chef Pee Pee's freakout when he sees the T-Rex.
    • Junior summoning the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, believing that it will only kill dinosaurs. Cody gets mad at him and says that it's because there were only dinosaurs at the time.
    • Junior ends up summoning the Big Bang, and Cody tries to prevent him, but it's too late and the entire universe (yes, a good 14 billion years of timeline) starts off all over again. This time, the new universe has Junior and Joseph play catch with the Past Machine, only to break it.
  • From "Turkey Tyranny!":
  • From "Chef Pee Pee's Kids":
    • The fact that Cody always refers to his baby machine as the B-B-B-Baby Machine.
    • When Junior, Joseph, and Cody wait for the B-B-B-Baby Machine to make a baby from Chef Pee Pee and Cody's DNA, Cody tells them they could wait for the jump cut. Junior later questions why there aren't any special effects, like electricity or explosions. Cody tells him that he couldn't add those to the video due to time constraints. When Junior asks for just one lightning bolt, Cody tells him that it took ten minutes to animate.
    • Junior naming the baby made from his and Chef Pee Pee's DNA "Junior Jr.", and renaming himself "Junior Sr."
    • The Running Gag of Junior and Cody telling people not to swear in front of Junior Jr. and Chas.
    • Chef Pee Pee trying to calm himself down by making a soup from Doritos and Frosted Flakes.
    • When Bowser hears about the children made from Chef Pee Pee, Junior, and Cody's DNA, he is actually happy that he's now a grand-dad.
    • Bowser's reaction to Junior Jr.
      Bowser: Wow. That is f*cked up.
    • While Cody and Junior discuss with Chef Pee Pee about the children, Chas and Junior Jr. fall from the balcony.
    • Junior teaching Junior Jr. and Chas vowels. However, because he only had one O magnet, which he used for the word, VOWELS, he uses a Q for the O vowel, which leads to confusion.
    • In an attempt to get rid of Junior Jr. and Chas, Chef Pee Pee hires Child Services to take the kids away for child support. He eventually succeeds.
    • Cody's commercial for the B-B-B-Baby Machine.
  • From "Shrek the Babysitter!":
    • This exchange between Junior and Shrek when the latter meets the former and Jeffy.
      Junior: Who are you?
      Shrek: Oh, I'm Shrek. I'll be watching you little donkeys while Donkey takes Black Donkey to see a Police Donkey.
      Junior: Why are you calling us donkeys?
    • Junior and Jeffy playing with Junior's Trackmaster Thomas Sky-High Bridge Jump playset. Also includes a Call-Back to "The Ring" when Jeffy launches the entire playset instead of just Thomas.
    • Jeffy humping a box of Honey Nut Cheerios.
    • Junior and Jeffy lock Shrek in the bathroom as a prank. When Shrek smells his cheesecake, he breaks the door down.
    • As punishment for eating his cheesecake, Shrek locks Junior and Jeffy in the bathroom, with the toilet clogged up. Mario high-fives Shrek upon hearing this.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Game Night 6":
    • In a filler skit, Mebo tries to pick up the Coke, only to turn around and drop it in the ground.
    • Before Junior, Cody and Joseph play Joking Hazard, Junior proceeds to go into Fourth-Wall Observer mode and explains to the audience about how offensive it actually is, complete with cuss word alert on-screen warnings, before turning around and saying to his friends that the game's "really cool".
      • The comic strips that Junior and his friends end up making while playing said game.
    • Cody tries to make Mebo take his turn for him during Jenga, only for Mebo to push away all the Jenga blocks, forcefully ending the game.
    • While Junior and his friends play Cards Against Humanity, Joseph draws a white card, creating the phrase "A romantic candlelit dinner would be incomplete without soup that is too hot", only for Junior and Cody to explain that he wouldn't even want to eat the soup because it's too hot. As retribution, a frustrated Joseph ruins the Cards Against Humanity set and ends the game.
    • When Junior, Cody and Joseph play CLUE, Cody explains to Junior and Joseph that there has been a case caused by a murderer and you have to get clues, before he ends up explaining that the murderer only has one weapon. As a result, Junior and Joseph accuse Cody of being the murderer and have Mebo chase him with a knife.
    • The ending filler skit of Mebo stealing and destroying Chef Pee Pee's cookies.
  • From "Smart Jeffy":
    • Jeffy hiding under the couch.
    • When Jeffy tries to ask Junior what would happen if he jumps from the trampoline onto the table, Junior just simply lets him try it. As a result, Jeffy hits the table so hard that his pencil goes further up his nose, impaling his brain.
    • Junior still finding Rosalina attractive.
    • When Jeffy gets knocked out from the impact, Mario and Rosalina assume he's dead. After Mario calls Doctor Brooklyn T. Guy, he anticipates the outcome that Jeffy is dead, only for Brooklyn to confirm that he isn't dead.
    • Brooklyn gets back the test results from Jeffy's IQ test, and finds out that he got a 300. In fact, that's even better than Albert Einstein.
    • When Brooklyn asks Mario to enter Jeffy into the International World's Smartest Person Contest, Mario at first says it's just a waste of time, but Brooklyn refers the prize money: a million dollars. Mario reacts with classic jackpot eyes and immediately accepts Jeffy as his son, even saying that he loves him.
      • After that, Mario realizes he has to wait nine months for the contest.
    • SML's interpretation of Stephen Hawking. 'Nuff said.
    • Participating in the aforementioned contest, Jeffy gets three questions correct in a row, before being asked what 8 - 4 is. Jeffy proclaims it's really simple, and is about to answer the question before he accidentally sneezes, pushing the pencil back down his nose and reverting to his older stupid self. He then goes into a profanity rant about how 8 - 4 is 8.
    • Stephen Hawking's wheelchair falling off.
  • From "Life Is Ruff!":
    • Woody's cameo as the truck driver who hit Junior and Chompy with the truck.
    • Bowser trying to get Chompy!Junior to lick peanut butter off him.
    • Chompy!Junior tries to get Chef Pee Pee to take him outside to pee, but an angry Chef Pee Pee scares him to the point that Junior pees on the ground, angering Chef Pee Pee even more.
      • Prior to that, Junior!Chompy taking a crap on the kitchen table in front of Chef Pee Pee, pressing Pee Pee's Berserk Button.
    • After Cody figures out that Junior and Chompy switched bodies, he tries to prove that Chompy is really Chompy!Junior by getting him to pick a red ball out of two colored balls. Due to color blindness, Junior picks the wrong ball.
      • Cody later realizes that dogs are color blind, so even if it was Junior in Chompy's body, he couldn't figure out which ball to choose.
    • Junior!Chompy constantly barking, humping Cody, and even licking his balls.
    • The description of the video itself refers to the episode as a "Disney Channel Original Movie". Coincidental when you consider there's also a Disney Channel Original Movie using the same name and plot as the video.
  • From "Jeffy Loses His Teeth!":
    • Jeffy appears shirtless, claiming that his shirt ran away and didn't want to be part of him anymore. Just as Mario reacts to this, Jeffy's shirt actually literally flies by them.
    • Junior uses Jeffy as a tee for playing T-Ball, causing yet another injury.
    • After Mario and Rosalina find out that Jeffy's tooth got knocked out thanks to Junior, they try to get out Jeffy's other tooth. All of their multiple attempts fail, including the traditional "doorknob", tying Jeffy's tooth to a truck, and tying the tooth to Shrek's foot in the hope that his weight will pull it out. At least until Jeffy easily twirls the tooth out.
    • Mario disguising as the Tooth Fairy.
    • After Mario gets Jeffy's teeth in exchange for a dollar bill, Jeffy goes into a swearing rant and forces Mario to give him more money.
    • Jeffy's helmet running away, in the same fashion as Jeffy's shirt.
  • From "First Day of School!":
    • Bowser wakes up Junior so he isn't late for school. Junior tries to remind Bowser that it's December, but Bowser doesn't make the rules or care.
    • Principal Steinbeck's comeback.
    • Joseph writes "Adolf Hitler" on his name tag instead of his real name. This ends up getting him in trouble with Jackie Chu and costing him one gold star.
      • After this, Joseph cusses out Cody, who makes fun of Joseph's dead mom after Jackie Chu threatens to call her.
    • Instead of writing his name on his name tag, Patrick draws a picture of a bear eating macaroni and cheese in the desert next to a snowman and a sailboat. When Jackie Chu sees this, he gives him a gold star anyway because he knows he has ADHD.
    • Atso, short for "Fatso", an ugly and obese kid who is surrounded by Twinkies, a Hershey's candy bar, zebra cakes, and a Diet Pepsi.
    • Toad writes "Toad, A.K.A. Milk, Dat Nigga, Cookie Crisp" on his name tag.
    • Jeffy takes the second task on the list, "Write your name on your desk" a little too literally, as he writes his name all over his desk instead of his name tag. Jackie Chu gives him a gold star anyway because he messed up.
    • Jackie Chu is about to give Cody two gold stars for how neatly he wrote his name on his name tag, and pats him on his head. When Cody asks him to pat his butt as well, Jackie Chu takes the second star away because of Cody being Ambiguously Gay.
    • Cody gets his desk pushed down by Junior twice. When he says that he loves homework after Jackie Chu assigns a ton of it to his class, he decides to save Junior the trouble and push his desk down himself.
    • When Jeffy refuses to do his homework, flips his desk and tells Jackie Chu to eat his butt, Mario and Rosalina are in their car, eagerly awaiting to hear how Jeffy's first day of school went. When Rosalina reads over the note describing how Jeffy misbehaved, Mario punishes Jeffy by telling him he isn't allowed to watch TV when they get home. Jeffy swears twice at Mario, who gives him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, much to Rosalina's horror, but to the delight of Jeffy haters, who felt Jeffy had it coming for the longest time.
  • From "Taken":
    • Junior accuses Chef Pee Pee of stealing Ken, because the last time Chef Pee Pee did his laundry, he was missing a sock, and accused Chef Pee Pee of stealing it. Cody points out that Junior doesn't wear socks in the first place, and this gets Junior to realize he might be lying.
    • Cody smashes Chef Pee Pee's hand with a mallet for making him lasagna instead of meatloaf, and it is revealed that lasagna gives him acid reflux.
    • Junior and Joseph play Rock–Paper–Scissors with each other, but they can't tell who won, because their hands are always stuck in the same position.
    • Bowser's Charleyyy doll.
    • Joseph reveals that he printed out a picture of himself and put it on the couch to fool Junior and Cody while he took Cody's Ken doll. Why? Because he was sick of Cody talking about Ken all the time.
    • When Joseph is unable to give Cody his Ken doll back, since he never actually took it in the first place, he gives him a paper cut-out of him. Cody isn't able to tell the difference, but Junior is.
    • The Reveal that Judy took Ken and used him as a toothbrush.
  • From "Happy Merry Christmas!":
    • Jeffy humping a bag of Chips Ahoy! cookies. Santa is disgusted when he finds out about it from Jeffy.
    • Santa waking Mario with his fart.
    • Santa chasing Jeffy, who in turn locks Santa outside of his house.
    • As punishment for opening all the Christmas presents, Mario refuses to give any to Jeffy, and tells Rosalina that Jeffy deserves coal for being a bad boy. Rosalina doesn't believe Mario, so he shows her a montage of some of the bad things Jeffy did to him. When Rosalina still doesn't believe Mario, he tells her that some of those moments were from two of the most disliked videos, "Jeffy's Bad Word!" and "Locked Out!". Rosalina blames Mario for making bad video ideas, as he makes two videos per week.
