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iDubbbzTV is a YouTube channel run by Ian Carter, known for its mix of Take That!, Surreal Humor, Crossing the Line Twice and copious amounts of Squick. Ian is well known for his Content Cop series, where he reviews certain YouTube channels and essentially analyzes and tears them apart in a very thorough and hilarious way.

Besides Content Cop, he also does different shows, including but not limited to:

  • Kickstarter Crap, picking apart Kickstarter campaigns that embody Sturgeon's Law
  • Where are they NOW?, where he takes a look at a project in a previous Kickstarter Crap episode, orders the product to see how it turned out, and finds out what happend to the creators.
  • Bad Unboxings, where he opens up bizarre fan mail he has received

The channel is also part of the "Shrimpson Boys", a supergroup of YouTube channels that also includes Filthy Frank, MaxMoeFoe, HowToBasic, and Dolan Dark and engages in various oft-dangerous activities on each other's channels.


You can find his channel right here. (Warning: Some of his videos are NSFW.)

Ian also hosts two secondary channels. The first is called iDubbbzTV2, and is mainly meant for extra material from the primary channel, though it does also host the Save the Squirrels Initiative series. The second is called iDubbbzgames and is exactly what it sounds like. Any tropes relating to these channels should be posted here.


Tropes about iDubbbzTV:

  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: Has done several skits inside of a large storm drain, like doing a food review on pickles, hunting and eating pickles stuck in the walls, and fighting "Keemstar" in a pile of popcorn and blood.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Ian is a big fan of alliteration.
    • Most of his series are alliterated. Kickstarter Crap, Content Cop and (kind of) Bad Unboxing.
    • In his earlier videos he had a Running Gag of ending them with and ad-libbed alliteration.
    Ian: Thank you so much for watching everyone, and remember to tune in next time when i flounder in flatulence.

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