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Tear Jerker / SuperMarioLogan

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"Bye, mommy."

Who knew that a webshow with plushies could be so sad?

  • Shrek saying goodbye to his cloned son as he leaves for college at the end of "Baby Shrek".
    Junior: I love you, Dad.
    Shrek: I love you too, son.
  • Mama Luigi's death in the Season 2 debut of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.
  • Mario breaking down crying after he fails to win back Peach in "Mario's Wig".
    Mario: (to Chef Pee Pee; sobbing) I am just gonna go and cry! (leaves Bowser's house crying)
    • Basically, any time Mario breaks down crying because he's lonely in the pre-Rosalina episodes.
  • When you think about it, a lot of the characters are the way they are because they have very screwed up lives.
    • Junior doesn't know his mom, he barely has any friends (with the ones he does have being just as troubled as he is), his dad cares about a TV show more than him, and when he tries gets to get some attention from him, Bowser usually beats him up. He has even been traumatized and broken after being sent to military school.
    • Joesph was living in poverty with his mother until one Halloween when she faked her death after winning 10 million dollars, leaving him alone in their rotting trailer while believing he killed her. When she came back after the police investigated her disappearance, she outright stated to Joseph that she wasn't his mother any more. And that not including the fact that he's gone insane from the isolation.
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    • Cody is more well-adjusted that the previous two but he has his problems; his parents, while well meaning, aren't that good at being parents and the only thing's he's ever loved is a Ken doll which can't be healthy all things considered.
    • Jeffy, while a complete asshole, has the worst out of all of them; He was born out of wedlock to a abusive prostitute mother, his sister was run over by a car in front of him, his mother later abandoned him at the apartments but not before she admitted to hating him right to his face, and while Mario and Rosalina are (somewhat) better parents, they let Jeffy walk all over them, causing him to be a delinquent.
    • Richard may be a spoiled rich jerk, but he grew up in a toxic, loveless environment with a dad who is greed incarnate, his mom was likely divorced by said dad, and the duo barely tolerate each other at the best of times. And when he says that money can't bring happiness, only for Goodman to smack the Airpods out of him (albeit very pathetically).
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  • The "Draw my Life" video. Mainly, how Logan was ill quite a lot when he was younger (nearly dying on a few occasions), how he ended up losing both his girlfriend and Lovell (the latter of whom voices a few characters in the show, like Bowser, Chef Pee Pee and Toad) because of how he acted, and finally, Jamarcus's death, which finally got him to get his life back on track and make amends with the people he'd fallen out with.
  • Bowser Junior's Jerkass Woobie side in "Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!", and his speech how he talks of Thomas as a life-long friend that died.
    "Life is just a big train, you get to go forward or backward, but in the end, you have to go forward..."
  • Rosalina crying due to being separated from Luma in "Mario's New Girlfriend!", while being funny at the same time, can be touching a little bit.
  • Mario finding Shrek in a coma in "Shrek's Diet!", due to the tragic aspect of losing a close friend from a diabetic coma is truly heartbreaking.
  • The fact that Jeffy was just LEFT on Mario's doorstep. Even though he may be a blithering jackass, nobody deserves that.
    • Especially once you see the flashback about the day he was abandoned in "Jeffy's Parents!".
  • In "Bowser Junior Goes to Military School!", the way Junior acts when he comes back from military school is very much like a Vietnam War veteran and will make your tears run down your face.
  • Junior's breakdown in "Cody the Magician!", after it appears that Cody killed Joseph, and Junior begging him to bring him back to life.
  • It's not hard to feel sorry for Chef Pee Pee when he begins crying after his birthday gets ruined in "Chef Pee Pee's Birthday" and "Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise!".
  • The death of Junior's imaginary friend Gumbo.
  • Junior's breakdown after he accidentally killed Chef Pee Pee in "Evil Chef Pee Pee!".
  • Chef Pee Pee's complete MELTDOWN when Junior tells him his mother died in "April Fools!". It was just an April Fools' joke, but still.
  • Rosalina on the verge of tears after she finds out Mario killed her pet turtle, Pee-wee in "Mario's Turtle Problem!".
  • Bowser going into depression after Charleyyy and Friends got cancelled.