    • When Mario decides to give Jeffy a present after all, he tells Jeffy it's in the closet, and locks him in there for the rest of the video.
    • Mario doesn't like the Christmas Sweater Rosalina got for him, saying it makes him look like a faggot. When Jeffy hears this and calls him a faggot, Mario tells him they don't need a Part 2 to "Jeffy's Bad Word!".
    • Mario getting an NES Classic Edition.
    • Junior's reaction to all the LEGO and Thomas toys he got for Christmas. Needless to say, Chef Pee Pee, who is trying to sleep on the couch, is not happy about it.
    • Junior giving the spatula he took from Chef Pee Pee and intended to give back to him to Joseph. Also, Joseph mistaking the spatula for a fly swatter.
    • Atso serving as Joseph's Santa.
  • From "Big Ears!", the final SML video of 2016:
    • Chef Pee Pee is about to put a pizza in the oven, when he finds Junior's GI Joe action figures inside. He calls out Junior multiple times but Junior doesn't hear him, until Chef Pee Pee comes yelling right in Junior's face.
    • Apparently, anyone who doesn't have ears can listen just fine, until they are pointed out about their lack of ears, which causes them to become deaf unless they get literal stock ears. Brooklyn T. Guy even lampshades this, even calling Junior a "smartass".
    • Brooklyn ends up making Bowser deaf the same way Chef Pee Pee did to Junior.
    • Brooklyn gives Bowser and Junior a surgery to get ears. As in taking stock ears and taping them to their heads.
    • Junior ends up making Joseph and Cody deaf the same way Chef Pee Pee did to him.
    • The fiasco starts all over again when Junior and Cody point out that they don't have mouths, which results in a No Dialogue Skit. It turns out they were just faking it.
    • Junior's GI Joe action figures end up on Chef Pee Pee's pizza.
      Cody: That pizza is hot.
      Junior: Oh, that's because I put my GI Joes in the oven.
  • From "The Quiet Game!":
  • From "Substitute Teacher!":
    • Junior asks his friends if they did their homework in "First Day of School!". While Joseph didn't do his, Cody says that he did an additional ten pages. Junior tells Cody he's too tired to flip his desk today, much to Cody's relief, only for Joseph to do it for him.
    • Junior and Joseph dare Cody to put a thumbtack on the teacher's chair, put thumbtacks and spit in the coffee, and write "Hey sub, you're ugly!" on the chalkboard. Cue an "Oh, shit!" from Cody when he finds out Judy is the substitute teacher.
    • The Reveal that Judy (and therefore Cody)'s last name is "Nutkiss".
    • After Jeffy throws his apple at Judy, Judy tries to throw it back at him, but accidentally hits Cody instead. She apologizes to him and tells him she meant to hit "the retard". In short, even Judy doesn't like Jeffy.
    • Cody eating the apple that Jeffy stuck his "pee-pee" in.
    • Judy attempting to teach the class Marine Biology, with all of her knowledge being from SpongeBob SquarePants. Needless to say, Cody is not amused.
    • Jeffy throwing a globe at Judy.
  • From "Jeffy's Pet!":
    • When Mario tries to ask Jeffy where his helmet is, Jeffy is wearing headphones and can't hear him because he's listening to "The Bunny Do!", until Mario points out his headphones aren't even plugged in.
    • When Bowser Junior takes Chompy outside to poop, they come across a snake, which Junior mistakes for a giant worm, takes him home and names him "Wormy". Chef Pee Pee, Mario, and Rosalina all freak out when they see him.
    • After Jeffy finds his helmet, he wears giant red sunglasses. When Mario asks him where he got them, Jeffy tells him he doesn't know.
    • Jeffy naming his pet goldfish "Pee Pee Suck", and his pet hamster "Pee Pee Suck 2". For the latter, Mario insists on naming him "Melvin".
      • Jeffy giving his pet hamster multiple names, such as "Poop Butt", "Pencil Fart", and "Jeffy's Fart 4".
    • Jeffy swallowing Pee Pee Suck and Melvin/Pee Pee Suck 2. He later coughs up the latter
    • Junior tossing Melvin/Pee Pee Suck 2 down the stairs. In The Stinger, Logan reveals that he used a stuffed animal in place of Melvin/Pee Pee Suck 2 to ensure the hamster playing him was unharmed.
  • From "Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks!":
    • Chef Pee Pee makes Junior a plate of chicken nuggets mixed with Jell-O and tuna for dinner.
    • Chef Pee Pee admitting to Junior that whenever he eats, he makes himself throw up, before downright proceeding to throw up himself.
    • When Junior tries to ask Bowser about Chef Pee Pee's cooking, Bowser mistakes his demands for a question about sexes and replies that there are only two genders: male and female, and being able to tell by looking down between your legs.
    • Junior giving Chef Pee Pee a "Cooking Basics for Dummies" book. Chef Pee Pee later uses it for his soup; as in taking it and dropping it right smack in the pot.
    • Chef Pee Pee's "green bean peanut butter cracker" lasagna.
    • Junior's stopmotion Squick video where Chef Pee Pee gives him a bowl of macaroni mixed with pieces of poop. When Junior eats a spoonful, he throws up on the ground, and Chef Pee Pee scolds him. When Junior tells him that it tastes like "sweaty turtle balls", Pee Pee's head detaches off his body and rolls on the ground, just as Junior poops out a pile of poop, and falls on his vomit.
    • Junior and Toad's rap about Chef Pee Pee's bad cooking, which results in Chef Pee Pee turning into a burnt piece of toast. Junior and Toad then proceed to smear jelly on the burnt toast.
  • From "The Bake Sale!":
    • Brooklyn T. Guy and Cody switching voices, complete with a Nintendo Switch signature sound, due to Chris being unable to voice both characters in the same shot.
      Cody: (in high-pitched voice) Junior! We have to help him!
      Junior: Nah, nah, nah, Switch. Y'all Switch.
      (Nintendo Switch snap sound)
      Cody: (in normal voice) Junior, we have to help him!
      Junior: Yeah, see, that's better.
      Brooklyn: (in Black Yoshi's voice) So uh, who's going to pay these medical bills, eh? Brooklyn T. Guy wants 'em now.
      Junior: U-uh, Switch.
      (Nintendo Switch snap sound)
      Brooklyn: (in normal voice) OK, so who's going to cover those medical bills?
    • Apparently, Junior is that crazy about money. He refuses to accept Jeffy's $99,000 offer because he wants $100,000, and even declines Goodman handing him the prize money of $100,000 due to wanting $125,000. Luckily, this doesn't happen, as Cody punches Junior and gets Goodman to hand him the prize money.
    • Chef Pee Pee getting burned inside the oven.
    • The return of the "IN HALF!" joke.
    • Junior's ketchup pun.
    • Cody losing it and his angry speech when Junior buys $100 worth of cookies, proceeding to beat him up afterwards.
    • Junior trying to sell his cookies to Jeffy and getting into a bet duel with him.
    • The Cookie Monster cameo.
    • Junior declaring sprinkles are like "Toothpaste and Orange Juice" which Cody protests saying it doesn't make any sense.
    • Junior winding up with all his bones in his body broken due to laying on the road and intentionally getting hit by a car.
  • From "Jeffy's Parents!":
  • From "Bowser Junior's Curse!":
    • Junior tells Joseph and Cody that Bowser bought a toilet that can flush 18 golf balls. Cut to Junior and Joseph doing just that.
    • Cody choking on a corn dog, and later a bottle of ketchup.
    • Junior throws his plate of corn dogs off the window, thus pissing off the Corn Dog God as a result, who gives him the Corn Dog Curse, wherein anything he touches turns into a corn dog. Including living things.
    • Junior's Corn Dog Curse has its moments.
      • Junior accidentally turning Chef Pee Pee's car into a corn dog during an attempt to go to the hospital.
      • Junior touching Chef Pee Pee's phone and turning it into a corn dog.
      • Junior accidentally touching Cody and Chef Pee Pee, turning them into corn dogs and leaving them being distinguished by only their glasses and chef hat, respectively.
      • Junior accidentally turning the couch into a bunch of corn dogs, forcing him and Cody to sit on another couch.
      • Junior turning Chef Pee Pee's toaster into a corn dog.
      • Junior turning the bath water into a bath of corn dogs. Literally.
      • Junior tries to cut his hands off, an attempt that has been already Squicked and brutally panned by many fans in a previous episode, "The Gun!". Thankfully, the Corn Dog Curse prevents him from doing just that.
    • Corndog!Cody admits that having a stick stuck up his butt 24/7 is "pretty nice".
    • Junior and Cody summoning the Corn Dog God with the Corn Dog Chant.
    Corn Doggy Doggy
    Oh Corn Doggy Doggy
    • The Corn Dog God tells Junior that in order to get rid of his curse, Junior must make a song about how much he loves corn dogs. Especially with mustard and ketchup. It turns out that it was a trick, and the actual method to get rid of the curse was to eat all the corn dogs that Junior threw out the window earlier.
    • Junior accidentally touching the grass while trying to eat the corn dogs he threw out the window, resulting in the entire Earth turning into a giant corn dog.
  • From "Inside Jeffy":
    • Even though Jeffy has emotions inside his head ala Inside Out, he only has three; while an unnamed emotion wears a yellow "Jeffy" shirt and leads the trio, there is also Anger, who wears a red shirt and his hair in the shape of angry eyebrows, and Sadness, who is the Only Sane Man, wears a blue shirt and has his hair fallen down.
    • When Mario asks Jeffy is he is hungry, Anger and Sadness say they "don't even know". When Jeffy's emotions make him say he doesn't even know, Mario tells Jeffy if he doesn't choose anything to eat, he's going to eat green beans. Cue an Oh, Crap! from Jeffy's emotions.
    • Mario about to feed Jeffy the green beans triggers a red alert in the emotions' control center. The yellow emotion orders Jeffy to launch the plate, despite Sadness saying that Mario's going to get mad.
    • Anger and the yellow emotion asking for 17 pancakes, despite Sadness debating against it.
    • The return of Jeffy's chicken noises.
    • When Mario tells Jeffy that he won't get any pancakes, Anger presses a Big Red Button on the control center that triggers Jeffy into a swearing rant.
    • When the emotions recieve a message from Jeffy's lower intestine that Jeffy needs to poop, they count down from ten. While Mario rushes Jeffy to the bathroom, Jeffy's emotions stop the countdown at two and just give up.
    • Sadness flipping out and smacking the control center, which explains Jeffy's crying and hitting a wall when being called a "bad boy".
    • Jeffy smacking his diaper for seven straight hours.
    • After Jeffy pops Junior's balloon, he stays silent and drops his knife before screaming at the top of his lungs. Inside Jeffy's head, Sadness himself is freaking out and hitting the control center several times after reacting to the balloon's popping noise.
    • Jeffy's emotions listening to the Bunny Do. Twenty times.
    • Anger taking the night shift while Jeffy and the other emotions have their bedtime. This in particular leads to Jeffy freaking out and telling Mario "someone pooped in his jammies".
    • The Reveal that Mario has three identical emotions.
      Mario's Emotion: So, uh, whose idea was it to adopt him?
  • From "Root Beer!":
    • The episode of C.O.P.S. that Junior, Joseph, and Cody watch, starring Humpty Dumpty.
    • Junior, Joseph, and Cody getting drunk off root beer.
    • Junior driving his Thomas the Tank Engine Little Tikes car in an attempt to go to the store and buy more root beer. At one point, he drives it down the stairs. When he gets outside, he gets pulled over by Officer Brooklyn T. Guy.
