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  • How in the world could Junior believe the Earth was round by the time he started his theory about the Sun being a planet, when in "Cody's Sister!", he believed the Earth was flat?

  • When Junior's vlog video was being recorded, Junior, Cody and Joseph were all facing the camera, so who was holding the camera anyway?

  • Why doesn't Mario just send Jeffy to live with Rosalina?
    • Perhaps it's because Rosalina is implied to live in space, and Jeffy can't breathe in space.
      • Then again, Mario does hate Jeffy, so it's unsurprising that he would want Jeffy to die from suffocation in space.
    • It's briefly lampshaded in "The New House!". Mario asks Rosalina why they don't all just move in with her after being ejected from their apartment, but she just laughs it off as if the question was a joke while the other characters look on in puzzlement.

  • While Brooklyn T. Guy was torturing Junior at military school, he was handed Junior's Thomas toy by Chef Pee Pee, and burnt it in a fireplace for Junior to be forced to watch, shocking and terrifying him. But why couldn't Chef Pee Pee give Brooklyn the Golden Thomas toy instead of the ordinary one? Because if he did, having the Golden Thomas burn to ashes would traumatize Junior more, to the point of getting broken mentally way before he actually did.
    • Probably because the golden Thomas is very rare, and Logan didn't want to burn something valuable.

  • In "Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!", Bowser is asked by Junior to book his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's, but thanks to a short attention span, he forgets. Why couldn't he book Junior's 8th birthday party at Disney World or McDonald's instead after he realized his mistake?

  • Why doesn't Mario just order Black Yoshi to kill Jeffy rather than calling the Loan Dolphin? Black Yoshi was implied to be a hitman in "Black Yoshi's Koolaid" so Mario should've just sent him instead.
    • Most likely because A: He hates him and B: Black Yoshi constantly forces Mario to loan him money or buy things, so he probably doesn’t want to pay him even more than he already does.
    • That and, as a few episodes would show, it's huge hassle to pull Black Yoshi from his Call of Duty games.

  • In "Locked Out", why didn't Mario just go to Rosalina's house and tell her that Jeffy locked him out?
    • We haven't even heard of Rosalina's house yet, so that might be the reason.
      • Mario did ask Rosalina if he and Bowser could stay at her house for a few days in "The New House!", but Rosalina merely laughed it off.

  • In "Turkey Tyranny!", President Obama banned turkeys on Thanksgiving just because a live turkey attacked him. But now if he hates turkeys so much, shouldn't he be encouraging people to kill and eat them?
    • Rule of Funny?

  • From "The Quiet Game!":
    • Why wouldn't Mario go after his hat right after it flew off his head when he hit Jeffy with his flute?
      • He was probably too frustrated and focused on Jeffy by the time he lost his hat, and as a result forgot to get it back.
    • There's a loophole in which Goodman, as the head of Nintendo, calls Mario to take a photo for a new game releasing with the Nintendo Switch, and they were inspired after Jeffy called in with a thousand dollars to pitch in the new game. Keep in mind, Mario only gave Jeffy a thousand dollars after Goodman called him. How did this even work in the first place? Is Jeffy secretly a Reality Warper and the reason why this loophole exists?
    • Maybe Jeffy called and paid them offscreen or Goodman had some part in orchestrating it, as, from what's implied, Mario borrowed that money from him.

  • Why didn't Junior eat any of the corn dogs that he created with the Corn Dog Curse in "Bowser Junior's Curse!"?
    • Because the corn dog god said that he had to eat the corn dogs he threw away, not the ones he created.

  • OK, in "Joseph Moves In!", it is implied that Joseph killed his mother over a sandwich. Well then, HOW THE HELL IS JOSEPH'S MOM A SKELETON?!
    • Her body decomposed.
    • Well, he didn't specify how he killed her so he probably did something that reduced her to bones.
    • The killing never happened in the first place.
  • How did Junior stop believing that the Sun is a planet in recent videos?
    • He learned his lesson when he went to the Sun.
      • Oh, really? He died going there!
      • Yep. It was a hard lesson.
    • He has actually not stopped believing it. The Test and Cody's Report Card both had Junior thinking the sun is a planet.

