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  • Bad Unboxing
    • In "Peanut Butter Poppers," he loses his tripod mid-shoot, and has to improvise—with his rotary fan. He posts a motion-sickness warning during this shot—via a text crawl, which eventually goes on to state it probably made matters worse.
  • Content Cop:
    • In the "Amateur Food Reviewers" episode, either of the demonstrations he gives as to how food reviewers can still innovate.
      Now, I know what a lot of you guys are gonna say: "Oh, iDubbbz, not everyone has access to a sewer..."
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    • "Tech Destruction Channels" sees him offering a few pointers to the channels in question. This involves a blender and a large quantity of dash buttons—all else is left up to chance.
      • On the other end of the spectrum, his plug for TechCunt.
    • At the end of "Toy Channels #2," he decides to take a letter from the channels in question: Dress up as Willy Wonka, plummet into substance-fuelled despair, and hang himself from his doorframe, all to the tune of "Pure Imagination."
    • In the Tana Mongeau video, the part of the video showcasing Tana's story exaggerations starts with a Pokedex entry for her.
      Pokedex!Idubbbz: Exaggerator, a Story Time Pokemon, also known as the embodiment of hypocrisy. Each face tells a different story.
    • Ricegum's callout vid themed the points he made after the seven deadly sins. Point #2, Gluttony, is subtitled "A massive stretch (He's quite thin)"
  • Kickstarter Crap
    • The fact that "Self Made Entrepreneurs" has -2 backers and -2 dollars funded.
    • In "Toilets," he demonstrates just how unfitting the camerawork is for the Stink Stopper's pitch video—by using a few of the same shots for stuff around his house.
  • Where Are They Now?
    • His explanation that the Zen Egg's so-called therapeutic properties didn't actually exist slowly devolves into a montage of him working himself up into an increasing furor.
    • He points out a test that scientists did, regarding the toxicity of laundry balls that somehow more fish died with the control water than the laundry ball water.
      • "Looks like my strategy hasn't changed since the good ol' days."


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