  • From "Chef Pee Pee The Robot":
    • Joseph and Cody enjoying the burnt Mac and Cheese that Chef Pee Pee made.
    • The episode of Charleyyy and Friends where Charleyyy attempts to do a handstand without hands.
    • To try to prove whether or not Chef Pee Pee is a robot, he tries to get him to sign the acknowledgement that says "I am not a robot". The website? Even funnier is Junior's username: Im18NotAn8YearOld.
    • Hansel trying to sell Chef Pee Pee a rock for ten, and later, twenty dollars.
    • The reveal that Chef Pee Pee was a robot the entire time... because the real Chef Pee Pee was on Christmas vacation and sent a robot in his place.
    • The Stinger, where Lovell Stanton eats Chef Pee Pee's burnt Mac and Cheese.
  • From "Jeffy's Bathtime!":
    • When Mario tells Jeffy it's time for his bath, Jeffy immediately throws his clothes at Mario and Rosalina and runs away naked, complete with dramatic music.
    • Jeffy peeing on Mario.
    • When Mario gets out of the shower after getting peed on by Jeffy, he asks Rosalina if he still smells like pee. Rosalina says "a little bit", but Mario admits that he used two bars of soap.
    • When Mario and Rosalina fill the bath with bubbles, Jeffy comes in and mistakes the bubble bath for snow. He even wears a hoodie jacket.
    • Jeffy hallucinating the bubble bath telling him it's going to eat his butt.
    • Mario tosses a rubber ducky into the bubble bath to prove Jeffy that nothing's going to happen. When Jeffy forces Mario to get the rubber ducky out of the bath, they find out that the rubber ducky's rear end has been literally bitten off.
    • Jeffy fitting a huge rubber ducky with glasses into the bathroom.
    • Mario threatens to pop Jeffy's huge rubber ducky. Jeffy's response? "Then do it, faggot!"
    • Mario is forced to let Jeffy take a shower after Jeffy starts pouring Goldfish crackers into the bath. Granted the idea of Jeffy taking a shower came from Rosalina of all people.
  • From "The Love Potion!":
    • When Junior asks his friends if they have any Valentines, Cody's Valentine is obviously Ken, Joseph's is his dead mom, and Toad doesn't have a girlfriend at all.
    • When Jackie Chu comes, he introduces a new female student named Britney, but not before denying any kissing, hair-holding, or any other love things.
    • Junior, Joseph and Toad immediately fall in love with Britney. Especially Junior.
    • Every time Junior tries to ask Britney a question, she replies by saying "ew".
    • Junior tries to send a note to Britney, only to get a note from her before he even puts it on her desk. Guess what Britney's note says? "Ew". Even funnier is she spells her name as "Britknee"!
    • Jeffy is late for class. Why? Because he had his "pee-pee" stuck in a Cheerios box.
    • Junior injects the love serum into Britney's arm without noticing Jeffy at all. As a result, Britney falls in love with Jeffy. Cody even scolds Junior for not noticing.
    • When Mario goes to get Jeffy and Britney some cookies, Jeffy puts a diaper on Britney's pants and makes her smack her diaper.
  • From "Joseph Moves In!":
    • Junior trying to throw a basketball into a hoop from the balcony. He does succeed, but doesn't want to get his ball. He then ends up throwing a lamp.
    • When Junior opens the door, he finds Joseph, his dead mom's skeleton (only this time without a wig) and Brooklyn T. Guy. Brooklyn then explains that Joseph tried to make a campfire in the living room for warmth, only to burn down his entire trailer.
    • Junior notices that Joseph's mom's skeleton is missing a hand. Joseph explains that it broke on the way out of his burning trailer.
    • Junior tries to ask Bowser if Joseph can live in the house, only for Bowser to yell in denial on how the Falcons lost to the Patriots during the Super Bowl.
    • Bowser goes to tell Joseph that he can't live in his house, only to immediately fall in love with Joseph's mom. As a result, he lets Joseph live in his house as long as he can get a piece of his mom's "ass".
    • Joseph peeing on Junior's pillow.
      • Junior trying to show Chef Pee Pee the wet pillow, despite Pee Pee only blaming Junior for peeing on the pillow.
    • Joseph screaming in his sleep. Twice.
    • Chef Pee Pee making Froot Loops and eggs for Junior and Joseph. As in literally throwing eggs into a frying pan, and pouring Froot Loops and milk on top of the eggs. Even funnier is that Junior and Joseph love it, and Junior complains about Joseph getting the bigger eggshell.
    • Junior trying to distract Joseph in order to tell Cody about his situation. Joseph is completely fascinated by mundane things like the light switch and getting mail.
    • When Junior tries to think of a way to raise money for an apartment for Joseph to live in, he suggests a bake sale. Cody tells him they already did that, and it went horribly.
    • Cody trying to compete against Shrek in a raw dog eating contest to win $20,000 for Joseph. Cody ends up mistaking it for a contest where he can stick as many hot dogs as he can in his mouth, and Shrek wins as a result, only to throw up and automatically get disqualified, thus making Cody the winner.
  • From "Jeffy Gets Stung By A Bee!":
    • When Chef Pee Pee gets ready to eat some pizza rolls, he notices Jeffy banging on the back door.
    • Jeffy pooping in the yard.
    • Jeffy notices a bee, and immediately mistakes it for a butterfly. He then swallows the bee, causing him to get stung in the mouth.
    • Jeffy's inflated mouth.
      Brooklyn T. Guy: Jesus Christ! He looks like a retarded donkey!
      Jeffy: Yee-haw!
    • Mario and Jeffy try to explain everything to Brooklyn T. Guy, only for Brooklyn to think that Jeffy ate a "banana butterfly", thanks to Jeffy's wording. Brooklyn then tries to go inside Jeffy to get rid of the "butterfly" with the help of Mario.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy's minuscule submarine.
    • Jeffy freaking out when Brooklyn T. Guy speaks to him to over the P.A. system on the submarine.
      Brooklyn T. Guy: Jeffy, can you hear me?
    • Mario and Brooklyn cutting off an erythrocyte (red blood cell), and being chased by leukocytes (white blood cells) with police sirens and pistols for it.
    • Mario asking Brooklyn if he should flip off the white blood cells, and Brooklyn saying "I don't know. Probably?"
    • Mario and Brooklyn harmlessly passing over the spike strip that the white blood cells set up to catch them.
    • When Mario and Brooklyn end up in Jeffy's stomach, they find the skeleton of Pee Pee Suck, along with a toothbrush, a stapler, and the bee that Jeffy swallowed earlier.
    • Mario and Brooklyn find out that Jeffy's arms have fallen off, and immediately realize that Jeffy did eat a banana butterfly. They try to get the submarine to warm up, only for Jeffy to turn into a banana when they least expect it.
    • Mario and Brooklyn trying to eat their way out of Banana!Jeffy.
    • Mario accidentally stepping on Brooklyn's submarine.
  • From "Bowser Junior Goes To The Future!":
    • Junior literally getting his head frozen into an ice cube.
    • When Bowser notices that the house is covered in tin foil, he starts pulling down the foil.
  • From "Bowser Junior Kinda Goes Camping!":
    • Junior trying to convince his friends that it's "raining", when it's actually not raining. At the end, he says that it's "not raining" anymore, when it actually is raining.
    • Chef Pee Pee finding a piece of tin foil.
    • Jeffy's "scary" story.
    • Chef Pee Pee in a bear costume.
  • From "Nintendo Switch":
    • Jeffy almost chainsawing the Nintendo Switch box.
    • Jeffy tasting the Nintendo Switch Game Card, and spitting it outnote .
      Jeffy: Daddy, those games don't taste too good.
    • Mario's Heroic BSoD after Jeffy destroys the titular console.
    • Jeffy's Nintendo Switch, a light switch with the Nintendo logo glued to it. It later ends up becoming an instant hit.
  • From "1 2 Switch Bodies!":
    • Cody starting to break down when he thinks Junior has a boyfriend.
    • Jeffy trying to remove the Joy-Con controllers from Junior's Switch by sawing them off. Thankfully, Junior takes away the Switch at the last second.
    • Junior and Jeffy in each other's bodies.
    • Jeffy!Junior spanking his crotch.
    • Mario force-feeding Junior!Jeffy a spoonful of green beans, by shoving it in his mouth.
    • Jeffy!Junior pooping in the sink, and having Joseph and Cody throw Junior's Thomas bed with him on it.
    • Jeffy!Junior comes on the couch wearing a diaper, and asks Joseph and Cody to help him put a pencil in his nose.
    • Chef Pee Pee and Cody accidentally switching bodies.
    • When Cody realizes he is in Chef Pee Pee's body, he immediately goes to bang Bowser again.
  • From "Jeffy The Rapper!":
    • Tyrone teaching Jeffy to be a rapper off-screen.
    • Jeffy's "Why" music video.
    • Jeffy becoming a national rap sensation.
    • Toad trying to compete against Jeffy.
    • Jeffy getting shot by Toad.
  • From "Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!":
    • Bowser, and later Junior, hitting Chef Pee Pee with a baseball bat.
    • Junior repeatedly pinching Cody because he's not wearing green unlike him and Joseph.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy coming to the house over Junior's pinching.
    • Junior repeatedly pinching Brooklyn, which in turn results in the latter shooting Junior.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy getting fired.
  • From "Mistaken":
    • The return of Dr. Finkleshitz (again).
    • After Junior tells Cody that they can communicate with aliens using hot dog costumes (well, not really), Cody then remembers that it's "wiener night" and his mom is cooking him hot dogs without the bun for dinner. He then rushes to get home, and ends up forgetting Ken.
    • Junior and Joseph tie Ken to a bunch of balloons and let them float in the air, thinking Ken is going to the Moon.
    • Cody crying on the stairs.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy trying to rescue Ken by going to the Moon himself.
    • After Junior tells Brooklyn T. Guy that they were trying to rescue a doll on the Moon, Brooklyn goes ballistic, having went to the Moon to save a human only to get stuck up there for nothing.
    • Junior's ending Pun.
      Junior: Well, I was mista-ken.
  • From "Jeffy's Tantrum!":
    • Mario telling Jeffy to wait until Christmas to get the game he wants. Jeffy's response?
      Jeffy: Christmas?!? IT'S MARCH, BITCH!!
    • Jeffy running away.
    • When Mario gets a knock at the door, he finds Jeffy wearing a typical glass and mustache disguise, inquiring him to purchase the app, only for Mario to decline. Jeffy then shows up behind Mario, revealing that the Jeffy at the door wasn't the real Jeffy.
    • Jeffy throwing a couch and a TV off the balcony.
    • Mario giving Jeffy a belt beating.
    • Emo Jeffy. 'Nuff said.
    • Junior hanging himself, but not before giving Jeffy a $10 iTunes giftcard.
    • Jeffy's reaction when he finds out that Mario sold his iPad to afford a couch, just right after he got an iTunes giftcard to buy the game he wanted. His screaming? It shakes the Earth.
      Jeffy: ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH?!?!
  • From "Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie!":
    • Cody hires Brooklyn T. Guy as a taxi driver to take him, Junior, and Joseph to the movie theater, and it is revealed that Cody's user name is HunkyMonkey69.
    • Brooklyn freaking out when he finds out that Junior is a talking turtle.
    • When Brooklyn drives away, Junior decides that he, Joseph, and Cody should walk to the movie theater. Junior gets exhausted from walking, and Cody reveals that they aren't that far from Junior's house.
    • Junior tricking Cody into carrying him and Joseph.
    • Cody seeing Happy Pony 4.
