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Nightmare Fuel / gen:LOCK

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Union nanotech. It'll give you Eaten Alive dreams, too.

From the very first episode, gen:LOCK has already proven to be one of the darkest shows that Rooster Teeth has produced.

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Warning: Moments pages have all spoilers unmarked.

There's Always Tomorrow

  • The extent of Julian's injuries received from his crash four years ago. He's lost his entire body from the waist down, as well as his right arm. He survives by living permanently in a bio-tank, hooked up to cables and an oxygen mask that both keep him alive and wire him into the ESU computers so that he can upload his brain to the Cyberbrain. The only reason he was rescued was because the ESU depserately needed him for the prototype gen:LOCK project. His condition is used to give the audience the first briefing on how Union nanotech functions: Julian's horrific injuries have been caused by Union nanotech consuming his body, and the reason he was still alive when rescued is because Union nanotech keeps its victims alive while they're being consumed. Julian's appalling situation is therefore the single most powerful example in the show of how the Union uses its technology for inhuman ends.

Training Daze

  • Nemesis wields nanotech, has four clawed and spindly arms, and its face twitches when it moves as if it hasn't been put together quite right. The previous episode confirms that the pilots retain normal sensory input while gen:LOCKed. When Nemesis pulls off the head off Cammie's Holon, the audience is given a close-up detail of how the Holon rips apart when Nemesis twists and pulls the head away from the body, all while experiencing Cammie screaming in agony as it happens.


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