  • From "Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!":
  • The retrospective segment at the end of "The Koopalings! Part 2".
  • Mario losing the ring he was going to use to propose to Rosalina in "The Ring".
  • Junior and Cody saying goodbye to their "children", Junior Jr. and Chas in "Chef Pee Pee's Kids!". Their subsequent depression doesn't last for long, but still...
  • While also being funny at the same time, Rosalina breaking down into tears when she assumes Jeffy had died in "Smart Jeffy".
  • Due to his mother's death, Joseph has no one to spend Christmas with in "Happy Merry Christmas!". Junior at first refuses to let him enter his house, before he realizes that he's being rude, and decides to invite Joseph in his house and cheer him up, while having Atso disguised as Santa.
  • "Jeffy's Parents!". Good God, this episode will beat the shit out of your emotions.
    • Rosalina and Jeffy's reaction when they find out Jeffy's real mom is going to pick him up. Especially when you see Rosalina starting to tear up.
    Jeffy: No more mommy and daddy?....Oh not again.....
    • Jeffy's mother, Nancy, beating Jeffy up. And Jeffy begging Mario to not let his real mom to take him away.
      • The flashback sequence from the day Jeffy was abandoned by his mother and dropped off at Mario's house.
    Jeffy: Bye, mommy.
    • Jeffy begging Mario to let him back inside the house, after Mario locks him outside. That bears repeating. Jeffy is begging Mario for help. Eventually, Mario unlocks the door and lets Jeffy in for a few minutes.
    • Mario heartlessly letting Jeffy go with Nancy, and showing absolutely no concern. This shows how much Jeffy has pushed and shoved Mario and how much he wants Jeffy gone. It gets to the point that Rosalina outright dumps him. They're somehow back together by the end, though.
    • Mario deciding to adopt Jeffy. Doubles as Heartwarming.
    Mario: No! In fact, I don't know why I didn't do this the day you showed up! I let you into my house, I fed you, gave you presents, gave you a bed, and gave you a phone! And how did you repay me?! You made messes, threw and broke my stuff, threw tantrums, refused to listen to me, got me in trouble with the police, my girlfriend, and media, locked me out of the house, sweared and cussed at me, and you never fucking APOLOGIZED! And you expected me to just forgive you?! That's not gonna cut it, Jeffy! You. Are. Going. To. Foster care! IS THAT CLEAR?!
  • "Joseph Moves In!" reveals that Joseph is so lonely that he actually wants to commit suicide and his house burning down left him emotionally scarred for life.
  • Mario kicking Shrek out in "The Couch!", and Shrek crying around the end of the video.
  • It's not hard to feel sorry for Goodman after he loses all of his money and all of his jobs in the "The Bet!".
  • In "The Magical Button!", Junior discovers that pressing the button grants a wish, but also kills a random person. As a result, his friends and family die in the process. He then kills himself to reverse the murders. However, Joseph and Cody press the button to get him back, killing Logan himself in the process. It's all heartwrenching when you think about it.
    • In addition, The Reveal that the skeleton that Junior and his friends find in the attic belongs to a person that killed themself, after they killed their friends and family and committed suicide to bring them back to life.
  • Where to even begin with "Joseph's Mom!"?
    • It begins as a goofy Halloween episode, and then Joseph shows up. He poses as the person who killed his mom, reflecting on how she died on the night of Halloween and how it happened: he theorizes that he murdered her in his sleep with a hammer after being grounded. Already it's a punch to the emotions, but then an investigation by Officer Brooklyn T. Guy reveals that Joseph's mom never really died. She shows up at the house, having faked her death with a plastic skeleton after winning the lottery. She disowns her son and leaves.
    • Joseph, in absolute denial, goes home — while Junior can only watch in pity — and sits alone in the dark, waiting for his mom to come back and give him a hug as the episode draws to a close. She's not coming back, Joseph. She's never coming back...
    • What's even more sad is that Joseph's mom is just as bad as Nancy, if not worse, because Joseph's mom is a realistic take on an abusive parent, while Nancy was grossly-exaggerated both for laughs and drama.
  • Seems as though Joseph had been waiting for a few weeks for his mother to come home as of "Cody's Amiibo!". And much like with "Joseph's Mom!", Joseph is still in denial that his mother will never return.