    • Junior and his friends get so scared from seeing Hide And Seek: The Movie at the theater that they flee before the movie even ends.
    • Chef Pee Pee trying to play Hide and Seek, which in turn results in Junior, Joseph and Cody freaking out.
  • From the 2017 April Fools' videonote .
    • Jeffy watching the paint on the fence dry. For one hour.
    • After the video ends, Jeffy asks the viewer if they saw the entire video.
      Jeffy: If you did...
      Jeffy: Why you do that?
  • From "Loch Ness Monster!":
    • Junior trying to take Cody's hat off. Again. It doesn't help that Cody admitted he sat in front of a mirror for an hour trying to pull off all his infinite hats.
    • The return of the "Cody's Mom is a Pig" gag.
    • Junior's savage dance.
    • Dr. Finkleshitz coming over to Junior's house and yelling at the lake to try to get the Loch Ness Monster to appear.
    • In order to convince Brooklyn that he "has the Loch Ness Monster's autograph", Junior gets a piece of paper, makes Cody take a bite out of it, writes "From Your Best Bud! Ole Lock E!" on the paper and rinses it wet with water (because the monster came out of a lake).
    • Junior's backyard almost gets nuked over the Loch Ness Monster, and Junior's family is forced to be homeless.
    • Cody mimicking Junior's savage dance.
    • After Junior tells the truth and admits he lied on national television, the Loch Ness Monster is revealed to be real after all, thus throwing Junior's house and neighborhood out of existence as a result.
  • From "The Baby Project!":
    • Junior wants to have Joseph paired with him to take care of a baby doll, only for Jackie Chu to pair everyone by himself. As a result, Joseph and Cody get paired together, much to Joseph's grief, and Junior gets paired with Jeffy.
    • Junior's reaction when he gets paired with Jeffy.
    • Jeffy pouring glue on his bowl of cereal. The reason? He ran out of milk.
    • Patrick banging on his baby doll after getting paired with Toad.
    • What happens when you pair Junior and Jeffy to take care of a baby doll? Hilarity Ensues, as Jeffy completely trashes the baby, throwing it into a road and getting it run over by a truck, electrocuting it, cutting it, shooting it and grilling it, even that by the end of it, the baby been reduced to ashes.
    • Chompy biting on the baby doll.
    • When Junior and Jeffy turn in their baby, Junior expects to fail the second grade, only for them to find out that Jackie Chu passed them and gave them an A+, because the baby was a girl, and they were supposed to kill it.
    • Jackie Chu giving Joseph and Cody a B, because they didn't kill the baby girl.
    • Jackie Chu's reaction when he sees the video recording of Cody having sex with the baby doll.
  • From "The Couch!":
    • Shrek and Mario opening a box that they found in the garage from when they moved in. They find a broken toilet seat, two jars of trapped fart, a corn dog, used toilet paper, and an expired cheesecake. Even funnier is the label on the cheesecake box: "Expires: Dec. 2007"note .
    • Mario throwing up after smelling the fart from the jars.
    • Shrek eating expired, moldy cheesecake and accidentally pooping on the couch.
    • When Mario goes to eat a PB & J, Black Yoshi reminds him that the peanut butter is expired. Mario doesn't buy it, until he notices the "Expires: Dec. 2016" label on the lid. Mario then admits it doesn't even taste that bad. It would totally foreshadow certain consequences later on.
    • Shrek sitting near the lake. He references the original Shrek movie, by calling the lake his "swamp" and thinking Lord Farquaad is kicking him out of the "swamp" when Mario comes to let Shrek back in.
    • Shrek reeling in a box of cheesecake from the lake. Despite Mario doubting its possibility.
    • Mario and Rosalina accidentally pooping on the couch, thanks to expired peanut butter and expired milk, respectively. The combined mess they make is minuscule compared to Shrek's poop.
    • Mario helping Shrek fart in a jar at the end after he finally lets him back inside.
  • From "The Golden Egg!":
    • Chef Pee Pee showing Junior his Easter egg, which is simply just white with the word "ASSHOLE" painted on it.
    • Mario trying to convince Jeffy that he painted his face on an Easter egg, only for Jeffy to deny it, thinking he just painted the egg. Eventually, Mario snaps and throws another egg at a wall, breaking it.
    • The Easter Bunny Genie. 'Nuff said.
    • Several characters stating what they initially intended to wish for:
      • Chef Pee Pee wanted money.
      • Joseph wanted a new mom.
      • Cody wanted every male in the world to be gay so they can fall in love with him.
      • Junior wanted a beard.
      • Shrek wanted a lifetime supply of cheesecake.
    • The return of Junior's savage dance.
    • When someone knocks on the door, Mario assumes it's the pizza delivery guy and lets Jeffy open the door. When Jeffy does so, Brooklyn T. Guy throws a pizza box at the door from far away.
    • When everyone tries to ask the Easter Bunny Genie for a hint, Jeffy shows them the golden egg and, completely unaware that he has the egg, wishes that he found the egg. At that point, he already has the egg, so all it lets out is a little flash, essentially making his wish meaningless. Everyone else is shocked and enraged at Jeffy for wasting the wish, and they beat him up to death.
  • From "Jeffy Loses His Pencil!":
    • Junior roaring in Jeffy's face.
      Jeffy: Junior, I just pooped my pants.
    • Jeffy's dinosaur is a hamburger. He downright beats Junior's Triceratops with it.
    • Junior and Jeffy playing Rock Paper Scissors.
    • Jeffy's reaction when he loses his pencil. Among other things, he cries and "unh"s with a very ridiculous face.
    • Mario asking Rosalina about her two-month absence.
    • Jeffy shaking his head violently.
      Jeffy: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!
    • This exchange between Mario and Brooklyn T. Guy:
      Brooklyn: No, no, no no—he's not growing a mustache any time soon.
      Mario: What?
      Brooklyn: What do you mean what? He's not growing a mustache.
      Mario: We called you to see if there's a pencil in his nose.
    • Brooklyn's Memory-Looker-Backer machine.
    • The gang watching Jeffy's memories from yesterday morning.
      • Jeffy having sex with a box of Cheerios.
      • Jeffy brushing his teeth. As in completely destroying the bathroom by squirting toothpaste at a mirror and throwing a lot of toilet paper into the bathtub while screaming.
      • Mario and Rosalina calling Jeffy a "bad boy" after they see what Jeffy has done to the bathroom.
      • Jeffy flying down the stairs with a vacuum cleaner. Brooklyn and Mario even question how Jeffy's pencil remained intact in his nose.
      • Jeffy F-bombing Rosalina.
      • Jeffy hitting a can of green beans with a baseball bat, before filling out entire cans of green beans and hitting the green beans with a hammer. In slow-motion.
      • The pencil finally falls from Jeffy's nose. While he is wearing a chicken costume and making rooster noises on the roof.
    • Mario finding Jeffy's pencil, but not before breaking his butt. Brooklyn decides to make fun of the scene.
      Brooklyn: (chuckles) You uh—You look like you could use a doctor! Oh man, I got a better idea! Does anybody know a doctor? (chuckles again)
    • Mario (who is now in a wheelchair and his rear end and legs wrapped in a cast) and Jeffy playing Rock Paper Scissors. Jeffy thinks he won, despite both of them choosing Paper.
  • From "The Mystery Safe!":
    • The beginning scene with Brooklyn T. Guy and a Russian spy stealing a safe.
    • Cody wearing glasses that can see through clothes. As he is gay, well...
    • When Joseph and Junior ask Cody about him not wearing glasses, he tells them that he's wearing contacts. They then ask him why his right eye is bigger than the left one, and Cody answers that it's a defect.
    • Junior entering the unlock combination in the safe. It turns out that the combination is "1234".
    • When Junior puts on the "see-through" glasses, he sees Cody naked and goes to throw up.
    • Cody seeing Chef Pee Pee naked through the glasses.
    • Junior finding a gun pen.
    • Junior and Cody finding a nuclear football and a paper full of nuclear launch codes.
    • After Cody lets Junior use only one nuke with the nuclear football, Junior decides to nuke the North Pole. Just because Santa Claus did not give him any presents.
    • Cody takes away the nuclear launch codes from Junior, only for the latter to say that he memorized them. When Cody tells him to prove it, Junior just says it's "1234", and Cody denies it.
    • When Cody meets the Russian spy, he admits that the spy has a really tiny penis, and Junior shoots the Russian spy with the gun pen. Cody then reveals that the spy actually had a giant penis.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy (now as a cop) blaming the Russian spy for nuking the North Pole, despite Junior being the one who did it.
    • Cody admitting that Brooklyn has a really tiny penis.
  • From "The Dead Body!":
    • Jeffy suggesting Mario to hire a magician to hide Hansel's body, only to realize that that the magician would see the body and call the cops. They then suggest Mario to kill the magician, and hire more magicians in order to get rid of the magician they killed, and so on. Later, Craig suggests this idea too.
    • When Mario tells Jeffy to get rid of Hansel's body while he goes to answer the door, Jeffy simply puts glasses and a bunny hat on him. After Mario returns with Rosalina, he finds Hansel's body on the couch and tries to tell Rosalina that Hansel is just a school friend of Jeffy, only for Jeffy to keep saying that he's dead.
    • Rosalina getting tied up with tape. Scotch tape, that is.
      • Mario and Jeffy arguing about duct tape when he orders him to tie Rosalina up.
      • Rosalina's reaction when she sees Jeffy covered in what she thinks to be blood.
    • The Reveal that Mario literally drove over Hansel and that he didn't hit him, and Hansel was having a blackout.
    • Jeffy's profanity rant about green beans.
  • From "Cody's Missing!":
    • Cody ranting about Link, Isabelle, and the Cat, Metal, and Baby versions of existing characters being in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe instead of him, going as far as to saying that Nintendo should add elderly versions of characters as well.
      • He later rants about other versions of existing characters, including Paratroopa and Fly Guy, as well as Shadow Mario and even Wiggler.
    • Cody's "No Girls Allowed" sign on his bedroom door.
    • Cody's mom telling him how she found his stepfather.
      Cody's Mom: Well, you see, back in high school, I wanted to be a cheerleader. But they wouldn't let me join the team because they said I was too ugly. So you know what I did? I did drugs. A lot of drugs. And then I got kicked out of school, and then my parents hated me, so they kicked me out of the house, and then I all I knew was slinging leg, and then I met a pimp who beat the shit out of me. And that's how I met your father.
      Cody: Mom, what was the point of this story?
      Cody's Mom: Oh, well you see, if I hadn't met your father, then I wouldn't have ado-- I mean, had you. And what I'm trying to say is good things always come out of bad things...except for the Holocaust and 9/11.
    • When Junior and Joseph play Mario Power Tennis on the Nintendo GameCube, they refer to Paratroopa as "Flying Joseph".
    • Cody saying that he can "fly" when he finds out that he isn't in Mario Power Tennis.
    • Metal Baby Cat Cody.
    • Cody creates his own game, Cody!, wherein every playable character is a variation of him. Also, enemies (which are black recolors of him) can't hurt him, and the levels and maps are made of him.
    • Cody's reaction to him being in Mario Superstar Baseball, while heartwarming, is also funny in some way.
  • From "Jeffy's New Toy!":
    • Mario checking his emails.
      • Jeffy's reaction to the Ass Pounders 2 movie that was sent to Mario.
      • The email from Woody, asking when he will appear in new videos.
      • The email from Mama Luigi.
      • The email from Bowser, stating he's kidnapped Peach again, and asking if Mario even cares anymore. After the events of "Mario's Valentines Day Problem!" when Peach showed her true colors, Mario could now care less what happens to her.