  • Alright, so as we learned in "The Secret Door!", Brooklyn T. Guy has a twin brother named Does Bad Things Guy, a serial killer who has been impersonating Brooklyn while he was on break. Alright...but since he clearly has been pulling, well, bad shit for a while, why wasn't he in jail, and why doesn't his family, who presumably knows about what he does, have him on a short leash or whatever?

  • In "Jeffy's Tantrum!", we learn that in order to replace the couch Jeffy threw down the balcony, Mario sold Jeffy's iPad. But all that happened to the couch was it fell and the pillows were knocked around, yet the TV he threw was broken. So shouldn't Mario have used the money to replace the TV, and hired someone to bring the couch up?
    • Skewed Priorities probably.
    • Also, in the Chilly vlog where they filmed the scene in question, you can see that the side of the couch wasn't in good shape after it got thrown off the balcony so chances are that's what happened to the couch in the video too. Also, it's possible that the TV was replaced offscreen during the weeks following the tantrum.

  • In "Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!", Mario says that Mr. Pig is dead after getting a tomato from an angry fan. No surprise there, except that there's only one big question to ask. How?
    • Heart attack brought on by shock or someone was throwing thing that weren't tomatoes.

  • So Mario got falsely arrested for rape and became a registered sex offender in "Jeffy's Bad Word!" and was treated as a bad guy in the end, but Cody went around violating everyone while time stood still for five years in "The Remote!" and not only got away with it, but still got treated as an ethical voice of reason to Junior and Joseph. What gives?

  • Another question regarding "The Remote!". Specifically regarding the scene where (if slowed down) Cody admits he had used the remote to commit his five-year-long serial rape. Why would he tell someone that, considering he wasn't aware Junior was fast-forwarding him? If he had no qualms about lying through his teeth that Junior and Joseph's hurt rears were from sitting on the couch so long, shouldn't he try to keep a low profile?
    • Since time was stopped in that episode, it's possible that they wouldn't believe him because they didn't remember, let alone, know it was him. This might also explain how and why he got away with it. Alternatively, they might have thought he was lying, too, about him going around violating people.
    • But then why would he tell them anyway?

  • In "Finders Keepers!", Junior feels horrible about the money he and his friends found and spent upon finding out it was to help a kid get a heart transplant. So why didn't Junior try to scam the homeless guy he bought the "star" from out of the $20,000 he paid and try to do the same for anyone else to make up the remaining $10,000 (since he clearly would have no problem doing such a thing) or set up a GoFundMe page himself to make up for it? "Black Yoshi's Scam!" has proven that even a fake GoFundMe page requesting medical aid can be funded within a short period of time in this universe.

  • How come in "Joseph's Mom", Brooklyn T. Guy doesn't think to put Joseph in foster care after going to Joseph's house and he tracks down his mom like when he gave Mario the option to adopt Jeffy or send him to foster care after arresting Nancy in "Jeffy's Parents"?

  • In "Jeffy's Haircut!", Jeffy sees Mario (and Mr. Whiskers) get away with killing the endangered bird whose only "crime" was annoying Mario. But Jeffy is known to have a crying fit when even inanimate objects he's attached to are "hurt" and cried at the death of Harambe and he knows how to dial 911 and report crimes (not to mention he was well aware that Nancy's an abusive mom), so why didn't he just freak out and call the police? It's not like Brooklyn T. Guy wouldn't arrest him since he isn't above screwing over Mario without due process.
    • Maybe he wasn't paying attention or he probably didn't really care about the bird in that instance.

  • Slightly meta, but how come in videos where Mario does little to nothing wrong or not without good reason (e.g. withholding Jeffy's chocolate cake as punishment for not eating his peas in "Locked Out!", accidentally watching "Ass Pounders 2" in "Jeffy's New Toy!" and getting falsely accused of phoning the prostitute in "Jeffy's Cellphone!" etc.), he faces punishment but never faces consequences for (in some cases, at least attempting) genuinely wrong things (e.g. trying to hire the Loan Dolphin to kill Jeffy in "The Hitman!", killing Rosalina's pet turtle in "Mario's Turtle Problem!" and hiring Mr. Whiskers to kill an endangered bird and its hatchlings in "Jeffy's Haircut!" etc.)? Does Logan genuinely think that Mario deserves it when he doesn't and he didn't do wrong when he should've been punished? After all, he thought Mario deserved to be publicly humiliated and registered as a sex offender for spanking Jeffy who wouldn't stop saying the swear-word, so why doesn't he bother with punishing Mario in those cases?
    • There is a reason as to why the Designated Villain, Strawman Has a Point, and Jerkass Has a Point (or anything to do with those) tropes exist but they might be somewhat more played with in Mario's case, as its no so much that he's wrong, it's probably his execution in dealing with those matters that's wrong (in the cases where he's slightly justified), however, in the latter cases, he might have instigated something to do with those events off-screen. Either that or it could be karma coming back to get him after those episodes.