  • In "Black Yoshi's Black Friday!", Goodman tells Mario he's never had a normal Thanksgiving. In fact, every Thanksgiving all he does is go to his office and look over his bank accounts because his family only wants him for his money. God, no wonder why Goodman's so bitter.
  • Junior finding out that Toys R Us is closed forever in "Bowser Junior's Bad News!", and the ensuing depression afterwards.
  • In "Jeffy's Sister Returns!", it turns out that Feebee really was Jeffy's sister after all, and, after being told by Dr. Brooklyn T. Guy, Jeffy tells explains her backstory: Three years before the events of the video, Nancy had forced Feebee to give her her helmet to use as an ashtray. Later, when Feebee rode her bicycle, she rode it into the road and got hit by a truck. As a result of not having her helmet to protect her head, she died.
    • This also explains why Jeffy always wears a helmet. Perhaps he keeps it on in fear that if he takes it off, something horrible might happen to him like what happens to his sister. In fact, during the dream sequence, Jeffy attacks Mario for trying to take off Feebee’s helmet.
    • The below exchange.
      Jeffy (sadly): So yeah, Daddy, she's still sleepin' and I make sure to always wear my helmet.
      Mario: So where's your sister sleeping at now?
      Jeffy: I think she wants to be a tree.
      Mario: A tree? What're you talking about?
      Jeffy: 'Cause she's sleeping in the ground.
    • The whole flashback sequence where Jeffy tries to wake Feebee up.
      Jeffy: Feebee, are you okay? Feebee?! Oh my god, Feebee, talk to me! Mommy!!
  • The ending of "Jeffy's Birthday Surprise!" ends on a sour note even by the series' usual standards, with Brooklyn T. Guy blowing out Jeffy's candle, wishing that Jeffy never had a birthday, and trashing Jeffy's party goods.
  • While most of "Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday!" is pretty depressing given it's a parody of It's A Wonderful Life, it's the possibilities that make it sadder:
    • Given Brooklyn Guy is shown to be homeless and Mario also often needs his help, it is possible Mario never met Rosalina and died from depression due to Peach's break-up in the alternate timeline where Junior never existed.
    • If Rosalina never met Mario, she probably never got over the loss of her stars.
    • It is possible that Goodman could still be a good person and a Cop in the timeline where Junior never existed.
    • Black Yoshi possibly died while playing Call of Duty or is homeless if Mario has been dead since late 2015.
    • Jeffy ending up with different adopted parents because of how Nancy dropped him off at the apartment.
    • Also how in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5, Jackie Chu, Principal Steinbeck, and the other students never relocated to Y U Dumb? Elementary School because of how Junior never started the fire as of not being born.
    • The possibility that Woody died from the killer shrimp.
    • It is left unknown what happened to Shelby since Junior wasn't born.
    • Chompy would have ended up with a different family or never existed.
    • Shrek dying from not going on a diet in Shrek's Diet! or being homeless.
    • Nintendo possibly going out of business if Mario is dead or Sonic/Link became the new mascot.
  • While (usually) played for laughs, the sheer number of abusive, negligent, or otherwise useless parents featured is rather extreme even with the series' formula taken into account. Bowser, as mentioned above, cares more about a TV show than his own son (something he's even outright admitted to), Jeffy and Joseph's moms abandoned them though not before they openly admitted to hating their own children right to their faces, Mario and Rosalina, while certainly better than Nancy, are still the farthest thing from great or competent parents themselves (Mario is a neurotic wreck who lets Jeffy walk all over him, and Rosalina outright enables Jeffy's atrocious behavior and scolds Mario at even the hint of an attempt to reign Jeffy in), Goodman and Richard barely tolerate each other at the best of times, and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, you know you're living in a Crapsack World when Shrek, a douchey mooching slob who can't even be bothered to clean up after himself, and Tyrone and Judy (Cody's parents, the former of whom cheating constantly and the second being more than a little eccentric) are not only some of the few legitimately loving parents in it, but also arguably some of the only parents who are actually halfway competent.
  • In February 2021, Nintendo had sent Logan a cease and desist letter for using Mario characters in his videos. As such, the human puppets are to become the status quo thus in a meta way, this is the end of SuperMarioLogan.


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