    • Mario and Jeffy going to Toys'R'Us.
      • Jeffy tossing a toy of Bob the Minion on the floor. Mario scolds him for it, telling him he would have had to pay for the toy if it got broken. Mario then sees a toy of Baymax, decides he doesn't like it, and tosses it on the floor.
      • Jeffy finding a creepy-looking doll. Brooklyn T. Guy even claims that he doesn't sell that.
      • Jeffy screaming when Mario tells him that he's not going to get the doll.
    • Jeffy naming his doll "Areola". Rosalina admits it sounds a bit familiar.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Big Spill!":
  • From "The Secret Door!":
    • Jeffy trying to make himself throw up out of boredom.
    • Mario, Rosalina and Jeffy playing Hide and Seek.
      • Apparently, Jeffy is a really bad seeker. He can't even count to five.
    • Jeffy's random quotes.
      Jeffy: I'm trying to learn my alphabets, but I don't have a tree.
      Jeffy: Mommy's right. I can poop.
    • Rosalina forcing Mario to go with her into the secret door:
      Rosalina: Mario, we'll go in together.
      Mario: Okay, but ladies first.
      Rosalina: Mario!
  • From "Drawing Jeffy!":
  • From "Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter!":
  • From "Black Yoshi's Scam!":
    • Mario watching the Spaghetti & Meatball Channel.
    • When Black Yoshi hears about the new Call of Duty: World War 2 on the Freakin Moon game releasing in November for $500, he immediately gets his "boy" Pookie to skywrite "MARIO PLEASE" for Mario to see.
    • Black Yoshi trying to sell Kool-Aid for $500. At first, he gets rejected by Tyrone, and later Junior and his friends, before Brooklyn T. Guy eventually takes his Kool-Aid stand down because Black Yoshi doesn't have a license.
    • Mario reading Black Yoshi's two GoFundMe descriptions out loud.
    • Goodman's new suit, made entirely out of elephant asshole.
  • From "Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!":
    • Jeffy's glasses with 16-bit eyes on them.
    • Jeffy getting distracted by his Fidget Spinner.
    • Junior killing Baymax with a knife.
    • Chef Pee Pee cooking blindfolded.
    • To get Jeffy's Fidget Spinner, Junior knocks Jeffy out with the bottle Chef Pee Pee gave him as a substitute.
    • By the time Junior shows Joseph and Cody the Fidget Spinner he stole from Jeffy, Joseph and Cody are now more into bendy straws.
    • Jeffy getting distracted by the ceiling fan.
  • From "Stuck!":
    • Hansel calling Thomas a "blue hot dog".
    • Chef Pee Pee frying Chips Ahoy! cookies and milk.
    • Chef Pee Pee's phone conversation with Cody's mom.
    • Cody's mom rips Chef Pee Pee's jacket apart and then gets naughty with him, much to the latter's ire. She later does the same with Officer Brooklyn T. Guy.
  • From "Jeffy and the Beanstalk!":
    • Jeffy's reaction upon finding green beans in the sandwich Mario made for him.
    • The Green Bean Giant. 'Nuff said.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy thinking he's hallucinating Green Bean Jeffy, due to taking a lot of drugs earlier that day.
  • From "Jeffy Sneaks Out!":
    • Junior making a Play-doh sculpture of Gumbo, only for Jeffy to smash it with a hammer.
    • Jeffy's completely false story of how he asked for Mario's permission to go to the movie theater, depicting Mario and Rosalina as Abusive Parents.
    • Jeffy dumping a bag of popcorn on his head.
    • Junior walking in on Cody and Ken.
    • Play-Doh Jeffy is revealed to have arranged the letter magnets to say "MAYONNAISE" on the whiteboard.
    • Play-Doh Jeffy riding a skateboard down the stairs.
    • The Hot Dog Man movie that Junior and Jeffy watch.
    • Officer Simmons confronting Play-Doh Jeffy with a Nerf Gun.
    • When the real Jeffy gets into a fight with Play-Doh Jeffy, Mario gets a hold of Brooklyn's gun and gets into a situation where he can't tell the two Jeffys apart. At first, he sings "The Bunny Do", but both Jeffys dance along to it. He then grounds both Jeffys, and the real Jeffy goes into a swearing fit, prompting Mario to shoot Play-Doh Jeffy.
  • From "2 Tickets":
    • Junior and Joseph failing to understand why three people can't go to Punch in the Face-a-thon with only two tickets. It takes almost three minutes of Cody trying to explain this to them before they realize what's wrong.
    • Cody's "Buttbuddies Forever" cake.
    • Chef Pee Pee throwing eggs and slamming an oven door into his head so that Junior takes him to Punch in the Face-a-thon.
  • From "The Bet!":
    • Goodman all soaked when he comes to Mario's house to get his payment.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy states it's gonna take 10 minutes for Goodman and Chef Pee Pee to cook the ravioli, but they aren't going to show it because it's filler.
    • Goodman's reaction at seeing Chef Pee Pee cook his ravioli in the competition.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy tastes Chef Pee Pee's ravioli and immediately loves it, declaring Pee Pee as the winner, causing Goodman to lose all his money. He even falls his face onto the bowl of ravioli.
    • Goodman having to work for Bowser after Chef Pee Pee left for vacation.
    • Junior asking Goodman for more apple juice... by throwing his cup, breaking it.
    • Goodman's reaction when he sees the bathroom after Shrek used it.
    • Goodman pretending that he slipped on the wet floor at Wal-Mart, in order to sue them and became rich again.
      • In a BTS video, Logan's girlfriend revealed that she and the crew got kicked out of Wal-Mart for making a mess on the floor.
    • The Reveal that the Loan Dolphin rigged the competition for Chef Pee Pee to win in order to win Goodman's money.
    • Goodman betting that Logan will not get the SuperMarioLogan movie out before the end of June.
  • From "Jeffy's Brain!":
  • From "The Magical Button!":
    • Junior and his friends reacting to a commercial for a theme park named Paper World.
    • While watching Charleyyy and Friends, Charleyyy announces that he will present his biggest fan, causing Bowser to get angry because he's his biggest fan. It turns out Charleyyy was talking about a literal fan.
    • With the titular button causing the death of anybody after it grants its user a wish, this episode is filled with Black Comedy.
      • Junior wishing for a gold fidget spinner, resulting in the death of Brooklyn T. Guy, who was in the process of saving a cat from a tree.
      • Junior wishing for a glowing fidget spinner, resulting in the death of Charleyyy. Needless to say, Bowser doesn't take it well.
      • Junior wishing for a bath full of Mac & Cheese, resulting in the death of Patrick's mom. For a bonus, Patrick was caged up while his mother was busy cleaning his mess, and with her dead, he's trapped in the cage forever.
      • Junior wishing for a Sprite, resulting in the death of of his father, who was mourning Charleyyy's death.
      • Junior wishing for an ice cream truck, resulting in the death of Chef Pee Pee.
      • Junior wishing for a Hubba Bubba for Cody, resulting in the death of Goodman, who was coincidentally reporting on the death of Charleyyy.
        Goodman: Breaking News, m'kay? It-- (falls down; the broadcast cuts out)
      • After Junior kills himself in order to bring back his friends and family back to life, Cody decides to wish for a button that could bring back Junior to life, resulting in the death of Logan.
    • The reveal that the glowing fidget spinner Junior wished for was broken.
    • Tito taking over as the news anchor after Goodman's death.
    • The fact that Junior wished for six things, but did not wish for Paper World at all.
    • Cody wishing for a banana suit.
  • From "Chef Pee Pee's Accident!":
    • Bowser insulting Chef Pee Pee, which results in the latter going to get a girlfriend.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy opening his fire fighter suit to reveal his doctor suit underneath.
    • Since regular prosthetic hands will be expensive for Chef Pee Pee to afford, he ends up using the hands of a Mr. Potato Head instead.
    • The Reveal that Chef Pee Pee's date is a catfish.
  • From "Sunken":
    • Brooklyn T. Guy wearing a pirate hat.
    • Junior throwing Cody's Ken doll into the water on purpose.
    • Junior finds a dead clown, thinking it's a clown fish.
    • The ending where Cody's mom randomly appears out of the ocean.
    • The special effects.
  • From "Jeffy's TV Show!":
    • Rosalina's home video of Mario beating up Jeffy after he gets sprayed on.
    • The changes that Dewey Donedidit makes to the show.
      • Jeffy being given a gun.
      • Rosalina forced to say nothing, not even make a peep.
      • Rosalina getting replaced with Britknee/Crystal.
      • Mario going bald.
      • Mario getting his hat back, with his mustache shaved off in the process.
      • Mario getting replaced with his own mustache.
      • The red couch gets replaced with a white one.
      • Jeffy getting replaced with a monkey.
    • Mario getting shot in the leg.
  • From "Jeffy Gets Bullied!":
    • Jeffy beating up Bully Bill. Three times.
    • Jackie Chu teaching Jeffy's Law of Subtraction.
    • Junior and Cody egging Jeffy on.
    • Jeffy getting suspended for a week.
    • Jeffy going to school with a camera taped to his helmet.
  • From "The Fender Bender!":
    • Jeffy retaliating while Mario is trying to order McDonald's.
    • Mario accidentally bumping into Mr. Goodman's Lamborghini.
    • Mario and Jeffy working for Domino's.
    • Craig the Devil's return.
    • The ending where Mario accidentally bumps into Mr. Goodman's car a second time, resulting in Goodman suing and owning Domino's, similar to what he did with Wal-Mart in "The Bet!".
  • From "SuperPowers 2":
    • Cody pranking Junior and Joseph.
    • Junior and his friends deciding to prank Chef Pee Pee by sneaking in the microwave. You can guess how that goes.
    • Junior being able to read minds.
    • The Running Gag where everybody wants to plow Junior so hard.
    • Joseph accidentally setting himself on fire.
    • Cody making clones of himself.
    • Junior's and Cody's laser vision.
    • Cody disguising himself as Banana Cody.
  • From "Shrek's Coma!":
    • Shrek eating 15 layers of cheesecake.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy making beep noises.
    • Rosalina flirting with Shrek in Atso's body.
    • Mario getting Shrek into a second cheesecake coma in order to win Rosalina back.
  • From "Jeffy Has Hiccups!":
  • From "Attack Of The Killer Shrimp!":
    • Woody turning down Mario's request for help in taking down the titular shrimp.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy is pleased to hear that his wife has been killed by the shrimp, though he is sad about the death of his dog.
    • Brooklyn making terrible shrimp puns.
  • From "The Test!":
    • Jackie Chu incorrectly teaching the class about photosynthesis, while describing the flash of a camera acting as sunlight on a plant.
    • Cody tries to tutor Junior and Jeffy for an upcoming test. The attempt fails miserably, especially since Junior and Jeffy both falsely believe that Cody is inquiring about the physical size of numbers when it comes to division, and say that 3 cannot fit into 9.
    • Jeffy trying to count the stars on the American flag.
    • Jeffy scrawling "FUCK THIS TEST" on his test.
    • Jackie Chu's point-of-view.
    • Jeffy and Junior successfully bring Cody's test to their desks and copy his answers. When Cody comes back and has his test graded, it turns out that they also copied his name as well.
  • From "Black Yoshi's Mistake":
  • From "Jeffy's Home Alone!":
    • Jeffy using a voice changer.
    • Mario's grandpa calls him, mistaking the microwave for the TV.
    • Jeffy turns on "Bunny Do" and proceeds to hump a pile of Cheerios, only to fill the bathtub with Cheerios to hump it.