  • In "Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!", Chef Pee Pee gets rabies from Junior shoving the pill Brooklyn T. Guy gave him down Junior's throat. He's a doctor and he clearly had pills with him, so why didn't he just give Chef Pee Pee another pill for his bite immediately afterward?

  • While it's no surprise Rosalina would think Drawing!Jeffy was actually Jeffy in "Drawing Jeffy!", she actually agrees with Mario punishing Jeffy. Normally, she'll side with Jeffy and harshly admonish Mario to the point of throwing him under a bus when the latter doesn't deserve it and the former is clearly in the wrong (for much worse things than being a nuisance, at that), so where did this sudden willingness to punish Jeffy come from, especially if she still does it after this episode?
    • Maybe Jeffy did something earlier that she couldn't bring herself to protect him over or, rather, she did what did after she had reached her limits with his antics (think Francine and Roger from American Dad!). People can and do have breaking points.

  • Why do some newer episodes have Cody do things like, say, allow Junior to try sucking on multiple Jolly Ranchers in "Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever!", happily scam Mario in "Jeffy's Birthday Surprise!", help Chef Pee Pee steal the Cloud Gate in Chicago in "Jeffy's Coma!" and be an immature troublemaker/bully without any compunctions whatsoever note  when he was previously established as the voice of reason who would chide Junior for doing or planning stupid/dangerous things? On top of that, since he often suffered at the hands of Junior and Joseph and he had fan sympathy, shouldn't he know better than to behave that way himself?

  • Why the heck is Joseph killing a cow and making burgers out of it viewed as a Moral Event Horizon when people kill cows for the exact reasons that Joseph did on a regular basis? (See Moral Event Horizon namespace SuperMarioLogan for reference)

  • In Cody Plays Tennis, why didn't Cody just for Mario or Bowser over when he needs another player to match against Jr. and Joseph?

  • In "The Purge!", why didn't Chef Pee Pee plan to kill Bowser first and then Junior? After all, Bowser was the one who kicked him out of the house in the first place and Junior didn't do anything at all to antagonize him in the beginning of the episode.
    • Because he hates Junior way more.
      • But he doesn't like Bowser either, especially for all the abuse he gets put through. Plus, taking out Bowser first would mean no one can give him a beatdown afterwards (and isn't above punishing him for anything) if he successfully kills Junior note .
      • I like to think that he would've gone for Bowser if he had the time. The reason Chef Pee Pee was fixated on Junior was probably because BTG was gunning specifically for Junior, getting Chef Pee Pee to just concentrate on him.

  • It just bugs me that in Junior's 10th Birthday, they totally gave the finger to Joseph. The way they had Cody yell at him about how he wasn't important and that this is "the Cody show," it just felt like they really didn't like Joseph. Over the past year, it seems as if Joseph has been fading out of videos in favor of Junior and Cody. This troper (along with some other SML fans) have been voicing our opinions on this via social media. So when Cody yelled at us about how this is his show, it felt like Logan slapping us in the face while saying, "Joseph's not important, you idiots! So stop asking about him!"
    • And don't give me any "Lovell couldn't voice Joseph." Bowser and Tyrone Calvin were in the video, and Lovell could voice them okay.

  • "The Human Potion!" starts off with Jackie Chu expelling Junior, Joseph and Cody from school because they're turtles. But why couldn't the three simply report discrimination to Principal Steinbeck (who, as awful of a principal as he is, didn't seem to care about the species of his students) or even try to rally their friends (like Jeffy, Toad and Patrick) for a protest? (Yes, it was a justification to turn the three into human puppets, but still)
    • In regards to Principal Steinbeck, Logan probably forgot he exists.

  • in the latest Modern Warfare video, shouldn’t Mario have brought up last year he made Black Yoshi swear he would never ask for the new Call of Duty again?

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