    • Jeffy using the voice changer to order pizza.
      Jeffy: (using the voice changer) Oogh oogh oogh! I am your father!
    • Drawing!Jeffy inexplicably coming to life and foiling the robbers, only to end up kidnapped. Of course, it involves mayonnaise.
    • Mario's Angrish over what happened while he was out.
    • The Loan Dolphin's failed attempt at ransom.
  • From "Bowser Junior's Doll!":
    • Junior throwing water balloons.
    • Charleyyy deciding to become a fish.
    • Chef Pee Pee revels in Junior getting grounded for throwing water balloons.
    • Joseph's assortment of "toys".
    • Junior uses the voodoo doll to get back at Chef Pee Pee.
  • From "Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!":
    • After Jeffy breaks his helmet, Mario asks the audience how many pieces Jeffy broke his helmet into. One fan says, "Boo, this sucks! Where's Mr. Pig?" and tosses a tomato at Mario. Mario then tells him, "He's dead!".
    • Mario gets Jeffy two new hats to use as a substitute for his helmet; one resembling his own hat, and one that says, LOL, SRSLY?. Jeffy is then revealed to be wearing a hat that says, HOES, which Mario won't let him wear.
    • Mario takes Patrick to his house to work out a deal with him for his helmet. After Patrick drinks a Coca-Cola, he gets a sugar rush that causes him to run around the world several times.
    • When Officer Brooklyn T. Guy comes to Mario's house to look for Patrick, Jeffy tells Mario, "He's still not breathing." When Brooklyn becomes suspicious, Mario tells him that Jeffy is talking about his grandfather. When Jeffy sees the picture of Patrick, he refers to him as Mario's grandpa.
    • Patrick getting naked, riding the ceiling fan, and peeing on Brooklyn.
    • To get Patrick's helmet, Mario gives him a Happy Meal, Chips Ahoy cookies, sour candy, a Blue Eyes White Dragon card, an ice cream cone, and a Wal-Mart shopping cartnote .
  • From "Friday the 13th!":
    • The episode of Hey Arnold! that Junior, Joseph, and Cody watch.
    • When Junior, Joseph, and Cody play hide and seek, Joseph and Cody hide under the covers of Junior's bed. However, the two get into an argument, which leads Junior to hear them. He somehow believes they're hiding in the walls, and he breaks the wall with a hammer.
    • After Junior and his friends hear about the news that a killer is out for them, Joseph immediately claims that he's leaving. Junior and Cody even lampshade this.
    • Chef Pee Pee's Irish bean cuisine.
    • Chef Pee Pee mistaking the killer for a trick-or-treater. It doesn't end well for Chef Pee Pee.
    • The Reveal that the killer is really Chef Pee Pee.
  • From "Jeffy's Dog!":
    • Jeffy trying to pull his arm off when Pee Pee Suck 2 goes missing.
    • Upon seeing the Missing Pet poster Mario put up for the hamster, Brooklyn T. Guy gives us this gem:
      Brooklyn T. Guy: Missing Pee Pee Suck, huh? Well, I've been missing a Pee Pee Suck ever since I got married!
    • Jeffy naming the titular dog "Shit Ass", much to Mario's dismay.
    • Rosalina admitting that she paralyzed Shit Ass on purpose.
    • Jeffy then trying to take the paralyzed dog for a walk.
    • Mario also saying that Michael Vick may have gotten rid of Shit Ass.
  • From "Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Special Edition!":
  • From "Jeffy's Bike!":
    • Jeffy's report card. Jeffy got Fs in Math, English, Science, History, Attendance, Behavior, and Listening, and he somehow got a D in Breathing. When Mario finds out that Jeffy got a D, he immediately hails him for not getting all F's.
    • Jeffy wanting to eat Lucky Charms with ketchup.
    • When Mr. Bill hears from Mario and Jeffy that Bully Bill stole Jeffy's bike, he praises him for it. When Bully Bill confesses that he didn't steal Jeffy's bike, Mr. Bill calls him pathetic, grounds him and kicks Mario and Jeffy out.
    • The Reveal that Hansel the Hobo stole Jeffy's bike.
  • From "Jeffy Gets Help!":
    • Jeffy throwing a temper tantrum.
    • When Jeffy takes his medicine in order to calm him down, he has multiple side effects instead, including angry mood swings, depression, and hallucinations.
    • Angry!Jeffy yelling that Brooklyn T. Guy is not a real doctor and that his stethoscope is sewed onto his shirt. When Brooklyn finds out, he admits that Jeffy is right and that he's a fraud and breaks down crying.
    • Depressed!Jeffy spanking his diaper and making his "unh" noises.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy accidentally saying that cunnilingus is one of the side effects of the second medication, admitting that his mind is somewhere else.
    • Jeffy hallucinating that Mario, Rosalina, and Brooklyn as a lion, a camel, and a chicken, respectively. Even better, he thinks they're actually a hippo, a whale, and a penguin.
    • The Reveal that Jeffy's medicine was actually Tic Tacs.
  • From "Bowser Junior Gets Sick!":
    • When Junior tells Dr. Brooklyn T. Guy that he needs medicine, Brooklyn tells him that due to YouTube's advertiser-friendly guidelines, they aren't allowed to show medicine anymore. Junior then asks him if he can give him a flu shot, only for Brooklyn to point out that he can't do flu shots anymore, either, since they have been confirmed not to be family-friendly by manual review. To prove it, an image of "Bowser Junior's Flu Shot!" is shown, confirmed by YouTube not to be suitable for most advertisers.
    • Cody's mom gives Junior a bowl of alphabet soup, spelled out to say "I love you".
    • Cody trying to get himself sick so his mom can get his attention.
  • From "Jeffy Has Kids!"note :
    • The sheer idea of Jeffy getting a box of Cheerios pregnant.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy using a Doc McStuffins stethoscope to listen to the Cheerios box's heartbeat. Also, Jeffy screaming into said stethoscope when Brooklyn asks him to talk into it to see if it works.
      Brooklyn: Alright, now that I'm fucking deaf, let's see what we can hear.
    • Brooklyn eating all the afterbirth that came from the Cheerios box.
    • Jeffy naming his three children "Puss Hole", "Puss Hole 2", and "Jeffy Jr.".
    • After Jeffy Jr. dirties his diaper, Jeffy says, "Uh-oh, Daddy! Looks like someone took a big shit in their diaper! And so did Jeffy Jr.!".
    • Jeffy making lunch for his children, consisting of a pyramid of assorted junk foods covered in syrup.
    • Junior wants a bowl of cereal, but Chef Pee Pee is nowhere to be found. He then finds Puss Hole and Puss Hole 2, not knowing they're Jeffy's children. When Jeffy finds out, he calls the cops on Junior.
    • Jeffy reading Jeffy Jr. the story of Goldifuck.
    • After Jeffy Jr. dirties his diaper a second time, Jeffy decides to potty-train him by making him sit in the toilet. Jeffy Jr. gets flushed down it.
    • Jeffy trying to explain sex to Mario and Rosalina.
      Jeffy: *holding a donut* This is a stinkhole.
      Mario: A- a stinkhole...
      Jeffy: *holding a banana* And this... ...this is hippodick! *slams banana into donut hole, with the end screen appearing half way* UHH!
    • Jeffy's Kids "Family Friendly" is an edited version of the original video where every single bad word is replaced with squeaky noises and most Squicky or inappropriate scenes are replaced with footage of cute cats, ducks and dogs; not to mention the SML Question now says "Which teletubbie is your favorite?" and the little blurb at the bottom of the screen now says "Family friendliest comment wins a free ice cream cone!" instead of "Funniest comment wins a free video game!". Needless to say, it got age-restricted by YouTube not long after it was uploaded.
  • From "The Diamond!":
    • Jeffy asks Mario to pick a card. When he does, Jeffy throws his pile of cards at Mario.
    • Jeffy pulling a quarter from behind Mario's ear.
    • Goodman referring to his $200,000,000 diamond as a "kidney stone".
    • Also, Goodman saying that his dick "looks like an exploded hot dog".
    • When Jeffy asks Mario if he can show him another magic trick, Mario agrees, and Jeffy then gets a saw and says that he's going to saw him in half.
    • Mario freaking out when he sees that Jeffy's dog ate Goodman's diamond.
    • Mario tries to get Brooklyn T. Guy to get the diamond out from Jeffy's dog. When Brooklyn finds out that there's a $200,000,000 diamond inside the dog, he immediately gets all cashed up.
    • Mario and Jeffy's encounter with a robber.
      Mario: Jeffy, who's behind me?
      Jeffy: Batman. With a gun.
    • Jeffy and Mario throwing Wall•E down towards the robber.
    • Brooklyn T. Guy shooting the robber.
    • The Reveal that Jeffy's dog didn't eat the diamond, and that Jeffy made it disappear in the first place.
  • From "The Remote!":
    • The episode of Rugrats that Junior, Joseph, and Cody watch.
    • Joseph and Cody making fun of Junior after he finds the titular remote in his Happy Meal.
    • After Junior tries pressing the pause button on his remote, he is unaware that he had just paused time and thinks that Joseph and Cody are ignoring him. He orders them to get out, but they still won't move. Junior then goes to tell Chef Pee Pee, only to believe that he's also ignoring him.
    • When Cody hits the pause button on the remote, he immediately gets turned on. It goes on like this for five years before he eventually unpauses time. And when he does, Junior and Joseph complain that their butts hurt.
    • Junior punches Chef Pee Pee in the face — but not before pausing him.
    • Junior making Cody speak Spanish.
    • Junior fast-forwarding Chef Pee Pee cleaning up Chompy's mess.
    • This conservation between Junior and Joseph.
      Junior: I get to fast-forward through anything I don't want to sit through! Like,!!
      Joseph: Oh, dude! What about school?
      Junior: Yeah, school! I hate school!
      Joseph: Me too!
      Cody: I-I actually kind of like school.
      Junior: Because you're a nerd, Cody! Big nerd!
    • Junior asks Cody to give him a long, detailed, scientific explanation on why he should get rid of the remote. When Cody does so, Junior immediately fast-forwards his speech, much to Cody's anger.
      • The explanation has been slowed down, revealing everything that Cody had said:
        Cody: Well, Junior, I think you should get rid of this remote because you're an idiot and there's no way you're gonna use it responsibly and you're just gonna abuse it, not like me, who did all that hunky shit for five years. I mean, and when I say hunky shit, I mean just the gayest shit I could possibly have done. I mean, I- You see this thing right here? That's not a wand. It's a butt plug. It went in your ass, and it went in your ass, and it went in Ken's ass somehow; I even put it in my ass. I just went nuts. Any ass I thought, it went in. And you- you wanna know why Ken looks like that over there? Because — and that, Junior, is why you should not have that remote.
    • Junior then tells Cody to give him the speech again. This time, he mutes Cody.
    • Junior gets the idea of using the rewind feature on his remote by daring Bowser to think of a number between one and ten; if Junior guesses it right, he has to be given $100, but if he guesses it wrong, he has to give Bowser $200. You can guess how that goes.
    • At the end of the episode, Junior presses the Parental Control button, which automatically age-restricts the video.
  • From "Jeffy’s Bad Christmas!":
    • Jeffy mistaking coal for elephant poop.
    • When Mario tells Jeffy that he has been a bad boy for getting their videos age-restricted, Jeffy tosses the Christmas tree out the window.
    • Black Yoshi steals a present from YouTube to give to Mario. When Mario opens it, he finds out it is a picture that says, "This present has been age-restricted.".
    • Brooklyn T. Guy posing as Santa Claus, and Jerry posing as Rudolph.
    • Every time Santa Claus attempts to escape only to get knocked out by Jeffy. The third time, he tries escaping inside his bag, and runs downstairs until he hits a door and gets knocked out again.
    • When Jeffy gets angry at Junior for getting presents, he tells Santa Claus, "Hey, Santa Claus! F U… N! That spells Fun, and I’m not having any fun right now, cause’ you didn't give me any new toys to play with!"
    • Cody’s present to Junior, which gets the video age-restricted.
    • Jeffy playing "Jingle Bells" on his cat piano in The Stinger.
  • From "Cody's Report Card!", the final SML video of 2017:
    • Cody saying that when he spells a word with all five A's on his report card, he gets "AAAAA".
    • Jeffy gets a report card with all Fs on it, so as retribution, he tosses his desk at Jackie Chu.
    • Cody breaking down when he believes that he got a B+ in Spelling.
    • When Junior tries to go over spelling with Cody, he uses words that can be spelled in different ways, such as "Bye" and "Buy", "Red" and "Read". Cody absolutely loses it when Junior uses a sentence that uses both "Meet" and "Meat".
      • Cody choking Junior after going into an argument over which word Junior is trying to make Cody spell. Cody spells "Wood" halfway after Junior tries to get him to do so, only to find out that Junior wasn't talking about that word. Cody continues choking him.
    • In a subtle Take That! to YouTube's advertiser-friendly guidelines, Bowser becomes angry when Junior shows him his report card, but he can't hit Junior with his belt, so he starts hitting his pillow with his belt instead. He then tells Junior that it doesn't feel right, so he has Junior scream while he does it.
    • Chef Pee Pee making a soup so strange, even he doesn't know what he's cooking.
      • Junior trying to put another egg in Chef Pee Pee's soup, only for him to drop the egg right on Cody's report card after he finds out the egg is broken. Cody breaks down crying after he realizes Junior ruined his report card.
    • Junior spelling "attendance" wrong.
    • Cody reveals to Junior that he has a medical condition, wherein he farts every time he lies.
      • Junior asking Cody if he is straight. Cody says yes, only to cut the cheese immediately afterwards.
  • Black Yoshi's Kool-Aid Problem!
    • When Kool-Aid becomes illegal due to Dr. Finkleshitz saying that it has become more addictive than crack, Black Yoshi goes to the Loan Dolphin to buy some. Not wanting the cops to find out, the Loan Dolphin tells Black Yoshi not to call Kool-Aid by its name. At first, Black Yoshi calls it "Grilled Cheese", but the Loan Dolphin tells him that new name makes no sense since Kool-Aid doesn't even look like grilled cheese. Black Yoshi then calls Kool-Aid "Cremated Barney" and "Barney Dust".
    • The Kool-Aid Man tries to crash through a fence, only to slam hard on it and fall.
  • From "Jeffy's Teddy Bear!"
    • Mario's pencil girlfriend.
    • When Bully Bill teases Jeffy for bringing Beary to school, Cody joins in, saying, "Who brings a toy to school, you loser?". He says this as he is standing next to his Ken doll.
    • When Beary comes to life, he and Jeffy go to the park together. At one point, when Jeffy goes down the slide, Beary gets stuck in it.
    • When Officer Brooklyn T. Guy confronts Beary at the park, he shoots him with a Nerf gun, completely denying that it's just a Nerf gun.
  • Mr. Goodman's Son
  • From "Black Yoshi's House Arrest!":
    • Mario paying Black Yoshi to buy him a Pepsi from the gas station, just because he doesn't feel like buying it himself.
    • Black Yoshi giving Mario a glass of water and trying to pass it off as a Pepsi. Mario is not fooled.
    • At first, Black Yoshi is fine with being put under house arrest, as he doesn't have any reason to leave Mario's house, but then he finds out that KFC is giving away free buckets of fried chicken for that day only.
    • When Black Yoshi tricks Jeffy into wearing his Apple Watch, Brooklyn gets alerted while he is brushing his teeth (or lack thereof) in the bathroom. Brooklyn makes the mistake of not putting on his police uniform before he leaves his house, and as a result, Jackie Chu and his students mistake him for a serial killer and beat him up. Hell, the poor guy even gets a whole desk tossed at him, Cody, and Junior while they were beating him senseless, courtesy of Jeffy.
    • Jeffy noticing he's on the case for Brooklyn's iPhone, which leads to Brooklyn advertising
    • Black Yoshi's disguise, consisting of a blonde wig and a false mustache.
    • Black Yoshi pulling out an action figure of himself from his bag of tricks which is literally marked as such. Brooklyn mistakes the action figure for the real Black Yoshi and arrests it.
  • From "Jeffy's Nanny!":
    • When Mario serves Jeffy a green bean pizza for his dinner, Jeffy decides to have a 2-liter bottle of Coca-cola to drink. Mario does not want Jeffy to drink a whole 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola, and brings Jeffy a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke to have instead.
    • After Jeffy finally manages to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, he covers the kitchen with slices of bread that he spread peanut butter and/or jelly on.
    • Mrs. Nesbitt disciplining Chef Pee Pee for using inappropriate language.
    • Chef Pee Pee making a casserole out of Pop-Tarts, Chips Ahoy! cookies and Great Value Nickelodeon Green Slime Ketchup. When Mrs. Nesbitt complains about how unhealthy it is, Chef Pee Pee tells her that he also added a litle bit of macaroni in it.
    • Jeffy fighting Mrs. Nesbitt
    • When Jeffy refuses to eat the healthy dinner that Mrs. Nesbitt prepared for him, she punishes him by making him go to school and write "I will be a good boy" on the chalkboard 10,000 times. When Mario begins to doubt if this punishment will work, Jeffy writes "Lick my butthole" on the board.
    • One last punishment Mrs. Nesbitt tries on Jeffy is a baseball-pitching machine aimed at his face, set to go off when he refuses to apologize. At one point, Jeffy uses his ear of corn as a baseball bat, and at the end of the episode, Jeffy asks Mario to turn it back on so it can "take his picture" again.
    • After Mrs. Nesbitt gets hit by a piece of bread with Peanut Butter (which she is allergic to) on it that Jeffy throws at her, she is revealed to be a disguised Craig the Devil. Craig then reveals that he took up a job as a nanny because he found life in Hell boring, and he wanted to do evil things to Mario and Jeffy.
  • From "Black Yoshi's Birthday!":
    • The cake that Junior and Cody get Chef Pee Pee for his birthday. It's shaped like a cheeseburger and has a number 69 in candles, due to Cody choosing the age. Chef Pee Pee is not amused, but Junior wishes the cake tasted like a real cheeseburger.
    • Chef Pee Pee's birthday wish is for him to die. This plan fails because Cody points out that if you tell your wish, it'll never come true. Upon hearing this, Chef Pee Pee asks Cody to re-light the candles so he can die.
    • Junior gets Chef Pee Pee a spatula for his present, which of course, he dislikes. This also upsets Cody, since Junior didn't tell him that, and his present is also a spatula. Bowser then gives Chef Pee Pee his present, which is yet another spatula, much to Chef Pee Pee's ire.
    • Junior's other present to Chef Pee Pee is a video from Snoop Dogg, who wishes him a happy birthday, then tell him his cooking sucks and to buy his cookbook.
    • The return of Screwball the Clown.
    • Black Yoshi's "Birf Sertifisis".
    Name: Black Yoshi
    Date of Birf: Todayz
    Sociel Security Numba: 123
    • When Mario finds out from Officer Brooklyn T. Guy that Black Yoshi's driver's license says that his birthday is on October 23rd, Black Yoshi says that the driver's license belongs to his twin cousin, Rufus. Rufus (who is also a Black Yoshi plush) then comes in, and Brooklyn points out the flaw in Black Yoshi's lie; Black Yoshi's name is still on the license.
    • After Mario tells Black Yoshi that he's never going to throw him another birthday party again because he lied to him and scammed him out of $20.00, he hopes that Black Yoshi learned his lesson. Black Yoshi then tells Mario that today is his Bar Mitzvah.
  • From "Black Yoshi's Kids!"
    • When Mario finds Black Yoshi's son on the doorstep, there's a note that says, "I cantz takez carez ofz him no mo. - Bookeykey".
    • Black Yoshi trying to get rid of his son by tossing him out the window and putting him in the trash can.
    • When Mario gives Black Yoshi his welfare check, Black Yoshi sings to the tune of "We Just Got a Letter" (and his son dances along).
    We just got some welfare,
    We just got some welfare,
    We just got some welfare,
    How much is this check?
    • Mario's reaction to finding 24 babies on his couch, due to Black Yoshi "adopting" them in the hopes of getting more money from his welfare check.
    • Black Yoshi's names for his kids; "Big Boi", "Kweka", "King Kong Kesha", "Fried Chickenisha", "Koolandrea", "Salt", "Pepper", "Stone Cold Steve Ashley", "Pamanjeneka", "Salad Dressin' Tongdra", "Crutondra", "Shatanananananananananana Batman", "Moof", "Skaggs", "Burger Kingua", and "Rock Paper Scissina".
    • Black Yoshi trying to feed his kids fried chicken in a bottle.
    • To get Officer Brooklyn T. Guy's mind off the missing children, Mario tries to make him a microwavable Mac & Cheese cup. Unfortunately, when Mario opens the microwave, he finds that Black Yoshi hid some of the missing children in it.
    • When Officer Brooklyn finds the missing children and confiscates the stolen money, he decides against arresting Black Yoshi when he finds out that he still has one son that legally belongs to him. Black Yoshi asks Brooklyn if he can be arrested instead.
  • From "Black Yoshi's Chicken Sandwich!":
    • After hearing the news report about Popeye's selling out of chicken sandwiches, Black Yoshi goes on the news itself to beg Mario to buy him a chicken sandwich.
    • Jeffy, dressed in a scuba mask, asks Mario if he can swim in the toilet. Mario tells him that he can't until after he's finished all his chores.
    • Jeffy tossing the vacuum cleaner over the balcony, where it lands on Black Yoshi after he returns from Popeye's after finding out they're sold out of chicken sandwiches.
    • When Black Yoshi is in a coma, Dr. Brooklyn T. Guy gives him a chicken IV drip. Brooklyn points out that it doesn't seem to be doing anything, but it's what Black Yoshi would have wanted.
    • Black Yoshi's heart rate going up when he hears Mario and Dr. Brooklyn T. Guy talking about Popeye's chicken sandwiches, and flatlining when Mario brings him a KFC chicken sandwich.
    • Mario checks eBay for a Popeye's chicken sandwich. Surprisingly, he finds one, but it's $5,000.99.
    • Chester Chicken.
  • From "Jeffy Goes to the Arcade!":
    • Jeffy is actually excited about going to school tomorrow, because it will be "Bring Your Favorite Toy to School Day". When he tells Mario, Mario accuses him of making it up.
    • When Mario takes Jeffy to the claw machine, Jeffy wants to get a colored ball from it. Mario tells him to "go in there and win", and Jeffy actually goes inside the claw machine. When Mario finds out, Jeffy tells him to win him. Mario refuses, and tells Jeffy he's not worth his money.
    • Mario tells Brooklyn T. Guy to get Jeffy out of the claw machine by opening it with his key. Brooklyn tells him he can't, because he swallowed the key after taking a dare from Bob. Mario then tries to get Brooklyn to win Jeffy, but Brooklyn aims for a stuffed monkey (which Jeffy takes away).
    • In Brooklyn's second attempt to get a stuffed monkey he wants, Jeffy adds another stuffed monkey that Brooklyn doesn't want. When Brooklyn gets excited about still winning the first stuffed Monkey, Jeffy takes it away again.
    • When Jeffy plays a "Test Your Strength" Game, in his first attempt, he only gets to the blue zone. Mario then tells Jeffy to pretend the machine is bullying him, which causes Jeffy to hit the machine harder and reach the top.
    • Jeffy wins 200 tickets, but the stuffed giraffe he wants is 1,125 tickets. Mario works out a deal with Brooklyn to sigh up for the Boofy Rewards Membership. Brooklyn refuses at first, as Boofy Season is only in summer, but he eventually agrees, and has Mario and Jeffy say the Boofy pledge. Brooklyn then laughs hysterically as he confesses to them that there's no such thing as the Boofy Rewards Membership, and gives them the giraffe, which he admits was only a dollar.
    • On "Bring Your Favorite Toy To School Day", Junior gets Chef Pee Pee to be his favorite toy by tricking him into thinking it's Career Day and that Junior is inspired by him. When Chef Pee Pee finds out, he is not happy about it, but Jackie Chu gives him an A+.
    • Joseph bringing an onion to school, which he says makes him cry, which he'd do anyway, since his life is so sad. Jackie Chu gives him a C for "crying".
    • When Jeffy shows off his stuffed giraffe, he carries it in his diaper like a kangaroo does in its pouch. Jackie Chu gives Jeffy a D-, which Jeffy is fine with. When Mario finds out, he admits that he's still proud of Jeffy because a D- is the highest grade he's got all year, and takes him out for pizza.
    SML Series 
  • From the Shrimpo Hunter series:
    • Mario telling Woody that nobody would watch his show.
    • Woody's shrimpo call.
    • Woody using the string from his back to hang from a tree while he tries to catch a shrimpo. Of course, his string is not long enough, and it gets thrown away once the tree goes back to its original position.
    • Woody running over a shrimpo while texting and driving, and his attempts to bring it back to life.
    • Mufasa. 'Nuff said.
    • Woody jumping out of his car while trying to catch a shrimpo, with Chef Pee Pee still inside the car. One can guess how things ended up for Pee Pee.
  • From the Luigi's Mansion series.
    • Luigi finds the soulless bodies of Mario, Bowser, Junior, Peach, and other SML characters locked up in a washing machine, including Chef Pee Pee, of whom Luigi calls "some weird chef guy".
      • Luigi begging the washing machine not to kill him.
    • Toad stealing Luigi's key, after Luigi refuses his help, only to hit a wall.
    • When Toad activates Luigi's vacuum, he ends up catching his own soul instead. Three times.
    • Black Yoshi punching Luigi in the face after being restored back to normal.
    • Black Yoshi tells Luigi and Toad that he's not afraid of ghosts, only to be scared to death by Mama Luigi's soul. He quickly leaves the mansion out of fear and shock.
    • Shrek's soul getting mad at Toad for peeing on him, which results in Shrek forcing Toad to eat his crap.
    • Charleyyy getting run over.
    • Toad and Luigi arguing on who should sacrifice their life after the ghost of a shrimpo attacks them.
    • Craig's Hall of Fame, which includes many evil people, including fictional ones such as Swiper the Fox, Mojo Dojo, Plankton, Slenderman, Darth Maul, The Grumpy Cat and so on, along some unusual choices such as Freddie Benson, Logan's former enemies and Clifford the Big Red Dog.
    • There's a fire escape in hell, which even Craig admits doesn't make any sense to have, for other reasons however.
    • Luigi sucking out Charleyyy. Needless to say, Bowser doesn't take it so well.
      • Later, after Luigi catches Bowser's soul, he then connects his vacuum to the washing machine in order to restore Bowser, only for Charleyyy to emerge out of the washing machine first.
    • Bowser trying to beat up Chef Pee Pee's soul.
  • From the Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures series:
    • Bowser has tons of moments.
      • Bowser interrogating the Koopa Troopa and Goomba. As in beating them up to death while demanding clues on Peach's location.
      • Bowser destroying his phone when Peach's kidnapper takes too long to give him clues.
      • Bowser's Heroic BSoD when Chef Pee Pee gives him the banana, due to his fear of bananas. Also before that, the scene where Bowser wonders if to take the banana or not.
      • Bowser trying to feed the blue Yoshi egg with other items which it doesn't accept, resulting in Bowser throwing the egg away, breaking it.
      • Bowser trying to rip off Chef Pee Pee's mustache thinking that the green Yoshi only accepted Mario for his mustache.
      • Bowser using Chef Pee Pee as his steed, which results in Chef Pee Pee's bones getting broken before he goes into a coma.
      • Bowser recording Sonic beating up Mario.
      • Bowser drowning Toad in the sink.
    • Mario and Bowser beating up Sonic the Hedgehog unconscious after they capture him.
    • The entire sequence where Mario and Bowser torture Sonic while demanding for clues on Peach's location, which consists of Bowser pouring tea down the drain and Mario destroying a picture of the Queen of England, both which result in Sonic suffering a Heroic BSoD, followed by Mario and Bowser threatening to brush his teeth and finally trying to drown him with water from the sink.
    • Mario and Bowser trying to wake up Chef Pee Pee using the sink torture they used on Sonic.
    • Sonic getting locked inside the trunk of Mario's car so that he doesn't escape in case they need him for questioning.
    • Bowser puts on a dress and tries to put on some lipstick before kissing Chef Pee Pee, because this is his first kiss.
      • Chef Pee Pee's Heroic BSoD after he wakes up and sees Bowser kissing him in the lips.
    • Junior watching over an injured Chef Pee Pee.
      • Chef Pee Pee being forced to play tea with Junior.
    • Charleyyy's reaction to his dyed hair.
    • Mario tricking Black Yoshi into thinking that Goodman is going to arrest him, which results in Black Yoshi shooting him, complete with a caption where Logan admits he's too lazy to edit in gunshot wounds.
    • Mario accidentally dropping Peach's baby.
    • Mario's Imagine Spot where he suffers a Heroic BSoD when Peach tells him that she loves a brother, which results in him shooting her to death.
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School has many great moments.
    • Principal Steinbeck beating up Toad after being hit by a paper ball.
    • Officer Goodman talking to the class about drugs, as well as telling the kids about how to refer to your... areas in school. It arguably makes things worse.
      Toad: Oooh, I get it... I like your face, Cecilia!
    • A Charleyyy and Friends episode being revealed to take place at the same school that Bowser Junior attends.
    • Toad's rap about girls' butts, which he claims is educational. It really isn't.
    • Bowser giving Junior a beating after seeing him play Minecraft.
    • Junior attempting to bring a butcher knife to school so he can get revenge on Principal Steinbeck, and not seeing anything wrong with it.
    • The whole Fire Safety presentation.
    • In the final episode, Chef Pee Pee helping Junior cheat on his test by waiting in a cubicle in the boys' room, and once Junior goes in with his test sheet, he proceeds to drop it into the toilet after they hear Principal Steinbeck, who walks in and opens the door on them:
      Junior: He touched me!
  • From Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation:
    • The Charleyyy and Friends episode Bowser is watching where Charleyyy reveals he likes pot, only for him to show that he meant the kind of pot you cook in.
    • The scene in the Thomas the Tank Engine aisle at Toys R Us, especially the way Junior tries to get Chef Pee Pee to buy him two trains.
  • From the Chef Pee Pee Quits! series.
  • Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!, like Bowser Junior's Summer School, stands out with funny moments.
    • Bowser scaring his son awake while he's sleeping.
    • Bowser Junior's blue PlayDoh pizza, which Chef Pee Pee took a bite out of.
    • Mr. Wilfred farting in the classroom. The students' reaction is to stare in shock and awe. While Wilfred says he "pooped."
    • Joseph's cellphone ringing, which causes Mr. Wilfred to break his hip.
    • Junior's essay about Dr. Seuss.
    • Some highlights from the alphabet Mr. Winkle teaches the class:
      "A is for A lamb."
      "E is for Chicken."
      (over a picture of a gopher eating grass and grapes) "G is for... G-Goddamn, what is that?"
      "H is for Dog."
      "I is for Pig."
      "K is for... it's for Camera again!"
      "O is for... O-Operation, I guess."
      "Q is for Quack, or Quail, or Duck."
      "U is for Boat."
      "X is for my Ex, who left me."
      (over a picture of a zipper) "Z is what I did in the bathroom during lunch."
    • Junior bringing his dinosaur crayon to the art classroom, only to get jealous of Cody's 64 color crayons.
    • Junior and Joseph setting their "Mega Sun 2" paper on fire, which results in the school being burnt down and Mr. Steinbeck paying Bowser a visit.
    • Samantha saying that she wants to be Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • From the "Bowser Junior's Playtime" series:
    • The "Pass the Ketchup" scene in "Bowser Junior's Playtime 3".
    • Cody giving birth to a baby girl, immediately after embracing Ken.
    • Joseph offering Jeffy some green beans, which triggers Jeffy's Berserk Button.
  • Almost every time Mama Luigi is on screen.
  • Three words: Charleyyy and Friends.
  • Whenever Mario gives Toad a spanking.
  • From Bowser Junior's Summer School:
    • Toad's sister from Brooklyn, named Paulina. She has a very thick masculine Brooklyn accent.
    • Cecilia, a Mexican exchange student. She doesn't understand English very well and almost always speaks in Spanish.
  • From Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!:
    • Emily Coleman, Patrick's sister, being one of the Only Sane Classmates alongside Cody.
    • Samantha, who hates her own life and repeatedly bangs her head on her table.
    • Mr. Winkle the pedophile.
  • JEFFY. 'Nuff said.
  • The entirety of "Tate High School Show Your Ride".
  • In "Camaro Runs Over Camera HD", Logan runs over a camera with his Camaro.
    Lovell: Hope that he doesn't hit this camera but if he does, can't say that I didn't warn him.
    The camera survives.
  • "The Funniest Joke Ever", consisting of a Joke Time with Jiggly Jello segment that was later used in "Bowser Junior's Sickness".
  • From "SML Movie: Mario The Babysitter "BLOOPERS"":
    • Jeffy saying "I don't like gummies".
    • Jeffy's pencil falling off his nose. It doesn't help that it is a half of a pencil.
      • After Lance puts the pencil back in Jeffy's nose:
        Jeffy: I found it, but my brain ate the other half. (Beat) It got hungry after a while.
    • Jeffy asking "Are you still recording?"
  • From (meant to be educational) "Schizophrenia Case Study":
    • Maria Gonzales has her moments, all rife with Black Comedy:
      • Maria is cutting Twinkies with a knife, when she hallucinates Craig the Devil tasking her to cut herself and put her child in the microwave. Following this, she forces Felipe into the microwave, but not before Felipe calls 911 and tells them about the situation.
      • Maria's hallucination of Screwball appearing beside Officer Goodman. She tries to warn Goodman, but he finds nothing next to him.
      • Maria hallucinating unicorns.
      • Maria cringing and screaming.
      • Maria hallucinates a lion standing next to her, and attempting to bite Brooklyn T. Guy.
      • Maria hallucinating an alligator named George, who tries to sell her a watch for a thousand dollars.
      • Maria hallucinating Brooklyn T. Guy as a chicken, then a dolphin, and finally a camel.
    • The "What's Up, Doc?" Running Gag.
    • Brooklyn calling Felipe a "hot pocket".
    • The ending, which throws a Shout-Out to Looney Tunes. Guess what it is.


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